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9 Basket Case Headband Hoop Game
Headband Basketball thumb eyk

Time for another challenge! We put basketball nets on our heads and throw balls into them. SUCH FUN!

5 A Message to Foreigners in Korea
A Message to Foreigners in Korea

What’s one thing you’d like to tell foreigners living in Korea?

19 Korean Elephant Fish
Korean Elephant Fish

We go for Simon’s favorite Korean fish dish: Jo-rim, with Jeju’s famous Cutlassfish all in the biggest food trough we ever ate out of!

70 How Living Abroad Changes Your Life
Life Abroad

We’re gonna get a bit philosophical here and talk about how your life and values and ideas change when you live abroad.

22 Etude House Magic Mineral Any Cushion
Makeup Case Deco Kit

The Etude House Magic Mineral Any Cushion comes with free icing sugar glue and a candy decorating kit. Martina goes crazy decorating with this DIY kit!


We’re Simon and Martina, and we make videos about food, travel, adventures, and culture from our lives in Korea and from our travels around the world!

6 Money vs Happiness: Pick One
Money vs Happiness

We asked people in Speaker’s Corner to choose between Money and Happiness. Go!

57 One Week in Bali
One Week in Bali

We spent a week in Bali for our eight year wedding anniversary. Here are some videos and pictures from our stay!