W.A.N.K.Wonderful Adventure Now Korea

You Are Here Cafe

Come to the You Are Here Cafe Opening!

You’re invited to the You Are Here Cafe Grand Opening!

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TL;DRYou ask questions. We make videos answering them!

Technology in South Korea 202

Technology in South Korea

We’re talking about some of South Korea’s technology, and how freaking awesome it is, in this week’s TL;DR!

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D.I.C.K.S.Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang

DICKS - Throwing Shade thumb eyk 35

DICKS – Throwing Shade

Leigh and Soo Zee are back with another episode of Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang and they’re teaching you about Throwing Shade. Booya!

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WTF KoreaWonderful Treasure Find, Korea!

Doritos Roulettes

WTF – Doritos Bomb Chips

We’ve seen Doritos Roulette Chips on Buzzfeed, but these have been in Korea for a while! Here’s us showing you what they’re like for this week’s WTF Korea!

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Live Chats

LiveChat Pre-Coffee 31

Pre-Coffee Shop LiveChat!

We’re back with another LiveChat this week and opening some of your fun packages and telling some stories about our Coffee Shop!

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F.A.P.F.A.P. Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!

FAPFAP - Honey Softserve thumb eyk 68

Ice Cream with Korean Englishman!

We hung out with Josh and Ollie from KoreanEnglishMan and shot a couple of videos. We ate something awful with them, and awesome with us. Yay!

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Korean Indie Playlist

INDIE - Solutions and Thornapple thumb eyk 39

The Solutions and Thornapple

The Solutions and Thornapple stop by the studio to talk a bit about their new songs and videos for this week’s Korean Indie Playlist!

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Open the Happy

Battle of the BB Creams 218

Korean BB Cream Review Showdown

Martina tests out a lot of different Korean BB Creams in this BB Cream Review Showdown!

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Special Features

INDIE - Megan Lee thumb yt

Say Hi to Megan Lee!

Megan Lee stops by our studio a bit to talk about her debut song and video. Check it out!

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