Open the Happy

Meemers in a Bag

Meemers in a Very Big Bag

We had some extra bags from our moving day, and Meemers took fondly to one of them.

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WTF KoreaWonderful Treasure Find, Korea!

WTF - Somek Glasses thumb eyk 40

WTF – Somek Measuring Cups

Since our last Somek WTF video failed, we’re trying another one, and this one works!

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Live Chats

You Are Here Cafe LiveChat 11

You Are Here LiveChat!

It’s LiveChat time! It’s a beautiful day this Friday. Come hang out with us for a small chat :D

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F.A.P.F.A.P. Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!

FAPFAP - Salt Ice Cream thumb eyk

Salted Ice Cream on Slow Island

While we were on our epic Korean Road Trip, we stopped by Slow Island in Jeollanamdo and had some salted ice cream for this week’s FAPFAP!

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TL;DRYou ask questions. We make videos answering them!

Moving in Korea 68

Moving in Korea

We’re talking a bit about the moving process and what it’s like to move apartments in Korea for this week’s TL;DR

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W.A.N.K.Wonderful Adventure Now Korea

Oojeong Beach

Beach Party in Slow City, Korea

We go to Korea’s “Slow City,” four hours away from Seoul, for this week’s Wonderful Adventure Now Korea!

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D.I.C.K.S.Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang

DICKS - Throwing Shade thumb eyk 45

DICKS – Throwing Shade

Leigh and Soo Zee are back with another episode of Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang and they’re teaching you about Throwing Shade. Booya!

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Korean Indie Playlist

INDIE - Solutions and Thornapple thumb eyk 41

The Solutions and Thornapple

The Solutions and Thornapple stop by the studio to talk a bit about their new songs and videos for this week’s Korean Indie Playlist!

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Music Mondays

Ladies Code and Kpop Car Accidents

Ladies Code and Car Accidents in Kpop

We’re talking about Ladies Code’s terrible car accidents, driving culture in Korea, and about how the industry is promoting dangerous driving for this week’s Kpop Music Monday.

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