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3 The Tower of Tuna Challenge
Tower of Tuna

We went down to Shizuoka City to try out the TOWER OF TUNA! Who will emerge victorious?

6 The Japanese Packaging We Love
Clever Packaging

We really love the innovative packaging in Japan, and wanted to share it with you, because we’re nerds and easily excited by average, everyday things :D

8 A Night of Meat and Magic in Shibuya
Meat and Magic Website

We’re going to take you on a magical trip around Shibuya, and we’ll visit, among other places, MEAT ALLEY! Yes, it is as glorious as it sounds.

4 Super Expensive Cherries!
Super Expensive Cherries

Japan makes some very expensive fruit. Let’s see what $100 Cherries taste like!

27 How I Lost Weight

I’ve started losing a lot of weight lately, and I wanted to talk not only about how I lost weight, but why I’m losing it, and also, reasons NOT why I’m losing weight.


We’re Simon and Martina, and we make videos about food, travel, adventures, and culture from our lives in Japan and from our travels around the world!

8 Top Class Japanese Wagyu Experience – Omi Beef
Omi Beef 2

We traveled to Otsu for their glorious Omi beef. Yes we travel to places far and wide for beef. BEEF! It’s really good. Here’s what it’s like

10 These Are Really Good Pancakes
These Are Really Good Pancakes

We’re taking you for some amazing pancakes today. Not those perfect ones we showed you before. No, these are better :D