F.A.P.F.A.P. Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!

FAPFAP - Bibimbap thumb eyk

The Best Bibimbap in Korea

We drove for a few hours outside of Seoul to go for the best bibimbap in Korea. It’s wicked delicious. Check it out in this week’s FAPFAP!

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TL;DRYou ask questions. We make videos answering them!

Korean Ghost Stories 145

Korean Ghost Stories

Time to die! Here are three ways Korean ghosts will kill you in this week’s TL;DR on Korean ghost stories.

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D.I.C.K.S.Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang

DICKS - British vs American thumb yt 80

DICKS – American vs British

Leigh and Soo Zee are Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang and talking about the difference between American and British English

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Open the Happy

OTH - Drive Thru thumb eyk 31

Korean McDonalds Drive Through

Here’s a small video of us going to a drive-through during our Eatyourkimchi Road Trip.

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WTF KoreaWonderful Treasure Find, Korea!

WTF - USB Cup Warmer thumb eyk 46

WTF – USB Cup Warmer

Ever have your cup of coffee go cold while you’re working on something on your laptop? NEVER AGAIN, with this week’s WTF Korea!

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Live Chats


Jet Lag LiveChat!

We’re back in Korea for the rest of the year! Here’s our first LiveChat since our European trip, all jet lagged and confused!

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W.A.N.K.Wonderful Adventure Now Korea

WANK - Exploring Yeosu thumb eyk 23

Playing Around Yeosu

Here’s us playing around Yeosu, South Korea a bit during our Eatyourkimchi Road Trip!

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Special Features

Introducing Speakers Corner 65

Introducing: Speaker’s Corner

We’re introducing a new segment, powered by you guise: ladies and gentlemen, here is Speaker’s Corner!

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Korean Indie Playlist

INDIE - Solutions and Thornapple thumb eyk

The Solutions and Thornapple

The Solutions and Thornapple stop by the studio to talk a bit about their new songs and videos for this week’s Korean Indie Playlist!

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