Angelina Jolie in Bucheon

If you’re misled by the title of this post, then join the club. We walked past a bar here in Bucheon, and saw huge pictures […]

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ESL Lesson

Middle School Christmas Jumble

The exams are now finished at my school, and with the exams so are the textbooks finished. Yet, oddly, we still have to teach classes, […]

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Adopting a Dog in Korea

We have been receiving a lot of emails lately through our Contact page asking us about living with a dog in Korea. We realize now […]

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Lee Hyori

How to Be the Coolest Teacher in Korea

We’ve made a few How-To Survival Guides here at Eatyourkimchi.com already. We’ve shown you How to Use your Korean Rice-Cooker and your Korean Washing Machine, […]

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Korean Basketball: Incheon’s Black Slammers

A while ago, when we were walking around during Monsoon Season in Bucheon, we saw this awesome picture here and had to take a picture […]

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Sala Thai

Bucheon’s Sala Thai Restaurant

Generally, we love eating here in Bucheon. We’ve reviewed Bucheon’s Dubu House, Chicky Pub, and Don Day Restaurant, and have loved all three of them […]

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Jeopardy Template

Middle School Jeopardy Template

There are a couple of factors that brought about a game of Jeopardy instead of something more fun. My English Classroom is being remodeled right […]

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Korea’s Insadong: Cookies and Culture

A couple of weekends ago we went to Insadong in Seoul to do a bit of Christmas shopping and soak in some culture. Yes, we […]

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Mall Lockers

Korean Robot Lockers

Here’s another one of those videos of things that amaze us about Korea. The locker system they have for their malls are computerized! Why they […]

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Fall in Korea

The End of Bucheon’s Autumn

Winter hasn’t officially kicked in yet, but it’s starting to get mighty cold. The leaves on all of the trees are almost all off, and […]

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Coex Aquarium

Korea’s Coex Aquarium

We were looking for things to do over the weekend apart from lesson planning. We decided to go to the Coex Aquarium as a result. […]

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ESL Games

Middle School Password Games

We’ve been mighty busy over the past week, so please forgive the lack of activity here. Most of that busy time was spent in tweaking […]

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Korean Cars

Korean Car Greeters

Customer service in Korea has its ups and downs. One major annoyance is that, everywhere you walk in a store, the employees shadow you like […]

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Peppero Day

Intro to Pepero Day in Korea

Yesterday was a very solemn holiday in Canada: Remembrance Day. We were surprised, though, to find a different holiday being celebrated here in Korea on […]

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How to Get McDonalds Delivered to Your Home

We’ve been here for five months now and we’re still amazed with all of the cool things has to offer. A while ago we made […]

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Jens Lekman

Upcoming Jens Lekman Concert in Korea

**Note: this post is now over two years old. Jens Lekman isn’t coming to Korea now. Sorry!** The two of us are pretty big music […]

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Crowded Subway

Korean Crowded Subways

We’ve made a few posts and videos about the subways here in Korea, be it a View of Korea through the Subway Windows, or our […]

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ESL Pictionary

Middle School Hobbies Pictionary

Here’s this week’s lesson plan, but first, a bit of explanation: there’s only a lesson plan for the first graders, since the second graders are […]

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Halloween Costume

Korean Trick or Treating

Halloween is not celebrated here in Bucheon or the rest of Korea, so I – Simon – tried to teach my middle school students about […]

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Korean Toilets

Korean Poopy Papers

Somebody please, please explain this to us! We’ve noticed that all of the toilets in our schools and other public places have wastebaskets beside them. […]

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