Korean Toilet Seats

Korean Toilet Seat Packaging

This is something we found highly amusing. We were looking for a new toilet seat because our current one is broken. When you sit on […]

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Samgyapsal Restaurant

Bucheon’s Don Day Restaurant

From now on we are going to try to properly review some of the restaurants we eat at, so that – when you’re here in […]

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Korean Home Delivery

How to Get Korean Home Delivery

Korean Home Delivery is a thing of pure beauty. The food is the same price as it would be in the restaurant, the appetizers come […]

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Korean Rice Cooker

How to Use Your Korean Rice Cooker

When you move to your place in Korea, your school will set you up with a few things, like a television, bed, and – more […]

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Korean Magic Perms

Korean Magic Perms

We’re trying to get into Korean Fashion, as you saw with post on Korean Couple Shirts, but we know that fashion goes beyond clothes. In […]

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Korean Ice Cream

More Korean Ice Cream

A while ago we made a post about the awesomeness of Korean Ice Cream. Just when we were finally comfortable with it, we discovered another […]

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Korean Shopping and Dogs

Every once in a while we find things that really shock us in Bucheon, Korea. Here’s one of those moments. I – Simon – was […]

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Aiins World

Bucheon’s Aiins World

On Saturday we hung out with one of Martina’s co-workers, Chong-Won (we’re not sure how to spell his name) and his friend, to see some […]

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T Money cards

How to Use Korean T-Money Cards

A little while ago we made a video about how to use the public transportation in Bucheon, Korea. In that video we showed you how […]

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Korean Fitness Tests

Korean Fitness Tests

This Friday I – Martina – had no classes because it was Fitness Test Day in Bucheon All Girls’ High School. I wasn’t sure what […]

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Kit Kat Bars

Korean Kit Kat Bars

So here’s a video that you’re surely not going to benefit from, unless you’re our brother-in-law Mark, and you ever plan on going to Bucheon, […]

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Korean Cold Medicine

Korean Cold Medicine

We mentioned in yesterday’s post that Simon was beginning to show the signs of a cold on Saturday during Bucheon’s High School Festival. By Wednesday […]

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High School Festival

Bucheon High School Festival

The day after we sang our hearts out in a Bucheon No-Rae-Bang was a Saturday, which, as you may recall, means fun times around Bucheon […]

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Bus Stop

Bucheon Bus Stops

It took us a couple of months for this to finally register, and now that it has we are quite impressed. By many of the […]

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Bucheon Karaoke

Korean Karaoke (No-Rae-Bang)

So, you like Karaoke you say? Well you’ve got NOTHING on the love that Koreans have for Karaoke. Once you find yourself living in Bucheon […]

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Claw Machine

Korean Meta-Claw Machines

A while ago we made a video about Korean Claw Machines here in Bucheon, Korea, where you could win teddy-bears for your girlfriend or Scotch […]

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Rhythm and Booze

Bucheon’s Best Bar: Rhythm and Booze

Last week our friend Chris introduced us to a really good foreigner bar called “Rhythm and Booze” and we’ve fallen in love with the place, […]

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Korean Etiquette

How to Use Korean Hand Gestures

The way you handle your, err, hands, coveys a lot of meaning in Korean Culture. The way you place your hands upon giving and receiving […]

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Bucheon Street

Weekends in Bucheon, Korea

We have always been intrigued by this, and have finally taken part of the festivities; for every Saturday and Sunday that we have been here, […]

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