Korean Toilets

Korean Poopy Papers

Somebody please, please explain this to us! We’ve noticed that all of the toilets in our schools and other public places have wastebaskets beside them. […]

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Halloween Bingo

Korean Middle School Halloween Bingo

Hopefully this isn’t too late for those that need it. It’s Halloween on Friday, so here’s a lesson plan for you Korean Middle School teachers. […]

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Korean Subway

On the Korean Subways

We really like the movie “Lost in Translation.” Any foreigner in Korea will easily be able to relate to it (or at least parts of […]

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Our Bucheon Movies Blooper Reel

Hopefully, by now we seem like pros at this whole documenting of Bucheon and Korea thing. Our filming is top notch, our editing is impeccable, […]

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ESL Resources

ESL Lessons for Public School Teachers

After many hours of difficult work, the ESL Resources section is finally up and ready to go. We have compiled our lesson plans and materials, […]

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Drinking in Korea

How to Drink in Korea

We understand that this might be a sensitive post. Let us begin by saying that not everyone in Korea is a drunkard. What we want […]

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Rare Spudgy Bees in Bucheon

We haven’t posted anything about Spudgy lately, as most of our posts have been about Korea and Bucheon and have been somewhat informative. Today we’re […]

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Chicky Pub

Bucheon’s Best Chicken: Chicky Pub

When we started out our Restaurant Reviews section, we knew that we would soon be doing a review of Bucheon’s Chicky Pub. We love this […]

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Bucheon Central Park

Bucheon’s Jung Ang Park Revisited

A long time ago we posted a video of us riding our bikes through Bucheon’s Jung Ang Park. As well, we showed you a time […]

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Korean Advertising

Korean Products

In North America, you have your common big-name products: Pepsi, Oreo, Tide, Heinz, Dentyne etc. In Korea, we’ve got different name brands; and so we […]

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Korean Coin Machines

Korean Toy Coin Machines

What can be better after a hard day of grocery shopping then buying more stuff? Look what we found at Bucheon’s Emart: for a mere […]

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Costco in Korea

Korean Costco via Bucheon

We were really excited before coming to Bucheon, Korea when we found out that Korea has many Costcos. We finally decided to go to one, […]

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Bucheon Restaurant

Bucheon’s Dubu House Restaurant

The first video we ever posted for this site was of our first meal in Bucheon, Korea. It was at the Dubu House, which is […]

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Korean Washing Machine

How to Use Korean Washing Machines

This is for all the expats living in Korea and trying to operate their Korean washing machines. We translated the buttons and we explained how […]

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Korean Acrobats

Bucheon Aiins World Acrobats

To begin with, we have to make a quick apology to people who comment on our site: due to some spammers, we had to close […]

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