Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty Cafe

A while ago we did our ridiculous video in which we dress up as a dragon and unicorn and Dance in Korea. In that video, […]

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How to Dance Kpop Style 2010

How to Dance Kpop Style 2010

OHHHHH YEAH! It’s finally here! People have been asking for How to Dance Kpop 2010 since MARCH. We starting doing Kpop Music Mondays halfway through […]

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Christmas in Korea

Merry Christmas everyone! Last year we presented to you another Christmas in Korea video, in which you saw Simon going from class to class dressed […]

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Us and Other Korea Blogs on KBS

Man this Christmas season has been busy for us. We’re getting ready to put up our How to Dance Kpop 2010 video, and planning for […]

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Finger Moustache

Kpop Music Mondays: GD&TOP “High High”

This week we review the music video for GD&TOP “High High” and try to deal with Martina’s fangirl insanity for TOP. And it looks like […]

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Winter in Korea

Beat the Cold in Korea

Some of you might wonder how cold it is in Korea. Let’s just say that Korean Winters can be nasty cold. Nasty! You hear of […]

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F.Cuz Fuck Me Blind

Kpop Music Mondays: F.Cuz “Wanna Be Your Love”

This week we review the music video for F.Cuz “Wanna Be Your Love” and try to figure out what in the world the wardrobe coordinator […]

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Korean Hand Games

Korean Hand Games

If you’ve been teaching English in Korea for a while, or just living in Korea in general, then you surely must have come across one […]

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T-ara's Yayaya

Kpop Music Mondays: T-ara “Yayaya”

Last week we reviewed T-ara’s “Why Are You Being Like This” and mentioned that they seemed a bit off and stalkerish. We thought it was […]

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Korean School Festival

Korean School Festivals

Remember that behind the scenes footage we did on our episode of Running Man, where Nichkhun gives Martina’s students a shout out? That was meant […]

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Running Man Ep 19

Our Episode of Running Man

Huzzah! A few days ago we posted our behind the scenes footage for our episode of Running Man along with out chat with Nichkhun, but […]

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T-ara Why Are You Being Like This

Kpop Music Mondays: T-ara “Why Are You Being Like This?”

For this week’s edition of Kpop Music Monday’s we’re reviewing T-ara’s “Why Are You Being Like This” and trying to figure out if they meant […]

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We Met Nichkhun on “Running Man”

Remember a while ago when we did the 2PM Interview that fell through? That was quite upsetting, but we were reassured by a lot of […]

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Café Lua

Indie Coffee Shops: Bucheon’s Cafe Lua

A while ago we did a video about our Favorite Korean Coffee Shop in Seoul. Since then we’ve been to many many coffee shops in […]

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B2ST Beautiful

Kpop Music Mondays: B2ST “Beautiful”

A short while ago we reviewed B2ST’s “Soom”. This week we review B2ST’s new song, “Beautiful” and – whoa, is it ever different.

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Korean University Exams

Korean Exam Day

This November 18th was one of the most important days in the life of a Korean high school student: Korean Exam Day. High school students […]

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How to Dance Kpop 2010 Teaser

How To Dance Kpop 2010 MV Teaser

It’s almost that time of year again. Your birthday? Nope. Christmas? Nope. You know what we’re talking about. Last year we did How to Dance […]

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Kara Jumping

Kpop Music Mondays: Kara “Jumping”

This week we review Kara’s new song “Jumping” and try to figure out what’s the deal with all of the non-jumping in the dance.

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Pepero Day

Pepero Day in Korea!

It’s Pepero Day in Korea! Here’s what you need to know about Pepero Day, including what you can do with all of your leftover Pepero.

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JYJ Ayyy Girl

Kpop Music Mondays: JYJ “Ayyy Girl”

This week we review Ayyy Girl by JYJ. Let’s start off by saying that the song is really good. We’ve been singing it a lot. […]

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