Jambinai - 소멸의 시간 Time Of Extinction

K Crunch Indie: Rabbit ManMan Time

We talk about Jambinai’s Time of Extinction, Mukimukimanmansu’s Andromeda, and J Rabbit’s 요즘 너 말야 for this week’s K Crunch Indie Playlist!

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ME Malaysia and Simon and Martina

We Are Going to Malaysia!

We’re going to Malaysia! If you’d like to see us there, read more about our upcoming adventure!

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U Kiss Doradora AJ

KpopCharts Update: 1 Power Kiss

We talk about U-Kiss’ return with Doradora, B.A.P.’s Power, and F.Cuz’s No 1 for this week’s KpopCharts Update!

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Goth Hello Kitty Eyes

Gothic Hello Kitty Makeup Tutorial

Martina shows you how she does her gothic Hello Kitty inspired makeup!

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SNSD Chocolate Love

K Crunch Cocktail – Chocolate Thumbs Only

We talk about Girls’ Generation awesome Chocolate Love ad, 2PM’s horrendous Coway ad, and Crispi Crunch’s Thumbs Up.

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Custom Made Shoes in Korea

Custom Made Shoes in Korea

I’ve finally found a way to get cool shoes my size in Korea, since it’s almost impossible to find decent, sized 13 men’s shoes.

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Sistar Alone

Sistar – Alone: Kpop Music Mondays

We talk about Sistar’s Alone and how this was one of the most boring Kpop videos of the year. Great song, realllllllly boring video.

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Standing Egg Korean Hipster

K Crunch Indie: Swimming Standing Shoes

We talk about Standing Egg, Swimming Doll, and EVERYBODY WANT YOUR TECHNO SHUZ!

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Girls Day Oh My God

KpopCharts Update: Stupid Princess God

We talk about Girl’s Day’s Oh My God, Sunny Hills’ Princess and Prince Charming, and Supernova’s Stupid Love for this week’s KpopCharts Update!

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Smart Tango Robot Vacuum Samsung

Our New Robot Vacuum Wants to Eat Spudgy

We got a Samsung Tango Smart, VC-RM84v, and it wants to eat my dog, Spudgy.

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How to Make Kimbap

How to Make Kimbap – FAPFAP

We make our own Kimbap at home! Here’s our video on how to make Kimbap. It’s easy, and the recipe is open to fun remixes.

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MC Mong Circus

K Crunch Cocktail: Mr Tiger Circus

We talk about Kara’s Mr, MC Mong’s Circus, and Drunken Tiger’s Left Foot Forward for this week’s K Crunch Cocktail.

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4Minute Volume Up

4Minute – Volume Up: Kpop Music Mondays

We talk about 4Minute’s Volume Up along with 4Minute’s inability to keep their mouths closed for Kpop Music Monday

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Korean Indie Music

K Crunch Indie: La La Luna Balloons

We talk about Soran’s song with balloons in the video, Earls’ Hey Luna, and Standing Egg’s Lalala for this week’s K Crunch Indie Playlist

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4Minute Hyuna Volume Up

KpopCharts Update: Alone Before Volume

We talk about 4Minute’s Volume Up, Sistar’s Alone, and Nell’s The Day Before in this week’s Kpop Charts Update!

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The Cheonggyecheon

WANKing in the Cheonggyecheon

We travel to the Cheonggyecheon in Seoul. Lots of people go on dates here and snuggle and stuff. We do stupid water drinking contests instead.

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Dal Shabet Bling Bling

K Crunch Cocktail: No More Bus Disco

For this week’s Cocktail we talk about JYP’s No Love No More, Dal Shabet’s Bling Bling, and Jang Geun Seok’s My Bus.

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Korean Election Campaigns

Korean Elections

Here’s a view of what campaigns are like during election time in Korea. Ooh! Look at all the pretty colors!

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Exo Mama

Exo – Mama: Kpop Music Mondays

We review Exo’s Mama and talk about SM’s, yet again, amazing Engrish.

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Exo Prologue Spudgy

Exo Prologue 1 – Introducing Spudgy

For EXO Prologue 1, member of EXO-E, Spudgy shows his well trained tree-peeing skill.

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