B.A.P. No Mercy

KpopCharts Update: Only Beautiful Mercy

We talk about B.A.P.’s “No Mercy,” B2ST’s (BATOOOST!) “Beautiful Night,” and BoA’s “Only One” for this week’s KpopCharts Update!

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Live Chat with Meemers

Fanmail Opening and Other Fun Stuff, Live!

Here’s our live broadcast of us opening some Fanmail and playing with Dr. Meemersworth.

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Incheon Grand Park

Incheon Grand Park – WANK

We go WANKing in Incheon Grand Park, which is a really pretty park in…well…Incheon! And we ride around on fun bikes

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How We Got Dr Meemersworth_EYK

How We Got Dr. Meemersworth

Here’s how we got Dr. Meemmersworth – our Scottish Fold Kitten – in Korea, and why we didn’t go to a shelter.

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Sleeping Scottish Fold Kitten

Dr. Meemersworth Sleeping

Here’s a video of our Scottish Fold kitten, Dr. Meemersworth, taking a nap, and waking up from her nap.

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Psy Gangnam Style

Psy – Gangnam Style: Kpop Music Monday

We talk about Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and try to explain what Eat Your Kimchi style is like in this week’s Kpop Music Monday!

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Hyundai Wrapping

Korean Shopping Bags Made of Ribbon

We bought a blender in Korea, and the lady made a shopping bag out of ribbon. PRETTY COOL!

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Psy Gangnam Style

KpopCharts Update: Night Action Style

We talk about Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” Nu’est’s “Action” and Brown Eyed Girls’ “One Summer Night” for this week’s KpopCharts update!

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Introducing Dr Meemersworth

Introducing: Dr. Meemersworth

Here is our new Scottish fold kitten, Dr. Meemersworth.

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Video Gaming in Korea

Korean Video Game Culture – TL;DR

We talk about Korean Video Game Culture, console gaming vs pc gaming, and what it’s like to be a console gamer here.

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2NE1 I Love You

2NE1 – I Love You: Kpop Music Mondays

We talk about CL’s love of snack food, and Park Bom’s love for Alaskan fishermen in 2NE1’s “I Love You” for Kpop Music Mondays!

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Korean Indie

K Crunch Indie: Bunny Milk Please

We talk about Hongdae’s live performances, love children, and our dislike of paper bags on faces in this week’s Korean Indie Music Playlist!

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KpopCharts Update: Love Sexy Money

We talk about 2NE1’s “I Love You,” Woo Young’s “Sexy Lady,” and Wonder Girls’ “Like Money,” which we’re not sure if it’s Kpop or not…

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ZEA Limited Edition Album

Special Limited Edition Kpop CDs are HUGE!

Have you ever seen a CD packaged like this before? It comes with a windmill and freaking sunglasses!

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Vegan Food in Seoul

Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Korea – FAPFAP

We go to Loving Hut in Seoul, which is a Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant in Korea.

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Big Boobs in Korea

Big Boobs in Korea – TL;DR

We talk about Big Boobs in Korea. What’s it liking having bigger boobs in Korea, how difficult is it to shop, and how to people react to big boobs. Also, BOOOOOOOOOBS!

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Sexy, Free & Single

Super Junior – Sexy, Free, & Single: Kpop Music Mondays

We are ready to Bingo with Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free, & Single.” If you’re not ready to Bingo, yourself, we will teach you how.

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Rocket Diary Yahwa

K Crunch Indie: Beat Rocket Underwear

We talk about Rocket Diary, We Got Underwear and Lots of Girls, and Beatroniq for this week’s K Crunch Indie Playlist!

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Our Interview with ZEA

Our Interview with ZE:A

We get to sit down with ZE:A for an exclusive interview and ask them a few of the questions you told us to ask!

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Sexy Free and Single

KpopCharts Update: Day After Sexy

We talk about Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free, and Single,” T-ara’s “Day by Day,” and ZE:A’s “Aftermath” for this week’s KpopCharts update!

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