A few months ago, we mentioned on Twitter and Facebook that we were going to do an interview with 2PM. We were contacted by someone with connections who wanted us to do an interview with the members while they shot their new “Fly to Seoul” video. They thought it would be a good opportunity to promote Kpop (because we already do so much of that!) and share it with our YouTube fans. We were absolutely chuffed! We got to go behind the scenes see them during their concert performance and their club sections of the video. Cool! The interview didn’t turn out to be what we expected, however. Watch the video above and you’ll see what we mean.

So things didn’t work out as expected, but we still have an extra 2PM CD to give away. Hooray! If you want to win the 2PM CD, simply click on the “Share on Twitter” button below this video. Next week we’ll pick one random Tweeter and mail it to them, free of charge. Assah!

Thanks to [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations!

  1. My reaction @:50 -:57 AHAHAAAKKKCCCAH TEACHHHHYYEEEOOONN *grabs chest to breath

  2. TAECYEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 OMFG CUTE!

  3. I want to 2pm cd!! But Im late… that video is made last year… Omg ㅠㅠ anyway I love 2pm

  4. omg! 그런데 끝났나요? 끝났겠죠 전 이 동영상보고 2pm cd준다는 걸로생각.. 벌써 1년전 영상이군요 ㅠ0ㅠ 

  5. It was awesome that u guys had the chance to interview 2PM! Squee! Sadly it didn't end on a good note thanks to the person who didn't know about it. :(

    By the way, I love watching your videos!

  6. I'm a new 2pm fan and am such a fan girl lol. Too bad about the interview. How sucky!! :( At least you got to see them up close and go to the shoot. I'm sure that was neat in of itself.

  7. I don't have twitter :( so sad. anyways… I've been watching ur vids and stuff forever (well pretty much since you started) and I've wanted to do the same sorts of things, but I'm studying for uni! some day I'll join ur likes!!! hehe anyways great job as always and ur new camera is awesome!

  8. I've just created a twitter account just to take part of your "Twit and get the chance to win a 2PM CD".
    You guys are great, I love your videos :)
    Too bad it didn't work out for the 2PM interview.

  9. Looking forward to your Busan Film Festival video :)
    It would be awesome if you guys interviewed any of the actors/actresses~!
    hope you guys have fun~! i want to go too :(

  10. Oh, that sucks so bad that you two couldn't do the interview!! That would have been awesome. However, the video footage is awesome. I just saw the commercial on T.V. today and want to see the whole video, so I'm thankful you made and posted this video!! You two are fantastic!

    • Thanks! You know, for the concert scene that we were at for day 1, they filmed it for something like 6 hours or so…all for nothing more than five seconds in the final video!

      • If there's one thing I've learned about theatre and performing, it's that you hurry up and wait. The other is that you practice something for hours on end, only to have it over in a few minutes, or in your case film for hours for a 5 second clip. It's kind of amazing. . . or weird. . .

  11. you guys really cheer me today. Initially I thought you guys would bite the hand Taecyeon time in an interview on location shooting. but it turns out you do more crazy things.yaayyy thats cool ^^

  12. I would love it if you signed the 2pm album >_< At least If I were to win XDDD Ah, I love you guys! You are the best! I want to get a dog like spudgy and give him a green mohawk too! :D TEAM SPUDGY ! :DDDDDDD FIGHTING!

  13. Simon & Martina, I just wanted to let you know you guys are amazing, watching all your videos of your experience in korea is just absoultey amazing!!! And you even had a chance to interview 2PM!!! wahhhhhh!!!! yea but im sure theres next time!! i love the CD!!!!

  14. It's ok you guys still have another chance <3

  15. hahaha! that was funny but i do understand your disappointment about the cancellation. korean managers are really so strict and even though there are contracts signed, they will still find a way around it. >.<

  16. you guys are great..i really enjoy watching your videos.

  17. Just tweeted! I'm ready for my price now ;)

  18. Uwaa that's sucky that you guys didn't actually get to do the interview…..but you did get to see them up close haha I bet fangirls would have killed to be in your position even without the interview. : )
    You guys have some serious popularity if the powers of YT contacted you to interview 2PM!

  19. Hi Simon and Martina!!! I am totally in LOVE with all of your podcasts about Korea and I've watched every single episode!! I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw you guys had a video about 2pm! I wish I was living in Korea! You guys make my day! I'm on iTunes and your website all the time just to see if you guys have come out with any new videos. It would be even more awesome if I won the 2pm CD and of course signed by the two of you and the cuutesy Spudgy of course!!!!

  20. PLEASE SEND IT TO ME! it's misun. yeah. PLEASE

  21. Omg I soooooo want that cd o-o but I don't have twitter :'( agh it would be so cool to show everyone the cd around my school I'd take care of it like it was a baby o-o

  22. I am watching you guys on KBS! They say like here come the famous Canadian couples in Bucheon! So true..

  23. That's too bad you couldn't get to interview 2PM, but I still loved your rendition of how it would've turned out :D Already shared it via Twitter. Keep up the great videos! Hugs to Spudgy!

  24. hahahahah, damn you unknown manager. But as always, eat your kimchi's excellence reporters didn't defraud us and here it is!! TAECYEON!! OMO OMO!!

  25. im still happy you guys got to go to their studio! keke__how AWESOME! and TAEC WAVED AT YOUR CAMERA!!__do you know how many fangirls would kill for that? LOL____but hey~ its cool!!__maybe itll happen another time~ :3____thanks~~

  26. I signed into my twitter just for you guys :) Thank you for sharing your life in Korea, I look foward to all of your videos :) I would love to win the 2pm album signed by you two and Spudgy!!!

  27. I love Taecyeon! Some of my Korean friends, who are not as infatuated, have an interesting descriptive word for him: OILLY. Um, lost in translation??? Ha ha ha. They say it's hard to explain.

    If you guys keep getting these gigs and making awesome vids, they'll keep you in Korea forever! ^_^

  28. I totally love you and went nuts seeing "2PM Interview" (first watch next read, that's my motto ;)). After all it wasn't interview I was expecting ;) it was way better :) and I could have my fangirl moment seeing Junsu :D

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