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300,000 Subscribers!

March 17, 2013


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First off, I think this video here is appropriate.

HOLY FLIPPING SMOKES! 300,000 Subscribers? That’s freaking crazy, son! Seriously: that’s crazy. CRAZY! 300,000! I remember thinking about our first subscriber, back in the day, and wondering “wow: why is this guy subscribed to us? Is this a mistake?” And now, there are 299,999 other accidental subscribers to our YouTube channel. Woohoo! Guise, we feel really honored. This is huge for us. We’re not big time YouTubers by any means. We’re small fry compared to the big league YouTubers out there, but we’re still amazed that there are so many awesome supportive Nasties out there, and feel like you guise can kick everyone else’s butts. CUZ OOH YOU SO NASTY!

So many warm feels here, guise. So many.

Anyhow, because you guise are so awesome, we want to give you something awesome. It’s not much, but it’s something. We’ve got a bunch of CDs we’d like to give you guise. Here’s what you gotta do if you want one of them:

At the end of this video we put a bunch of screenshots of different albums (or if you’re lazy, they’re all in the playlist). You want one of those albums? Click on it. You gotta make sure you have annotations on, of course, or else you can’t click on the picture. Once you click on the picture, it’ll forward you to our latest Kpop Music Monday on that artist. Leave us a 300,000 subscriber shoutout, whatever that means to you, and we’ll pick one lucky person from each video and mail out that CD to you. You can enter more than once and on different videos to up your chances of winning, but we’ll only give you one CD if you do win!

Interesting side note: Martina bought all of these CDs in Japan (except for the ZE:A one, which is the last signed ZE:A CD from our interview with them a while ago). Anyhoo, she got the rest of them in Tower Records in Shibuya, and the cashier actually recognized Martina and was all excited! She spoke to her in Japanese, which Martina couldn’t really respond to…but our Japanese friend Yoshi told Martina that she’s a big k-pop fan, she watches all our videos, and she loves UKISS! SO COOL!!! So cashier lady from Tower Records, if you are reading this…HI! :D

Anyhow, again, thank you all for your support, and for subscribing to us. 300,000 is a huge number for us, and we’re totally overwhelmed. Thank you guise, and now forward HO to the future!!! *gets into our pirate boat shaped like a giant spudgy with a huge Meemer-merman statue on the front and sails into the distance*



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