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HOLY FLIPPING SMOKES! 300,000 Subscribers? That’s freaking crazy, son! Seriously: that’s crazy. CRAZY! 300,000! I remember thinking about our first subscriber, back in the day, and wondering “wow: why is this guy subscribed to us? Is this a mistake?” And now, there are 299,999 other accidental subscribers to our YouTube channel. Woohoo! Guise, we feel really honored. This is huge for us. We’re not big time YouTubers by any means. We’re small fry compared to the big league YouTubers out there, but we’re still amazed that there are so many awesome supportive Nasties out there, and feel like you guise can kick everyone else’s butts. CUZ OOH YOU SO NASTY!

So many warm feels here, guise. So many.

Anyhow, because you guise are so awesome, we want to give you something awesome. It’s not much, but it’s something. We’ve got a bunch of CDs we’d like to give you guise. Here’s what you gotta do if you want one of them:

At the end of this video we put a bunch of screenshots of different albums (or if you’re lazy, they’re all in the playlist). You want one of those albums? Click on it. You gotta make sure you have annotations on, of course, or else you can’t click on the picture. Once you click on the picture, it’ll forward you to our latest Kpop Music Monday on that artist. Leave us a 300,000 subscriber shoutout, whatever that means to you, and we’ll pick one lucky person from each video and mail out that CD to you. You can enter more than once and on different videos to up your chances of winning, but we’ll only give you one CD if you do win!

Interesting side note: Martina bought all of these CDs in Japan (except for the ZE:A one, which is the last signed ZE:A CD from our interview with them a while ago). Anyhoo, she got the rest of them in Tower Records in Shibuya, and the cashier actually recognized Martina and was all excited! She spoke to her in Japanese, which Martina couldn’t really respond to…but our Japanese friend Yoshi told Martina that she’s a big k-pop fan, she watches all our videos, and she loves UKISS! SO COOL!!! So cashier lady from Tower Records, if you are reading this…HI! :D

Anyhow, again, thank you all for your support, and for subscribing to us. 300,000 is a huge number for us, and we’re totally overwhelmed. Thank you guise, and now forward HO to the future!!! *gets into our pirate boat shaped like a giant spudgy with a huge Meemer-merman statue on the front and sails into the distance*

  1. Has the winners for this already been chosen. I mean, I guess I haven’t heard anything about for so long I just figured I wasn’t chosen, but.. what happened? Who won?

  2. I never did find out who won the 300000 subscriber mark where can I find that?

  3. When will the winner be announced?

  4. Ooh You So NASTY!! :D love you guys, you two are the best you tubers EVER :D

  5. Can’t Wait i love EYK and i think…..EVERYONE LOVE YOU GUYS!! you have soo much to talk about and we all benefit from watching your youtube channel :D :D :P

  6. Hehehe! Me so excited! That I just can’t fight it

  7. I have annotations enabled, but not working. :( Are the links Natz posted the right ones? I really want to try for the GD (first and foremost), Jaejoong, and 2pm ones. :(

  8. That Super Junior video is probably the best thing EVER. :) SOOOOOOOOOOOOO NASTY!!!

  9. I guess no one knows when the winners will be announced xD

    I check all the time… haha omg I would love specifically GD, Suju-M, U-Kiss or ZE:A!! .<

  10. Do you have any idea when you will be announcing the winners?

  11. Sadly, i havent been a subscriber since the beggining T.T but i REALLY LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. Especially your kpop reviews ^.^ iv commented on the videos so many times XD ohhhh well. I just wanted to congratulate you guys! You really deserve it! Although i really want the GD cd. I know that there are some SUPER MEGA NASTIES that probably deserve it more >.< *they have been with you guys since the start* but nonetheless CONGRATSSSS. I consider myself an official nasty from now on ^.^ if i dont win now. There's always 400,000 right? And dont worry. You'll get there ^.^

  12. When is the announcement /deadline for this? I entered when it was posted. I just don’t wanna miss the winners announcement , if I won xD *crosses fingers* <3 Again Congratulations though :)

  13. wow… that video really does have “blow your mind” for 10 min…

  14. when you send the cd, are you going to announce it first, or is it just sent

  15. Does anybody know how long this giveaway is for?

  16. Hi you guys, hey whats up? Luv KPOP!

  17. Congratulations Simon and Martina, it’s great to see you getting recognition for the hard work you put into your videos and you’re definitely one of my favourite youtube channels. Hopefully things will only get bigger from here :):):)

  18. If I had a youtube account, I’d deffo be a subscriber :)

  19. i know for a fact that i am subscribed to all of the EYK channels . but i don’t know how to show that.. Like… what do i put on my channel to show it?.. *sobs* i hardley ever use it, so i’m unsure how to.. :( and i tried to check, but i don’t know what to click on to see my subscriptions, if i’m a 3rd party outsider, to my page. :/ FML

  20. (this one isnt for the CD’S) im actually soo happy for u guys getting 300,00 subscriberss!!!!! keep on making dem videos XD they’re really funny!

  21. Happy 300,000 Subscribers!!!
    Simon and Martina, you guys totally deserve it.
    Music Mondays totally complete my Mondays :)

  22. Why are some of people’s comments on the youtube pages being mark as spam? …

  23. Congrats guise!!! Such a huge achievement!! *Glomp (with a kiss)! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ *

  24. 300k? Pshhhh. We all knew that would happen. I mean, seriously. People are a lot more Nasty that you think… I’m expecting my free kpop idol in the mail when we get to 1 million, ya hear?!

  25. You guise got to hang out with Yoshi?! As in Yoshi eats wasabi the youtuber in Japan?!! JEALOUS! Did you guys do any videos with him?! That’s awesome that you know him!! (if we’re talking about the same person lol) :] Happy 300,000 subscribers!! That’s outstanding! Here’s to 300,000 more! :] GO NASTIES!

  26. Do I get points docked if I commented on every video BUT Super Junior? I, well, am not a Super fan of them (hehe, see what I did there?) *DUCKS* Anyhoo, in all seriousness, thanks to you both and your EYK crew for doing what you do. I cross my fingers for new videos every day. You guise are the bestest..est…est?

  27. Congratumalations! You guys have come a long way. I really enjoy kpopmusicmonday’s it even helped my family to begin to love kpop you guys helped break the ice and now it’s all good~ Can’t wait to see you guys make it to 400,000!!! Fighting~

  28. OMG! *happy dance* Congats on your 300,000!!! You two have truly grown so much! Going from teaching vids, convenience store raids, and strapping a camera to a bicycle, all the way to WTF, KMM, TL;DRs, FAPFAPs, WANKs, and livechats!!! I am truly thankful for you to allow me on your journey through life and are my role models for a healthy relationship. You are a inspiration to all nasties out there! <3

    Fighting for the road ahead! (^.^)/

  29. Thank you Simon and Martina for all your hard work and dedication. The day I found your channel was a happy day. You guise are a welcomed breath of fresh sunSHINee goodness eeespecially on those cruddy days that everyone has. Happy 300,000 subscribers!! It’ll be no time before you hit the million mark. I look forward to more of your trademark silliness!

  30. Congrats for your 300,00 subscribers!!! Holy crap that’s a lot…I barely have 3…so jealous…anyways, you guys always do an amazing job from your wanks, to your kmm, to your WTFs (I really miss those)…keep doing a good job and pretty soon, you guys will have 1,000,000 subscribers….I really, really want that U-KISS CD!!!

    youtube username: rebeldemoongazer8


  32. I have been following EYK for over a year now and I am glad to still be doing so. I think you two, Simon and Martina, are my idols moreso than the professional “idols” and I really look up to you guys as role models. You guys have done many of the very things I aspire to in life, such as teach English in South Korea, meet idols, have beautiful bright hair and witty fashion sense and have a great life partner that understands and is as equally crazy as I am. Watching your videos, principally the TL;DRs and WANKs, helped me make the decision to go to university for a combined English/teaching degree with the intention of going overseas afterwards. I waffled (waffured?) for a long time, but finally decided that that was what I wanted to do.
    Now, I am working at both school and my job to maintain the grades and money so I can go on an academic exchange to the University of Seoul this summer (late-June to late-July). I hope that sometime while I am there I will be able to find the studio and say hello. :)
    – A fellow Canadian and Ultra Nasty

  33. Congratulations on the 300K subscribers. I think I stumbled to your channel after YouTube keep showing your videos under the recommended viewing section. Your videos are very enjoyable and surprisingly enough informative. Although, I sometimes do not agree with your views on some of your KMM videos (yeah, I’m a sucker for aegyo – RE: your k-crunch videos on A-Pink and Hello Venus) I always look forward to what you all think about the MV’s being released today. Keep doing what you guys are doing and I’m sure you will get to 1 Million subs in the near future. Nasty’s Hwaiting!

    PS – about the 1 Million subs, I call dibs on any Pledis/DSP/Starship/DreamT idol… But seriously, how can you just choose one idol/celebrity, makes my head hurt. (If I had to choose though, I’d probably had to narrow it down to either: Kara’s Jiyoung or Nicole, Sistar’s Soyou or Dasom, Hello Venus’ Lime or Alice, or Girl’s Day Minah. Talk about a hard choice. I’m curious on what everybody else would choose…)

  34. Good job guys! I enterd for One of a kind and I have been subscribed for a while.^^

  35. SIMON! you should know as a gamer that LESS clothing means MORE armor.

  36. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY HAP- // is that the wrong song? anyways HAPPY 300K SUBSCRIBERS~ i’ll support you two (and Spudgy, and Meemers, and Leigh, and Soozee) all the way to a million of nasties :D

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