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40 Dollar White Strawberries

December 12, 2016


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Hello everyone!

AH! I can’t begin to tell you how disappointing this was. I actually think this might be one of our first videos in which we’re disappointed about food! I feel hornswoggled!

As a general rule, we’ve found that the more expensive the fruit in Japan, the tastier it is. We had a similar experience in Korea with the Super Expensive Fruit video, and while we haven’t necessarily bought fruit that expensive regularly in Japan, we’ve found that, if you have the choice, spending an extra 50 yen for an apple makes a noticeable difference in taste. And so, when we saw a box of nine strawberries for $43, almost $5 a strawberry, we were expecting to be blown away. And we were: we were blown away at HOW BAD THEY WERE.

I’m trying to convince myself that these tasted bad because we got them at the beginning of strawberry season, which – from what I’ve been told – starts in December. Maybe if we wait a couple more months, the strawberries will taste a lot better. But, you know, I there’s a part of me kind of doubt it, because the strawberries that we got for $7 tasted infinitely better than the white strawberries. SO MUCH BETTER!

Also, I read about white strawberries beforehand, and I was pumped: except I read about the wrong ones. The ones that I was expecting to eat were pineberries, which are a crossbreed between strawberries and pineapples. That sounds AMAZING! These strawberries, though, aren’t pineberries. These are supposedly white because they’re not grown in light. Maybe that’s why they lack taste? I’ve got no clue. I’d love to try some pineberries, though!

And, yes, I know that for the “cheap” strawberries, $7 for 14 is still very freaking expensive by North American standards. I know. I remember. The two of us used to go strawberry picking and would get buckets of strawberries for cheaper than that. But now $7 doesn’t feel as bad anymore. We’re used to produce being expensive in Asia. Because, really, fruit in Asia just tastes so much better than the fruit we had in Canada that grew all year round. Fruit in Korea and Japan is just super delicious, except for the white strawberries that taste like disappointment. Most fruit here doesn’t taste like disappointment.

On an unrelated note, we’re kinda missing answering your questions and talking with you that way in our videos, like we used to in our TL;DR videos. So, if you’ve got some questions, shoot them here in the comments or on Twitter. We’d like to get something like that started again, where we can share some thoughts and anecdotes :D



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Food Adventure


40 Dollar White Strawberries


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  1. Isn’t this like the watermelon cube thing? I think I remember reading somewhere that Japan sells watermelons grown in a cube shape, but you can’t actually eat them? Maybe I am remembering incorrectly. Anyhoo, it sounds like white strawberries are a novelty?

    3 weeks ago
  2. All produce has a season, even in USA and Canada! It’s just that with South America attached as well, it’s very easy for us to ship food all over the place very quickly. You will still notice seasonal trends of produce- berries will be cheaper and better in their season no matter what, but they are also available because of hothouse growing or other growing plans in the south. You can certainly notice a difference in taste even at the grocery store. I’m from the midwest and when sweet corn was in season it was the sweetest, most delicious corn you’ve ever had. The rest of the year it tastes like cardboard.

    That’s too bad that these white berries didn’t taste good :( That really is a lot of money a huge disappointment taste wise. I hope if you get your hands on some pineberries those are better! I would love to see different fruit tier tasting videos in the future, I don’t even think you need to spend 11k for the best grapes!

    4 weeks ago
  3. I loved grape and strawberry season in Korea! I love your trying food for different price points videos!!! (Please keep them coming!)

    1 month ago
  4. Hello, I’m Japanese and I love watching and studying English with your video! Itsumo Arigatou gozaimasu.
    About White ichigo, zannen deshitane.
    I had white ichigo few years ago and it wasn’t so good. I heard white ichigo is expensive because few, not because sweet. If you wanna try expensive and sweet ichigo, “Skyberry” “Bijinhime” “Redpearl” or “Amaou” is popular. These are pretty hard to buy, but you can buy Amaou at grocery store. If you wanna enjoy strawberry season, I recommend to going “Ichigo gari”(U-pick Strawberries). You can try several kind of strawberry for 1000 – 2000yen.
    They have 14 kind of strawberries, 50min from Tokyo.
    第二農園(Dai-ni-noen – second farm is for strawberry)
    〒264-0007 千葉県千葉市若葉区小倉町1354
    1354 Oguracho, Wakaba-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba, 264-0007

    Korekaramo ganbatte kudasai.

    1 month ago
  5. I went to Japan this past summer, and was blown away by how expensive the fruits were at grocery stores. We went to maybe 5 or 6 grocery stores, in Tokyo and around in the Kansai region, and the fruits were all so expensive there. Is this the norm? Man 1/6th of a watermelon was sold at $8, albeit it was definitely great watermelon, but it was concerning to see that there was no lower price range available for fruits. Produce was pricey too, but there were some cheaper options. How do poor students deal? where they gonna get their vitamin Cs and Ds and Ks and Bs?
    Also, it was pretty difficult to find a grocery store nearby, had to trek a bit each time, so I thought maybe the whole shopping experience was different there, maybe the majority get their groceries at markets, and the grocery stores are for the pricey fruits?
    And yes I would love to see more videos on fruits in general! We went during momo season and got golden momos and regular momos, couldn’t really taste a significant difference, but they were both amazing! The grapes are highly delicious as well.

    1 month ago
  6. Yes, yes, yes – please keep making seasonal fruit videos. I have many, too many really, food allergies so when I see these videos I really love them because it is potentially something that I COULD eat. I also love Martina’s midnight snack videos because she always includes ways to change them or make them vegan, gluten free, or otherwise. I have a really hard time traveling due to these allergies so I live vicariously through you guys! Thanks for all the videos!

    1 month ago
  7. I’ve heard that there are many different white strawberries out there and each has a different taste. Either way, I’d probably try this strawberry regardless that it tasted bad. It would probably fit my tastes.

    1 month ago
  8. I feel bad for your white strawberry fail. Still, on the bright side, that’s a very entertaining video :) Don’t get me wrong, but sometimes when I watch your food related videos and you enjoy the food so immensely, it gets a bit boring. The food porn is everywhere on YouTube these days. Seeing you NOT enjoying something (not punishment food) is in a sadistic way entertaining XD How about a series of disappointing foods? :D

    1 month ago
  9. White strawberries have been the shiznit in all the gardening catalogs in North America for the last 5 years. I don’t get it. I wouldn’t waste valuable garden space on them. Or on tasteless ornamental alpine strawberries that obviously need a harsh mountain conditions in order to acquire any good taste. I’m not sure if white strawberries have an ideal growing situation but I suspect that they are more (like you said) for the cache. There *is* a strawberry season in Canada, it’s mid-late June and I usually get as many June strawberries as I can at the Pick-Your-Own in order to make jam and freeze for the rest of the year. Thawed, they still beat fresh grocery store strawberries any day. There are other strawberries called “ever-bearing” that have a small fruiting in June and larger one in late August until frost here and they are quite nice, but not on par with June berries. I suspect that any local strawberries you get in Japan at this time of year will be the ever-bearing type, or greenhouse berries. They will be good, but not awesome. But since Japan loooooves it’s strawberry shortcake as a Christmas treat, no doubt that there are strawberries grown especially for the holiday but they are almost out of season, even in Japan (a treat). As far as my research shows me, the main strawberry season in Japan is the same as here, June-ish and the berries then apparently also have grades that vary wildly in quality so it would be interesting to see you try this again in the summer. Anyways, cute video. I feel your pain about eating bad food that you only eat because you feel like it’s wasting too much money to just throw it out – our parents have shamed us well ;) Maybe you’ll do better with a strawberry shortcake tasting, but be prepared, it won’t be overly sweet.

    1 month ago
    • BTW, I like when you film at home, it’s so cozy! And you seem to have improved the lighting, so good job! A previous video (kitkats?) you both looked slightly green, kind of like in the Matrix – LOL! If I had a question, it would be: What at things that you expected in Japan from reading manga/watching anime, that turned out true, or really different?

      1 month ago
      • Ah! I’m glad you noticed the colour change! We set up a new picture profile on our Sony cameras, and I think it looks more natural :)

        1 month ago
  10. I’m a fruit lover, so I would love to see you guise do the pineberries in comparison. Also, I watched a Japanology (can’t remember if it was Plus or the Begin Japanology or maybe a Trails to Tsukiji) episode on special melons given as gifts & would love your opinion on the taste of them since what we have here readily available in California is mainly cantaloupes & honeydew. Inquiring minds want to know what’s so special about the “musk melon” that makes it worth the crazy gift giving price?!? I’ve heard that the crazy expensive grapes are like honey/wine+magic & therefore worth the price (good enough for me lol) so I don’t vote that you buy those :). Also, it’s not really fruit but it is strawberry related, can you plz explain & try the Christmas Strawberry cake thing we see so much in anime?

    1 month ago
  11. Ohmigosh, I love these videos. PLEASE do the seasonal fruits! ^-^

    1 month ago
  12. I fell in love with Asian pears after watching your Korean fruit taste test. I quickly learned not to buy the cheap ones in the U.S. They don’t taste that great. . BUT! I found delicious ones at the Asian market. So, thats a win. Lol. Bummer about those white strawberries. I was hoping it would be like a sweet strawberry pineapple hybrid taste. Please do another fruit video…maybe ones that are native to Japan. Or highly recommended expensive ones. Anywho, thank you for your videos. I enjoy them so much!

    1 month ago