Imagine this. It’s 11:40am on a Saturday. Your friend phones you. You slap your hand around trying to feel for your phone on your side table. You pick up the phone groggily. “What!? I’m sleeping! This better be good” you mumble grumpily. “Oh it’s good alright. I won a contest to meet Big Bang and 2NE1 for lunch and I can bring one lucky friend. They’re going to be outside your house in 20 minutes in a bright red limo! GET YER ARSE OUT OF BED!!!!” You hang up the phone and in one fluid movement you’re out of bed and running into the shower. “20 minutes?!” you frantically think…”that’s not even enough time to wash and dry my hair! I guess it’s a hat day. Well at least I can put my makeup on in five minutes or less thanks to Martina’s ‘5 Minute Makeup video’ I recently watched on YouTube. I should take a selfie with TOP and send it to her as a thank you.”

Yes, yes you should because one day this makeup tutorial could get you a hot date with a kpop idol. Okay. So perhaps it won’t, but it will save your butt when you have to look better than usual and only have a short amount of time to accomplish it. When it comes to putting on makeup quickly, it depends on where you are going and who you are facing. This 5 Minute tutorial is intended to be used for a face-to-face kindof of situation since it helps you maintain a natural look when up close to another human being. Getting ready to be on camera? That’s a whole different ball game!

BIG HOWEVER! In order for this tutorial to work for you, you have to use an eyeshadow that best matches your skin’s undertone and lightens your skin. Your aim is to make your eyes look bigger and brighter, something that dark colours will not achieve. I’ve added some pictures of different eyeshadow shades you could use depending on your skin colour. I use white or a light pink eyeshadow to match my undertone, what would you use? If you don’t know what you’d use, I want to talk about those pesky undertones and how to find what your natural colour is so that you can use this 5 Minute Makeup look perfectly!

Skin Undertones And How To Match Your Natural Colours

I remember when I was a little kid my mom had this amazing flip book with little swatches of fabric. This little fabric makeup book was created so that you could find your skin’s undertone. You skin colour might be called white or black, but your undertone is totally different! Using this little fabric flip book you could physically see what fabric matched your skin. For me, I matched with the pinks very well and clashes horribly with the oranges. So I found out that I am white with a pink undertone. Your undertones can be pink, yellow, peach, golden, or brown. So you can be white with a yellow undertone, white with a golden undertone, black with a golden undertone, white with a pink undertone, olive with a yellow undertone. There are a whole slew of confusing terms for this like having cool or warm shades, having blue or red or green undertones, but I frankly don’t understand them very well. Skin can also be fair, ivory, olive, dark, golden, bronze…wahhhh so many choices! Essentially, you’ve got a basic skin colour + an undertone of either pink or red, peachy (pink+yellow), or yellow or golden. I don’t fully understand the green undertone so if anyone can help me figure that undertone out I’d love to know! I’ve seen examples of green undertones online but no matter how hard I look I can’t see where the green is coming from.

So this is my little cheat sheet:

-Pink + white skin go for a white/beige or light pink eyeshadow

-Yellow~golden + white skin go for a white/peach toned eyeshadow

-Red or yellow + olive skin go for dark rose or red brown (not pink)/non-shimmery bronze/non-shimmery copper (this is the toughest skin to match the undertone)

-Yellow or Golden + caramel skin go for a light brown/non-shimmery gold eyeshadow

-Red~golden + dark chocolate skin go for a medium brown/dark chocolate pink eyeshadow

The key to making your eyes look naturally bigger and brighter is to use a lighter colour than your skin without drawing attention to the fact that you are wearing makeup. Using a lower lid liner that is a light sparkling colour helps open up your eye as well, and I find a silver or gold colour does that really well. A lot of people use white but since most people’s skin is not actually true white I find it looks very obvious you’re wearing white. The silver and gold colours blend in a lot better to your skin thus giving you a naturally bright eyed bushy tailed look. I know that wearing pink, peach, or gold isn’t a natural skin colour, but if it’s close to your skin tone it does’t look as popping as wearing hot pink, purple, or baby powder blue. Of course these colours look awesome, but when you’re trying to sneakily pull of the natural look, avoid anything with too much shimmer or a very unnatural colour. Like when I wear super natural hot pink. You can’t even tell right? Hahahah! Let me know if these tips or tricks help out a bit! I’d love to hear what your go-to colour is and what colours look dreadful on you. For me, orange is the devil. It looks terrible on me!

  1. I do this almost every day now. It makes my eyes look so pretty! Well except for the eyeliner wings. Even watching tutorials, I just can’t get a hang of wings. Every time I try I look at myself and feel too weird.

  2. speaking of makeup, how much is skin lightening products used over there. I cant find one that works in the US.

  3. i was timed while i colored in kindergarten so i realized pretty fast

  4. My hand-eye coordination is horrible when it comes to eye make-up. I always end up looking like I put eyeliner on while riding a horse. Although, my handwriting is horrible too… I wonder if it is connected?

  5. lol C-R-A-Y-O-N… CRAY- ON, CRAYON xD
    so cute ^^

  6. I do my makeup like this almost every day :) recently I’ve been switching it up with different colored liquid liners, because some days black is just too harsh hahaha;;;; I’ve also started moving away from a white shimmer eyeshadow to a light golden one, and I’m looking to see if I can find one in copper or lavender because those complement my eye color.

    (I may or may not be obsessed with makeup and constantly practicing different ways to wear it.)

  7. Such a useful and awesome tutorial!! You’re so good at putting eyeliner! I’m jealous! Haha! Btw, what kind of eyeshadow base do you use? :) I know nothing about makeup and I’m wondering… hehe… ^^

  8. Rarw I’m one of the few people who can’t wear mascara, my monolids make my lashes point down so I can’t really curl them either :( Anyone know a good curler?…a non-heating one thanks…pretty sure I’ll take out an eye with a heat lash curler….

  9. I would like to mention that the first think I noticed was the stuffed Dalek in the corner…other than that, I just use a little bit of golden eyeshadow everyday. I don’t really use eyeliner since I’ve never used it before and if I used it people would be like “OHMYGOD YOU’RE WEARING MAKEUP WHYYYY” As for what color looks worst on me, probably orange. :D
    Thanks for posting this tutorial! :D I’m pretty much a hermit when it comes to makeup, so this really helps me! :D

  10. Martina! What eyeshadow base do you use? I have one from sephora but it’s not very good :(

  11. Martina! I’m so happy to see more makeup uploads!!!! I’m majorly inspired now. Imma slap some stuff on my face asap.

    But I have to say I’m worried; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t tell makeup newbies to stretch out the corner of their eyes to get a straight line!!! It’s effective, but unfortunately it will mess with the elasticity of that skin over time and age your eyes waaaayyyyy faster than they have to! I know you don’t mean any harm, I just think more people need to know about this. You’re still my favorite make-up person on the internet!

  12. Oh how I have missed the martina makeup videos!!!
    Special little girly corner. :-)

    I absolutely love the 5-minute face. It’s actually my go to make up plan whenever im just do day to day make uo. Bb cram totally makes it easier too.

    When im really lazy I use my blush as eyeshadow also since I have red tones in my skin it actually looks natural on me. I bumo up the whole look with lip gloss cuz…shinee. (Kekeke. Kpop reference)

    Anywho! Love how detailed the blog post is!

  13. Non liquid eyeliner is Khôl pencil in French. I don’t know what it is in English…
    I love this look! Simple and fresh-looking, the way I like make-up. I also like using silver or glittery white on the lower-inside of my eyes to make it look like I had an entire night of sleep when in fact… hum.
    I’m not a fan of the big wings though… In my opinion you put a little too much eyeliner. When I put it on it makes my eyes look bigger, not smaller.
    Thank you!

  14. I’ve always thought about using makeup, but I’m just too afraid. I always thought makeup was to help pretty people look prettier, and that it would be wasted on a person like me. I figured it would actually make someone like me look uglier. Also, eye makeup makes me nervous (putting stuff near the eye). And I wonder if it’s worth it when I’m born with a coloboma (eye defect). What’s the point of highlighting a weird feature? And I also have to wear glasses. Still, I sometimes dream that makeup will make me look pretty. I really like how you use makeup, Martina. Maybe someday I will become brave enough.

    I really like your tutorial Martina! Maybe you could do one about a quick make-up job that is not focused on the eyes, but one that will make your face look prettier?

    • Hi! I wanted to chime in because I have an eye defect and have to wear glasses too. Makeup seems intimidating, but it can be fun to experiment with and make it work for you! I used to avoid putting on eye makeup, but lately I’ve found that a little mascara and eyeliner makes my eyes look more balanced in spite of my weird eye. My advice is grab some makeup and play around with different looks until you find something you are comfortable with. I’ve found that even the most glamorous look I could come up with would be wasted if I wasn’t comfortable wearing it.

      Start with the smile, and work up! At least that’s how I got comfortable with makeup. Maybe start with something simple like lipgloss or lipstick, then perhaps graduate to a brighter lip color and a little bronzer on your cheeks, and if you’re comfortable with wearing all that top it off with a little mascara or eyeliner. Sometimes I like to add eyeshadow that compliments my glasses (if they’re looking at the cool frames, they’re not looking at my wonky eyeball!). Trust me, you are beautiful with or without makeup. All women are. Makeup is just the accent, a little shimmer to make us shine a little brighter. ^_^

      • I just want to thank you for the really nice comment! I’ve never met someone else with a wonky eye before, so it’s nice to meet. Thank you for your optimism, I will see if I like makeup.

    • Hi Sunflower, I know I’m not Martina but I totally want to reply to your comment because you seem like a genuinely good, kind person. With makeup it really is a learning process, and trying something you haven’t learned yet is totally scary. but makeup can be really fun if you don’t take it too seriously! I think if you are too nervous to work with your eyes, start by going on a search to find the perfect lipgloss for you. Have fun going into stores and sampling the lipsticks to find something that just makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Usually other women in makeup stores are preoccupied with sampling their own stuff, so I promise its a safe environment. Just approach it as a fun, artistic adventure and I’m sure you’ll come across a lip color that you can wear to feel pretty and confident!

      • Thank you for your nice comment! I did not know you could try makeup on in stores. I live in a pretty rural environment, with no malls. But the next time I get to a mall, I will see if there is a place to try on makeup. And thank you for being so nice! :)

  15. I like taking a metallic shiny creme…thing. It’s like eyeshadow, and putting dabbing it right in the middle of my lid. It kind of looks like shimmery moth wings. I like it. :3

  16. Ahhh, thanks for posting such a great video! Finally, an actual 5 minute face tutorial! I just tried it out, and it was the easiest thing ever. I’ve never been successful with the “5-minute face” prior to this… I actually had a book (!!) on how to do the perfect five-minute face… that had way too many steps. Worst purchase ever T_T

  17. After some detective work, it seems the BB cream Martina is using is Bad Guy by Etude House. Although designed for guys, the only real difference in the formula is extra oil control for acne prone skin. It only comes in one very light shade, so it will only be suitable for you if you have skin tone as light as Martina’s. Otherwise its going to be too light for you.
    Why yes, I do have too much time on my hands :)

    • Hehehe. I actually change my BB Cream a lot depending on what new things come out in Etude House! The Bad Guy BB I bought after testing all the girly BB creams on my hand and discovering they all make your skin look wet and glossy or “dewy” as Korean people call it. I really don’t like this look, I think it looks greasy and it looks terrible on camera. :| Boys BB for the win! :D

      • I actually don’t mind the dewy look, to me it feels lighter than the matte bb I tried. I’ve never checked out how it looks on camera though. After watching your bb cream video recently I bought a bunch of Etude House samples online and they are freaking amazing!~ you’ve totally converted me to bb cream, and the Korean ones are better than the other ones I’ve tried. My skin tone is very similar to yours, so I’ll give the bad guy bb a try sometime. I can’t wait to come to Korea later this year and stock up in person!!!

  18. that super junior break was badass lol
    i love martina terms
    “bumpy eyelid wrinkles” and “black what is that called, black crayon thingy pencil gel makeup opposite of liquid normal black pencil crayon thingy… eyeliner? just eyeliner”

  19. Martina, is this with your eyelash exstentions too?? :D

  20. Aaaaah Martina, bless you. I learned how to do my winged eyeliner because of you, and I get many compliments because of that. ^_^

    But I DO have a question: how do you get your eyeliner to work so smoothly?! I use the same as you, the Kat Von D tattoo liner, but it gets sticky as I apply it, especially if I’m already wearing eyeshadow. T_T I usually have to rub the bristles (ooh so nasty) on a piece of toilet paper to get all the sticky (and maybe dried?) liner off before I apply. And even then it’s a hit or miss (le sigh).

    Help pleeeez?

    • That’s so weird! I never get that problem! Are you using a sparkly or chunky eyeshadow? Or a cream eyeshadow? Maybe it isn’t dry yet and it’s coating the bristles, which has happened to me before now that I think about it. But my everyday eyeshadow is just a normal powered that’s matter. It use makeup forever. Maybe that’s the problem? Also, do you snap the cap really tightly after each use? I find it can dry out with that double snap. Let me know!

      • YES. Okay, I think I may be just adding too much eyeshadow?? haha, it likes to coat the bristles which make it hard for the eyeliner stuff to leak out.

        Aaaaand, yes, I haven’t been snapping it shut all the way apparently. I shall remedy this.
        Thank you for the help and advice! xoxox ^^

  21. Heh, I had a hat day once, my roommate had gotten bored and didn’t want to study one night so he spent an hour and a half putting my hair into super thing braids when it was still wet.
    I looked like a poodle with a perm from the 80s and couldn’t get my hair to go back to normal until that evening when I took a shower, ugh.

  22. I think that mascara and lipstick is also a good, fast, classy look. When I wear lipstick, I try not to do too much with my eyes anyways because it can make my makeup a little overwhelming. ^^

  23. Thanks for the video. I normally wake up super late so i only ever put on eyeliner and bb cream and mad dash out the door.Now i can finally look actually o.k.
    p.s. i love your make up tutorials

  24. Pencil eyeliner…? Yeah I can’t use that without a base because my eyelids are oily and it all transfers to my crease since it’s so shallow…sadness. On another note, a trick I use when I need to get out the door fast is to tightline my upper lash line with a cream/gel liner or even my liquid one if I’m in a huge hurry. I just extend it a tiny bit downwards to make a cuter look, and it definitely makes my lashes look fuller without it being super obvious that I’m wearing makeup. If I have time afterwards, I just put on mascara. And BB cream. BB cream is my best friend :).

    And so the ramble continues!…a little bit. But thank you, Martina, for posting the vid about making eyeliner wings! I still use tips from that now and it makes my makeup application process a lot less complicated :D

  25. Kohl eyeliner is one answer you were looking for. It is called either a pencil or a crayon depending on the thickness of the physical thing. What you had is a pencil. I should know, I’m terrible with liquid for some reason.

    I have a highlighter/concealer liquid duo (in a double-ended thingy) that I use when I’m in a hurry and looking super sleepy (translation: most every day) Highlighter just under my lower lashes, concealer just under that in a triangle to my cheekbones, blend for jesus in to the bb cream…bam! Less sleepy AND younger looking….not that I look old…or that anyone else does…
    Oh and I use a colored eyeliner instead of eyeshadow! Just in the middle of my eyelid with black on either side and as my tightliner. *nods* Good stuff colored eyeliner…

  26. Martina which BB cream do you use? ;_____; My skin is paper-vampire-ghostly white and I don’t tan, I burn like a lobster, plus it’s really sensitive too. I have tried BB cream before but the color was too orangish-yellowish for me. _(´д`」∠)_ I don’t want to die before experiencing the magic of that makeup!

  27. I use elf baked eye shadow in pink and then I do the full wing using Etude House Oh My Line eyeliner. Also Holika Holika petite bbcream (the acne prone skin one) and then Skin Food peach sake finishing powder. That Etude house liquid eyeliner is amazing! It isn’t even water proof but it stays on even when I sweat like a dothraki man warrior in a hot kitchen at work! I started trying Korean cosmetics after your bb cream video and I love them Martina. Even ordering them offline is cheaper than buying stuff here!

  28. Totally choked on my frosted mini wheats when suju suddenly came on. Thank you for the tips, Martina!! I’ve always wondered how you made your eyes look so pretty!

  29. What bb cream is that :O

  30. My 5 minute make up is practically the same as this. Foundation, powder, light eyeshadow and mascara. Though it never takes me 5 minutes to put all that on xD if I’m really stuck for time I’ll just foundation ma face and be all like “I woke up lyk diz”

  31. Wow, you’re god at drawing the wings, Martina!
    I have no problem using liquid eyeliner, but I always suck when it comes to those wings -_- How do you do this?
    If I really overslept or sth. I simply go by bb-cream and concealer and powder. But that’s not that oft XD
    Usually I draw a thin line with a liquid liner and use mascara. I started to use a brown liner, since it looks more natural. Sometimes I continue this line on the upper lid over the corner of the eyes (so it goes kind of down). When you put a bit of brown eye pencil on the corner of the lower line as well and put some white liner on your waterline you can manage to get kind of a doe-eyed look. (does my writing even make sense? XD)

  32. If I’m really in a rush then i just put on a tiny bit of foundation on the blotchy parts of my skin then blend it in. Then if I think my eyes look suuuper tired and it looks like I’m becoming a zombie then I’ll put on eyeliner. Sometimes my eyes look nice and big on their own so I leave them alone. :) I like the shiny white eyeliner that you put on the bottom though. I’ve never tried it and i usually leave it naked and then just do the wings on my eyelids. The one thing that i do sometimes though is that I connect the wing a tiny bit of my waterline so that the edge of my eye looks darker and then get drastically lighter by the time you halfway into your eye.

  33. Concealer + Mascara + Eyeliner (not always) + Pale yellow eyeshadow (on the corner of the eyes) + lip balm = SHAZAAAM! that’s my daily routine, but sometimes I put on some sunsereen or bb cream (: I have light-medium skin tone, and the yellowish/ golden and frosty pink eyeshadows look good on me, but I never use olive or any green tones x_x

  34. Haii!! When I put on make-up, since I don’t have primer or anything like that, I just use foundation since it works just as well. The only thing is that you have to apply it one eye at a time or else it dries up and doesn’t work as well. But I’ve just found that it works well and it means I don’t have to go out and buy any primer!!!

  35. well when I’m late and need to do my make-up really quick… or if i just dont want to put much effort in my make-up (so almost al the time xD)
    I just use BBCream (also as a base on my eyelid + to make it a bit brighter) mascara (because my eyelashes a sooo bright) and upper eyeliner without wings (I’m not good at drawing them so I need time for it) and maaaaybe a bit power if there is still time xD

  36. If I need to wear make-up on a certain day and I don’t have time (because I’m slow when it comes to putting makeup on lest there be mistakes) I just put a bit of mascara on my top lashes.

  37. put on make-up? somehow when i try it translates to “draw on face” >.> which is why i generally don’t wear it…. unless no one can see

  38. Your videos give me hope one day I will be able to apply eyeliner.

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