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5 Minute Makeup

February 25, 2014


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Imagine this. It’s 11:40am on a Saturday. Your friend phones you. You slap your hand around trying to feel for your phone on your side table. You pick up the phone groggily. “What!? I’m sleeping! This better be good” you mumble grumpily. “Oh it’s good alright. I won a contest to meet Big Bang and 2NE1 for lunch and I can bring one lucky friend. They’re going to be outside your house in 20 minutes in a bright red limo! GET YER ARSE OUT OF BED!!!!” You hang up the phone and in one fluid movement you’re out of bed and running into the shower. “20 minutes?!” you frantically think…”that’s not even enough time to wash and dry my hair! I guess it’s a hat day. Well at least I can put my makeup on in five minutes or less thanks to Martina’s ‘5 Minute Makeup video’ I recently watched on YouTube. I should take a selfie with TOP and send it to her as a thank you.”

Yes, yes you should because one day this makeup tutorial could get you a hot date with a kpop idol. Okay. So perhaps it won’t, but it will save your butt when you have to look better than usual and only have a short amount of time to accomplish it. When it comes to putting on makeup quickly, it depends on where you are going and who you are facing. This 5 Minute tutorial is intended to be used for a face-to-face kindof of situation since it helps you maintain a natural look when up close to another human being. Getting ready to be on camera? That’s a whole different ball game!

BIG HOWEVER! In order for this tutorial to work for you, you have to use an eyeshadow that best matches your skin’s undertone and lightens your skin. Your aim is to make your eyes look bigger and brighter, something that dark colours will not achieve. I’ve added some pictures of different eyeshadow shades you could use depending on your skin colour. I use white or a light pink eyeshadow to match my undertone, what would you use? If you don’t know what you’d use, I want to talk about those pesky undertones and how to find what your natural colour is so that you can use this 5 Minute Makeup look perfectly!

Skin Undertones And How To Match Your Natural Colours

I remember when I was a little kid my mom had this amazing flip book with little swatches of fabric. This little fabric makeup book was created so that you could find your skin’s undertone. You skin colour might be called white or black, but your undertone is totally different! Using this little fabric flip book you could physically see what fabric matched your skin. For me, I matched with the pinks very well and clashes horribly with the oranges. So I found out that I am white with a pink undertone. Your undertones can be pink, yellow, peach, golden, or brown. So you can be white with a yellow undertone, white with a golden undertone, black with a golden undertone, white with a pink undertone, olive with a yellow undertone. There are a whole slew of confusing terms for this like having cool or warm shades, having blue or red or green undertones, but I frankly don’t understand them very well. Skin can also be fair, ivory, olive, dark, golden, bronze…wahhhh so many choices! Essentially, you’ve got a basic skin colour + an undertone of either pink or red, peachy (pink+yellow), or yellow or golden. I don’t fully understand the green undertone so if anyone can help me figure that undertone out I’d love to know! I’ve seen examples of green undertones online but no matter how hard I look I can’t see where the green is coming from.

So this is my little cheat sheet:

-Pink + white skin go for a white/beige or light pink eyeshadow

-Yellow~golden + white skin go for a white/peach toned eyeshadow

-Red or yellow + olive skin go for dark rose or red brown (not pink)/non-shimmery bronze/non-shimmery copper (this is the toughest skin to match the undertone)

-Yellow or Golden + caramel skin go for a light brown/non-shimmery gold eyeshadow

-Red~golden + dark chocolate skin go for a medium brown/dark chocolate pink eyeshadow

The key to making your eyes look naturally bigger and brighter is to use a lighter colour than your skin without drawing attention to the fact that you are wearing makeup. Using a lower lid liner that is a light sparkling colour helps open up your eye as well, and I find a silver or gold colour does that really well. A lot of people use white but since most people’s skin is not actually true white I find it looks very obvious you’re wearing white. The silver and gold colours blend in a lot better to your skin thus giving you a naturally bright eyed bushy tailed look. I know that wearing pink, peach, or gold isn’t a natural skin colour, but if it’s close to your skin tone it does’t look as popping as wearing hot pink, purple, or baby powder blue. Of course these colours look awesome, but when you’re trying to sneakily pull of the natural look, avoid anything with too much shimmer or a very unnatural colour. Like when I wear super natural hot pink. You can’t even tell right? Hahahah! Let me know if these tips or tricks help out a bit! I’d love to hear what your go-to colour is and what colours look dreadful on you. For me, orange is the devil. It looks terrible on me!



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