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90s Kids Tag

March 5, 2014


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This isn’t really a Korea related TL;DR, but we stray from that from time to time and talk about personal stuff, like in our Draw My Life videos and our Couple 123 tag. But this was so much fun! There’s a lot that we remembered that we didn’t think about for ages, parts of our lives that were hidden in shadowy memories. Some of those memories should probably be kept unremembered. Upside down visors, cornrows, and one pant leg rolled up? Fake pimp walks? Oh man. So much cringe.

There were a bunch of other things that we remembered, though. The girl that I thought I was going to marry when I was 7 years old whose family disappeared. The new neighbour that moved in who didn’t owe it to me, but who consoled me through it. I remember knocking on her door and seeing new people living there and still asking for her, and they didn’t know who I was talking about. Oh man…I thought this was supposed to be a fun post to talk about.

It is! That memory aside, we talked about a lot of stuff that we cut out to try to keep the video a reasonable length. Anyone remember devil sticks? We do! I was good at them. I could get the spin going, I could flip them really high as well. I flipped one onto my roof once. That’s when I learned that I could climb the side of my house. From then on I didn’t need the keys to my house anymore. I could just climb the side of it and go through my window, which led directly to my room. The windows to my parents’ house are new now, so they lock and don’t allow for B&Es anymore. Which I suppose is a good thing.

One memory I recently uncovered and started sharing with people, but I didn’t share in this video because there was no question for it, is a rather embarrassing one, so get ready to tease me for it: I didn’t grow up in the best economic situation. There were a few things lacking from early childhood, but eventually my parents got stable jobs and things picked up for a small bit. I remember the first sign of this was when they bought their first jar of Mayo. Yep. It was a big deal for us. I had no idea what this stuff was. I remember opening the jar and sticking my finger in and trying some of it it. It was delicious! I went in for another finger. Half an hour later, I polished off the entire jar. I don’t remember the consequences of my eating an entire jar of Mayo. Did I have the smoothest poos for the next week? I wish I could say. I do know, though, that I didn’t do that ever again. I’m ok with Mayo now. We have a more respectful relationship. I cover it in Ranch powder and evolve it into its higher form. Now I just do that with ranch. Sweet, sweet happy-making ranch.

We also cut out the part about important video games in our lives. NBA Jam anyone? Damn I was good at that game. That’s where Boomshakalaka comes from. You youngin’s think of TOP in Fantastic Baby. I think about doing a 1080 degree dunk and shattering the backboard. BOOMSHAKALAKA! I remember playing against other people as well, and they hated playing against me, because I shoved everyone and everything. Shove, steal the ball, get three baskets in a row. HE’S ON FIRE! Which then means that I can goaltend every shot. Then I’d just run back to the rim and goaltend everything with no whistle, run back and shoot an easy three. Oh man that game was so easy to spam. I wonder how many of you played it as well, and how many are like “WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT OLD MAN?!”

It’s odd when you think about how much technology changed now, and how kids nowadays have totally different toys. Martina’s niece is little over 1 year old, and she has a game on the iPad that spells out words, and she has to drag the letters back into their proper order. I didn’t have that when I was young! My parents were impressed by me when I was 1 and I would take newspapers and read out all of the letters, but this takes things to a whole new level! It seems to me like kids were the same for 5000 years or so, played the same games of tag and hide and seek and whatnot, but kids now have a totally different development cycle than what we went through.

I’m also really surprised when I think about what I was like as a kid compared to how I am now. I was so fake-gangsta. I only listened to rap and R&B. I lost my innocence at far too young an age, and I feel like, as an adult now, I’m more childlike than I’ve been since I was 8. Sure, I have more responsibilities now, but I’m more playful and lighthearted than before. I don’t know when being an adult is going to sink in for me, or if I’m just going to be an oversized child my whole life.

Anyhow, I’ll stop rambling. I know the Eatyourkimchi commenting community here is really diverse in age and upbringing. I’d love to hear how you responded to some of these 90s Kids tags. I’d also like to know how much your childhood corresponds with where you are now. Martina grew up with Sailor Moon and anime and a half-Japanese/half-Korean friend who, in many ways, directly relates to how Martina is now. I didn’t have that growing up. Martina seems to be a direct product of her past, while I’m rather anomalous. How about yourself? Let’s get all nostalgic here.

We’ll get back to our regular TL;DR Korea related topics next week. I hope you don’t mind the distraction this week. Click on the pretty button here if you haven’t already. It’ll bring back your favorite childhood toy!



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