This isn’t really a Korea related TL;DR, but we stray from that from time to time and talk about personal stuff, like in our Draw My Life videos and our Couple 123 tag. But this was so much fun! There’s a lot that we remembered that we didn’t think about for ages, parts of our lives that were hidden in shadowy memories. Some of those memories should probably be kept unremembered. Upside down visors, cornrows, and one pant leg rolled up? Fake pimp walks? Oh man. So much cringe.

There were a bunch of other things that we remembered, though. The girl that I thought I was going to marry when I was 7 years old whose family disappeared. The new neighbour that moved in who didn’t owe it to me, but who consoled me through it. I remember knocking on her door and seeing new people living there and still asking for her, and they didn’t know who I was talking about. Oh man…I thought this was supposed to be a fun post to talk about.

It is! That memory aside, we talked about a lot of stuff that we cut out to try to keep the video a reasonable length. Anyone remember devil sticks? We do! I was good at them. I could get the spin going, I could flip them really high as well. I flipped one onto my roof once. That’s when I learned that I could climb the side of my house. From then on I didn’t need the keys to my house anymore. I could just climb the side of it and go through my window, which led directly to my room. The windows to my parents’ house are new now, so they lock and don’t allow for B&Es anymore. Which I suppose is a good thing.

One memory I recently uncovered and started sharing with people, but I didn’t share in this video because there was no question for it, is a rather embarrassing one, so get ready to tease me for it: I didn’t grow up in the best economic situation. There were a few things lacking from early childhood, but eventually my parents got stable jobs and things picked up for a small bit. I remember the first sign of this was when they bought their first jar of Mayo. Yep. It was a big deal for us. I had no idea what this stuff was. I remember opening the jar and sticking my finger in and trying some of it it. It was delicious! I went in for another finger. Half an hour later, I polished off the entire jar. I don’t remember the consequences of my eating an entire jar of Mayo. Did I have the smoothest poos for the next week? I wish I could say. I do know, though, that I didn’t do that ever again. I’m ok with Mayo now. We have a more respectful relationship. I cover it in Ranch powder and evolve it into its higher form. Now I just do that with ranch. Sweet, sweet happy-making ranch.

We also cut out the part about important video games in our lives. NBA Jam anyone? Damn I was good at that game. That’s where Boomshakalaka comes from. You youngin’s think of TOP in Fantastic Baby. I think about doing a 1080 degree dunk and shattering the backboard. BOOMSHAKALAKA! I remember playing against other people as well, and they hated playing against me, because I shoved everyone and everything. Shove, steal the ball, get three baskets in a row. HE’S ON FIRE! Which then means that I can goaltend every shot. Then I’d just run back to the rim and goaltend everything with no whistle, run back and shoot an easy three. Oh man that game was so easy to spam. I wonder how many of you played it as well, and how many are like “WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT OLD MAN?!”

It’s odd when you think about how much technology changed now, and how kids nowadays have totally different toys. Martina’s niece is little over 1 year old, and she has a game on the iPad that spells out words, and she has to drag the letters back into their proper order. I didn’t have that when I was young! My parents were impressed by me when I was 1 and I would take newspapers and read out all of the letters, but this takes things to a whole new level! It seems to me like kids were the same for 5000 years or so, played the same games of tag and hide and seek and whatnot, but kids now have a totally different development cycle than what we went through.

I’m also really surprised when I think about what I was like as a kid compared to how I am now. I was so fake-gangsta. I only listened to rap and R&B. I lost my innocence at far too young an age, and I feel like, as an adult now, I’m more childlike than I’ve been since I was 8. Sure, I have more responsibilities now, but I’m more playful and lighthearted than before. I don’t know when being an adult is going to sink in for me, or if I’m just going to be an oversized child my whole life.

Anyhow, I’ll stop rambling. I know the Eatyourkimchi commenting community here is really diverse in age and upbringing. I’d love to hear how you responded to some of these 90s Kids tags. I’d also like to know how much your childhood corresponds with where you are now. Martina grew up with Sailor Moon and anime and a half-Japanese/half-Korean friend who, in many ways, directly relates to how Martina is now. I didn’t have that growing up. Martina seems to be a direct product of her past, while I’m rather anomalous. How about yourself? Let’s get all nostalgic here.

We’ll get back to our regular TL;DR Korea related topics next week. I hope you don’t mind the distraction this week. Click on the pretty button here if you haven’t already. It’ll bring back your favorite childhood toy!

  1. you guys hit my nostalgia bone. My best friend and I love loved sailor moon, she had the locket and the crescent wand. YTV was the bomb! Are you Afraid of the Dark still amazeballs. And after 9pm they put on anime, my introduction to Asia essentially with DBZ, Gundam Wing and later Inuyasha (uncut cause YTV had no idea what it was until a year later) On Teletoon… Neds newt for sure and Clone High.

    **90′s Child, Born in 1988**

  2. I remember driving at 16 and not having a cell phone but a pager..then having to find a payphone…(which now seems extinct)
    I rocked Rainbow Bright / He-Man / She-Ra and Voltron….Night Rider and Dukes of Hazzards was awesome… (Benny Hill show for those late night pervs) Tight-rolled jeans..teased and sprayed hair a mile high…bright colored shoe laces..lots of bracelets..and candy bars for 50cents.

  3. Oh the 90s. TV Shows: Sister, Sister, My Brother and Me. Salior Moon, Captian Planet, Rugrats, Doug, Pinky & The Brain, Rocky’s Modern Life, Pokemon, Animaniacs, Moesha, In Living Color, Fresh Prince, All That, and Ken & Kel. Plus, their were a lot more. My favorite line from Ken & Kel…”Who loves orange soda? Kel loves Orange Soda. Is it true? Hmmm… I DO. I DO. I DOOOOO.” I use to also watch a lot of really old shows like I love Lucy, Gillian’s Island, Bewitched and I dream of Jeannie. These shows would come on in the morning before I went to school while I waited to leave my house to go catch the school bus.
    Games: Candyland, Simon, LIfe,Girl Talk, Sorry, Operation, Trival Pursuit, and card games (Speed,Uno and Knuckles). **I use to play outside a lot with my sister and we would often use our imagination. We also played so many types of different variations of Hide and Seek. ( TV Tag, Freeze Tag, Hide and seek in the house in the dark) Videos Games: Sega, Mario Brothers, Pacman) I also remember when the Playstation came out I had the Spice Girls video game. ***
    Music: I was exposed to everything growing up. My mom played a lot of 80s/ 90s R&B, my dad a lot of oldies and my mom’s friend was a fan of country music. I didn’t get into rock music until my preteens years due to MTV and TRL.
    Books: Babysister’s Club, Babysister’s Little Sister, The Boxcard Kids (I think that’s the name.). My favorite book young adult authors were Sharon Draper, Laurie Halse Anderson, Jacqueline Woodson and Walter Dean Myers.

  4. Aaa, I also played Sonic the hedgehog and Zelda! Sega Mega and Nintendo 64 ftw!
    I was born a bit late in 87, so there is some stuff you guys were talking about I can relate to. And manga and anime is something I started with when I was 15, because I found Ranma 1/2 (BEST MANGA EVUURR) in Norwegian in a grocery story. I read a lot of cartoons as a kid, and books! I read everything from Roald Dahl, and my favourite book ever is Alice in Wonderland and the Secret Garden. Victorian children books, oh yes.

    And the show “Are You Afraid of the Dark” traumatized me as a kid! Yes, I’m an adult and really scared of the dark. Aaa, children from 90s really did see some bad stuff.

  5. Two words: Slap Bracelets.

  6. I am so a 90′s kid XD. I loved Sonic both the games and the tv series. And Sailor Moon FTW!

  7. w0w I was born in 2001 and everything you guys said was so new to me xD
    Nick Jr. was a channel I used to watch though

  8. can you talk about korean age and how it is different to international age, do koreans have birthday party’s

  9. Hey so i know you did a video way back when about how to pay your taxes in Korea, but can you do one about currency and methods of paying for things? is it mostly a cash based economy, and if so what dose the ₩ take shape as? (ei. looie, toonie, counterparts)

  10. What is it like to attend shows like Inkigayo or Music Bank? Is it always crowded? and how much does it usually cost to go in? Can fans meet their favorite girl/boy groups?

  11. I was wondering what it’s like attending shows like Music Bank or Inkigayo? Is it always a full house? Plus, how much does it cost to go to those kinds of shows?

  12. Skip it….that thing was a total rip-off.

  13. Since you guys like kpop, how about a TL;DR about kdramas? Do you watch them? Which one is your favourite? :)

  14. Please make a TL;DR the small growing trend of tomboys / girls in suits … *cough* amber *cough Global unit *cough*

  15. Born in 81 so part 80s kid and part 90s kid although I got into my teens at that point. But I watched the cartoons you mentioned and Are You Afraid of the Dark. Next to Ren and Stimpy, Eek The Cat, Animaniacs, stuff like that.
    And I mostly played pc games, although I started out with a Commodore 64, and later got my hands on a Sega Master System II. Mainly because I was too poor to get a Genesis and my parents didn’t have the money for one either. But they could get pc’s through work so I was on them a lot.
    But I do remember going to the videostore (I will miss the smell of warm videotapes in those things) and renting a console for the weekend with a game.

    I still remember the floppies and later the diskettes. And I remember harddisks still having MBs instead of GB and them introducing the 1 GB harddisk and thinking I would never be able to fill that thing, filling it, getting a 13 GB one, thinking that was more than enough for forever, filling it, getting a 120 GB one and being able to fill that too. So I learned that no matter how big they make em I still manage to fill em lol.

    And I used to read a ton of books as a kid, I was mostly into horror so I read a lot of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Although I also read some alternative history books as a smaller kid. They taught you about history but usually included someone that never existed to make it more exciting. Oh and I loved the Old Shatterhand and Winnetou books. I was so pissed when kid me found out Karl May wasn’t really Old Shatterhand and had made it all up. But yeah I’d spend my evenings and weekends at home, metal music blasting and reading. Or on the pc playing a game while listening to music. For some games I don’t know the real music, just the music I was listening to at that time.

    I often think back and wonder how alien life must be for kids/teens now. That we sat and listened to the radio with our cassettedecks, hoping the song we liked would play, that they would announce it before playing and that the DJ wasn’t a douche who would talk through the intro. That we basically had to listen through an entire cassette tape, then the other side unless we wanted to wait like a minute for it to rewind. And that you just couldn’t go back to the start of a song. You had to guess where it would be. Life without cell phones, computers and that the internet used to be so slow. If you told 14 year old me waiting half a minute for a chat to refresh that one day I would be watching movies without any delay I’d have said you were nuts. Oh not to mention that you’d go to a cd store, grabbed a stack of cds, listened to them (in the good record stores at least), until you got a good notion of them and then bought a number of them. And even then you would sometimes have songs you skipped. Or you’d then go visit a friend who had said cd and copy it on a cassette tape. And the horror when your walkman or cassettedeck ate your cassette.

    Oh and the glory days in the 80s and 90s when the charts were actually filled with metal music and rock/grunge bands. Before dance and hip hop took over. I actually left my school dance because the DJ only brought dance and R&B songs, no rock at all. Not even Bon Jovi or what have you, only crap I didn’t like. So I went to a metal bar in my nice pants and nice jacket haha.

    As for collecting I’d probably have to say Garbage Pail Kids stickers and later Magic. Those were the big hypes. I was already too old when the pogs hit the scene.

    Favorite toy would either be The Real Ghostbusters toys or my GI Joe figures.

    But yeah I still listen to a lot of metal next to kpop, I am on the internet too much while I should be reading and I still love cartoons. So I am truly a child of the 80s and 90s. And really on the cusp of those two because I have to figure out which shows I liked were from the 90s like those mentioned above and which ones were from the 80s like Thundercats, Transformers and He-Man.

    But yeah mostly cartoons and such. I missed out on a number of 80s movies because my parents were hardcore pacifists and didn’t want my brothers and me watching movies glorifying violence. Especially movies like Rambo because they fought the Vietnam war and atomic bombs back in the day. Although we did watch Tour of Duty because it gave a more accurate view. Oh and we only had one tv so we mostly had to watch what my parents wanted to watch or everyone else wanted to watch. So while I liked Buffy I missed a ton of episodes, same with Star Trek The Next Generation.

    But one of my best memories was near the end of my high school time in 98/99 when I would hang out with friends a lot, we’d get like pizza, go to the videostore and just try out every and all horror movies they had. I’ve seen some sh*t! I was pretty happy at that time. Oh and pretty much go to concerts every weekend or help out at the youth centre which had a ton of hardcore and metal shows.

  16. Oooomg i love wheel of time~~~ but i read them after rj died :(

  17. I was born in 1991 so I’m a 90′s/2000s kid. When I think about it, we witnessed the birth of video games, computers, phones …

    When I was young, I though that in 2000 cars would fly because for me 2000s was the future!
    I used to play Mario on nintendo with my brother and then gameboy color! I had a tamagoshi and a furby. During breaks at school, we played pogs, elastic games and pokemon card! POKEMON totally made my childhood, it was huge in France. I watched Princess Starla on tv because she had a UNICORN!!!

  18. OMG ME and SIMON would sooooo vibe… probably because I grew up in Chicago… but anyway… TRIBE CALLED QUEST!!!

  19. Hey Simon and Martina! my sister and I have finally persuaded our parents to visit Korea, so we’re coming this summer! Can you please do a TL;DR on the top places to visit/ see/ things to eat before leaving? we’re only staying for a week!! -.- and i don’t want to miss the impotant things! haha
    If anyone else has suggestion that would great!! Love from CANADA!!

  20. Bradon Sanderson finished off the last books for Robert Jordan. I don’t think you’ll regret it if you ever want to catch back up on The Wheel of Time.

  21. Im a 94 liner and I was 8years old when I started reading harry potter. On my half blood prince copy I wrote my name and grade, I was in grade 5…..a 10 year old reading the half blood prince and english isnt even my first or second language. I freaked my parents out alot coz I was weird like martina…no offense, sorry martina
    .. I mean the good kinda weird :)
    And super mario and duck hunt omg….xmen all the nostalgic feels. I Was a back street boys fan too….ughhh there is soooo much I could rant on and on about.
    Plus I wanted to say that my favourite toy was the ROLLER SKATES. They came in the funky bright neon colours and everybody had those omg!!! And…..ummmm no internet lol. Sad life.

  22. I think that you guys should have a TL;DR on the hipster culture and how other people see them in Korea.

  23. I was born in 1994, and I used to listen to Smashing Pumpkins and Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory with my dad like all the time (we also listened to way too much 80′s music which was AWESOME) and I think my favorite Nick show was… All That or Keenan and Kel? I can’t choose. ORANGE SODA. but it’s so funny because I’ve been thinking of finding a Skip It for like the past week and this had me like UGH I LOVED SKIP IT AND I remember seeing that acne commercial and I’m not from Canada I’m from Pennsylvania?!??!??! XD but I remember that and the Campbell’s soup commercials, I liked those too. I remember all of the barbies I had OMG I remember watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and I still have the Harvey doll my mom bought me and I had Mary Kate and Ashley barbies and those super awesome realistic baby dolls that pooped themselves!!! And I remember Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball and DBZ and Pokemonnnnn we watched those all the time ugh I used to be the weird kid because I read ALL OF THE TIME and I watched those weird shows no one else watched hahaha

    and it’s funny, people like to tell me I’m a lot like Martina, in the way that I talk and act and now we’re even more alike because we like similar things woo!!!


  25. Simon! I remember and totally watched Inside Stuff!! When you mentioned that it totally brought me back. To be honest though it wasn’t a favorite show of mine….my brother loved basketball so I only watched it because it was on. lol I had no idea it aired in Canada!

  26. I have to say I really loved this TL;DR. It made me feel a little old since I’m a 80′s – 90′s kid. But I do remember playing on our Nintendo power pad (we would use our hands rather than run on the pad while playing the track and field games), playing duck hunt, and mostly playing outside during the summers. I remember playing with my pogo ball and watching GI Joe, Gem and the Misfits, and the Thundercats. Most of my childhood I grew up in Woodbridge, ON before I had to move to the US. Feeling super nostalgic after this TL;DR =D

  27. Brings back so many memories~ I actually watched a lot of anime growing up like studio ghibli (It was dubbed in cantonese though haha). I loved TMNT and Captain Planet! And I loved my SEGA console, playing Mickey mouse and Sonic~ =D

  28. Hi Simon and Martina! have you heard about “Chip Chan?” Is she real?, what do you know about her? here in all america she is very famous but we don’t actually know what information of her it’s real

  29. I’m a ’92 baby but I totally loved X-Men, TMNT, Thundercats (aegyOMG!)… watched a lot of Star Wars and Star Trek TNG. ALWAYS WANTED A SKIP-IT but never had one. My parents tried to give me an allowance, but I spent every penny of it at the Dollar Store across the street from house… on candy. Not Skittles… Twizzlers, Sugar Daddy’s, Fun Dips, sour gummy worms.. Yeah…

  30. Favorite candy: Botan Rice Candy

    Little background: between 1987 and 1993 my family and I lived on an island in the Mid-Pacific called Kwajelein and this was always in the drug store. The cool thing was that, underneath the paper wrapper, it had an edible, dissolvable wrapper around the candy.

  31. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1plPyJdXKIY

    (“Regulators, we regulate any stealing of his property and we damn good too.”)

    • Holly shit, I can’t believe you brought this song up. Although it happened in 2001 when i was eleven, this was the soundtrack to one of the most interesting memories from my childhood. Of course I knew the song from the 90′s, but I was to young to understand it’s meaning then. Unfortunately, later on I started getting these sorts of gangsta rap lyrics and this song was included on CD that served as the soundtrack to me and my friends stealing a car for a joyride. The song though, resembled my deed in no way, cause we were four white kids in an old Vauxhall which belonged to some neighbors that were out of town and the corner block gang we ran into consisted of my oldest brother and his friends. He stopped us, pulled me out of the car and slapped the crap out of me, but fortunately he didn’t tell my parents and helped us take the car back in its lot. Fun times overall.

  32. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6blgjF6UkU

    (“It’s driving me out of my mind, that’s why it’s hard for me to find …”)

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  34. I remember watching the Arabic dub version of Ie Naki ko Remi, which is my favourite anime of all times. I am still searching for the proper Japanese version. Also, Captain Tsubasa and Three Musketeers were among my favs.
    I used to play a looooot of Chips, anyone else? Also Prince of Persia. This version:

  35. Bryony

    Oh the nostalgias!

    I’m an ’87 baby. God the nineties were cool. I miss them. Young enough to have mom dressing you as an excuse, old enough to enjoy the media.

    Favorite tv: torn between Hey Dude!, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and GUTS! on Nickelodeon.

    Books: Babysitters’ Club, Saddle Club, Sweet Valley, Tamora Pierce

    Toys: American Girl dolls, My Little Pony

  36. I’m an adoptee traveling to Seoul in July to search for my biological family. Any wisdom on how adoption is perceived in Korean culture? Some of the dramas I’ve seen (Creating Destiny, Cinderella’s Sister, Autumn in My Heart) make untraditional families seem very taboo still but then I hear about documentaries like “Twinsters” and “Aka Dan” and get my hopes up. TL;DR please??

  37. kawaii_candie

    the wheel of time got finished, Martina!! Brandon Sanderson finished it with Robert Jordan’s notes!!

    this was really funny cuz we’re kinda the same age and i’m also from Canada so i could relate to everything you said! lol.

  38. Tiffany

    Thanks for this video Simon & Martina ~ it brought back so many good memories! I was born in ’88 so I definitely consider myself a 90′s kid.

    My siblings and I were active outside but we also really liked watching TV. Some favorite shows I remember are: Power Rangers, Doug, Hey Arnold!, Reboot, Salute Your Shorts, Recess, Boy Meets World, Sister Sister, Clarissa Explains It All, Magic School Bus, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Rugrats, All That, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Captain Planet, TinTin, Pinky and the Brain, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Shining Time Station, Ahh Real Monsters!, One Saturday Morning, and any Disney movie.
    I loved reading: Amber Brown, Ramona Quimby, Sideways Stories from Wayside School, Archie Comics, Tuck Everlasting, Captain Underpants, the Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, and Sherlock Holmes.
    Does anyone remember the original Nintendo gameboy? It was fat and grey with a green screen? I think we still have ours. ^_^ Anyway, we always used to play Link’s Awakening and Tetris on that. Eventually we got the Playstation, N64, and the Gameboy Color, and my brother and I would play, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Ocarina of Time, Pokemon, Ape Escape, and Super Mario.
    Random Stuff: Chia pet commercials, Butterfinger BB’s, Barbies, the miniature car/jeep for kids that was battery powered, pogs, tamagotchi, skip it, bop it, gak, beanie babies…

  39. can you do a TL;DR on what kpop groups do you find need more attention and the ones you find a little overrated? :)

  40. I’m a 90s girl since I was just two and a half when the 80s was over… there are a lot of things about the 90s that I missed… in fact about two months ago I posted something like this on my facebook…. let me over and copy and paste.. I’m to lazy right now to actually right it again.

    Soo here’s my Ode to the 90s :

    I kinda sorta miss the 90s … here are some of the things I miss: furbies, tamagotchies, crop shirts, fluttery butterfly clips in every color possible (I still have some of them in mint condition), the 101 multi color scrunchies, the slap bracelets that were so “cool”, the tattoo chokers that made us all think we’re tough, the lights in my tennis shoes, mood rings that never worked, watching bill nye and Ms frizzle to learn about science, watching SO Wierd and Are You afraid of the Dark to creep myself out and suffer from insomnia… Sabrina the teenage witch with her quirky sense of humour, of course Boy Meets World with the best teacher ever in Mr. Feeny, Sister Sister’s crazy twins Tia and Tamara and poor underappreciated Roger!,
    I miss playing Skip-It during recess and being the cool kid in school because of it, Paper fortune tellers that I still find myself making when I have decisions to make that aren’t all that important but still annoying to decide. Collecting Pogs I was never sure how to play, being Nsync and Britney Spear’s fan, and being jealous of her for dating my man JT, Reading Baby-Sitter’s club and loving how ditzy the Claudia in the books was, Loving Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and pretending I was a junior private eye, and sticking Lisa Frank stickers all over my books and notebooks to prettify them! I miss eating Warheads and the battle to decide who could stand the sour the best! I miss playing foursquare and Germs and ending up bruised after playing dodgeball. i miss playing Travel around the world, knockout, and H-O-R-S-E. And I miss having rainy days at school when you can’t go out to play so you make the classroom your playground with games like four courners or thumbs up – thumbs down.
    Basically I miss being a kid and knowing what using my imagination was… I miss not having a cell phone that sometimes seems to weigh too much in my pocket despite it’s actual weightlessness… I miss the innocence because chidren these days blow my mind away with how much they know at such an early age when I was still clueless about a lot even during my high school days. That was my life as a 90s kid in the US.

  41. Coming in a bit late, I was born in the mid-70′s so I am a 70 and 80′s kid :) I also got most of the 90′s as a young adult! I feel really lucky to have been able to see so many things change over the years. I started watching anime when you had to hope someone had family up north or out on the west coast who could get you an imported VHS (I’m from a small town in the US southern states). I went through heavy metal and hair bands, bubble-gum pop and rap, and cartoons when I was little was old Looney Toons and Super Friends! Thank you guys for bringing memories back for me.

  42. 1983 girl here…Oh, man you guys…you had to play the X-Men theme! I was so in love with the cartoon Gambit. I don’t know why – his power was throwing playing cards at people, but something about that accent…

    And don’t forget Captain Planet…he’s our hero! I learned about animal testing of cosmetics from him…poor bunnies!

  43. I think that American society (and hopefully other societies too) is a lot more accepting of overgrown children now.

  44. That astar commercial was creepy. I just saw the full version a week ago after a friend should it to me, and I’m 21. I can’t imagine watching that as a child. Lol. I bet I wouldn’t have slept for weeks.

  45. i remember when Pong first came out… XD

  46. Could mention most of the stuff you mentioned and ramble A LOT but I’ll try to do this moderately brief.
    Oh but Glen Rice, University of Michigan baby!

    Going to go with strictly 90s because I have a lot of answers that are more late 90s early 2000s.

    Born last day of 91.
    1) Favorite TV show: Could ramble for days… Might Morphin Power Rangers realistically was probably#1. X-Men was pretty high up there tho so I’ll just say that too and stop myself there. (Inside Stuff is back, haven’t watched it tho). I lied, it’s late 90s but I can’t not mention Powerpuff Girls.
    2) Favorite toy: Also going to have to copy you with a basketball, basketball was basically my life for most of my childhood.
    3) Favorite commercial: I was thinking the Happy Together SSB commercial but that’s late 90s… I mainly remember cereal commercials, …and for some reason I know have the Sock’m Boppers song in my head.
    4) Backstreet Boys or Nsync: BSB by far!
    5) Bad fashion choice: Everything I did.
    6) Favorite collectibles: Basketball and Pokemon cards.
    7) Favorite console & game: Favorite is tough between N64 and Genesis. Game, for N64 it was GoldenEye, for Genesis Vectorman and Sonic 2.
    Oh wait…. Pokemon Blue was probably the most played.
    8) Favorite music artist: BSB! (dc Talk is up there too.)
    9) Nick Jr or whatever show: Idk what we want here so I’ll just mention some of my other shows I really liked..Kablaam!, The Tick, Tiny Toons Adventures, Darkwing Duck, Transformers: Beast Wars.
    10) Favorite candy: I THINK Butterfingers were my fav candy bar back then. But I could mention so many things I loved that got discontinued. Slime popsicles, crispy m&ms, oh wait! I think I was a big fan of wax bottles for some reason, those things sound nasty to me now.
    11) Favorite game: Clue, Guess Who, and Candy Land I guess.
    12) Favorite book: Captain Underpants! Goosebumps! iSPY! lol

  47. Cosmic Cat

    I had a major nostalgia flashback when you mentioned Reboot REBOOT I REMEMBER THAT SHOW OMG I LOVED THAT SHOW OMG!!! I would record it on vhs and watch until it got recorded over. I was born in the early 90s so I only remember the late 90s. My favourite game and console was Zelda and Mario Kart on N64. I used to always play as Peach lol. I really wanted Zelda action figures instead of barbies but because I didn’t know where to get any I traced over the artwork in the instruction manuals, coloured it in and then played with them. Aaaa memories!!

  48. Emma Turner

    Loved this video. Brought back lots of good memories. FFVII was my first JRPG too, but I also played the crap out of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. I was an epic Tekken 2 button masher. I was big on collecting things (still am!) but what I remember most is Pogs – there would be huddles of us at break during first school, playing and swapping in the shade of the trees.

    On slightly related note, Martina do you still listen to lots of ska? You should check out a band called Suburban Legends – they’re all kinds of ska/pop/disco awesomeness. My favourite live band, so full of energy :)

    Thanks for helping me reminisce ^^

  49. Someone probably already mentioned this but: Robert Jordan might have died, but he had loads and loads of notes on his last book (which I believe was split up in 2) and he had talked about how to end it with several people involved. His son/ someone close to him/ a good writer has written the last few volumes, so the series has been completed. *as far as I know :)*

  50. ER MAH GAHD MEMORIES…. I didn’t watch X-Men or anything like that but I remember the skip it thingie… also tether-ball? IDK if that’s an American thing but that was a lot of fun~ Hmmm, not sure if you guys did this but I collected and traded Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Oh for books~ Harry Potter and Black Stallion and Nancy Drew and Magic Tree House ~ oh my god I just started remembering all the books I used to read and now I’m sad ’cause college is sapping my love for reading and yeah. T_T

  51. Speaking of mayo, I had a bizarre story. When I was young, I was really obsessed with eating plain mayo; no bread, nothing.. Just mayo, dipped my finger in, lick it.. My obsession stops when one day, I went to my grandma house, and I found a mayo jar in the ref.. When I lick it, it was the GROSSEST thing evar in my life.. and I realized that the mayo has expired for like 2 years. And now I can’t bring myself to eat any types of mayo in my life =3=

    I’m a 91line, and the greatest things in my childhood are imagination, crayons, white walls, Pokemon stickers (collect all 151 stickers and the prize is a Pokemon doll, I have a Wartortle and a Geodude doll), GameBoy Colors and Playstation. And Simon, the only thing that I didn’t manage to get in Final Fantasy 7 is Barret’s Dating scene. I played Final Fantasies series from FFVI to FFIX, and the only thing I didn’t manage to do is getting Cloud to date Barret….sigh

    • DId we all go through a mayo addict phase? Actually for me it was Miracle Whip because mom didn’t buy mayo… But I remember eating the MW on the sly and whenever I could.

  52. Shelley Beh

    90′s kids hurrah!
    Cyber hi5 Simon cuz I also did the skittles pancake thing when I was kid haha
    I never had a favorite toy, my childhood growing wasn’t the best of circumstances so I didn’t have toys. I used to just use my imagination and my friends and we would pretend we were on quests and conquer evil.. In our backyard haha
    My favourite console was the Nintendo.. The old grey one. My one of my friends owned one and I used to love playing mario and pokemon games on it.. Good time good times

  53. i def was 90′s kid! that is one of the issues my hubby and i have certain things are lost on him. Till one day i played N’sync and backstreet boys and ect. He knew the songs cause his brother used to listen to them a lot.

  54. yanagiba yusuke22

    im in this era too…3yrs younger than u… i knew some of wat u talking abt…. i watch sailormoon, dragon ballz, wedding peach, power rangers since beginning, japanese power rangers (maskman, flashman, cybercop), just like martina, i watch x-man(watch the show that u put in this vid brings back some memories), most of looney tune cartoon.. i read doraemon comics,…i play sega n a vid game that used thingy like cassette… not like this millenium kids, we also play outdoor more than just play with the hanphone,ipad, etc2…. the fav things to do is swimming in the river, playing with ‘nature’ plasticine, lego,,…. so many memories for 90′s kid that i missed so much… im from malaysia…. n sync or bsb?? i like both, westlife too,.. do any1 remember ER, roswell, x-files, the twilight zone n so on? its not really 90′s…but early 2000….

  55. Oh Martina, Wheel of time! I can relate, I was sooooo into those books. especially the first book I think I read it like ten times or something. But then it sucked to wait for the next book…took soo long! It was a sad moment when he died to :( But wheel of time really opened a door to the best world ever!!! FANTASY YEAH!

  56. I ❤ you guise. I was born in the early 80′s and grew up as a child of the 80′s and 90′s in South Africa. We didn’t get a TV until 1995, and we had like four channels…so yeah…we played outside a lot. I…um…identify a lot with Martina and playing outside and being imaginative. My siblings and I would run around pretending to be wild horses, or go ride our bicycles around and stuff…and growing up in South Africa meant a lot of swimming to cool down in the summers. We finally got a computer in like 1997 or 98, but we had no Internet. The computer ran on DOS and we had this nifty black and white 3D tetris…yeah. I remember what a big deal it was to get a Pentium 5 and then later the Internet. Curse that dial up sound!!!!!! And I was a total nerd who read a lot too…it makes me cringe a bit watching some of the 90s fashion come back. Crop tops *shudder* I loved to watch shows like JAG and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Lois and Clark: Adventures of Superman. And Ducktales. And Captain Planet!!!! He’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero! *crickets chirp* (we often got shows a lot later than the U.S.). I didn’t even own a CD until 1998 (Counting Crows – This Desert Life)…man this comment is getting too long. I am getting to nostalgic or something :P

  57. OMG. My favorite toy: POGS. Please tell me someone else remembers Pogs? XD I still have some to this day. :) There was a little shop on the corner of my block that sold them. We’d go buy them with lunch money that we ended up not using on lunch. XD Omg this video is GREAT… totally having a nostalgiagasm. XD

  58. Anyone else here born in the 80′s? :D 85-liner here; I can’t be the only old ahjumma here, can I? ;o;

  59. I was born in 1963, which meant that I came of age in the ’70′s and early ’80′s. Ironically, given that we are talking about nostalgia, my favorite TV show back then was “Happy Days”. It could be said that Erin Moran and I grew up together even though we never met except through the TV. I had a crush on her back then and even wrote to her from time to time, and once in a while she even wrote back. This went on until shortly after the show went off the air. I don’t like to hear about what she’s supposedly going through nowadays; I prefer to remember her as she was and back in the day she was hot.
    Although I came of age in the disco era my favorite musicians were ABBA, the Bee Gees and Barry Manilow. We didn’t have cable in our house until well into the ’80′s so my first experience with music videos was not through MTV but a local TV station here in Massachusetts called V66 (officially WVJV-TV, now known as WUTF and carrying Spanish-language programming). Given its music video format it was the first TV station in the area to broadcast in stereo, back when TV still broadcast in analogue and most TV sets had just the one speaker. Even if they didn’t have the rights to show a certain video (MTV held the exclusive rights to a few of the top ones of that time) V66 would use stock visuals of the artist or the record and put together their own video just so they could put that song on the air. They also used to show videos from local artists, the most notable of them being ‘Til Tuesday. Sadly the station changed hands and format after a couple of years.

  60. I STILL HAVE MY SKIPIT! It’s blue and sparkly and sitting in my closet. Pretty sure I used it a couple months ago.

  61. I was born 1990 so i grew up with tons of the same things. Most of the TV shows that i watched were from ’95 to ’00. which are:
    gargoyles, x-men, legions of the hidden temple,
    tales from the crypt (I know I was a phyco kid for watching that; I would only watch the crazy half decade skeleton scream and then I would leave),
    Rugrats, hey Arnold, all the Cartoon Network shows, such as the
    PowerPuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab. Pokemon, Dragon Ball & knights of the
    zodiac (which the last 2 I would watch them whenever my family and I would go to Mexico ’cause American tv will cut out all the blood and gore). Also some anime that filtered into american tv like Gundam and Cowboy Bebob (my heart belongs to Spike!) oh so many great memories!!

  62. I can’t even deal with your singing and dancing Simon. This video was just perfect. I’m not going to go through answering all of those questions but I will say Power Rangers for life!

  63. Since I’m from Asia, I didn’t really know what you guys were talking about half the time.. But oh yes Are You Afraid of The Dark!!! Loved it!!!

  64. So I was born in 1992 and grew up in Toronto watching YTV, we had no Family channel or Nickelodeon in our house. I was like Martina, I loved the animes and Sailor Moon was my hero (though I had no Asian friends so this was an anomaly for my family). Every Saturday my sister and I would get up super early to watch X-Men, Gargoyles, and this super awesome show no one knows about now called “Princess Guinevere and the Jewel Riders” which was just the greatest thing ever! I can also still recite Bob’s opening speech in Reboot from memory. And Enzo’s from the second series! It’s a point of pride for me. =)
    We didn’t have a lot of money when I was a kid too, we watched TV and played with our imaginations, so it’s really frustrating for my siblings and cousins and me to see the younger kids in our family all having their phones and DS’s and IPads and spending all their time on it. By the time we got a Super Nintendo the ’64 was already out and the only handheld we had for years was a regular brick gameboy with one Pokemon game =P But we had so much fun! We recently got together with some cousins and spent hours reminiscing about all the ridiculous games we made up! We played camping and went on picnics in a nearby park and even had a game called “Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show” for no reason other than it involved a stuffed Tweety doll! These are the greatest memories of my life. And it seems so sad to me that my younger cousins will only remember sitting around staring at a screen. Imagination games are the best too so don’t hate, Simon!

  65. I remember the excitement I felt the night the Scream video premiered. (You know, back when MTV used to air music videos).

    I was about 14 at the time. I was waiting for the video to start … I think it came on around 10:00 … and my dad came downstairs and asked why I wasn’t getting ready for bed yet. I told him hadn’t gotten ready for bed yet because I had gotten special permission from my mom to stay up to watch the video. He accepted that answer.

    I remember being amazed by both the song and the video.

  66. I was born in 1979, so I remember the ’90s quite well.

    I don’t really prefer one genre of music over another. If it’s got a great beat, if it’s got catchy lyrics, if I can sing along with/dance to it, I’ll like it:

    8) Favorite Music Artist(s):

    In middle school it was Boyz II Men, Keith Sweat, Ginuwine, R. Kelly, TLC … pretty much anything played on the local hip-hop/r&b radio station. Seriously, looking back on it, the best Aww, Yeah! music was from the ’90s.

    Aww, Yeah! music aside, I also liked Coolio,

    In high school it was all that plus Goo Goo Dolls, Savage Garden, Spice Girls …

    In college it was middle school/high school music plus Barenaked Ladies, Hole, Lauryn Hill …

    Music meant a lot to me. I was picked on in middle school (I switched schools at the end of seventh grade and seen as different and in middle school logic, different = bad), so I became very shy in high school. I ended up mostly keeping to myself. I’d make my own mix tapes by recording songs off the radio and I’d have those at home, and I’d bring my walkman and later on my discman to school for company.

    Personally, 1994-1997 wasn’t a very good time for me. But oh my God, the music was amazing.

  67. 91′ line speaking!

    My memories of the 90′s were pretty short, I’m going to focus on the primary school years that go up to the early 2000s (my teen years were a bit different).

    My favourite TV shows were Pokemon, the Power Rangers and Princess Starla and the magical jewels (I only know the name in French, is that it?). I played all of those in real life.

    Imagination is the best toy! With my brother and cousins, I used to play “invented games”. It was like “so let’s say a giant dragon attacks and we have to save the school and then we’re stranded on a island and we develop super powers and then we meet ourselves from the future. You’re the villain!” Damn I loved those. My favourite toy though was the elastic for jumping, the one we held at our ankles and had to do complicated figures over, or jump as high as possible. I was a freaking star because I knew how to untangle them so well!

    Favourite commercial “Maman, faut qu’on parle. Il me faut de l’eau. DE L’EAU!” (/watch?v=O_oBwGIOwug) Any French Nasties remember this?

    The weirdest fashion was definitely those choker necklaces. And that weird leggings/giant sweater combination that even our Moms wore when I was a little kid… And I had the biggest collection of Disney sweaters and accessories. And those freaking hair pins!


    It’s ok, I had braids done when I went to the Bahamas when I was 13, and I rocked them so hard! And I wore a Jersey dress in 8th grade (I hope you know what I’m talking about!). You got my respect Simon, mad respect. #wordtoyourmother

  69. #whitepeoplemusic… Oh Simon, you are the blackest white guy ever. xDDD

  70. I’m a ’92 baby, and man, I remember all that stuff too. I remember loving the cartoons like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon (dude, who remembers THAT?), and a bunch of other children’s shows. Like Arthur. OMG, Arthur, I loved that show. And Recess.

    I still remember the whole trading cards thing, with Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and all those others. I think I still have my Yu-Gi-Oh cards somewhere in my parents’ garage… I know I gave my Pokemon cards away, and I’m pretty sure people still play them today. Though the cards we had as kids are pretty rare, I think.

    I didn’t really play with Barbies too much as a kid (I think I only ever own two or three), but I absolutely ADORED the Ty Inc. Beanie Babies. I collected sooo many of them. I think I have between 100-150 of them still. And I still take them out every once in a while and admire them. And when Teenie Beanies came out and McDonalds had them in their Happy Meals, I’d beg my parents to get me one.

    I vaguely remember dial up. I was still young at the time, and my memory before I was ten is still a bit shaky. I do, however, remember DOS. I had a keyboard that only worked on DOS, so when we upgraded to Windows, it didn’t work anymore.

    I still remember one hairstyle that was in fashion when I was in middle school (I think… coulda been elementary school) where the girls would have one or two strands of hair directly in front of their face. Pretty much just pathetic excuses for bangs. I also remember when it was popular to put stickers at the corners of your eyes. I hated the feeling, but I did it anyways.

    Man, the memories this brings back…

  71. I’m a 90s kid (1990). Most of the things you talked about I remember from my childhood. I use to love watching Reboot before going to school.

  72. Nostalgia overload!! Reading these comments is bringing back so many great memories :D

  73. Crystal Chu

    I was born in 1997 so all my memories are 2000s. Disney and barbies were basically my life~ XD watched all of them disney movies! and ofc pokemon~ and i remember watching totally spies, winx club, Code Lyoko on cartoon network and omfg TEEN TITANS. and as an asian, i spent my childhood watching sailor moon, doraemon, and chibi maruko chan, and all them ghibli films in cantonese dub XD my fav books were junie b jones, r.l stine, beverly cleary, judy blume (fudge series), and the american girl series XD and MAGIC TREEHOUSE!! and remember them TAMAGOTCHIS!?

  74. I’m a 90s kid.

  75. -vomits nostalgia rainbow- my gosh, “back in the day”…. the best kind of days :’) EDIT: Why are those ads so weird!?! XD I don’t remember any Australian ads from when I was a kid ><

  76. Is the lay out of the blog different or is it just me? XD

  77. I was born in 98…hai…I’m 15… all I remember was the dial tone internet connection and I think I was a game cube at my neighbors house and we played teenage mutant ninjas turtles. Oh and I also remember video cassette… But I feel like I don’t know what the trend is now everything before kpop is blurry.

  78. I was born in ’92.
    I loved Gargoyles and Xmen too! That show was awesome! I was also really big into Dragonball Z and anything they showed on Toonami (aka anime). Shows I remember watching with my family were things like The Simpsons, Home Improvement, and The Red Green Show.
    My favorite toy wasn’t really a 90s thing, it was a Minnie Mouse doll that I had. It was (is) my all time favorite toy.
    I don’t really remember commercials specifically right now as I try and think about it. I can only think of recent commercials.
    I was all about the Backstreet Boys! I’d still marry Nick Carter if given the chance. My very first bias haha.
    Uhhh, fashion trends I don’t really remember. I just wore whatever my parents bought me or, like, hand-me-downs.
    When it comes to collecting stuff, I don’t think I really started until after the 90s were over. I was big on keychains that I’d get on vacation when I started to collect things. I did have a lot of beanie babies. And I did eventually get into Pokemon and Yugioh cards but that was in the 2000s.
    I don’t know if this counts as collecting exactly, but my one grandma would by my younger sister and me sticker books and then all kinds of different stickers. The best were shaped like puppies and kitties and they were fuzzy stickers, so you could like…pet them haha.
    My all time favorite candy: Reese Cups. Skittles are a close second. Speaking of skittles, my favorite were the green ones, lime. But they changed the lime to green apple and they still label it as original. Its so upsetting, the green apple just ruins it all for me.
    Growing up we had a Sega Genesis and my favorite game was called Echo. In the game you played a dolphin and you swam around and I honestly have no idea what the point of the game was. We never got anywhere with it, all we did was swim. But we were dolphins so it was awesome! lol
    Favorite artist, Backstreet Boys.
    My favorite Nick Jr. shows were Blues Clues, Little Bear, and the Busy World of Richard Scarry. But the absolute best thing about Nick Jr. though was Face! He would introduce the shows and be there as you’d go to commercial and have his own quick little segments (like making a peanut butter and banana sandwich). And he made trumpet noises with his mouth! Face was the best.
    My favorite game to play was…uh, we liked to play games like ‘Mother May I’ and ‘Simon Says’ and things like jump rope and hopscotch. I loved playing Ghost in the Graveyard too (hide and go seek, but you’d do it at night so it was dark and we’d go throughout the neighborhood surrounding my grandparent’s house. My cousins, sister and I also used to have grape wars. We’d steal grapes off the dinner table and then squirt them at each other.
    Favorite book? I loved the Berenstain Bears books. But my favorite book was called ‘Is Your Mama a Llama’ the best kids book ever in my opinion. Oh, and as I got older, the Box Car Kids! Did anyone read those? I loved those books.

  79. I was born in 93′ but the thing is I’m mexican, and there are some big diferences.
    But I did watch X-Men, Gargoyles, Spiderman and a bunch of superheroes stuff and ANIME. Sakura Card Captor was my favorite and the one I remember the most.

  80. Amyaco

    Did anyone ever read the Animorphs books? I think I got to #65 or something before I gave up haha.

  81. i’m a 98 ers

  82. I was born in ’90, so I suppose that would make me “90s kid”. And let me tell you, having also grown up in Canada, this TL;DR was just one nostalgia bomb after the other.

    This particular TL;DR was so fucking hilarious, by the way. Especially Simon’s…uh…performance.

  83. When simon singing jodeci real talkIi started to sing along with him! too funny <3 btw who remembers Playstation magazine? when they used to give out demos of the coming games?

  84. Victor Ha

    Is there anyone born in ’97? I could barely remember my childhood, but for some reason you guys make me feel so nostalgic, minus the commercials (what stood out for me was the Chia Pet commercials). :D

  85. Both a child of 80s and 90s here. Not a 90s show but one of my favorites “You Can’t Do That On Television” which started the beginning of the Nickelodeon Slime. Again not a show which started in the 90s but it stayed on until ’96 in the Nick Jr block, “The World of David the Gnome”. “Roundhouse” was the first sketch comedy Nick tried in the early 90s which was one of my favorites to watch during their SNICK lineup. Of course you can’t forget “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”. The show was quirky with great music. Oh the 90s …

  86. Well I was born in 96, but I have an older sister who was born in 92 so she exposed me to a lot of the early 90′s stuff. My family wasnt really one for getting the cool new hip things so while my neighborhood friends were playing with the cool 2000 things I was still playing with 90′s stuff if that makes sense Lol. I would consider myself a Semi 90′s kid :3

  87. Wow soooo many memories of the 90s lmao
    85 baby here so i grew up mainly in the 90s. I watched a ton of tv too but especially Warner Bros cartoons like Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Freakazoid
    The whole Saturday morning lineup
    (I never had cable as a kid but my local WB channel 33 would air Sailor Moon at 6 AM on Saturdays and I would set my alarm to wake up just to watch them!)
    I can still quote old Simpsons episodes even though i haven’t watched the show in years.

    Uhm, books – holy moly, i was such a book nerd as a kid, i spent alllll my time in libraries. All the librarians knew me and it was thanks to my HS library having a couple of animes on hand that i got into anime – esp Miyazaki (Kiki’s Delivery Service) and DBZ
    (Which got me into Japanese stuff which got me into Japanese dramas which led to K dramas then to Kpop, THANKS LIBRARY!)

    But I read all those R.L. Stein books, anything i could get my hands on really but my fav books were the ones my teacher rec when i was in 4th grade, Hatchet and My Side of the Mountain
    i loved those “Scary Stories to tell in the Dark” by Alvin Schwartz (is that right?) and it had the really creepy drawings in them, I still have these books to this day :3c
    Oh and Bruce Coville’s stories like, “My Teacher is an Alien” and “Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher” haha oh god

    Video gaaaames – I have 3 older siblings (2 bros, one sis) and so we had the video games – Super Mario World on Nintendo and Sonic the Hedgehog Sega Genesis

    Anyone remember Toejam and Earl? My mom actually beat that game before any of us.

    My brothers can also be credited to my music tastes – I listened to a lot of alternative rock growing up (Everclear is still one of my all-time favourite bands and Fastball)
    But I also listened to Backstreet Boys and went to one of their concerts at age 13 (my first, iirc)

    Oh maaaaannn, so many memories….

  88. Simon, I think I speak for everyone when I say this: DO NOT GROW UP.
    I mean, I’m sure you are responsible when it comes to the important stuff. And as I am getting to know you a little better, I get to like you more and more, and I look up to you as the choices you make and the behaviour you have around other humans seem very mature to me.
    But the fact that you can still find silly stuff highly amusing, that you can still have a lot of fun in your work and your life, that you can see the positive side of everything and still be amazed by the little things, is just as precious. I think everyone one of us should hold on to the good parts of being a kid, the innocence, the curiosity, the playfulness.
    And it’s a big part of why I love you both – you are proof that one can be a functioning adult and still have shitloads of fun. Because that’s what life is about! Discovering new things! Experiencing and letting yourself be amazed! Being silly and goofy and living life as if no one’s watching.
    Thank you for that!

  89. I was born in the late 70′s so I kind of feel old right now :P. I will say I remember having an awesome Star Wars toys collection. Plus I was also a big fan of She-ra :) !!!

  90. This was really nice to watch. It was a blast to the past, and I feel like we got to know y’all a bit more. Martina, I totally had your childhood. Lots of imagination but plus Barbie dolls ( I didn’t get television until recently). And Simon, I don’t mind that you act kid-ish, because you’re responsible and you know the right time to be serious. You just keep rocking you.

    This comment is a little too short for everything I’d like to say, but this TL;DR gave me a lot of feels. Thanks for sharing y’all’s stories! I love you guise. :)

  91. Jackie

    My favourite tv commercial has to be The North American House Hippo!

  92. I was born in ’86 and was so super shy that I was inside.. a lot. and I did watch a lot of TV.

    I loved Ghost Writing and Reading Rainbow and Wishbone (i loved wishbone so much!! Made me want a puppy really bad lol)
    But I also watched Gargoyles and X-men too. And X-files. I read the Baby Sitters Club, loved it so much. I don’t remember much music wise however…. I know for awhile I was into Michael Jackson and New Kids on the Block… lol Ah and Spice Girls.
    OH! and Double Dare. I remember as an adult finding out why Double Dare was kicked off the air was because the host had really bad OCD and had a mental break down? (Or I’m just super gullible and totally believed that).

    I looked back at some of the other comments and AOL. Oh gosh. AOL. I remember that lol. The first disks…. on floppy… hahaha.
    It wasn’t until the last few years until my mom finalllyyy got rid of AOL too actually. So sad. We had a separate phone line in our house for the internet.

    Last thing. Wonder Ball. Oh I wonder, wonder what’s in a wonder ball (might be a bit late for 90s but meh)

    • Oh snaaaappp, you brought up so much of my childhood just then lmao

      BUT SRSLY THO Wonder Ball – whenever people talk about Kindereggs now, I’m like – it’s like a Wonderball, right?
      Haha, but then America couldn’t have them anymore b/c everyone thinks American kids will eat toys and die. Hmm…

      • Yeahh. I was a bit of a 90s kid lol. Born in 86 so it was late 90s, but yeah. I remember a lot lol.

        And yes. Kindereggs are like wonderballs and it is so sad that they can’t get the kinder eggs in the US.
        But those toys do have tiny little pieces lol and kids are kinda stupid. soooo. yeah.

  93. I liked the Wonder Ball commercials.

  94. Wow, I’m impressed by how so many people born post 90′s still have vivid memories from that period, cause I was born in 1990 and I barely remember anything. I know that I had a happy childhood, but stuff was changing so fast back then in my country ’cause we had just got rid of communism and suddenly a whole bunch of things started being marketed. I never had a routine as a child and that’s probably why I have a hard time remembering stuff. If I had to pick a favorite toy, though, it had to be the fussball table. I did own a Terminator game console, but aside from Batman, Super Mario and that duck hunting game, I didn’t spend much time playing video games. Only later on I started going to arcades to play Mortal Kombat and Need for Speed on PS1.
    I was very outdoorsy though. Here, the biggest sport was soccer, so we’d play for hours every day, but I secretly loved basketball. I used to play it with my dad and my brothers, cause unfortunately none of my friends were into anything other than soccer. I finally got to play more basketball in school. I even made the team, but after a couple of seasons the coach left and we got a new P.E. who’s passion was rugby, so we had to play that. I also used to play a lot of chess. I even think the first book I read was the biography of Garry Kasparov. As for collectibles, stamps, soccer cards and pokemon cards were my cup of tea.
    Music wise, I watched a lot of MTV, especially for Beavis and Butthead, cause they resembled my brothers a lot :D, but I mostly listened to older stuff like The Beatles, Elvis, Fleetwood Mac and other stuff like that. My dad was kind of a rock’n’roller in his youth and he had a lot of vinyls which he played for me. I remember he always used to say that Back street boys, Spice Girls and all the other bands from the 90′s would never stand the test of time and it’s kinda true. That’s probably why only in my teenage years I started getting into pop music. I used to watch X-Men and Life with Louie on Fox Kids obsessively up to the point when they started dubbing everything. After that I only watched Cartoon Network because I was very eager to learn English from a young age. The cartoons and tv shows like Friends, M.A.S.H. and Saved by the bell really helped me sharpen my English skills.
    I gotta say, this topic didn’t really unleash any nostalgic feelings, but it rather infuriated me, ’cause despite this long post, this is pretty much everything I remember from that period. I’m truly pissed of, I mean, really? This is all I’m left with after the first ten years of my life?
    Aaanyway, I totally agree with you that kids these days seem to have a completely different experience in their childhoods. In spite of all the means that exist today in order to develop their social skills, they appear to be less and less in touch with their surroundings. But hey, who are we to judge them? It’s not like we have less issues because we were more outdoorsy. In fact, I relate to Simon’s confession about his childish behavior overlapping with his adult life. I’m more of a dreamer now than I was in my childhood and the dreams definitely got more depressing.

  95. Nick Jr was, or I should say is as it still exists now; when Nickelodeon had certain hours in the day where they would show programs targeted for younger children. I’d say around 11 and under

  96. Lol I was born in 1981 but I grew up in the 90′s. I remember watching alot of shows, and reading too. Oh wow the skip it thing was something I had but I didn’t play with it for long I got bored of it. I was like Martina I was an outdoor girl and used my imagination alot to make up games and stuff. I remember watching alot of Nickelodeon and Disney channel shows. I used to watch All That, then The Amanda Show. I used to watch X-men and Gargoyles, actually Jubilee was my favorite character and still is. lol I remember my family getting our first computer and having to have the dial up then we quickly went through the cable company as soon as it came out with a faster internet. I remember being on AOL and chatting on the chat lines through AOL. I remember my brother having pogs, he is six years younger than me but I still remember him collecting pogs. I had a Tomogachi, I remember raising it and then it died and I think my cousin broke it by accident so I just stopped playing it. There was so many things I did when I was younger, I do remember being in a dance line class and doing that for 5 years then stopped when I was in middle school.

  97. Stephanie

    I was born in 1985. I remember quite a few things from the 80s but definitely grew up in the 90s. My favorite shows were a mix of 80s and 90s. I loved Rainbow Brite and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I loved X-Men, Tail Spin, Darkwing Duck, and Duck Tales. I was a big Sailor Moon fan.

    My first game console wasn’t anything cool like a Nintendo or a Sega Genesis. No. I had a Commodore 64. Burger Time and Paperboy were my two favorites. We eventually got what I thought of as real game systems and I got really into Sonic the Hedgehog. I was never very popular and all the other kids thought I was weird and avoided me. So I continued to do things that were weird. Like playing Sailor Moon or X-Men by myself in the corner of the playground I was always Rogue or Sailor Jupiter. My favorite toys were modelling clay, my microscope, lego and my Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, and She-ra action figures. Also my Care Bears. I took my Grumpy Bear to school in my backpack until I was 7.

    I had a brief bubble gum pop phase when I was 12. After that I got really in to punk, ska, alternative, and anime soundtracks. During my pop phase I’d have chosen Backstreet Boys. I really liked Offspring, Save Ferris, No Doubt, Green Day, and Blink 182. Before that I liked Great Big Sea, Alanis Morrisette, Our Lady Peace, and whatever my dad listened to (probably a lot of Loggins and Messina, CCR, Journey, Pink Floyd, and Eric Clapton).

    My worst 90′s fashion offense…. those gigantic wide leg jeans. With pastel colored t-shirts. And pony bead bracelets. I really liked the candy raver style.

  98. ATCQ’s “The Low End Theory” and “Midnight Marauders”… two solid albums I could play non-stop.

    I hope you got De La Soul’s discography (sans “Grind Date”) on Valentine’s Day.

  99. Socker boppers was my favorite commercial from the 90′s and one of those toys the neighbors had and I didn’t :( lmao


  100. Martina, we would have gotten along soooo well. Gargoyles, loved it. And I used to spend most of my time in imagination land, but I was a mermaid or a hummingbird… and Thanks for reminding me of are you afraid of the dark… I loved that show…

  101. 90′s kid represeeeeeent!
    I loved the Pokemon toy, where one part was shaped like a GBA and you pushed the screen which was a giant button, itd throw something at a pokemon figure that came with it. So many hours of fun from the simplest thjng!

    The parted hair was totally a thing though. From Backstreet Boys to H.O.T that was the rage.

    I also remember receiving an H.O.T pencil case as a gift. It kind of creeped me out HAHAHAHA shouldve kept it, as it would have been worth some $$$ now *sigh.

    THE FLOOR IS LAVA. Best game.

  102. The first commercial that came to mind for me was Sockem Boppers. I remember singing the song all the time! And I also kinda wanted them haha.


  103. tatiana lopes

    I was born in 91 so I guess I’m a late 90′s kid and 00s. But I remember my favourite cartoons were the japanese ones: Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Digimon. Oh Vicky the viking was really cool as well. IDK if that was only an european-japanese thing though. Any europeans that remember it?
    oh oh Dogtanian and the three muskehounds as so cool as well, and the theme music is still awesome nowadays. Sometimes people still play it in parties here.

  104. I’m a 2000 kid….. :( All my friends are 1999 and I’m 2000. Its not fun being the youngest….

  105. total 90′s kid. and the best video game ever was Star Fox on N64.

    BTW Martina -> they finished the whee of time series finally with a ghost writer (Brandon Sanderson)

  106. I was born in 1990! I love Pokemon,Digimon, Yugioh, Card Captors, &….. yeah. I read Calvin & Hobbes & Garfield comics. We were too poor to have all the cool toys (no game systems for us). Our mom read us the Little House On The Prairie series & then my sisters and I would pretend that we were on the Oregon Trail and we would go collect food, or defend ourselves from wolves, or one of us would die from disease & we would have to burry them…. :) oh childhood.

  107. TOTALLY HAD A SKIPIT I guess I was privileged?
    I didn’t think I was a 90s kid, particularly, but I know all of this stuff (except the particularly TV/Canadian stuff?), and then when you guys said something about being three in the 80s I realized we are the same age, about… -_-;
    I was homeschooled and didn’t have TV, so some of the childhood of the 90s passed me by, but I remember watching the Dr Mario tetris game or whatever. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was big and we played pretend based on that, though I also never had watched it.

  108. I was born in 1995 so I’m like a mix between 90s and 2000s. Although the 90s nostalgia hits WAY harder, anything 2000s is just kind of meh in my memory because most of it is still around.
    MARTINA IMAGINATION IS THE BEST. My brothers and I pretended to play Pokemon and Digimon all the time! And we would play outside all the time because we had scooters and bigwheels and it was awesome. My favorite video games were anything that my brothers would play because I wasn’t allowed to touch their games and I’m just bad at them anyway. I have trouble walking in a straight line in any game. Old Pokemon games on Gameboy Color, Pong, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Rascal, Wipeout, Bugs Bunny, Fifa soccer games, I just loved watching them. My first game of my own was a Mario game on GameBoy Advance, followed by Pokemon Sapphire, which I’ve played so much that whenever I turn it on it says that the internal battery has run dry and time based events will no longer occur.
    OMG GARGOYLES. Shisus what were some other kids shows back then because just the mention of that threw me into some good childhood memories. Batman The Animated Series, my brother got that two Christmas’s ago and we watched the whole series in a few weeks. We were way bigger on DC than Marvel, probably because we’re so Batman biased. And Teen Titans, that was my favorite as a kid and I still watch it. (BTW if you listen carefully, you can actually see how much of a pedophile Slade sounds like in Teen Titans hehehe I just rewatched the first three seasons with my girlfriends and now it’s an inside joke) I’m kind of weird when it comes to TV, because thinking about it I was outside a lot as a kid pretending to be Jigglypuff, but I also watched a lot of TV. I used to come home really stressed from school because I’m a perfectionist and I hate being wrong, but my mom had a ton of other work to do because she had four kids, so she would have me watch TV and that calmed me down. Kind of a bad way to get your kid to occupy their time, but TV still calms me down in a way, I like having it on for background noise a lot, especially animes that I haven’t watched yet so I have no idea what the heck is going on but I still like the feel of anime so it’s really calming. Speaking of animes, I loved Sailor Moon too! I was just too young to remember much… I remember the theme song and I would recognize when it would come on. I also liked Hamtaro. Dragon Ball and DBZ scared me because when you are a little girl and go from cute singing hamsters to screaming buff dudes that blew up it was a little scary. So I avoided that when I was young and only now do I realize I was missing out. Also Digimon and Pokemon was huge. My brothers and I were WAY into Digimon before Pokemon, but Pokemon became more popular over time with us. The episodes wish Ash voiced by a girl=classic. I still love feeling the nostalgia with anything Digimon though.
    And I laughed so hard at the hair part, it’s unreal how bad the hair was. I think the trend with girls my age was the bob and straight cut bangs.

  109. I remember Robert Jorden :)

  110. I had to create an account to ask a question for TL;DR. My son loves watching you guys and would like to know if it difficult for people with food allergies to live/visit there? He has multiple food allergies (nut, soy, wheat). Are there many shops that include gluten or nut free options? Sometimes allergy sufferers get labelled as trouble and that they are faking their symptoms. Do you see this attitude about allergies?

  111. the commercal i remember is that song “don’t you put it in your mouth, don’t you put it in your mouth.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNOeiLFeUsc

  112. Suzy

    I was born in 1983! I’m a 80′s/90′s kid ^^ I don’t know if you remember the Spy Tech toy, it was like a detective disguise with a camera and a binocular to spy your neighbours xD Also Super Mutant Ninja Turtules, Arcade games like Mortal Kombat, the Day of the Tentacle; Jem and the Hollograms! (this is from the 80′s but I had to say it)! The goonies! hmmm I guess I’m more from the 80′s xD

    Choose your own adventure books! So many good memories! Thank you for this TL;DR I really enjoyed it! =)

  113. Oh Martina, I feel like we’ve grown up together! I was born in ’87. I totally played the duck hunt game all the time! Side note: Simon, loved the gangsta walk.

  114. Martina. You are the Canadian version of me.

  115. Hannah

    It’s ok Martina! My brother and I used to play “story games” where we would just go around inventing adventures! Those are some of the best memories I have. As a kid in the later 90′s I liked the polly pockets…so did my brother haha XD

  116. It’s ok Martina I was a very imaginative child as well…I still am *cough cough* who said that!? lol^^ And OMG so much nostalgia in this video… good times good times lol. 1992 represent! Huh I’m old lol

  117. irritablevowel

    How Proustian.
    I was an 80′s kid. Born in the 70′s. This entire conversation is making me feel like death is imminent. Sorry, I just saw a movie that was made in 1980, and one of the characters was freaking out because they were turning 30. All I could think was that they are now 64. Going to go have an anxiety attack now.

  118. I’m a total 90′s kid – and I can’t believe there was no mention of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Granted, I’m from the USA so I’ve got that bias going, but it was an amazing show and I remember watching it and always wishing I could be one of those lucky kids who got to be on there. And like someone else said, POGS! I didn’t have very many because my mom thought they weren’t a good toy for girls, so I only had what I won from friends. Oh man, I had such a collection of slammers! I played with my neighbor and we would totally clean out the other kids in our neighborhood.
    I’m nostalgia-ing so hard right now.

  119. Every time you guys mention X-Men and Wolverine, my nerd sensor goes off. I’m a HUGE Sabretooth fan. Huge.

  120. About the Wheel of Time – Before Robert Jordan died he wrote a lot of the rest of the series and they chose an author (Brandon Sanderson, I think) to finish the series. So the series has ended the way RJ wanted.

  121. 1) Favourite TV show – Captain Planet
    2) Favourite toy – Ghostbusters action figures
    3) Favourite commercial – Creeeeepy Crawlers
    4) Backstreet Boys or Nsync – NO!
    5) Bad fashion choice – overalls
    6) Favourite collectibles – Micro Machines
    7) Favourite console & game – Dreamcast – Shenmue
    8) Favourite music artist – Bobby McFerrin
    9) YTV show – Reboot or Dexter’s Lab
    10) Favourite candy – Sour Patch Kids
    11) Favourite game – Mouse Trap or Guess Who
    12) Favourite book – War of the Classes

  122. I was born in 1983, so I am definitely a 90′s kid! I remember skip it! And my sized barbie! And N’sync and the Hansons and Are you Afraid of the Dark (and tales from the crypt). And Reboot! Omg Reboot! I was like obsessed with that show when I was in middle school. Jurassic park was my favorite movie growing up. Back then, movies were so much better… that’s when Fern Gully, Aladdin, and Beethoven came out. Ahhh this Tldr brought back so many memories. The 90′s was a great time to grow up. Best decade ever in my opinion.

  123. Wow, this TLDR took me back! Sailor Moon! Reboot! AAHHHH. I was the QUEEN on NBA Jam in my neighborhood. Man. Those were the days! I TOTALLY owned a Skippit! One of the saddest days of my life was when I skipped one too many it’s and the counter part of the thing snapped off and flew down the street. *sad pants*

    Time to go look for some Jodeci on my iPod.

  124. This just made my nostalgia feels go into overload. My favorite shows back then were Power Rangers ( I still watch it), Hey Arnold, Secret World of Alex Mack, All That, and a whole bunch of others. So glad TeeNick airs them every night.
    Does anyone remember Tomagachi? I used to cry when my pet died lol
    I didn’t know Simon listened to Deangelo and Jodeci, I haven’t listened to them in so long. Boyz II Men, Monica, SWV, TLC were among my faves then. I still listen to Boyz II Men.

  125. I was so happy when Martina said she read The Wheel of Time, because this is my favourite story of all time and I read every single book. xD And imaginary games rule!

  126. “Are You Afraid of the Dark” gave me NIGHTMARES! NIGHTMARES I say!!!

  127. I’m sorry, but I just HAVE to ask! Did you use to watch MARSUPILAMI as a kid in the 90′s?
    That was like one of my favorite shows as a kid, and cause I’m from Haiti, no one in America knows the show because it comes from France. All my friends give me a funny look when I mention it. Just want to know, did you know it? Want to make sure I’m not crazy or a weirdo for LOVING that show!

    Also, “S Club 7″ was another obsession. I saw every episode, knew every song, and knew every dance. Best show ever! Would still watch it now if I could. lol

    P.S. I am a proud 90′s Kid! 1993 rules!

  128. Muuuuuuuuuuuuusic!!!!!!

  129. I was born 86 in Sweden and I really miss the 90s. It reminds me a lot about k-pop. You all may remember dial up internet…but back in my days I was among the first to get a cell phone….at that time when we wanted to text, THEY CHARGED US PER LETTER!!!

  130. Buy NBA Jam: On Fire Edition for $15 on PSN and relive your glory years, with more updated rosters, but the legends are still in it and it’s basically the same game. Same hilarious announcer and everything.

    My go to game for company over, we basically all hate eachother while playing but can’t seem to stop.


  132. Was it just me or did anyone else have an unhealthy obsession with the original Tekken? Damn, I was forever playing it, you couldn’t get me off it half the time. My fave characters were King and Yoshimitsu :D Loved that game x

    I was a big Pokemon fan too, collected the cards and pogs and everything x

    Hmmmm, so you can kinda say I’ve been influenced by Asian pop culture since childhood :P

  133. I was born in 1990 so I was a kid in the 90s but some of the things you mentioned were part of my 90s too. I loved watching Sailor Moon, however I was ~7 back then so I can barely remember anything from it. Horrible fashion and hairstyles! Duck hunt! Also Super Mario… Ahh, memories! I’m getting nostalgic. And the thing I feel the most nostalgic about is The Lion King. IT WAS SO EPIC!
    As for foreign music, when I was more or less 5, I loved The Kelly Family, later the most popular groups were Spice Girls and BSB but what was really, immensely popular in Poland in the 90s was disco polo, the most embarassing and cheesy genre of Polish music. But people loved it and they still do. You know “Jesteś Szalona”, right? ;D It was probably the biggest disco polo hit ever.

  134. Becky Strickland

    Oh the feels! i can relate, i’m a 80′s and 90′s kid! so many simularities. and i used my imaganation a lot, and was outside a lot too!

  135. I am a 90s Kid! I was born in 94′.
    1) Favorite TV Show?
    It is hard for me to pick just one show because there were three of them that I loved to watch. I remember watching Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (which of course I memorized the song), and Saved by the bell.
    2) Favorite Toy?
    I would play with hot wheels in a dirt pile with my older cousin.
    3) Favorite TV Commercial?
    I honestly hated just about all TV commercials, I could not understand why they would interrupt my shows. Though there was one commercial that stuck out and honestly it scared the crap out of me it was that talking smoke detector commercial. Seymore Smoke Detector With Gilbert Gottfried (1996)
    4) ★NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?
    I didn’t really get into either group I listened to a lot of country (and my parents music) however, I did listen to more Backstreet Boys songs than I did ★NSYNC
    5) Weirdest Fashion Trend?
    In the 90s I would say that I was a pretty fashionable kid. I rocked the crimped hair, overalls, snap bracelets, tattoo chokers, butterfly clips and the scrunchies. Yup I was a fashionetta of the 90s.
    6) Favorite collectible?
    I didn’t really start collecting stuff until after the 90s, however, I remember trying to collect all of the Mcdonald’s toys and beanie babies. (I think I still have those somewhere).
    7) Favorite candy?
    OMG my absolute favorite candy of all time was the wonderball. It was this ball of chocolate that had sour candy pieces on the inside. Sadly they were discontinued after some idiot decided it would be a great idea to put toys inside of the ball for little kids to choke on. That was a very sad time for me….I actually cried when I found out.
    8) Favorite game console and game?
    My favorite game console and game was PlayStation 1 and Spyro.
    9) Favorite music Artist?
    In the 90s as I mentioned in the other question I listened to mostly country and my parents music and I could never pick a favorite artist I liked them all.
    10) Favorite Nick Jr. (Nickelodeon/ Cartoon Network) show?
    My absolute favorite TV show (cartoon) was Bananas in Pyjamas which was an Australian children’s television show that premiered on 20 July 1992 on ABC. This was honestly the best show ever. My parents said that the only way to get me to sit down and actually watch the TV was to put on Bananas in Pyjamas. Good memories♥ My other favorite show was Scooby Doo.
    11) Favorite Game?
    Hmmmm…I don’t really remember my favorite game I was like Martina I had a vivid imagination so me, my sister, and my cousin would go on crazy adventures.
    12) Favorite Book?
    My two favorite books were Black Beauty, and Charlotte’s Web.

  136. Born in the late 80′s…so I’m definitely a 90′s kid. So A LOT of your answers took me back! I used to love watching “Are You Afraid of The Dark” in the dark with my sister…Sadly, I can count on one hand the number of episode we successfully made it through before we had to turn the lights back on…

    Another thing…I think it was quite common to spend most of your time outside IF you grew up in the EARLY 90′s. I don’t think (and have no data to back this up) until the advent of the PlayStation was the norm to spend most/all of your free time indoors.

    Quick quesiton…As a Canadian, you guys didn’t get shows like “Eureka’s Castle”, “The Little Bits”, “The Busy World of Richard Scary”, Allegra’s Window, or Little Bill? Back then Nick Jr. programs just came on from 6 in the morning until 12 in the afternoon. I’m American by the way.

  137. Oh my gosh! I love Wheel of Time!! They actually just finished the series, Robert Jordan took such good notes over everything the books where practically written so they got another amazing author (Brandon Sanderson) to finish putting it together with the help of Roberts wife. I think Martina should definitely read them orfinish the series!

  138. AHHHHHH! Reboot! Love that show! Megabyte and Hexadecimal! Oh, and TeeVee, he was awesome!

  139. Born in ’94 so most of my ’90′s memories were in ’97, ’98, ’99. No one watched Pokemon? I remember when it first came out that I would always collect the cards and play the yellow and red versions on my Gameboy, felt like a real bad ass when I got the Gameboy Color. I remember being creeped out by the Furbie. You were the cool kid in school if you brought the Bop-It game to show off to your friends.
    My childhood revolved around TV so I remember alot of TV shows that were re-runs from the whole decade, My favorite being Power Rangers (Green then White after season two), Animaniacs, and Sailor Moon (mom told me I watch the show non-stop when she got me the copies of episodes for it on VHS). I was really scared of this show that had the Crypt Keeper in it.
    I had an older sister and older cousins that liked playing games so I had the chance to play Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis (had sonic too), and Super Nintendo.
    Music….No Doubt, Destiny’s Child, Brittany Spears, and the Backstreet Boys.

  140. I’m a 90s kid! Born in ’88. Best childhood ever! I grew up with Sailor Moon as well and I friggin’ loved playing Sonic on my Sega MegaDrive 16b (which still works just fine). My brother bought this ice hockey game but I beat him every time so he exchanged it for a fighting game which I sucked at :( I listened to Spice Girls….I dunno why but catchy songs and colourful clothes so yeah. Do you guys remember the live action TV-show ‘Super Mario’? Godd ol’ times! I’m really glad that I grew up in the 90s, so many great memories~

  141. I was born in 1993 so I’m totally a 90′s kid. I loved playing Pokemon (I still do even today) and watching it. I loved Sailor Moon as a kid and also Hamtaro (adorable little Hamsters). I played with Barbies as a kid and Bratz, though I quickly grew out of my girl phase and wrestled with my brother and cousins and played video games. I wasn’t such an outdoorsy kid I was a TV kid thats what much of my childhood consisted of since my parents were too overprotective. I didn’t read much as a kid though I did love Charlotte’s Web and Doctor Sue’s books. I didn’t really listen to music as a kid the only music I grew up listening was Mexican music my parents played at home so I grew up with that (Vicente Fernandez and Paquita la del Barrio,Los Tucanes so hispanic lol).

  142. Oh the nostalgia! :D I love this TL;DR!

  143. I wasn’t a 90′s kid, I was a 00′s kid… that makes sense right? Right! I was born in 97, so I don’t remember the 90′s. I was the youngest kid in my neighborhood, so most of the people I grew up with were 90′s kids. I never really had many toys, I had stuffed animals who were my friends, and I had fairy friends who I would feed jam to (I put grape jelly on a leaf and left it outside). I don’t know why, but I remember when I was little, I would get up early and line up my stuffed animals on the sofa, and watch my sister work out to Richard Simmons. I was a weird child….

  144. I’m a ’92er so I was a kid during the 90s :D
    My favourite bands were the Spice Girls, Bewitched and S Club 7 (I even had a doll of Jo). Unlike the rest of the girls around me, I wasn’t really into boybands back then either :P
    The video games I loved were Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and Rayman (which I replayed recently and it is really bloody hard compared to kids games and even some adult ones nowadays. How did I ever manage it as a kid?!).
    Umm the tv…I loooooooooved Goosebumps but was terrified of it :P. My favourite show of all was The Queens Nose (I think it only aired in the UK but it was really great. Even now I still want a coin that will grant me 10 wishes :P).
    I wasn’t that interested in toys either, but I did ask for a pirate ship (which my parents thought was unusual for a 5 year old girl but pirates are cool, ok? :P) and I played the hell out of it. I was mostly an outdoorsy gal though :P.

    • PunkyPrincess92

      whoa creepy!! but we’re totally the same!!! *high five*
      ‘cept the pirate ship! (which i would love at this age!) but back then i was girly and loved Barbie!

    • wow, LOVED spyro (and still do)! i actually had all three games that you mentioned! D: crazy stuff

      • I still love them too :). Recently, I’ve been replaying through all 3 franchises on my shiny new PS Vita and it is giving me wonderful nostalgia (with the result that I have now spent more time playing old PSone games on it than actual Vita games:P )

  145. I remember Are You Afraid Of the Dark! Always creeped me out lol The only story I remember though is the one about some girl who was in a dollhouse and she slowly started turning into a porcelain doll….it was weird lol For Nick Jr, I was into that stuff. I loved Blue’s Clues, Richard Scarry’s Busy Town, and Little Bear, which was my favorite. I also remember Face! “F-A-C-E…was does that spell? FACE! And that’s me!” lol I also remember the show Goosebumps and Courage the Cowardly dog (they mostly creeped me out, so I didn’t watch them much hehe). I loved Rugrats and All That and Kenan and Kel. Great stuff back then! I never liked Rocko’s Modern Life though lol

  146. 1990 here (/^_^)/ I was so happy to hear you say ReBoot! I would wake up so early (5 am early) when I was small to watch Inspector Gadget cartoons on TVO. I discovered InuYasha in ’96 and stayed up later on YTV, which got me into Sailor Moon and ReBoot <3 Otherwise watched Paris By Night (Viet variety show) with my mum.

    I had super protective parents and wasn't actually allowed to go play outside very much (I give them crap about it now), so I spent most of my childhood drawing cats (we had a lot of cats) and reading. I remember His Dark Materials just blowing my mind when it came out in '95. It's probably the only series for which I was stoked for releases.

    Favorite game as a kid was GoldenEye 007 since a friend had it and that's all we ever played. Years later Ocarina of Time took me over (with Pokemon Yellow in second; he freakin' follows you!) when I managed to get consoles of my own (used). Didn't get into collecting things since schools would ban these games as a form of gambling (Pogs, Pokemon, Beyblades). Didn't know anything about the music then since my parents never really got into western music except for maybe the Bee Gees and Barbra Streisand (that one song they did together though!) Didn't own many toys either so… IMAGINATION LAND!

    Sidenote: Tragedy, All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees and Beyond marked a really awkward part of my transition into newer music. Check them out.
    P.S.: Flared sleeve shirts.
    P.P.S.: Anyone remember this? It was my first game ever. #PCMasterRace

  147. 90s kid! I just about died when you played the Skip-It commercial, and now that song is stuck in my head!

    Let’s see, 90s memories…

    Kitty in My Pocket
    Legends of the Hidden Temple
    Salute Your Shorts
    Power Rangers
    Beanie Babies

    I hated boy bands and listened to the “oldies” pretty much straight through to high school. I remember being asked my favorite band in 7th grade and saying the Beach Boys.

    I think the only things I collected were books — the Saddle Club and the Babysitters’ Club.

    My family didn’t have cable and didn’t own any game systems. My brother and I used to rent a Nintendo 64 from the local video store along with Pokemon Snap. LOVED that game! Maybe I should go buy myself an N64…:D

  148. I was born in ’97 so not really a 90′s kid, more like a 90′s baby XD But it’s freaky because I actually remember watching Sailor Moon as a two or three year old O_O And that whole “Don’t you put it in your mouth” commercial ran into early 2000′s because I remember seeing it when I was 4 or something. Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls were huge in my whole family. And also that group Aqua. We used to have this cassette tape of all their music videos and stuff but it got wrecked :(

    That Are you Afraid of the Dark show always scared me XD But I preferred that over Goosebumps.

  149. It’s so funny how much we have in common lol I was born in 1980 so I’m a 90′s child too >< So now without a doubt my favorite TV show is Thundercats! XMen came so close behind! >

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop answers both my favorite candy and favorite commercial lol

    N’Sync and Backstreet Boys were both wannabes lol New Kids On The Block baby lol XD

    /sigh weirdest tend…suede vests and leotards, had this one that was white with blue flowers, oh gosh, the horrors

    I didn’t collect anything, cept books, the scholastic ones lol The ones about someone being sick or something bad happening to them

    We had a nice uncle growing up who got us a Nintendo >< So I was a Mario girl and use to have tournaments with my dad over Duck Hunt (Hate that dog) Later on I was into Zelda and Final Fantasy!

    Music! Lordie I was all over the place! I had lots of friends who were all in different cliques and I'd listen to their music with them. So I liked Smashing Pumpkins, TLC, Spin Doctors, Metallica, Garth Brooks, JaRule and so many more. But my own favorite's would have to be Jon Bon Jovi (Living On A Prayer and Bed Of Roses!!!) and Savage Garden (Truly Madly Deeply and To The Moon And Back)

    YTV shows, got to go with ReBoot!! And proably The Jetsons! Though think I'm saying that because of the movie, which was the best part lol

    Favorite game…..headbanz lol

    Favorite Book…there is not enough room here for me to write all of them. But I can remember my friend that moved away introducing me to R.A Salvatore and Dragonlance! I didn't find Wheel Of Time to high school, but lol I got bonus points with my Lit teacher for reading it XD He was a big WoT fan! You should catch up Martina, they finished it, think it was his wife and assistant who used his notes to write the last couple of books <3

  150. hapagirl

    This hit a nostalgic part of my heart being born in ’92. So somewhat 90′s-’00′s kid. My family wasn’t really the richest people, we didn’t have much growing up, but it didn’t really mean much to me, I was still fairly spoiled and I had parents and my grandma who took care of us. I think I distinctly remember actually going on the internet in the 2000s and playing games on the Nick and Disney websites. I also remember of course Nick jr and all the little kids shows, anyone remember when Zoom and Gullah Gullah Island? I also only knew certain musicians, mainly the pop stars in the later 90′s since I grew up on Hawaii and we listened to Reggae and Hawaiian a lot growing up. Also can we talk about the raunchy shiz we listened to as kids? I mean people complain about that now, but really 90′s was a freaky nasty time.

  151. Martina – you’ll be happy to know that the Wheel of Time series was completed – even with Robert Jordan passing away. It seems that he had laid out a general outline (and supposedly had tons of notes) of how he wanted things to be wrapped up, sooooooo Jordan’s son and wife hired a writer with a similar style and he finished the last 2 or 3 books – with the last one coming out in ’12 or ’13. Enjoy. Oh, and yes … they were still something like 900 pages each.

  152. AHHHH!!! EYE OF THE WORLD!!! You know that his apprentice or whatever and his wife are finishing the last book? I think they’ve only released the first (of three) part and its just ridiculously huge. Anyways, I’ve read about half of it because my older brother recently recommended them. Yay for being a kid who read!!!

  153. Random question…does anyone know the font used in City Hunter?

  154. Hannah Niebaum

    ~90′s kid forevah~ I was trying to think of 90′s kid stuff and I remembered how obsessed I was with Lisa Frank…folders, pencils, shirts, toys, etc. I also was a Pokemon master collector. I ALMOST collected all the original 150 cards (hollah if you know all the words to the Pokemon tv show theme song… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qxuz1Ovy7HM) Lastly, I LOVED Mary Kate & Ashley’s detective series. I’d pretend to solve crimes with them and begged my mom to buy me all of those VIDEO TAPES HAHAHA I bet they are taking up storage space somewhere in our attic now. Good times ^^

  155. I was born in 1990. Which means, I really only remember the second half of the 90′s. I remember Skip-It’s, I twisted my ankle playing with one in the backyard (>.<) I'm pretty sure most of my time was spent either playing outside in the backyard, riding bikes to the playground, or playing with Barbies. I collected Pokemon cards too… My brothers and I would have battles with them. :D
    I remember watching all of the little kiddy shows (Big Comfy Couch, Gulla Gulla Island, Barney…) followed by pretty much whatever cartoons were popular at the time (PepperAnn, Rocket Power, As Told By Ginger, Braceface, Doug, Rugrats, Spongebob). I couldn't name a favorite though.
    I didn't play video games much–that was more my brothers' forte and whenever I played, I usually died… Super Mario Bros. for the old NES was probably the video game I played most often. I'm more into RPGs (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts) and music games (Guitar Hero, Rock Band).
    I listened to pop music when I was a kid–Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, Britney, Christina, Spice Girls. Though, my musical tastes have veered more toward rock and emo, with a heavy dose of K-pop for good measure. You could say I've come full circle genre-wise.
    I read A LOT as a kid. I wish I could remember the titles of all of the books. I read a variety of authors Meg Cabot, Lurlene McDaniel, Gail Carson Levine, Lloyd Alexander, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jane Austen, the list goes on.
    Now, I'm feeling all nostalgic…

  156. I love that you brought up “Are you afraid of the dark?” because I remember seeing it as a kid, but I couldn’t think of the name of the show, and now I have it so I can re-watch it!! You honestly have no idea how many years I’ve wondered what this show is called. XD

  157. I’m a 90′s kid and I remember the first generation furby and those walking and barking dog toys that I absolutely loved. Also Pokémon cards, pogs and marbles were huuuge at my school, I collected all of that stuff. I loved watching Flintstones, as well. Oh, and the Spice Girls, loved them, I remember saying “oh, just like Emma in Spice Girls” when my parents told me they were going to name my baby sister Emma, haha. Good times. :)

  158. I never watched a lot of television as a child because we only had like 3 channels and they were all for adults.. I lived in a very kid-rich and friendly neighborhood though, so we used to play outside all the time. We would play wave-hide and seek (the EVOLVED version) and something we called curbs (a game I don’t think anyone else knows, I’ve never heard anyone about it before lol). When we finally got more channels the first show I watched was pokémon.. and then when we got CartoonNetwork I watched a lot of Looney Tunes until finally DRAGONBALL Z… And then CartoonNetwork got removed from the telly.

    I remember playing on the N64 I think with my brother and we played Mortal Combat but the game got taken away from us because my mum thought it made us too violent lel. Then we just played Mario Kart and Mario Party.. Oh glorious glorious Mario Party..

  159. Can you guys do a video about korea’s attempts to try to be eco-friendly? if koreans actually are trying or if the topic of the environnement is at all important in Korea.

  160. I was born in ’92 in the Netherlands and even though I do know some of the shows and games that have been mentioned I mostly watched other cartoon’s here in the Netherlands. We had cartoon networks and Fox kids (Batman, Johnny bravo, Dexter’s laboratory, cow and chicken, courage the cowardly dog, Ed Edd n Eddy, obviously also Pokemon, dragon ball Z and the power rangers) I played Prince of Persia, Mario bros and a bit later Tekken. In my household we were not allowed to listen to music though :( (Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about it now…) the first artist I remember liking was Jesse McCartney (sigh… See THAT’S embarrassing!) But even though I was born in the 90′s I mostly remember shows from the ’00 because that’s when I started watching more TV. OMG i just remembered the Yu-gi-Oh cards I collected and the flippo’s OMG THE FLIPPO’S and knikkers… which in English mean marble toys?? (i just googled that) I had tons of them and I was GOOD!!
    I was also a fantasy kind of kid I played teacher, family, librarian, nurse and salesman until I was 11 or 12… I guess that ‘s a little bit too old…

  161. I was born in ’96, so I was only 4 when the 90s ended (I guess I’m more of a ’00 kid)..
    I did play outside a lot imagining things & making mud-pies with my sister tho
    (Oh, & don’t worry, Martina, I pretended to be a unicorn a lot too lol)

    I had some older toys (my brother is a 90s kid), so I’m not sure when they were all made, but..
    I remember playing Sonic on our SEGA; I had a furby, tinker toys/lincoln logs, Poly pockets,
    Bratz, & an easy bake oven(or 3).. Hungry hungry hippos was my favorite bored game lol
    I also remember playing with these remote control robot things that fought each other
    (took forever to find their name.. apparently they were called Rumble Robots..?)

    We only had antenna TV & the only thing that came on was PBS (Arthur, Cyber Chase, etc),
    So we didn’t watch much TV.. & The only music I listened to was country cause of where I live |D

  162. REBOOOOOOOOOT! OMG YES! THAT WAS MY FAVORITE! I was so sad when it got cancelled :(

    One of my other favorite shows was “The Secret World of Alex Mack.” Also, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Clarissa Explains it All.” AND “ALL THAT”! And who can forget “Sister, Sister!” Wow. Very childhood. Much happy. So memories.

    • I LOVED Alex Mack, and my sister and I watched Sister, Sister since we’re twins. I was soo bummed when I missed the last episode of Alex Mack and was left hanging for years until I found it on Veoh. Did you watch Hey Dude! or Salute Your Shorts?

  163. I was born in 1997 but I grew up with a lot of 90′s stuff because of the influence of my older brothers and sister. Because of them, I played final fantasy 9 and chocobo racing with our playstation 1 over and over and over again. i watch a lot of animes today since i also grew up with them, like sailor moon, akazukin chacha and rurouni kenshin.

    • Even in the early 2000s, they’d play some 90′s shows like Captain Planet, He-man, and the Thunder Cats. Whenever we’d talk about our childhood, my mom would tease me of being a big captain planet fan, shouting a baby talk version of his tagline “The power is yours!”

  164. Well I’m just 17 so I don’t really remember the 90s… And I can’t really tell how much I’m a product of my upbringing just yet. But Martina! I used to do so many crazy awesome imaginary world thingies! Don’t listen to Simon, we’re just fine off on our own!!

  165. OMG, who remembers Bratz, My Scene and POLLY POCKETS.

    • hapagirl

      Dude, yes. I know I have my original mini polly pocket and her van somewhere in my room. I’m pretty sure I still have my two bratz in my room too, unless my parents gave away

  166. I was born in 1995 but I surprisingly remember a lot of things in the 90′s, though I should be 00′s kid. This is probably due to the fact I moved to China when I was eight and so life back in the US became very vivid. Though Disney was very important in my childhood… When Sailor Moon and Inuyasha and Gundam came out… This blew me out of my mind. It became part of my identity. Mary-Kate and Ashley, Sister Sister and The Amanda Show shaped me as a girl (Including Lizzie McGuire).

    As for toys… I was a conflicted child. I was a Girly-girl with a tomboyish ‘fetish’. I collected Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards religiously. But Bratz, Barbies, My Scene and Polly Pockets were also very important to me.

    For Music: Britney Spears

  167. I was born in 1991.
    Dragonball Z, Pokemon
    sailor moon, mortal kombat,
    marvel, superman, battman and the phantom.
    I loved them as a child and still do.
    I looked at a lot of other things too, but these were my Favorites.

  168. I actually have written to you about this on twitter.. You even RTed it with a saying “that’s a good idea!” but well… the tl;dr didn’t come out ;-; So I thought I might ask again ^^
    I asked you a question, which sounded something like “What kpop songs are good to be recommended for a non-kpopper friend?” Like… I want my friends to get into kpop but sometimes I don’t know where should I start and I’m afraid that if I fail they might never want to watch kpop. So that was my very long question I hope you can put in short xD And I would really appreciate if you’d make a video regarding this question. Love you Simartina btw!! xoxo

  169. I lurve me some Jodeci! Is it bad that I was swaying and singing along? Old school slow jams like them, R.Kelly, Blackstreet, Ginuwine, etc. *bust out with the R.Kelly!* “My mind’s tellin’ me no, but my body…my body’s telling me yes! Baby, I don’t want to hurt nobody but there’s something I must confess…to you. I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind..”

    Totally a 90s kid! Anyone else remember the cartoon where the bears who drank the juice to bounce or whatever? How about Bobby’s World, the cartoon? Fave toy I had was my “Kid sister” doll. It’s the girl version of the My Buddy doll, which incidently Chucky was! LOL As far as video games, there was this game where you sailed around the world and did things that I watched my brother play for hours. Fashion? Well I rocked the light up shoes for sure. I feel like I just wore whatever. *shrug* Oh well the 90s were great!

  170. Krista Gibbs-Castillo
    Krista Gibbs-Castillo

    Guys….. GUYS!
    How can you NOT know Nick Jr?! You spoke about Nickelodeon shows, Nick Jr was the program they showed BEFORE regular Nick shows! Blues Clues, Dora, Little Bill?! NOTHING?! D: How do you not KNOW this?! *Flails*
    OMG, and Are You Afraid Of The Dark used to scare the sh!t out of me! But I still watched it… :/ And Animorphs…..I loved that. AND the books! OMG Childhood! :D

    In case you were wondering…yes… I am a 90′s kid. U_U ’91 up in da house! >:D *Drops mic*

  171. Ashley Shane Cartwright

    I was born in 1988 so i was as a 90s kid but i didn’t care for sitting in the house playing with video games or watching TV. I played outside climbing trees, digging pits to make underground forts in the field across from our house and having firecracker wars (i was grounded a lot). So when i was stuck inside i remember watching Jurassic park and Forrest gump but i remember i use to love watching movies from the 1980s like the Goonies, the Labyrinth, Legend, E.T., The Breakfast Club, Ghostbusters, and Gremlins I could name more but there is so many.

  172. What about TMNT, Beverly Hills 90210, stick on earrings, converse in a thousand colors, TLC and those rollerskates that tied around your shoes … remember them?

  173. 90′S KID!! I played a lot of nintendo and super nintendo, ESPECIALLY ZELDA and all the mario games from the time.
    Also a lot of nickelodeon, there wasn’t a Nick Jr. around yet in the 90′s.

  174. I was born in 1993, but I remember a bunch of things from the 90s… I’m brazilian and “my” experience of the 90s were very different from the other nasties here. Sure, I watched 1 or 2 cartoons and tv shows that some of you watched, but that’s pretty much it. I feel like nowadays, as a result of globalization, kids can have (easier) access to some products of other countries, like tv shows, toys, cartoons, candies and obviously music… I don’t know what to think about this, if it would be good or bad. What is your opinion? ^^

  175. I was really surprised Martina read Robert Jordan’s wheel of time! I am such a big fan of that man and his books are very addicting.
    I remember when I read the first 6 books I was so enamored by the whole series that I made a promise to myself. Every time a new novel came out I would reread the whole thing from start to finish until a new book came out.
    Guess how many books there are in this series? 14 frickin books including the prequel so that is 15 books in total.

    Sooo… if I crunch the numbers…
    6 books + (7 books + the new book) …. 14 books + Prequel = 79 books

  176. My 90′s boyband was Take That! LUV THEM! But I guess this is an european thing? They weren’t popular in North America.

    • Isn’t that the group Robbie Williams was in? I remember ‘Want you Back’ but that’s all.

      • It is! I think that’s their best known song. They disbanded soon after Robbie Williams left the band, but they came back a few years ago. It gives you hope, if your favorite band disbands, fear no more! Wait ten years, it can still happen! XD

  177. Tears. The Jodeci cover brought tears to my eyes from laughing so hard! I loved Jodeci BUT… I was like 14 when Freek n’ You (looked that up, it is indeed spelled that way) came out and I can’t believe I listened to that. Repeatedly. Eye opening….

  178. Martina, don’t let Simon judge you! You can’t be a 90′s girl if you didn’t like Hanson. IT IS THE LAW! xD
    (I still like Hanson though)

  179. I was born in 1992, so I am mostly early 2000′ kid. Buuuuut, since I come from post Soviet country, some of the cartoons and TV shows I watced were quite old. I liked Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles, Full House, Step by step, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Dexters Laboratoy, Johny Bravo. I didn’t have any fancy toys, but me and my two sisters and four cousins were allowed to run around as we pleased when we spend our summer holidays in the country side. No one can keep an eye on so many kids. You have no idea how much fun can a kid have with a hummer and unlimited suply of nails.

  180. 90′S kid. I’ll think of doing the tag and and post it here c:

  181. I was born i ’97 and I remember about a lot of tv programs and games and other stuff! I’m Italian, so maybe nobady should undestand about the games I will tell about XD I remember about some “collectionable” toys, which where inside breackfast snak’s boxes,some little plastic dolls from Ferrero’s cartoon which had names like “magotti” or “roteoo” hahahha they where so stupid but I teke all to play with my cousin X°
    Also, I remember about other dumb toys inside chip’s sickbags like little hands made with a strange jelly plastic..i don’t know..that you can throw on windows or wall and those evil things tstiks there..my mum hated those stuff, ‘couse they left a dirty mark on the wall..hahah
    As strange trend to dress, i remember, as Martina says, that some of my friends try to copy the american way to dress, like the boys or the girls in american telefilm or movie, and it was..orrible. XD sorry, but those strange hair and t-shirt..no way..no way HAHAHHA Thanks Simon and Martina for macking me remember! :3 A kiss from Italia! Ciao!

  182. 90s kids all the way! I grew up watching Doug and Rugrats, but my mom was pretty strict about the more gross-out shows like Ren and Stimpy (my brother and I watched those at my dad’s house :P) I liked the Backstreet Boys more but listened to NSYNC also. And the Spice Girls! Ah, so much nostalgia. I didn’t really play video games. My brother did, but I was so bad at them that after a few attempts at playing together, he kinda banned me from using the console, so I mostly watched him play games, like sega or some teenage mutant ninja turtles game. Also some sports things. And the James Bond first person shooter game (also only at my dad’s house, guns of any kind were a serious no-no with my mom). I loved to read too. I started reading really early, and got really into Tamora Pierce, all of the Tortall books (I never got into the Circle of Magic series). I still love her stuff, and listen to it on audiobook every now and then. I was really not an outdoorsy kid most of the time, but I absolutely loved to swim (and still do) and if I could get to a playground, I would spend hours on the swings.

  183. Martina, you are not alone in your 90s kid music taste. I, too, was a Fanson!! And by the looks of the picture collage below, I still am…lol. I loved that Simon commented with “White people music” because that was the general sentiment from my friends when I would open up my locker in 8th grade and have the Tiger Beat posters decorating my locker like wall paper. No shame in my game, son!!

    I loved this TLDR because it brought back so many memories. Simon: Tribe Called Quest or The Roots???

  184. I was born in ’89 so I was a young kid in the 90s, but I still have very fond memories of the stuff you’re talking about. Sorry Martina, I was one of those kids that had a Skip-It haha It was bright pink and awesome and I would skip on it so much the number got to like 999. I was totally singing along with you guys to that commercial. I collected beanie babies, too. But not so they could sit in plastic cases and make me rich one day, but because I loved to play with them and take them on “adventures”. I had a specific bear beanie baby that always got kidnapped and rescued by this other bear. I also loved Sailor Moon. That was pretty much my gateway drug into anime, manga, and Japan, which I continue to love to this very day (as you can tell from my dp)

  185. Did anyone else play with Sky Dancers? You would put them on a base, pull the string and they would go shooting across the room. You could actually aim them pretty decently (at siblings) so I think they got recalled for being unsafe

    • I remember that I gave my little brother such a wound close to his eye because I launched it at his face once. He could have been blinded but we were too busy laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

    • Ooooh I loved those! I had a bunch and my friend and I would play with them together. There were even cartoon movies about them, haha. Considering they were so unsafe, I’m amazed my mom let me have them.

    • I had one! I vaguely remember using it against my brother when we got in a fight and he had his super Nerf Machine Gun. I think my mom took both toys away from us lol

    • jajaja I remember getting those dolls but I broke their wings launching them at stuff (and siblings too)

  186. I was born in ’86. So yeah I’m a ’90s kid for sure. Love your TL;DR!!! You brought up so many good memories! :)

  187. I was born in the late 80s so I guess I qualify as a 90′s kid. We didn’t have a TV and my dad got his first computer around 97, so I didn’t watch much TV or played games. I remember watching The Tribe at a friend’s house and I was so fascinated by it that I watched all five seasons or so ten years later when I had my own laptop :P
    So in the 90s I spent a lot of time with my *waitforit* imagination! One of my favourite games was playing ice cream parlor. I would make a menu with ice cream flavours and sundaes and collect paper cups and plastic spoons from actual ice cream shops. There was a path going by my window through our garden, so I would open my window and wait for people to come by and buy my imaginary ice cream. It was awesome.
    I listened to Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and a lot of classical music actually.
    And I spent a lot of time making lists of stuff. Lists of titles for songs I would write one day. Lists of names I would call my children in the future. Lists of my classmates who would make the perfect volleyball team. Lists of ingredients for new food that I would invent at some point.

    I also collected all things Diddl, which is a German thing I think.

    • We did have Diddl in France. Every time there was a birthday to celebrate, Diddl stationary was our first choice of present!
      I did play a lot of imaginary games too, mainly based on fantasy stuff I watched on TV though (so many afternoons spent running in the garden with rain boots and two ponytails, pretending to be sailor moon).

  188. Graciela Ivonne

    i watched are you afraid of the dark until the very end when everyone grew up lol. but i still watch it whenever nick decides to have a throwback marathon <3

    was anybody else obsessed with xena: warrior princess?

    also where in the world is carmen sandiego was my jeopardy as a kid.
    legend of the hidden temple
    also my attraction to asians started early since i was the only one who wanted to be trini from mighty morphin power rangers when every other girl wanted to be kimberly -__-

  189. Cyber_3

    I got so caught up in answering, I forgot to say – great TL;DR! A great injection of a fun topic and while the editing was very good, the scripting was super awesome! I think you could afford to back the camera up a bit though, you seem a little squashed in the frame.

  190. oh meh gurrrrdd I LOVED are you afraid of the dark! and oh god that skip it, ffff I liked Simon as a kid you know this game right here: http://valcitygal.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/simon.jpg
    and tomagochi and and and and and this is your brain commercials.

    Don’t worry martina i was a imagination kids too, my cousins and I used to set up an imaginary theme park and it was real elaborate and everything and we used leaves as tickets.

    • Cyber_3

      Oh! We loved this Simon game! We even made it more challenging by having 4 people play (each has a colour) and then having to run from the corner of the room to press your button when it was time! Hours of carpet burned knees!

  191. Tomagotchi? Anyone? I was born in 1998, so even though I hung out with my older cousins and played a lot of 90′s games, I’m still kind of youngin, LOL.

    • Hail no, I hated them! They were so demanding and noisy (the first generation would die in a few hours if neglected). Add an unhealthy attachment and you’ve got most of what was my 6th grade class. Then, just last year, someone decided it’d be a cute pet name for me; I got so offended lol
      **also: Tamagotchi

    • I loved tamagotchis ;.;

    • I loved Tamagotchi! I had a tiger striped one that I lost in a restaurant and I cried for hours. I got a new one for my birthday a couple of months later, but it was pink and yellow and not as awesome as the tiger one.

    • I was born in 1999 and I had a Tamagotchi! I wasn’t super obsessed though, and I think I gave up on it the second time it died or something. If you’re young, I’m definitely young. I can still remember when not everybody had iPhones and iPads though. I feel kind of bad for the next generations of kids, because they’ll probably play outside less, and won’t do all those things which I just link to being a kid, like hide-and-seek and watergun fights and stuff like that. Technology,…

    • I loved tamagotchis! I remember living in Puerto Rico when I first got mine. My sister and I both had several.

    • Oh man, I forgot about them! I had a Pikachu one! I think I actually still have it somewhere…

    • Bryony

      Holy crap, Tamagotchi. I had two: an actual proper Tamagotchi and a cheap-o dollar store turtle one.

      The Tamagotchi died instantly; the Dollar Store Turtlegotchi stayed alive for months. I loved that thing.

    • mrmr_

      yes…the tamagotchi was something I would carry around like my smartphone as a young girl,you had to carry it around because it would die even if you leave it at home for less than a day

  192. Molly

    I’m always so jealous when Martina talks about Sailor Moon because I loved that show, but then my parents decided it was “too mature” for us and wouldn’t let us watch it :(

    I was born in ’94, so for me it was all about watching Pokemon, playing Legos with my older sister (imaginationland!), and watching my older brothers play Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros on the N64. It took me soo many years to get to their level of playing on those games, I was so terrible at it.

    Did anyone else collect Beanie Babies? Lisa Frank? I had about 50 of those on my bed.

    • Cyber_3

      See, and I had to watch “Sailor Moon” in secret because my younger sisters thought it was “too immature” for me. This was the first girl-centric cartoon EVER (!!) that was also fun an cute that I had ever seen and the voice actors did a great job and the songs!!!!! I did really like Cybersix too even though it was much darker, even bought all the comics in French (not available in English).

      Cyber_3 – looking at her beautiful SM artbooks……..sigh…..

  193. I love this post!!! Especially because I’m a ’90s kid myself. First of all, for me it’s definitely ‘NSYNC. I remember being known as the ‘NSYNC fan in school so much so that my teacher once brought me her TV Guide that had Chris on it. Which was the one I needed to complete my collection of all 5 different members’ covers of that edition of TV Guide. lol!
    But yes, I loved the mentions of X-Men (I loved those cartoons), the skip it (I had one!!), NBA Inside Stuff & NBA Jam (yeah, I knew where BoomShakalaka came from & loved that it was in Fantastic Baby), Rachel Leigh Cook in the “this is your brain on drugs” commercial (I remember seeing her later in “She’s All That” & thinking that’s the chick breaking everything with a skillet in that drug commercial. lol), & DUCK HUNT!!!! (that freaking dog would piss me off!).
    I remember collecting pogs. lol. I also had a tamagotchi pet that died every time I left it in my locker for P.E. Poor penguin. hahaha!
    Oh and to answer your question: Where I was at as a child & where I’m at as an adult are very different. I mean I think the one thing that is the same, in terms of music, is that I’m still a Justin Timberlake fan. I didn’t outgrow him & I don’t think I will. I mean I’ve been a fan since I was 12 (1998!) so that’s a little over 15 years of being a fan. So yea. But other than that, I didn’t like KPop when I was a child, I didn’t like Bollywood when I was a child (that came later when I was in high school), I didn’t like world music when I was a child. When I was younger, my interests were very influenced by the hood I grew up in, what my parents exposed us to, & what I saw on TV. So that was mostly Rap/Hip Hop/R&B, a whole ton of Spanish music & Telenovelas, & ‘NSYNC on MTV plus all those “white” TV shows like Saved By The Bell, Full House, Step by Step (which I loved!), respectively. I’ve expanded my horizons in interests as an adult and have become more multicultural. I’ve realized there’s a far bigger world out there! :)

  194. Susanna Tahvanainen

    I was born in 1996 and most of my childhood memories are from 2000s but I also have some memories from the late 90s. I remember that we had this very old computer which didn’t even have an internet connection. Me and my sisters just used it to play all sorts of differend games. I’m not even sure why we had it :o
    I remember when every Saturday morning I would wake up early ti watch cartoons with my sisters.There were a lot of differend ones like Looney Toons and Sponge Bob etc.and I still sometimes watch cartoons like that. The only anime I remember me watching was Pokemon and I remember watching it from the first episode onwards. Nowadays when I see Pokemon episodes they aren’t the same…
    And I remember getting my first Nokia telephone for Xmas when I was like 8 and it was the Nokia 3310 and it was AWESOME! It was like the best phone ever! Screw you smartphones I want my Nokia back!!

  195. 90′s kid represent! I was actually born in the late 80′s, but I spent most of my childhood in the 90′s. Oh the memories.

    So my list from a French 90′s kid:
    - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sailor Moon and Sonic the Hedgehog.

    - Pogs. These round shaped thingies you piled up and had to make fall down with a bigger one.
    - Tamagochi. My parents didn’t want me to have one #forever scarred.
    - Pastelpantaphilia. These tight-fitting trousers, with flashy colors and gaudy patterns (really. The ugliest the better).

    - Fantômette – the books. I don’t know if that one made it outside of France, though.

    And just like Simon I am soooooo much different now from when I was a kid. I was the type to be first in my class and not really well-liked by other kids, and while I still qualify as a book-worm (or anime-worm) I am a more sociable one. I also don’t try so hard to be just like what people expect from me. And most of all, I never ever thought I would live abroad one day (and would plan on working abroad) and would be so passionate about Japan. And I am much more of a kid now than what I used too :D

    • Also. Heathcliff and the catillac cats (Les Entrechats) and Denver the Last Dinosaur anyone?
      (Somehow I feel this TL;DR made me much more enthusiastic than it should have).

  196. Very cool vid!…brings back a lot of memories…I was a teen in the 90s…wow, so long ago! My fave singers were Jodeci and Backstreet Boys…I listened to both r&b and pop, which a lot of my friends didn’t understand…the first game console I bought was a Sega Genesis and Sonic is my fave game… My fave cartoons were Xmen and Daria…very upset Xmen hasn’t been released on dvd…but since Daria finally has, I’m still hopeful.^^

  197. KATHyphenTUN

    So many memories! So there was some stuff I remember that was huge in my life that I think lots of people will remember like:
    Pokemon/Digimon, Dragonball, Sailormoon, Transformers, Power Rangers, or Ninja Turtles
    There was also an obsession with marbles at my school.
    I do remember pogs being a popular collection thing.
    For TV shows does anyone else remember a show where they would dump green goo on your head? I think it was called “uh oh”? I think it was on YTV? Anyone? hahaha

    I also, find it funny how everything I watched back as a kid is what I am into now. I remember dressing up as all the characters from tv, and even now at 21 years old…. I still cosplay as all my Japanese anime characters. In particular I remember being Sailor Mercury for Halloween one year. I really want to cosplay her again as a cute little “then and now” for myself :P

    Also, as a PS: I grew up as an only child…. I only had my imagination as a child!!! There is nothing wrong with it!!!

  198. Midnight Marauders!!!!!!! Love that album!!!!

  199. Wow ….. I pretty much had the same childhood as Martina. Lots of imagination games and playing outside, LOTS of reading, rock and heavy metal music…. aside from the whole liking Hanson thing (I actually only learned they were a few years ago). But yeah, this video was a wealth of nostalgia for me!

  200. Hey Simon and Martina! What song have you gone back to listen to and found that it was the complete inverse of what you sang out with your whole heart as a kid? For me it was B44 – Get Down. My brother and I used to sing that out for hours! In the car, in the house, and now that I’ve gone back to that song a few months ago to hear what it was like I’m so embarrassed trying to think of what my parents thought.

  201. My blood type is A, and that’s actually fairly accurate to me.

  202. Marzia Matalone

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ScgxD43dQk …My favorite Sailor Moon series ever…in Italy it was the 3rd (I guess Sailor Moon S in the manga?)…and Mamoru’s Italian name was “Marzio”… the male version of my name…this TL;DR brings back a lot of memories…

  203. mihuru

    I was bown in -91 and being a Finn, the Moomin tv show was a big part of my life when growing up and I still love it. My mom recorded the show for me on VCRs so I used to watch it a lot even when it wasn’t running on tv. I think we still have them buried somewhere hehe. Other tv shows I loved to watch were The Animals of Farthing Wood and Alfred J. Kwak. When looking at what kids tv shows are on tv now, it kinda makes me sad because they honestly aren’t as good. And the old ones aren’t shown because they supposedly aren’t suitable for kids to watch anymore, because they deal with stuff like death. :l

    I watched Sailor Moon too, though I only remember bits and pieces of the show, and it wasn’t actually shown in Finnish tv until the 2000s. I started re-watching it a couple of years ago but didn’t make it really far. Other stuff got in the way. I’m really excited for the new anime though!

    I also remember playing games on Playstation. We had the console, but I mostly remember playing the first Crash Bandicoot game at my friend’s house. Oh and I also remember playing Super Mario Bros on some Nintendo console at another friend’s house. I was so jealous of the game and console!
    I was also a outdoorsy kid and my favorite outdoor game was definitely Kirkonrotta (literally Church rat). I’m not sure about the English name for the game (or if it even was played in other countries), but it’s a type of tag. First you pick a spot such as a tree or a wall, and then you select the seeker. The others are hiders or rats and as the seeker counts to a certain number (there’s a method of deciding the number as well but I’m too lazy to explain it here), the others hide. The rats can move freely while hiding and if the seeker spots one, he or she goes to the spot that was chosen and touches it, yelling “x rat found” and that person is then out. If the seeker does this to all the rats then he or she wins and the first rat to be found is the next seeker. But the rats can also go to the spot and yell something (In Finnish it’s “omat” or “omat kaikki” but I don’t know how to translate that so that it makes sense) to either save themselves or all the rats, including those who have already been found. If this happens, then the one who was seeker is a seeker again. In our neighborhood the spot was a thick tree so sometimes some of us would hide behind the tree and as the seeker stopped counting, we’d immediately save ourselves, which of course wasn’t fun for the seeker. :P Ah, good memories~

  204. Oh man. I was born in 86, so technically I’m an 80′s child but grew up in the 90′s.

    show: Doctor Who ( reruns ), Star Trek TNG, Flintstones, Jetsons,
    Smurfs, Scooby Doo, Power Rangers, DBZ.. can’t even remember what else.
    We watched a lot of tv.
    Toys: I had Barbies and knockoff Barbies, but
    I would regularly make mud pits and put them in them. I have 4
    siblings, so I played with them quite a lot. I do remember having one of
    those Jeeps you could drive around, and my parents have a home movie of
    it still.
    TV commercial: I don’t remember at all. xD
    N’Sync or BSB, fav music artist: I listened to both N’Sync and BSB. My favourite though totally cheating, is Incubus ( right at the end of the 90′s ). I listened to a lot of music, everything from pop to r&b to hip hop to rock.
    fashion trend: I remember going from 80′s high waists to super baggy
    clothes to the super tight ( in HS, so 2000+, only cheating a little ). I
    thought it was all weird. The worst was probably the super baggy stuff,
    because I’m super petite.
    Collectible: I didn’t collect anything until my grandmother died and I got her collection of salt and pepper shaker sets, and I’ve added some to that. I also have her collection of National Geographics that I love.
    Console and fav game: I didn’t have a console until after the millennium, I played computer games before that. I loooooved Commander Keen.
    Nick Jr show: I never watched Nick Jr that I remember, and I didn’t really watch a lot of Nickelodeon shows either.
    Favourite candy: I loved Runts, anything chocolate, and fruit leather.
    Favourite book: I loved reading The Velveteen Rabbit from when I was -really- young until I was a teenager. I read a lot of National Geographics otherwise, and some Sweet Valley High and other cutesy pre-teen girly books. I started Wheel of Time when I was 14, which was in 2001, so sadly it doesn’t count ( though it’s my favourite series of all time ).

  205. lady_kire

    I’m a 90s kid, and I remember so much. I was still an only child, and I remember soo much media.

    Did anyone play with the old Polly Pockets? I played with them, and I loved them more than Barbies. In fact, I LOVE them sooo much, I buy used ones off of people on Craigslist and old toy shows. (I’m 21)

    Let’s see… I watched Sailor Moon, Sesame Street, occasionally Price is Right, and Star Trek: The Next Generation ( I was a weird kid) My dad has met the guy who made Reboot, and considers him the pioneer of cgi tv shows. S&M THEY ARE REDOING REBOOT!

    I remember that don’t you put it in my mouth commercial! It was FREAKIN CREEPY.
    I really only listened Britney Spears at the time, but thats realy late 90s, early 00s… So, I remember listening to Chinese cassette tapes my mom had.
    OH, ARTHUR! I forgot I read the Arthur books and the Bearstein Bears!
    I didn’t really eat candy as a child… But I LOVED those Korean Onion Rings
    I didn’t have a game console. I played with dolls, till I was like 11… But I played a lot of PC kids games. I played Putt-putt, Arthur Reading book games, and Busytown. I do remember watching my uncle playing Wolfenstein 3D though…

    My boyfriend often shows me nostalgia pics he finds online of his childhood in China. He shows me all the snacks he ate, the toys he played, and what shows he watched. Didn’t know He Man was available in China…

  206. Late 70’s early 80′s kid here… My parents bought us the Atari
    2600 and my brother and I used to play on it all of the time.
    We had a small collection of games that included
    3-D Tic-Tac-Toe, Asteroids and Breakout.

  207. southern utah chick

    Brandon Sanderson took over Robert Jordan and finish the wheel of time series.. he was hand picked by Jordan’s wife. you should check it out..Born in 83 k so 90′s kid I think lets see, I loved new kids on the block, back street boys and spice girls. I collected anything by liza Frank. and huge Sailor Moon and Candy Candy Fan..the latter only being available in Latin America and Europe. favorite viedo game Mortal Kombat… love it so much, and memorize all the finishing moves.

  208. OMG the wheel of time is my favorite serie EVAR ! You still can read it Martina , even though Robert Jordan is dead , he passed down his notes to another writer in order to finish the serie.

  209. Cyber_3

    Wow! A lot of the things you guys enjoyed as kids in the 90s, I enjoyed as……a university student? Yep, I guess that makes me old, my childhood is a combo of the late 70s and early 80s. Thinking back on it, I did use to sneek into my neighbours’ yards a lot though – one for the “skip it” back when it was a non-counting lemon on a black plastic straw with a hoop (still awesome at it! – it’s the way to skip that is the most fun!) and the other because they had a giant old climbing tree right next too their 3.5′ portable swimming pool – I would walk around in the pool on my hands, absolutely convinced I would teach myself how to swim through sheer effort. There were lots of kids in the neighbourhood and our house was the central house so my parents would periodically give us a budget and let us plan random parties for all the kids in the backyard – pinata party, water obstacle course, lip synch contest, giant fort construction, etc., we also had lemonade/kool-aid stands where the main kids would then hire some others to wash dishes, PR(run into the road to stop cars), etc. so that we all got a cut. Our favourite game outside was called “Run Chippy! Run!” where yoy have 2 teams and team 1 marks where they are hiding on a map, then hide the map somewhere around the front step, then hide; team 2 counts to 100 then finds the map, checks it out, then calls out the name of the game and runs to find team 1 who then are allowed to leave their hiding place and try to get back to the front step (home) without getting tagged by team 2. As for tv, we had Hercules and G-Force (Battle of the Planets), I even invented a new female character “Bracelet Arm” (don’t ask) because I was tired of fighting with my sisters over who would get to play “Princess”. I collect Charlie’s Angels trading card and stickers, especially those nice round stickers of pretty things like rainbows and scratch and sniff. I liked to play “Impossible Mission” on my Commodore-64 and was the first in the family to beat it. My Dad broke, like 10 joysticks playing games on the C-64 to the point that we banned him – LOL! Favourite tv ad? Hrmmm….too far back? Some were good, didn’t really consider having a “favourite”, ads were just in my way of tv shows. AS for fashion trends, I remember all the boys wore those Adidas “leisure suits” and thought they looked so fine, but brown and yellow? why Adidas, why? I also remember is was a big deal when “watermelon flavoured” gum was introduced. It was suddenly “the candy” to have, and edible paper. All the girls were all “Kevin Bacon or Matt Damon?” and I …..well, just didn’t care for celebs. I really liked Styx’s “Mr. Roboto” album, one of my first. By the way Martina, crab apples make a truly yummy tart jelly but they are even better for ammunition for a kids’ war.

    Cyber_3 – thanking you for the memories….. ^_^

  210. PunkyPrincess92

    i wad born in ’92 so i’m totally a 90′s kid! i grew up listening to MJ!! like seriously he has got to be one of my VERY earliest childhood memories!
    loved Nickelodeon and fox kids shows!! (when kids shows didn’t suck!!) i can’t even begin to list all of them!! too many to name!! ‘Are you afraid of the dark?’ was definitely one!!!
    i remember that x-men cartoon!! i watched it a little!
    my favourite game was Banjo-Kazooie!!
    i used to get starburst and make them into shapes (mostly kettles and teacups) and then eat them!
    i loved reading Goosebumps books haha!! as well as watching the show of course!

  211. I was born in the 90s but I experienced really half and half of 90s and the new century(2000s) but its weird cause I distinctly remember sitting out on my porch in Florida and we had this closed off little tv which actually had my dads playstation in it and I remember always sitting out there in front of the tv playing the first spiderman game ever that had come out. I think I also played nascar…my brother would play it and he would always play the basketball game we had for the playstation and I could never ever understand why that game was so great( super boring..) sorry Simon…..I was an outside imaginery person like Martina I didnt really like basketball all that much because when we played as a family my dad would always cheat by tickling us so we couldnt get the ball. I was a tomboy when I was little though so I played in the mud and dug ditches with the boys in my neighborhood because there werent any girls at all!! When I went inside I definitely was more of a girly girl by doing dressup and playing with my moms old barbies and the cool thing was I actually collected rare barbie dolls, I even had a barbie Bell from beauty and the beast and a Snow White barbie, but I remember this really mean looking barbie collectable that I had and it was my moms collectable, she had like white blonde hair, red lips dagger eyes and I think it was a black and white stripped bathing suit. My favorite was the nutcracker princess barbie that my grandmother had given me, I loved that collectable…I actually ruined them by taking them out of the box and playing with them….they were just sooo pretty I couldnt help it, I was really bored with my other barbies…My mama was sooooo mad!:/

  212. Marzia Matalone

    I guess Sailor Moon is the key that links us all, all over the world…here an 87′ class Italian girl…If I think about it, how I came to like Kpop? Anime lover>>> Japanese live action lover>>> Korean live action lover>>> Korean Drama lover>>>KPOP…
    that’s the story!…So somehow Sailor Moon, Boys over Flowers, Saint Seiya (how to forget Saint Seiya?), and so on, brought me to love korea…XD

    • YES! That’s how I came to the Hallyu wave too. Manga–>Ahh My Goddess (instead of Sailor Moon), Skip Beat,…a bazillion anime later–> J Drama –> K-Drama–>EYK–> Kpop. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and SungkyungKwan Scandal sealed my fate. Not that I protested…

      • Marzia Matalone

        same here: Skip Beat (with Siwon and Donghae!), SungkyungKwan Scandal that allowed me to know about Yoochun (my favorite drama actor, I admit)…and then TVXQ as they were…so I heard Mirotic for the first time and all started…while BOF introduced Kim hyun Joong and his “break it down”…ah, it was 4 years ago…so much time gone …

        • Yes. My searching for the theme song to Skip Beat (by Super Junior M) was how I found EYK. Their video for being Tall in Korea was 2nd on the list for SJ videos. LOL

    • That’s basically me too!! I remember watching Sailor Moon, Candy Candy, Captain Tsubasa, Sakura Cardcaptor, and a whole bunch of other anime on a spanish speaking channel, my mom didn’t know they were japanese anime… hahaha

    • Hey, cool! We share the same story!! And I’m 87 as well, just from Norway ^^ My first Korean drama was Oh! My Lady with Siwon from SJ in it. I googled him and saw the Mr Simple mv. And I was forever captured…. O-o
      (My favourite anime will always be Kanon 2006)

  213. I was born in 1995 but the only things you mentioned that are familiar to me is Sailor Moon and Xmen, and I didn’t really like either of them growing up. I’m from Finland so I guess the shows and games were pretty different from North America. I can relate to Martina’s imaginary world though. I had a lot of toys and I especially loved my stuffed animals, but I could go hours just talking with imaginary people in imaginary places. Sometimes if I saw an interesting nature documentary about monkeys for example, I’d pretend to be a monkey for days… The top of our couch would be a tree top and a pillow would be my baby monkey that I’d carry around… Oh dear. Also I drew a lot and made paper dolls or characters from play dough, entire families with all possible appliances and clothes and foods etc etc. I thought of the tiniest details too! Not too long ago I found some old play dough foods and they were literally 1 mm in diameter but still completely recognizable as what they were. I kind of wish that kind of meticulousness would’ve stuck with me, these days I’m pretty careless about most things.
    One thing that has stayed with me though, is that imaginary world… At the age of 19, I still have imaginary conversations with imaginary people :D (Don’t judge me!) But I have actually found an output for this creativity as I’ve gotten interested in writing. Now that I think about it, I always came up with stories even as a kid, like if I was drawing a picture I came up with a name, background story and current living conditions for that character. Also I used to sing out loud the story of my toys as I played with them, and all of the stuffed animals in my enormous collection had names, family relations and friendships with each other. I could go hours playing by myself without getting lonely, but I did have some friends too and I also played with legos and cars with my older brother. Oh oh, I just remembered that I was absolutely in love with Pokémon! Me and my brother watched the show and collected the cards. My brother wanted to exchange the cards and get the strong pokemons but I wouldn’t let him have them if they were cute XD

    Well that’s probably enough of nostalgia for now, thanks for taking me down memory lane EYK! :)

  214. Did no one else play Mortal Kombat? Or remember the horrible movie for the game? I spent so much time memorizing fatality codes…


  215. HELL YEAH, HANSON!!! Captain Planet! I LOVED THE THEME SONG!! I think it actually influenced me to be more concerned for the environment. Does Atari ring a bell to anyone? The action of inserting the cartridges (YES cartridges) brings upon a certain sense of satisfaction. Haha..weird..sorry. Mario Brothers were so much fun! Ahh…the days of having a grand total of FIVE buttons on the controller


    Ps: Simon’s dirty singing is a tad traumatizing.

  216. I started writing about what I remember of the 90′s/early 2000, but the comment ended up too long so I’m just gonna say that I was born in the 94 and I remember a lot of the things you mentioned and also did similar things both of you did as a kid.

  217. 90′s kid. Saved by the Bell anyone remember that?? LOVED that show. still could watch reruns of it.
    I also remember watching Dennis the Menace cartoon show.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I watched Saved by the Bell for years before having my mind blown that there was a preceding show called Good Morning, Miss Bliss, that was set in middle school.

      • I loved that show! I was thrilled to discover the re-runs of Good Morning Miss Bliss. I was born in ’81 so I mostly remember late 80s and 90s stuff. My favorite toys were/are Lego’s. I was an imagination kid too Martina, yay for Daydreamers! My sister had a purple skip-it. Do you remember Moon Shoes? or Truth or Dare on Nickelodeon?

        I listened to mostly classical and church music growing up so, I was largely popular music stunted until 1995. I completely missed New Kids on the Block, N’Sync, and Backstreet boys.

        I remember a fade for awhile in the 90s when bright plaid or striped pants were in. Imagine my surprise when I saw GG’s I got a Boy MV, and I realized I had shorts then just like the pants that I think either Sohyun or Soyoung is wearing. LOL.

        I used to call them my pirate pants.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Truth or Dare was so much fun to watch. My brother and I always wanted to go on that show. I remember Moon Shoes but never knew anyone who had them.

          I just remembered another Nickelodeon show that I loved watching, Clarissa Explains it All. Made me want a pet alligator, of course my mom was not having that lol.

          The 90′s, man, it had such a pant variety didn’t it? This blog post has really reminded me of the 90′s wild and crazy clothing lol. Like stirup pants! OMG I forgot about those things. O_O Some trends should never come back, and hopefully kpop doesn’t latch onto anymore of them.

          I tried my best to miss the late 90′s boyband incursion but N’Sync would not stop stalking me. Literally every where I went “Tearing Up My Heart” was playing, even every time I got in my car. So I finally gave in accepted them. It was rough to admit since I was such a stern rock chic at the time. But boy bands and I are just meant to be XD

    • I have the seasons of Saved By The Bell. love it!!!

    • Ya i loved that show, but my favorite was Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

      • Fresh Prince! Every day at 5PM it would come on omg. That and Power Rangers! My Grandmom would make dinner on Friday nights, right at 5:30, then Power Rangers were scheduled to come on. It was always an ensuing argument haha! I remember one night, two of my friend were over and we were waiting in front of the TV for the new season to start for like two hours… it was the season that introduced Lord Zedd. XD Oh the memories!!

      • Fresh Prince, where my love for all things Will Smith began.

    • Amy F ;)

      yep, Saved by the bell was my favorite show too.

    • Yes, Saved By The Bell!!! Saturday mornings I would wake up early to watch it. Hang Time I think came on after it..but I didn’t like that show that much. So, I would be so mad when I overslept lol Oh wow, I totally remember Dennis the Menace the cartoon!!

  218. Oh yeah, 90′s kids…remember when PLUTO used to be a PLANET? I always knew something was was off since it crossed orbits with Neptune.

    And how about those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books? I remember one day I borrowed every single one of them I could find from the library, probably between 30-40 of them. I then realized later that night that there was no way I could read them all, so I returned them the next day. I felt guilty (and stupid) watching the librarian have to check them all back in, but at least she didn’t seem too bothered by it.

    • I had a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book! I managed to finish it but much later, I always got bored after a while (I always got stuck in a moment when I had 3 choices and all of them would lead to death :()

    • That totally reminds me – did anyone else have a love-hate relationship with R.L. Stine and his Goosebumps books? I loved them but I swear, some of those story lines STILL creep me out. I am always super, super vigilant when I have to stick my hand in the garbage disposal because of one of his trilogies.

      • Crystal Chu

        OH MY GOSH! I LOVEDDDD THE GOOSEBUMPS! I READ ALL OF THEM. ALLLLL OF THEM!!! even those weird new ones when they started creating a website for it or whatever.

      • I loved and hated them at the same time… my middle sister is three year younger than I am but she had a mean streak and would love them and begin to read them aloud whenever I entered our book/toy room… she’s a mastermind, I let her have the room for hours on end because I didn’t want her to unleash that horror… I needed to be undercovers when I read those creepy books.

    • Bryony

      I adored Choose Your Own Adventure books…and enjoyed dying in them far more than it probably healthy. It was a weird and novel experience! I remember one where I died falling down the Statue of Liberty…

  219. I am also a 90s kid. However I grew up without a TV so I would play lots of hide and seek, tag, hide and seek-tag (the precursor to manhunt). I also played barbies but not regular barbies- I would cut my barbies’ hair and make clothes for them out of socks with missing pairs. I loved colouring books a lot too. Since I didn’t have a TV – the library was the place I would hang out. My favourite children’s books were I Want To Go Home by Gordan Korman (all his books were great) and I loved the Wayside School Is Falling Down series. Oh and how can I forget- the best picture books were the Miss Nelson is Missing and Miss Nelson is back.

  220. When Martina started showing the slides from the opening title of X-Men, I immediately thought of Taemin in the Dream Girl Video when the Jubilee slide came up.


  221. Gosh, let’s see…. I was born in ’94 and for the first 7 years of my life I lived in the Philippines so I had a lot of Asian culture, but I could only remember my favorites. Music-wise, I was completely in love with M2M (omg does anyone here know them? I only had their Shades of Purple album, but I would sing to that album every single day), Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and N’Sync.

    For shows, I lived on Cartoon Network! Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Pokemon, Digimon, Power Ranger, Sailor Moon, etc. When I moved to the US, I really liked Between the Lions, Sagwa the Siamese Cat (my mom used to sing the title song every time we would watch before we went to school), and Reading Rainbow. Oh wait! I also loved Cyberchase!! Yay math!

    Then I grew up and watched a lot of anime (ex. Inuyasha – that’s where I found BoA ‘cus she sang the ending song for one of the seasons, I can’t remember which) and listened to Jpop.

    • Oh wait, I also collected Pokemon cards with my brother! and played virtually every single Pokemon game from Red&Blue to the now released X&Y (we also played the Nintendo Gamecube ones!)

  222. thisisjustforfunval

    Having been in born in 1980, I had the best of both worlds, kid in the 80′s, teenager in the 90′s. But I was listening to Pearl Jam at age of 11 so in a way my teenage years seem longer than my childhood years. Actually somethings at the end of the 80′s beginning the 90′s blur into each other.

    Things I loved from the 80′s the Pogoball, New Kids on the Block, Pit Fall on the Atari, The Cosby Show, Inspector Gadget, Rainbow Bright and the Care Bears.

    Things I loved from the 90′s, other than well everything, The X-Files, I can’t pick just one group so Pearl Jam, NIN, Tool, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, No Doubt etc, etc, etc but between N’Sync and Backstreet Boys it was definitely N’Sync, Sonic the Hedgehog, Resident Evil, R.L. Stine and later everything Anne Rice as I became a teenager.

    Simon did you ever watch In Living Color? I watched it through this short stint in my life, the year I thought I was hip hop, but realized I was actually a grunge child. Seriously I was 11 :-P

  223. Mariam Watt

    I think when the challenge mentioned Nick Jr., they meant to say Nicktoons- Nickelodeon’s first animated shows- Doug, Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko’s Modern Life. Nick Jr. didn’t exist until after the 90s.
    Salute Your Shorts was my favorite Nick show.

  224. Yeah 1997er here *lonely chirping sound*
    But I also played a lot in my imaginary world ^^

  225. Omg flash back to my past I keep forgetting you guys are my age. Skip it, Reboot, Are you Afraid of the dark. Love it! we even have a home video from when my cousins got their Nintendo and were playing Super Mario brothers, and every one was just staring at the screen all derp faced. So many memories just came flooding back.

  226. I was born in 1990 so definitely a 90s kid. When you guys played the old X-Men theme song, my mind went reeling. It had been so long since I heard it and I was thinking “OMG I actually remember that!” I miss playing Super Mario World and Yoshi’s Island (I’m really excited for the upcoming 3DS version) on my Super Nintendo. Does anyone remember having to blow dust out of the cartridges so the game console could read them? Also, thank you for mentioning Reboot. I miss that show.

  227. I think my childhood was a lot more like Martina’s. I played outside a lot too. I lived near a lot of forest, so I would pretend to be an adventurer or an explorer. I probably trespassed a lot (oops). I also liked to build forts, and I created fairy dolls out of leaves and sticks. I also liked to play ball games. And I used to jump rope. I didn’t have cable as a kid, so I didn’t have much TV to watch. I remember going to my Grandma’s one day, and seeing one episode of Sailor Moon, and being amazed. But since I didn’t have cable I couldn’t watch Sailor Moon, or any TV really. The shows my TV did have were Arthur and the Magic School Bus and Digimon. I liked watching those. I also loved reading books, so I read a lot. I didn’t have any video games at all until later, in which my parents bought me the Pokemon game. Sometimes I feel like I don’t connect with other 90s kids because I didn’t have the technology. My parents didn’t get a computer until much later, so no dial-up for me.

    Sometimes I see kids with all this fancy technology and I wonder how much their life is different. Even to this day I don’t like to text much and I don’t understand how people can communicate so much virtually. Can’t we just meet up?I honestly think there will be a backlash and people will stop using technology so much.

  228. i was born in 90 and i used to time my watchings of are you afraid of the dark, at 2 am thered be a playing and then it just so happened at 2.30, spongebob was showing on a different channel :D it was the only way to balance out the horror i was feeling in order to go to sleep. this was probably early teens for me, like 2003, 2004, yes i was a super unhealthy sleeper very early

  229. Katie R.

    I’m somewhere between being an 80s kid and a 90s one. Best commercial was the My Buddy/Kid Sister. I think that dates me as an 80s. But my favorite shows were part of the Disney Afternoon: Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Tale Spin. Before that though I watched You Can’t Do That on Television on Nickelodeon. Best game: Girl Talk. Although I don’t remember ever actually playing it with anyone. Apparently I had a very sad childhood where I would play my games by myself. And there was a space between our house and some hedges in our front yard, I would sit back there in the leaves and read a lot. The books were mostly from the Sweet Valley Twins or Sweet Dreams series.

    • Mariam Watt

      Yes! I still remember the My Buddy/Kid Sister jingle! I had a Kid Sister as well. But only because I think my mom felt bad I had so many real brothers.

      • Katie R.

        I never got one. I had a Cabbage Patch and my mom thought that was plenty. She didn’t understand I had enough room in my heart for both. haha

    • Cyber_3

      I still love “You Can’t Do That on Television”, it still holds up ^_^

      Cyber_3 – never saying “I don’t know” again……oops I said it! GURK!

      • Katie R.

        I think it’s the show that gave Nickelodeon the slime theme. Then Double Dare started using slime. And they started marketing it as a toy to buy. I think I owned a can.

    • Hannah Niebaum

      OMG SOMEBODY ELSE ON THIS PLANET PLAYED GIRLTALK! Nobody knows what I am saying when I try to reference that game. The thing from that game that scared me the most was all the acne you got if you failed at challenges…Now in retrospect, that game was super shallow T_T BUT TOTALLY FUN hahaha

      • I PLAYED GIRLTALK TOO :D but only at my friend’s house, I didn’t own it myself >< but still! I totally forgot about that game until now haha!

        • Katie R.

          I’d forgotten about it too until recently. One of those 90s kids lists came around and someone else mentioned it. I can’t believe I’d forgotten it. Such a staple of that discovering boys age.

        • Hannah Niebaum
          Hannah Niebaum

          I was an only child so my parents wanted to distract me with fancy computer games, like Girl Talk and the Sims hahaha

      • Katie R.

        I was given a phone for my room about the same time I got that game. And there was a dare on there about calling boys that everyone would hope to get. But when it came around we never had the guts. So we’d just stare at the phone and giggle.

        • Hannah Niebaum
          Hannah Niebaum

          I don’t remember that part? Probably cause I thought boys were gross at the time… Which means I was probably too young to play that game HA but you had your own phone!! That was the ultimate goal in teenagerdom~

    • I still love Tale Spin and Rescue Rangers. Gadget was one of my idols. She inspired me to become a programmer actually. I still dream of inventing weird techno-junk. Did you read any of the Babysitter’s Club books? My sister loved them.

      • Katie R.

        All my friends read the Babysitter’s Club, but I never got into them. But when they started reading the Flowers in the Attic books, I read those. I can’t believe anyone considers those Young Adult books!

  230. That X-Men theme song is unforgettable.

    I also have a collection of the X-Men trading cards…

  231. :) I loved the Dutch 90′s because I where born in the 90′s in the Netherlands. I absolutely loved the music at that time. Just not so long ago I sudenly came to the know that many of the 90′s music I heard and remembered from that time where actually from Dutch singers. For example t-spoon, technohead, Loona, 2 borthers on the 4th floor, techno boy with Have you ever been mellow. Or Vengaboys I just loved them without even knowing what they where actually singing and now when you hear it back you just get to know how bad the songs actually where.

    I remember CARTOON NETWORK like it was there with there dexters lab, ed edd and eddy and all those other programs and suddenly they just pulled the plug and there was like NO CARTOON NETWORK anymore and I where so sad. It really felt and it still feels like they took my childhood away without mercy. T_T We do have cartoon network again but it’s not like how it used to be and absolutely no fun anymore. But because of cartoon network and all those anime shows I got to know anime on the internet. ^_^/

  232. I still can’t watch the intro to “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” without getting freaked out at the clown doll part. (I always look away I know exactly when its coming)

  233. What I remember about 90s is fluo/neon clothing and now I see it again and I HATE it. Sorry but I will never understand the appeal.

  234. I had/have a imaginary world in my head, so you are not alone Martina!<3

  235. I was born in ’95… do I still count as a 90′s child? I grew up in the last remaining years of it… And, I watched a few 90′s programs like Pokemon, Digimon and I loved Sailor Moon like you Martina!! I can remember being so excited one Christmas when I found out my mum bought me a video with like three episodes of Sailor Moon on it.

    I was also obsessed with Power Rangers… like wow… I remember begging my dad to get me the video of the Power Rangers movie and I remembers begging my mum to by me a morpher so I could join in with the boys at school… but she bought them for my brother instead… she bought me Barbie dolls and I slowly grew to like them and Bratz dolls… I feel so ashamed now…

  236. OOOH! WHEEL OF TIME!!!! It was finished after RJ’s death by a ghostwriter he selected. I READ THEM TOO!!!! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!! I did stop after 9 and need to finish them up since the series has an ending now.
    Sorry, nerd attack, carry on.

    • Me too! I didn’t start reading them until I randomly picked up book 2 in the school library Freshman year of HS in 2001 . I love them dearly, it’s my favourite series. I am NOT a fan of Brandon Sanderson though ( the guy who finished the series ), because his writing style is completely different from Robert Jordan’s. I read the last few for the plot only, to see its resolution. Still a great series! I recommend it to literally everyone I come across who has even a vague interest in reading. xD

      • I started reading them in ’95 and threw in the towel for a while in ’03. To be fair, I really just want it to end at this point, all the little threads tied up and done.

  237. Omg! My hubs and I are listening to the audio books of The Wheel of Time now (four down, a million to go). Even though Robert Jordan died, his wife commissioned someone to put together RJ’s extensive notes for the last three books. According to my in-laws, the last three are just as good! If you ever want to get back into the series, I’d totally recommend the audio version. I’m usually a reader (not a book listener), but the readers (husband and wife) are seriously masterful at creating each character’s voice. A lovely experience!

  238. I also played mostly with my imagination, Martina, don’t let him mock you! ;-) To be honest, I also feel really nerdy when I talk about growing up.
    We hiked and camped A LOT so I did a lot of climbing trees, rock climbing, digging in dirt, exploring the forest, getting bitten by snakes, swimming in lakes with creepy trees in them that I was CONVINCED were harboring monsters that were coming to drag me to the depths….also we had no cable so my favorite shows were on public television like 3,2,1 Contact and Where In the World Is Carmen San Diego?, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross and the random cooking shows. My grandparents had cable so I got to see the show in Nickelodeon about the temple where you earned medallions and ran through this temple maze where guys in gilly suits were waiting to grab you…

    • Oh yeah, my grandma had cable so whenever we would visit we’d sit around and watch Disney channel all day. I also loved watching Bob Ross painting, haha. Still do. :)

      • I just nerded out over your name btw. Luckily, no one is here to witness it.
        I record Bob Ross when I’m stressed and just watch him work his magic. It soothes me, reminds me that very little is super serious and I can just let it go…

  239. Oh and did anyone else collect those ugly troll dolls? lol, I had a whole collection of them along with a collection of rocks. There were seriously geodes and quartz in my backyard. Fun times!

    • You got nothing on me. I created a scrapbook out of photos of Britney Spears that I found in magazines. *Facepalm*

    • Yeah I had a troll doll period…my mom had given me some of hers so I had a decent collection. It was weird because I remember be slightly creeped out by them…but I would play with them lol

    • No. I remember there was a list circulating through the catholic schools at that time and they said that things like the Troll dolls and Ouija boards weren’t suitable for kids. so my mom never got those for me… even though I didnt like them myself they were creepy little things.

  240. Oh man, I love this video! Martina, we had similar childhoods, I think. I was born in 81′ (so old!) and I would also play outside as a kid pretending I was a bird or a fairy, in the cornstalks cause..I grew up in Indiana..so lots of corn. My parents didn’t believe in cable tv at the time so that’s probably why. I loved Sailor Moon as well but since we didn’t have cable, I couldn’t watch it anymore till years later. Seriously, I was heartbroken cause that was the highlight of my day (in highschool, ha!). I also loved Gargoyles and they didn’t take that off of regular tv thank god. Other than that I would do puzzles and listen to country music. O.o; Uhm, I don’t listen to country music anymore though, haha.

  241. I was born in 1990 and well my childhood was pretty much jumping rope, also I used to play skip it but my cousing broke her leg and after that we were band to ever use it again! Also I played bingo and jenga ohh and cards! Also i grew up in a rural area and with many kids so when we got bored we climb to the mountains peel of branches of the palm treen hop in them and we went down the mountain this way (and yes, sometimes things did not go as planned and we end up going down in our own butt or we simply stummble and eat dirt but hey it was fun!) Video games? Well Zelda was my thing even now zelda is still my thing! Music well im from Puerto Rico so Menudo was a must also backstreet boys ohh and kci & JOJO also boys II men the english and spanish edition even to this day I can’t sing one song completely just in one language is a mix lol. Cartoons? Animaniacs, Scooby Doo , Power Rangers and my favorite of all times Captain Planet!!!

  242. 90′s kid right here! :D Gosh where do I even start? So many great memories from back then! Backstreet Boys were totally my jam, they were the first group I ever fangirled over and I still fangirl over them now all these years later haha :P And I just remember playing outside a lot, my friends and I had all these made up games that we’d all play together, they were so fun! We’d go on adventures in faraway lands, fight villains, have superpowers, make up obstacle courses, or even just play games that involved sitting down and doing hand actions :) So Martina, you’re not the only one who lived in imagination land :P I was also reaaaaallly obsessed with Pokemon, I memorized all the details about every single original Pokemon and I watched the show regularly plus played every version of the game there was and got into the trading cards as well. Man, I could just go on and on about this XD the 90′s were the best! <3

    • Pokemon was the best. I could list all the original 150 in the correct order.

    • Cyber_3

      My son was able to watch all first 16 seasons of Pokemon last year without ads and could watch up to 5 episodes a day. Now he has to wait for them to come on and he complains so much because I had previously spoiled him – it is a great series for kids! It’s such a luxurious way to watch tv now compared to when I was a kid and kept missing that same damned Southern Cross finale in Robotech before school and never knew how it ended until years later. As much as I love both series, I’m so used to the english voices that it’s too annoying to watch either shoe in Japanese even though I’ve watched tons of anime that way.

  243. I am an 88 so the 90s is pretty much my entire childhood XD Does anyone remember Starla and the Jewel riders? XD

    I watched a lot of tv, but mostly american and the movie channels ( I am norwegian) so I would run around quoting The Nanny, The Simpsons Boy meets world, Fresh Prince, Family matters etc. confusing my friends.

    Ultimate 90s toy? One word: Tamagochi!!

    I would always watch my brother paly video games so I was obsessed with Zelda even without reallu playing the game. (I tried playing Ocerina of time but I could never get passed the water temple… *bitter*

  244. I thought you guys were 80′s kids? and 90′s teens?

  245. Simon’s rainbow voice is identical to Pops from the Regular Show haha

  246. on technicality, i’m a 70s kid. born in 79, but i consider myself an 80s kid LOL

  247. I was born in 92′ so I’ve memories from the late 90s and the early 2000′s. Honestly, I feel bad for kids today because I feel like our generation went through the last big technology evolution where we went from “Omg, you have a computer?” to the dial-up tone and “GET OFF THE INTERNET, I NEED TO USE THE PHONE!” to everyone having a computer and now the internet is everywhere all the time. Children growing up now won’t ever know the pain of dial-up internet.

    A couple weeks ago in my work there was a table of 10 kids and their parents at an adjacent table and ALL of them had either an iPhone/Android or iPad. I felt like snatching all the stuff off them. What does a 7 year old need a phone for? I had Barbies, Pokemon cards, roller blades, a bike, Saturday morning cartoons and my imagination. And gel pens (scented ones of course).

    Reply 1997 is one of my favourite dramas, because I remembered a lot of that stuff. I was far from a teenager in 97 so I dunno why it felt so nostalgic but I guess so much less technology at that time meant we actually had to DO stuff and talk to each other in real life. I guess I kinda miss it sometimes, but then I think of floppy disks and I take it back.

    • OMG. Totally forgot about dial up internet! brrrrrrrrrrrBBBEEEEEEEEERRRRRAAAAAAAAAAABAAAAAbbaaaBAbaaaabAA.

      • Haha, it’s been immortalised on YouTube forever “The Sound of Dial-Up Internet” has over 2 million views :L

      • I remember getting yelled at by my mom because I took up the phone line while on the internet when she was trying to call home!! lol!!!

      • Omgomg it’s been ages since i posted but i got so excited when you mentioned Robert Jordan Wheel of time series! It’s honestly one of my favorite series ever… I’d read an entire book in a 2 days by skipping sleep when i was younger (the books were anywhere from 800ish-1000ish pages for those who don’t know). I am so glad i watched to the end (I almost exited after i saw you liked backstreet boys -barf- NSYNC and Hanson umm bop all the way!) I was devastated when Robert Jordan died. :-( Sanderson did his best to continue the series but it just wasn’t the same.I think i spazzed to much. I just wanted to say that you have awesome taste in books.

      • mrmr_

        I still remember dial up and I was born 1995

    • Graciela Ivonne

      reply 1997 is one of my favorite dramas <3 i wish there was an audible awkward goat sound in real life.

      • It is my number 1 drama, and I have watched many… It was so weird to feel nostalgic (and old) even though I’m only 24 ^^ And the goat sound is hilarious!!!

    • Cyber_3

      Ah yes, the infinite slowness of dialup. But I before even dialup, “call-waiting” was the newest and latest and man, my teenaged sisters and I would endlessly fight over the phone anyways, but then we could take messages and have their friends call back and it just got crazy. Now, people rarely get any conflicts because their all have multiple phones……do we really need so many?

    • You wanna talk dial-up? My parents didn’t get wifi until 2009! My mom and I leached off the neighbors for years, and I’m fairly certain that the only reason my dad finally upgraded was because they stopped offering dial-up. I AM NOT KIDDING. My father the slowest adapter to anything ever.

    • I completely agree! 91′ line here.
      I hope that when I have kids, if I do, I will be able to give them the same childhood I had. My best memories are playing spies or Pokemon trainers with my brother and cousins. Do you remember when msn was the trend? And everybody had a skyblog (maybe that’s just my country) or a myspace? Looking up contact information on Minitel?
      And do not get me started on the fashion, or the music we listened to (so much dancing to Britney Spears’s early hits in my bedroom…). The 2000′s are combination of cringe and nostalgia. I wouldn’t go back, but I’m happy of the childhood I had.

      Reply 1997 is one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched!

    • I was born in ’92 as well so I totally know how you feel! For most of my childhood my family didn’t even have dial-up internet though, we had no internet but this honking big ugly apple computer where the only game we could play was Mine-Sweeper! But my sister and I didn’t know how to play it right so we called it “Numbers and Bombs” and made up our own rules on how to play =P

      Then we got dial-up and it was the worst!

    • I was in high school and college during the 90s. We had a computer growing up (Tandy from Radio Shack running some sort of Windows 3.1 knock-off) but I didn’t have internet until I went to college. I remember my history with the internet vividly.

  248. There were so many great tv shows in the 90′s when I was a kid. GARGOLYES and X-MEN FTW! Anyone remember the Mummies of Ra. that show where those mutant shark superheros, Bobbies world, Pinky and the Brain, Batman Series (not the newest ones), a show with Alien Mice on Motorcycles, Beast Wars? Those shows were the best! The ones now… not so much. There were some good ones in the 2000′s, but not a lot.

    • Meagan Cardno

      Street Sharks! I was just reminiscing about it too. They’ve got several of the episodes on Youtube… man I don’t remember the puns being that horrible as a kid.

      There was also Power Rangers, TMNT, Cybersix, Mummies Alive, Monster Rancher, Metabots, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory… man, I just realized how much TV I watched as a kid. It was pretty much all I did after school besides video games, reading and homework. No wonder I was always terrible in PE, haha.

  249. Emely TheReaper Ramirez

    I was an imaginary kid too!! lol I had alot of stuffed animals and that i’d play with in my pretend world most of the time. Later elementary and middle school I was playing pokemon and listening to music. My favorite shows were most all of the disney/nick shows (because thats when everything that was on was good lol) and Sailor moon,DBZ, x-men,yuyu hakusho, etc. I was always into animated shows and then my addiction to anime began. I actually owned a skip it!! I think i maxed it but I don’t remember…lol. Anyways I understand you martina I was a very outside/active imagination/fairy type child lol.

    • That’s why my stuffed toys are still important to me. I really don’t like it when people just mistreat them, it’s like a little part of me wants to defend their honour and kick someone’s ass. HAHAHAHAH! They were important to me as a child, no need to just abandon them now that we’re grown up. I love my travel pig! :D

  250. Small Yeti

    Meant to be working and then I see this…

  251. The 90′s all the way! Oh my god, we used to imitate the acne/chocolate bar commercial on the playgrounds. The commercial that stuck with me the most was “I SMELL BURNT TOAST!!!” (Canadian Heritage Minute? Anyway, it traumatized me). Mr. Dress-up was my favourite show as a tiny tot, but the TV was pretty much my babysitter, so I watched everything. When the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air went into syndication, I watched it every day after school.
    I used to collect Sailor Moon cards (back when the 98¢ store on Spadina Ave. existed), Spice Girls temporary tattoos (that came with the gum) and YES! Cards (Cantopop collector’s cards) and I was DEVASTATED when I lost all of them.

    • OH MY GAWD. Canadian Heritage Minute. It traumatized me into learning SO many facts about Canada!!!!

      • What about the North American House Hippo found throughout Canada and the Eastern US?

        • Cyber_3

          Yes, that was super awesome. I show it to my kid now, so that he doesn’t take everything we watch at face value, still works ^_^v

      • Cyber_3

        Still beats the heck out of the previous series of “Hinterland’s Who’s Who” which, when all you have for channels is CBC, CTV, and for half a day TVO and Radio-Canada, you see them *A* *LOT*. I still know far too much about chipmunks and beavers….

    • Canadian PSA’s of the 90s were fabulous. What ever happened to the house-hippo ad encouraging critical thinking in kids? Man… some of my students could use something like that…

  252. I just remembered beast wars after thinking about reboot. “Cheetor!!!!”

  253. Meagan Cardno

    Since my brother and I were born in ’91 and ’94 respectively, we grew up on the last legs of the 90′s kids stuff and also got a good taste of the 2000′s. One thing I really remember is seeing 2 or 3 different generations of the same show — like how there was the X-Men show you guys sang along to and then there was Evolution that had a sweet intro but everyone was in High School for some reason? Same thing with Spiderman — there was the original one and then LSD-flashing-spidey-senses one from the mid-late 90s, and then the weird one in the 2000s that had Peter Parker voiced by Neil Patrick Harris and a weird animation style that was kind of cool.

    There was Beast Wars and Street Sharks and other shows too. I was like Martina and did a lot of playing with my imagination, so I also really liked Rupert Bear– pretty sure that was a Canadian-only show too. Anyone else remember Rupert?

    I also remember the ‘tame’ anime always coming on right before 9 o’clock bedtime, like Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh, but you had to stay up until around midnight if you wanted to watch Inuyasha or Bleach, and you had to make sure mom wasn’t around because they said *whispers* damn all the time.

    Also lunchables. You were hot shit in elementary school if you ate lunchables.

    • WHOA. So true! I didn’t even get boxed drinks. :| The one time in my WHOLE life I ate a Lunchable was at our wedding! I made little snack kits for my wedding party (because I knew they’d get hungry) so in the limo after Simon and I got married, we all ate Lunchables on the way to the photos and food! Classy!

  254. A poor/working class kid who was smart but peer pressured into acting dumb, listened to hiphop/R&B and acted like a fake gangsta, played basketball everyday, watched Inside Stuff and played NBA Jam/Live, collected Marvel comics/cards and basketball cards and drew comic characters because he dreamed of being a comic book artist? If you add in Magic cards, you’re basically describing my own childhood.

    • Solidarity bro. Or bra. Bra is for a girl right…right?!!

      • Haha, definitely “bro”. Though when I was a bit chunkier and out of shape, “bra” wouldn’t necessarily have been a bad descriptor.

    • that whole ‘smart but peer pressured into acting dumb’ is sth about american/canadian (p.s. simon and martina when you guys say north american i get that it sounds more politically correct but it is geographically totally inaccurate, north america includes mexico so….highly doubt they have the same cultural upbringing as america or canada who are closer to each other in that respect) school culture i will never understand, definitely saw it as a thing in american shows and books growing up but being singaporean and raised in singapore, its literally the exact opposite type of school culture, being smart is a huge thing to be proud of here, asians ya know…

      • Yes, it truly is an American/Canadian cultural thing that I cannot stand. I’m actually a Korean-American who was born in Seoul and moved to the States at the age of two. You know what the craziest part is? The main reason why I gave up in school was because my fifth-grade HOMEROOM TEACHER, who happened to be a middle-aged former professional baseball player, would constantly belittle and mock me for trying so hard in class and favor the jocks/popular kids. He would go so far as to write stories about me making fun of my appearance and read them in front of the class.

        Clearly this man had an inferiority complex and deep psychological issues stemming from his failed baseball career; I could see this even back when I was a kid. This wasn’t a bad school either, it was located in a upper middle-class neighborhood. It just goes to show you how backwards the culture in the “world’s superpower” can be. Even today, you can read articles in major newspapers where American/Canadian university faculties complain that Asian students “take school too seriously”, and on how upper-class White Flight is happening because Asian families move into the neighborhood and demand more rigorous educational systems.

  255. In case no one else has said it, someone else is writing the Wheel of Time books now (haven’t ever read them but pretty sure the author is Brandon Sanderson now).

    • Yes, I saw the final book (I think) in Waterstones the other day and it was written by Brandon Sanderson. He’s adapting it from notes the original author left behind when he died

  256. I was born in 1991, so yeah pretty much grew up in the 90s! Man the nostalgia hit hard as I was watching this video! I remember the other day I saw my 5 year old cousin playing on his iPad and it just made me think how the generation now is so dependent on technology. Does anyone still go to the school playground to play freeze tag or use chalk to draw up a hopscotch? Does anyone remember Hit Clips, those were the original ipod/mp3 players!

  257. I was born in 1989, so I grew up in the 90′s. I’m from the UK though, so our childhoods were pretty different! And I dunno if you use this name for the “parted bangs” (we call it a fringe, not bangs) but seeing as you didn’t use it in the video, I’m guessing you don’t? We’ve always known it as “curtains” lol

  258. LoL I remember all of those except for the Canadian stuff, obvs. I played outside a lot, read lots of books, grew up around a pre-dominantly black community and listened to the music and saw all those funky trends and laugh about it now of how my Asian American friends and I followed some of it. Cartoons and video games were a whole lot better back then. And then the internet happened and now I have no life. -_- LoL jk

  259. I remember chucking the Wheel of Time across my bedroom because Robert Jordan thought it was in his best interest to spend three pages discussing what a fence looked like. T^T. Oh, and that fence was never mentioned again. It was also never a plot point. Yeah, his writing style frustrated me a lot. I stuck to Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey.

    • Oh my god Anne McCaffrey! I loved all her Pern books. I wrote to her… hahahahaha sent it and her people sent me stickers with her signature…. ahahahaha.
      Did you ever read books by Piers Anthony? He had a wonderful series with characters from his magical world called Xanth… I loved that series also….

  260. I read a lot of RL Stine books and listened to a lot of 90′s alternative music. I was an huge introvert even back in the day so mostly just hung out with my sister and I had one best friend, it was simple and I liked it that way.

  261. Martina, I love wheel of time too^^ But didn´t you read the last book? My childhood friend really liked Charmed so we would spend most of our time playing witches.

  262. This was awesome! So many good memories! I was only a 90′s kid for 7 years but long enough to enjoy everything about it! Such a great tag!
    I am 90% positive any girl with tv loved sailor moon haha! I too was also a imagination kid, didn’t get a game console till I was 10 in early 2000 :) But I am so happy for it!

  263. I was born in 1990 So I remember late 90s things and bits and pieces from earlier. Backstreet Boys was definitely the best! and the Spice Girls, I also loved Hanson and went to their concert too :p “Are you afraid of the dark” was awesome, I remember it scared me so much I had nightmares lol but I also loved “All that” and “Clarissa explains it all”, etc. I didn’t watch Nick jr too much but I remember “hi there! face here!” I have a sister who is 5 years older than me so I think I remember different things about the 90s because of her too (like she influenced my tv shows and music). The only board game i really remember was the mall game that I cant remember the name of. I had a nintendo 64 growing up so I was all about Zelda too! and always wanted a bop it but never got one :(

  264. FREAKIN’ LOVED REBOOT. They only aired one season in the States originally, it wasn’t until much later I even knew there were 2 more seasons thanks to Cartoon Network – and those seasons were so epic. Incredible freakin’ storyline…. and I still mimic Al: “WHAAAT?” And no one ever knows what I’m doing and then I’m sad.

    I’m more a child of the 80s. I was in middle school and high school in the early 90s, but I do remember much of these – I worked in a music store when Tragic Kingdom and Melon Collie came out, and the alternative scene was in its heyday and I was in heavennnn!

    Simon reminding me of all that horrible HORRIBLE 90s R&B… seriously, it turned me off to R&B for so so long, the lyrics were always so stupid and cheesy to me, and so many crap bands formed to follow that trend at one point too, and they all had really ugly nasal voices that just hurt my ears, I couldn’t take it.

    I will rebut and say “Boom Shakalaka” is not from NBA Jam, but from Sly and the Family Stone.. of course, that’s more.. Boom Shakalakalaka Boom, but… yeah. :)

    Also, I played the very first Final Fantasy on Nintendo when it came out. -.-
    Well, only a little, I had stepbrothers at the time who monopolized the Nintendo, but I do remember that game.. we rented it from the movie rental place. When those still existed. And then I never even thought of FF again until I played FFX when I was bored and my roommate had a PS2. And then I played FFXI and suddenly it’s ten years later. What?

  265. I’m born at in 2000 but yea, I grew up with Studio Ghibli and Disney movies and the old Nickelodean and Disney where like Danny Phantom, Rugrats, CatnDog, American Dragon, Kim Possible, Lilo and Stitch, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, gaaaaah, the memories ;~;

  266. Oh my… I was born in 1990 so most of my memories from the 90′s are like 96/97ish forward… So some of my things may be early 2000s… N*Sync was my favorite until I learned about Blink-182.

    I pretty much did whatever my mom did so I grew up with a lot of alternative hits of the 90′s. Some of the earliest music I remember listening to was Guns N Roses and Nirvana with a little mix of Green Day in there.

    Then there were beanie babies, tomagatchi, FURBYS (scary cool!) which are back and even creepier than ever!

    • OH MAN. BLINK182. I loved them so much! (Martina here….obviously)

    • You too? Me too! ;)
      Born in 1990 – Check
      Blik182 – Check;
      Nirvana&Green day – Check
      Tamagochi – got it when the craze went down was cheaper that way so: Check
      Furbys – oh so creepy
      Add some Bon Jovi, Disturbed& led zepplin to it
      + my brother got me into Rap (the old-school german stuff)
      And don’t forget Star Wars ;)

      Equals: my profile ;)

      • Yes!! Disturbed was more of my mom’s taste. By the time they were getting big I was too much into the pop-punk scene.

        • I understand what you mean, after all I walked on the hip hop-road, I just really love the melody driven stuff. And listening to disturbed before an exam (2000s) just gave me an confidence boost.
          In terms of punk-ish I was always on the Billy Talent& Aniti-Flag side of life I guess.
          And now I’m all for the folk stuff like Fiddlers Green/Flogging molly or Subway to Sally.

        • Alicia Fisher

          You remind me so much of my friends in High School! Seriously! In a good way! They LOVED Billy Talent. I was in to Panic! At The Disco (their first album. I actually got to see them on their first tour!) Paramore, and Fall Out Boy. Then I got really big into more of the Indie stuff near the latter part of High School. But the one thing that connects them all was the melody driven stuff like you said!

          Even now, while I’m more into K-music that is more melody focused like Glen Check, Epik High, and SHINee my friend who also loves k-pop is more into driving artists like B.A.P., VIXX, and G-Dragon.

        • I’ll take it in a good way, since they were your friends, right? RIGHT? ;)

          You mean to tell me you saw *there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey you just haven t thought of it yet* (Debut album me thinks) live? I frigging love the trumpets and the jazzy feel *.*

          Well I’m a sucker for good rhythms or lyrics telling a story. Which got me into K-music to begin with. I started out with Boohwal – I love how their songs make me feel like listening to someone telling me a story even though I don’t know the language – before I even knew of of the wonders of K-pop ;)
          And since I don’t speak korean I don’t really have to bother with the lyrics and can focus more on the music itself.

          I’m all with you for the Epic High one and Glen Check, but I’ve got to admit that I never got into Shinee I can’t really pinpoint why though.

          I think what you said about the driving artists explains why I like B.A.P ^^. And then there is MFBTY with sweet dream& the cure I really like the flow(if that’s the correct term) of those.
          Just like Unly U by vixx where it goes ‘Nae daedabeun neoinikka’ I love that melody to bits.

          *sorry for the rambling, but I mean.. its music! and I like it! ;)

        • Alicia Fisher

          Haha! Yeah I was really lucky to see Panic! The area I lived in had a thriving music scene when I was a Sophomore/Junior in high school. I’ve seen Panic! three times: Opening for Fall Out Boy, headlining w/The Academy Is…, and when they toured with their second album. I also got to see The Killers, Saosin, Silverstein, Motion City Soundtrack, Plain White T’s, Three Days Grace, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, Armor for Sleep, The Used, and Mae to name a few. It was really cool cause a lot of them were small shows held in bars all over the Des Moines, Iowa, area. Then my senior year they made a law that prohibited minors from being in bars past 9pm and all the shows died out.

          But yeah… music… it’s pretty much my life! Haha! I love all of it! I’m super excited cause I get to see Glen Check in Michigan in 2 weeks! Another really small concert venue, too!

          I like really like music with lots of electronic beats and melodies. The more you can dance to it, the better! The first K-Pop song I ever got into was TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down.”

          I’ll have to check out Miyavi… Never heard the name before!


  267. Do you know what’s CRAZY Concerned Children’s Advertisers are still playing the same PSA’s from the 90s “We are girls we will do what’s right for us”, “what’s your thing”, “stay fit ’cause you never know” I still see them on tv.

  268. haruchi

    Man I loved the 90s… I’m a 90s kid so maybe that’s why! haha I played with Barbies a lot and I had soooo many of them (I still have them all storaged XD) and I even had a Barbie house that was actually a bookshelf but it had stuff from toilet seat to kitchen things to furnitures my mum had made. Ah the good old times. :’)
    It’s weird to think that back then you couldn’t use the internet too long because someone might’ve called. Or do kids now recognise a film from film camera… or video?…

  269. Fun fact about Sailor Moon – the whole world (except Japan, of course lol) showed it as a ‘kids show’, but Sailor Moon is actually a +16 Anime. If you rewatch it now maybe you’ll notice why. Lots of homosexuality broadcasted in it, androgynous gay men, transgenders, tomboys, ect. pp.
    I don’t know what they did in other countries, but in germany they just simply made women out of a few gay characters like Zoisite and Fisheye. Haruka and Michiru weren’t in a relationship, they were cousins. And lots of other stuff like this xD
    I’m looking forward to the remake of the anime that’s supposed to be released this year haha.

  270. Ah, I remember those War Amps commercials! Granted, I was four in 2000 xD but they used to freak me out so bad, especially the ones involving electricity and stuff, since my dad’s an electrician (they still freak me out tbh xD) I grew up watching Sailor Moon too (that, and Power Rangers) Still remains one of my favourite shows, to this day (Reply 1997 and Doctor Who aside)

  271. Akira Miyashi

    I’m born in the 90′s. Totally remember watching X-men and Sailormoon and Pink Panther and Dragon Ball etc…Those good old days~~ Ah~

  272. i was born in 1994…….so i i was only only 5 when the 90s ended….

  273. Oh man, does anyone remember Pogs? Those were my collectibles.

  274. Danica Jandoc

    How about a TL;DR on children’s culture in Korea? Anyone? :)

  275. Going by this, guessing I’m a few years older than you guys (graduated HS in 1998). 90′s FTW!!!! Omg nostalgia….I remember the ‘chocolate bar kid’ too and SO many random 90′s commercials. Was a weird graver/skater/alt teen hybrid back in the day. Bell bottom jeans and cartoon baby-ts. LOL

    The X-Men theme is my ringtone right now. Also loved Sailormoon. :D

    Simon: I collected the X-men cards too! have soooo many somewhere in my parents place. Would draw them too all over my notebooks.

    You guys mentioned Rob Ford (aka: ‘Toronto’s shame)….is he making the media rounds in SK too????

  276. Ha. NbaJam. I used to scream those soundbites at kids on xbox live while playing Halo. Now that’s almost 10 years ago! “FER TEW! DOWN IT! ” (cries… im a geriatric)

  277. Oh God XD
    *cringes at the thought of Simon with cornrows and the upside-down visor*

  278. I am older then you guys so the 90s are a bit of a different experience for me.

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