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8 My Love Letter to Balmuda, the Toaster
300 dollar toaster

Here is my love letter to Balmuda, the Toaster: the best toaster in the world.

4 Tenzushi: The Sushi God of the South
Tenzushi Sushi God of the South

Allow us to introduce you to Isao Amano, head chef of Tenzushi, who makes some of the best sushi in Japan.

9 What to Eat in Rome, Italy
What to Eat in Rome

We’re going to share with you our list of what to eat in Rome, Italy. We made this list not with tourists in mind, but by asking people living in Rome what they like to eat!

11 Nikuman – Japanese Magic Steam Buns
Magic steam bun

We’re heading out for Nikuman – Japanese Steam Buns, on this nice, brisk winter’s day!

19 The Importance of Community
The Importance of Community

We got a mysterious package from YouTube and felt very moved, so we made this video.


We’re Simon and Martina, and we make videos about food, travel, adventures, and culture from our lives in Japan and from our travels around the world!

13 The Most Beautiful Restaurant in the World – Kyoto Kitcho
Kyoto Kitcho

Allow us to show you Kyoto Kitcho, what we believe to be the most beautiful restaurant in the world.

5 Wagyu Beef Skewers
Wagyu Beef Skewers

For this episode of Martina’s Midnight Munchies, we’re making some really fancy Wagyu Beef Skewers and sending you to Japan. COME!