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12 Must Have Korean Apps
Must Have Smartphone Apps

Coming to Korea? Load your phones with these Must Have Korean Apps so you can be fully prepared!

9 Say Hi To Your Future Spouse!
Say Hello to Your Future Spouse

Say hello to your future spouse! Haven’t met them yet? Don’t worry! Think of this as a time capsule they’ll see in a few years :D

16 Remote Control Shark Balloon
Remote Control Shark

Fill a shark balloon with helium, but a motor on it, and run it by remote control. All in this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find!

28 How to Make Coconut Oil Chocolate
Coconut Oil Chocolate

Craving chocolate? Using just coconut oil chocolate, cocoa, and honey you can whip up yummy and healthy treats in less than 20 minutes.

5 Hello Again LiveChat!

We’re back in Korea for a few days before we’re off to Finland, so we figured we’d do a LiveChat!


We’re Simon and Martina, and we make videos about food, travel, adventures, and culture from our lives in Korea and from our travels around the world!

58 Tales from America: Drugs and Cops and Prostitutes!
Tales from America

Now that we’re back in Korea after our US/Canada tour, we wanted to share our stories about drugs, cops, and prostitution for this week’s TL;DR!

12 Meet Your Kimchi Kpop Playlist
Meet Your Kimchi Music

For those of you who came to our Meet Your Kimchi meetups, here’s the kpop playlist we played before and after the events!