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Welcome Back LiveChat!

We’re back for our first LiveChat in ages. Come hang out with us at our cafe as we chat with you guise :D

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F.A.P.F.A.P. Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!

What is Kobe Beef? 61

What is Kobe Beef?

We ate Kobe beef in Kobe Japan, and it was the best beef experience of our lives. Watch our video and cry with us.

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TL;DRYou ask questions. We make videos answering them!

Travel Tips South Korea 115

Travel Tips for South Korea

Our videos are from the perspective of people living in Korea, but what about people just visiting? Here are some travel tips you should know if you’re visiting South Korea!

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Open the Happy

Hands of Love

Special Filming Moments

Here’s a small behind the scenes look at what happens when we film.

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D.I.C.K.S.Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang

Greetings and Set Phrases thumb eyk 51

DICKS – Greetings and Set Phrases

Leigh and Soo Zee are teaching you some Korean Slang, and going over some of the basics this week for greetings and set phrases in Korean.

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Speaker's CornerVideos from the You are Here cafe video booth!

Korean Valentine's Day 14

Speaker’s Corner: Korean Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day just passed in Korea. Here’s what people think about it here in Seoul!

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WTF KoreaWonderful Treasure Find, Korea!

Evil Cat Unicorn Horn

WTF – Evil Cat Unicorn Horn

We try out an Evil Cat Unicorn Horn for this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find, and discover that it works on dogs as well!

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W.A.N.K.Wonderful Adventure Now Korea

WANK - Gel Nails thumb eyk 59

The Best Nail Shop in Korea

Martina is going to take you to the best Nail Shop in Korea, where she gets her nails done, and where you see all of her Instagram pics from!

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Special Features

After School Club 282

After School Club: What We Wanted to Say

Here’s what we did on After School Club with Kevin, Eric, and Jimin, and some of the things we wish we had the chance to say on TV.

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Music Mondays

Fangurilla in Europe

Kpop Music Monday: Fangurilla in Europe!

Fangurilla takes her show on the road in Europe as a part of our OOH EURO NASTY TOUR!

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Korean Indie Playlist

INDIE - Solutions and Thornapple thumb eyk

The Solutions and Thornapple

The Solutions and Thornapple stop by the studio to talk a bit about their new songs and videos for this week’s Korean Indie Playlist!

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