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78 Eat Your Sushi, Episode 2
Eatyoursushi Episode 2

Here’s what we did in our second week in Japan: Eat Your Sushi: Ep 2!

17 Tangerine Juicer
Personal Tangerine Juicer

We had too many tangerines in the house. Luckily for us we found this personal tangerine juicer, and made good use of it in the park!

24 Sake Kit Kats
Sake Kit Kats

Sake Kit Kats just came out in Japan, and they’ve got 0.8% alcohol in them. How do they taste? Actually like Sake? We’ll let you know!

25 Satou Meat Cutlets
Satou Meat Cutlets

We’re going to take you to the first good place we went to in our new neighbourhood, Kichijoji for some Satou Meat Cutlets. They’re so good!

108 Eat Your Sushi, Episode 1
Eat Your Sushi

Introducing Eat Your Sushi, a new weekly segment where we’ll answer your questions, share some vlogging, play some games, and eat some stuff every Monday. Enjoy a slice of our life while we explore Japan with Eatyoursushi!


We’re Simon and Martina, and we make videos about food, travel, adventures, and culture from our lives in Korea and from our travels around the world!

15 Strawberry Curry
Strawberry Curry

We found some strawberry curry and strawberry potato chips in Japan and we’re going to test them out for this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find

39 McDonald’s Chocolate Fries
McDonald's Chocolate Fries

We try out McDonald’s Chocolate Fries in Japan and let you know how they taste.