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24 Saito: The Sushi God of Tokyo
Sushi Saito

Sushi Saito is often acknowledged as the best sushi place in Tokyo, and some argue he’s the best in all of Japan. We got a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only eat, but also shoot with him.

109 One Year Later: Japan vs Korea
Korea or Japan

It’s one year after making the announcement that we’re moving to Japan. Did we make the right decision? What’s better for us: Korea or Japan?

15 40 Dollar White Strawberries
40 dollar white strawberries

We try $40 Japanese white strawberries for the first time in our lives. How are they going to taste? Worth the $40? Find out in this week’s video!

8 Kushiage: Deep Fried Magic Sticks

When we were in Kyoto, we went to a Kushiage place for the first time in our lives and we LOVED IT! Here, we’re going to share what our first time was like!

29 Journey to the Bamboo Forest

We were very inspired when we went to the Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, and so we made an artsy-ish video. I hope you don’t find it too weird.


We’re Simon and Martina, and we make videos about food, travel, adventures, and culture from our lives in Japan and from our travels around the world!

10 Kyoto: One Week of Food

We went to Kyoto for a week with the goal of eating delicious food! We went off the beaten path to eat like the locals and dug into some delicious dumplings, craft beer, food trucks, and more!

13 Sushi Yukata Party!

We found a restaurant called “Itamae Sushi Edo” and thought it sounded like Eat My Sushi, which is perfect for us. Let’s check it out!