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19 The Hidden Gems of Hongdae
Hidden Gems of Hongdae

We teamed up with Airbnb and brought one of our viewers to Korea and showed her our favorite spots around Hongdae, Seoul.

25 Taiwanese Snack Tasting!
Taiwanese Snacks

We brought back a bunch of Taiwanese Snacks last week from Taiwan, and we’re going to try them out for this week’s video!

50 Spudgy vs Bilasa!
Spudgy vs Bilasa

Spudgy went over to hang out with Bilasa and to talk about their tour. Oh, and Spudgy has concert tickets to give to you as well!

60 Censorship in Korea
Censorship in Korea

Today we’re talking about Korea’s censorship laws, what gets banned or blurred, and how some of that censorship is reasoned.

22 Japanese Inflatable Wild Swan
Japanese Inflatable Wild Swan

Inflate a swan neck and stick it onto your groin: It’s the Japanese Wild Inflatable Swan for this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find!


We’re Simon and Martina, and we make videos about food, travel, adventures, and culture from our lives in Korea and from our travels around the world!

22 Gamjatang: Korean Pork Bone Soup

It’s starting to get cold in Korea, so we’re going for one of our favourite comfort foods, Gamjatang, Korean Pork Bone Soup!

16 What We Love About Each Other
What We Love About Each Other

We’re gonna be sappy this week and talk list three different things we love about each other, because appreciation is important and stuff.