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26 What We Eat for Japanese Breakfast
Japanese Breakfast

Japanese breakfast: what is it, and why do we love it so freaking much? We’ll show you how we make it every morning :D

40 Eat Your Sushi – Silent Library
Eat Your Sushi

We’re playing a small version of Silent Library with Dan for this week’s Eat Your Sushi, and we’ll tell you how to see Dan naked.

27 What is a Yukata?
What is a Yukata

Martina bought her first Yukata! Here’s what the experience was like, as well as an explanation of what a Yukata is.

8 Torikizoku: 280 Yen Everything!
280 Yen

We’re going to take you to Torikizoku, one of our favourite chains in Japan. Everything is 280 yen, and it’s all great!

28 Eat Your Sushi – What’s in the Mystery Cans?!
Eat Your Sushi

For this week’s Eat Your Sushi we’re eating some mystery cans blindfolded. Can we guess what’s in them?


We’re Simon and Martina, and we make videos about food, travel, adventures, and culture from our lives in Japan and from our travels around the world!

31 Better Than Kobe Beef?!
Better than Kobe Beef?

We love Kobe beef, but a friend suggested we try something better than Kobe beef. Does it even exist?! We’ll try it out today!

Kimchi Royale

Simon and Martina: 4mad, and one serving of Kimchi. Who will get the last bowl? Only the victor of KIMCHI ROYALE!