We’re talking about Psy’s “Hangover” which just came out today for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. Yes, we’re talking about it instead of other Kpop videos, because – don’t deny it – Psy’s a lot more important than most Kpop artists. Stop denying it! And, hey, we like Psy’s video a lot more than everyone else’s video. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


So, this video here isn’t in our typical Kpop Music Monday review style. We thought it’d be a good opportunity to explain a lot of the scenes for those of you who aren’t really familiar with Korea’s drinking culture. While Gangnam Style was pretty far out there, Hangover is – for us – more of a documentary than a pop video. Well, except for the flaming destruction at the end, of course.

What we didn’t really talk about, though, is our thoughts on the song. Err, well, let’s just say it’s our least favourite of Psy’s songs. It’s still really fun, but not as high energy as what we’re used to from Psy. And, really, it seems more like Snoop Lion featuring Psy, rather than Psy featuring Snoop Lion. Snoop coulda done this song with someone else and it woulda been ok. Psy couldn’t have done this song without Snoop, though.

But that’s just our thoughts on the song. We freaking LOVE the video, though. Oh man! This is what we’re looking for! We were so disappointed with CL’s bizarre “The Baddest Female” which is nothing like Korea whatsoever. Psy’s video, though, is very much Korea. These are scenes from our lives, people! This is a FAPFAP for alcohol, just with a bigger budget and better soundtrack and cooler people. But the idea is the same! Psy’s video shows what makes Korea cool. CL’s video shows what makes CL seem cool, though we can smell through it. It’s almost like Psy makes videos for, you know, Korean people, while so much other Kpop tries so hard to emulate Western Culture, Batoost’s Beautiful Night and Troublemaker’s Now being the prime examples. Psy, we like your videos.

One major thing we forgot to mention in this video is how it depicts 1cha 2cha 3cha, which I don’t think we talked about in any of our videos before. Basically, it’s Korea’s version of barhopping. You go to one place, eat some food and drink, then go to another place and eat food and drink, then another place and do the same, then noraebang, then something else, until you pass out or give up. You see that a bit with Snoop and Psy, when they go for Chinese food, then to the noraebang, then to the amusement park, then for some more food, and then it’s sunrise. Interesting info on this video: we just watched the interview of Psy and Snoop on Kimmel, and Snoop said how they shot nonstop for 18 hours. Kinda fits the vibe of the 1cha 2cha 3cha, but it’s mostly just because that’s how music video shoots in Korea usually are. Drink till you pass out, work till you pass out.

Also interesting to note: G-Dragon’s singing in the Noraebang wasn’t weird for weirdness’ sake. He’s emulating the trot lounge singer style. Kinda like a jazz singer, almost. There are lounge bars in Korea where people sing like this, and throw the mic around like that as well. It’s not common to see for people in our demographic, but it’s out there. We’ve seen it, fleetingly :D

And, I gotta say, this is probably the best crossover collaboration I’ve seen in Kpop. G-Dragon’s song with Missy woulda been better if Missy was back in her prime. Instead, it kinda felt out of place and just a paid for verse, like JYJ’s Ayy Gurl with Kanye. Both seemed forced. Psy doing a song with Snoop about substance abuse: now that’s something that makes sense. Though, I will admit, Snoop rapping about being in Korea…did seem a bit awkward to me.

Anyhow, those are our thoughts on the video. The song’s growing on us but it’s still not fully hooked in. I’ll give it a week once every freaking store in our neighbourhood plays it all day everyday. OH WAIT! We’re going to LA on Wednesday! We should be safe! Well, we’ll see.

We’ve got some bloopers from today’s video as well, if you’re interested in seeing us fumble at pool, check it out. Hot damn that game is difficult!


And, lastly, if you like this video, here’s an awkward product placement telling you to click on the bottom button right here for more! Aww yiss!

  1. After seeing that blooper video, I finally made an account for your new layout just so I could post this:
    I mean, those are the only lyrics to the Beverly Hills Cop theme right?

  2. You know, the more that I think about it, the more I realize this is probably my least favourite song of Psy’s. Gentleman I can still sing and enjoy, same with Gangnam Style. But I haven’t really craved, listened to, or even thought about Hangover since doing this video.

  3. I’m the type of person who carries my iPod everywhere I go. Like, I need a constant soundtrack while I’m running errands. And I’ll have a whole mix of things on there. On my iPad, I’ve got songs I can play at parties. Sometimes I’ll have the same songs on both devices, Jay Park’s Hot, for example. Hangover seems like it would strictly be a Party Song.

  4. The song definitely grew on me the first time I listened to it and the MV made it even better for me. The part at the end I thought was great because I feel like Hangover as a whole is a way of Psy making fun of drinking culture in a music world where people praise the drinking culture. Nobody likes a Hangover and he’s playing on that and the part of the end really exemplifies that. I feel like a lot of people think Psy is just this silly guy who makes over the top music videos but each of his singles has played upon making fun of something. Also this song makes me really want to skip in an amusement park with Psy and Snoop XD

  5. I actually really love this song. The lyrics, beat, and video, I like everything about it. It was also a big plus that GD and CL was in it too.

  6. I quite agree that Psy’s videos tend to be about what life in Korea is really like. I like that. But to me, the song is horrendous. I can forgive a bad video if the song is good, but the opposite doesn’t work for me. The video should be a visual support to the song, and here it feels like a great video with bad soundtrack. I do love the shot glass domino though!

  7. Personally I did not like this song very much. I felt that both Gangnam Style and Gentlemen was better and much more catchy. However I did find the video funny (and better than the song) and loved this KMM. Think this approach was nice especially as it is an aspect of korean drinking culture that’s not really otherwise seen (though some parts appear in drama’s this was a better explanation into it).

  8. I really freaking loved this KMM for some reason, so much fun to watch!

  9. Nice music Monday guise! I agree with DAENVGIELL6. You could have easily spend time breaking down the video and its level of English accuracy >.> But instead you taught us a little more about Korea and apparently… let Phy’s new song/video… which really isnt that good… have a free pass? Or perhaps you will come back and tell us what you really think of this later?

  10. You guys did a great job on this music monday! Instead of bashing on how terrible this song is (which it really is) and then praising the video (which is seriously too awesome) you creatively took a different approach! Props to you guise :D Thanks again for useful Korean drinking tips and keep up your creative flow (how do you guys manage to keep on coming up with new fun things?)

  11. Awful song. Couldn’t find a single moment or lyric that hooked me.
    Video was a little better, but still not as good as most of his other vids.
    But I DO appreciate EYK’s n00b guide to Korean drinking :D Although a lot of your watchers would already know half of this stuff, it’s good to see that new watchers won’t have a million assumed things or *cough* inside jokes *cough* (took me a while to catch up with them when I didn’t watch you all for a while).

  12. You must have enjoyed filming this video A LOT. All those drinking, and dancing, and singing. Hahaha. HOT GAY STUFF THOUGH. Oh and by the way, when did Psy sing? Hahaha. It’s unrecognizable.

  13. This isn’t my favorite song from Psy, that’s all I’m going to say. But for the video, I had fun watching it! GD’s cameo caught me off guard, so it made me scream LOL. Now, I’m waiting to see if his new song coming out this summer called ‘Daddy’ will be better. :)

  14. Does Psy even sing in this video? Its so hard to tell with all of the voice filters…
    WHERE IS MY VIXX?!?!?! ∏.∏

  15. It isn’t my favorite Psy song or mv but I think it is amusing enough. I think the reason I loved Gangnam Style is because it came out of nowhere for most people and it was like ‘Whoa are they playing Psy on the radio in America?!’ I appreciate how much time you took on this KMM it made me smile after a terrible day at work <3 You guys are so awesome!

  16. I wish y’all would include the previous/next post buttons again! I like those & use them to catch up :-(

  17. well done! You guys got that video up so fast, its crazy. thanks for being so detailed, I like that you pointed out the ads….aaanndd not my favorite of Psy’s MVs although I wonder if the song would grow on me if I watched it more than once- maybe all his music is like that.

  18. Its more of a collaboration than a Psy Video and I believe that is what we were told it would be. Thank you VERY MUCH for posting the guide. It was the best of both worlds: entertaining AND helpful.

  19. This is my least favourite song of PSY and even though I appreciated PSY’s video (as I always, without fail, do) I couldn’t even finish it. (Got like 4/5 into it before I gave up.) I did however, really love this KMM. Thank you guys for the lovely video.

  20. I’ve had the drop shots before. We call them jagarbombs. I think it’s a shot of jagarmeister in a glass of red bull? I’m not sure the mix but I do know it’s jagarmeister. Boy they get you drunk fast. Also we call barhopping a pub crawl, because at the end of the night you will most likely be crawling around xD PS I don’t like this song but I probably will dance to it if I’ve had a couple jagarbombs on a pub crawl. Then it’s hangover hangover hangover hangover hangover time. -_-“

  21. Thanks for explaining what was going on, it made me appreciate the video a lot more than I originally did. I don’t like the song at the moment but maybe if I hear it a few more times. At the end of the video it says another is coming this summer and so I’m hoping it will be a little more upbeat and fun sounding. I really loved Gentlemen. I could have sworn there was something else I wanted to say… dag nabbit! Have fun in LA. =)

  22. I didn´t like the song at all, but enjoyed the video because of all the korean stuff going on.

  23. Gotta say I agree with you on Psy’s song, it wasn’t as good as Gangnam Style or Gentleman – the constant ‘hangover’ line in the background wears out pretty fast. But I have to say, I enjoyed this KMM a lot. It was really informative, especially about the video, which I didn’t pay that much attention too. Your KMM made me analyse it a bit more to recognise how Korean it was.

    This made me think about other Kpop videos that aren’t as Korean, and can be a bit boring because they lack culture and depth. Sure, anyone can walk around in designer clothes, or wear next to nothing as a ‘concept’, but these don’t really stand out anymore. Lots of people wouldn’t have paid attention to GS if it didn’t have the funky horse dance or the larger than life personality that is Psy. I feel like a lot of Kpop music videos lose this originality when they try to forget their roots, if you will.

    Thanks for this KMM, I hope you do more like these in future.

  24. Dayum! This is really funny. When I saw the MV I thought: Whoa, all my friends in Norway should see this video, since it really shows so so much Korean drinking culture. And then BOOM! Eyk crew explains the whole thing, in a funny and genius way. So now I will share your video, along with Psys video! EYK, I really do love you. Not in a creepy way. Ok, a tiny bit creepy.

    I think I will like the song more and more, but I did miss the whole escalating feeling. It was a bit too careful for me. But I LOVED the video – it’s kinda artistic, right? Awesome video people. Now I need to test out that gay juice. Wait, what?

  25. Wow! What an amazing KMM! So many interesting locations and new things we haven’t seen you done yet, I really love it! :D

    I didn’t particularly like the song. I barely could hear PSY in there and I’m not very fond of Snoop’s voice, so, yeahhh.

    And Martina – you look absolutely lovely in this video.

  26. So, i think i can finally write my comment, after having given the song a few good rounds of listening, and watched the MV several times.
    The song is -really- growing on me. I didn’t like it at all in the beginning, but it was the MV that kept me rewatching “Hangover” and now the song is really starting to grow on me too.

    This is a pretty awesome MV, and it has that shareability to it, almost like gangnam style. I think people are very quick to write this song off as ‘bad’ and thus just ignore the MV entirely.
    Really, it’s worth a few listens. I eventually began to take notice of how well the song actually went with the MV, how the chorus kicks in when sh*t is about to hit the fan, or something amusing happens.

    I also noticed, which, i’m surprised Simon and Martina didn’t mention, is that at one part of the song, Snoop added ‘uh’ at the end of the lyric, in order to make the text rhyme, whiich, they butchered the rookie group EYKCrew for with their version of Gentleman. ;)

    I overall enjoy the MV and now i’m really enjoying the song aswell.

    My favourite part so far is when the spoon whacks that dude in the back of the head, and all hell breaks loose. More specifically the karate fly kick in the background i find quite amusing.

  27. When I was in Japan I made at lot of Korean friends at my International Language School and we would always go out drinking together – especially since they can actually keep up with drinking and not be down after a beer like most Japanese people, lol. But they taught me a lot, so despite not having gone to Korea I was able to relate a lot to the video. I remember one time holding my friend’s hair back while she was throwing up and the other girl came in and told me I was doing it wrong and starting slamming her hand against the other’s back. It was such a shock at first but I eventually got used to it, lol.

  28. the MV is so entertaining …. I try to hear and understand the lyrics but cant concentrate watching the video.. haha… the scenes are so funny..i specially like the ladies.. LOL but is a song I would NOT listen as is not my kind of music… I prefer Gangnam style than hangover.. but the MV is good…. I like psy.

  29. I felt like the amusement park scene was a reference to K.Will’s Love Blossom.

  30. Am I the only one who reacted to the fact that Psy is using Simon’s signature hip-thrust dance move? This is the perfect video for Simon to have a cameo. :D

  31. I thought Psy’s video was entertaining, but the song itself just didn’t do it for me. Coming from N America there are literally 10000000000 (maybe not literally) songs about getting drunk and drinking. Although Hangover was catchy, some of those other songs are better. As far as Psy goes I like his other stuff much more. I guess this video feels more like a Snoop Dog (is that even his name) video featuring Psy as opposed to the other way around. I did however, enjoy your KMM haha

  32. I wonder how many takes that domino shots shot took? A common American equivalent is a boilermaker- whiskey in beer, or an Irish Car Bomb- whiskey floated on a shot of Bailey’s dropped into stout.
    This song seems to have a higher proportion of rap to song, and a lot of English. It doesn’t have the earworm little melody that Gentleman or Gangnam Style had.
    But the video was hilarious. Especially the final shot in the street. WHY WAS THAT MAN ON FIRE?

  33. I like sake bombs lol they are like that soju-beer thing that you took your shot of, a really good shot of Sake and some Sapporro MMMMM gets you ka-runk

  34. Thank you, I didn’t know most of the things you explained in the video. As for the song, I don’t like it either. Maybe I need to listen to it more to get the feeling for it but at the first time, I didn’t like it at all. And I agree with you: it’s more like Snoop feat. Psy than the other way round. As for the video, it is really funny indeed. Anyways, I appreciate your video a lot, I got to know more about Korea’s drinking culture. :)

  35. Well…I knew this drinking style (I have seen a LOT of dramas) and I think he did something different again. The song is still growing on me, but I can see myself singing it in few days non-stop..And I think there will be always this “oppa Gangnam style shadow crawling after everything psy does”. If you haven’t seen Gangnam style and watched this you would be like “WOW SO COOL AND CRAZY” but after it everybody will be always like….it’s not that good as GS.
    I like it. a lot.

  36. wow that ws soo very educational its ws chok full of facts & really interesting things which i ws thinkin ws kinda weird wen i 1st sw da video… the songchorus is really chatchy bt it didnt lik the song off the bat lik psy previous songs bt stil ws fun silly & quirky da same way we all knw psy so therez no radical change there!! GD & CL were silly too that ws really fun 2 watch!! :))

  37. That video was absolutely amazing; I loved it. You are so right about it; it’s like a FAPFAP about alcohol in Korea.
    I’ve done the 1cha 2cha 3cha thing before. It’s kind of fun, but can get expensive and you’re literally out all night until the subway is running again which can be intense.

    I love the combo of Snoop and Psy’s voices, but you are right… Snoop could have done this WITHOUT Psy, but not the other way around.
    I don’t feel like this will really go viral the way “Gangnam Style” did. Because. … It lacks the dance. Gangnam style was silly and ridiculous and awesome and amazing and catchy and had a great (silly_) dance! That’s what really made it. Gentlemen didn’t have as much of a dance, and the video wasn’t as funny… for me.
    But the video was great lol.

  38. No need to talk about oberyn martell’s death,martina….:(

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