We’re talking about Psy’s “Hangover” which just came out today for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. Yes, we’re talking about it instead of other Kpop videos, because – don’t deny it – Psy’s a lot more important than most Kpop artists. Stop denying it! And, hey, we like Psy’s video a lot more than everyone else’s video. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


So, this video here isn’t in our typical Kpop Music Monday review style. We thought it’d be a good opportunity to explain a lot of the scenes for those of you who aren’t really familiar with Korea’s drinking culture. While Gangnam Style was pretty far out there, Hangover is – for us – more of a documentary than a pop video. Well, except for the flaming destruction at the end, of course.

What we didn’t really talk about, though, is our thoughts on the song. Err, well, let’s just say it’s our least favourite of Psy’s songs. It’s still really fun, but not as high energy as what we’re used to from Psy. And, really, it seems more like Snoop Lion featuring Psy, rather than Psy featuring Snoop Lion. Snoop coulda done this song with someone else and it woulda been ok. Psy couldn’t have done this song without Snoop, though.

But that’s just our thoughts on the song. We freaking LOVE the video, though. Oh man! This is what we’re looking for! We were so disappointed with CL’s bizarre “The Baddest Female” which is nothing like Korea whatsoever. Psy’s video, though, is very much Korea. These are scenes from our lives, people! This is a FAPFAP for alcohol, just with a bigger budget and better soundtrack and cooler people. But the idea is the same! Psy’s video shows what makes Korea cool. CL’s video shows what makes CL seem cool, though we can smell through it. It’s almost like Psy makes videos for, you know, Korean people, while so much other Kpop tries so hard to emulate Western Culture, Batoost’s Beautiful Night and Troublemaker’s Now being the prime examples. Psy, we like your videos.

One major thing we forgot to mention in this video is how it depicts 1cha 2cha 3cha, which I don’t think we talked about in any of our videos before. Basically, it’s Korea’s version of barhopping. You go to one place, eat some food and drink, then go to another place and eat food and drink, then another place and do the same, then noraebang, then something else, until you pass out or give up. You see that a bit with Snoop and Psy, when they go for Chinese food, then to the noraebang, then to the amusement park, then for some more food, and then it’s sunrise. Interesting info on this video: we just watched the interview of Psy and Snoop on Kimmel, and Snoop said how they shot nonstop for 18 hours. Kinda fits the vibe of the 1cha 2cha 3cha, but it’s mostly just because that’s how music video shoots in Korea usually are. Drink till you pass out, work till you pass out.

Also interesting to note: G-Dragon’s singing in the Noraebang wasn’t weird for weirdness’ sake. He’s emulating the trot lounge singer style. Kinda like a jazz singer, almost. There are lounge bars in Korea where people sing like this, and throw the mic around like that as well. It’s not common to see for people in our demographic, but it’s out there. We’ve seen it, fleetingly :D

And, I gotta say, this is probably the best crossover collaboration I’ve seen in Kpop. G-Dragon’s song with Missy woulda been better if Missy was back in her prime. Instead, it kinda felt out of place and just a paid for verse, like JYJ’s Ayy Gurl with Kanye. Both seemed forced. Psy doing a song with Snoop about substance abuse: now that’s something that makes sense. Though, I will admit, Snoop rapping about being in Korea…did seem a bit awkward to me.

Anyhow, those are our thoughts on the video. The song’s growing on us but it’s still not fully hooked in. I’ll give it a week once every freaking store in our neighbourhood plays it all day everyday. OH WAIT! We’re going to LA on Wednesday! We should be safe! Well, we’ll see.

We’ve got some bloopers from today’s video as well, if you’re interested in seeing us fumble at pool, check it out. Hot damn that game is difficult!


And, lastly, if you like this video, here’s an awkward product placement telling you to click on the bottom button right here for more! Aww yiss!

  1. After seeing that blooper video, I finally made an account for your new layout just so I could post this:
    I mean, those are the only lyrics to the Beverly Hills Cop theme right?

  2. You know, the more that I think about it, the more I realize this is probably my least favourite song of Psy’s. Gentleman I can still sing and enjoy, same with Gangnam Style. But I haven’t really craved, listened to, or even thought about Hangover since doing this video.

  3. I’m the type of person who carries my iPod everywhere I go. Like, I need a constant soundtrack while I’m running errands. And I’ll have a whole mix of things on there. On my iPad, I’ve got songs I can play at parties. Sometimes I’ll have the same songs on both devices, Jay Park’s Hot, for example. Hangover seems like it would strictly be a Party Song.

  4. eemayzahao

    The song definitely grew on me the first time I listened to it and the MV made it even better for me. The part at the end I thought was great because I feel like Hangover as a whole is a way of Psy making fun of drinking culture in a music world where people praise the drinking culture. Nobody likes a Hangover and he’s playing on that and the part of the end really exemplifies that. I feel like a lot of people think Psy is just this silly guy who makes over the top music videos but each of his singles has played upon making fun of something. Also this song makes me really want to skip in an amusement park with Psy and Snoop XD

  5. Tina Penland

    I actually really love this song. The lyrics, beat, and video, I like everything about it. It was also a big plus that GD and CL was in it too.

  6. I quite agree that Psy’s videos tend to be about what life in Korea is really like. I like that. But to me, the song is horrendous. I can forgive a bad video if the song is good, but the opposite doesn’t work for me. The video should be a visual support to the song, and here it feels like a great video with bad soundtrack. I do love the shot glass domino though!

  7. Personally I did not like this song very much. I felt that both Gangnam Style and Gentlemen was better and much more catchy. However I did find the video funny (and better than the song) and loved this KMM. Think this approach was nice especially as it is an aspect of korean drinking culture that’s not really otherwise seen (though some parts appear in drama’s this was a better explanation into it).

  8. TooKyute

    I really freaking loved this KMM for some reason, so much fun to watch!

  9. Nice music Monday guise! I agree with DAENVGIELL6. You could have easily spend time breaking down the video and its level of English accuracy >.> But instead you taught us a little more about Korea and apparently… let Phy’s new song/video… which really isnt that good… have a free pass? Or perhaps you will come back and tell us what you really think of this later?

  10. DAenvgiell6

    You guys did a great job on this music monday! Instead of bashing on how terrible this song is (which it really is) and then praising the video (which is seriously too awesome) you creatively took a different approach! Props to you guise :D Thanks again for useful Korean drinking tips and keep up your creative flow (how do you guys manage to keep on coming up with new fun things?)

  11. Ebircs

    Awful song. Couldn’t find a single moment or lyric that hooked me.
    Video was a little better, but still not as good as most of his other vids.
    But I DO appreciate EYK’s n00b guide to Korean drinking :D Although a lot of your watchers would already know half of this stuff, it’s good to see that new watchers won’t have a million assumed things or *cough* inside jokes *cough* (took me a while to catch up with them when I didn’t watch you all for a while).

  12. Yzabellatrix

    You must have enjoyed filming this video A LOT. All those drinking, and dancing, and singing. Hahaha. HOT GAY STUFF THOUGH. Oh and by the way, when did Psy sing? Hahaha. It’s unrecognizable.

  13. This isn’t my favorite song from Psy, that’s all I’m going to say. But for the video, I had fun watching it! GD’s cameo caught me off guard, so it made me scream LOL. Now, I’m waiting to see if his new song coming out this summer called ‘Daddy’ will be better. :)

  14. HunHanInNeverland

    Does Psy even sing in this video? Its so hard to tell with all of the voice filters…
    WHERE IS MY VIXX?!?!?! ∏.∏

  15. OnigiriBunnie

    It isn’t my favorite Psy song or mv but I think it is amusing enough. I think the reason I loved Gangnam Style is because it came out of nowhere for most people and it was like ‘Whoa are they playing Psy on the radio in America?!’ I appreciate how much time you took on this KMM it made me smile after a terrible day at work <3 You guys are so awesome!

  16. I wish y’all would include the previous/next post buttons again! I like those & use them to catch up :-(

  17. ingodslove

    well done! You guys got that video up so fast, its crazy. thanks for being so detailed, I like that you pointed out the ads….aaanndd not my favorite of Psy’s MVs although I wonder if the song would grow on me if I watched it more than once- maybe all his music is like that.

  18. Its more of a collaboration than a Psy Video and I believe that is what we were told it would be. Thank you VERY MUCH for posting the guide. It was the best of both worlds: entertaining AND helpful.

  19. Chikorita2Chante

    This is my least favourite song of PSY and even though I appreciated PSY’s video (as I always, without fail, do) I couldn’t even finish it. (Got like 4/5 into it before I gave up.) I did however, really love this KMM. Thank you guys for the lovely video.

  20. CosmicCat

    I’ve had the drop shots before. We call them jagarbombs. I think it’s a shot of jagarmeister in a glass of red bull? I’m not sure the mix but I do know it’s jagarmeister. Boy they get you drunk fast. Also we call barhopping a pub crawl, because at the end of the night you will most likely be crawling around xD PS I don’t like this song but I probably will dance to it if I’ve had a couple jagarbombs on a pub crawl. Then it’s hangover hangover hangover hangover hangover time. -_-”

  21. Thanks for explaining what was going on, it made me appreciate the video a lot more than I originally did. I don’t like the song at the moment but maybe if I hear it a few more times. At the end of the video it says another is coming this summer and so I’m hoping it will be a little more upbeat and fun sounding. I really loved Gentlemen. I could have sworn there was something else I wanted to say… dag nabbit! Have fun in LA. =)

  22. Tanja

    I didn´t like the song at all, but enjoyed the video because of all the korean stuff going on.

  23. Gotta say I agree with you on Psy’s song, it wasn’t as good as Gangnam Style or Gentleman – the constant ‘hangover’ line in the background wears out pretty fast. But I have to say, I enjoyed this KMM a lot. It was really informative, especially about the video, which I didn’t pay that much attention too. Your KMM made me analyse it a bit more to recognise how Korean it was.

    This made me think about other Kpop videos that aren’t as Korean, and can be a bit boring because they lack culture and depth. Sure, anyone can walk around in designer clothes, or wear next to nothing as a ‘concept’, but these don’t really stand out anymore. Lots of people wouldn’t have paid attention to GS if it didn’t have the funky horse dance or the larger than life personality that is Psy. I feel like a lot of Kpop music videos lose this originality when they try to forget their roots, if you will.

    Thanks for this KMM, I hope you do more like these in future.

  24. Dayum! This is really funny. When I saw the MV I thought: Whoa, all my friends in Norway should see this video, since it really shows so so much Korean drinking culture. And then BOOM! Eyk crew explains the whole thing, in a funny and genius way. So now I will share your video, along with Psys video! EYK, I really do love you. Not in a creepy way. Ok, a tiny bit creepy.

    I think I will like the song more and more, but I did miss the whole escalating feeling. It was a bit too careful for me. But I LOVED the video – it’s kinda artistic, right? Awesome video people. Now I need to test out that gay juice. Wait, what?

  25. abokado

    Wow! What an amazing KMM! So many interesting locations and new things we haven’t seen you done yet, I really love it! :D

    I didn’t particularly like the song. I barely could hear PSY in there and I’m not very fond of Snoop’s voice, so, yeahhh.

    And Martina – you look absolutely lovely in this video.

  26. So, i think i can finally write my comment, after having given the song a few good rounds of listening, and watched the MV several times.
    The song is -really- growing on me. I didn’t like it at all in the beginning, but it was the MV that kept me rewatching “Hangover” and now the song is really starting to grow on me too.

    This is a pretty awesome MV, and it has that shareability to it, almost like gangnam style. I think people are very quick to write this song off as ‘bad’ and thus just ignore the MV entirely.
    Really, it’s worth a few listens. I eventually began to take notice of how well the song actually went with the MV, how the chorus kicks in when sh*t is about to hit the fan, or something amusing happens.

    I also noticed, which, i’m surprised Simon and Martina didn’t mention, is that at one part of the song, Snoop added ‘uh’ at the end of the lyric, in order to make the text rhyme, whiich, they butchered the rookie group EYKCrew for with their version of Gentleman. ;)

    I overall enjoy the MV and now i’m really enjoying the song aswell.

    My favourite part so far is when the spoon whacks that dude in the back of the head, and all hell breaks loose. More specifically the karate fly kick in the background i find quite amusing.

  27. OatmealCreamPie

    meh song.

  28. When I was in Japan I made at lot of Korean friends at my International Language School and we would always go out drinking together – especially since they can actually keep up with drinking and not be down after a beer like most Japanese people, lol. But they taught me a lot, so despite not having gone to Korea I was able to relate a lot to the video. I remember one time holding my friend’s hair back while she was throwing up and the other girl came in and told me I was doing it wrong and starting slamming her hand against the other’s back. It was such a shock at first but I eventually got used to it, lol.

  29. the MV is so entertaining …. I try to hear and understand the lyrics but cant concentrate watching the video.. haha… the scenes are so funny..i specially like the ladies.. LOL but is a song I would NOT listen as is not my kind of music… I prefer Gangnam style than hangover.. but the MV is good…. I like psy.

  30. cglyn

    I felt like the amusement park scene was a reference to K.Will’s Love Blossom.

  31. Am I the only one who reacted to the fact that Psy is using Simon’s signature hip-thrust dance move? This is the perfect video for Simon to have a cameo. :D

  32. I thought Psy’s video was entertaining, but the song itself just didn’t do it for me. Coming from N America there are literally 10000000000 (maybe not literally) songs about getting drunk and drinking. Although Hangover was catchy, some of those other songs are better. As far as Psy goes I like his other stuff much more. I guess this video feels more like a Snoop Dog (is that even his name) video featuring Psy as opposed to the other way around. I did however, enjoy your KMM haha

  33. Mariam

    I wonder how many takes that domino shots shot took? A common American equivalent is a boilermaker- whiskey in beer, or an Irish Car Bomb- whiskey floated on a shot of Bailey’s dropped into stout.
    This song seems to have a higher proportion of rap to song, and a lot of English. It doesn’t have the earworm little melody that Gentleman or Gangnam Style had.
    But the video was hilarious. Especially the final shot in the street. WHY WAS THAT MAN ON FIRE?

  34. Luna

    I like sake bombs lol they are like that soju-beer thing that you took your shot of, a really good shot of Sake and some Sapporro MMMMM gets you ka-runk

  35. Thank you, I didn’t know most of the things you explained in the video. As for the song, I don’t like it either. Maybe I need to listen to it more to get the feeling for it but at the first time, I didn’t like it at all. And I agree with you: it’s more like Snoop feat. Psy than the other way round. As for the video, it is really funny indeed. Anyways, I appreciate your video a lot, I got to know more about Korea’s drinking culture. :)

  36. eawy-ge

    Well…I knew this drinking style (I have seen a LOT of dramas) and I think he did something different again. The song is still growing on me, but I can see myself singing it in few days non-stop..And I think there will be always this “oppa Gangnam style shadow crawling after everything psy does”. If you haven’t seen Gangnam style and watched this you would be like “WOW SO COOL AND CRAZY” but after it everybody will be always like….it’s not that good as GS.
    I like it. a lot.

  37. wow that ws soo very educational its ws chok full of facts & really interesting things which i ws thinkin ws kinda weird wen i 1st sw da video… the songchorus is really chatchy bt it didnt lik the song off the bat lik psy previous songs bt stil ws fun silly & quirky da same way we all knw psy so therez no radical change there!! GD & CL were silly too that ws really fun 2 watch!! :))

  38. RudeMinnesotan

    That video was absolutely amazing; I loved it. You are so right about it; it’s like a FAPFAP about alcohol in Korea.
    I’ve done the 1cha 2cha 3cha thing before. It’s kind of fun, but can get expensive and you’re literally out all night until the subway is running again which can be intense.

    I love the combo of Snoop and Psy’s voices, but you are right… Snoop could have done this WITHOUT Psy, but not the other way around.
    I don’t feel like this will really go viral the way “Gangnam Style” did. Because. … It lacks the dance. Gangnam style was silly and ridiculous and awesome and amazing and catchy and had a great (silly_) dance! That’s what really made it. Gentlemen didn’t have as much of a dance, and the video wasn’t as funny… for me.
    But the video was great lol.

  39. xoxoyulandsicaxoxo

    No need to talk about oberyn martell’s death,martina….:(

  40. shelbertLemon

    whilst I found the video interesting.. the song wasn’t too bad but I was definitely getting the vibe of “snoop dog/lion ft Psy” then “Psy ft. snoop dog/lion”.. i was actually hoping for some more Psy. Left me a bit “hmmmm”

  41. I didn’t really like the song, but the video was pretty entertaining. Psy’s already got the money rollin, he’s already in the history books. I think all he wants to do now is make crazy videos while having fun.

  42. deebolah

    Great video guys! It really shows on camera when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about ^^
    Now I gotta say something about the negative reactions that seem to come shooting at you two from all sides…

    On one hand, I really don’t understand why fans gets so butthurt when their favourite group isn’t chosen KMM. It’s not like you get a exclusive interview with the group or get to see never-before-seen footages from behind-the-scenes. All Simon and Martina do is offer their (hilarious) comments on the video and song, coupled with skits and other stuff.

    On the other hand, I am really fascinated by those fans, because they seem to treat KMM as some form of Eat Your Kimchi award for Best K-Pop Video of the Week, LOL. From the way the fans express their anger, you would think they were voting for Artist of the Year at the MAMAs.

    Anyhoo, I’m glad S&M are staying true to what they like to do instead of trying to please the whole world. Stay awesome you two!

  43. It was catchy, but like someone else before me said, it’s not really psy. It doesn’t have the same quirkiness psy’s usual songs have. Gangnam style was so popular because it was exactly what psy was about. It was all him and his thang, but this song is just kind of SNOOPY SNOOP SNOOP IN KOREA ft. psy…. But like I said, the song is catchy :P

  44. i love hangover more than gentleman..

  45. It bugs me out something fierce when people judge PSY based on one song with no prior research. I was talking to a friend about it and our opinion was something along the lines of ‘Like PSY gives a damn about the opinions of these (predominantly white) people. That guy is all about Korea and he is set for LIFE’.
    I love PSY however this song isn’t his style. It has a good flow and is defs quirky, but it isn’t PSY quirky. I don’t know whether it’s him or YG but they (however they are) are really trying to hold onto/replicate the fame Gangnam Style received, for obvious reasons. Someone below me said they wished YG would use their new international fame to promote their ‘better’ artists like CL or GD but frankly, I think PSY is better than them. Not saying I don’t like them but PSY has been in the business for over a decade with obvious (Korean-based) fame and his music relays important messages by criticizing them in the weirdest way possible.

    I don’t know what I’m trying to get across here other than my passion for PSY and his work. I guess tl;dr PSY is a lot more talented than most people think and he shouldn’t be reduced down to that funny fat Asian guy with the weird dance.

  46. Loved this video. The dropping shots into beer thing is common in the UK as well, though usually it’ll be Jaegermeister into either lager or red bull/energy drink of the pub’s choice.

  47. I love that you did this kmm in this format, you took advantage of a great opportunity to teach us more about Korean cultIre! I’m actually in south Korea right now! Just the incheon airport for a few more hours, but I’m still psyched about it! I’m headed for China though so I can’t watch any of your videos for three months. That makes me sad cause every time I get scared and think “why did I leave my family? This is scary!” I just think about the entire eyk crew and the nasties and I know that even though we all haven’t met each other, we all have each others backs (: you’re all amazing people~ (^•^)

  48. Cindy

    Jeez what’s with all the people freaking out about not getting a video from the chart reviewed? The world’s not going to end. No reason to be negative towards Simon and Martina. They don’t need to explain their choices. They can review any video they want-I don’t care which one because whatever it is, I know it will be fun to watch. Might as well dismantle the chart? Relax people. No need for that. Besides a guide for S&M, it’s a useful tool to gauge what’s popular and it lets me see what videos are out that I might have missed. All this nonsense just made me feel very protective of them because they’re the reason I discovered K-Pop. And it’s a wonderful and important thing in my life, so I don’t like to see them attacked. Keep doin’ what your doin’ Simon and Martina-it’s greatly appreciated.

  49. What a wonderful Music Monday to test out my new nasty! status. <3

  50. All I can say is that, Psy’s new song Hangover was interesting. It was definitely better with the explanations.
    Aside from G-Dragon in the music video, I think CL was also in it. I believe she was wearing the fur coat at the four minute mark. In fact there is this picture. http://instagram.com/p/pAR_K9LL0l/

  51. Hi, I just want to share my point of view regarding those viewers who are disappointed because not one in the top three artists in this recent KMM chart got reviewed. Before that, I’d like to clarify that I’m not trying to pick a fight, so pretty please, don’t get me wrong  I think ALL fans who voted for their fave artists, not only those fans for the top three artsits, have the right to be disappointed. They certainly have given their effort to make their fave artist be in the top three. They voted, liked through their fb & google, tweeted about it, and did whatever they can. So it would come naturally to be disappointed upon knowing that all your efforts went down the drain, well, sort of (again, I’m not asking for a fight :)).Think of a high school project you have poured all your efforts into finishing, but on the day of the submission, your teacher changed her mind about it and asked for some other output. Sucks, right? I suggest that S&M should have announced, “Okay people, there’s going to be a break for the voting process for this week’s KMM chart in order to give way for a super duper special KMM feature.” That way, it’s a win-win situation. No disappointed fans, but only viewers who are holding tightly to their seats, waiting with excitement for the special feature :)

    But two thumbs up for S&M for being spontaneous entertainers ;) good luck to you guys!

  52. Batty

    I personally don’t get all the hate towards this song I find it fun and something I would totally get hammered to. I don’t think it compares to gangnam style or gentleman but I still love it. but whatever that’s my food for thought. however the comments I been seeing that been bugging me are that’s GD’s and CL’s cameos are pointless.. really? Psy is always throwing in random cameos of other YG members in his videos and I never seen people react so negatively about it… I just don’t understand what the big deal is.. I mean I can see how it plays out… PSY: “OI, Snoop let’s take these noona out for some Karaoke” Snoop: “Aw yeah, let’s do this” *runs into G-Dragon on the way there* PSY: “GD what are you doing out here?” G-Dragon: “I found a cigarette outside a bar and… I forget what I do” Snoop: “that was mine and it wasn’t a ciggarette baby” PSY: “You really need to stop finding odd smelling cigarettes… but hey join us in Karaoke” *GD sings Karaoke but he keeps forgetting what he do*
    PSY: “Ok that was fun now let’s leave GD and the Nooans I feel like some Taekwondo”
    Snoop: “Why we leaving the ladies?”
    PSY: “Don’t worry I’m sure we’ll find them again at a carnival later”
    -get’s to the dojo and finds CL-
    PSY: ” CL what are you doing here…?”
    CL: “I like finding Dojos to work on clapping my hands
    Snoop: “In a fur coat and tims?”
    CL: “Got to keep my swag in check while I do it”
    Snoop: “Works for me”

    See it makes perfect sense… when your drunk it makes perfect sense

  53. I think it’s a fun colab. I like Psy as an artist so I watch it all. I just enjoy seeing them together having a great time. I saw the G-Dragon/Missy colab and enjoyed that too. It’s the unity I love. A generation of music I miss dearly that is being passed on (shared with) to a culture that represents it so well is an honor. Much success to them all and I’ll keep watching and enjoying. We’re fans of theirs as well.

  54. nocturnalglitter

    I just wanted to say that I really loved the format of this video. It’s very tight, crisp, professional. Not to mention fun and informative. While I liked having you two able to talk and interact when you did that trial run change-up the KMM format a few months ago, I missed the sense of structure and the skits/play of the original format. This video, to me, seems like almost like an evolution of your style in its potential to bring those two things together. This probably took a ton of work, though, so I’m not sure it’s feasible to do something like this every week? I’m not really all that into K-Pop to be honest, but I always watch KMM because of the playfulness of the segments. Anyway, just my two cents! Great job! :)

  55. EpicBioHazard

    I feel like I’m the only one who loved this video and song right off the bat. :C Which makes me sad that more people don’t like it. Why compare it to his other songs at all? It’s its own thing, just enjoy it as it is (did that make any sense???). I showed it to my mom and brother, all of them loved it as well. Am I missing something??? :/
    And I don’t care that y’all did this song for KMM this week. You guise always do Psy’s songs when they come out. I stopped voting on the charts like last year (cuz the songs I usually want reviewed never get reviewed anyway, so I was just wasting time *Kanye Shrug*)so that isn’t an issue for me. Post what y’all want. As long as you guise aren’t insulting anyone or hurting anyone, I’m cool with it. :)

  56. I really really don’t like the song at all. There isn’t really much special about it to me, it’s very run-of-the-mill and it doesn’t really have a strong K-Pop feel to it. The video was okay… but despite all of those really Korean subtleties that you guise explained (very well, by the way!) I feel like those things were subtle enough for the video to come across as just a crazy, slightly chubby ad very drunk Korean man who dances around, simply in order to please the American audience. Overall, I was pretty disappointed and it’s not my cup of tea. At all.

  57. Too bad this won’t go viral because once Psy’s does all people are going to think is that the funny asian guy is back and is getting drunk with Snoop Dog/Lion/HellhecouldbearaccoonandIwouldn’tcare.
    I know drinking in Korea is usually about bonding and whatnot but the viral world is going to take one look at this and think that Korea is a place to party all the time and get drunk without consequences because obviously vomiting and hangovers aren’t consequences if the funny asian guy can do them.
    Idk. I’m just REALLY not looking forward to seeing this everywhere for the next few months.
    End mindless rant.

  58. Can you guys do this kind of review more often? I mean maybe not so basic culture stuff, but more informative style :) its more like your other videos and tbh kmm are my least favorite of all your videos.. i loveeee the ones that discuss modern culture especially because i’m just a passive kpop listener (and i have yet to meet a single korean who actually likes kpop, out of the 100 some people i’ve met like 80% hate it) and i think discussing the aspects of korea that koreans actually partake in is more informatively beneficial particularly since the foreign audience, i’ve noticed, tends to get so wound up inside this tiny little kpop world without really taking into consideration the rest of korea, and i think you guys are a really good middle man for relaying that kind of information :)

  59. Interesting fact: we actually saw a drug deal go down yesterday. For really reals. When we were filming our drug talk, we saw a guy drive up in his car, roll down the window (ayy girl) and whistle at another guy down the street. The guy down the street walked up to the guy in the car, shook hands quickly, and walked away into a building, while the car driver drove away.

    We were all like “Soo Zee! That was a drug deal! Did you see that! That dude bought drugs!” and Soo Zee had no idea what went down. I feel like we initiated her into the underworld :D

  60. This is probably not the big single we’ve been waiting for. Daddy could be the one.

  61. Hey guys! This is my first comment ever! :D I just felt like you were getting a lot of crap so I wanted to let you know that I’m just glad you make videos at all! I was doing homework (for Korean) and then I was like IT’S A MONDAY so I checked and there it was, a new video! They’re always hilarious and informative no matter what they’re about! Keep doing whatever nasty stuff you wanna do! x) <3

  62. Thanks for all the cultural data…but really, I need to say it, I REALLY REALLY HATE THIS VIDEO!

    Part of the “charm” of Kpop is that it is a global product, not created for the korean or asian market. This video in particular could be really “korean”, but it is REALLY going global due to PSY’s unfortunate projection, and I do not think that showing the trashy side of Korean Culture was the best. Korean Culture is very diverse and beautiful, and PSY has done nothing but show the funny/trashy/cliché side of it; in this particular video, there is not even a Korean singing about Korea, bur Snoop Dogg…PSY is nothing but a prop for the rapper!

    I don’t like PSY, I can´t find his work “funny”, but rather offensive and reductive. I consider YG should use all the contacts gained thanks to “Gangnam Style” to promote their true and talented artists (like G-Dragon or Taeyang)

    • Hm. Fascinating! I don’t really think this side of Korea is that trashy or negative, you know? I don’t feel like alcohol in Korea has the same connotations as drinking alcohol elsewhere. Here it’s a very social bonding kinda thing, rather than a “let’s get messed up and belligerent and woooooaaa spring break mofos!”

      • I my travels, and when talking to people I know who have traveled, the United States has one of the most overt overwhelming negative connotation associated with drinking (no hate I’m American). I’d guess Canada, seeing as it is physically close, may also have similar ideas. I think it has a lot to do with how each country was founded and the current drinking laws. For example, you have to be 21 yrs old to drink in the US, and society both sensationalizes and condones drinking. So many people when they hit 21 (or before as a was of rebellion) go WAY off the deep end. I live in a college town and the term 21er exists just to describe that birthday. During which you are meant to get drunk if you go out. I have literally seen people’s cars tagged with comments saying “if you don’t get blackout drunk you’re doing it wrong,” and “drink tell you puke on your birthday that’s what its there for.”

        Personally, I’m not a fan of public drunkenness (or drunk people in general) but I do believe culture plays an enormous role in how people interpret these types of things. And every culture will have a different opinion on the matter.

    • that’s the life… of course that MV is not peace of art, but just for fun is ok. U know all k-pop is so sweet and perfect, that sometimes need some spices.
      And about drinking, i heard statistic that heaviest drinkers lives in Russia and east Europe ;D so relax

    • Honestly, I disagree. I think it’s awesome to see all side of Korea. I know that myself and my friends are TIRED of seeing countries display all the GLORIOUS parts of their country while hiding their bad – I think PSY’s video not only shows what other countries would deem as a “downside” but he is also showing that by making a video and show it off he’s proud of it. You do not have Korea without their crazy drinking culture and this just showcases that. I would honestly have this than watching UKISS have a threesome.

  63. KATHyphenTUN

    Ya I’m not really a fan of this one, I’ll stick with “Right Now”. I think that will forever be my favorite Psy song.
    However, I did like the video. Even though I don’t drink it was interesting to learn about the differences!

  64. Plasmajay

    That pool game looks really hard. Ha, leave it to us asians to play a game that involves angles and math and all that stuff :p

  65. Also, hats off to choosing what ever the flip you want for KMM. Some people just need to calm their farms :)

  66. Interesting to see how you thought the video was directed at Koreans and how I interpreted it as directed at Western cultures showing off Korea/promoting Korea. Either way it was a great video to show off Korean culture ^.^

  67. I find it ironic that it seems like it’s considered normal to get drunk out of your mind on a regular basic in Korea but heaven forbid you get caught with weed.

  68. I definitely prefer gentleman and gangnam style to this.. there just wasn’t really anything to sing or dance along to in this one… it was just repeating hangover all the time… not really catchy… But the video was good!

  69. Psy should make watching your video with the explanation of his video first so that folks can really understand some of the scenes.

    It was really helpful and gave me more insight to the scenes by watching and understanding the cultural and meaning of some of the action.

    Thanks guise!

  70. I feel that even if S&M did review one of the top 3 on their charts, people would still complain about how they didn’t do the other two videos or criticize the way they’re doing the KMM. It reminds me of the fable about an old man and a boy taking their goat to the market. “If you try to please everyone, you will end up pleasing no one.”

    That being said I really liked the video(minus the actual song and the parts with the female backup dancers) and this was an awesome KMM. It felt like a combination of a TL;DR, WANK,and a FAPFAP. It really reminds me of why I started to take an interest in this channel and what Eat Your Kimchi is about-Korean cultural education.

    • It’s always that way. No matter who we pick, even if they’re on the charts or not, there will be some people who are upset. Hopefully, people can just watch our videos and have fun with them, regardless of who we talk about :D

    • idk lets be honest… doing this was the best choice. they can get back to the charts next week… Psy is one of those artists who’s actually international… so he’ll get more attention faster by more people, and staying current like this is VERY important, you know?

    • Mariam

      I agree. I’m not a Kpop fan, so it took me a while to realize that people don’t vote on those polls based on what they thought was the most interesting video that week- it’s almost all fandoms voting for their favorite group, regardless of whether or not the oppas made something interesting. (And even if their video does get picked, they inevitably get super mad if eyk says anything interesting about it, they seem to just want lots of praise heaped on their idols). Appealing to that demographic would make KMM really boring. I am all for Simon and Martina picking whatever they think will make the most interesting video.

  71. So glad I’m not the only one who thought that it was really Snoop feat Psy which is exactly what I thought half way through the video the first time I watched it! I really wanted to like this song. :( The videos entertaining but honestly I probably wouldn’t watch it again and the song just bugs me with the above mentioned point. :( overall disappointed.

  72. kaynichelle

    My first thought after watching this video was literally, “Wow, this is pretty reflective of real Korean culture.” If I didn’t live here, I wouldn’t have understood all of the cultural innuendos. Of course, there are a lot of cartoon’ish antics, but this is very close to legit life in Korea.

    I think the appearance of CL and G.Dragon is so random though. They just show up awkwardly and really aren’t contributing anything. True, they are completely unknown in the U.S. popular market, but they are hugely successful stars in Korea. But maybe it was just meant to excite Korean audiences? If that’s the case, it would have been funnier to make G.Dragon a waiter or bus driver. Now THAT would have been a funny wink at the difference in cultural notoriety! I would have flipped (in a good way) at that! “Haha! American audiences have no idea that this ‘BUS DRIVER’ is a HUGE POP STAR!!” Like that. ;)

    • “I think the appearance of CL and G.Dragon is so random though.”

      THIS! Lol. Maybe it’s to promote CL and GD to international audiences? I legit had to look close to make sure that it was GD because I just didn’t believe it at first xD. Having him as a waiter or bus driver would’ve been better, like you said :P

    • CL is a friend of Snoop, so when he was in town, he invited her over and she went into the video as a spur-of-the-moment feature. I read (on another review) that GD was cast as Psy’s beer-goggle image of himself.

    • GD and CL appearance is like cherry on a cacke, small but gives good emotion :D

  73. KryBerDaesungSONE

    I really love this song
    It’s different…

  74. Taeils wife

    The thing is people are still trying to compare this song to some of his other songs. You can’t do that. It’ll ruin this wonderful song. If you were to pretend that Psy was a rookie with no other songs I believe you would enjoy it more. Also some people are sitting there while watching thinking that they hate Psy and all of his songs. Well if you hate him so much why would you even bother watching this. Because the people who only focus on the negatives ruin it for everyone else. ♥_♥

  75. not my favourite song, more like not at all, but I liked your video… the video is just a bit too headache inducing, and as a migraneur it’s the worst possible situation.

  76. acidpops9

    Hey EYK, there’s a part of info u could add on 3:27 in Psy’s Hangover where he’ seen fooling with a spinning ride. That ride is actually pretty unique in Korea as it is run paired with a DJ and are mostly available in arcade centres instead of amusement park. It’s really interesting tho it looks pretty dangerous.

    For those who are curious, refer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlSfncmNm1k for a video of the actual ride.

  77. sailorpluto

    this was Amazing!!!!!! I love PSY

  78. GinjaSnap

    First thoughts: What did I just watch
    Second thoughts: Snoop is so much taller than everyone else
    Third thoughts: Why wasn’t U-kiss’s song chosen? That pv was pure gold!

  79. Bubalooy

    Guise, I’m sorry, I still love you, but please, no more freaking Game of Thrones Spoilers!!!! Didn’t hear a thing you said after that because I was too annoyed that when I finally get to watch the next season of Game of Thrones there’s probably gonna be a guy called Oberon and he’s probably gonna end up dead. Please, just no more!

    • Cyber_3

      I can see what you’re saying as I don’t like spoilers myself but I would think that everyone would get it by now -> it’s a tragedy, eventually, everyone dies. George R. R. Martin seems to take some kind of sadistic glee in prolonging it every time to give you a faint hope, but pretty much DEATH is gonna getcha sometime, probably soon and nasty.

    • xoxoyulandsicaxoxo

      oh and I will give you one more spoiler,that little fucker joffrey dies at this wedding

      • I’m trying to read the books and I’m still in book one…it is really annoying when people spoil it, regardless of me knowing who dies already because of all these spoilers.

      • Cyber_3

        I read the first 5 books and really, want nothing to do with the tv series no matter what rave reviews it is getting. Myself, I find it kind of disturbing the way the story manipulates you into getting really bloodthirsty for the villains since so many heroic characters die despite their best efforts. Perhaps the whole series is a sad look inwards at what people can become in the face of adversity. If you look closely at a lot of people that made it through the 1930s worldwide or through wars, you understand how they get broken and then continue to break future generations afterwards with their anti-social or downright selfish-to-the-point-of-cruelty behaviour (habits from hard lessons in survival) so that it takes a long time for a culture to recover. I would personally feel better about the tv series if people were more disturbed by it.

  80. Ive heard drunks vomiting that sounded better than this “song”.

  81. The funny thing about this song is it’s the absolute LAST kind of music you’d want to listen to when you were hungover, lol.

  82. Ive lost whatever little respect I had for you guys. Since this is your business now I suggest you get rid of the voting system already, you know you want to.

    • KryBerDaesungSONE

      Why did you lost respect for them? But yeah they should get rid of the voting thing because they will like that better and it will be easier but if they don’t review someone’s favorite group fans will get butthurt

    • You know, we do something like six videos a week, and Kpop Music Mondays are one of the smallest of them. Why would us not picking something from the kpopcharts negate everything else we do?

      • is just annoying, makes all the voting pointless (kpop music mondays is the only reason I got into you guys). We have known for a while that you dont want to review all the vids that win on the kpop charts, which is why you came out with that new rule to choose from the top 3, since you dont want to review the top 3 either just get rid of the voting system.

        • smaugthedesolator

          Psy transcends the international attention because of his 2 previous songs, one of which was the single most viral video in… god if I remember… forever? It makes total sense that they would review Psy as soon as the video came out.. it’s a great move, and they can get back to the charts next week…
          I can accept not going by the charts this week, even if it’s a crappy song just because of the more popular appeal here…

        • I think you need to have a little bit of respect for Simon and Martina. For as much as they have catered to their fans they also need to do things for themselves once in awhile. You’re being a tad bit selfish since you didn’t get what you wanted. There are tons of wonderful videos that get skipped over because fandoms vote crazy crappy things, so I have all the respect for S&M for picking the video the wanted.

    • oh and thank you Shinnicakes for calling ukiss, vixx and boyfried crap. Look Im looking for their best interest too, I understand this is their business not their hobby, so it is only logical they go for the more popular mvs. Just get rid of the kpop chart cause its meaningless.

  83. Cyber_3

    This was a great KMM – both learning and laughs combined into one happy package! Funny song picks for the Noraebong – is it hard to get current western music? You guise look tired, sleep on the plane – ‘kay?

    As for PSY’s song…..it strikes me more as a nice drone where you can drunkenly jump/bash/bobble/fall over to at the end of the night one more time. I think it’s clever marketing on his part – it will totally be the hit of the summer around the world for sure.

    Cyber_3 – I believe that it’s call a “Boiler Maker” and a “pubcrawl” on this side of the pond, not my thing(s) but popular in uni. Sometimes you’re having so much fun you just don’t want the night to end, it just looks like the opposite somehow in Korea (how do I get off this crazy ride?)

  84. Roseinyourface

    I’m just sad that this is going to go viral, while some really good korean songs won’t. I prefer Gangnam Style and Gentleman over this, it’s not even catchy, and Snoop Dogg isn’t fun AT ALL. The video is really good, the song was just meh. Another thought, where the hell is Psy in the song? I can only hear Snoop singing.

  85. Thanks for explaining it a bit! I’m bracing myself for rasict hate on psy from people who don’t know what the heck korean culture or korean music is. I agree that this is def not my fav psy song, but the vid is good as always :)

  86. FrostPetal

    The song is catchy. Even though I’m sad it wasn’t a U-KISS, VIXX or Boyfriend review, your review on “Hangover” did clear up a lot for me. Thanks a lot! :3

  87. Gamyeon

    I’m on the same level as you. I liked the video which is all fun and boom-pows and shows a bit of korean culture about alcohol. The “song” though…. is very very average to me xD. It goes with the video, but I don’t think I would listen to it only. I also thought this was more of a music video for Koreans rather than for the international public, which is pretty cool in my opinion.

  88. I have kdramas to thank for my knowledge of Korean drinking culture and EYK for explanations (that’s why they pat the back).

  89. Ugh this song is just ‘monkeyballs awful’ as you guys would say. Video was kind of cute but I’m going to watch it on mute if I ever watch it again…I’ve watched it twice, serious ‘hangover’ from it now.

  90. irritablevowel

    “Psy doing a song with Snoop about substance abuse: now that’s something that makes sense.” Hahahaha!!

  91. kawaii_candie

    lol, the video is hilarious!! my favourite part is them drinking/skipping with the ajhummas (spell?) lol.

  92. I promise this is relevant! This video (while maybe a bit offensive to some, and contains a wee bit of NSFW Korean) shows a bit about the drinking ‘ajeosshi’ culture of Korea, as well as some local Korean video footage. I think the theme goes well with Psy’s new release :D Plus, it’s westerners singing in Korean, so bonus points, right?


  93. Oh My Psy, how did you guys organise, shoot and edit this video since last night?!
    can’t say I like the song but WHO CARES, the video is awesome!! the theme is universal but given a uniquely Korean treatment, I laughed a lot and squealed embarrassingly when a certain someone suddenly appeared in the noraebang…I just love how Psy’s videos are packed with stereotypes but he exposes and embraces them and just has fun with it, I also adore the ahjummas! five out of five stars :D

  94. I want to like the video because it’s typical Psy: quirky and fun. I can’t get over the autotuned “Hangoverhangoverhangover” part, though. I just… can’t. :(

  95. BeckyandEsah

    I loved this video! and I got a lot of the scenes and the meanings from watching previous EYK videos. Also, I have always been a fan of Snoop since I’m in my 30′s and I used to dream that he was like a big brother/friend of mine back in the 90′s lol.

  96. I am really excited that this was chosen for today’s KMM. While the song itself isn’t my favorite, I think it is the label’s way of re-introducing PSY to international audiences (aka WESTERN audiences). I think the song that is dropping in the summer will be more of a Psy-centric song.

    As for all the people complaining about how “Hangover” wasn’t in the top three- honestly, it’s time to move on. Obviously I can’t speak for Simon and Martina, but I would imagine that doing the same freakin’ thing every week is getting a bit tiresome. Yes, EatYourKimchi was born on YouTube and is for the online viewers. But EYK has suddenly blossomed into a very real business. They are getting interviews with Korean celebs, endorsements from Kia, invites to all sorts of events and tours- and yet they still post for their loyal nasties.

    I would be disappointed if Simon and Martina stayed the same. I am glad they are moving away from viewer suggested videos to review. I want them to talk about the things they want to talk about- not what some rabid fangirls want in order to be satisfied.

    People and businesses evolve. EYK has continued to be a source of entertainment, and I won’t stop watching them just because Simon and Martina (The OWNERS, btw), want to grow and expand their horizons.

    Mini-rant over. Again, I don’t speak for Simon and Martina. But I just wish people would view them as humans instead of video making robots designed to bow down to the masses.

    • Cyber_3

      Yes, in a way, perhaps Simon and Martina have been clever (smarter than me) in just quietly migrating gradually away from the top 1 to top 3 to whatever because the backlash is just…..urg. I, for one, never really cared much which video they reviewed except the odd time I got swept up in the voting but honestly – I enjoy KMM more when S&M enjoy making it. I still think that they should take down the “vote your song to victory” line though…….Wouldn’t it be great if every week there was a “Hey Guise! Look at these 10 videos from the charts!” from S&M so we could foster more discussion on them? I hear Martina likes lists so……;)

      • Yeah, we’re gonna change the message on the KpopCharts. I feel like our videos are better when we’re talking about stuff we’re passionate about, rather than only doing what’s in the top 3.

      • I agree, they’ve definitely been clever in the slow transitioning. And I will admit, I too have caught myself getting swept up in the voting and stuff! Sometimes I can’t help it, lol. And to a certain extent I get the whole mania around the boy or girl group of the week. People are fans and they support their favorites. But sometimes people can be so mean!

        But I guess there is no way to please everyone. S&M have consistently been pretty honest with their viewers- “hey, we don’t like this and here’s why…” and “this is just our personal experience…” but some people refuse to even deal with a perspective that is different that theirs.

        I dunno. I guess I feel bad for them sometimes. But they’re pretty positive people, so hopefully they rebound well.

        And I really love the whole discussion aspect of their videos. I think some people forget that EYK is a community of individuals who want to geek out over Kpop and Korea and stuff.

    • I also think it was better for them to put this video out now too. For non-Koreans that are watching the MV, there are a LOT of references that would have been missed. By not waiting until next week (if it even made it into the top 3 by then) a lot of non-Koreans who were watched the MV and wanted to understand more wouldn’t have this information at hand.

    • I want to like this comment!
      Much as I love the usual KMM style, “random” videos in between are very refreshing. I understand that people want to see the band they have voted for but I really want to see EYK talking about things they like. Also, being disappointed is not a reason to bash people but that’s the internet for you, I guess :/

      As for the video itself: I don’t like the song at all but the video was fun to watch.

  97. I actually liked the song, a huge improvement to the previous one (Gentleman was one of the worst songs I have ever heard. E V E R! I don’t mind people liking it, I just want to eradicate any memory I have of that pathetic excuse of a song. SO BAD)
    The song is just how current hip hop is, a bit of unnecessary auto tune, synthesizers and well rapping ofc. I happen to like it.

    I see a lot of people complaing about having a KMM for this particular song though (ahh the youtube comment section makes me barf on every video). It’s just like people are obsessively trying to make their idols “happen” or give them a platform, but it’s just some songs don’t need that anymore (and some don’t deserve it whoops). VIXX don’t need that, everybody know their song and video, they won again on a music programm. U-Kiss might have been nice to watch as as KMM but Simon and Martina have literally done every single video of U-Kiss since they have been around.
    I feel like the charts somehow got stuck with the same boring generic boy band concept that gets voted in almost every week and that’s super duper boring. I feel like a lot of people are expecting that Simon and Martina are gonna praise their oppars to heaven and ramble about how adoreable they look in their costumes and blah blah blah. I think they made it clear, that they don’t give two shits about that. And it’s really nice to see you guys break out of your KMM routine. I feel like we need another un-sausagefest edition of KMM though, there have been a lot of girls coming out with great songs lately and it’s been boys boys boys all over again (80% guys in the top 10, that’s waaaaay too much)

    • Cyber_3

      THIS! That was a great comment on the kpopcharts top songs lately – totally agree. This week, I finally set my preference to “Newest” rather than “Most Popular” and the charts were great for me again. I discovered a whole lot of music that I liked that wasn’t the same old boy bands and I even found “Humming Urban Stereo” – what a freaking awesomesauce band – I love almost everything they have out and that’s a lot! You try it too! You’ll like it! ^_^v

    • Nic My Korean Husband

      Great comment about how some people are just looking for a platform for their “oppas”. If people want to watch someone praise their favourite group every single time they can watch reaction videos. The other thing people can do is make their own videos. Take the step from being just a consumer to being a creator as well. Yes it’s lots of hard work and takes time, but if it’s something they are passionate about, why not try to make videos and create a platform themselves? I just recommend not doing reaction videos, firstly because it’s not really creating something new and interesting and secondly because they’ll realise how much hardcore fans want them to praise everything every group does no matter what and one day they’ll want to say something negative and discover what getting backlash feels like.

      This video was way more interesting than if they had done another boyband.

    • OatmealCreamPie

      If I ever meet you, I’ll give you a hug for this comment.

  98. vannia

    I loveeedd this song and video!! Its so funny and not over the top. So catchy!!!

  99. I did a much smaller scale thing when I went to Korea last year, I met my Korean friend and he tok us for dinner and drinks, then we wandered for a while then went for fried chicken and drinks, then again somewhere else for more drinks…I think I have to try some more of the stuff in this video now ;D

  100. My dad’s friend who’s living in Korea at the moment said he’s actually seen a drunken fight spill out onto the street with 30 guys just like in the video. Although apparently some Koreans don’t like the video because it portrays a slightly negative side of Korea, or so I’ve heard. Psy was very clever about the song, the high-pitched Indian snake charm sound that rips through the whole song a headache-inducing amount actually recreates the hangover feeling. Nicely done Psy, nicely done. Just don’t put it in the next song though, because it sounds terrible. Excited for U-Kiss next week ^_^

  101. Even though the song was mor Snoop Dog feat. Psy, it was a good hip hop song, I really liked it. The video is totally awesome, very different to the more choregraphed Psy videos, and with your explanation about all the Korean drinking culture that is on the video, now it has more sense than ever!

  102. KatrinaM

    It reminded me of another song.

  103. Ok! How many times do they say hangover ??? I’m just curious thats all XD

  104. omg, i don’t know did i like it but i think its crazy ;D totally mad

  105. Conzo

    So many people are saying such ignorant things back on youtube. Which is ironic since their’s so many views on youtube already. At first this video didn’t make sense to me and now I know why. Its because I don’t live in Korea and don’t understand its drinking culture. I feel like after people watch Psy’s hangover the video should automatically switch over to you guys so dumb people will become a little less dumb. Who’s with me!?

  106. The video made me laugh so much! But the song wasn’t too great. It felt like the song was by Snoop Dog and featuring Psy. Psy was hardly in it. But I did like how Snoop Dog rapped a little in Korean.
    The only part of the video I did not like was the dancing women. Whenever an artist runs out of ideas their failsafe is to put a bunch of half naked women gyrating. It’s just laziness.

  107. Nessa

    wow I absolutely did not like this song AT ALL. I couldn’t really pay attention to the video much because I was too busy cringing at the song. I’ve never particularly loved Psy’s songs, but I still think Gangnam Sytle was the best

  108. I think the collab with Snoop.. Lion (is he still a lion? lol) was great! Not really my style of music, and I agree that Gangnam Style was way better, but the collab seemed pretty smooth. I was also impressed by how much this video showed off Korea!!! :D

  109. Sad that this got pushed into Music Monday instead of what was voted… ): Psy’s a cool guy, but still.

  110. I think many are missing the irony of the video. Psy was quoted by the Sunday Times Magazine about his drinking habit saying, “If I’m happy, I’m drinking, if I’m sad, I’m drinking. If it’s raining, I’m drinking, if it’s sunny, I’m drinking.” asked when he isn’t drinking? “When I’m hungover.” Is PSY promoting Korea’s drinking culture in the video or mocking it. (LOL) Like all of PSY’s work it is double edged, kinda brave for a guy who is sponsored by an alcohol company. As always PSY is spot on! Go PSY!!

  111. qtlollipopper

    I was also disappointed you didn’t do UKISS.

    I’m pretty sure Eli didn’t a NASTY shout out.

  112. qtlollipopper

    I personally didn’t like this song, but I loved the video.

    To me, the song didn’t have that Psy feeling. Psy was in it, but not IN it.

    I just gotta bear it when the song is going to be played at the next Pep Rally when the school year starts…

    Or someone plays it during summer school.

    Also, New Single “Daddy” Coming [out] this summer/

    I took that the “right” way.

  113. How did I know the k pop charts were going to be ignored for psy again. Am I they only one that cannot stand his songs? As a person he seems like an ok guy. Very nice and friendly but his music soooo not my thing. I was soo disappointed this morning. Set up of the music Monday was interesting but defiantly not my favorite kmm sorry.

  114. thisisjustforfunval

    Oh shots in beer. Reminding of my youth because we would go across into Mexico and drink because you only had to be 18…but we were younger… uhm anyways our favorite was Flaming Dr. Peppers. A cup of beer and shot glass with amaretto and 151 proof rum. Take the shot, light it on fire, drop it in the glass of beer and jug baby jug. We got drunk pretty darn fast.

    Your video/review was great. It was informative, shed some light on the happenings of the video. As for the MV/song. Uh I’m just not a fan of either at all. My friend who’s from Korea isn’t a fan either. Choosing I like the MV over the song and actually I like both over CL’s Baddest Female (that’s odd). The overly dominate presence of Snoop Dogg has given me the desire to listen to my old Snoop Dogg/Dr. Dre albums.

  115. I’m actually pretty sad that this song was chosen for music Monday. I was hoping for Taeyang or VIXX perhaps. Psy has never really been my favorite and this song didn’t help. I do like Psy but this song honestly seemed like a Snoop Dog song featuring Psy instead of the other way around. Kinda disappointed :/

  116. I actually like the video ^^ but I don’t like the song itself…
    I’ve to say that I didn’t like Gangnam style at the beginning (I didn’t really knew Psy back then) but after some Interviews and Shows I really started to like Psy. I think he has a great Humor and by now I’m a big fan of him as a person/ artist. I think his songs are quite catchy but I don’t consider them as (how do I say this…) really high quality songs. Don’t get me wrong… I think they’re good songs, I know every song needs much work and I think every artist is free to do what he likes but they sometimes seem a little bit effortless to me :/ I like the different between Psys songs and MVs and it’s funny to watch the videos and Interviews :))
    Nice KMM :) I really liked that kind of format… Thank you for another great Video and Blog-post ^.^

  117. unicornsgalaxy

    I’m pretty sure that almost everyplace has some version of dropping shots into bear or another version of some alcohol. Many of bar-hopping trips have had at least 1 JagerBomb (with beer not an energy drink) and I don’t even like beer…

    I actually like Hangover best out of Gangnam style, Gentleman, and Hangover. But the video seemed.. a little low key I guess.

    Anyways, I liked this KMM. It was an interesting format. I enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind if you do similar types of formats (and less skits cause I’m sure we all know that I’m not big on KMMs that have tons of skits).

  118. Well, since I live in ktown L.A., I’ve done a bit of the 1cha 2cha 3cha stuff. I’ve never gone to the pool halls. They weird me out here, but I’ve pretty much done everything else in this MV. Even sneak in alcohol into a noraebang.

    As a someone not in Korea, but in a neighborhood with a lot of Korean establishments, a lot of the MV was like… OMG, I’ve seen that. OH WAIT, I’ve done that. From food to hangover drinks to the swishy swing of the soju bottles… yeah.

    I think I need a juice cleanse after watching it.

    BTW, my bestie and I agree Chum Churum is better. WOOOO! It’s funny because I used to drink it as the Lee Hyori soju and had no idea what it was and when that bottle was phased out, I went with Chamisul. I should have learned the name back then. Chamisul is for desperation use only. haha!

  119. I didn´t like the song :( Gangnam Style was absolutely great, Gentleman was hilarious, but this… the MV is just ok (beer´s brand advertising everywhere); also, I know PSY songs are not the meaningful ones, but they are chatchy and funny: the only thing I can hear here is “hangoverhangoverhangover…”. Is it autotune? (I´m unaware about music stuff), because I think it´s too much.
    However, I acknowledge the drinking guide was interesting.

    I was expecting you to review “Quit Playing” :,(

    • Sachi

      Same! I freaking hate this song as much as I am disappointed by the MV for Quit Playing, but I’d still rather have seen U-Kiss get reviewed. I found this MV amusing at best.

  120. xuan6793

    I read an article on Koreaboo stating that some people(korean, specially) are kind of bashing PSY for a depiction that isn’t showing the right side of Korean Culture, and I was put off by that kind of comments. I also felt like it was a clear depiction of what Korean drinking culture is, and in a way poking fun at it.I highly respect Psy for doing that. I think it’s best when an artist show both good and bad sides, but I also feel for PSY and all the pressure he has to go through because of Gangnam style, he didn’t expect it to be HUGE, but it did, and somehow people are expecting more and more of him, such as portraying a “beautified” version of Korea, to be viral as well, and to be the same crazy dude having a signature dance.As for the song, well, not my cup of tea, but something I can get down to if it’s played around me.

  121. greengiraffe

    In Poland we’ve got similar drinks to this ‘domino shots’, we call them u-boots (like this german submarines). But instead of putting whiskey to he beer we put a shot glass of some flavored vodka, and I must admit it’s pretty good :D

  122. It’s not my favorite Psy song either, but it’s growing on me and I had “hangover hangover hangover hangover” stuck in my head all day xD I loved the video it looked like they had a blast :D

    To me this song and video looked like a fun-project something that doesn’t need to be the deepest & best thing ever, but something that’s just a lot of fun to create.

    Really liked your video & blogpost as well. I didn’t know some of the things you talked about, like gd’s dancing, so it’s nice to know what it’s all about :D

  123. ewie

    Okay, saw this last night (my time) and I thought it was kind of catchy but not really my style. Then I went to sleep and had a weirdest dream ever. I had a dream that I was Snoop Dogg’s best friend and we went to eat burgers together O___O so weird…

  124. After reading the blog post, I watched Psy’s video thinking I’m not going to like it at all. Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad. I agree it’s not as high energy like Gangnam Style. That scene where Psy was so drunk that he mistook the ahjummas for hot girls was funny. I think one of the ahjumma is a comedian? Or at least she looked familiar. And I do agree that Psy could have made this video without Snoop.

  125. I’ve only listened to it once and at first I wasn’t stuck but the more the song played the more it kind of grew on me. I still don’t think it’s as good as Gentleman or for that matter Right Now which is my favorite Psy song, but I think it will definily migrate to my playlist.

    I am hoping that the song does get some air time in North America, no where on Gagnam Style please God but I would like to hear it on the radio occasionally =D

  126. Ahahahaha great video! But I wonder, did you see the video before it was released? It just seems unreal that you managed to watch the MV, script it, film it in all the different locations, edit it, and upload it in less than 24 hours. But if you did, wow, you must be super humans and I bow down to you.

  127. This song is just meh to me, though the video is quite entertaining I’m not a big fan on the auto tune style.

  128. Honestly, I don’t really like the song. As much as I love Snoop and Psy, this doesn’t really seem like their style. Sure the video is crazy and it involves alchohol, but it’s the beat that really sucks the fun out of it. I feel that it should have had a different vibe. Then again, I am one to blare old Snoop Dogg, so I may just still be stuck in the 90′s:p

    Anyways, thanks for the cool video! I feel like I learned something new (even though I dislike alcohol) and it was very entertaining. I hope you guys get some rest though ’cause fimling and posting this right after it came out must have been so tiring. Also, have fun getting ready for L.A.!!!!! And if you’re craving desert heat, take a trip down here to Vegas. We got plenty to spare :p

  129. i LOVED this version of KMM!! you learn something new everyday!! =) one small thing though… i dont quite understand why you mention CLs baddest female; as someone who lives in the US i never got the impression that she was trying to represent Korea in that video but rather herself and how badass she is. Hangover on the other hand I do see how it represent a night out for some people in Korea. But speaking about CL i was kinda disappointed with her cameo, was hoping for more comedy than diva lol

  130. Rose

    I have also just scrolled through the comments and so far no one has said they really like the song – that’s interesting actually. I thought, because I don’t drink, and I don’t really know about Korean culture – drinking or not – I just wasn’t understanding the music. But maybe it’s more than that after all – I don’t know ¯\_(ツ)_/

  131. Rose

    I loved this video! I really didn’t like Psy’s video at all when I saw it – it just seemed like really repetitive dub step about drink, the same as what about 100 million other singers are doing, and I was so disappointed. I’d been waiting for it to come out for ages. But now I’ve seen your video I think I’m gonna be patient with it, because I understand more what it’s trying to talk about. It’s definitely steeped in Korean culture, in a way which is oddly subtle because once you know what you’re looking for, you can’t miss it. Sorry that made no sense XD I guess people mostly presume culture is like, art and temples and history. But every country’s got their own special way to get smashed too – and that’s just as unique and just as special as the art :) I hope more people see this video so they understand more about what Psy was talking about!

  132. I liked Gentleman and Gangnam style, I thought they were funny and catchy. I saw hangover just this morning before I saw this music monday posted and I didn’t care for the song at all. I thought it was boring and not catchy at all like Psy’s other songs.

  133. I liked that you guys combined KMM with a culture lesson on Korea <3 I found it really interesting and informative.
    As far as the song goes, I liked it a little but it felt really disjointed for me. Like this is my "I Got a Boy". I feel like it could've been made into two or three songs- 1 Snoop Dogg song, 1 of that "hangover hangover hangover hangover" part and 1 of that "drink it up" part at around the 1:30 mark. Also, just a question: Is that fountain he's in towards the beginning supposed to be alcohol? It kind of looks like Mountain Dew.

  134. I actually liked the video. It’s catchy, classic Psy, and just plain fun. Aside from the fact that it does depict heavy drinking. I would have so much fun in Korea. The food, activities, different cafe’s, nightlife, All of it!!!!!

  135. CHUCHURUM FOR LIFE. But I actually love me some somaek when I go out for meats.

  136. “Drink till you pass out, work till you pass out.”
    You guys seem to have adapted to the Korean style of video shooting as well.. It’s not easy to make a kmm about a MV that came out so recently, while having to pack and prepare for a very soon trip! so THANK YOU, but get some rest! :)

  137. tsoul

    The song is just meehh for me, it lacks Psy’s craziness but the Mv is full of it!! After I watched the MV I wanted to go out to drink hehehe!! I like the fact that he shows parts of Korean culture that anyone else does (except for few exceptions) and all the crazy badass drinking was a plus for a good laugh. I especially like the part when they look at the ajummas and imagine them as young beautiful girls that ladies and gentleman is what ALCOHOL CAN DO TO YOU!!
    On a side note: I think snoop’s and psy’s rapping together was kind of awkward , for me their voices don’t fit well together … is it just me??

    All in all the MV Great!! Song … not so much

  138. I didn’t really love the song. I think it’s just because I’m not a drinking person. I prefer not to get a hangover or get wasted. The song was fun at parts but maybe needed more Psy in it. I didn’t understand all the drinking references so thanks for explaining! The video makes a lot more sense now. This might be one of those songs I dislike at first but then I end up jamming out to it. Who knows, maybe I will change my mind.

  139. I actually really liked Eat Your Kimchi Style and Eat Your Kimchi Like A Man over this one. :/ But that’s just me. X3 Can we expect a new single from the amazing idols at the EYK Crew, maybe a new song called, Come Over (For Kimchi)? :D You know, like ‘come over come over, come over come over (and eat your kimchi)~’ XD

  140. Lance

    I don’t like the song much. The music video was kinda good though. I am already hearing about how this video is a criticism of Korea’s drinking culture, but if it is a fairly accurate portrayal…

  141. Sweetangelmiaka

    I dislike the song and the MV, nothing really interested me except the alcohol domino and the kaaroke with GD’s cameo…
    Apart from that I’m just terribly disappointed by this, I hope daddy is way ebtter than this. I can’t raelly exlain it, but it’s just bad, sorry for sounding rude, I’m just telling my opinions here and I noticed a lot fo people disliked this song

  142. CadetRemi

    Definitely not a fan of the song, but the video is hilarious, I will admit. My mum showed it to me last night, and then proceeded to laugh at the face I made. Fun, right? I noticed some of the things you pointed out though, like the hangover cure, which surprised me that I recognized it x3 I just hope the song doesn’t start to get played everywhere like Gangnam Style did… because that’s painful… Yeah.

  143. Hate the song. But I like your video. Thank you for explaining things to us.
    By the way, has anyone else stopped voting for KMM? I just think it is meaningless at this point.

    • Hmm… I wonder if Simon & Martina can shed some light on how they pick songs for KMM? I noticed the one week, Jun Hyosung’s song was number one at the time the voting closed, and I was like, AW YEAH Hyosung’s gonna get reviewed! But the week after that, something else was number one (I can’t remember what it was) and Hyosung’s song never was reviewed. :/ I’m curious as to how you guys pick what songs to review! Shed the light for us oh mighty kimchi warriors?! (hoo!) <3

      • They did a video on it some time back I think. Story is they pick between the top 3 (usually), unless there is something else “spectacular” or stuff they want to talk about (like the “not title tracks” one) :)

      • Lance

        Yeah, They have a “policy” but they frequently ignore it when they want to do something else. I understand that they have their desires too, but I didn’t find this KMM very interesting…

    • I stopped voting for Music Monday quite a while ago. It just got too frustrating and I felt I was just wasting my time.

  144. Hiru

    I really didn’t like this song. The vibe is bad and yuck the flow is so…. non-flowy. Yeah, that’s the word. Hopefully this won’t be a viral song… because I.. won’t handle it. [starts crying at the thought of it].

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