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A Drinking Guide to Psy’s “Hangover”

June 10, 2014


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We’re talking about Psy’s “Hangover” which just came out today for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. Yes, we’re talking about it instead of other Kpop videos, because – don’t deny it – Psy’s a lot more important than most Kpop artists. Stop denying it! And, hey, we like Psy’s video a lot more than everyone else’s video. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

So, this video here isn’t in our typical Kpop Music Monday review style. We thought it’d be a good opportunity to explain a lot of the scenes for those of you who aren’t really familiar with Korea’s drinking culture. While Gangnam Style was pretty far out there, Hangover is – for us – more of a documentary than a pop video. Well, except for the flaming destruction at the end, of course.

What we didn’t really talk about, though, is our thoughts on the song. Err, well, let’s just say it’s our least favourite of Psy’s songs. It’s still really fun, but not as high energy as what we’re used to from Psy. And, really, it seems more like Snoop Lion featuring Psy, rather than Psy featuring Snoop Lion. Snoop coulda done this song with someone else and it woulda been ok. Psy couldn’t have done this song without Snoop, though.

But that’s just our thoughts on the song. We freaking LOVE the video, though. Oh man! This is what we’re looking for! We were so disappointed with CL’s bizarre “The Baddest Female” which is nothing like Korea whatsoever. Psy’s video, though, is very much Korea. These are scenes from our lives, people! This is a FAPFAP for alcohol, just with a bigger budget and better soundtrack and cooler people. But the idea is the same! Psy’s video shows what makes Korea cool. CL’s video shows what makes CL seem cool, though we can smell through it. It’s almost like Psy makes videos for, you know, Korean people, while so much other Kpop tries so hard to emulate Western Culture, Batoost’s Beautiful Night and Troublemaker’s Now being the prime examples. Psy, we like your videos.

One major thing we forgot to mention in this video is how it depicts 1cha 2cha 3cha, which I don’t think we talked about in any of our videos before. Basically, it’s Korea’s version of barhopping. You go to one place, eat some food and drink, then go to another place and eat food and drink, then another place and do the same, then noraebang, then something else, until you pass out or give up. You see that a bit with Snoop and Psy, when they go for Chinese food, then to the noraebang, then to the amusement park, then for some more food, and then it’s sunrise. Interesting info on this video: we just watched the interview of Psy and Snoop on Kimmel, and Snoop said how they shot nonstop for 18 hours. Kinda fits the vibe of the 1cha 2cha 3cha, but it’s mostly just because that’s how music video shoots in Korea usually are. Drink till you pass out, work till you pass out.

Also interesting to note: G-Dragon’s singing in the Noraebang wasn’t weird for weirdness’ sake. He’s emulating the trot lounge singer style. Kinda like a jazz singer, almost. There are lounge bars in Korea where people sing like this, and throw the mic around like that as well. It’s not common to see for people in our demographic, but it’s out there. We’ve seen it, fleetingly :D

And, I gotta say, this is probably the best crossover collaboration I’ve seen in Kpop. G-Dragon’s song with Missy woulda been better if Missy was back in her prime. Instead, it kinda felt out of place and just a paid for verse, like JYJ’s Ayy Gurl with Kanye. Both seemed forced. Psy doing a song with Snoop about substance abuse: now that’s something that makes sense. Though, I will admit, Snoop rapping about being in Korea…did seem a bit awkward to me.

Anyhow, those are our thoughts on the video. The song’s growing on us but it’s still not fully hooked in. I’ll give it a week once every freaking store in our neighbourhood plays it all day everyday. OH WAIT! We’re going to LA on Wednesday! We should be safe! Well, we’ll see.

We’ve got some bloopers from today’s video as well, if you’re interested in seeing us fumble at pool, check it out. Hot damn that game is difficult!

And, lastly, if you like this video, here’s an awkward product placement telling you to click on the bottom button right here for more! Aww yiss!



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