Our experiences with ramen in Canada began in elementary school with good ol’ Mr. Noodle, who pretty much runs the show for Canadian ramen. From there, we developed a deep love for those salty, spicy, delicious, and easy to make noodles, and craved something more. Surely there had to be more to the world of Ramen than plain ole’ Mr. Noodle…

We found later on in life that if we wanted to try something imported (in this case, Ramen) we’d hit K-town (Korea Town: Christie Pitts/North York) or J-town (Japan Town: Markham). We thought that this would be an accurate representation of the Ramen scene in Korea. When we arrived in Korea, though, we were floored. We’re serious when we say that there is an entire gigantic aisle dedicated to all types of ramen in the grocery store, enough ramen to fill our apartment. Oh the joy! Image us spinning in a meadow holding a ramen bowl happily. Yeah.

Anyhow, since we’ve always wanted to make a cheesy infomercial like video, we decided to do it with ramen as the star. We picked out 8 random noodle bowls that we had never tried, and called up our friends to do a taste test. The candidates:

-Jajang Bokki
-Ramen Bokki
-95 Cal
-Salee Gomtang
-“Well-Being” Ramen (aka Sudden Attack)
-Spaghetti Ramen
-Cheese Ramen
-Udung (which is different than ramen, but still hot water added to dry noodles)

What we had in the end is what we hope to be the Foreigners’ Mini-Guide to Korean Ramen. Seven foreigners tasted, rated, and ranked the ramen, so that, hopefully, other foreigners here in Korea will have an idea of what’s good and what’s bad in their ramen aisle. Sure, our tastes are different than a Korean’s tastes, which is why we made this video, SO PLEASE DON’T CONSIDER US INSULTING AND INFIDELS FOR NOT LIKING THE SAME RAMEN AS YOU.

  1. INFIDELS! lol. Sigh, I’m eating beef-flavoured Mr. Noodle as I watch this XD

  2. did you make sure 짜장볶이 instruct? pour over the water part

  3. yo not trying to be mean but, i think personally that if your gonna make other noodles besides ramen, you should like go out and go somewhere to eat out, like the jajang bokki or the ramen bokki, because sometimes the packets can suck and taste rrrreeeeaaaaallly baaaaad…….anyway like the ramen bokki, you could just try like making the actual ddukbokki and try combining them together…..if you know how to make it…

  4. you can visit k-mart here in legaspi city(philippines)…..noodles, ice cream, kimchi…….aniyong haseyo!!!!

  5. korean noodles are great!!!!i'm a supervisor in a korean mart here in philippines and we have a lot of filipino customers….regular customers….ramen bokki,jin ramen and saligomtang are my favorites…love it!!!!

  6. I can't find the Shin ramen and Sarigomtang !!! You Should try it !!

  7. wow this video is so funny. first i didn't understand why you were calling 'Mashinnuen ramen" as sudden attack ramen
    but it was because of the sudden attack stickers in it…. LOL

  8. This isn't ramen but it's in similar packaging and cooking style…. my boyfriend and I finally tried some Korean style Udon noodles that I picked up at a Korean store called Deuchi Udon. That had to be the best microwaveable meal i've ever had…. the broth was ridiculous good, although maybe not the absolute best noodles ever they were still good and that broth with rehydrated veggies made up for imperfect noodles. Just wondered if you've had Udon noodles like this too :)

  9. The chapparoni is NOT regular ramen. You have to drain the water first before you add the sauce powder. Didn't you read the directions? Oh, wait…

  10. im so sure you did not cooked jajang as you shuld :)

    you dont do them as normal ramion – if done properly those are my 1st or 2nd best ramion in korea!

  11. what's the electronic song you guys have in the background? It's really catchy or did you guys make it yourselves?

  12. Because I saw this video when I went to my local grocery store here in the U.S. I saw some cheese ramen and bought some. Hopefully going to try it soon. I love cheese and ramen so should be interesting….

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