This video is long, long overdue. We actually made it in three parts: the ones with Martina in the t-shirt were made many weeks ago; with Simon opening the front door – around two weeks ago. Martina walking up the stairs occurred yesterday, when we finally gathered together all of the clips and slapped the movie together. As well, we made a bunch of pictures of the apartment, which will be posted soon.

So this is what our apartment in Korea looks like. It’s actually called an Office-tel, since the rooms are often used for offices. It’s kind of a loft, though not as lofty, but it’s really sleek and clean and we’re really happy to have it. Our apartment in Windsor was very old and had a lot of character; this apartment is very austere but in a fashionably minimalist way. Heck, we really like it, and the view is beautiful, as you’ve seen in a couple of our videos already. There are just a few parts of it that are a bit weird for us, as you’ll see in the video. The video is ten minutes long, by the way, so make sure you’ve got that kind of time on your hands before you start watching. One last word about the video, by the way: In order to keep this from being as boring a video as, in theory, it should be, I constantly taped Martina off her guard and being silly.

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