So, as – hopefully – all of you know, we went to Japan over the weekend. We went on a small vacation of sorts. We’ve always been interested in Japan and Tokyo, and so we decided to hang out for a weekend and see what it was like. We were there from Friday afternoon to Monday evening and soaked in as much as possible. We also put together as much footage as possible while still trying to have fun. Prepare yourself for 4 days of footage boiled down into 11 minutes of non-stop video.

Anyhow, there was a bunch of stuff that we didn’t get on camera that was pretty awesome.

1) Cars in Tokyo: they obey the law. AWESOME! For the first day, every time we crossed the street we would flinch when a car approached, just like we do in Korea, because Korean drivers always seem to try to push their way through pedestrian walkways. In Tokyo, though, cars (we’re looking at you taxis) didn’t try to run red lights and squeeze their way through crowds of people. AMAZING!

2) Electronics:

    a) Bloody expensive, for starters. Like, seriously. Absurdly expensive. The notion that we had before of cheap electronics being in Asia, because a lot of electronics are made in Asia and, thus, should be cheaper, seems to be dead wrong. I checked out the camera gear in Bic Camera and FFFFUUUUUUUU it was absurd for everything: lenses, bodies, tripods, you name it: all cost vastly more than the prices we can find online.
    b) Buying a new iPad was easy. We thought we’d have to wait in line in the morning with everyone else to pick one up. We got into Ikebukuro at around 4PM or so and went out to the electronic shops at around 8PM, a full 12 hours after the new iPads went on sale. Every store had them in stock. No waiting in line for me. Walked in, asked for one, got one. BOOM!
    c) There are so many video games, that I want to cry (Simon here). Don’t get me started on this. There were enough PS3 games on one floor to fill 10 GameStops. And so many that I didn’t hear about. I remember before coming to Korea that I knew, as a kid, I’d want to move to Japan so I could learn the language and play the games before they come out in North America. I kinda forgot about that dream once I moved to Korea. Seeing all those games made me remember my childhood dreams.

3) Food: we can’t say much about it, because we ate Ramen a lot. Like, everyday but Monday a lot. Japanese Ramen is otherworldly. They boil their eggs in some way that leaves the yolks all gooey and delicious and bBbbbBBBARRRGGGHhhghghgh it’s so good. Japan has other foods to offer, and we dabbled in a few things here and there (we put some other Japanese foods in the Blooper footage…we didn’t really have bloopers as so much extra footage) but mostly we tried to keep our stomachs empty for non-stop ramen action.

4) Our Harajuku experience was a bit lame: it was raining, and so the only group of dressed up people we saw were the Rockabilly people. There were lots of other people dressed up awesomely otherwise, but not in a congregation. They were just peppered throughout Harajuku. Also, according to someone’s Tweet, we were in Harajuku with Yubin from Wonder Girls. We never saw her, but the Tweeter supposedly saw the two of us:

…buuuuut we never saw either Yubin or the Tweeter. Damn! Would have made for a cool video! We did get a chance to meet an awesome fan from Brazil at the Meiji shrine, who was fantastic and bubbly, and we also ran into a fellow Canadian who was disappointed to miss the fan meet by one day, yet still ran into us by pure fluke!

5) We saw some Japanese celebrity but don’t know who he was: we went to a Starbucks to rejuvenate and sat beside some douchebag wearing dark sunglasses indoors. Sorry: we call him a douchebag because we don’t like it when self-important people wear dark sunglasses indoors. It’s such a painful facade. The sunglasses are supposed to be because you don’t want to be seen, but by wearing them you’re only attracting attention to yourself, because then people think that you’re important. You’re pretending to want to be unrecognized but you’re begging for people’s attention as well. And it turns out we were right: the guy was a celebrity, and he was waiting for a girl to meet him. She squealed and gave him a CD to sign which we didn’t see the name of. Long story short: no musician should wear dark sunglasses indoors unless his name is Stevie Wonder. Or unless you’re getting harassed by paparazzi and the lights are flashing in your eyes. But this guy was plastered up against the window at the front of the Starbucks. And it was rainy, so there was no sun out. I don’t know. Maybe he has super-sensitive eyes, or maybe he’s Japan’s Cyclops. We just don’t like the indoor sunglasses deal.

6) Kpop is a lot more popular than we thought: It’s really hard, in Korea, to know how well Kpop is doing outside of Korea, because the media isn’t really reliable. We always hear about Kpop taking over the world, how Europe and Japan and now North America are bowing down to Kpop the way Kitties are Conquered by Bilasa. But, clearly, that’s not wholly accurate. When we were in Japan, though, we were amazed at how much Kpop was playing. We heard lots of Big Bang and 2NE1. IU was playing a lot as well. We saw Billboards of U-Kiss, ad vans of Rainbow, and big sections of Kpop music at the record stores. Wow. Totally didn’t know Kpop was so big in Japan.

Eatyourkimchi in Japan Fan Meet

Thanks to all of you awesome people who came out to meet us in Japan.

7) Thanks to everyone who came out to our Fan Meet: We seriously didn’t expect that many people to come. When we look at our site stats, Japan isn’t even in the top 10 for visiting countries. So, we thought maybe we’d have a couple of people, five at most, that would be nice enough to meet us in Tokyo and chat over coffee. We were really wrong. We totally took over the patio of Excelsior Cafe. We would have gone inside but there wasn’t enough room for us, so we huddled together in a circle and tried to use our body warmth to keep us from shivering. Some were not warm enough. Sorry everyone, but – again – thanks for coming out!

Oh! And we took lots of pictures from our trip. We’re not photo people, though, so forgive us if our pictures suck. We like making movies. Pictures are a totally different ballgame. Anyhow, if you like pictures, look at them!

Lastly, our video was quite long, but we’ve got even more footage. If you’re interested, check out the deleted scenes here:


  1. the end bit was so cute, your friend must be like ‘hey….guys…hello?….guys…im right here….hello?’
    loved watching your tip to japan! bet it was heaps of fun!

  2. THANKS GUYS~I had a little trip to Tokyo ;D

  3. OMG ! you were in japan !! I am gib fan of you. Im a japanese girl and lately liveing in Dubai. I was also had vacation there the day which you visit in japan as I guess from the date of uploded video. I wish I could meet you so I could show the sight !!! Visit japan again on sunny days. Im always enjoying to watch eat your kimuchi. Love you Simon and Martina <3

  4. Hey :)

    Just letting you guys know the ramen place you went was called Mutekiya. They actually have an English website and menu! 


    (P.S Next time you should try Ippudo ramen! http://www.ippudo.com/index.html)

    Also you can get those delicious eggs at any convenience store in Japan for around 60-70yen. :) 


  5. where did you buy the one piece? I’m here in ikebukuro, and I’m dying for that PJs!!

  6. maybe that guy was atsushi from EXILE…it’s his style to wear sunglasses…:))

  7. i reallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy reallllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy realllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy want to go to Jappan now TT^TT im so jealous of ya ! :( korea is the #1 and jappan #2 2 country i wanna come ! >,,,

  8. hey do u guys live in Busan? or Seoul?

  9. Are the food prices about the same for Korea and Japan? I’ve heard that Japan is more expensive in almost every aspect, is this true? How expensive is it compared to Korea?

  10. What’s the biggest different between Japan and Korea? People, culture, architecture and so forth?

  11. i loved the “it’s not bad… but it’s not good” comment when eating the combini dessert. it’s my issue with most japanese sweets here, they just kinda taste like nothing. even if you eat a muffin or a cake, it’s like they got the sweetness factor wrong, you know?

    anyhoo, it was really fun to see you wanking in japan!! hope you come back!

  12. LOL Japanese musicians ALWAYS do that Simon and Martina…its a Normal thing…Half of it is because visual kei (jrock) stars (which is kind of like the main big whoop in Japans music industry…like what kpop is to Korea) are ALWAYS in make up ALWAYS!!!! so when they go out normally…instead of their fans seeing them without make up on and seeing how they really look…they use the sunglasses….they do it for interviews, radio shows, talk shows, etc. since the eye make up is usually the most heavily define! other stars I have no comment as to why they would wear it LOL…maybe you met a jrocker….if he was 5 foot 3 in he could be Ruki from the GazettE or Kyo from Dir en grey XD

  13. If you ever get the chance, you should go to Yokohama and eat at the ramen museum.  8 or 9 ramen restaurants from around Japan to sample from.  I only got through 3, but maybe you can power through all of them!

  14. Lol, Simon your childhood dream can be achieved. My friend did and lives this. He learned Japanese simply to play games before they come out in North America, but then he took that momentum became fluent in Japanese and works as an interpreter when he’s not playing video games. I love Japan (even though I live here in Korea) but it’s too expensive…

  15. Can you mention all the places you visited please? Thanks!

  16. I’m curious to find out who you saw in starbucks. Were you able to take a picture of him? ^_^

  17. Hey love the show especially this WANK because I will be goin to Japan this year, Is it possible you guys could post like an itinerary of your trip because I wanna get an idea of where to go besides doing a hotel/travel guide arranged tour

  18. ASHLEY!!!!!!!! O my God!!! My sister’s best friend was at the fan meet! small, small world.

  19. Simon your now i know my boyfriend is as cool as you, you guys have the same sneakers ^.^

  20. Having you guys talk about the celebrity in front of the starbucks gets me really curious on who it is..since i’m a pretty big,jrock fan o.o -This is kinda killing me.- xD 

  21. AWWWWW AWESOME. I am happy you guys enjoyed yourselves. Fighting!!!

  22. Remind me to go to a EYK meetup, as it seemed to be made up entirely of attractive females.

  23. Hey Guys~!! I’m going to Japan soon and I’m wondering what hotel did you stay inn?? Is Ikebukoro a good location?? Thanks

  24. The picture with instructions for facility use are is funny! So people with tattoos cannot enter? Rocker room XDD 

    Anyways, a well deserved trip you had + thank you for taking the time to record and share ;) 

  25. wow…I definitely want some of that awesome ramen goodness… Do you know the name of the place that you went?


  27. They can’t take off their sunglasses in public  http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest+News/Showbiz/Story/A1Story20110612-283691.html
    I think it’s a rule among Asian celebs or something… I think it’s stupid too.

  28. Any recommendations on places to visit? I just got accepted to study in Japan this summer and would love to do go to some cute gift shops like the ones you guys visited :)

  29. Did you go to Shin-Okubo? It’s only a few stops before Harajuku. It’s the Koreatown of Japan. :)

  30. im sorry for not being able to go to the meeting guise
    i am the one who offered you guise the free tour guide not really with my friend eimie
    you guise really shouldve went to shinokubo
    there is much more of korea there
    than there is in tokyo
    i went there 8 times and all the time it was packed and every resturaunt i went to there was always a giant flat screen showing music videos
    the resturaunts i went to showed Big Bang music videos
    it depends on the resturaunt really
    if you want to see a group you have to ask the chefs and stuff wat videos they show
    it is always fun^A^
    o well
    i watched the video and saw
    and OMG i cant believe that was the first time you ate gyouza
    i eat it all the time!!!!!!!!

  31. When I was living there, kpop was very slowly starting to sink into the pop music scene. Most kids still didn’t know groups like Shinee or U-KISS. But they loved DBSK and Girls Generation. I bet it’s changed quite a bit now because that was a year ago. Plus Japanese pop music SUUUCKS (sorry but true story) so it’s only a matter of time before kpop saturates the market I bet. 

    And this video made me cry a little. I totally felt Simon on the ramen experience. There’s a ramen place in Osaka where after I walked out, I said to myself, “maybe…. maybe I can die now.” lol! Japanese ramen is crazy good. CRAZY. Even the not-so-great ramen is still pretty damn good.

    • your comment sound like such an obnoxious kpop fan. Music taste is an opinion, not a true story nor a fact.
      Only 3 kpop group right now is actually popular with general public.  
      And the way some of you fans are acting I hope every other kpop groups stay irrelevant.

      • There’s no need to be upset or call my comment “obnoxious.” Ironically, my comment is exactly what you said it is, an opinion. So for you to slam my opinion is a bit counter productive. And the term “true story” is meant as a light-hearted joke. No one thinks what I said is absolutely or resolutely true.

        Calm down. I really shouldn’t have even responded to this, but I couldn’t help but point out the irony in your comment. Thanks for attacking my opinion on an open, mostly friendly culture forum. Hope you feel good about yourself. :-)

  32. Oh I forgot to add…that Japanese celebrity you saw was not Akanishi Jin, in case people were wondering, because he was touring the US when you were in Japan.  Though, he did wear sunglasses at his concert!  At night..indoors…maybe because the lights are too blinding onstage…hope that doesn’t make him a db :P But i agree that you may have saw a Johnny’s artist

    & LMAO at the “rock the rocker” photo

  33. Since you were wondering about the half-boiled eggs, here is a recent video on how to do it.


  34. This episode should have been called WANJ, wonderful adventure now Japan. Kpop is very much a niche product outside of the far east despite the clips of newsreports in Korean in youtube. Even french TV had a report on Kpop. Heck there were even spanish kids who follow Korean dramas and Kpop. I was quite dumbfounded when I saw that but still I think it is a niche product. As to Japan Oricon chief as a good reason for concern that Kpop may become overexposed in japan. The overall size of the Japanese music market has been declining for the last 5 years in terms of revenue but Kpop has been increasing by leaps and bounds more like 20+% jump from 2010 it is now 7.8% of the overall Japanese music scene. 

  35. Kpop being everywhere in japan does have a downside. The head of Oricon, Japan’s equivalent to the billboards expressed concern about the overexposure of Kpop in Japan. 

    Anyways it looks like you had a lot of fun. 

  36. I think that Japanese celebrity might be a Japanese Idol one of those dudes from Johnny… cuz I heard one of those dudes from the group KAT-TUN likes to hang out at starbucks it may be Kamenashi Kazuya.

  37. I wanted to learn Japanese to play video games too. Sounds like you guys had a great time, thanks for posting the video!

  38. I myself am guilty of sometimes wearing dark glasses indoors, but I hope I’m not a DB. I think that several years of working nights have made my skin and eyes more easily irritated by the sun (even through windows), and I might be slowly turning into a vampire. 

  39. Just for the next time you go to Japan, you can get cards (Suica or Pasmo) that you just load money onto and scan when walking through the gates for trains.  You can use it on the JR lines, the subways, the buses, pretty much everything.  It’s not line specific, it just holds whatever amount of money you have preloaded onto it.  Much easier :D

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