A few Saturdays ago we woke up early and decided to go to Everland. Everland! One of Korea’s awesome amusement parks! Hooray! Problem was, Everland’s a two hour busride away from us. But no matter! We still went, and had a fantastic time! The rides were great, especially the T-Express Roller Coaster of Thrilling DOOM! That’s not the real name of it, but it was still intense. We didn’t have enough time in our day to see everything in Everland, but what little we saw we were absolutely amazed with.

  1. Man, if I got paid to run a ride and dance all day I would think i died and gone to heaven.

  2. This place looks absolutely amazing! Have you ever been able to go back yet?

  3. The song is My Love is Better by Annie. You can buy it on Itunes. :-)

  4. Just curious – what was the music you used in this video? I really liked the songs!

  5. lol, I have seen mobile versions of many of the smaller rides at local festivals here in germany…especially the one in the beginning (championship rodeo? I know it as breakdancer ^^)…I used to ride this so often when I was a teenager! it was always the coolest ride at those local festivals! ^^ this brings back childhood memories, haha ^^

  6. Simon and Martina,
    How were you allowed to take your video camera on the wooden roller coaster? Is that allowed in Korea. Whenever I go on any big rides here in the US, they strictly forbid it.  

  7. <3 love your lifestyle!!!~ Keroro FTW by the way :)

  8. simon + martina = 장난꾸러기들!! ^^*

  9. You guys are awesoomee! This really made me excited about going to korea to teach!! Keep it up!! Both of you absolutely rock!

  10. Hello. I'm a Korean living in the States who enjoys watching your videos.
    Thank you for spreading the Korean culture all across the world.
    I really appreciate everything you have done and glad that you like the Korean culture.
    I just wanted to reply and mention that there are a few more places you should check out.
    For one, there is a place called Seoul Land. I went there back in 2006 when I visited my family there.
    There are two more great places but I forget the names. ^_^

    • We haven't been to Seoul Land yet. We've been to Lotte World, though, and that was really disappointing. Don't know about any other places apart from those two…

      • Well, Lotte World doesn't prize itself as a theme park persay but its more of a visually pleasing park so to speak. The rides aren't at the level of some other parks like Everland and Seoul Land. Nonetheless, I remember I enjoyed my time at Lotte World especially during the summer.

        • Maybe that's why we didn't really like Lotte World that much. We really expect a lot from the rides we go on, especially if we have to wait an a hour and a half to get on them. We waited for close to an hour in Lotte World to go into the terrible haunted house that played the awful 3D movie with the terrible 3D glasses that were warped and broken. Ah!

  11. Everland was awesome. It was fun finding where the cameras were on the rides. I had way too much fun and the parade was pretty cool. It was funny how they wave by twisting their hands back and forth when you start the rides. I wish I could have been there during the night but I was with a group and I think we left just before the sun went down. We had a 3-hour bus ride from Gunsan. T_T

    I'm glad you have these videos…makes me miss Korea so much…the best two years of my life. I still need to experience it again another day…soon hopefully.

  12. Wow! Everland looks like so much fun. I should have gone there instead of Lotte World. What was I thinking?? I definitely want to try the Double Rock Spin, though I'll try not to eat about two hours beforehand… otherwise it could be unpleasant for the person sitting next to me… And do they dance ALL DAY? I hope they’re given complimentary energy drinks or something. You wouldn't need a gym membership with that job.
    Love your videos by the way. I came across your website last night and was hooked for hours! Keep them coming ^_^ They’re not only a lot of fun to watch, but also very informative.

  13. awesome!! everland is pretty awesome i admit.

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