A few Saturdays ago we woke up early and decided to go to Everland. Everland! One of Korea’s awesome amusement parks! Hooray! Problem was, Everland’s a two hour busride away from us. But no matter! We still went, and had a fantastic time! The rides were great, especially the T-Express Roller Coaster of Thrilling DOOM! That’s not the real name of it, but it was still intense. We didn’t have enough time in our day to see everything in Everland, but what little we saw we were absolutely amazed with.

  1. We haven't been to Seoul Land yet. We've been to Lotte World, though, and that was really disappointing. Don't know about any other places apart from those two…

    • Maybe that's why we didn't really like Lotte World that much. We really expect a lot from the rides we go on, especially if we have to wait an a hour and a half to get on them. We waited for close to an hour in Lotte World to go into the terrible haunted house that played the awful 3D movie with the terrible 3D glasses that were warped and broken. Ah!

  2. Thanks Mark! Glad you like our videos :D

  3. Awesome! Glad you like our videos :D

  4. Yeah, we liked it better than we did Lotte World. Everland was really, really pretty :D

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