Shazaam! We’re back in Korea and back to working on videos. Wahoo! We’re jet lagged as hell, but that just means that we wake up at normal hours like normal people. Today we woke up at 6AM!

Anyhow, we’re happy to be back in the studio and in the full swing of things. We’ve got a lot of coffee shop we’re working on, so our video schedule is a bit hectic, but we should have a video up tomorrow, as well as TWO videos on Sunday. Super productive!

Also, seems like a lot of people are surprised about the beard. I think beard comments were the majority of comments for the first 15 minutes or so. Yep, I’m growing a beard. I’ve never done so before! I’ll give it a shot and see how it looks. It’s different! I’m thinking about changing my look a lot. I’m planning out my next tattoo and hope to get it done by the end of summer, hopefully. So you’ll see a whole new Simon by the end of Summer, it seems :D

But enough about the new look. Special thanks to the lovely people who sent us packages, including:

– Jude, Kimberly, Justine, Veronica, Sofi, and Sheila from the US Orange Nasties!
– Bethany, Amanda, Meagan, and Hailey from the US Red Nasties!
– Kira, Katie, Barbara, from Oregon :D

These packages were lovely. Especially the tupperware treats. SO CLEVER! Leigh and Soo Zee are really happy for all the tea, so thank you for those as well. And happy Birthday to Bethany! We’re honoured that you spent your birthday with us, instead of just eating cake. Or did you eat cake while watching us? Hmmm…

We opened a few off camera as well, because we were worried they were going bad. We took some pictures, though! Check em out here!

Also, make sure you check out our radio show on SBSPopAsia. We forgot to mention it during the LiveChat. We got very distracted with the bubble gum challenge. But listen to the show; it’s lots of fun! It’s on in a short bit, at 7PM Australian Eastern Standard Time. Woohoo!

Otherwise, if you missed out on our LiveChat, click on the button below so you don’t miss out on them ever again. Never, ever, ever again!

  1. holy cow! i’ve been watching these movies, in order, for the past year. im finally up to june anf BAM! out of no where (just after watching the chinese snack movie) SIMON HAS A BEARD! where did that come from! one movie clean cut then next man warrior beard! see simon, this is what happpens when you forget to shave five times a day

  2. :( I was waiting so long to see my package opened and I missed the live chat and it was opened off camera… Just my luck.

  3. This is Bethany, Red Region Leader, aka Red Ranger! I’m so glad you guys enjoyed the package! I enjoyed my cake the next day, since it was technically the day before my birthday in the US. I hope you guys also enjoy the candy! Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! The only thing that could’ve made my weekend absolutely perfect would be to meet you guys, but we’re working on that.

  4. This is Meagan from Red region…glad you guise liked all the stuff we sent. I am sorry soozee could not eat the Idaho spud I sent but I am glad you liked them. Did you see an Idaho shaped magnet in there? I did not see it come out and was wondering if it got lost somewhere. I love watching the videos you make, keep up the good work. :)

  5. I am so glad you loved the box that Barbara and I sent!!! I was waiting to be included in the special thanks ahahha but you only read Barbara’s card not mine and that is okay (as long as you read it later XD) Because wowee shipping to S. Korea is expensive! Your just getting letters from me from now on hahahha unless I join a region box because 75 dollars for a box to Korea is CRAY!

    I am glad you really like the soaps, I remembered a different livechat or video where you mentioned that bathrooms around korea didn’t always have soap so these are the kind you can take with you! I also hope you like the SMASH notebook because they are really fun to play with and they are super popular in America right now and they sell all kinds of smash stuff online in art supplies and other places :D :D :D

    Simon: I love the beard it is great :D You look very manly and handsome and I think this is going to be a great new look for you. Martina, as always you look fabulous!

    Quick question: Why don’t we see more of Soozee and Leigh during livechats? D: I love them so much they are great!

  6. wah. I can’t believe I miss it again. I will have to set a reminder on my phone and have it alert me every minute. haha. :P will see you next time.

  7. Glad you enjoyed the red box. My mom was excited to learn her grand-puppies are now internationally “famous” since their pictures got shown. Oh, and my friend isn’t exactly rich, but she does have enough $ to do the things she likes. Gardening is definitely one of those things.

  8. I agree American Airlines sucks!!! I once was on an 8 hour flight and their entertainment system stopped working! No movies, no music, no games…nothing!!! (╥﹏╥)

  9. Oh no! I missed the live chat again (҂⌣̀_⌣́)ᕤ
    OMG!!! SHOCK!!! Simon with a beard….After the initial shock is over: Simon I think it actually looks good on you.
    But I can’t help wondering how many bottles of Ranch did Simon bring back from the US????

  10. Could someone please explain the whole green region, red region thingy? How does it work?

  11. ProTip Simon. I recommend you shampoo and condition your beard as you would your head. It does help with the itch.

  12. My guess for who Martina was mistaken for would have been was Kristen Ess. Here’s a picture of her that I found and I feel this resembles Martina slightly more than Nicky Minaj does. http://www.cosmopolitan.com/hairstyles-beauty/hair-care/pink-hair-celebrity-pictures#slide-1

    • So apparently I can’t edit my own posts, but I made a typo in my original post. The woman in the photo is actually Lauren Conrad. Kristen Ess is the name of her stylist. I misread the article at first.

  13. Hey guys first off I want to say is welcome back! I was going to say that Martina looks like CL. Simon is a cheater but looks dawn good with a bread lol . Missed you guys you always make me laugh. Linking forward to new videos! U.S Nasty :D

  14. Hey guise, this is Hailey from red region. I really should’ve put in an explanation on the shirt for Simon. It was because when I first tuned into eyk their spudgy voice really reminded me of teen girl squad, which was a short on homestarrunner.com and the city (comma) state shirt came from a different short on that site (it was the indie movie strongbad email.) I ordered the shirt from that website on a whim like 2 years ago in hopes you guise might know what it was. I had some child-like fantasy of having an inside joke with my idols. I figured it would be cool regardless though because Simon jokes about “ooh you such a dirty hipster” and proclaiming oneself to be “indier than thou” is just like the ultimate hipster move lol :)

  15. omg simon with beard!!!

    and i thought you were supposed to go to vidcon??

  16. Yay! Yesterday was my first live chat. They’re crazy! o.0 Martina, you mentioned me twice. I got so excited and started yelling at my husband, “She said my name! That’s me! AH!” haha. All it took was randomly typing boobs and saying “goodbye lovelies” in Italian. Woot. By the way, Martina, I am a lady of the busty variety as well, so I meant no offense when I typed “boooobs”.

    • No offence taken! Simon and I joke about boobs all the time. I do a boob/bra adjusting dance that Simon always imitates mockingly but he doesn’t understand the pain of trying to discreetly put yer boobs back into your bra when they move about during the day….hahahahahh! Boob problems. :`O

  17. Yay, glad you guys are back! Missed you all. Can’t wait to see you in October, it’ll be here before we know it.

  18. Yay – another push for the SBS Pop Asia Radio Show AEST 7pm!!

  19. My theory is that Taeyang’s a werewolf. It’s the only logical explanation that I’ll accept for him constantly being shirtless.

  20. I can’t wait to get my Hi5 and 25$ from guessing about Nicky Minaj hehehe!

  21. I Hope you like the tamarind chutney. It is sweet and tangy. Also, I got the Mount Hood magnet from a lodge next to a waterfall near the mountain.

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