Hay guise!

Our weekly Live Chat is a bit later this week, on Sunday rather than Friday, but that’s for good reason. This Friday and Saturday we were far away on a road trip, and we didn’t have internet connection enough to do our LiveChat. The place said it would have internet. Lies I say. Lies! Fortunately, we had already uploaded our KpopCharts Update before we left, so all we had to do was publish the videos, and we could do that by tethering our phones for a minute or so. Our phones couldn’t handle tethering for a LiveChat, though, and neither could our phone bill for that month. THAT’D BE CRAZY!

Anyhow, we’re back now. We slept so hardcore after coming back last night. Oh man. Slept SOOO HARD. It’s, like, the first time we went to sleep before midnight in AGES. We usually stay up till 5AM or so. Not last night!

We got to open a few packages today, though. Special thanks to the wonderful Nastiness of:

Cindy from Vancouver, WA
Jenny AKA Momo from Colorado
Gator from Dallas

We had those packages in our home because that’s where they get delivered. The PO Box actually forwards the mail to us, so we don’t have to go to Bucheon all the time to pick it up, which would suck. We didn’t get a PO Box in Seoul yet because, well, we’d have to go to the PO Box to pick up the packages. LAAAME! It’s better to get them delivered to our place. Yes, we have to take them to the studio afterwards, but at least that’s just from our home to the studio, rather than our home to the PO Box to the studio.

Side note, you haven’t seen the Meemers in a while, right? And you haven’t seen our apartment either! We shoot a few videos from home from time to time and post them on Vine and Instagram, but not that much. I’m glad Meemers was awake and active today, especially with his catnip and hatred towards those squawking furry thingies.

Also, we mentioned in our LiveChat that we’re doing a fundraiser event this weekend. We’d love to see you this Saturday in Itaewon, so stop by if you can! It’s all for a good cause. You can read more about it here.

  1. (Totally stole this from Simon, but . . . ) I’ve got the chorus of Ring Ding Dong as my cell’s ring tone.

  2. Lol Martina! :D I’m glad I’m not alone. I don’t set up a whole rack of toys but I always seem to set at least one. Who else does this?

  3. Oh my gosh! I am from Portland, Oregon :) Great to see that you guys got toys from there!

  4. speaking of dramas, their was once japanese drama that was based on a manga, it was WAAY better than the actual manga in my opinion. i think i was called “Saihe no Mikata”

  5. U-kiss theme!? Kissme candies aka kissmes and U-kiss’s album cover!?

  6. Martina should watch Monstar! I am IN LOVE WITH THAT!!!!!


  8. OH! I’d be so excited if Martina did something with K-Dramas!! I’m currently watching (and just finished) Can You Hear my Heart? AND IT’S SO GOOD *incoherent sounds of love* …ahem. Yes. Awesome actors, good story, and surprisingly one of the firsts (and ..only?) k-dramas I’ve ever seen that addresses the issue of mental retardation or has mentally or otherwise handicapped characters! Having a mentally handicapped brother myself it was super bittersweet making connections with the characters struggling to deal with it, so maybe I’m biased. >3< SUPER RECOMMENDED! (surprisingly it came out in 2011, dunno how I missed it back then.)

    Also! Do you guys know about the Shingeki No Kyojin( Attack on Titan/Titan Attack) manga/anime?? It's SUPAH popular in Japan and now with the anime that just began I think the U.S has caught the Titan fever too!

    Martina do you like historical/era korean dramas?

    I think in one of your videos you guys showed you had an xbox and wii? (don't remember seeing a playstation 3, do you have one too?) <—— If you do, do either of you like the Uncharted series, or the newest game by the same company: The Last of Us?? : D

  9. Speaking of SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong, I just want to mention that a few years ago(like about two, probably) I used to babysit these three boys for my mom’s friend, and I showed them Ring Ding Dong, and they loved it. I showed them other k-pop videos as well, but they would always ask for my to play Ring Ding Dong for them..

  10. the last episode of nail shop paris was really packed

  11. Flower Boy Next Door is my FAVORITE DRAMA EVVVAAARRRRR!!! It came out earlier this year Yoon ShiYoon is amazingly hilarious, Park ShinHye is perfect, but the minor actors and cameos just make it blow your mind awesome :D There wasn’t a single episode I didn’t like and most of the episodes hade me both rolling on the ground laughing and squealing with delight!!

  12. thanx for answering my question about your fringe colouring Martina. THANK YOU HOPE YOU GET A LOT OF SLEEP after your big road trip :D

  13. I Can Hear Your Voice is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  14. Simon’s expression when Martina was playing with the Twilight stuff was glorious.

  15. Persephone Basilissa

    Martina, you so totally have to watch the rest of Shut Up, Flower Boy Band! It is absolutely, 100% worth it!
    He’s not the main character after all; he’s just a springboard to the rest of the story…. And that’s OK! The other characters have so much more richness, depth and development than you’d expect.
    I felt the same way as you after that episode, but I *never* regretted watching the rest of the series. Even re-watched it. It is worth it!

  16. martina your hair chalk is so brutifulll :D!

  17. thisisjustforfunval

    Whoa! This morning I watched Indie Krunch, which got me in a Seo In Guk fever so I started watching Reply 1997. Five episodes later I decide to take a break from reading subtitles, cause my eyes are hurting, start watching the Live Chat video and Martina talks about how she’s just started watching Reply 1997. Blow your mind! Where do I go from here now? ^_^

  18. YOU HAVE TO VISIT SWEDEN!!! I would so go and welcome you at the airport! ;)

  19. Aww, bummed I missed the live chat again. And I could have actually watched this one…except I was camping TT. ^^ for awesome camping…TT for missing live chat.

  20. This livechat was so amusing to watch. xD And thus, let the long post begin.
    SAT prep classes. OTL They will be the death of me. I’m procrastinating from memorizng vocabulary words at this very moment by watching this livechat. 8D
    Speaking of retaking SATs being retaken, I had to retake a final because someone (or some people..) cheated. Heh, death glares given around to the whole class.
    I have the high five to the face shirt too, except instead of people it’s penguins. 8D The closest image I could find of the shirt online was this one. http://www.sears.com/hybrid-junior-s-graphic-t-shirt-penguin-slap/p-002VA50658701P
    Out of curiosity, what do you do with the dog food that Spudgy doesn’t like? Give them to friends who have dogs?
    At 33:00, Spuddy and Meemers were just like “What’s our human doing this time?”

    Errmahgerd, the dramas! Now excuse me as I go into derpy drama mode.
    I’m in love with I Hear Your Voice. And I find it amusing you also mentioned Secret Garden later on in the livechat because the male lead (Lee Jongsuk) in I Hear Your Voice is the guy that likes Oska in Secret Garden. And Lawyer Cha is Oska. Do you feel the awkward now? xD
    Shut Up! Flower Boy Band is one of my favorite dramas. Right after School 2013..
    I’ve been watching Monstar recently also. It’s an alright drama. Not too into it yet, but hopefully it’ll grow on me.
    Reply 1997 was cute, but sometimes I just got bored.
    //ends drama derp

    Is it bad to say that when Simon was holding the Honey sempai mug, I was just waiting too see if he would accidentally drop it…? o .o
    SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong was actually the song that got me into kpop. :D

    I have been trying to jump back onto the kdrama wagon for a while but couldn’t stick to any of them… I tried to watch Gu Family Book but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it any further for some odd reason…

  22. I hate Cyclops and Jean Grey too, I can’t understand why they are so popular. Do you like Deadpool?

  23. Martina, you must watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I too was super put off and sad but keep watching. It actually serves the story and you will love the series. Worth the tears.

  24. Monstar is really cute! unexpectedly good, and nice music, too, you should watch it Martina

  25. Martina!! You should totally finish Shut Up Flower Bot Band, cause the ending is perfect! Also the main character you were talking about isn’t actually the main character… Also, I’m watching Kimi Wa Petto right now!!

    • Oh, I know! IT’S SO GOOD!! I re-watched it the other day and it still made me so happy! WATCH IT

      • Yes, Martina doooo itttttt. Also, didn’t Martina say she’s seen Winter sonata? That old drama from 2001? I bet she had a hard time watching it, cause everyone wears turtlenecks xD

        • Amelia Frandsen

          She probably did but I’ve only seen 3 dramas so I can’t really say which are good or not

        • Kaitlin Beranek

          Oh lol, well it’s kind of meh imo… just all turtlenecks reminded me of Martina ^^

  26. I need to ask you both a question, Simon and Martina! Have you ever watched “One Piece”!?

    Me and my guy have watched every episode and freakin love it!!!! It is
    really great and if you just give it some time you would really love it
    to – so have you!? :D And – you look really great!! I love to watch your videos and hope that you will visit Sweden!!

  27. Guys, I am so kinda sad. I was the one who originally sent you the Honey-sempai mug a few months ago (that ended up breaking). I just sent off another package to you last Saturday that has another Honey-sempai mug in it. :( Well now the both of you can have a Honey mug.

    Jenna from Wisconsin

  28. Great…now I am hungry for Doritos and dark chocolate. Dang it!

  29. lol why is it so funny as a hair stylist hearing you talk about hair and stuff ahhh. :)

  30. OMG Dick in a Box reference from Simon hahahaha

  31. yanagiba yusuke22

    missed dr meems so much….

  32. PunkyPrincess92

    Martina you should get Key to colour your fringe for you!! cos he does it himself cos salon prices are too expensive ahahaha!!

    ahaha i love pressing toys at the kids area at stores!!! it’s fun!!

    i was excited about the live action adaption of Black Butler but the story is gonna be different to the anime and manga and now i’m not so excited anymore!!
    Honey Senpai mug survived!!! yay!!

    aaww i’d love to be a part of that fundraiser!!
    ahahahah don’t make up such lies about SHINee Simon!!!


  34. Haha, I dunno if Meems does this too but you can try it out. With my cat, if I scratch a specific point – his back, just beside his tail – he’ll start licking something and won’t stop until you stop scratching him. My brother and I used this to make him eat a few things.
    Turns out cats don’t like spicy food~

  35. Shelley Beh

    Martina you and all your rings haha reminded me of this scene from cougar town…”look at mah ring mah ring”

  36. oh do you guise remember when IKEA made the news on serving horse meat as free food samples

  37. Lol to say more about IKEA, a Korean friend who was going to Sweden sat next to a Swedish businessman on a plane. He had just moved to Seoul and was working for IKEA so it seems like it’s pretty safe to say it’s coming to Korea soon at least… I’m really hoping for 2014 so I can buy food when I’m there during my exchange. *__*

  38. Also, at least you guys weren’t eyeball licking. Have you heard the stuff about that?

    • Japan, forever an interesting country.
      Definitely want to visit there though. My sister has gone twice, which makes me “jelly jelly.” I’d like to experience the magic Yokohama radiates, according to the sister. =)

  39. Margarita

    ERMAIGAWD!!! I have the exact same toy that Leigh got from the first package! The one that talks funny when you press its stomach! My sister got it for me saying that I talk just like that -___- I thought they only sell these here :D

  40. Shelley Beh

    ahaha Simon’s face while Martina was retelling Twilight hahaha that’s like my face when I watched it

  41. I’m really going to miss getting nice and cheap furniture when living in Korea. I really hope an IKEA opens there!

    • Australian furniture is really expensive actually compared to North American standards. Simon and Martina were properly comparing it to their experiences in Canada. I went online and a few sites said Australia’s IKEA store if you didn’t know is the most expensive IKEA in the world.
      Example 1
      A shelfing unitunit in US is $159
      In Australia it cost $249
      Example 2
      Storage combination with doors, black-brown, high gloss black in the US is $520
      In Canada is $690
      And in Australia is $755
      I don’t know if South Korea’s prices are higher than Australian furniture prices. But maybe you can be a little comforted knowing that Australian prices are pretty high as well the differences in prices might not shock you that much compared to Simon and Martina.

      • All Australian prices are high… For like everything……….. food, housing, cosmetics… everything. haha. So yeah maybe the prices won’t seem high to me.

        I’ve looked in a few furniture stores in Korea before and I know what Simon and Martina are saying about the range and just the lack of nice stuff. A lot of stuff I’ve seen in Korea is very opulent looking, sometimes in a tasteless way, because it’s not really every day furniture (more for the wealthy). Like my parents-in-law don’t have a sofa or dining room table or anything like that and neither do most of our friends in Korea. They aren’t essential items like they are in Western countries. So there isn’t that market for just nice and simple furniture.

        • You have no clue how much more expensive (and crappy) the furniture here is in Korea. It might not be crappy according to Korean interior decoration, which has a different flair than what I’m interested in, but it sure as hell is a lot more expensive…

        • Now I’m wondering how much in comparison it will be just to ship some furniture from Australia.. haha.

      • Is that in US dollars or Australian dollars??

        • i think its in australian dollars, but there’s not much difference anyway. its almost equal, currently $1US= $1.09 AUD

  42. Justyna Krasnodębska

    I love gender-bender dramas but NSP is soooo fake. I watched to the end only because Kay. ending is sooo overdone that *bleh*

    I hear your voice is very good. I’m watching 7 episode now and I still don’t know who should be with main character, but Soo Ha is cute ^^

    I’ll start watching Monstar and some more dramas with eng subs, polish subs are bit slow and it’s great opportunity to pracice my english :D

  43. Hi guise!

    I have absolutely no idea whether any fellow Swede has answered this question, but you guise wanted to know where the first IKEA was.

    According to my knowledge, the first IKEA should be situated in Älmhult, a small town in sourthern parts of Sweden. To be fair, I hope this google maps pic makes it into this post.

    Fun facts: IKEA stands for Ingvar Kamprad Emptaryd Agunnaryd. Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA, and Emptaryd and Agunnaryd are the place where he started the basic parts of what would become IKEA. A teacher of mine once told me, that in this place there is a stop sign without the usual STOP letters on it. If you find it, it leads to the road where he lived. Emptaryd and Agunnaryd are also two very small geographical parts known in Swedish as “socken” which is really just a cluster of old farm houses. I have absolutely no idea whether any of those farm areas are still there, but it is a fun fact.

    And here is more:

    Pretty much all IKEA are designed the same, proved from having been in the IKEA in Chengdu.in China. What is interesting to me was that even the books were all in Swedish. I literally could take down any book I wanted and read it out loud.

    Food can differ some depending on where your IKEA is located. In short, Chinese IKEAs really had no idea how to make Swedish meatballs (teary face).

    Ps: Simon & Martina, if you ever do think of coming to Sweden, PLZ tell us swedes. I am sure wherever you go there will be a number of Swedes to be happy to show you around in our lovely country. IKEA is really just a REALLY, REALLY small part of our culture.

  44. Actually, Simon, Martina wasn’t wrong in her plural form of ‘octopus.’ You can say OCTOPUSES (every other English word pluralization) or OCTOPEDES (an oath to its Greek roots) or OCTOPUSES (Latin suffix upon a Greek word). :)

  45. Hey guise!!

    I guess you’re on your way to the gym now…

    How have you guise been lately? Simon sounded a bit sick… or is it just me? don’t catch a cold guise!! It’s rainy season too … I don’t know if it reached you guise too… Wear proper clothing!! > . . . <


    P.S: Good night (for later)!

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