WHOA it’s hot today. Like, 32 degrees hot. Grossssss! So, we’re gonna be hiding indoors all day with as much AC as possible. But first, we’re happy to start off the day with a fun LiveChat!

But first, special thanks to:

Brad & Michelle from Carol Stream, Illinois
Laura & Emma from Norwich, UK
Lauren from Toronto, Canada

Also, let’s just for another minute enjoy the extreme derpiness of the box. Believe me, the effort is much appreciated, especially since our faces more often than not default into derp mode, rather than sexy mode, or Blue Magnum mode, or something. Let us know what you think about the Kpop Music Monday derpoff challenge. I think that sounds like something fun we could do.

And let’s take another moment to appreciate how almost perfectly smooth this LiveChat went. Except for the time we bumped the computer. Otherwise it was perfect! Screw you LG Internet tech guy who demanded we use their modem! We unplugged it and threw it away and now our LiveChats are going really smooth. Well, at least this one was. Hopefully we have the same for next week. Let us know if it worked well for you or not :D

Another thing: we often mention the US Nasties and the different colour regions they’re in, and we then see new Nasties from the US asking about what region they’re in. Here’s a breakdown, just in case you want to know:

Purple Region: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Maryland, Delaware
Blue Region: DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida
Green Region: North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota
Yellow Region: New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana
Orange Region: Cali, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii
Red Region: Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska

I didn’t write out that list myself: it was the USNasties that just emailed us the list during the LiveChat, and I copied and pasted it. Let me know if your state is missing. I don’t know all of the US States. Sorry! You’ve got 50 of them! Side note: we’d love to see a European Nasty breakdown. We’re thinking patterns for different regions, but like Polkadots and Checkers. Thoughts? I’m actually a lot better at naming European countries, because I had a map game on the iPad for a while in which I had to name all of the different European countries. I memorized them that way :D

Lastly, don’t forget to check our SBS PopAsia radio show on later tonight! It’s gonna be fun! And click on the pretty button below for more fun LiveChats.

  1. Omg martina u. Are. Fucken. Funny.

  2. Im on central time so if you guys do live chats 8pmish korea whats the time dif? Plus arent you guys a day ahead? Would love to actually listen in to live chat. Thanks!

  3. That Ostrich was spot on, Martina! :))
    Also, RIP Easter Egg Hello Kitty

  4. Wish i stayed up to watch yesterday!! Looked so fun D:

  5. Are Livechats seriously not blocked in Germany anymore? If so, that’s great!!! :D I live in Germany and summer break just started for me yesterday so I’d finally be able to watch them live^^

  6. I eat a lot every time i watch these live chats : D

  7. just a suggestion…maybe you should do a live broadcast of the eyk crew watching the new sailor moon ;p luv eyk!

  8. I just wanted to compliment you on the smoothness of the live chat. ‘You have done very well!’ :)

  9. I know this is are really stupid questions, but where do I go to see the live chat?

  10. You two were totally humming the Masterpiece Theatre theme song when opening that first package. I watch Masterpiece Theatre all the time. I always watch British comedies on Saturdays and Masterpiece Theatre on Sunday on public television.

  11. Yay, my 2nd livechat! :D About the router: yeap, two routers are bad thing… the speed connection drops down, indeed. This time I could watch in big size (not full screen, but still).

    The ads: it isn’t often, but sometimes I get korean ads, hahahah I’ve binge-watching hahahah (not creepy at all.) And I’m from far, far away: Brazil. Normally it’s local ads.

    Coffee shop: yay! Waiting for all the videos as been a culinary guy, food is everything! :)

    p.s.: the way Simon says “Hello” is funny, hahahah

  12. You opened my derptacular box! Yey :D I wasn’t expexting it to be so soon.
    Wish I’d been able to see this live, it was such a fun chat.

    I’m glad you guys liked the box, and I’m really glad the T-shirt fits you!

    Btw, you’re both pretty good at derping. Martina’s got those neck rolls down. ^^

  13. what time do you guys do live chats?

  14. The Canadian Nasties facebook group are trying to figure out what to name ourselves. I think we’re going for provincial animals (in that case, I’m a Nasty Puffin ooooh yeaaaaah!)

  15. GRRR I keep missing your livechats!!! I’ll join you guys next week fo sho!

  16. I think that the Europe Nasties list should be arranged by Animals or Food! ;)
    I’m from Spain, so we have the Bull as one of the most representative animals :D
    As for food… it may be a little more difficult, because each region of Spain has their own food…. but for example Spain is easily recognized by the Paella!

    • The Nasty Baguettes sounds both quite nasty and absolutely unsexy.

    • What about the countries that have the same animals as their representative though? Austria and Germany both have the eagle, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK have the Lion and the Netherlands and Switzerland share the dairy cow as their national animal. I think that would be to confusing :/
      Food seems a lot easier for the countries with more world exposure but I don’t know any dish that is typically Dutch, Swedish or Serbish. And I don’t like being associated with Sauerkraut when so few people here in Germany actually like it.

  17. Who is the person in the background at the 18:11 mark? XD

  18. The link on the sbs popasia website is broken!
    the link to stream online is: http://www.sbs.com.au/popasia/ (took me far too long to realise it was just missing the ‘a’ on the end. #nothadcoffeeyet)

  19. In the US Nasties list you left out Delaware (purple), Minnesota (green), Alaska (red) and Hawai’i (orange). I’m suggesting that perhaps the US territories also be included: Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands (blue) along with Guam, the Northern Marianas Islands and American Samoa (orange).

    • Ok! I’ve added the ones I forgot. Sorry! I didn’t add the other ones yet because I’m not sure if they’re official yet. Are they? I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes here :D

      • I made the suggestion on the US Nasties Facebook page so perhaps they’ll review it in due course. In the meantime I’m hoping that the totes and tees I just ordered arrive in time for me to sport them at KCON next month but I know you can’t guarantee that.

        • Since you seem to be paying attention to replies right this moment (I hope) could you consider applying for media credentials to cover the LPGA KEB/HanaBank Championship in Incheon this October…in your own unique way, of course. I’m not expecting you to cover the actual golf, but rather introduce the many personalities who play on the LPGA Tour; a lot of the top players are Korean or of Korean descent, including recent US Women’s Open winner Michelle Wie, two-time defending Canadian Women’s Open champion Lydia Ko, and of course the woman who started it all with her phenomenal rookie season in 1998 and inspired the nation’s young women to take up the game, Se Ri Pak (there’s even a statue of her in a park somewhere in Seoul, I am reliably informed).

  20. I wrote this on youtube and twitter before, but I think Canada nasties should be coded by food

    How it works:

    Each province is food that makes them well known. Ex. BC=nanaimo bars, Quebec=maple syrup (something like this)

  21. My 20month old son and I was watching and he giggled at jiggly puff duckie xx hope your both well from the Fishers in the UK

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