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Friday Afternoon LiveChat

July 19, 2013


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So, today we’re doing something a bit different. We’re afraid to go out in this weather. Well, no, that’s not really true. We’re not afraid of rain. We just don’t wanna go. So we’re doing our LiveChat from home. Yay! We’re also filming a video from our home for next week. Double yay! We haven’t really filmed videos from our home in a long, long time. I’m gonna feel all nostalgic and stuff. We didn’t know that the weather was going to be so pretty today, though. We’ve got some WANKs planned for pretty weather days, and we’d definitely be filming that today if we didn’t plan for poopy weather instead. Buuut, we’re gonna be filming something in our apartment today, which is something we haven’t done in ages. Yay!

Also, we’re not going to be in this apartment for much longer. Our one year contract on this apartment is almost up, and our landlord told us he wants to double our rent. Double. So, screw that. We’re moving somewhere else! Gotta find a place now. Not sure where we’re gonna look. We’d like to stay in the same building, if we can, because we like it here, but in a different room, where the landlord won’t double the rent every year. Jerk! So, we’re gonna film a few more things here while we still can. And then we’ll have a whole new moving into our new apartment in Seoul video. Yay! And then that landlord will double our rent after a year and the cycle will go on forever and ever.

Back to the LiveChat, we’d like to give special thanks to:

Annett and Astrid from Germany
Grace, Jasmine, Chantel, Catherine & Maria from Australia (we’ll see you in Australia soon!)
Sierra and Rachel from North Carolina
Madison the cat from Florida (plus your awesome mom!)
Emily from Australia

Two packages from Australia. How convenient, considering yesterday we announced that WE’RE GOING TO AUSTRALIA! Hells yeah! Check that page out for more info if you’re in the area. Woohoo!

Anyhow, we gotta get to cleaning up and preparing for our video. We’re trying something totally different this week. It’s a new style of video, and we’re not sure if it’s gonna work out or not. Let’s hope so!



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