So, today we’re doing something a bit different. We’re afraid to go out in this weather. Well, no, that’s not really true. We’re not afraid of rain. We just don’t wanna go. So we’re doing our LiveChat from home. Yay! We’re also filming a video from our home for next week. Double yay! We haven’t really filmed videos from our home in a long, long time. I’m gonna feel all nostalgic and stuff. We didn’t know that the weather was going to be so pretty today, though. We’ve got some WANKs planned for pretty weather days, and we’d definitely be filming that today if we didn’t plan for poopy weather instead. Buuut, we’re gonna be filming something in our apartment today, which is something we haven’t done in ages. Yay!

Also, we’re not going to be in this apartment for much longer. Our one year contract on this apartment is almost up, and our landlord told us he wants to double our rent. Double. So, screw that. We’re moving somewhere else! Gotta find a place now. Not sure where we’re gonna look. We’d like to stay in the same building, if we can, because we like it here, but in a different room, where the landlord won’t double the rent every year. Jerk! So, we’re gonna film a few more things here while we still can. And then we’ll have a whole new moving into our new apartment in Seoul video. Yay! And then that landlord will double our rent after a year and the cycle will go on forever and ever.

Back to the LiveChat, we’d like to give special thanks to:

Annett and Astrid from Germany
Grace, Jasmine, Chantel, Catherine & Maria from Australia (we’ll see you in Australia soon!)
Sierra and Rachel from North Carolina
Madison the cat from Florida (plus your awesome mom!)
Emily from Australia

Two packages from Australia. How convenient, considering yesterday we announced that WE’RE GOING TO AUSTRALIA! Hells yeah! Check that page out for more info if you’re in the area. Woohoo!

Anyhow, we gotta get to cleaning up and preparing for our video. We’re trying something totally different this week. It’s a new style of video, and we’re not sure if it’s gonna work out or not. Let’s hope so!

  1. Still waiting for those Drama review videos so the Drama fanatic nasties can dish about our favorites with you Martina :) I know you’re busy but it would be awesome if we could get at least one one day… pwease?

  2. Lol, I felt like we should be tattling on Meemers when he kept trying to snag stuff out of the box. I guess Meems has replaced Simon as the snack thief :)

  3. oh my god

    germany or florida

    someone call the ace man

  4. heyyyy umm for the monkey, um pull the head off if you dont know….

  5. Don’t feel bad about your tiny ears, Martina. I can’t wear ear buds at all cause my ears are too small and they end up hurting me, which really sucks cause i bought some cute Totoro ear buds a while back…

  6. Our door is not magnetic :( the only think in our apartment that is magnetic is the washing machine

  7. Martina you’d look super cute whith your whole hair pink (I’ve said it before but it’s true! ^^)

  8. holy crap…..so much money to put down for an apartment that you don’t even get to actually fully own!!! O_O
    and it feels like you just moved in there the other day!

    oh~~~ Freddo’s might be popular in Australia? interesting!!
    i just thought they were sold in England!! of course i know Cadbury’s chocolate get old in other countries but i didn’t think Freddo would be one!!

    ZERO!!!!!!!!! i love him!!! i miss Vampire Knight now!!

    i have some grey hair!! dunno why!! i’ve had them since i was younger!

    O_O US States have their own flags??

  9. I loooove Kinder~ in the UK we get Kinder Surprise (Eggs), Kinder Bueno, Kinder Bars, Kinder Happy Hippos, Kinder Slice, Kinder Maxi King, Kinder Pingui and, of course, Nutella :P I’m so hungry – it’s torture seeing all that food. I want Kinder chocolate for breakfast too~!

  10. It was interesting that you guys mentioned MBLAQ. They were the first kpop group to come to Brazil. G.O and Mir went to Peru to do charity work and they had a LOT of fans at the airport. Plus when they were out and about. They went to Chile for Music Bank and even though Suju was there, MBLAQ had a huge response from the fans especially when G.O surprised them by saying a line of Mona Lisa in Spanish. It was frankly the loudest crowd I’ve heard for MBLAQ.

  11. Do you mean Black Creek Pioneer Village beside York University Martina?

  12. Yay! Simon is using the Iron Man mug that I sent him! Cool!

  13. TEEEEEAAAAAAAAMMMMMM Zero! Because he is hott and cool and hott and cool and smart and… Better than Kaname! *runs

  14. Apparently Junsu doesn’t drink, so rolling down your sexy windows wouldn’t get you very far, you nasty EYK crew :P


  15. kkkk i finished all the dramas kkkk

  16. how is your kitty with your DOG?!?!?!?

  17. Oh, wow, when you said there was a package from North Carolina, I was expecting for it to be from Raleigh or somewhere closer to the coast. Totally surprised when you said Asheville! I live about an hour away from there, so woo for Western NC!

  18. I must try your technique for QWOP

  19. Martina, did you finish Dating Agency: Cyrano yet? What did you think of that ending? I completely didn’t expect it but should I have if I had seen the movie first?

  20. Martina you have super long fingers. 0.0

  21. I can’t speak for my German brothers and sistahs out there, but using a VPN isn’t illegal. It’s just the fact that it’s associated with less than savory things that make them unattractive to the casual internet user.

  22. He wanted to charge you 50k-100k for the key money? I bet he was like: they are foreigners and they must they come from a rich country. Hey I could get more money, so let’s take their money because they seem stupid and don’t know our law regulations or some crap like that.

  23. Asking someone for a 50k or 100k. That’s just insane in my mind. I know you said you took out a loan, but it made me wonder if the pay rate in Korea is high. Like do the jobs pay decently then because I honestly can’t think of a good reason to charge someone that much. I realize its city-ish but dang.

  24. Grr what a jerky landlord. Well I guess it’s a good reason to move and find someplace better. Hopefully with a nice landlord. Meems, you’re so cute!! <3 <3 And I love Spudgy too, don't be jealous, haha.

  25. Martina – I wants a tutorial on your hair! It’s so pretty!

  26. kinda funny live chat today…. it is not s&m show…today like there r 3 ‘ppl’ open the packaging…

  27. its an echidna

    Echidnas /ɨˈkɪdnə/, sometimes known as spiny anteaters,belong to the family Tachyglossidae in the monotreme order of egg-laying mammals. The four extantspecies, together with the platypus, are the only surviving members of that order and are the only extant mammals that lay eggs. Although their diet consists largely of ants and termites, they are no more closely related to the true anteaters of the Americas than to any other placental mammal. They live in Australia and New Guinea. The echidnas are named after a monster in ancient Greek mythology. (via. wikipedia)

  28. mblaq is very popular south america oo the one time they were there for a concert, G.O sang part of their song in spanish, the crowd went crazzyyyy @_@ imo mona lisa in spanish would be awesome.

  29. Hehe, Martina is co cute. I love The Bloodhound Gang. xD

  30. yeayyyyy….when u do live chat at home…i can see dr meems…miss him so much…

  31. “Also, we’re not going to be in this apartment for much longer. Our one year contract on this apartment is almost up, and our landlord told us he wants to double our rent. Double. So, screw that. We’re moving somewhere else!” :( no more nesting :( Landlords in dramas are usually jerks I guess the rumors must be true :(


  32. The monkey is a USB. You take the body off and put the rubber USB plug thing into the body while the head is in your USB port so you don’t lose it.

  33. TL-DR: Nasty gets temporary ADD during livechat stream. Culprit: ultra-cute EYK’s Meems & Spudgy

    While your fanmail opening and stories were genius and brilliant as always, I got super distracted with Dr. Meemersworth and Spudgy. Anytime that furball of a kitty passed by, I’d be fangirling it and squeeling, “Da Meeeeeems!” He has gorgeous little green eyes and that bag action he had going on had me laughing. Awww kitties, they’re the best, but who can top that? The awesomeness that is Spudgy. That dog is way too cute. If there ever was a doggie I loved more than my stinky bichon frise, it would be your lil dragon warrior dog. Viva la Spudgy! Tummy touches for all. Great livechat btw! End ADD.

  34. Meemers was all over the place today. Hahahah! <3
    I'll be going to Korea next month! Hope to bump into you guys when I'm there!

  35. wait what?! you gotta pay the key money every year?!? please explain this to me… (or do a TL;DR on it!!) cuz i live in Japan, and there is the key money system here too, but you only pay it once, when you move into a new place… not every year!!! wtf is up with that?!?!

    • They never said anything about key money. They said their rent — the regular thing you pay each month to live in a house/apt that is not your own — it being doubled. So, I’m sure it’s a lot, so they gotta find another place with an affordable rent.

      • Oh, sorry if I was unclear. We pay key money as the deposit for us being there. Once we leave, the key money comes with us. He just wants to up the key money deposit. He’s willing to let us go and take on new tenants who will pay key money double the size.

        • oh i see! still, that majorly sucks… i hope you can find a good place, nearer to the studio, that won’t try to rip you off!! ^_-

          it’s a little different than Japan then! Here, the key money is a “present to the lanlord”… you NEVER see it back!! and we have to pay both key money and deposit when we move into a new house… T_T

  36. At the beginning of the live chat I had to put ‘…on fire’ because I could hear the first word (part deaf).
    First time watching the live chat ‘live’.

  37. Hey Simon did you know they are making a major theatrical Lego Movie?


  38. That is absolutely disgusting that they would try to double your deposit money. How can they even ASK for 50k down, and then magically ask you to double that? That is absolutely obscene.

    • I FREAKING KNOW! He said that other people in the apartment pay that much, supposedly. Ah well. We’ve been moving once a year for the past…eight years or so. One of these days we’ll find a home we can be comfy in…

      • The thing that bothers me about that is like…who do they EXPECT to live in those apartments? There’s only two options, someone who has lived at home for 15 years and saved up to afford that deposit, or complete millionaires. I don’t know what your guys rent price is, but if you can prove to them that you have a sustainable income that can pay for rent, then having just, 3-6 months worth of rent should be the deposit, NOT THE PRICE OF A SMALL HOME OR LUXURY SUPERCAR. Ugh, that really really bothers me that they would do this to you. I’m really really ticked off about this for you guys.

  39. Martina. I will be in Korea in.. oh. a week or so. And I would totally go to that Metallica concert with you. I saw them years ago for their St. Anger tour with Godsmack and it was AMAAZZZINNNGGG~ Still have the concert T and everything~
    But… you don’t know me… soo… it might be awkwardddd… But I would still totally go with you. ^^

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