This week we’re talking about Akdong Musician, and we’re really excited to talk about them because they’re totally a breath of fresh air. Check out their video for 200% if you haven’t seen it yet:


Now, for this week’s Kpop Music Monday we didn’t focus on one of their videos in particular. We thought it’d be best to talk about all three, in a way, but with more focus on AKMU as a band rather than just on their individual videos. Though, yes, talking about their videos individually would have been fun, I think talking about what AKMU bring to the table is more interesting for us.

For starters, they’re 18 and 15 years old. Question: what the hell were you doing with your life at that age? Huh?!? Ok, that’s not a fair question; I’m just saying that to emphasize how impressed I am by AKMU, for not only being musicians at that age, but also because they produced the entire album themselves. Holy snap!

Now, I usually wouldn’t be that impressed by someone making their own music. When it comes to the non-Kpop music I like, most of it is all made by the artists themselves, but I don’t hold Kpop to those standards. As many of us know, a Kpop song’s genesis more often than not resembles an assembly line with many different workers, rather than the brain-seed of an artist or group.

A lot about AKMU, for me, flies in the face of Kpop’s overproduced machinery. Two kids, brother and sister, just get together and sing songs beautifully. They know each other because they grew up together, not because they were grouped together with other random coworkers at their company. They’re not trained to dance. They’re not given songs to sing from Scandinavian writers. They’re so…they’re so much more…real. Can I use that word? They’re so much more real than what we’re used to in Kpop. There’s so much more spirit and soul in them in the traditional sense that the two of us are used to. Maybe we’re just old fashioned, but I like my music having some kinda authenticity to it. I willfully close my eyes to it in Kpop, and most of the time just say “ok, whatever: it’s just fun!” but when I see something like Busker Busker or Akdong Musician come along, and see how greatly successful they are, I get really excited, and hope that others follow suit.

And I know there will be rebuttals from other people. It’s Pop music. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. Stop holding it to standards of artistry. It’s bubble gum, yada yada. I hear you. I don’t want to be confused, though, for disliking Kpop for being so ultra-manufactured. It doesn’t get in the way of me liking it. But, I will say, when I see a musician that’s more organic, that doesn’t just fill the role given to them like dutiful workers, I’ll like them more than I normally would.

If you disagree with me, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. How do you feel about AKMU? Does their backstory matter to you? Does it impact the way you perceive their music? Or are you just not as impressed because their music doesn’t do it for you? I see that they’re being voted rather highly on our KpopCharts, so we’re assuming that you like them as much as we do, no?

Let us know, also, what you think of them compared to Lee Hi:

Also, sorry if this Music Monday was a bit short. We’ve both got a cold at the moment, and our energy levels are just byyuuuuuuuuuuu powering down. You might see some of that if you check out this week’s bloopers, with the coughing and the sneezing. Check em out here!


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  1. I’m 8 months late, but I’m hoping someone can tell me who was behind the music video? The EYK Awards revealing ZanyBros being the masterminds behind the works of majority of the MVs I see makes me really curious as to who was behind the making of AKMU’s MVs. I especially love the Play In Jeju video. As someone who takes great interest in film making, I’m practically dying to know!

  2. Well, originally I tried to find the videos on youtube and watched the wrong AKMU video (give love), so I voted for Lee Hi, but after watching the video here, I’d say it’s really close. Immediately when I started listening to Rose, I turned up the volume on my brand new vacuum tube headphone amp. I like the sound overall (how it was mixed) and the smoothness of Lee Hi’s voice. AKMU, however, tries to go over a wider vocal range. As far as the music video goes, AKMU was more active in theirs, but I thought that Lee Hi’s Rose had a bit more of a cool factor. Do I change my vote? I’d say yes, because AKMU covers more of the vocal range, though Lee Hi’s rose is a tad bit more dynamic in the power presented by the singer’s voice. Yes, I’d say I narrowly change my vote to AKMU.

  3. I really can’t choose between Lee Hi and Akdong Musician because I seriously love them both. And I think they both have talents, even though Lee Hi tends to be a little expressionless and bland. Lee Hi’s voice is powerful and unique and Akdong’s Musician is like a breath of fresh air. Both are talented.

  4. For me it was a hard decision but I ended up choosing Akdong Musician. It’s really catchy! :3

  5. Does anyone else think that the girl in 200% and give love that plays the guy’s girlfriend, looks a lot like soo zee? Or is it just me…

  6. I’ve listened a little bit to their entire album and while I’m not in live with all of the tracks, melted and 200% , are amazing. Wasn’t much of a fan during kpopstar so I was a bit surprised.

    And the videos were cute and really fresh.

    As for fans being obsessed with groups and already super mega fans before they hear a song I will never understand. Like I do follow groups relatively well. But generally only groups that released more than one song that I actually like. I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of loving a song you haven’t heard yet or that down right stinks. Sure an artist might of worked hard, but so does all the many others in the industry. And I’m not going to purchase an album that sucks just for a group to win a trophy.

    I’ve always been a bit iffy about k pop songs released because often times I dislike many of them. And I guess my tastes lean more towards k-indie which I sort of want to push akmu into. There really isn’t anything “pop”y about their songs. It’s a wave of freshness that they are sweeping charts instead of them being dominated by songs that sound similar.

  7. i really like the kmm and i totally agree with martian. spread the genes! but i wish you talked about the melted video. i completely agree about what you said about the industry. i like happy and pumped up kpop songs but i haven’t heard many slow emotional songs that i like from idol groups and i think one of the reasons is idols not being involved with the songs. and since it looks like self composing groups are getting more popular, it makes me wonder if groups being more involved is just another way for the company to advertise them and they may not be as involved as we think they are or it’s just another part of their job. i don’t think that’s the case with akmu though.

  8. I guess it’s because I’ve been part of the kpop world for so long, but I no longer feel attracted to self-composition nor do I turn away from “manufactured content. If it sounds good then it sounds good. However, I have to agree with you that kpop nowdays actually sounds like a formula. There isn’t much originality, or special charisma that one group has over the other. And that’s why I love AKMU, Lim Kim, Busker Busker, Urban Zakapa. They feel fresh (and their songs are good).

    However, I’m noticing that it’s often only title songs that are like this! Take EXO’s Overdose for example. The title track is kinda mmeh (good but really formulaic) but the other album tracks have an amazing r&b feel and have that breath of fresh air!

  9. I looove Akdong Musician! I’ve been watching them since Kpop Star and I really enjoy their musical style and authenticity. They are ridiculously talented as well as very good performers/actors, and their relationship with each other is adorable and fun. When their album finally came out I was like “Whoa! This is amazing.” :D I was especially pleased with the beauty and complexity of “Melted”, both the song and the video. I actually really like Give Love, but Melted is my favorite. I wasn’t that into 200% at first, but it grew on me. I think it is important to note that the siblings write and deliver their songs with great artistry. Their voices build and sink, ebb and flow. They incorporate interesting harmonies and rhythms, and their songs never feel boring, stale, or redundant.

  10. somehow i think this video is going to give spoiler alert then you will tell us how the story in the video goes along with the lyrics
    well hope you best of health ^^

  11. After viewing both AKMU’s “Give Love” and “200%” and Lee Hi’s “Rose” I see it is a hard choice. While both groups are visually appealing, I was drawn to the artistic “white monochromatic with splashes of vibrant magenta, and pinks” of the M/V Rose, but was also drawn to the mini story and cute acting in “Give Love” and “200%”. Both have an easy listening and pleasant sound as well. But ultimately AKMU won out for me. I will say that Lee Hi is gorgeous in this video and has a spectacular beautiful voice to boot, and I even “got” the lyrical version of “don’t like me, I’ll only hurt you” , but it just didn’t flow as well since she gives us no background as to why she is so thorny, why love and emotion is just an extravagance to her. Are we supposed to already be away of her baggage or past heartbreak? It definitely matched the theme, and I think it was beautiful, but I think they tried to be deep here, and it was a beautiful song, but I really gravitated towards the fun indie-pop sound and visuals (could I even say “gently steering us to see it’s deeper story??) of the sibling duo, even though the message of the songs is slightly similar, hmmmm. One giving love that the other won’t take??? Too cute! Love it!

  12. i think they are popular because the aready have fanbase or familiar with public in korea since they came from audition show when people watch it l
    just like busker-busker but both of their song is awesome, they already have an ost before, so they already known to public
    not to mention they are not talented but this show is just like showing a rookie, winner from wg did that,debut of new group is like that,it just they debut on the show, it’s like saying prolog song to exo even though that also 1st single
    they have a natural talent,yes one of the best, but i wanted to defend that it doesn’t wrong to be trainee at young age
    and especially if you are good looking and did’t know what your best at
    people who’s good at something will never know unless their tried and if you no better at school or you still don’t know what best at you, you must try something different, being a trainee is like an academy of music
    who knows you are great at teaching dance that dancing itself,or you are great at managing a performer
    as i see,kpop group from trainee is just looking for an opportunity, they debut so people can know them so they will have a chance to do other things on tv
    i find they also admirable because not all born with natural talent or have a unique voice to win an audition show, but there’s a people who is good at singing but not great but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t sing
    good looking people is not at fault, they need to maximize their potential, kind of sad when a person is so beautiful people tend to judge them not talented because their appearance,
    all people have talent but not everyone have blessing to know it earlier
    so have a good day sir.

  13. I wuv your shirt, Martina!!!

  14. Oh no! I wish you could’ve talked about their “Melted” single :(
    The music video was pretty good too.

  15. Simon, Martina, and Eat Your Kimchi crew!
    I would like to let you know I hold you all responsible for my inability to listen to anything other than Kpop music! My ipod is full of kpop of all kinds. I have to listen to it when I drive and before I go to sleep! If I forget my IPod and have to listen to anything else in the car, I get so mad and have to turn off the radio right away! I hope you all eat moldy kimchi and get sick.

    Okay joking about everything above, but my friends are really annoyed when I put on my music and start singing along. I do want to thank you for the musicians you have introduced to me, I feel cultured when I listen to kpop and watch you videos. Please continue your hard work and future videos, lots of love from Minnesota!

  16. I love how they could make their own music, arrange their songs and also blend their voices when they sing. Them being siblings, give them the upper hand chemistry wise. And yes they have that YG swag but because YG lets them keep their style, their sound is really fresh to hear! It is summer here in the Philippines (yes, we only have two seasons, but April and May are the hottest months of the year so we call it summer) and AKMU’s 200% and Give Love just fit the vibe of chilling by the beach or sound trippin’ while in a road trip.

  17. I first became interested in AKMU when their song ‘Crescendo’ was topping the Korean charts. Seriously, every time I opened the chart they were there, so I decided to listen to the song, if was topping charts it had to be good…
    AND IT WAS REALLY GOOD, DAMN IT. It was love at first hearing (?). After that I started digging their performances, and in no time I was already a fan.
    When YG finally announced their debut I started to count the days. The marketing behind their debut was really good, the photos, the teasers, that video “Play in Jeju”, that was like a medley of the album songs (not all of them) but sang by the siblings, seriously, well done YG, well done.
    And Martina, YES, Chan Hyuk’s rap resembles a lot G-dragon, specially in the music “Your own place”. And in ‘Hi’ (Annyeong) his rap reminds me B2ST’s Junhyung, a lot.
    I’m not really a crazy fan of specifics groups, I don’t watch BTS videos, or all the lives, but AKMU is becoming an exception, a good one.

  18. wow…..i just thought on asking you guys to do reviews on their mv…i really love them since their l love you mv (they are not under YG yet i think at that moment)

    i’m actually 100% agree with you guys… they are totally different with others and listening to them are like giving me a breather from all other kpop groups…they are just very refreshing… in the midst of all those heavy songs, music, smoky make-up (i don’t really know kpop groups besides YG but i really get the feeling that everyone is trying to be cool and dark…dunno..maybe?) AKMU comes out with the innocent image and fluffy-like music…?is it fluffy?bubble gum?err…. so either way, for me they really stand out from the rest… innocently stand out?

    i love Lee Hi..her voice is just breath-taking..i mean don’t you think that her voice is very amazingly powerful? and depending on the song, her voice manages to send chills down my spine…very good and good…what else could i say? but Akdong Musician makes me happy (aside from melted…melted makes me cry T_T)…listening to them makes me happy…their facial expressions in the mv makes me happy….they have this positive aura around them…and added with the fact that i don’t even understand what they are singing and i don’t even have any idea what they say, they still managed to make me happy. Lee Hi???not quite….even cute song like it’s over doesn’t leave this kind of impact to me…

    hm….the brother really does sounds like GD…but that maybe because the brother has a quite nasally voice?or he does not?i do think he do have that kind of voice though….and GD always use that kind of voice in his rap….or he does not?hahaha…now i’m the one who is confused…

  19. I also feel… Slightly uncomfortable with the way you talk about hardcore fans. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with what you described. Secondly, the great majority of us aren’t like that! I never get into a group in the two years after their debut, even if I like it, because I want to see how they evolve in the long term. Until now, the only groups I consider myself a fan of are groups that have wowed me with their live performances, be it their vocals, dancing, playfulness, or simply their stage presence and dedication. If I like songs and MVs, I will still enjoy them, but for me to say I like the group, I need to be impressed by their talent, not the talent of their producers.
    I do watch their TV appearances… But come on, it’s funny as hell. And I do like getting to know the real people behind the voices and charisma. That is, as real as it gets. But, as a fan, I like to think I’m somehow part of their world, you know? And I support them. I buy their songs and go to their concerts. And if I don’t like a song, I won’t listen to it. It’s still first and foremost about the music (and the dancing! I do love the dancing)
    Anyway, I know you didn’t mean to offend anyone, I just wanted to put that out there.
    To finish on a lighter note: Martina, your outfit rocks!

    • Meh, I think it’s because most of the haters are hardcore fans who think their ‘oppas’ can do no wrong, should never be criticized or made fun of, since they are perfect and fart out rainbows! etc, etc.

  20. WHAT?!?! YOU DONT LIKE DISNEY SONGS?!?!1?!1?1?? heheheh thats okay, even though theyre my favorite, I hate showtunes and broadway songs and those are equally cheesy so I guess we’re even :P

    Also, can I choose both AKMU and Lee Hi because I love them botttttthhhhh~~~

  21. Looks like I am in the minority on the poll. I really like Lee Hi’s voice and even after listening to Akmu I still prefer Lee Hi.

    Also, I agree with you that music made with the heart of the one performing it is better. There are often layers in the lyrics and melody that you can peel away which makes continuous listening fun ans interesting.

    Of course I also like my fun music and actually listen to that a lot more.

    Thanks for always being there to show off new artists!

  22. i always feel like my soul die a little whenever Martina mention she doesn’t like musical. LOL

  23. I’m 16 and I can say with utter honesty that I can’t even make a nice tasting sandwich, hence my respect for these two XD

  24. I’ve been feeling the same thing about Kpop recently. Everything feels too… “perfect”. Personally, I feel like music should make you feel something and this era of Kpop has reached the point where a majority of songs coming out lack that certain quality. Not to be disrespectful of all the hard work the artists put into making that song, it’s just that I feel like the majority of entertainment companies only focus on making money (it’s their job after all) and in the process of trying to make something “perfect”, it just becomes mechanical.

    On the flip side of the argument however, I believe that more and more groups are putting their *own* music out there. They’re getting more involved in the music making process. It could just be a rapper writing his/her own lyrics or a talented producer mixing the whole track. It’s a slow trend but I hope that it’ll grow to that point where that mechanical feel is just a thing of the past.

    BTW it’s just my opinion and obviously doesn’t apply to every kpop group out there.

    Side note: Has anyone listened to AKMU’s whole album? :) It’s amazing how they can capture everyday things (like sitting in the subway) and turn it into music.

  25. One thing I noticed about these two was that it was a boy and girl promoting together. Other then special subunits, DOES THIS EVER HAPPEN IN KPOP?! Seriously, this is an endangered species right here haha. I recently read an article about why there were barely any co-ed groups out there that gave lots of good reasons, but I’m really happy to see these two defining those norms!

  26. hi my comment is short xD
    i think AKMU are very refreshing, i mean their sound. When i first hear them i was like…. this is soo smooth (can i use to describe a song??… ) anyway. The groups that i know that joins a female and a male voice are pretty so underrated, or the group that came with a formula didn’t make it, but like you say their so much natural even when their looking each other.

    I love your reviews but i think that you should talk about their videos, for example MELTED. Great video, nice vocals, a history very good told and just a little english.

    Thanks Martina and Simon i hope i meet you some day. Greetings from Chile.

  27. Guys, as a suggestion – if you are getting bored by the repetitive selections coming up in the KMM Charts, you might want to implement a rotational selection process for each Monday of the month to permit a wider variety of music/videos from which to choose.

    So for example – The 1st Monday of the month is “Simon and Martina’s pick” where you guys pick ANY song that interests and excites you to review. The 2nd Monday of the month is “Boy Band/Male Solo Artist Monday” where you pick from the top 3 chart selections. The 3rd Monday of the month is “Girl Group/Female Solo Artist Monday” where again you pick from the top 3 vote getters. And then lastly the 4th Monday of the month is “Rookie Group Monday” since frankly…when was the last time a rookie group got a KMM review?

    In this way, you broaden the selections, get a wider variety to choose from and give exposure to other groups or artists that may not have gotten a chance in the past.

  28. I am so glad you guys went with AKMU this week! I was really surprised by them- in a good way! “Melted” was probably the first KPOP video that made me cry- although Lee Michelle’s “Without You” gave it a run for it’s money.

    I really would have loved a breakdown on “Melted” from your perspective. There is just so much going on in that video, and I love hearing your opinions on symbolism and other fancy sounding things. However, I totally understand why you chose not to. For one, I bet it’s pretty hard to get all analytical over a video when you’re nursing a cold. Feel better!

    Plus, it gave you a nice platform to go over AKMU as a whole, and not just focus on one video. As for your perspective on the KPOP industry- I definitely agree with you. On all points. I guess I just don’t understand the huge influence of the Company over the Artist. The company should support an artist they believe in- not the other way around. I mean, of course a big entertainment company wants to make cash, but I feel like they’ve forgotten why they got into the music business in the first place. Somewhere in the beginning, the guy who launched it all had to come from a place of loving music.

    And while I have my favorites amongst the Shinees and Super Juniors and Girls Generations of the KPOP world, it is indeed nice to hear something that is a bit more, as you said, organic.

    Keep up the good work you two!

    • I agree! I just finally got to watch the Melted MV and now I really wish there was a full KMM on the video! Simon and Martina I hope you will go back and review it sometime!

      That said, I didn’t have a problem with the industry analysis. I do feel that Kpop has sort of become a mishmash of whatever’s trendy at times and that reputation is what is keeping a lot of these groups management companies going. I agree with many others that 2007-2009 were amazing years and since that time it hasn’t been quite the same — though there are exceptions of course.

      What doesn’t make sense to me is that if AKMU, Busker Busker and the like are killing it on the charts why the companies don’t realize like “Hm…maybe we should stop trying to cram in trends and be true to the artist and their style…”

      That said, while I agree with the premise that organic > manufactured is ideal in most cases and I think the organic style of AKMU is very much needed; I think one should consider that even manufactured groups and the people within them can grow over time. TVXQ is a great example of this; their earlier stuff was sort of eehhh to me, but I felt they really hit their stride with Mirotic, Wrong Number and their later tracks. And even though they are no longer together, I feel that the members of JYJ/TVXQ! have grown in different ways. (It makes me wish SM would let them co-exist rather than try to stifle their ex/competition).

      • You make a really good point about manufactured groups being able to grow. For instance, Spica is another great example to me. Their earlier stuff is very cookie-cutter, girl group cutesy-sexy image. But their more recent stuff (Tonight, You Don’t Love Me) is freaking awesome. I hope they continue to go with this more mature, vocal sound.

        Having never really seen any TVXQ stuff, I am going to have to check them out. I know they are a fan favorite- I am surprised I haven’t explored their music at all.

        I think the big companies aren’t taking a hint from Busker Busker and the like because, to be honest, they don’t have as much WORLDWIDE appeal compared to the idol groups. I mean, my first introduction to KPOP was through Super Junior and Girls Generation. These over the top idol groups are what get the attention of the world, not a more indie, organic style of group, like Urban Zakapa or Glen Check. They might be super popular in Korea and even have their international fans, but it’s nothing compared to, say, Big Bang or TVXQ.

        • I’ve only started exploring old TVXQ stuff pretty recently myself. Namely, I got exposed to JYJ through EYK’s reviews and then been watching them do dramas, so it made me curious about what they were like when they were part of TVXQ.

          If nothing else you will get a laugh at some of the hair/clothing getups that SM made them wear back in the day! JaeJoong’s hair in this video from 2004 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wndwZKjnFE) is WOAH (I would so kill to have that kind of volume!). Also, white satin pants, really? I can’t help but wonder if they look back at these old videos and laugh.

          That’s a good point about worldwide exposure. My first exposure too was through Wonder Girls, so you have a point there. Plus the big management companies can take these groups to do concerts in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere in the world, something that indie groups do not do.

  29. I understand that this is about AKMU, and while I love their sound. The only thing I kept noticing was in the background of the bloopers… there is Block-B on the laptop. Easter egg for next weeks Music Monday Perhaps?!?!?! I hope so!!!! ^_^

  30. It’s okay Simon and Martina I feel the same way and I think so does Korea.
    Just in my experience with kpop I feel like artists like Hip Hop Indie artists like Beenzino, Leessang, MFBTY, and bands like Peppertones, Nell, Busker Busker, and now Akdong Musician have a very special place in Koreans’ hearts.
    Their songs are a lot more relatable and some of the artists release fun sing-a-long tunes that anyone can get into especially with Busker Busker and Akdong Musician.

    I love pop music but I love different genres too. I started out with BoA and TVXQ but nowadays I just branched off once I started discovering artists like Peppertones, no reply, Leessang, Nell, Epik High etc.

    I love kpop but songs like Nell’s Boy X, MFBTY’s Beautiful Life, Tablo’s Airbag, and Beenzino’s Relation and so much other songs are so relatable to my life. Songs about being aegyo, breaking up, being a bad boy, falling in love and so on so forth are fun to listen to once in a while. But there is a limit to songs like, “Oppa Saranghae” and “I love you so much I can die take my heart from me!”

    On top of that well at least for me, I like rooting for the underdog. Seeing them accomplish great feats within an industry with huge music companies is well…… DAMN AWESOME
    Furthermore, knowing a lot of these artists are in it for the love of craft is even more admirable. Not saying that idols don’t love music or they don’t work hard. They all work hard but it’s nice to listen to something out of the box.

  31. Love love love AKMU~~ :D Their songs are really really a breath of fresh air from the k-pop songs I usually hear. I also agree with @thisisforfun:disqus about wishing that you guise spoke more about the MV and AKMU since it is a KMM on them. So yea…

  32. Am I the only one who finds it weird that they’re acting out the love scenes?

  33. So basically…you’re bored with k-pop? Well, that makes a lot of sense, that’s why EYK just doesn’t have the same feels any more. I still think you guys are great people though – hopefully one day I’ll be able to visit your coffee shop!

  34. This was a fun KMM! I’m definitely going to have to check these guys out. I’ll admit that I’ve gotten a bit tired of the same song/video from every single Kpop group ever. What drew me to Kpop initially was that it looked really different and unique. Not so much anymore, but I guess that just means there are other styles waiting to be found!

    Oh, and I mean this as a completely honest question so pleasepleaseplease don’t take this as a judge-y thing, I just would like to know what it is about the song “Let it Go” from Frozen that makes everyone seem to hate it so much. Disney makes music that I grew up loving and I still do, so I think I’m too close to the subject to look at this objectively. It just seems as though everywhere I go online, I’m running into people who will freak out about how much they *hate* “Let it Go” when literally no one else was even talking about it or the movie before they started their tirade.

    It’s got me kind of blue. I don’t care if people don’t like the same things I do, but it bums me out when they hate it so much that they have to tell the world. Is there something about the song that’s really so offensive to people that I’m missing? I know you didn’t flip out very much, but after every person I’ve run into who’s said the nastiest things about it, well, I guess I’m just looking for some reason behind it all.

  35. Well, I have to agree with what some people are saying about this review. I was sooo thrilled that you guys were going to talk about 3 MVs of AKMU, but I was literally half-way in and you were still talking about the industry:( And you just barely mentioned anything about the MVs.

    I also find their songs very refreshing. Not only that, their MVs were sooo original compared to every other kpop group. I am just so happy with YG and him letting them do what they want. Some people don’t give YG credit, but it takes some courage to let brand new artists do whatever they want and pick a song title. Props to that.
    As for Lee HI and AKMU competition…..it’s close, but I would have to give it to AKMU. in terms of skill, for such a young age the brother knows what sounds good and knows how to uniquely form songs that can be listened to by everyone. Soohyun is also to be credited because she can act really good! and she can harmonize to the T. Lee Hi still doesn’t know how to create songs and is still kind of awkward, but I am sure it will change as she gets more used to the industry.

  36. I really like their music, and I do have to agree on you (but not the GD part though, sorryyy). I really enjoy listening to k-pop, but there is A LOT of songs I can’t enjoy, because they are so similar and predictable! I’m actually really happy I discovered k-pop in the age of 24 and not 14, because I just think it would have been to intense for a young girl who fell in love with all kinds of artists all the time. I can’t speak for everyone as a teenager, but I was a emotional roller coaster, whoa. Now I can enjoy it, sometimes with some irony, and then I can get super thrilled when discovering (sometimes thanks to you two) new groups that is just fresh and different. I love Zion T, Epitone Project, Urban Zakapa and so on. But I also listen to squealing happy boom blasting k-pop music, because sometimes that is just the trick to start your day.

  37. My personal opinion is that Lee Hi is more talented then Akdong Musician. I guess this is coming from a person who actually listens to kpop for it’s music. Sure, I do agree that Lee Hi could act a little bit more… less dead, but I don’t listen to the music because of the acting. *cough 2ne1 *cough. Anyway, Lee Hi’s voices just spectacular. In my head, I place her second, right after Ailee. Hey, I like Akdong Musician, but their voices are mediocre. They are cute though!!! So, Lee Hi everyone!!!!

  38. I like the Block B photo in the backround.

  39. I really like AKMU, and I’m totally happy that their charm and genuineness weren’t changed by the label under its regular standarts. and of cource there’s nothing more organic than brother and sister singing together and sharing their incredible talent with us, but at this point I really do feel pity for those k-pop bands that weren’t that lucky and were promoted and constructed according to the certain marketing standarts (that might probably get selled a lot, but like you guys, I am just getting bored of them). buuut it’s still all about music, isn’t it? even if we talk about some silly non-serious bubble-gum k-pop music.

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