As you might know by now (because we mention it in just about every single post that we’re doing lately), we recently had the chance to be on Star King, and many people were excited that we got to meet a bunch of awesome kpop bands. There was, however, someone else on stage with us that we were really hyped to meet and that was Alex, who you might know from Clazziquai.

We’re huge Clazziquai fans. They’re an electronica meets jazz kinda band, and they’re totally awesome. We own a lot of their albums, and listen to them constantly. Our morning alarm clock is even a Clazziquai song! And so, when we knew that we were going to be on stage with Alex we were really excited. We even got a chance afterwards to chat with him backstage and talk a bit about his new album. Woot woot! *fangirls*

Also, because we’re such fans, we decided to help promote his album by doing a bit of a giveaway. We have an extra copy of the album, and we’ll give it away to one random twitter follower next week. Huzzah! All you gotta do if you want to enter is make sure you follow us on Twitter, and retweet this blog post. You can enter up to once per day, for a max of seven entries. We’ll gather them all and pick one lucky person. Huzzah!

Also, be sure to check out the links below to some official (and not official) videos of other Korean indie bands we love. If you’re a fan of a band we haven’t mentioned, let’s spread the love and discuss it in the comments below :D

We’d also recommend that you check out Fluxus Music for more Korean bands that are popular, but less publicized. Yeah!

  1. I KNOW RIGHT???!!! Finally someone who appreciates the awesomeness of this….. >_<

  2. You guys should listen to Ra. D! He’s pretty amazing. Oh and BAY. 

  3. Omg no conocía a esta persona, pero ahora me gusta mucho cómo canta. ^^

  4. Simply awesome!! I’m looking forward to seeing that show! When is it going to be aired?

  5. Tweet it from this page with the Twitter link or venture to your actual twitter page and RT the Tweet in which you tweeted this?

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    that is all. ^_^

  7. /so hyped about this. 
    FFF. I love fluxus, so I’m like.. crazily happy about you guys giving them some attention! :D 
    But uhh, just wondering; would epik high really be considered indie? o __o I don’t mind them being up there though, cause it’s one of my favorite bands anyway… <3 : D

  8. awesome awesome, i love Clazziquai!

  9. guys, if you enjoy k-indie, i recommend checking out pastel music as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjFUBABiqls

  10. Peppertones! Definately da best.LOL Have you heard the song that f(x) and Peppertones worked on? Its pretty cool!!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE EPIK HIGH, NELL, ALEX(SOLO), AND CLAZZIQUAI!!!!!! My favorite song is “Love Ends”

  12. “Guckkasten (국카스텐) – 매니큐어 (Manicure) ” is pretty good > ,.<

  13. Humming Urban Stereo. Listen to them. Love Them. Shove their addictingly awesome songs in other people’s faces.

  14. If you’re into “electronica meets rock” thing, try The Koxx & Idiotape.
    The Koxx -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN8RR9ZYcwA
    Idiotape -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnltaB_5qWc

  15. I made an account with twitter for this (:
    Also you guys like W&Whale? I loved there new music video.

  16. Epik High one thousand time love…..♥_♥

  17. Ok, am a huge fan of Alex! I liked him when he was in Pasta! And I love his music, favorite korean singer! I can’t wait to listen to his new album! So Excited!!!

  18. Is Clazziquai good?  How Good?   Is it T.O.P. good?

  19. I found Nell ever since I discovered a few months ago! Alex, of course, is amazing. <3 Epik High is just epic! But the one band that I think you guys would enjoy is Loveholic. The lead singer, Jisun, is amazing and it really is a shame that she left the group ): You  guys should definitely check out Loveholic's older music. :)

  20. i’ve been a fan of epik high since like, forever! i love Tablo so much, he’s so inspirational, and such an absolutely mindblowing lyrical genius! also love how w&whale is there, there are good too ^^ one thats not there is Chang Kiha & The Faces, one of my favourites from them is 달이 차오른다, 가자! ALSO 10CM! Seriously one of my favourite bands EVERRRR! such good music from them :)

  21. ooo! I love Clazziquai and Alex (I’m a long time fan), Epik High (also a long time fan)Tablo, Mithra, DJTukutz fighting!, Drunken Tiger (and his wife Tasha)! I already bought Alex’s CD :) Soooo good!^^

  22. Winterplay is AWESOME! If you haven’t listened to them you should.

  23. I absolutley love Drunken Tiger and Epik High! Tablo’s lyrics are genius! Other Korean indie bands I really like are Bye Bye Sea, their song “Starlight Is Falling” is sooooo soothing, and Guckkasten, their song “Manicure” is one of my faves, and there’s an awesome MV for it!

  24. Thanks for the links guys.

  25. OMGOMG. <3
    I love the fact that you included Nell on the list. They are my absolute FAVORITE Korean indie band and I'm glad you know them. They're so talented and their music is just tremendously superb. They totally deserve more love. :D

  26. Kekekek
    less than three clazziquai~~~

  27. try the Jeju Boys! :D
    i love their music and also No Reply 
    i love their songs~

  28. I loooooove Epik High, Drunken Tiger and Nell! <3 It's so great to know that you love them too :3
    I also like indies like Adult Child and Dear cloud, maybe you should them out ^^

  29. Thanks so much for promoting these groups <3

    Urban Zakapa, Humming Urban Stereo are awesome groups as well!

  30. Yay~ Alex <3 Actually I had heard Clazziquai's music occasionally on this radio website called seoul.fm but I never really like searched them up. Then when I watched Smile Again I always wondered who Alex was. Then I saw him on Music Bank later and was like OMG HE'S A SINGER. -major facepalm- I really like his voice and he is very good looking =w= Plus he just seems like a really pleasant and nice guy to be around ^^

  31. May I say, can you promote Yozoh or Neon Bunny? Their voices are amazing!

  32. Glad to see you guys promoting Fluxus etc
    Awesome work guys ^^

  33. Clazziquai is the first Korean group I liked.  Alex’s voice is just so calming to me.  Whenever I’m about to murder my 9 year old daughter, all I have to do is start playing his songs and I’m instantly calmed down. 

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