As you might know by now (because we mention it in just about every single post that we’re doing lately), we recently had the chance to be on Star King, and many people were excited that we got to meet a bunch of awesome kpop bands. There was, however, someone else on stage with us that we were really hyped to meet and that was Alex, who you might know from Clazziquai.

We’re huge Clazziquai fans. They’re an electronica meets jazz kinda band, and they’re totally awesome. We own a lot of their albums, and listen to them constantly. Our morning alarm clock is even a Clazziquai song! And so, when we knew that we were going to be on stage with Alex we were really excited. We even got a chance afterwards to chat with him backstage and talk a bit about his new album. Woot woot! *fangirls*

Also, because we’re such fans, we decided to help promote his album by doing a bit of a giveaway. We have an extra copy of the album, and we’ll give it away to one random twitter follower next week. Huzzah! All you gotta do if you want to enter is make sure you follow us on Twitter, and retweet this blog post. You can enter up to once per day, for a max of seven entries. We’ll gather them all and pick one lucky person. Huzzah!

Also, be sure to check out the links below to some official (and not official) videos of other Korean indie bands we love. If you’re a fan of a band we haven’t mentioned, let’s spread the love and discuss it in the comments below :D

We’d also recommend that you check out Fluxus Music for more Korean bands that are popular, but less publicized. Yeah!

  1. I love coming back to this video every so often and watching it. Definitely my favorite video on YouTube. :3

  2. Wow! Ok, I’ve got to admit, I’m soo jealous!! :D Thanks for promoting Alex!! He is one of my all time favorite singers (along with Clazziquai) I love your videos, they make my days!  And you guys love Nell and Epik high too?? :D They are also my favorite bands! :D  You guys rock :D

  3. Amy Zhao

    You guys should listen to Ra. D! He’s pretty amazing. Oh and BAY. 

  4. Augh!! I’m so sad I can’t use twitter here in France I really wish I could enter this contest :(

  5. Hi, you should listen to Loveholic, it sounds similar to Alex’s solo work and actually they’ve done collaborations together so, here is one song from them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmQGaGX1eWc .The vocalist Jisun has an amazing voice *-*

  6. ALEX~ i love this man, so crazy talented. http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/alex-just-like-me/

  7. OMG Aleeex i really love him. What a beautiful voice, really charming.
    And sometimes when i listen any song of him, my tears appears from my eyes!

  8. I LOVE Alex!!! I had the hardest time getting his solo album when it first came out. I’m glad you all enjoy Alex and Clazziquai, too.

    • Btw, “깍지껴요” from My Vintage Romance was the first song I learned in Korean. It has a smooth sound and a catchy melody. Old school, but still modern. I’m definitely a fan!

  9. I’m new to this awesome website, and I’m absolutely un-familiar with kPop music to be honest. I’m more in tune with music from the United States. However, I’ll give kPop a try! Thanks for listing the list of kPop musicians! Holla!

  10. I’m fell in love with Clazziquai thanks to you guys. ^_^  Their songs are so calm and whimsical~♥ *o*  I swear, Clazziquai dropped out of God’s iPod!  XD

  11. Omg no conocía a esta persona, pero ahora me gusta mucho cómo canta. ^^

  12. don’t forget MATE!! I can’t get enough of their music…. especially love their song Dly To The Sky ^^

  13. I like Kpop, but I really love you so much indie music, missed appoint Handsome People, I personally love handsome people!

  14. First time commenter but I’ve watched a lot of your videos :L
    You guys are like my idols man!
    And Simon…your pronunciations of B2ST and B1A4…
    Betoost and Bilasa? lol Genius :L
    Everytime I see B2ST I can’t help but to call them Betoost :L
    Hope more amazing things happen to amazing people like you :D

    And I’ve listened to those bands for like the first time and I just want to say THAK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! For revolutionizing my life :L

  15. I love all the bands you listed, especially W&Whale, Epik High and of course Clazziquai. <3

  16. You’re some pretty lucky people :) I’m glad to follow your blog! (And twitter, and tumblr, and facebook…what? ^^) 

    Anyway, I LOVE EPIK HIGH and Drunken Tiger and… well. Yeah, Korean indie bands are where it’s at, yo! 

  17. I havent even watched the video yet and all I have to say is DARA HAIR!!!!! :D

  18. You guys should listen to Winterplay if you haven’t yet! They’re also signed on Fluxus but I think they’re less popular than Clazziquai, although they also make awesome music. Here’s my favourite song by them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27zM2ycRles

  19. Im quite surprised 10cm is not on the list!!!!.. they’re a great duo.. guys check them out!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk5qkODQ_vY <3-<3

  20. Alex is my love with JongWan of Nell and of course Epik High’s Tablo  ♥
    Alex so cute and his album is absolutely amazing!! lucky guys ;_;

  21. All the indie bands you mentioned are amazing! Fluxus has some of the best artists I know, including Bye Bye Sea, Urban Zakapa, and Handsome People. Standing Egg, Fanny Fink, TheThe Band, 10cm, Mate, Neon Bunny, A-Mi, Yoari… there are so many amazing indie artists out there!

  22. Oh, I’m a big fan of him and Clazziquai! I’ve been listening his first solo album for a long time. I want  the Alex’s album but I’m still reticent about open a twitter account ¬¬.
    You’re right about fluxus music, their artist are great, I also recomend Bye Bye Sea, Handsome people (wich is a new band but i like their style) and Winterplay, is more jazzy but totally amazing. Vodka Rain and Mad Soul Child are another great indie bands. 
    There’s a crazy girl  (well she’s a singer lol) that I heard once with an experimental sound and I like her music but I don’t know her name. If anyone knows or has an idea of who i’m talking about please tell me haha

  23. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!! thanks to this post I found a song I have been looking for a long time(the one form the Nell link!!!) I loved this song when I listened to it for the first time, but I did not know the artist name, or the song name, but now thanks to you I found them, and I also havent listened to clazziquai never before, and now I really like them, thanks thanks

    btw, I am an E.L.F., and I usually listen to the idol bands that are really famous, but I have to say that this music is really really really great, thanks for sharing the links

  24. Martina!!!!! How did you put your hair up like that? It’s so cute!

  25. I quite like their music… too bad I’m usually broke…

  26. I don’t think you can classify Drunken Tiger and Epik High as Indie- They are pretty much mainstream from the beginning. Aside from that, good artists.

    I’d recommend a few
    Indie bands-

    House Rulez : House music
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmfB68ZzPXM어어부 프로젝트 (Uhuhbu Project) : Experimental rock

    브로콜리 너마저 (Even you, Brocoli)

    두번째 달 (Second Moon)

    Crash : Thrash metal

    Crash has been around 20 years, so it may not be appropriate to call them ‘indie’ but you don’t get to see them on TV.

    And bands/artists that are somewhere between indie and mainstream.

    장재인 (Jang Jae In)

    장기하와 얼굴들 (Jang Gi Ha and the Faces)

    이상은 (Lee Sang Eun, also known as Leetszche)

  27. omg you linked Nell ~screams~ they are my favorite korean band!! :D
    oo i’ll have to check out some of the other ones people are recommending here :3

  28. I love that you guys are doing this! :D Clazziquai is one of my favorite Korean bands.
    And I’ve gotta say, I love that you linked to a lot of other K-Indie artists! Fluxus is an amazing label. <3 They have so many talented artists.
    If you guys haven't heard them yet, you should totally check out Guckkasten (국카스텐) and 10cm. They're really great! :D Also, The Crack. 너뿐야 and 아이처럼 are really great songs by them. :)

  29. It’s so freaking amazing that you guys are doing  this! Thank You so much! :D

  30. i tweeted about it too! and thank you for the link to Fluxus Music it was the sound of my morning alarm clock ^^), Vodka Rain (check out “첫사랑의 결혼을 듣는 나이” :)) and “Late” by Yellow Monster (the last two are more rock-ish) <3

  31. omg can’t for your star king appearance!!!! you’ll get lots of screen time rite rite :D :D ;D

  32. I’m so excited to see your guys’ Star King debut! And I’m so jealous you got to meet Super Junior! :P

  33. i so wanna get tat album! i luv Clazziquai 2! dey’v gt awesome music style! oso cant w8 4 ur show in star king! XD

  34. Simply awesome!! I’m looking forward to seeing that show! When is it going to be aired?

  35. Tweet it from this page with the Twitter link or venture to your actual twitter page and RT the Tweet in which you tweeted this?

  36. I love fluxus music : w&whale ibadi & clazziquai 

    Epik High & Drunken Tiger are the best in Rap & Hip-Hop ^^

    Alex I love You <3 je t'aime <3 te quiero <3 ti amo <3 sarang hae <3 Eu o amo <3 Ich liebe dich <3Eatyourkimchi i love your web site specially your youtube channel Kpop music monday it's sooooo funny

    Fan from france ^^

    PS : I want win the CD pleaaase ^^

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    that is all. ^_^

  38. Alex oppa i love you! …’dies’

  39. は は は

  40. I love the bands Vodka Rain and Dear Cloud. Those are pretty much my favorite Korean indie rock bands. They are both seem to be kind of underrated, and it’s hard to buy their stuff if you are from a foreign country, but they are on YouTube. 

  41. /so hyped about this. 
    FFF. I love fluxus, so I’m like.. crazily happy about you guys giving them some attention! :D 
    But uhh, just wondering; would epik high really be considered indie? o __o I don’t mind them being up there though, cause it’s one of my favorite bands anyway… <3 : D

  42. simon spoon with the CD!!!!

    i got next :D

  43. awesome awesome, i love Clazziquai!

  44. wow ….you meet a lot of k-pop stars !!!!….your soo lucky……

  45. guys, if you enjoy k-indie, i recommend checking out pastel music as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjFUBABiqls

  46. Peppertones! Definately da best.LOL Have you heard the song that f(x) and Peppertones worked on? Its pretty cool!!

  47. LOVE LOVE LOVE EPIK HIGH, NELL, ALEX(SOLO), AND CLAZZIQUAI!!!!!! My favorite song is “Love Ends”


  49. “Guckkasten (국카스텐) – 매니큐어 (Manicure) ” is pretty good > ,.<

  50. Humming Urban Stereo. Listen to them. Love Them. Shove their addictingly awesome songs in other people’s faces.

  51. If you’re into “electronica meets rock” thing, try The Koxx & Idiotape.
    The Koxx -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN8RR9ZYcwA
    Idiotape -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnltaB_5qWc

  52. OMG!!!

    You guys are so lucky to meet Alex. He is my favourite member from Clazziquai. I liked when he even starred on ‘We Got Married’ Season One. ‘Quadruplets moment’ so adorable. I like the fact that he knows how to cook. His role in Pasta was even more eye-catching.

    Korean indie bands are definitely one’s to listen too. Most of the bands that I listen to I envy sometimes because of their talents. One of my old time favorite indie bands is Mot or M.O.T. The songs that they had released long ago is animated very well. The lyrics to each song are superb. 

  53. I made an account with twitter for this (:
    Also you guys like W&Whale? I loved there new music video.

  54. Epik High one thousand time love…..♥_♥

  55. Ahhh! Alex is my favorite Korean singer out there. Clazziquai is awesome, but I loved his first solo album Vintage Romance…so smooth. I recognize all of your indie favs (except for GoGo will have to look it up). Have you guys ever listened to Winterplay? They are a great group too. *runs off to create a twitter account for this*

  56. lol, I didn’t know Alex was Canadian. I’m so excited to see the episode for Star king now. I wonder when they are going to air it??

  57. Ok, am a huge fan of Alex! I liked him when he was in Pasta! And I love his music, favorite korean singer! I can’t wait to listen to his new album! So Excited!!!

  58. I feel so happy that you know Fluxus family, I really like them, specialy Alex  :D

  59. Is Clazziquai good?  How Good?   Is it T.O.P. good?

  60. I’ve been searching for good Korean indie bands for ages. :3 As much as I love kpop, I was into indie before I discovered it, so having a mix of both is fantastic. 

  61. What can I say? Debak! ^^

  62. I found Nell ever since I discovered a few months ago! Alex, of course, is amazing. <3 Epik High is just epic! But the one band that I think you guys would enjoy is Loveholic. The lead singer, Jisun, is amazing and it really is a shame that she left the group ): You  guys should definitely check out Loveholic's older music. :)

  63. i’ve been a fan of epik high since like, forever! i love Tablo so much, he’s so inspirational, and such an absolutely mindblowing lyrical genius! also love how w&whale is there, there are good too ^^ one thats not there is Chang Kiha & The Faces, one of my favourites from them is 달이 차오른다, 가자! ALSO 10CM! Seriously one of my favourite bands EVERRRR! such good music from them :)

  64. I love this new Alex’s album *-* 
    and out of the groups you’ve mentioned I especially adore Nell <33333

  65. LOVE Clazziquai, esp since a lot of their songs are in english. can actually sing along!!! Epik High is…epik hhehehehe i hope they come out w a new album soon!!

  66. ooo! I love Clazziquai and Alex (I’m a long time fan), Epik High (also a long time fan)Tablo, Mithra, DJTukutz fighting!, Drunken Tiger (and his wife Tasha)! I already bought Alex’s CD :) Soooo good!^^

  67. Winterplay is AWESOME! If you haven’t listened to them you should.

  68. I absolutley love Drunken Tiger and Epik High! Tablo’s lyrics are genius! Other Korean indie bands I really like are Bye Bye Sea, their song “Starlight Is Falling” is sooooo soothing, and Guckkasten, their song “Manicure” is one of my faves, and there’s an awesome MV for it!

  69. Thanks for the links guys.

  70. OMGOMG. <3
    I love the fact that you included Nell on the list. They are my absolute FAVORITE Korean indie band and I'm glad you know them. They're so talented and their music is just tremendously superb. They totally deserve more love. :D

  71. Martina, I love how you do your hair and makeup. Did you learn it from somewhere/someone or do you just experiment? Or were you born with the “talent”? ^__________^ 

  72. The fact that Epik High is on this list makes me foam at the mouth c: <3

  73. Kekekek
    less than three clazziquai~~~

  74. try the Jeju Boys! :D
    i love their music and also No Reply 
    i love their songs~

  75. I loooooove Epik High, Drunken Tiger and Nell! <3 It's so great to know that you love them too :3
    I also like indies like Adult Child and Dear cloud, maybe you should them out ^^

  76. how do you get your hair like that martina?

  77. Thanks so much for promoting these groups <3

    Urban Zakapa, Humming Urban Stereo are awesome groups as well!

  78. Yay~ Alex <3 Actually I had heard Clazziquai's music occasionally on this radio website called seoul.fm but I never really like searched them up. Then when I watched Smile Again I always wondered who Alex was. Then I saw him on Music Bank later and was like OMG HE'S A SINGER. -major facepalm- I really like his voice and he is very good looking =w= Plus he just seems like a really pleasant and nice guy to be around ^^

  79. May I say, can you promote Yozoh or Neon Bunny? Their voices are amazing!

  80. Glad to see you guys promoting Fluxus etc
    Awesome work guys ^^

  81. Clazziquai is the first Korean group I liked.  Alex’s voice is just so calming to me.  Whenever I’m about to murder my 9 year old daughter, all I have to do is start playing his songs and I’m instantly calmed down. 

  82. OH MY G.O.D. I just had an orgasm. I love Alex soooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! He is my ideal man, ideal singer, ideal actor… he’s just perfect. Good to see him with you, guys! And I also love Clazziquai Project, Ibadi, W&Whale, Winterplay, Urban Zakapa… Fluxus artists are definitely the best. I’m as big fan of Alex as Martina is TOP’s fan. And Simon is Bilasa’s ^_^  I want to watch it over and over again….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! (screaming like a crazy fangirl). And dying.

  83. Also Horan is also in another group called Ibadi.AB avenue is great too Really Korea has a lt of great indie bands and singers it is just sometimes so completely overshadowed by kpop. Not that it is a bad thing just that its a shame that great talented groups don’t get the attention they deserve. 

  84. I love Fluxus because they have some of the best groups ever. Winterplay should be on there. I love the jazz. I love the Fluxus voices songs they have like All i want for Christmas and Beat it. Another one of my favorites of Fluxus singers is their remake of “Our night is more beautiful than your day.” You can check it out on their channel and it is subtitled. Standing Egg is also a great indie band. Clover has such a beautiful voice. They recently released an album. 10cm is also another great group and i love their song americano. Epik high is awesome and Tablo just rocks plus he speaks English fluently since he graduated from standford.

  85. LOLS i remember when Alex was on WGM and Super Junior came to help babysit it was soo funny, they woke up the babies and eunhyuk had to bounce in order to keep the baby from crying it was adorable <3

  86. awww not fair! lucky twitter peeps. XD 

  87. I love clazziquai so much!!! horan and alex are like a boss (lazy sunday morning is one of my favorite songs) :) also love w&whale  drunken tiger and epik high :D 

  88. Alex!!! I missed him in We Got Married.  You guys are lucky to go around and meet funny, nice, and awesome celebrities in Korea. I must go one day :D

  89. So, are all the celebrities you meet so funny, awesome, cool, down to Earth? That’s just so cool. I’m going to have to write down all the bands people are recommending and try it.

  90. I really admire you guys way too much but the fact that the two of you like Clazziquai too, is just mindblowing to me. (I honestly thought that you just listen to “mainstream”)
    Have you heard of Casker, Humming Urban Stereo or House Rulez? Casker is very similar to Clazziquai in their style but they do have differences :3

  91. Thank you for introducing me to Alex’s amazing voice. I fairly new to Korean music, finding I love U-Kiss and SS501 the most, and while I’m loving K-Pop my music genre of choice is indie music. Thank you for your awesome suggestions, I’m really enjoying Clazziquai, Alex, Nell, Epik High and Drunken Tiger. You have really helped me find the type of music I truly love :)

  92. I looooooooooooooove Clazziquai ♥ They are so unique. I haven’t heard anything like them. Their music is so catchy and a bit sexy. Makes me feel happier. It’s my favorite band along with Tokyo Jihen.
    Since you are huge fans… which is your favorite Clazziquai Song? Haven’t thought about making a Clazziquai music Monday???

    I found “Eat Your Kimchi” three weeks ago and I’ve fallen in love with your channel. I don’t miss a single video and I’m trying to catch up with the old ones.
    Greetings from Lima-Peru

    My english is five of…?

  93. You guys are sooo lucky♥

  94. I was wondering what the hell is on Martina´s head. It looks like some pinky palm tree hairstyle :)
    Just kidding, but it looks interesting (very decent word for “weird” :)

  95. Okay, what I’m about to say may sound really weird, but bare with me!

    I’m a huge Alex fan, and Clazziquai fan in general. When other people have been spazzing about their favorite idols, I’ve always been supporting them. They were the first Korean group I fell in love with, and Alex’s solo work led me to them. Without going into complete detail about it, his solo work and his Clazziquai work has really gotten me through a lot. I know I’ll never be able to completely repay him, but I do my best by telling more people about him and giving his international fans more resources so they can become even bigger fans in the future. He means a lot to me and it’s the least that I can do. So when I heard that you guys were fans, I was really excited. A while later, when I heard you were going to meet him, I was overly excited! Now this came out and I just want to say thank you. Not a lot of international fans know about Clazziquai or Alex and it’s great that you guys would come out with this interview and giveaway to try to promote him. I really hope out of this that maybe someone who doesn’t know of him very well will get his album and they’ll realize just how great he is, and he’ll get another fan, because he really deserves it. So, thank you!

  96. OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE U KNOW W&WHALE!!! You’re the only people besides my family that knows them :) recently I got into Urban Zakapa, they are also a indie group with a little jazzy feel I guess? So check them out too if you want to!

  97. Handsome People (핸섬피플) same company as Clazziquai Fluxus Music~!! :DDD


  99. 브로콜리 너마저 (Broccoli, You Too) and 검정치마 (The Black Skirts) are amazing. :D
    Broccoli, You Too is an acoustic coffee-house indie three-piece, and The Black Skirts is more similar to The Strokes. It used to be three people in the band but now it’s just solo artist Bryan Cho.

  100. owww… martina, why you didn’t ask him to sing “bobo hagoshipso” :D

  101. EPIK HIGH :)  also people should check out humming urban stereo

  102. Man! Epik High and Drunken Tiger are pro! What about Guckkasten?! 8D They’re totally delicious toooooo!

  103. I love Alex and what I’ve heard by Clazziquai was also really good. I also recommend the band Dear Cloud. They’re one of my favourite Korean bands ever. I also love Loveholic~~ 

  104. Hmmm guys: so what happens if if RT this more than seven times a day? :3 *starts RT-ing anyway*

  105. i actually do not really like clazziquai so much cos i am not in favour of very soft ballads unless they are OST songs like can you hear me

  106. I love Epik high and Drunken tiger,they are amazing! actually Epik High changed my opinion about
    music,especially about hip-hop xD

  107. Love Alex! Love Clazziquai! Love Fluxus! 

  108. I love Clazziquai too! They’re music is very different from other bands.. they have their own unique music that is refreshing. I recommend that you listen to VOS (Voice Of Soul). Their music is good too. Their ballads is simply irresistible.. :)

  109. I looove Alex & Clazziquai and most of the artists you mentioned…  I think you guys would like Urban Zakapa too, cuz they’re also from Fluxus (maybe you already know them) are amazing!. They have about 4 singers in total and a few instrumental members. Please check them out ;) i’d like to hear what you think of them http://youtu.be/7lf1S4yRQT0 http://youtu.be/ZGReh7eNTUU http://youtu.be/lRhvvOsHfvU

  110. i love clazziqaui so muchh ! they are awesomee!  you guys should check out Urban Zakapa! they are really good too!

  111. Until when should we retweet? I love W&Whale, Epik High and Drunken Tiger too. I love Alex’s voice. No Brain and 10cm is one of faves. Try to listen to them. OH! MARTINA. Just in case, try Listening to Big Bang’s Oh My Friend. No Brain was featured there. :) Too bad people only listen to popular ones.

  112. Fluxus is amazing! Thanks for highlighting them. They have such a unique lineup of bands. Most recently Handsome People. 

    Also, Mate is really good, too!

  113. Also, Martina’s hair looks very Dara-ish. haha (:

  114. I LOVE ALEX!!!!! My favorite song of his is “If It’s You” that I loved SO freaking much that I decided to learn it on piano. So now I play it all the time and annoy my family but I don’t care ’cause I love it! Ahh, Clazziquai is so great, I never knew you guys were such big fans!! This makes me happy. (: 

  115. k-indie is amazing. along with hip hop and underground. i looove clazziquai and epik high and quite like nell and gogoparty. however, i prefer more folk (is that what it’s called?) music like bluedawn, tearliner, donawhale, and e z hyoung. you should check those out :P cute acoustics. yozoh is also awesome.

  116. I LOVE Clazziquai and W&Whale and other Fluxus bands.
    Also you should check out Donawhale. They are also very good :)

  117. you guys should check out 10cm. They’re a duo band from Hongdae and was just featured in the show Infinity Challenge as HaHa’s singing/composing companion for their recently ended music festival! They have a song called Americano and you guessed it, its a song about coffee. Now how can you not love a song about coffee :D

    the song they did with haha was pretty rad too :D

    아메리카노~ 좋아좋아좋아~ 써써써써써써써 ~아매리카노~~ 진해진해진해~~~

    • lol i feel like i am WAAAAYYYYYY spamming here XD too many comments by me lol. This is completely off topic but you guys should check out the Cartoonnetwork show The Regular Show if you haven’t. AND! the good thing is, they have it on YOUTUBE! It’s…pretty awesome show. Please check it out! lol I’m in college and I watch this thing like every freaking day. (you should also watch PSYCH. cuz…they shoot the show in Canada but set in Santa Barbara, Ca lol)

  118. I love Alex too! Especially his role in Smile, Donghae! ;D Hahaha, idk if this you’ll know them but M to M! :) They sing lots of OST’s and i’m not sure if they’re popular in Korea but i don’t think they’re internationally known yet. ): I love all their voices! :D And if you guys watched the show Qualifications of Men on KBS before, a member of M to M, Jinwoo, actually participated in the choir before! :D WOOOO! I love Drunken Tiger too! :D And his wife has an amazing voice. <3 EPIK HIGH! I love their song Umbrella, featuring Younha. :D YAYZ.

  119. I love you even more just cuz you listen to Clazziquai and on top of it DRUNKEN TIGER (TIGER JK BABI), Epik High, and NELL!! AND EVEN W&WHALE! you …guys are true koreans. TRUE koreans XD. YOURE MORE KOREAN THAN THE KOREAN IDOLS AROUND YOU~~

  120. love Clazziquai and Alex! <3
    also Nell and Epik High. and lot of Fluxus artists are so good. i'd also recommend Apollo 18, Jaurim, MoT, Adult Child, Guckkasten and Bulnabang Star Sausage Club! :D

  121. Do you know Standing Egg? They’re pretty nice too! 

  122. do i have to wait til next week before i can retweet?

  123. all these bands are so awesome, but it’s bad that they’re so unrated. oh, do you know standing egg? ^^

  124. Alex reminds me of a french teacher at my school :)

  125. He looks like Adam Lambert in his album cover.

  126. have you guys heard of Standing egg?

  127. I’m Alex fans too! It so nice that you guys can meet him.. Aww.. 

  128. you guys have to check this out!


  130. i love Clazziquai, Epik High and Nell!! they are really awesome!! and they definitely deserve more recognition!!

  131. Two of my favorite things just came together…;___: ♥

  132. Martina, just have to tell you that your hair is absofrickinlutely adorable :)

  133. Ummmm, WOWO! I am so happy you interviewed Alex! I remember watching him on We Got Married and I loved him!

  134. wow ummm how did u do ur hair?? ^___^

  135. YAY *-*  I <3 Alex :) his voice is just so soothing xD

  136. I love you guys for spreading the Fluxus love. Fluxus have amazing artists! My faves are Winterplay hehehehehehehe.
    You guys should check out a k-indie band called The Finnn
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oKrNbEHXtY&feature=related They’re really good :)

  137. EPIK HIGH IS REALLY REALLY GOOD OK. Now I will check out the rest of the list, might be something for me there :)

  138. I bow down to you because you also listen to Nell. :D

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