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Backstage Chat with Alex

July 9, 2011


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As you might know by now (because we mention it in just about every single post that we’re doing lately), we recently had the chance to be on Star King, and many people were excited that we got to meet a bunch of awesome kpop bands. There was, however, someone else on stage with us that we were really hyped to meet and that was Alex, who you might know from Clazziquai.

We’re huge Clazziquai fans. They’re an electronica meets jazz kinda band, and they’re totally awesome. We own a lot of their albums, and listen to them constantly. Our morning alarm clock is even a Clazziquai song! And so, when we knew that we were going to be on stage with Alex we were really excited. We even got a chance afterwards to chat with him backstage and talk a bit about his new album. Woot woot! *fangirls*

Also, because we’re such fans, we decided to help promote his album by doing a bit of a giveaway. We have an extra copy of the album, and we’ll give it away to one random twitter follower next week. Huzzah! All you gotta do if you want to enter is make sure you follow us on Twitter, and retweet this blog post. You can enter up to once per day, for a max of seven entries. We’ll gather them all and pick one lucky person. Huzzah!

Also, be sure to check out the links below to some official (and not official) videos of other Korean indie bands we love. If you’re a fan of a band we haven’t mentioned, let’s spread the love and discuss it in the comments below :D

We’d also recommend that you check out Fluxus Music for more Korean bands that are popular, but less publicized. Yeah!



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