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Peeping Life feat EATYOURKIMCHI!

August 9, 2013


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Ok, so we’ve been sitting on this for a while now, and we’re happy to FINALLY be able to share it. Yay!

So, back in February, you might remember that we went to Japan. We did some collaborations with Harajuku Kawaii TV, Mosogourmet, SQUASHfilms, and a big Rube Goldberg with a bunch of other YouTubers. While we were there, we also had a couple of meetings with Anime Bancho, which is a cool channel that does anime of everyday life for a program called Peeping Life. Anyhow, they told us that they wanted to come to Seoul to film us for one of their segments, and to make an Anime out of it. HOLY HELL WE SAID YES RIGHT AWAY. If this was Jerry Maguire, they had us at “Hello.”

A couple of months later they flew down to Seoul to film the segment with us. Basically, we filmed the segment, and then they took the footage home and animated it frame by freaking frame. YOOOOO. That’s a lot of work there. Like, whoa. That’s a lot of work. And they did TWO videos with us. TWO! Part 2 will show up next week. Huzzah!

We’re not sure if this kind of humor is your thing, though, the whole “Lost in Translation” kind of conversation, but it’s something we greatly enjoy. I like the sense of confusion, you know? We feel like we’re really lacking that now that we’ve been in Korea for such a long time, but every time we go to Japan and flail around and barely understand what’s happening to us and around us, we get a sense of nostalgia and remember what it was like when we first came to Korea. So, we had a great time not understanding what was happening when we were shooting the video. I mean, legitimately, we didn’t understand what he was saying to us. We were just flailing and trying to understand. Ha!

Just one side note I wanted to say about this: Martina has big boobs in real life. Why are her boobs so small in this animation? This is Japanese Animation: shouldn’t the boobs be ridiculously supersized? Come on! Japan invented big boobs in animes! They’ve got, like, patents for that! They made Martina’s boobs SMALLER than they usually are! Or maybe they were like “If we draw the boobs as big as they are, people might think of us as a cheesy anime channel. We must reduce the boobage!” I’m not sure. I didn’t ask them about the boobs. I’m still just happy to be animated!

Ok jokes aside, this was such a great experience, because we’re animated and that’s all that matters. I’d love to have our own anime segment. I know that Korea does a lot of animations. What I gotta do to hire one of them to make movies full time? Introducing: The Misadventures of Spudgy and Meemers! Holy fartsnaps my mind just exploded from both awesomeness and cuteness.



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