Ok, so we’ve been sitting on this for a while now, and we’re happy to FINALLY be able to share it. Yay!

So, back in February, you might remember that we went to Japan. We did some collaborations with Harajuku Kawaii TV, Mosogourmet, SQUASHfilms, and a big Rube Goldberg with a bunch of other YouTubers. While we were there, we also had a couple of meetings with Anime Bancho, which is a cool channel that does anime of everyday life for a program called Peeping Life. Anyhow, they told us that they wanted to come to Seoul to film us for one of their segments, and to make an Anime out of it. HOLY HELL WE SAID YES RIGHT AWAY. If this was Jerry Maguire, they had us at “Hello.”

A couple of months later they flew down to Seoul to film the segment with us. Basically, we filmed the segment, and then they took the footage home and animated it frame by freaking frame. YOOOOO. That’s a lot of work there. Like, whoa. That’s a lot of work. And they did TWO videos with us. TWO! Part 2 will show up next week. Huzzah!

We’re not sure if this kind of humor is your thing, though, the whole “Lost in Translation” kind of conversation, but it’s something we greatly enjoy. I like the sense of confusion, you know? We feel like we’re really lacking that now that we’ve been in Korea for such a long time, but every time we go to Japan and flail around and barely understand what’s happening to us and around us, we get a sense of nostalgia and remember what it was like when we first came to Korea. So, we had a great time not understanding what was happening when we were shooting the video. I mean, legitimately, we didn’t understand what he was saying to us. We were just flailing and trying to understand. Ha!

Just one side note I wanted to say about this: Martina has big boobs in real life. Why are her boobs so small in this animation? This is Japanese Animation: shouldn’t the boobs be ridiculously supersized? Come on! Japan invented big boobs in animes! They’ve got, like, patents for that! They made Martina’s boobs SMALLER than they usually are! Or maybe they were like “If we draw the boobs as big as they are, people might think of us as a cheesy anime channel. We must reduce the boobage!” I’m not sure. I didn’t ask them about the boobs. I’m still just happy to be animated!

Ok jokes aside, this was such a great experience, because we’re animated and that’s all that matters. I’d love to have our own anime segment. I know that Korea does a lot of animations. What I gotta do to hire one of them to make movies full time? Introducing: The Misadventures of Spudgy and Meemers! Holy fartsnaps my mind just exploded from both awesomeness and cuteness.

  1. This is finally something that I’ve heard of before! I LOVE Peeping Life. It’s one of my favorite things just, ever. It’s a very dry type of humor, which is pretty unusual for Asia I think. Yay for you!

  2. Misadventures of Spudgy and Meemers MUST happen one day!!! ^_^

  3. *0* wow martina you can be a magical girl~~~

  4. that’s just so cool! I hope I could meet Kaito if I am animated XD

  5. Simon, I agree with you about the boobs ._.

  6. In a way, I do understand your perspective and what you mean about being confused and how fascinating it can be, since its, well, very different. ^^ However, its just my POV: I seriously love languages, and I think the power of words can have so much effect, and the difference in understanding and not understanding can be so big. There is beauty in not understanding, for sure, but I think it is even better, that feeling of understanding a foreign language.. Not just because you took the time to study a different culture’s language, but you feel so much more close when you do it as well, Ah, its hard to explain. I know its impossible to go to every country and expect to speak their language, but in my case, if I decide to live instead of just visit certain countries, I’ll sincerely *try to* give it my all to engage in the beauty of communication & understanding of culture. ( Sorry if I’m not phrasing this right Dx I know you guise dont live in Japan though, I guess I mean like.. ack.. I’m just speaking of my own cause I’d like to live in Japan maybe in the future)
    I know that, since learning different languages, its so different and cool when I go back to something I didnt previously understand, and now do and I’m like “So that’s what that meant! Wow, its so different now that I understand it. It means so much more! ” I can see both our perspectives though but just wanted to share some of my thoughts ^^
    & Its so cool you guys have been animated!! Japan is really awesome.

  7. And then the motto of my life became “lips hands face always”

  8. Loved This ^^ how cool was this hehe

  9. This is so freaking amazing like wow I would watch every episode if you guise had an anime >__<

  10. Oh man. The Peeping Life series is not my favorite of the Anime Bancho channel (that honor goes to Turning Girls!), but I was seriously cracking up the whole episode. It’s even better knowing it was unscripted.

    Excited and can’t wait for part two. 。゚(TヮT)゚。

  11. LOL! this is AWESOME!!! Im studying animation here in Canada, HIRE ME!!! :P

  12. Note to self: do not watch EYK while at work – bursting out in laughter at work is so unprofessional

  13. Ha, I noticed that Martina’s boobs were smaller in the video. And when you told that guy to make a sexy face, I immediately started rubbing my lips with a thumb. Kpop, what have you done to me…

  14. haha that was really funny because i actually understood both parts!

  15. 24 hours of anime withSimon, Martina, Spudgy, and Meemers, whoah so freakin awesome. I’d pay money to see that!

  16. HAHA I loved it, as someone who speaks japanese this was very funny :P
    His accent was awesome!! >.<

    (he spoke like a foreiner, but in Japanese. A lot of Japanese do this as a joke, when they pretend to speak forein languages)

  17. “Life Achievement Unlocked” for sure, congrats S&M!!! It was a very cute snippet…i liked how they captured all the mannerisms.

  18. This was awesome lol maybe we need an anime series with simon and martina. I’ll watch it.

  19. Guys Guys! Go to any EYK video on YouTube. Not a playlist but an actual video.

    Type: 1980

    Not in the search field or anything, just type it.

    Hey presto Missile Command game!

    It’s for YouTube’s Geek Week. I found out about it via here: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2013/08/youtubes-awesome-new-easter-egg-lets-you-play-missile-command/

  20. lol There is no hope for him.

  21. This is awesome! L♡VE it … one of my favorite things ANIME… 멋지다!

  22. I was waiting for Soo Zee to be dancing in the background. lol

  23. That is soooo awesome!! Can’t wait to see part 2 :D

  24. I really liked this because the flavors were equal parts Peeping Live and EYK.

    It also ret-conned the trip to Japan. That helped. At the time the whole thing seemed kind of aimless. So yean.

  25. OMG! The song he started singing at the end was sooooo from Princess Mononoke!

    Anyway, OMG PEEPING LIFE! My professor in college had our class watch a few episodes of it for class on a day that she was sick and we had to type up a reaction for her! I am SOOO glad she had us do that because I loved it AND now I have a much greater appreciation for this video! …I think I am going to e-mail her this link and thank her for introducing me to Peeping Life. :3

  26. I’m pretty sure the song Youtube-kun sang was from Princess Mononoke? XD



  29. its awesome seeing simon and martina in an animated video. they moved so slowly, its awkward and martina seems to be hunched back most of the time LOL. the 3d models however are very well done. awesome job peeping life.

  30. I’m so happy! Your life goal, one of them crossed off your bucket list! :D Super entertaining and awesome to watch. You guys are amazing and I’m happy for all these kinds of rare opportunities you guys get. :D

  31. I feel like if you wanna do a sexy face you pretend that you have spaghetti sauce on your lips and try cleaning it with your thumb and index finger.

  32. Spudgy and Meemers cartoons! Yes! Please! :D

  33. That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, and I double love it cause I can say I was practicing my Japanese listening skillz while watching. Animated Simon and Martina is too cool for me to explain in words.

    • Same here with the 日本語 study. muahaha!
      I think I need to watch it again… for the studies… yes, for the studies…
      ———-some translations I picked out in case anyone wonders (I hope I didn’t butcher anything… m(_ _)m )———

      ダンス。。(dansu?) できますよ。(dekimasuyo.) 見て下さい。(mite kudasai.) = Dance? I can do it! Watch please.

      まなざしが。。(manazashi ga) = The look/gaze…

      セクシーじゃないの。。(sekushi/sexy janai no?) = Not sexy?

      ホんとう。(hontou?) = Really/Truly?

      なにそれ。(nani sore?) = What’s this?

      べちゃべちゃ (becha becha) = chatter / noisy conversation *or* messy… [I think he was asking, “like your face is messy?”]

      Here’s the song he started singing [Theme from もののけ姫/Mononoke Hime/Princess Mononoke]:
      It is sung by 米良 美一 (Yoshikazu Mera), who is a GUY. He is a “countertenor” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Countertenor ). Amazing, ne? [& If you wonder, like with many of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies, music is by Joe Hisaishi.]

      [ one hour later… Gotta go, Live Chat is starting! XD ]

  34. This is awesome! I was slightly disappointed that Martina’s bow on her glasses disappeared….it wasn’t animated… INCOMPLETE!!! lol jk. overall this is really cool. :] Can’t wait to see more animated adventures, haha maybe an animated Wonderful Adventure Now Korea!

  35. I love that when you’re explaining sexy face aka Flaccid Jaw Syndrome (FJS) he asks “Like you ate something greasy?” Best way of explaining it, especially reading that you guys had no clue what he was saying. XD

  36. Can I just say how much I love this dude’s style? Bow ties suspenders, ipod on a hat? Baller, son.

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