Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. We did our first Eatyourkimchi Awards last year when we just moved into the studio, and now that our one year anniversary is coming up, and the end of the year is coming up as well, it’s about time to open up our polls for the 2013 Awards!

We’ve got loads of different categories. Best Vocals. Best Rookies. Best Aegyo. Best Male Group. Best Hip Hop. And more. There are lots of categories to vote on, lots of different artists to support. Or, if you’re not fully up to date with Kpop as religiously as others, you can at least peruse through the nominees and see what was big for the year.

2013 was an exceptionally fruitful year, with tons of bands making heaps of videos, so, surely, with only ten nominees per category, there will be some bands and videos that got slighted. Sorry if your choices didn’t make it! Our mod team along with a group of dedicated Epic Nasties compiled the videos for the list, and it wasn’t an absolutely peaceful voting in/voting out process, but everyone tried to be as fair as possible, so I hope people won’t be too upset if their choices didn’t make it in. We can’t fit in everyone! Thank you to the people that helped put this together :D

We’re going to be announcing the nominees of all of the categories over the next few days. Get to voting over at the 2013 EYKA Page. Voting closes December 6th, 11:59PM, Korean Time. Then we’ll start filming and putting everything together, and we’ll publish the 2013 EYKAs on December 23rd. Booya!

The Nominee videos will be released bit by bit from today onwards. For now, here’s the first nomination video: Best Hip Hop of 2013.


Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the nominees, because we won’t be making blog posts for all of them. That’d be insane!

  1. what is kimchi music awards about?? an award like MAMA or what? can you explain cause i’m new…. and one more thing,the voting session has ended right? how will we know the winners? Is it will be air in astro or you will just show it here?? please don’t get mad and answer my questions cause i am new…XD

  2. Can I ask how does the twitter vote counts? because I have my account on private.. do I have to unprivate it to make it count? thanks!

  3. Hey K.will fans~! To help motivate you guys, If K.will wins one of the two categories he’s been placed in,I will give out two of his latest albums! I will randomly select, so please vote hard and comment in his nominee mv comment section(cuz thats where Ill select.) Fighting!

  4. u-kiss-me go go go!

  5. I miss not having you guys do a short video for each category =( Took like 95% of the fun out of it for me xD

  6. Maashugna

    Kind of confused, I thought nominees for Best boy group couldn’t have debuted in 2012? Cuz I remember reading through the thread discussing the nominees…

  7. Ray

    Love all the videos this year is hard to choose between so many excellent kpop idols…but i made my votes!

  8. Skully

    That awkward moment when Crayon Pop is nominated for best female group when they just won Rookie of the year in MAMA…..
    Buuut it is true that they actually dbuted in 2012 sooooo bad MAMA bad….. XD

  9. Best plot goes to Tasty’s “Day n Night” even though it came out like 2 seconds ago :p lol

  10. I’m really rooting for some underdogs here and there, but for some categories, I know they won’t come even close to the top 3 :(

    However, since there’s no specific page with comment for each category, I’ll talk a bit about “best plot” category :
    For me, the best plot in a MV is “It’s my fault” from Speed. Actually, they also did another MV that was the prequel or the sequel to this MV, I’m not quite sure. Anyway, here is why it’s the best. First, there’s actually a real plot with a start and an ending, a storyline, climax and stuff. Other MV have plot, but their plot is half plot, half concept, meaning there’s not that much of a real storyline in it. Then, and most of all, the story is about a part of Korea recent history (1985 or 1986). It was done in a way, if you didn’t already knew about Gwangju rebellion, you would want to learn what happened and why. Finally, the story (and the history behind it) deeply moved me.

    I know Jin’s Gone or T-ARA N4 is going to win. T-ARA had a great song (though I prefer the dance MV), Gone has a great plot (though I don’t care much about both the song and MV, I can recognize it might move some and I also love the actress who’s so good even though she still young – she played in The Moon Embracing The Sun and was great in that too), but I really think, for all the reason I’ve said earlier, that Speed should get more aknoledgement.

    After watching this MV, I actually got really really interested in Korean history. I’ve just finished reading about the prehistoric through the Japanese occupation and I’m starting Korea War tomorrow. I can say I’ve cried reading history now…

  11. Destiny Ortiz Figueroa

    i vote for Block B because i love their music and them but most because Kim Yukwon (U-Kwon) is My Favorite Member in Block B and My Favorite Singer and Dancer . I look up to him very much ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!! i believe in Block B very much and U-Kwon from Block B i hope they win very much <3 !

  12. Destiny Ortiz Figueroa

    i vote for Block B because i love the very much and Kim Yukwon (U-Kwon) is My Favorite Member in Block B and My Favorite Singer and Dancer . I look up to him very much ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!!

  13. oh yeah, I already told people in Xia’s Chinese fanclub this news. All of us will vote for Xia~ Xia, we love you ~(≧▽≦)/~ You are the best vocal!!!

  14. Huhuhu huhuhuhu huhuhu~♪
    LOL at that humming song. :D

    I’m trying to study for a test next week but this song is much easier to memorize. :P

  15. C. Snoopy

    The Vocal nominees is too difficult to chose!!!!!!

  16. My favorite list of nominees so far is the Most Bizarre Video category. I watched the entire playlist and loved it! Although I have to say TOP should be the winner in my opinion while I was laughing at the bizarreness of the other videos I simply had my mouth wide open just watching Doom Dada. It’s too bizarre for words xD and I’ve watched it several times since it came out and still no words xD

  17. Hey guise you should’ve made a best scandal and best rapper of the year, just for the fun of it.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      well best hip-hop is sorta like best rapper….

      • Hmm yeah, just saw the video of the nominees, thought it was focused in a particular song.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          well all the nominees in that category are considered phenomenal rappers in the khip-hop community so even if it is focused on that one particular song, they are all still really good rappers. There are sooooooo many that are missing though because there are only 10 spots so unfortunately some were left off. :(

          EDIT: ok, phenomenal may have been an overstatement, but they’re all considered really good. :D

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


        • I love Outsider ^^ I actually showed him to a friend of mine that hates rap music, but she was really impressed with him and even wanted me to show her more !

  18. The best solo playlist has a PROBLEM!
    instead of Jay Park there’s Lee Hyori MV, and PSY and Junsu are not working at all!

    • thisisjustforfunval

      You are correct, there does appear to be a glitch in the Matrix on the soloist voting page. I’m sure it’s just a video link problem and they’ll check into it when the wake up. Links and coding are so picky I swear.

      • oh, thanks!
        I thought no one would notice my comment ;P

        • thisisjustforfunval

          S&M are pretty good at noticing comments, but they are such night owls they probably just went to bed a few hours ago. Just wanted to give you some assuring that they would see it, it would just take many hours lol. They’ll be glad you brought it to their attention.

    • I have taken note of the issue and let them know about it but as @thisisforfun:disqus said, they are probably asleep at the moment and so will take a bit to get it fixed.


  19. I wanna become a kpop artist just to receive a golden Spudgy statue…

  20. So last year, I had just gotten into Kpop, and so I didn’t know a lot of the artists/videos that were a part of the EYK awards. So I was really excited for this years because I would have a better understanding of the artists, and such. And HOLY CRAP it is SO much harder this year to vote. >.<

  21. So if winners get a golden Spudy, do runner ups get a silver Meemers?

  22. Oh! TOP for Most Bizarre Video? That’s not even fair. There were apes! The man himself was dressed as an ape! And there was a creepy big headed baby. A big headed baby I tell you!

  23. Yay~ I loved these last time! I can’t wait! ^^

  24. thisisjustforfunval

    Hi guys! Do you think you could update this post to include links to the playlists for the other categories. Even though most people follow you on all the other social medias not everyone does or doesn’t check them regularly. Plus it would be nice to have them all housed in one place. If it’s possible, just a suggesting :)

  25. When I saw the most bizzare video category, I had to think of VIXX’s voodoo (doll) MV…

  26. Besides searching for them on Youtube, how do I see all of the nomination videos? Is there a place on this site to see them?

  27. you have to include Heo Young Saeng for best KMM potential..and maybe best solo? heh :3

    i was so devastated when you chose lee hi over him~

  28. No Best Engrish Award? Why giuse? :’(

  29. Vixx hyde for potential KMM! ;D

  30. I hope you’re making Golden Spudgy’s for all the winners :D if I were them, a Golden Spudgy is something I would proudly display in my trophy case xD

  31. I love our Epic Nasties, they’re so cute and so awesome ^^

  32. TOP for Most Bizarre Video, Best Artsy Video, Best Potential KMM, and for Best Plot xD TOP 2013! (TOP is running for office now????)

  33. Again? It just felt like you had last years ones! >~< (time flies in the EYK fandom~)

  34. Oh guys <3
    And I was rewatching last year's awards last night :'D I'll vote this time, last time I was new to all this. Love you guys.

  35. the humming at the end made me shiver- sounds like a horror movie, you know, right before something bad happens to the kids… :))

  36. I wonder if S&M were able to actually make spudgy awards this year to send to the winners? Or if there is still the lone Spudgy award at the studio. I know that those would probably be the best awards to get. I mean, who wouldn’t want a golden spudgy to display in their awards case.

  37. So does this mean no KMM again? Whether you guys like it or not, it’s the biggest draw to EYK and it keeps not happening. It’s very frustrating to the people who spend time voting. I mostly gave up a while ago, but I know people who still care about it. If you’re not going to do KMM, maybe you should warn people in advance on the voting page? Obviously this is one you would have known about beforehand.

    I kinda wish you guys would just bring back How to Dance Kpop Style (without voting because that just screwed it up) instead of a super-involved awards show that clogs up my subscription box. It was fun and silly and one of the reasons why I started loving your videos 3 years ago. Simple, silly, fun videos about something I like made by people I could relate to. That being said, it’s your website/blog/youtube channel, so you can do what you want with it.

    • I’m not sure why someone would down vote this since it wasn’t said disrespectfully. But I kind of agree with the first part. Why not just take down the charts for the weeks you know there won’t be a KMM? I’m not personallydisappointed, since my involvement ends with one or two clicks, but I do feel for the people who spent so much effort voting.

      • I fully expected for my comment to be down-voted, since I’m saying something critical. I do hope that it’s taken as constructive criticism by Simon and Martina, though. I do respect all the work they do and that they’re doing their best to balance pleasing their fans and not killing themselves.

        • Simon and Martina do take constructive criticism but unfortunately not everyone who reads the comments are like that. I ( as well as most other people on disqus) get downvoted regularly for saying the most innocuous of things. Alas, we can’t block the ability to downvote. Ah well.

          Also in response to your original comment. I find that there are others who also agree with you on that however it really depends on how Simon and Martina feel about it. Trust me they have a lot of critics and if they were to try to make everyone happy they would go crazy. So if they don’t want to do it, you can’t force them.

          EYK has changed over the last 5-6 years and not everyone is going to or has to like it. You can always suggest things to make it better but it really up to S&M to do what they feel is best. It is therefore up to you as commenters and viewers to decide how you will respond to their new decisions and directions. And of course you might have to grow a thick skin because not everyone will agree with how you feel.


        • Of course I understand that they can’t possibly make everyone happy, particularly as their audience has grown. Even trying would make anyone go insane. And I thought I expressed in my original comment my understanding that Simon and Martina’s show and totally up to them on what to do with it. If not, then consider it expressed now.

        • oh, I figured you understood. That comment was for everyone/anyone reading who may have felt similarly. Sometimes my comments are not always directed at a specific person. Especially since I am a moderator and see so many different opinions. Sometimes my comments become a catch all for general issues.

          This is why we had contemplated having a FAQ page or forum, so discussions like this can occur. And to prove my point, see how that comment got downvoted? Now I have no idea why it was downvoted and it doesn’t really bother me outside of the fact that perhaps if the person had responded to me and asked a question perhaps we could be having a conversation about whatever issue they have with what I said or the way I said it.

          But alas, I have no idea what it was about my comment that they didn’t agree with and therefore I cannot correct it if it is something that needed correction.

          Also, tone is very subjective when in a written form. I am not trying to be preachy or accusative. I actually was agreeing a lot with what you said, but I find that others (who may lurk on the site) sometimes need an explanation for things.

          Ah well.



        • kitten_lilac

          I wouldn’t take the down-votes as a bad thing. I’m sure that some people use it to simply say that they disagree with your opinion, not necessarily that they didn’t approve of what you said. (though I admit it could also be uber-sensative fans.) I didn’t vote up or down because I don’t really know how to feel about the lack of KMMs lately. I miss them, a lot, but it also seems like Simon and Martina are enjoying these other things more, which makes them fun to watch.

          As for voting, I gave up voting for KMM a long time ago. There was too much negativity in the comment area and I found myself becoming disappointed when my bias wasn’t chosen. I found that I enjoyed it more when I just sat back and watched to see whichever band they chose. To be really honest, I wish they’d take down the polls entirely and just pick whichever video they wanted to talk about, since those tend to be the best.

          So, yeah, idk about the lack of KMMs. It’s different. I don’t know if it’s good different, bad different, or just different different (this made sense before I typed it)

        • I’m not hurt by a few down-votes on a comment. I’ve been active in online communities for about 20 years so it takes a helluva lot more than that to affect me. LOL Thank you for your concern though. ^^ (And your last comment made sense after you typed it too, so no worries!)

        • This is exactly how KMMs are for me as well. The /only/ times I’ve ever been dissapointed is when VIXX is in the top three and S&M decide to not do a KMM that week. Otherwise I tend to not care what MV is chosen because I watch more for Simon and Martina themselves than the actual video being reviewed.

        • matchacakes

          I like the polls because I scan them for artists I may not have heard or seen before. I don’t even bother voting anymore.

          And you’re last comment makes perfect sense. I came to EYK for the KMMs and stayed for everything else. I love how S&M (thank you guys for all the work you put into this site!) give their commentary on life as expats, but I don’t know how I feel about the lack of KMMs either.

      • I don’t always look at the down votes as someone writing disrespectfully. Some people might give a down vote simply because they disagree with the suggestion but don’t want to post. I see the votes as 10 people saying “yeah, S&M, do KMM every week” and 3 people saying “Nah, KMM isn’t that important to me.”

        • This isn’t how I see down votes, but of course it’s different for each person. Personally I see them as someone disliking a post for what’s been said in it, not necessarily simply disagreeing with it. There are plenty of posts I disagree with, but don’t down vote. For example I’ll down vote a post that is simply bashing someone/something but I won’t down vote a post that makes a suggestion that I simply don’t care for. But again, it’s all personal opinion.

    • I actually agree, especially with the first part!
      S&M used to warn ppl that they won’t do KMM before but they don’t do it regularly (the warnings I mean) now -__-

      I also miss How To Dance Kpop Style (ㅠ.ㅠ)
      I love the Best Potential KMM category cos it actually results in a real KMM [I've became a Nasty because of KMM and I regularly watch only TL;DRs & WTFs and DICKS now, the rest of stuff is good but not really what makes me love EYK], the other categories are good only for information purposes for ME cos they contain quite interesting vids that I might have missed during the year~^^

    • Maashugna

      Definitely agree, I was drawn to eyk for the KMMs, I used to vote like a mad person, but I don’t do it much anymore. I wish it would go back to how it was in the beginning. The awards also tend to make me mad over the nominees, I know it’s not S&M’s fault, but it’s so competitive. Still, I love eyk.

      on another note, U-kiss will always be best boy group in my heart…

  38. I can’t wait! I remember the 2012 Awards~ It doesn’t feel like one year has passed!

  39. What is the song you’re humming when you hold up the Spudgy award? It’s some sort of PBS Masterpiece song, isn’t it? I’ve definitely heard it before!!

  40. Personally, I think that G.R.8.U. by VIXX should AT LEAST be nominated for best video. I mean, c’mon! The video was creative and it’s got to be one of the best songs of the year! Anyone else with me?

    • I thought GR8U was their worst video to date imo. They looked like they felt awkward as hell which in turn made me feel awkward while watching it.

      • I actually really liked it, but since artsy fartsy and aegyo have already been announced, I really don’t think it would fit in any of the other categories.

    • I liked that video only because :
      1) I realized it is suppose to be before Hyde and go up to the point when they turn into Hyde
      2) It was done backwards
      3) they sang / lip-sang backwards the entire song

      That’s how I saw it. I liked the song more than the video…And if we talk about VIXX, I’d rather they put Hyde or the voodoo MV.

      • Voodoo does seem like it’d be awesome for Mordney’s Choice award.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


          Nobody understands what that category is yet!

        • …… But what else would it be??? I don’t believe there were quite enough groups / artists using the vampire concept this year for it to be that…..

          And shush yourself I have KIND OF been trying not to be ‘exposed’

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah but if you read there are multiple comments about the dark concept and how there should be a category for it, and there are also multiple comments asking what Mordney category could possibly be. You’re kinda spoiling it, and now I’m having to spoil it in explaining why you’re spoiling it…

  41. I am upset :’( I keep waiting for the Ukiss review that will never come…

  42. YukiRed

    This will be the best birthday present evarr!! =3

  43. Aaaaagh! How am I going to choose between Verbal Jint, Dynamic Duo, and Swings?! I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS!

  44. Will you guys upload kpop music monday for this week?

  45. It’s that time of the year again !

    Really like this award part you made ^-^.
    Hm…So far , don’t know who will get my vote in the hip-hop category…
    Can’t wait for the other categories. This will be fun !

  46. yanagiba yusuke22

    no KMM??

  47. I only watched MAMA’s for the live performances/Big Bang’s concert.
    What can you offer us? Spudgy’s rendition of EYK’s greatest hits?

  48. squeeeeeee EYKAs! finally!

    I hope I can vote for Jaejoong somewhere, there is no best album category, WWW is probably one of my top 3 favourite kpop albums of all times, and I want 2NE1′s Missing You for best song, I’ve never loved a song from a group I’m not even a fan of so much

  49. Am I the only one who now wants to become a K-pop idol just so I can be in with a chance of winning my own Spudgy trophy?

  50. I remember last years, back when I was a kpop newbie.
    the memories~

  51. The name of the award show… awkward… But I see what you did there.

  52. Could there be a OFF EYKA? With categories like “Best Soo Zee Doppelganger”, “Best Leigh Cut-Out Appearance”, “Best Memers Video Bombing” or “Best Use of Kimchi in a MV”. Both in Kpop MV (but closely related to a EYK aspect) and in EYK original videos, like a meta-award of some sort.

  53. Is Simon drinking milk out of the wine glass??????? LOL
    I’m excited fot the new EYKA!!!!! Can’t believe it’s already been one year….. T.T

  54. Made the odds be ever in CNBlue’s favor…I mean OUR favor…yeah…our favor 9u9

  55. thisisjustforfunval

    Vocals is honestly going to be the hardest category for me to vote for. I’m a sucker for amazing vocalists and I could easily vote for almost all of them, if not all of them. Decisions, decisions, decisions. AH! I’m so torn.

  56. No best Engrish?!

    Race is not exciting.

    • There isn’t much that was super funny this year.
      All I can think of is Loofah’s on fire, I’m addict (x10), and all of the English version of OddEye’s Catch Me If You Can.

      Also I’m kinda glad it isn’t included, who wants to hear “Hey you won an award for speaking the worst English!” lol.

      • Ah man, I love Number 9 but that almost ruined that song for me. Once was enough, twice was pushing it, but it just kept going and going. It wasn’t even funny, it just hurt a bit.

    • Hey! What about “smokey gil” ono but we all know the “Loofah’s on fire” was a winner XD

  57. This category is actually pretty hard to choose from. BAAAM has been my song for weeks now, if Chicken Wing was in it it would’ve been a no brainer. Tablo and Yankie together again… auugh so hard to choose.

  58. eeeep! I have been looking forward to this sooo much! It feel weird that it’s already the end of the year, I really feel like the time just flew by, what with all the things you guys have been doing :)

  59. something is wrong with counting votes (best vocal performances, it wasn’t like that with hip hop). I’ve refreshed the page and all of them are resetted.

  60. The Second Annual EYKA’s?! There IS no other award show.

  61. Yay!!! It has begun! >.< *insert evil laugh* lol

  62. Yay, this came even earlier than I expected, I’m super excited! But I second what Jamie said about announcing the nominees, I really liked those videos last year, they weren’t too blabbery at all :) I bet you have a lot of funny and/or spot-on things to say about the nominated videos.


  63. LongClawTiger

    What are the voting limits? Or is it the same tally system that the regular KMM charts use?

    • Same voting system, you are limited on votes daily per artist, but you can vote for as many artists as you like.

      Edit: Except comments aren’t for points since these videos were all on the charts before, you can still comment on the videos for fun though. :)

  64. Ahh… Super excited for this! Can we give you guys an EYKA for awesomeness? XD

  65. *politely raises hand*
    Will there be a Kpop Music Monday this week?

  66. Yey!! It’s this time of the year again LOL!!

  67. I wonder if CNBLUE‘s I’m Sorry will be nominated in Best Potential KMM
    You never reviewed CNBLUE and I’m Sorry just had bad timing cos you were somewhere out and it wasn’t the choice of top 3 MVs yet :S

  68. I’ve been waiting for the holidays and new year’s eve all year, not because of Christmas and family reunions or delicious food, but for this : the 2013 EYKA. Seriously.
    I’ve been thinking about it all year long!!! YEAH!

    Annual review and awards are THE BEST! Even more when they’re done by Simon and Martina ;)

    • Just vote for all of them.
      I can’t really decide between Dynamic Duo, Gaeko, LeeSSang, Swings, or Verbal Jint and Bumkey.
      LeeSSang and Swings are like a tier below for me but I still like them enough to vote for them as of now lol.
      If I had to choose only one it’d be tough between DD and VJ but I might lean towards VJ since I really like Bumkey also lol.

      • Yes maybe. That said, even though I like LeeSSang, I was kinda conflicted with the song. In the “tears” departement this year, I was much more into “Shower of Tears”, by Baechigi. If it was in the list, I would be terribly torned between Dynamic Duo and them. Both “Shower of Tears” and “BAAAM!” were a big freaking deal for me this year, and still are. All of the other songs I either enjoy them for a while but stop listening to them after a few weeks or really deeply hated a lot.

      • Oh and I forgot “Wash Away” from Geeks!

  69. awww…….now that you have meemers you guys should totally make a meemers trophy!

  70. Uh, I’m so excited! I really loved your awards last year!

  71. No Best Subunit of 2013???? There were like a bunch of subunits this year from Infinite H to 2yoon to ubeat to Sistar19! Would’ve of been a great category specific for 2013 considering how many released stuff this year

    • Idt think there were ten, the beginning of the year had like five right off the bat but that trend pretty much died later on
      Not even OC had a release! sorta…

      • Lets see, Infinte h, sistar19, 2yoon, ubeat, ZE:a5, dasoni (exid),t-ara n4, super junior m, and troublemaker all already released stuff while 100% v and m & n(miryo and narsha) are coming up. OC should of released something this year, same with Taetiseo

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I think 100% was released past the cutoff date.
          OC technically could have been included, you might see a couple vids from 2012 that were released after the cutoff date for the last EYKAs.
          And I wouldn’t consider Troublemaker a subunit since it’s from two different groups, also I wouldn’t totally consider M since it was made for a totally separate market.

          But either way S&M only wanted a certain number of categories, there were lots of categories that could have been included if we had unlimited category amounts.
          Videos with flowers, videos with cats, some categories from last year, etc.

          But yeah at the beginning of the year I was like, ooh this would make a great EYKA category, but it just didn’t keep up the pace very much, it’s more fun to have to eliminate ppl because there are so many nominees as opposed to shoe ins.

        • Ahh I see, but Troublemaker would still technically be a subunit IMO just because they’re each from different groups doesn’t mean they can form a unit. I only included M because didn’t they promote in Korea for a while? It should kinda count, its not like I included T-ara QBS and ZE:A4U since they were only in Japan and didn’t promote in Korea whereas M did but they’re marketed differently (I have no clue what I said but I hope you get my point).

        • Jenny ❤ Leo

          Yeah, but that wouldn’t really be a “Subunit” It’s more of a collaboration.

        • Btw I do understand that are limits to the number of categories and etc. so it’s cool if some categories were scrapped cause reall there are like a bajillion out there to ever include all

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah I think M kinda did promote in Korea, or at least released Korean versions.
          But still lol.

          Yeah there are lots of categories a lot of us would have liked to see but when there is a limit it kinda kills that lol. Especially when you basically have to include the basic Male, Female, etc. categories lol

  72. Mordney’s Choice Award ? Lmao I think it wasn’t included last year, right? …or it was… or it was Brohoho Props Award (._.?)
    Aaaanyway I’m wondering abt this one! MUAHAHAHA

  73. oh wow, the nominees zoomed past a littleeeeee too fast. I’m not so familiar with the hiphop scene but a few more seconds i would have recognised it from somewhere.

  74. B.A.P. and K will~!!!!!

  75. K HIP-HOP I’M IN TEARS. Can I just vote for all of them?

    • Yes you can lol, but that’s essentially like you didn’t vote any of them.

      • I’m fully aware of this, just felt that a rhetorical question will properly convey my enthusiasm. Besides, I exaggerated a little, I only voted for like six of them.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well a lot of ppl seem to not know you can vote multiples ….or maybe they just say that…

          lol I voted five myself.

        • Oh no. I had no idea what to do with KHH category, but Best Vocals made me cry with frustration. At least the strictly k-popish categories will be easy, I’m way too picky with them.

  76. Are you guys not discussing the vids this time around or was that just for this category?
    Your short little blurbs about the vids last year were like the best part lol.

    • Ah, really? I thought we were too blabbery last year, and we were getting in the way of people seeing the nominees they wanted to see. Hmm.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        I loved the little short blurbs you did about the video. I can see not doing it for like the Best Hip-hop/Voice/Male/Female/etc, but for the video based categories I think it adds something special! ^^

      • No!!!! Maybe to the drifters who only show up for their oppas, but I’m pretty sure all the ppl that are here pretty frequently would agree with me that the talking was liked.

        • I totally agree with you. I loved the tiny blurbs, like ARL said, we get to here y’all talk about our favorites. Those blurbs were super funny, I still sometimes watch them.

      • The blurbs were great because even if our favorite didn’t win, we still got to hear y’all talk about it a little bit. :)

      • I can’t Vote not all the list are coming up so how can i vote by december 6th?

        • Actually, I think they’ll do like last year and release a couple lists each day until all are showing up, which is why you can’t see all of them yet. Stay tuned in the following days^^

      • Last year i did not know some of the nominees and you guys talked why you loved them. I watched many of those mvs just because of the blurbs, and now i love those songs to death!!! If you can please please pleaseeeee do something like that… maybe for next year. <3

      • I like the commentary on the videos because not only are they funny and interesting, but it also feels more sincere to hear about what you guys think of the video. When you’re just naming things off quickly, it sounds too official like other award shows. Where’s the fun in that? D; I don’t watch the EYKA videos to see who’s nominated. I watch the videos to hear your input on the videos (and to watch your lovely, funny selves, of course). ^_^

      • But….we can’t even see said nominees! The clips are waaaaaay too short :, (

      • Maashugna

        I still replay last years ‘Best Engrish’ category, it was hilarious

    • I’m with NaLf

    • so true, maybe next year they should put up a playlist of videos with their blurbs cut out for the people that are only there to see the nominees, and then ones with the blurbs for people like us who love the blurbs <3

  77. Loved the video and I can’t wait for the award show! I’m Nick, from the group of exchange students who went to your studios a few hours ago~ You made the year for us, none of us thought we would get to meet you! Thanks so much for talking your time out of video editing and talking to us, it meant the world to all of us.

    • Oh! It was great meeting you! Sorry we couldn’t stay for longer. We were editing this video, and filming some more nomination videos as well :D

      Have fun in Everland tomorrow!

      • I will! It’s super fine that you were busy, we were all surprised that you even talked to us at all! We all freaked out after we left and we were all super happy that we got to meet you! Thanks~ and i will have fun in everland, thanks!

  78. So many nominees to choose from! Aaaarrrrggghhh! How will I decide and pick the right one! ANXIETY

    • Just be like me and skip the anxiety by instead voting for half the nominees lol.
      Might as well help the chances of all the vids I like in the beginning stages.

      • That’s what my plan is, vote for everyone that I’d be happy to see win. Oh and accept the fact that some that should get a not *coughHeoYoungSaengcough* probably will not due to….spam voting? Same as what happened to Shinwha on the MAMA’s, they got spammed out when they had a clear lead going in to the last 24 hours of voting. I figure the sooner I accept that this is how things work, the lower my stress level. ;-)

  79. Kasi WhiteCake Anderson

    Back to fangirls picking only guy groups again….

  80. Okay, the music at the end of the video started to sound like the theme music from ‘Masterpiece Theatre’ on PBS.

  81. ^_^ AWESOME!! Definitely the best award show ever :)

  82. So does this mean there’s no KMM for this week too? What about for the rest of the year?

  83. Aaron Ho

    I see my ring tone right there.

  84. So exciting! This’ll be fun times!

  85. ^_^ LOOK AT ALL THAT HIP HOP GOODNESS! Too bad Outsider didn’t make it, his comeback was the BOMB! But I love Verbal Jint, Sniper Sound (hell to the YEAH!) Jay Park, Swings, Tiger JK and Leesang’s songs! Whoo! Gonna be a tough vote. :D

    • Yeah I was pretty bummed Outsider didn’t make it too.
      Guess I’ll just have to be voting for like half the nominees instead because I can’t pick a fav.

      • That’s a bummer. He’s my favorite solo speed rapper, besides E.Via. Who now that I think about it, also should have made the list. Especially since her comeback was so dramatic. Aegyo to baddass? Ultimate win!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Which comeback? I didn’t see anything this year with a mv.

          You know Outsider made his own label and signed her right? She goes by Tymee now. She was in a song of Outsider’s on his new album.

        • Karen Poulin

          Yes, I know her new name is Tymee. Just gonna get a little taking used to, that’s all. And her new album, E.Viadegration.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Did it have a MV tho, if so I wish I would have saw that because I did a quick check a few weeks ago and didn’t see anything.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I haven’t seen it so Imma check it out in a bit, but that says 2012 so it wouldn’t have been eligible this year lol.

          Edit: Thanks tho

    • I agree, Outsider’s song was the best of the year for me too! But unlike you I didn’t like anything on the list except Tiger JK… Well, that makes the vote easier for me!

      • Which Outsider song? Bye U or Bitterly Crying Bird? Bitterly Crying Bird most likely would have been included but then it just suddenly disappeared from YT, the only thing about you can find on YT now is a teaser.

        I TRIED but I was the minority…

        • I was thinking about Crying Bird but I liked both!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah I’m thinking Sniper Sound got ASSA to remove it or something. We tried reuploading it to use but it was instantly removed. It didn’t exist anymore on YT lol.

      • I think Crying Bird would have been nominated, but the only official version of the MV was removed from YT (probably something to do with the Sniper Sound thing).

  86. best award show ever

  87. Busker Busker’s gonna win again.

  88. I VOTE FOR T.O.P! Oh wait, bad timing… Either that, ot he’s in the WTF category!

    Will there be a “horror show” category? It was quite the trend this year!

  89. no other korean award show is as freaking funny at the EYK awards lol

  90. WooooooOOOOoooo! Let’s start this! *Way too excited, collapses*

  91. ooohhhh sssooo excited……

    #USNasties btw

  93. COOL!!! Time to start voting again…I’m glad you brought this back its a lot of fun

  94. im soo excited for they eyka’s!!!! i loved last year!! are you going to do kmm video that should have been reviewed but didnt and then do a kmm on it like you did last time? BUT IM SOOO EXCITED!

  95. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahahahaha oh my gosh i laughed so much throughout this video!!!
    “ugly ass dog statue” bahahahaha!!

    noooooo!!! dunno who to vote for in the HipHop category!! i love Dynamic Duo’s, Gaeko’s, Tiger JK’s and Leessang’s songs!!

  96. That is NOT an ugly-ass dog statue. Someone should slap your mouth ;) It’s adorable!!

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