Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. We did our first Eatyourkimchi Awards last year when we just moved into the studio, and now that our one year anniversary is coming up, and the end of the year is coming up as well, it’s about time to open up our polls for the 2013 Awards!

We’ve got loads of different categories. Best Vocals. Best Rookies. Best Aegyo. Best Male Group. Best Hip Hop. And more. There are lots of categories to vote on, lots of different artists to support. Or, if you’re not fully up to date with Kpop as religiously as others, you can at least peruse through the nominees and see what was big for the year.

2013 was an exceptionally fruitful year, with tons of bands making heaps of videos, so, surely, with only ten nominees per category, there will be some bands and videos that got slighted. Sorry if your choices didn’t make it! Our mod team along with a group of dedicated Epic Nasties compiled the videos for the list, and it wasn’t an absolutely peaceful voting in/voting out process, but everyone tried to be as fair as possible, so I hope people won’t be too upset if their choices didn’t make it in. We can’t fit in everyone! Thank you to the people that helped put this together :D

We’re going to be announcing the nominees of all of the categories over the next few days. Get to voting over at the 2013 EYKA Page. Voting closes December 6th, 11:59PM, Korean Time. Then we’ll start filming and putting everything together, and we’ll publish the 2013 EYKAs on December 23rd. Booya!

The Nominee videos will be released bit by bit from today onwards. For now, here’s the first nomination video: Best Hip Hop of 2013.


Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the nominees, because we won’t be making blog posts for all of them. That’d be insane!

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