A couple of weeks ago we did another video with Arirang. This time we did a sit down interview with them for Heart to Heart.

Yes, I know we do a lot of Arirang Videos. We did one on Makgeolli and Street Food, Blogging in Korea, Pizza Delivery, and Korean Coffee Shops. And now this! But this is a lot different than what we’ve done so far. It’s a sit down and chat interview. It’s also really, really long, so only watch this if you’re totally bored and got lots of time on your hands.

Anyhow, we gotta say, this is the most thorough interview we’ve ever done. It’s not just a “Where are you from? What is your blog? What do you do on your blog?” kind of deal. We talk about why we do videos rather than just regular blog posts, what we think about Kpop fans and netizens, our beliefs in reviewing Kpop videos rather than just praising them, when and if we’re going to have children in Korea, how we try to stay positive in another country, and the warm fuzzies we get from people’s emails :D

What was cool about this video was that there really weren’t any cuts in action. They told us that if we made any mistakes not to worry about it, because they can just cut and reshoot the scene, so we weren’t that nervous. Except for the time where Simon makes up a ridiculous word. Other than that, the whole thing went by so quickly that we were surprised when they said it was over. So there you go!

  1. I love the host/interviewer she’s like a ray of sunshine even though she’s softly spoken she has this awesome quality about her

  2. Hi Martina, Hi Simon, i really looooooooooove both
    i discovered you yesterday and now i’m really addicted to your videos.
    My dream is to live in korea some day and thx to you i’m learning sooooo many things.
    Thank youuuuuuu
    i’m Sarah from Tunisia

  3. wow A LOT of people butt hurt over snsd comment LOL but honestly being american I totally get what you are saying about it. Americans really like to specify and connect with single members of groups that represent them, or remind them of themselves. Beauty in Korea being a singular thing, and it all being the same for each person instead of what is beautiful for that person, a lot of Idols look the same. Snsd members can hardly be told apart by Americans looking for something to connect with. Sometimes they even sound the same, and a lot of Americans would be taken aback by that.

  4. Hi Martina and Simon,

    Just discovered your blog/youtube site and subscribed to you. You mentioned how after four years of marriage you still feel like you are dating. Trust me, you’re not the only ones. I’ve been with my Carl for eight years (dating) and we still feel like we’re in the first couple of years; more like a honeymoon phase.

    Love your show and good luck in Korea. PS are you familiar with Maangchi? She’s a Korean cook who lives in the US and has a youtube channel.


  5. I love Simon and Martina and life is beautiful.

  6. I loved watching this interview. Thank you very much for all your hard work ^.^

  7. 우와 진짜 대단하시네요!! 이런 프로그램에도 나오시다니! 너무 멋진 인생을 살고 있는 부부 같아 부럽습니다!!^^

  8. I would love to meet you guys haha xDD
    I want your autograaaaaphs! Come to WA! lol

  9. please come to Taipei!!! (the capital of Taiwan) i love EAT YOUR KIMCHI so much:D

  10. please come to Taipei!!! (the capital of Taiwan) i love EAT YOUR KIMCHI so much:D

  11. what we have in common?? we both love BIGBANG and YG entertainment. ^^
    love your blog. forever ever. 

  12. You guys are so cute together… I spent all night last night watching all of your videos… Totally, hand down… 

  13. That’s pretty cool, you guys are getting more and more famous in South Korea. Congrats! And, out of curiosity, how well can you guys speak Korean? Well congrats anyways!

  14. okay ouch martina…i mean do you know SNSD personally to say they don’t have personalties? I think more research needs to be done. I for one did not become a sone through SNSD’s music it was their personalities that made me love them, by watching variety shows, fan-cams and reading fan accounts i became a sone. I’m really shocked i guess haha i don’t mean to sound butt hurt though, but i do think that saying that to any person in general is not nice.

    • I still love Eat your kimchi and i still love Martina & Simon <3 i was just taken back by it that all (fans will be fans i guess)

      • I think you misunderstood. They’ve got awesome personalities outside of their music videos. In their music videos, though, you can’t really see those personalities. They’re more of a unit in their MVs, and their personalities don’t really get a chance to shine.

        • I agree with Simon and Martina..you misunderstood them Kaleido37..they
          dont mean the real personality/character,of course every member has
          their own personality/character..what they mean is the personality as a
          performer..there is the difference..through their music,we can sense that, look at Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and many great performers,
          they are all singers but if you look at them, they are different in
          their musics individually..being a singer doesn’t mean you just have to
          sing,there are more than that..Indeed, SNSD can be a great performer,
          but they need to have more than that individually or as a unit…

        • I think the same could be said about 2NE1 honestly, the way they portray themselves in MVs/on stage isn’t what they are like at all except for maybe CL but that’s it. YG tries too hard to push that specific image on 2NE1, honestly the way he tries to control 2NE1/Big Bang’s image isn’t different at all than other companies. I’m watching Family Outing right now and Daesung at one point brought up that YG told him to not make a fool of himself/act dumb on the show anymore [with Jaesuk]… I mean, that’s just definitive proof. Anyway, point is… YG is no different than other companies. I mean, you look at Sandara as Dara of 2NE1 and you’d never think she’s got one of the cutest personalities ever. At least YG has been kind enough to let 2NE1 have their own show to show off their personalities and he lets Dara maintain her own me2day. But he like never lets them go on variety shows like ever… why? I’m think it’s cause he’s trying way too hard to further protect their image as a fierce group. It’s like “I don’t wanna make the same mistake twice!” or something. Or maybe he just literally believes that his artists are way too good to become friends with people from other entertainment companies which is just… ughhh. I mean, the only time I’ve ever heard of 2NE1 being friends with celebrities other than the ones under YG are if they knew them as trainees like CL and Sohee but that’s it… Isn’t that just way too protective? I dunno, it annoys me that he controls them that much.

        • *it is waaaay too late to be replying to this… lol*
          I don’t know about all that. I mean as a performer myself, I know that I turn into someone totally different when I’m performing. Other artists say the same. Beyonce even has a name for her on-stage/on-camera alter-ego: Sasha Fierce. Michael Jackson was super shy and quiet off stage and camera. But once he hit that stage he was on fire! Maybe 2NE1 is that way too.

        • of course yg would say that. too much foolishness is bad. yg is acting as a father figure. most parents say that when their children is behaving over the top. and to be honest i instantly got 2ne1’s individual personality after a couple of mvs and its the same in real life. lets be realistic, its nice for you to think yg has all the control, but i dont think he can control anyone’s personality even if he tried. also you’re exaggerating on the variety show bit. like really?


  15. Kollen Park was a MC of Heart to heart, but she quitted? :D
    Actually, Korean government must inform Korea to foreigners like them……
    Anyway, Simon couple know lots of information on Korea and the couple is nice and have enough ablities to inform Korea to other country people !!

  16. i remembering seeing this on arirang the other day, but I didn't really take notice as I found heart to heart extremely boring. la~~

  17. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting videos and just keeping interest in Korea!
    I'm Korean and it's really interesting to see foreigners' perspectives of Korea.
    I especially LOOOOVE the WTF's because it's amazingly exciting to see how you guys react to them!
    Thank you and have fun in Korea~ 대박나세요!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  18. It's great that they are going to work fully on the blog! YAY! Now I can see more EATYOURKIMCHI videos! Hooray!*1000

  19. Have not tried them… Oviedo is a bit of a drive, I live closer to the Daytona Beach area. But, if I ever get over there, I'll check it out. Thanks!

  20. AWESOME! Interview. Love your BLOG!!!

  21. Hello, Im 16 years old female living in the states(I'm not a crazy fan girl that just wants to move to korea because of that.!!)… I have no money, and really want to learn Korean, I taught my self how to read and write Korean and my pronounceation is great (to my Korean friends<—who are too lazy to tutor me) I really would like a teacher in a class but idk what to do… Its really really hard to keep self-teaching myself if that makes since. I have been watching your videos all day i became a new fan^^ It would really be cool if you can give me advice 감사합니다!!! ^___^

  22. wOOt, an actual interview..
    Congratz guys
    you are getting more and more populur

  23. HI simon and martina am really love you all, love spudgy too
    llove all your videos, you guys are awesome

    i love korea from you and if i visit korea someday i will not leave korea without say hi to you :)

    keep going ^^

  24. so amazing! i love all your videos, is awesome because i'm so into Kpop because of you guys. one day I came across your video " how to dance kpop 2008 " and since then I've been watching your videos and listening a lot of kpop music. thanks to you guys :) actually my cousins are just like me, I show them the video and they love it to. Now we love Korea, their music, the food & the fashon :D we are planing to go for vacations!! its definitly one of my goals in life :D
    we are Mexicans Your mexican fans. <3

  25. Loved the interview! Actually, just anything you guys do. I started a blog about my adventures in Korea to update my parents as well. We arrived the day the Cheonan sank, so our parents were quite worried. Our blog isn't as viral as yours, unless you count our hometown church which publishes our blog in their monthly newsletter. :S I appreciate how useful your blog is to foreigners living in South Korea. I'm dying to try that hairdresser and those coffee shops you recommended.
    I loved (and by loved, I mean totally understood what you were thinking on the inside) the part when she questioned you about having children some day. As a married couple, we always get that question – from students, from coteachers, from strangers. It's like, once they find out you're married, then why the hell don't you have a baby? You've been married 3 years? You should have two by now! Really? You know, pregnancy is a choice… It's like all Koreans are my mother-in-law :p
    Anyways, keep up the great work! You guys are hilarious!

    • About the married thing, I KNOW! It's like, as soon as I say I'm married, and really I mean AS SOON AS I SAY I'M MARRIED people ask if I have a baby. Then, inevitably, why don't I have a baby. It's hard to explain to them that babies are expensive.

  26. Ahh, Simon and Martina. You guys have seriously expanded my knowledge so much. I've been listening to kpop for probably around three years now (I'm fifteen) and of course I always loved it. Why would I listen to it if I didn't, right? But only recently have I become so incredibly enthusiastic about the country of Korea itself. And that's partially because of you guys, and also partially because of the fact that I guess you could say I'm sort of obligated to think of my future now that I'm in high school, and watching your videos for the past few months, about since the time you did the Shinee "Hello" Music Monday, has made me want to live in Korea after college for at least some time of my life. I'm now attempting to teach myself Korean independently (considering there aren't really any opportunities to learn Korean in Florida) and seeing how quirky and amazing Korea is from your videos makes me all the more enthusiastic. I watch videos and think to myself, "I've gotta go there!" You guys are so funny and yet so realistic and not afraid of voicing your opinion on good or bad aspects of Korea, and it makes me that much more interested knowing that I'm not only seeing the great things about Korea but I'm learning also about the obstacles I may possibly meet if I ever do live there. It's really helpful and I thank you guys. (:
    Wow, can I have some crackers with that cheese? xD I got a little serious there, and it feels so out of place on this site. But oh well, just trying to convey my gratitude. :D
    You should also be aware that your videos literally have my stomach throbbing in pain from laughter. You guys are too cute (':

  27. I find i funny that Canada, Korea and Poland are my three favorite countries. :P

  28. Yes, I speak Polish, but I was born in Canada. I don't speak Polish very well, though. I understand it all, but I speak it like a child.

    • Nice to hear…if by chance we’ll meet on the streets of Seoul I’ll definitely say “cześć” :)

    • It would be awesome if you could sometimes add some Polish word into your videos ;)
      (I wanted to write it in Polish, but I found it super weird to write to you in language other than English… lol ^^’)

      Pozdrowienia z Polski! Mam nadzieję, że kiedyś spotkamy się na ulicach Seulu. ;)

  29. Hi from Canada Simon and Martina. Good to see an interview where we learn about you. I have a concern: you mentioned some crazy netizens who take offense at some things you say. For some reason, the first thing that crossed my mind upon hearing that was a video you posted some months ago that essentially showed how to get right to your front door. I am thinking of the one where Martina lost the bet and you did a video of her going from your apartment, down and outside your building, to a convenience store, and all the way back. Not trying to be paranoid or anything, but I'm wondering if it might be wise to take that one down before some nut-bar netizen decides they've had enough and shows up for a personal consultation. Beyond that, good call on Big Bang and 2ne1; I agree.

    • Good point. That's why we took down our apartment tour. We tried to edit out as much detail from our apartment as possible for the hand games video. Ahh. Anyhow, we're only gonna be here for a couple more months before we move into Seoul.

  30. Best of luck to you Simon and Martina! I feel postive that the two of you can blog/video fulltime and have a brilliant life. May your humble, positive, quirky-sweet qualities always bring luck to you. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

  31. hey, how come the vids arent on itunes? i was so sad!!!

  32. Right WE DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOU to other asian countries! Thanks for the talk.

  33. you guys are so adorablee….! i LOVE your K-Pop Music Mondays, always brighten up my day ^-^ <3! keep up the awesomeness & great interview :D

  34. I'd definitely say hi to you guys if I saw you in Korea! I love EatYourKimchi :)

    But really? The 2NE1 thing… I honestly think that Big Bang would be successful in North America, but I don't think 2NE1 will be. When we look at it, they're only popular because of YG, the company. They wouldn't be recognized if they weren't from YG, because they don't have anything special, no, really, nothing. They don't differentiate themselves from other groups (Except Bom's scary plastic face), neither from their style, their personality or their talent. Nothing special about them, at all.

    I'm not a hater, just saying my opinion, and I also respect yours.

    I still love EatYourKimchi even if you don't seem to like SNSD and think that they're only beautiful legs and beautiful faces, which is not true by the way! They have great talents and an amazing classy goddess look . But I agree that foreigners wouldn't all want to try to remember their names (Took me a long long time to do so..). Well it doesn't really matter because they still have the rest of Asia :)

    I hope that your dreams of becoming full time blogger will be realized and.. Fighting! I look forward to all your future videos ^^

    • I like how you just have to put “Bom’s scary plastic face” eventhough it was only her eyes. Trust me SNSD isn’t so different either, them and plastics.

      2NE1 is known to be fierce, while SNSD is all over the place, cuteness, sexyness etc. 2NE1 DOESN’T NEED TO CHANGE that concept to be more popular or gain more popularity.

    • i totally agree with you about snsd.. if you watch some of their videos on variety shows each of their personality shines through, i personally disagree with simon and martina’s view on yg entertainment, i like some of big bang and 2ne1 songs but not all, not a big fan of autotune…but don’t mistake this comment as an anti. I totally love simon and martina’s videos!

    • uh… then you might as well say big bang wouldnt be successful in north america =.=
      if the members of big bang was from some reeally lousy company with really lousy promotions and songs would you still think they’d be successful in korea + maybe successful in north america?

  35. I realize that you were joking…but I thought that I would let you know that I am EXTREMELY busy today and still found the time to watch this. I full-screened it, turned it up, and halfheartedly cleaned the room.

    Just wanted y'all to know that you have a brilliant thing going…

  36. what did she ask you when the cameras zoomed out?

  37. Loved the video. If you are still there in a few years when my family and I are coming over, my kids will say hi. They love you guys. They can't wait to see the new video on Kpop Monday. The poo card was a huge hit with my 8 and 10 year old sons. They both want to find one to give the other.

  38. Damn, that interview chick is pretty hot.

  39. So cool!Love all the videos. Kpop Monday is so funny. Can't wait for SHINee to make a new MV XD.

  40. Totallyyyy agree wit u about YG ent!!! >.<

    Their style and music is totally diff from SM ent… Even thou i love all of kpop, i wud LOVEE to c 2ne1 and big bang here in mgl!!!!!!!

    U guys were awesome!!! Congrats! :D

    Always a fan of EATYOURKIMCHI ^o^

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