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Arirang TV: Blogging in Korea

January 19, 2011


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Hooray! Here’s the second video from our three movies with Arirang TV. The first one we did was about Korean Food Delivery. That same day of filming we also recorded this episode, which was a lot easier to film, because they just asked about this site and blogging in Korea. Woohoo! No running around in the cold or freezing or anything like that. One thing that’s a little sad about this video, though, is that it’s mostly just Simon in it. Martina was at school for the day, and so she couldn’t make an appearance in this video. Again. Too bad! Same is true of the third video we did for Arirang. Seems like people just being introduced to us through Arirang will be surprised to see Martina in the vids. Ha!

Simon had to mention the height thing, because a lot of people are still totally shocked to see how tall he is in real life. It’s probably the second thing people say to us when they meet us. Right after “nice to meet you” we get “wow! You’re so tall!” FYI, Simon’s 6’4 or so, roughly 195cm. Winner! Anyhow, filming the Music Mondays is a bit of a pain because Simon is mostly in the splits while filming them. Wreaks havoc on his ankles afterwards.

The remote bit was something we hoped people noticed as well. A bunch of people have asked about the remote and why it’s taped to the couch. Well, now you know! And it’ll never leave the couch! Sure, a lot of the buttons are covered by the tape, but we don’t really use the remote for anything more than power on and power off. If we watch TV, it’s through the computer, and the sound is through the speakers attached to the computer. The TV we like to think of as just a bigger screen. Sure wish it was HD, though.

On a cool side note, we were just featured in Yonhap News. Pretty cool! That, along with the other segment we did for KBS on Korea Blogs makes it seem like blogging’s starting to become a bit more interesting to the powers that be in Korea. Sweet. We’ve got a list of some cool Korea Blogs on our Korean Blog List, so check that out while you’re at it. Also, some people might read that Yonhap article as stating that we’ll leave Korea once Martina’s contract is up, but that’s not the case. Once Martina stops teaching, we plan to make even more videos about Korea as we’ll have the chance to travel around Korea a lot more! Yes, we’ll be broke and living in a tiny hole while eating Shin Ramen everyday (with a sign “Will Make Videos For Galbi”), but YAY! Making videos is fun! On a side note, if you’re reading this and are the Korean Government, how about hooking us up with a free place to live or, you know….money? I’m just sayin…

And, as always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos into Korean. Huzzah!



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