We recently shot a few videos with Arirang TV, similar to the Today’s Blog episode we did a while ago. The first one they finished and sent our way is one on Korean Food Delivery, which we covered a while back in one of our old videos. And that video clip is used in this video as well. Huzzah!

Funny story behind this video: oh so many things went wrong! To begin with, they wanted to show how awesome Korean food delivery is, and how we can order Dominoes online and it has a timer that shows you how long it will take for your pizza to arrive. So they suggested we order a pizza in the middle of Bucheon’s Jung Ang Park. Fantastic! We went to the middle of the park in the freezing cold, pulled out the laptop…and got no signal. Bummer! Some parks have Wifi, but this one doesn’t. Ah well. We pretended to have wifi and called Dominoes to deliver the pizza. Perfect! We waited for half an hour…and got no pizza. When we called them back, they were confused, and thought that we were coming there for pickup. That’s alright! We drove to Dominoes to get some shots there and use their wifi to get the countdown clock scene…but we couldn’t’ connect to their network for some reason. Bummer, but that’s still alright! We ordered a pizza, and told the delivery guy to meet us at the park in 20 minutes. We drove back to the park quickly and got the pizza delivered to us. Afterwards, we went to Café Lua to use their wifi and get the countdown clock scene. We know their wifi works perfectly. So we take one of their chairs and sit it outside, so that it looks like we’re ordering on the computer outdoors, and we have wifi signal, and we log on to Dominoes, and we order the pizza…but it wouldn’t let us pay without installing some software that wouldn’t work on Simon’s Mac. Ahhh! So in the end, a lot of hassle, a lot of mess-ups, but we still finished the video and ate some pizza. Shazam!

Also a couple of things worth mentioning: Martina isn’t in this video, or in the other videos recently done for Arirang TV. That’s because she was at school while these were being filmed, so it’s nothing but Simon in all three. Bummer! Another thing: they used some footage from our camera for some of the scenes. Can you tell the difference? We like our camera more than we like their’s :D

So here’s the video, and the awesomeness of Korean Food Delivery. Sure, it didn’t sound great when you heard the backstory to this video, but that’s just because we had a string of bad luck. Anyhow, we’ll release more of these Arirang TV videos as we get them sent to us. And, as always, thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for translating the subtitles for us :D

  1. The camerawork is super documentary-style.  It reminds me of How Its Made.

  2. well then simon i hope you enjoyed that pizza

  3. I wish we could get delivery service (and variety) like this here in Okinawa. I really miss living in Korea sometimes.

  4. Haaaa…. If only I could find a restaurant in Sweden that would deliver. But hey, we're a healthy people. We always have to walk to buy junk food.

    I miss Martina in this video. As punishment Simon should not appear in the coming 3 videos. Then martina can keep doing reviews of nothing but GDTOP. Yay!!

  5. Wow, I have to try this. I love your blog and the youtube videos.
    Btw, I'm moving to Seoul in August for 6 months, do you have any tips on renting an apartment?

  6. In Daejeon, we sometimes get our pizza delivered to convenience store picnic tables. It's pretty awesome!

  7. I wonder how it is in smaller towns in Korea. Do you guys know? I love the idea. I wish more restaurants here in the U.S. would deliver like that. Here it's basically pizza. There is a Japanese place down the road and you can go yourself and pick up your order in like 10-15 min's. That's nice and all but it would be great to be delivered in your house. I love how you can order pizza in the park and they can go to the corner and there you go. So nice! I bet it's nice to have in the winter since it can get pretty cold there.

  8. we wish we also had delivery service here. absolutely nothing in this small town!

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