For starters, I should have consulted with Soo Zee before starting to use this product. Two things that went wrong here:

1) This is supposed to go on your shirt, not your armpit. That way, it prevents your armpits from staining. That’s smart. What I did…not smart.
2) The product is for women. Though I got that part wrong, I figure it’s best to test the product as thoroughly as possible. How better to test it than to put it on a hairy European man? My pits sweat profusely.

We also tried putting this on the back of my knees as I ran, because the backs of my knees get very sweaty as well. Don’t yours? We figured that if the maxi pad doesn’t stick through my armpit hair, the backs of my knees are unhairy, yet still sweaty, so that’d be another way to test it out. But it didn’t stick to the back of my leg at all. We just cut it out altogether.

Otherwise, I think we were just really excited to film this video outdoors. We got to run around and play in the fresh air by the river. Yay! We need to find more products that we can play outdoors with :D It also helps that we have a car now, so we can easily drive to places, while before, taking the taxi everywhere with all our gear was energy draining like hell.

Also, WHOA! It’s been so long since we posted a video. Feels so…weird. Sorry for the delay guise. The LA Trip and Coffee Shop planning are taking a lot of our time, especially the latter, now that we’re in the final stages before launch. We’ve got lots of cool things in store, though, and hopefully you’ll find them interesting :D

Anyhow, if you want to try this product out for yourself, you can pick it up on Gmarket and let us know how it works for you. Maybe you can, you know, use it the right way by following the instructions and all. Ha!

And don’t forget to click on this button below for more WTF videos. These are fun for us to film. Hopefully you find em fun as well :D

  1. I need this, but for my back. I don’t mind the armpit sweat but I do sweat a lot on my back. Would be nice to have a way to not have a wet back to my shirts on a hot day.

  2. Hahah this made me laugh!!! I wonder how long did Simon run just to sweat out?
    And is that Han River?

  3. You know, I always laugh at your videos. But actually, today I laughed AND said wtf several times! The other wtf, not wonderful treasure find one. Haha! It was good to see you play around outside. My boyfriend heard the video, and he is now the third person close to me to say that I and Martina are pretty similar in personality.

  4. I was so ridiculously happy when you named the beetle Sebastian. That’s my hedgehog’s name :)

  5. LOL! I need one of this. I wonder what SooZee thought after you consulted her. I also wished there were more people around to see you two film this lol

  6. I’m curious how often SooZee feels and hears you two calling?

  7. This video while hilarious, could be useful for me! I may or may not also sweat profusely thereby staining my clothes sometimes. (gross!) European German/Scotts-Irish sweaty ancestry for the win!!! (except I don’t want it…)

  8. :( I can’t get Nasty Status for some reason PayPal will not except my card. Anyhow… Im curious how well this thing worked had it been used properly ^_^

  9. At first I was having a negative Boratz-like reaction to the beard Simon, but it’s growing on me…er, you…you know what I mean ;). While there were some funny and gross-funny parts in this video it felt a little disingenuous to me. Dress pads (what these are called) have been around for more than 30 years, even if you had never heard of them yourselves, surely someone you know had. It felt like you found out (from SooZee or others) after you bought the product but before you filmed but decided to go ahead with it anyways in an excessively crazy manner and make it work. I applaud your efforts but it just made me see you as bigger shills for gmarket, not that there’s anything wrong with that per se. It was very nice to see something filmed outside though. As for under-boob sweat, it’s easy -> just swipe some anti-perspirant under there too before you put on your bra, works a treat! Now if only they made something for upper lip sweat and lower-back-sweat-that-runs-down-your-butt-crack-and-makes-it-look-like-you-peed-your-pants-sweat ^^;;;;;;

  10. I really thought we were going to see Simon’s armpit hair get cut – I’m glad it didn’t have to come to that!

  11. My friend totally did this for her wedding! But with actual pads, haha. It’s a trick of the wedding trade to keep your pretty white dress pit stain-free, apparently.

  12. It’s at times like this I understand that I can’t live without your videos guise :( I missed you a lot, I’m soooo glad you’re back!

  13. the way you used that thing after you took it off your armpit…that…was disgusting Simon!!

  14. Is that Yeouido Hangang Park? :D

  15. Lol, that was funny XD
    A not so bad product.
    Totally unrelated comment here: Simon I must say, you look better with a beard

  16. Fresh air and sunshine…in Seoul? I didn’t see much evidence of either in this video.

    On a totally unrelated note a question just occurred to me: are you aware of any Nasties among the American service men and women stationed in Korea?

  17. Sorry guys but I just facepalmed when I saw you putting it to the wrong place. Bu-bu-but it has pictures… Anyway, thanks for the laughs and second hand embarrassment. XD

  18. Wouldn’t this show up on your clothes? If it is summer you sweat the most and would not be likely to wear layers. If you are wearing a blue top, for example….when you raised your arm in class or something, it looks a little strange… What if it became loose, or fell off? Then you would have your hand underneath your armpit, causing many to stare at you in an awkward position. This product appears to be a little flawed :)

  19. Okay, funny and relevant story. When I was in high school, we weren’t allowed to wear any type of tank top or heavy smelling body deodorant/perfume/cologne. And because we are in Texas, it can get pretty hot during most of the sports season. So a lot of girls who were in outside sports like tennis or softball would wear scented pantyliners on the inside of their practice shirts to stay dry and smell fresh. It was like some secret rule that you only learned about in a locker room. But I remember thinking how ingenious it was when I found out about it.

  20. With the addition of a beard, the fierce, hairy pirate Simon has become a reality! All he needs is a scar next to his eye. And all Martina needs is a generously oiled handlebar mustache…

  21. Hugh walked in while I was watching this and went “EWWWWWWWWWW!” at Simon’s arm pit hair. I was like, “Yours look the same!” What a hypocrite.

  22. OMG I need them!!!!! My t-shirts are always getting ruined by deodorant stains!

  23. LOL & EWW!! I need some of those! :P

  24. Man, I must really like you guys to knowingly watch a video featuring Simon’s sweaty, hairy arm pits when I have a strong aversion to them. That said, after reading the blog post I think these would be great for saving my white shirts in the hot, hot summers here. Especially when walking around a wine festival or at the ball park.

  25. What’s left to be more alarming than the product itself is that Simon used it to wipe his forehead afterwards. I am hoping that you cleansed your faced properly and applied that toner/cream/lotion routine which made your beard supposedly super soft. WOW TSKTSK.

  26. Simon is transforming into a true Dothraki man warrior with that beard!

    also…what’s this about a coffee shop? You’re opening a coffee shop?

  27. Haha~ Wow, you guys~ Fail~ XD Also, two things:
    1. Apparently it’s a diy thing that you can stick a pantyliner to the inside armpit of your shirt to do the same thing you’re attempting to do here (not keep you less sweaty, but keep the sweat from staining your shirt).
    2. Also, my mom just told me that things like this existed in the 60s, except there was a strap that went around your shoulder to keep it on instead of sticky stuff. XD

  28. I have a lot of Lolita friends who use these on there dresses. It keeps the dress from getting deodorant stains as well as keeping things dry from sweating. I use them on blazers and jackets so I don’t have to get them dry cleaned except when I spill something on them… I recommend them!!

  29. When you need to stock up on deodorants again, check out the clinical strength stuff. It’s an antiperspirant, so that’ll help with a lot of sweating.

    I use Secret. I rotate between the available scents, but I really like Completely Clean and Calming Aloe. It’s awesome. I used to be unable to wear light colored t-shirts in the summer because of how much I perspired, and since I discovered this, I can.

    Degree and Gillette do clinical strength antiperspirants, too.

    Both Secret and Gillette have a formula of their product for athletes.

  30. Simon…you look so…so…normal. Your hair and the scruff…it took me a minute to realize the still shot was actually you!

  31. LMAO ☜(ˆ▽ˆ)
    But Simon I can see a girl’s pic on the box!!!
    PS: Guys, I wonder if you would consider doing a sneak peak…Would love to see the progress on the coffee shop!!! So exciting….

  32. Hey, if it works on Simon then it would most likely work for us ladies. Side note: these could be extremely useful when you finally get to meet oppar and your pits are sweating profusely from being so nervous~~ XD

  33. I don’t really see the point of this product o.o Isn’t deodorant already supposed to keep your armpits dry?
    That product aesthetics design really was unfortunate though LOL

  34. Clearly somebody in Korea is trying to leave a message for all those sweaty and smelly Westerners…


    I would probably cut these in half and use them under my boobs during the summer. Underboob sweat sucks.

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