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Asia Song Festival

October 24, 2010


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On Saturday we went to the Asia Song Festival. We were invited on behalf of Korea.com, who gave us press passes. Shazam! Thanks to them, we were given front row seats. We were on a bit of an angle, rather than head on, but we still got some pretty decent footage. The roster for the event was awesome: we saw BoA, Rain, Kara, 2AM, Rainbow, B2ST (aka Bastoost), 4Minute, Nine Muses, and a bunch of other stars from Asia, most notably AKB48, which is an all-girls group with 48 members. Only 18 showed up. I’m pretty sure that they didn’t need mics, either, because there were so many of them that the could just sing in unison and they’d be heard anywhere. Also, we were given an All Access pass, which meant that we could go backstage and see everyone walking around getting ready. We saw the change rooms of 2AM, BoA, B2ST, and 4Minute, but – not surprisingly – everyone was sleeping in their rooms. Seriously. I can imagine that they’re totally drained. We did see AKB48, though, in the press room posing for pictures, and they posed for some of ours as well.

Anyhow, here’s a little compilation of the night. We recorded a lot of the full songs, so if you want to see the unedited versions, head over to our Eat Your Kimchi Facebook page tomorrow to see them all. Yeah! Also, because we were so close to the speakers, the audio isn’t fully right. The bass is really overwhelming at times, and we did our best to fix it. But the video still looks cool, hopefully!

On one final note, holy crap are crazy fans ever crazy. I’m pretty sure our videos of BoA are ruined, because we had a group of BoA fans screaming bloody murder behind us. Murder! It was cold outside, really cold, and one girl was screaming so hard that her face was sweating. I think she might have been crying as well. We made a video of that as well. Ha!



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