So as most of you might already know, we just recently went to Australia and had a chance to meet lots and lots of Aussie Nasties both from Sydney and Melbourne. If you didn’t know that, you can check out our adventure videos in Australia. Well those lovely Nasties brought us lots of local snacks to try so we decided to do a little FAPFAP combining the treats from Sydney and Melbourne. We didn’t put everything on camera, for example, we got some perishable goods like cupcakes, cookies, and cheesecakes and we nomnomnomed those right away. Also, I hope you Aussie Nasties don’t mind, but we shared all the food you got us with the volunteer staff and the SQ Entertainment staff since there was no way we’d be able to eat it all! They were pretty happy.

We also ate A LOT of crazy Timtam flavours, like Honeycomb, Rum & Raison, and Orange. Lucky for us the hotel we were staying at had green breakfast smoothies and a gym! WAHOO!!! We were especially happy Soozee was with us because most of these flavours were totally brand new to her and she had never even heard of them before. Leigh lived in Australia for a bit so she already knew a lot of the candy and had recommended stuff for us to try. If I had to pick my fav, I’d have to say Violet Crumble because I love that kindof burnt sugar taste. But I get the feeling it’s really really really bad for you. We also tried a Lamington from a local cafe in Melbourne and it was a lot richer than the one we tried on camera since it was triple the size and had jam on the inside! It was really yummy but quite sweet and needed to be drank with coffee for sure.

Also, you might have noticed Leigh’s “stand in” who is our friend Harriet, who we actually met in Bucheon a while ago but is now living in Australia. Small world right? She told us that in Australia candies are called Lollies. Is that right? Is Lollies the generic term for candy? Or is this a Britishy thing cause Harriet is British. I think Lollies sounds totally lovely.

Lastly, if you’re watching this from Singapore, hey! We got some news for you! We’re doing a Fanmeet tomorrow! It’s going to be

Wednesday, September 18th, at 5pm at Scape on Orchard Rd.

If you want to come, you should meet in the atrium! Woohoo!

  1. Martina, how do you keep your long hair shiny and healthy?? Thanks :)

  2. ‘lollies’ is not a British thing as far as I know (i should really know seeing as i’ve lived here my whole live..:P) so it must be an Aussie thing ^.^

  3. Noooooo you guys didn’t do a Tim Tam Slam!

  4. Did you guys get a new editor? I thought that the style was different. Much more Asian, with the sound effects and stuff.

  5. haha thought Simon was gonna star singing “chicken noodle soup……..chicken noodle soup! chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side!”

    awww Soozee’s chocolate Penguin looked like the one from Toy Story!!!

  6. Finally booked my ticket for the fanmeet in Stockholm!!! OMG I’m gonna meet you guys so soon, really excited xD

    A quick Q: I read somewhere that presents and gifts are not “allowed” since you don’t have enough space in your baggage, which is understandable… But is it okay to bring small snacks? (those you can munch on pretty quick and right there, so you won’t have to take them with you), or is it better to not bring anything? Feels bad to just let you guys go, without anything from us :s

    *Fangirling so hard!!!!!*

  7. I can’t believe you guys have never encountered a Freddo before. That’s so sad.

  8. I’m still trying to pinpoint the moment where Martina stopped pronouncing Melbourne “Melbern.”

  9. I think calling candy ‘lollies’ is an Aussie thing because I call ice lollies ‘lollies’ and candy ‘sweets’. (btw I’m British)
    Anyway I wanna try the hundreds and thousands freddo! I used to eat h&t straight out of the pot. So much yum! I also wanna try the vegemite cheesy bites. They look tasty.
    P.S. I love vegemite.
    P.P.S Watching these Aussie vlogs makes me really want to visit Australia

  10. I’m English and from my experience ‘Lollies’ is a word used in the UK and in Australia and it’s what we call lollipops or suckers or whatever you choose to call them, for example a tootsiepop is a lolly. We also use the word lolly for what you call popsicles. Also hundreds and thousands are like sprinkles but are little round balls instead of strands!

  11. “The way it shatters it matters” does sound sexual but more along the lines of some geriatric lovin’.

  12. I personally love vegemite. the reason ppl don’t like is because they don’t know how to properly eat it. also, i think because it looks like nutella ppl are put off by the taste because it’s so different to what they were expecting.

  13. we call all ‘candies’ except for chocolate ‘lollies’. chocolate is just chocolate. we use ‘sweets’ or ‘confectionary’ if we are talking about both chocolate and lollies

  14. British people usually put hundred and thousands on trifle!
    And Lollies is standard for lollipops…

  15. Damn I really thought that was Leigh…

  16. So basically at future meet and greets some fans should bring veggies or smoothies to balance out all the sweets?

  17. Meemers has obviously already fitted you with a mind-control device which prevents you from saying anything bad about him.

  18. Luckily I was eating chocolate while watching this.

    “It’s your turn to be not annoying” :D

  19. u guys must have really gotten a super sugar high after eating all those sweet stuff haha

  20. OMG this is so strange,you’ve never heard of the word lollies!!

  21. You should have Violet Crumble ice cream then.But I’m not sure if they still sell them

  22. Haha I really get a kick out of watching non-aussies eat vegemite (I’m sure most Aussies do… we like to mess with people lol).
    I think I can see the bottle of wine we gave you on the side yay! we were so worried the wine and ciders would be broken or fall out the bottom of the bag O.O Mum nagged my sister and I non-stop about not wrapping it properly >.<

  23. I’m pretty sure the cookies in the red wrapping you are talking about are Biscoff Cookies. Although I have never been to a coffee shop in Korea, they sound just like the ones you get on airplanes.

  24. Those were tiny ANZAC biccies! haha. Normally they’re enormous!

    By the way, have you guys ever heard the noises Tasmanian Devils make? You should check it out. Tassies look really cute, but they make a really scary noise :P

  25. ” I think Lollies sounds totally lovely.” I’ve never heard anyone say that about our vocabulary before! Thanks Simon and Martina :) You make me feel special being an Aussie. :3

  26. Lol whatever happened to that list of Australian foods that I sent you ages ago? :p

    I think you’ve tried almost all of them now – except Witchetty grubs? :D

    Thanks for the video :) My family watched it saying ‘wait- that’s Australian? ‘ xD

  27. and the cork hat is used to swat flies away from your face when your outdoors :D

  28. Such an awesome way to have Tim Tams! For a more adult way of having them, try sucking Bailey’s Irish Cream or sherry. ;-)

  29. I know, I’ll just give you guys a recipe of the Swedish cake instead. (then you can’t blame me if it’s going to be disgusting)

  30. I like the hats xDD Even I haven’t has some of these noms before :o And have you guys had fairy bread? It’s like, the best thing EVARRRR <

  31. You guys should try ‘Pods’. They’re Australian chocolate and their really good.

    Also, are you going to be uploading any more videos from Melbourne?

  32. I had no idea that yous didn’t know what hundreds and thousands were.
    and we do call candy lollies here.
    also i had no idea that there were that many timtam types, I only found out about honeycomb last week because my sister bought a couple of packets, and most of the others i probably haven’t heard of.
    I’m afraid to ever taste Vegemite, i have been threatened with it near my face before and it smells bad.

  33. You should try vegemite on a toasted cheese sandwich…. do you call it grilled cheese in Canada? Just put a bit of vegemite on the bread before putting cheese on.

    And lollies is correct, but we don’t usually call a chocolate bar “lollies” that’s just “chocolate”…. but then something like m&ms might be called lollies…. but it’s chocolate……….hmmm.

  34. I’d say lollies are specifically chewy candies such as gummie bears, snakes, mints and caramels. Chocolate,snickers bars or ‘violet crumbles’ would just be called chocolate or candy.

  35. Yay i’m glad you got to try my Anzac biscuits Martina! ~ From Shy white boy near the start of the Sydney fan greet.

  36. Tasil? Tasmanian Devil? Kinda appropriate for Simon’s spirit animal…Like a Maaan!

  37. Rum & RAISON: this is some kind of Aussie English I’ve never encountered before. Those Tim Tams are a new line of specialty ones.

  38. OMG really? Ha! How did we not know? Probably because it wasn’t surrounded by a tornado.

    • tassie devils are just as insane as the cartoon. i’ve never seen one, but apparantly they are loud. like so obnoxiously loud, that their own ears turn red. do not approach – especially the females. in fact don’t approach any aussie wild animal. even koalas – they’ll scratch your eyes out if they feel scared.

      • It seems like everything in Australia can kill you.

        • you have no idea. luckily we have government-funded medical insurance – else we’d be so screwed.
          actually to tell you the truth, i think canada is scarier. here as long as you stay away from the animals they’ll stay away from you – you just gotta be smart about it. in canada don’t they have freaking bears and mountain lions? oh my! i tell you the only real predator here are dingoes, and they stay away if you do. imagine a freaking mountain lion! in your backyard! that’s insane!

  39. Hope you guys get to try out some of my recipes from the eyk cookbook!

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