So, we got Dr. Meemersworth just over a year ago, and he was a tiny kitten back then, now he’s a fat fluffy cow. He’s still cute, but not as cute as he used to be, although Martina disagrees with me on this. She enjoys yelling out, “HE’S SO FLUFFFFYYYY!!!” and rubbing his tummy. I have this video on my desktop that I’ve been saving forever, and I keep on looking at it from time to time to remember how tiny he was, back when we thought he was a she. I figured, why have I not shared this yet? So here it is. Meemers the super tiny kitten. ERMAHGERD HE’S SO CUTE!

Also, I found another video of Meemers being a nipple addict. And by nipple I mean earlobe. He likes to suck on earlobes. We did a video of it back in the day and it went viral. Our first viral video ever! Whenever he goes for earlobe eating we say that he’s looking for a nipple. Except he says it in his voice, which – if you haven’t heard it – is basically him converting every vowel to an E: “Heey gees. Geev Mee Yer Neeperrrs!” Side note: he still does that to this day. Every morning we wake up to him looking for neeperrrs. And by we I mean Martina. Apparently my ear nipple is not up to his refined standards. He is now a wine-ear-nipple connoisseur.

I’m sounding like a crazy cat person. Just watch these cute videos of Meemers before he was the fat horsebear he is today. The two videos are in a playlist. If you can’t view the playlist, then you should at least be able to see the first video, above. Here’s the second video:


And, lastly, if you haven’t subscribed to our Open the Happy Channel, where we do videos like this from time to time, you should do so! It’s so cute and will help you to look heartwarming and adorable to your loved ones when you forward them a spammy email with the link to our video with the subject line of “FWD: FWD: FWD: OMG cute Korean cat does cute things”. You know what I’m talking about.

Love, Meemers out! =^ㅅ^=

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