So, we got Dr. Meemersworth just over a year ago, and he was a tiny kitten back then, now he’s a fat fluffy cow. He’s still cute, but not as cute as he used to be, although Martina disagrees with me on this. She enjoys yelling out, “HE’S SO FLUFFFFYYYY!!!” and rubbing his tummy. I have this video on my desktop that I’ve been saving forever, and I keep on looking at it from time to time to remember how tiny he was, back when we thought he was a she. I figured, why have I not shared this yet? So here it is. Meemers the super tiny kitten. ERMAHGERD HE’S SO CUTE!

Also, I found another video of Meemers being a nipple addict. And by nipple I mean earlobe. He likes to suck on earlobes. We did a video of it back in the day and it went viral. Our first viral video ever! Whenever he goes for earlobe eating we say that he’s looking for a nipple. Except he says it in his voice, which – if you haven’t heard it – is basically him converting every vowel to an E: “Heey gees. Geev Mee Yer Neeperrrs!” Side note: he still does that to this day. Every morning we wake up to him looking for neeperrrs. And by we I mean Martina. Apparently my ear nipple is not up to his refined standards. He is now a wine-ear-nipple connoisseur.

I’m sounding like a crazy cat person. Just watch these cute videos of Meemers before he was the fat horsebear he is today. The two videos are in a playlist. If you can’t view the playlist, then you should at least be able to see the first video, above. Here’s the second video:


And, lastly, if you haven’t subscribed to our Open the Happy Channel, where we do videos like this from time to time, you should do so! It’s so cute and will help you to look heartwarming and adorable to your loved ones when you forward them a spammy email with the link to our video with the subject line of “FWD: FWD: FWD: OMG cute Korean cat does cute things”. You know what I’m talking about.

Love, Meemers out! =^ㅅ^=

  1. Oh simon…You lookk so freaking happy

  2. I hope we get to see more Spudgy and Meemers! Meemers is one of the reasons I found EYK. I saw so much cuteness and then poked around to find a lot of other really cool things.

  3. How did meemers get his name?

  4. Suggestion: Spudgy-voice text/ringtones.

  5. meemers is all grown up now. T.T

  6. As a fourth year vet student, pleeeeease get Meems to lose weight. Obesity is becoming a very common and serious concern in cats. Purina did a study on obesity following littermates and found that animals that were moderately overweight lived 2 years less than their healthy weight littermates on average. It also makes them more predisposed to diseases like FLUTD, fatty liver, diabetes mellitus, etc. I’ve watched a lot of your videos, and have noticed that you guys put quite a bit of effort into eating healthy and losing weight, and I think it’s important to help your pets get there too! I promise, as the owner of a fluffy cat, that he will still be super fluffy at a healthy weight.

    • I have looked at several images on their site from the past couple of weeks and Meemers is NOT fat! He is what a year-plus-old male Scottish Fold should look like. I should know, I own two. (Female adult and a male kitten.) Scottish Fold males can grow a pound a month their first year. Their average is 10-13 pounds. Females is 6-9 pounds. My kitten looks larger than his bigger sister because of how fluffy his long-haired coat is, but she weighs more. When Meemers stands his posture is strong and his coat is excellent. You have a very healthy cat.

  7. Meeeemmsss *_______*


  8. You should do a Draw My Life for Meemers :D

  9. meemers has indeed become one fat cow. still adorable though :D

  10. I prefer fat cow Meems! SO FLUFFEH!

  11. I want meemers as a cat but my mum hates cats :( so sad. I want a fat cat/cow

  12. Hah If Meems is a fat cow then my Kiko has got to be a whale. He went from this baby sweet thing http://i.imgur.com/syYRiPI.jpg to this monstrous size of a cat. http://i.imgur.com/qax0ony.jpg He’s even bigger now since the last picture was taken a year ago.

  13. As cute as those Korean boys in the newest video. ;)

  14. every time I see my cat I talk in meemers voice and every time I talk to a dog I do the spudgy voice ^_^

  15. “I’m sounding like a crazy cat person.” No Simon, you sound like a crazy person, period.

    But that’s okay because so am I. o.O

  16. MEEMERS~! Super super cute.

  17. He’s adorable, but yes he’s gotten really big… tee hee

  18. GOSH HIS FLUFFINESS IS SO CUTE!! I want a cat now…..^0^

  19. You know what? That first video that went viral on your channel, was the video introduced me to you guise! From there it went to the video where Martina shows us how she colors her hair, and from then on, I was in love with your channel! Now I have watched almost every video you have out there, and I’m not stopping. At the time I watched the first videos, I didn’t know that you lived in Korea and was making videos about life there and all the other amazing videos you put up, or that you had a blog, but I was curios about Korean culture and music before watching your channel, but you dragged me deeper into the world of kpop and korea in generally. I just want to thank you for that, Simon and Martina! <3

  20. Meemers is so darn CUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. My cat has become a fat cow as well

  22. Can we also have a Doctor Meemers draw your life? Pretty please? :D

  23. Aww Simon, don’t be mean! :P Meemers is a cute kitty cow, haha.

  24. Guys-guys-guys, is Meemers is a cow then my cat is an elephant… >_>

  25. Since this is a Meemers video I’m posting a painting I made of Meemers! =^ㅅ^= Hope you like it!
    (I did put this on your Facebook account a few days ago but I wasn’t sure if you guise had seen it, so I’m posting it here to). :)

  26. Not to be a downer or anything, but obesity is pretty serious in cats. And yeah, he seems overweight(from what I’ve seen in your videos). A great way to fix that is to change to raw or high meat content food(make sure it’s wet), with little fat or additives, corns, etc. Then play with him, for 10-15 minutes twice a day. Toys like the da bird is great to get cats going. It’ll make him much more healthy :) Just a thing I thought I’d leave here. Love the video, he’s so adorable!

  27. I wonder what Meemers voice would be if he were still a she

  28. Hmmm…Meems has gotten quite large…I’m thinking BBQ…?…

  29. Awwww my cats used to do that ear kissing thing too. Earlobes must look tasty to them >_<

  30. i also admit to that. i though meems species does not go tht big. i was wrong. more of his vids please!!!!!

  31. I like fat fluffy cats!!

    . . . . . . .Did that sound wrong? :/

  32. Meems was a super cute kitten, but he’s still so fluffy and lovely now. Hah. I miss my cat.

  33. Your two most viewed videos are a reflection of the internet: a cute kitten and boooooooooooooobs.

  34. Adorable. He’s grown so much!

  35. I just want to let you two know that now I put on your silly voices for Spudgy and Meemers all the time. Like I literally scream “MUM!” when I’m trying to get my mom’s attention, and I whine and complain like the Meems. You guys have ruined me. xD

  36. AWE!!!!!!!!!! He is sooo cute! haha… it’s funny to think back to when meems was a girl x)

  37. LOL Meemers was probably like, “why isn’t milk coming out of this ear. whyyy”

  38. Fat cow meems now is still adorable. :3

  39. You should try to catbeard with Meemers!

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