We’re back! Holy smokes! Look at us doing LiveChats! We’ve fallen really behind on them. We’re a bit concerned because we were gone for so long, and – since we usually do these once a week – we get to open regular mail regularly. But since we didn’t get to be here for a while, some packages have piled up. Sorry guise! We’ve been getting emails from people asking if their packages arrived, so we tried showing the packages in the LiveStream to let you know if yours arrived safe and sound :D

Also, WHAT’S UP WITH THE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES TODAY YOUTUBE? It’s, like, some of the worst we’ve ever had. I’m sorry that our return to LiveStreaming was so buggy today :( Hopefully next time things will be back on track!

Anyhow, we mentioned that next week we’ve got some things we’re doing in preparation for the YouTube Music Awards, so our schedule might be thrown off a bit, but the products that come of it, we hope, will be totally worth it! We’re really close to confirming some really cool things, which we really want to tell you about now but can’t because they’re not set yet. Argh!

On that note, thanks to everyone who sent us packages today, including

Megan from Wisconsin, USA
Angela from Columbia (sorry about the cookie mess! We opened it in the safety of our hallway afterwards. Thank you for the jewelry and keychains and the engravings!)
and Jesus Biker from Wisconsin

Sorry we couldn’t open more packages today. We’re still crushingly jet lagged for some reason and we have no idea why. We woke up at 3AM today and have been up ever since. WHY?! We have no clue what’s wrong with us. We’ve been back for over a week and we just can’t get adjusted. Bleurgh!

Ok, I’m gonna leave it on that note, because sentences not working nice now for me. Leigh home now we miss Leigh. She stay one day then go back to Busan. She come again sometime. Very sad she not here. Will be here forever in January. Soon!

  1. Martina, I would totally buy that hat! IT’S SO CUTE

  2. Now I really want to watch Heirs just to see what everyone is talking about.

  3. I always wonder how much Simon and Martina’s food bill has gone down with all the snacks they get each week. XD

  4. I might buy that cat hat and if I don’t i’m sure I have friends who would!

  5. my paretns are also from albanian and kosovo and we’ re living in germany !!!! That’s so cool !!!
    where do you live in germany ??? :o

  6. The group’s main fb page is facebook.com/usnasties. From there you’re split up into regional groups, and each group has 1-2 cities in their area that are contenders for the tour. Also check out their twitter (twitter.com/USNasties), tumblr (usnasties.tumblr.com), pinterest (pinterest.com/usnasties/followers/), and Google+ (plus.google.com/116906438143269404166).

  7. Did S&M ever show us what is behind the “haunted door”?

  8. Hahahahaha! At first, I thought that you were measuring your “happiness as a Nasty” in the form of “SWENASTIES” (like 9000!) until I re-read our post. Am I wrong? There should TOTALLY be a measurement for that – LOL! Thank you for the smile <3

  9. Oh god, that sounds really offensive and I’m American. -_- I don’t know, I’ll probably watch it anyway. At least I’m prepared, hehe.

    • i didnt find it offensive as much as amusing. i just laughed off the bad acting, and thought it funny they used the stereotypes. they didnt use anything i havent heard or seen in the US before lol.
      when heirs first started i was on vacation in california, and on the beach i actually heard a dude talking like Jay, i was so taken aback, like “omg these people actually exist??” haha

  10. I was planning to watch Heirs for Krystal. Is it really that bad? :( x x x

  11. There is no way that Heirs could have lived up to all the hype. I watched the first two episodes because I like Park Shin Hye. Lee Min Ho isn’t on my list of favs. I’m sure this is due to a genetic lack of taste on my part but I find him dull.

    To a certain extent, stereotyping is part a of the entertainment biz and most of the time we’re OK with stereotyping ourselves. How ever when outsiders do it, its a whole other ball game.

    But what made me finally turn off Heirs was the realization that I would not watch similar programming in English. There are plenty of people who want to watch this kind of programming, I’m not just one of them.

  12. For those #USNasties who want to help us with getting Simon and Martina (and hopefully Leigh and SooZee) to the States, Join our Facebook Page: facebook.com/USNasties.

    Our Twitter is twitter.com/USNasties

    We have the nation color coded to better plan out meetings, just find the map, join your color, and pitch in!

    • I was just thinking, if interest isn’t super ultra high enough in the ‘States, you could always make it a North American tour ’cause like, they don’t need a VISA to come to Canada and like, I’m pretty sure that there are many Canadian Nasties, and like they’ll probably use the US tour as a chance to come home to see their parents if they can anyways….. Why not work together? ;) Although, that might be one hella long tour……

      • Um, that’s not quite what I meant. In tours, you go to several cities/states/provinces. I meant, why not do some U.S. cities and some Canadian cities if the path of the tour comes near the border. For example, if there is a meet in Wisconsin or say Buffalo or NYC, it’s not far to hop the border to London, Niagara, Toronto, or I don’t know, Halifax and then, hop back over to the U.S. again to keep doing cities there. Or Vancouver and Seattle are very close to each other. But maybe all the U.S. cities will be down south? It was just a thought, you’ll have to see where the interest is.

  13. I guess this is only the 3rd time I disagree with you guys. I’m not really bothered by Heirs, I actually like the story a lot, of course the white actors are horrible, white actors on k-dramas are always like bad porn actors LOL, but they really don’t matter for the plotline, they just discourage people who think that they have to go to America if they want it to succeed because ‘Korea is so bad’, I think they are just promoting their on country. In the other hand you have to watch focused on the positive things, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s acting are really good, and the actress that plays Shin Hye’s mother, who can’t speak, is an amazing actress, and they also show that being so rich is not always the best thing in the world, rich people are fucked up too. They say this show is supose to be the korean Gossip Girl and Gossip Girl showed exactly that kind of America “Heirs” showed on the first episodes, superficial people, drug addicts, and everybody wanting to have sex with anything that moves. The exactly same thing teen American series are showing, “Heirs” just copied. I don’t see Asians complaining about characters like the asian guy from “The Hangover” because he’s a walking stereotype. What you guys still didn’t see is how ShinHye’s character is obssessed about horror movies in a really funny way like ‘I’m really hoping Freddy and Jason to be friends again’ and when she always compare her situation with horror movies plots, or how sweet is CNBLUE’s Minhyunk character or how ShynHye’s mother is mistreated by her korean boss and how they are mean with her just because she can’t speak. You guys should give a real chance for the drama, because is really well written and interesting and the cast is awesome I SWEAR!!!.

    • lol i thought it was better than Boys over Flowers movie (i think it was the japanese one though), where the scene in america they were attacked by black, basketballer thugs that just said F*CK every other word hahahahaha

    • I know, like I said they are just copying other american series like Gossip Girl…Did you even watched like “2 Broke Girls”? There is a Korean character that is also stereotyped and all the americans make fun of him…so I’m not saying is right or true the way they are portraying America, is just that they are doing the same thing America does, if you watch any other k-dramas you wil see Korea always show Americans like they are WAY BETTER than everyone else and a company is only rich if they are working with America or how they always need to make the Americans happy, I think is refreshing a k-drama not treating America like the lord of all countries…this is good for them, but of course that’s just my opinion. I’m not North American and I’m not Korean so in my foreign point of view, this doesn’t change my view of any of the countries, is a k-drama not a history book or documentary.

      • The part that I disliked the most was when the guy pretty much solicited for sex from Park Shin Hye’s sister in broad daylight, at a regular cafe-like place in public. That, I just found utterly offensive. But otherwise I have to agree with what you said. Hollywood does it all the time. They’re always promoting Americans as the best and stereotyping people from other countries and minorities. Not saying it’s OK; but to be outraged about it, is ironic.

  14. Tomorrow night? Are y’all going to the Halloween Party in Itaewon?

  15. Yay!!! Intern Leigh we miss you! Hope you’re doing well in Busan :D

  16. I can’t watch the video, guys!!!

  17. I agree about “Heirs”! As an American, I was saddened by the poor choice of American actors and the portrayal of what our men are like. I know that most people in the world get their “knowledge” of other nationalities based on what they see in movies and on TV, because most of us never get to travel and see for ourselves. It saddens me that Koreans will think our men are such sleezeballs and our women are easy. Of course, I didn’t expect the producers to pick our best looking guys, they wanted Lee Minho to shine! But gee, they could’ve done a little better….LOL.

    • i think lee minho’s english was even worse than the americans’ acting. but i support him for trying XD

    • I watched the first episode and was horrified at the ‘American’ acting! It was bloody awful! There were some good (watchable) parts to the episode but they were few and far between. Does it get better? Is it worth trying to watch a few more episodes or will I just end up in a frustrated mess?

      • Well, I’ve tried to hang in there in hopes it will improve, and I’ve made it to episode 4. So I guess I’ll watch it all since they won’t be staying in America! I’m sure it will get much better…I hope anyway! lol

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