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Back in Korea LiveChat!

October 25, 2013


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We’re back! Holy smokes! Look at us doing LiveChats! We’ve fallen really behind on them. We’re a bit concerned because we were gone for so long, and – since we usually do these once a week – we get to open regular mail regularly. But since we didn’t get to be here for a while, some packages have piled up. Sorry guise! We’ve been getting emails from people asking if their packages arrived, so we tried showing the packages in the LiveStream to let you know if yours arrived safe and sound :D

Also, WHAT’S UP WITH THE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES TODAY YOUTUBE? It’s, like, some of the worst we’ve ever had. I’m sorry that our return to LiveStreaming was so buggy today :( Hopefully next time things will be back on track!

Anyhow, we mentioned that next week we’ve got some things we’re doing in preparation for the YouTube Music Awards, so our schedule might be thrown off a bit, but the products that come of it, we hope, will be totally worth it! We’re really close to confirming some really cool things, which we really want to tell you about now but can’t because they’re not set yet. Argh!

On that note, thanks to everyone who sent us packages today, including

Megan from Wisconsin, USA
Angela from Columbia (sorry about the cookie mess! We opened it in the safety of our hallway afterwards. Thank you for the jewelry and keychains and the engravings!)
and Jesus Biker from Wisconsin

Sorry we couldn’t open more packages today. We’re still crushingly jet lagged for some reason and we have no idea why. We woke up at 3AM today and have been up ever since. WHY?! We have no clue what’s wrong with us. We’ve been back for over a week and we just can’t get adjusted. Bleurgh!

Ok, I’m gonna leave it on that note, because sentences not working nice now for me. Leigh home now we miss Leigh. She stay one day then go back to Busan. She come again sometime. Very sad she not here. Will be here forever in January. Soon!



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