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Back in Korea LiveChat!

September 21, 2013


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We’re back in Korea! OMG guise it feels like we haven’t been here in years! We were here for only a few days after our Australia trip, and then we were in Singapore from Sunday to Thursday morning, and I feel like the country has grown exponentially since we’ve been gone. Cyborgs now run the universe. Food is served in pill format. People no longer shake hands as greetings, but Bubble Pop to say hello. What…what is this place?

No, but seriously, though: we just got an email yesterday that might fly us out to another three countries after our Europe tour. HOLY SNAP MAN. October is gonna be a crazy, crazy month!

Ok, enough rambling. We really want to thank you awesome Nasties who sent us some lovely packages, including:

Meena, Mady, and Nathaly from Pennsylvania
Kimberley from France
Cayla and Renee Celebration, Florida

Ok, for really reals: Celebration is the name of your city? I imagine people break out into song on a daily basis. Also, we didn’t get a chance to say this in the video, but hello to Bubbles the Dog! Sidenote: someone please explain to me why I can’t have a pillow on my lap during landing? THAT’S RIDICULOUS! Also, hello to the people of Mauritius, who we didn’t even know we had people watching us from. Woohoo!

Ok, so, onto another order of business, which we wound up mentioning in the LiveChat. In less than two weeks we’re flying out to Europe to visit Sweden, Norway, Poland, and the Netherlands. As some of you might know, when we were in Australia we made a bunch of limited edition Australian merch. We’ve got some European merch as well! Woot!

Because we’ve got limited luggage space, though, we can’t bring it with us. What we’re going to have to do is ship it out before we go. What we need from you, however, is suggestions as to what sizes and colors we should bring. We’re putting in the order Monday night. So, if you could be so kind, please answer the poll below so we can know what you guise want the most!

We put in the orders already. Thanks though!


And, lastly, click on the button below so that you never miss a LiveChat again! It’ll be perfectly attuned with your Chi and aligned with your mojo.



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