We’re back in Korea! OMG guise it feels like we haven’t been here in years! We were here for only a few days after our Australia trip, and then we were in Singapore from Sunday to Thursday morning, and I feel like the country has grown exponentially since we’ve been gone. Cyborgs now run the universe. Food is served in pill format. People no longer shake hands as greetings, but Bubble Pop to say hello. What…what is this place?

No, but seriously, though: we just got an email yesterday that might fly us out to another three countries after our Europe tour. HOLY SNAP MAN. October is gonna be a crazy, crazy month!

Ok, enough rambling. We really want to thank you awesome Nasties who sent us some lovely packages, including:

Meena, Mady, and Nathaly from Pennsylvania
Kimberley from France
Cayla and Renee Celebration, Florida

Ok, for really reals: Celebration is the name of your city? I imagine people break out into song on a daily basis. Also, we didn’t get a chance to say this in the video, but hello to Bubbles the Dog! Sidenote: someone please explain to me why I can’t have a pillow on my lap during landing? THAT’S RIDICULOUS! Also, hello to the people of Mauritius, who we didn’t even know we had people watching us from. Woohoo!

Ok, so, onto another order of business, which we wound up mentioning in the LiveChat. In less than two weeks we’re flying out to Europe to visit Sweden, Norway, Poland, and the Netherlands. As some of you might know, when we were in Australia we made a bunch of limited edition Australian merch. We’ve got some European merch as well! Woot!

Because we’ve got limited luggage space, though, we can’t bring it with us. What we’re going to have to do is ship it out before we go. What we need from you, however, is suggestions as to what sizes and colors we should bring. We’re putting in the order Monday night. So, if you could be so kind, please answer the poll below so we can know what you guise want the most!

We put in the orders already. Thanks though!


And, lastly, click on the button below so that you never miss a LiveChat again! It’ll be perfectly attuned with your Chi and aligned with your mojo.

  1. talking about Heir. Dramafever is having it subtitle and premier it on OCT 10 in NYC. http://pervertasiandrama.tumblr.com/post/62685648720/dramafever-premier-the-heir

    People should comes and enjoy it. It’s free too ^^

  2. I really wish you would make female shirts… I want to buy a shirt but what’s the point if it doesn’t look good on me?

  3. 14 F,F,F, 14 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!! Reeeeaaally hope my package arrive before you go to Sweden!!
    It would be the best if you got it and get to try what I sent you :D I
    sent you soemthing new (maybe even – limited edition-fun) from Sweden
    :D!!!! Havent seen the video watching right now) – because I celebrated the gift I gave my parents for christmas :) I reaally also hope that you dont have gotten this now!!

  4. Sorry I missed your live chat! I just got my Ooh you so nasty hat in the mail and I absolutely LOVE it!<3

  5. How about The Maldives for your January vacation? It looks amazing there!

  6. The main reason airplanes ask you to put your seat up is so that the cleaning crew doesn’t have to do it because that takes WAAAY too long. If you come onto the airplane and all the seats are at various levels it looks unprofessional and uncared for…. They say it is for safety but that was the original reason.

  7. Sad :( somehow I missed seeing there was even a live chat. hopefully i’ll see it live next week..always makes for a good day.

  8. ;( first live chat I missed in forever! I’m so sad:/

  9. Yay! Martina is wearing the shirt I sent a while back!

  10. Btw, the instant noodles are made in Mauritius, and the keychains have the shape of our island too^^ I hope you liked the package, sorry it wasn’t much^^
    And Mauritian Nasties were very happy for the shoutout!!

  11. Can’t wait til you guys come to Norway, gahhh!! I’m travelling by plane to see you guys, and the fact that you’re coming is huuuuge <3 WOOP!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!
    Love from the Norwegian nasties!! :*

  12. I missed the live chat T_T


  14. So excited for the drama reviews!

  15. Finally got to see you guise > . . < ;____;


    • We’re pushing ourselves for the next few months. We’re planning on taking a vacation for Christmas, but up to then there’s a lot we have that we want to get done, other potentially big projects on the horizon.

      But we’re motivated. We’ve been meeting so many awesome, loving people in person and we feel like we want to give them something good. If it wasn’t for you all it’d be a lot more difficult, for sure :D

  16. They opened my package!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID I SLEEP????!!!

  17. Oh God please ship out XXL shirts! Think about the fat nasties! XD IT AIN’T PRETTY WITH TOO SMALL SHIRTS XD

  18. Oh!!! I Can Not Wait!! I’ve to finnish writing my fanletter xD and hope you can read my awful handwriting! xD See you in Stockholm!
    But just wondering.. will you be able to meet “all” of us or just the ones who win the meet-n-greet contest thing?? I’ll be quite far back but i would so LOVE to get a t-shirt and then also give you my fanletter, and I don’t have enough time to tryn’ win that contest (School is Killing me T T) and the contest seemed kind of.. time taking xD
    Oh well! I can’t wait *excitement derp*

  19. NOOOOOO!!!! I just missed it!

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