Really quickly: here’s the extended footage of our chat with U-Kiss, from our Jeju Inkigayo experience. It’s really impossible for us to post the entire thing, because we talked with them for a really long time. We cut out some of the dead moments, and tried to keep the video as true to the chat as possible. Problem is, our camera has some limitations in that 1) It gets overheated if it records for too long, so we have to stop recording, and 2) It can’t record clips for longer than 12 minutes before you have to stop and start again.

By the end of it, we just turned off the camera and kept on talking with them. It’s amazing how down to earth everyone was. We also like to think that they were just bored in their tents, and they had lots of time to kill. Seriously! The insides of their tents had nothing but lawn chairs. BO-RING. We think that if they had Xboxes in there, we’d be screwed. Ha!

Thanks again to Todd Thacker and the Jeju Weekly for the pics and for flying us out to Jeju for the event :D

  1. I love how Hoon introduced himself:) Of course he is my bias!!!!

  2. This is how I discovered Kpop, this is how I became a fan of UKiss, and of Kevin. I watch this video everytime I fell down. I’ve watched it so much that I can recited heart by heart! ^^

  3. I’m watching this for like the thousand time and can’t help fangirling over it every time >__<

  4. i love eli saw much and i love u-kiss

  5. hahaha Martina is like im read to take this off *flash sorta* kevin WOOOO

  6. haha, I’ve seen this video so many times. is it just me or does Kevin ask more questions than you guys do? lol, Kevin.

  7. this video awakened the kissme inside of me~^^!! 


  9. Can’t believe it has almost been a year since I saw this video. This was the video that actually brought me to Eat Your Kimchi. I was fairly new to kpop and only loved SS501 and had just started listening to U-Kiss. I watched this interview, then proceeded to watch the review of 0330 and since then U-Kiss has become my #1 kpop group. This video showed me how wonderful these super talented 7 guys truly are. Ahhh memories lol.

  10. dongho is like  comfuse XD

  11. Martina and Simon, I saw the video where you said that you find it patronizing when people say your korean is good instead of responding to your conversation. I think the guy from UKISS who went to the international school felt the same way when you said it to him…

    • In the other video you saw, Simon and Martina were talking about
      examples how some people comments how good their Korean was when they’re
      expecting an answer to a question or a statement …

      but the context of their conversation here is RELEVANT to what Martina was asking and she did not focus on “how good his English” were, she was just keeping the conversation going …

  12. I think the one in the middle was not very interested….just going with the flaw xD

  13. I really like this video.They are so friendly and sociable and are speaking english very well…It would be cool to have such videos every week posted on your channel…Is there a possibility to make out somthing like this once  week or twice  month?

  14. Wow~ they’re really friendly. XD

  15. they look like such a fun bunch to hang out with. especially kevin! he’s so friendly and chatty. ukiss came to malaysia; my country, for the korean music wave last year and he was MC-ing and he’s so nice. i wish one day i’d get to chat with him for a bit like you guys did. hehe^^

  16. wah, they seem like really nice guys! : D

  17. Ok, I’m not a very fangirl type of girl, ok maybe whit the thing I really, really, really love a little bit…Like I was saing, I’m not a very fangirl type of girl, but right now I’m trying to see some k-pop videos, dramas etc because I started to learn not onley japanese language but also korean=> I’m aware that I sound like a really masochistic person…
    But as I just entered the korean world only from this summer I still don’t have a favorite band or group I’m just listening/seeing  a bit of evrething… But after seeing this video I have to admit that  now I pay more attention whenever I see U-KISS :)
    And please keep on doing this kind of video there are great!
    Greeting from Italy!

  18. Omg…WoW! *o* Truthfully,because of this video,I am now a U-Kiss fan :D Before this,I thought, “Meh,they’re alright…” But gosh,after watching this,I can honestly say I Love Them!Like seriously,They’re Amazing! XDDD Thank You so much Simon & Martina for making my day! :)

  19. I will listen forever to just their voices <3 XD

  20. Because of this video, Kevin along with Ukiss have become my bias, omg Kevin is so cutee <3

  21. I kinda got that idea from their video the second time I saw it, when I studied their expressions a bit more carefully, so I’m glad to be shown that I was right for once in my life :)) Thank you for posting this, you just made me realize why I enjoy watching U-KISS so much :D

  22. I’m just amazed at how popular you guys are! So many Kpop artistas have seen your videos! I am soooo jealous right now.

  23. The next time you meet them, please tell them they have FANS IN INDIA! :D :P

  24. kevin is soooooo damn cute..wanna hug and squish him..lol

  25. i didn’t know they speak english so well unlike SUJU members…i love suju and u-kiss

  26. This is the video that made me a huge fan of Kevin and U-Kiss.

  27. LOL, AJ was pretty damn happy he found a buddy to speak in his ‘pro’ english. JK.
    ELI! WAEGURAE?! You…… YOU GREW UP HERE! Now participate in the conversation D:<
    it's all good, though. Kevin's english wasn't that great during Chef's Kiss, but I guess they all got really awesome.
    //missing xander and kibummie.

  28. AJ can speak in so like GOOOOOOD english, i am a KissMe …. and i don’t even know that fact! :O stupid Kiss Me.. i better get back to tumblr :]]]

  29. AJ can speak in so like GOOOOOOD english, i am a KissMe …. and i don’t even know that fact! :O stupid Kiss Me.. i better get back to tumblr :]]]

  30. “You Made fun of us!” hahaha…AJ!! I ♥ it! 

  31. “You Made fun of us!” hahaha…AJ!! I ♥ it! 

  32.  oh god!! they are the best!!! really best!!

  33.  Seems like interviewer was the one being interviewed… but the whole thing is COOL ^_~)v

  34. u guys r so lucky!!!!!! and r u guys famous or something? i live in toronto!!!! like near toronto

  35. i live in toronto!!!!!

  36. u guys are so lucky?????? r u famous?????

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