Really quickly: here’s the extended footage of our chat with U-Kiss, from our Jeju Inkigayo experience. It’s really impossible for us to post the entire thing, because we talked with them for a really long time. We cut out some of the dead moments, and tried to keep the video as true to the chat as possible. Problem is, our camera has some limitations in that 1) It gets overheated if it records for too long, so we have to stop recording, and 2) It can’t record clips for longer than 12 minutes before you have to stop and start again.

By the end of it, we just turned off the camera and kept on talking with them. It’s amazing how down to earth everyone was. We also like to think that they were just bored in their tents, and they had lots of time to kill. Seriously! The insides of their tents had nothing but lawn chairs. BO-RING. We think that if they had Xboxes in there, we’d be screwed. Ha!

Thanks again to Todd Thacker and the Jeju Weekly for the pics and for flying us out to Jeju for the event :D

  1. I love how Hoon introduced himself:) Of course he is my bias!!!!

  2. haha, I’ve seen this video so many times. is it just me or does Kevin ask more questions than you guys do? lol, Kevin.

  3. Can’t believe it has almost been a year since I saw this video. This was the video that actually brought me to Eat Your Kimchi. I was fairly new to kpop and only loved SS501 and had just started listening to U-Kiss. I watched this interview, then proceeded to watch the review of 0330 and since then U-Kiss has become my #1 kpop group. This video showed me how wonderful these super talented 7 guys truly are. Ahhh memories lol.

  4. dongho is like  comfuse XD

  5. Martina and Simon, I saw the video where you said that you find it patronizing when people say your korean is good instead of responding to your conversation. I think the guy from UKISS who went to the international school felt the same way when you said it to him…

  6. Wow~ they’re really friendly. XD

  7. I will listen forever to just their voices <3 XD

  8. Because of this video, Kevin along with Ukiss have become my bias, omg Kevin is so cutee <3

  9. The next time you meet them, please tell them they have FANS IN INDIA! :D :P

  10. kevin is soooooo damn cute..wanna hug and squish him..lol

  11. AJ can speak in so like GOOOOOOD english, i am a KissMe …. and i don’t even know that fact! :O stupid Kiss Me.. i better get back to tumblr :]]]

  12. AJ can speak in so like GOOOOOOD english, i am a KissMe …. and i don’t even know that fact! :O stupid Kiss Me.. i better get back to tumblr :]]]

  13.  Seems like interviewer was the one being interviewed… but the whole thing is COOL ^_~)v

  14. u guys are so lucky?????? r u famous?????

  15. This is what brought me here. And I love U-Kiss for that. (Not that I don’t already love them enough >.<)  And waaah, I envy you so much for this interview!! I mean, you got to meet U-KISS! I'm still waiting for that to happen. XD Love Kevins questions and that we can see more of AJs personality. <3

  16. soooo awsome you should let me be your camera person so both you can interview hehe

  17. omo Kevin was soo talkative love it lolz AJ was great too…ummm the other guys they didn;t do much :/ . i hate fan girls with yelling and all, why do they think thier voices are that great to yell in our ears ??? ughhh. anyways love how martina blushes as she show them some skin lolz. camra don’t overheat next time :D

  18. I really like everything you do like vlogging about Korean culture and so on but your music video reviews are always critic! Yes, a review is supposed to be showing the positive and the negative sides but everyone sees for themselves what they like or not. Plus, in every single review there are complimentary 20 seconds and 4+ minutes filled with criticism and sarcasm only? And by posting all this online you DO realize that you influence the opinion of a lotta people out there … I really really love the work you do and I’m amazed by the time you spend on doing all this incredible stuff b/c you’re actually promoting Korea to the world, but I would prefer if you didn’t do music Mondays AT ALL if all you say is sarcasm and criticism…

  19. This should be U-Kiss interviews Simon and Martina…haha,
    Kevin was more curious about you guys than you about them.
    So cute!

  20. This was too cute. I love when Martina talked about taking off her jacket and how scandalous it would be lmao. Show the guys some skin lol. I didn’t know you were younger then me Martina. I feel old lol (I’m 28). Some of them are quite cute. I’m gonna have to follow them more. Kevin seems like a chatterbox lol. I’m glad they cleared up the video and what happened with the girl. That’s one mystery down!

  21. is it possible for you guys to at the audio… version of the conversation with U-Kiss backstage??? @ukisskorea @ukissSH @u_kisseli @Kevinwoo91 @KiSSeop91 @thsgoku @Dongho94 @JSK91AJ

  22. OMG.. you guys are sooooo lucky, i love you guys, how can you just meet them…. :(( jealous jealous

  23. I loved Kevin Oppa’s mistake. Where r u guys from? 30 secs later… Where r u guys from? lol

  24. *starts to hyperventilate*…. GASP!!! YOU MET KEVIN?!?!?! *bursts into crying*…. why must the world hate the east coast? just because we are like 14 hours or so away from Korea does not mean there are not fans over here!!! …

    *clears throat*… sorry about that. as you can probably tell i have a slight love for Kevin Woo… no big… anyway, now that my fangirling is over, that is so cool that you guys got to meet u-kiss :) they seem so nice! hope you had a great time! especially you, Simon, cuz you seemed so distant :(

    well thank you for making my life a whole lot happier by bringing together one of my fav bands and my absolutely FAVORITE podcast-like-thingy… love you both to itty bitty pieces!

  25. Thank you, now I love Kevin. He’s just so frickin cute and his english is AMAZING! <3 Sorry Seungri and Ryeowook. :D

  26. OK, now I’m officially jealous of you ;D
    I can watch this 10 times around just to see how naturally U-KISS’ boys are >.<
    They seems to be very nice. AJ make jokes, Kevin easily maintain a conversation with Martina and he wanted to know more about you guys :) and Eli spoke like a real boss~~ xD Hoon & Kiseop use their cute konglish, Dongho doesn't understand anything till somebody translate everything to him xD only Soohyun shyly stood aside poor boy '^^

    once again big THANK YOU! for bringing some k-pop-world to us :) Pozdrawiam!

  27. I loved how they kept the conversation going by AJ & Kevin asking Martina some questions too. So it was actually like a nice flow of talk :)
    They seem really nice and down to earth and cool to hang out with.
    I think U-KISS will definitely have more fans after this so yayy

  28. …heheheh…ur really really lucky…i also wanted to meet ukiss in personal ….i envy u guys..huhuhuhu…by the way…more power on ur videos..hwaiting!!!

  29. i really really like this interview.. it is very natural! so lucky you’ve met UKISS.. kwahaha! this is the best interview i watched,.,, no scripts, just go on in that way… and that’s it! the best to see ukiss in this different manner. :) you guys are so ASA!!! :D hwaiting!

  30. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this video with a big smile on mi face.
    I wasn’t a big fan of them, I just liked some of their songs but, after this they’ve got my heart, lol They’re so kind and friendly even if they were killing time, who cares! They were so nice with you and now you’ve got new friends XD

  31. i am officially a kevin fan now! I have been swayed! martina and simon you two are the best!!!

  32. you guys are officially the most famous wagookins in Korea-haha, kpop stars know who you are :) Also, hope you had a Happy Birthday Martina :)

  33. aaww.. i really love U-Kiss. i just hope that Xander and Kibum was still in the group. it’ll be daebak if Xander was there when you interviewed them. he’s the funny one. =]

  34. wow i def. give more credit to U KISS now as idols..even with their busy schedules they all seems so nice to have a small interview with you guys…. btw. happy (late) birthday martina!

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