Really quickly: here’s the extended footage of our chat with U-Kiss, from our Jeju Inkigayo experience. It’s really impossible for us to post the entire thing, because we talked with them for a really long time. We cut out some of the dead moments, and tried to keep the video as true to the chat as possible. Problem is, our camera has some limitations in that 1) It gets overheated if it records for too long, so we have to stop recording, and 2) It can’t record clips for longer than 12 minutes before you have to stop and start again.

By the end of it, we just turned off the camera and kept on talking with them. It’s amazing how down to earth everyone was. We also like to think that they were just bored in their tents, and they had lots of time to kill. Seriously! The insides of their tents had nothing but lawn chairs. BO-RING. We think that if they had Xboxes in there, we’d be screwed. Ha!

Thanks again to Todd Thacker and the Jeju Weekly for the pics and for flying us out to Jeju for the event :D

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    This is how I discovered Kpop, this is how I became a fan of UKiss, and of Kevin. I watch this video everytime I fell down. I’ve watched it so much that I can recited heart by heart! ^^

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  12. Martina and Simon, I saw the video where you said that you find it patronizing when people say your korean is good instead of responding to your conversation. I think the guy from UKISS who went to the international school felt the same way when you said it to him…

    • In the other video you saw, Simon and Martina were talking about
      examples how some people comments how good their Korean was when they’re
      expecting an answer to a question or a statement …

      but the context of their conversation here is RELEVANT to what Martina was asking and she did not focus on “how good his English” were, she was just keeping the conversation going …

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  16. they look like such a fun bunch to hang out with. especially kevin! he’s so friendly and chatty. ukiss came to malaysia; my country, for the korean music wave last year and he was MC-ing and he’s so nice. i wish one day i’d get to chat with him for a bit like you guys did. hehe^^

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    But as I just entered the korean world only from this summer I still don’t have a favorite band or group I’m just listening/seeing  a bit of evrething… But after seeing this video I have to admit that  now I pay more attention whenever I see U-KISS :)
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    Greeting from Italy!

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    ELI! WAEGURAE?! You…… YOU GREW UP HERE! Now participate in the conversation D:<
    it's all good, though. Kevin's english wasn't that great during Chef's Kiss, but I guess they all got really awesome.
    //missing xander and kibummie.

  29. AJ can speak in so like GOOOOOOD english, i am a KissMe …. and i don’t even know that fact! :O stupid Kiss Me.. i better get back to tumblr :]]]

  30. AJ can speak in so like GOOOOOOD english, i am a KissMe …. and i don’t even know that fact! :O stupid Kiss Me.. i better get back to tumblr :]]]

  31. “You Made fun of us!” hahaha…AJ!! I ♥ it! 

  32. “You Made fun of us!” hahaha…AJ!! I ♥ it! 

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    You guys are simply amazing!

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  46. I really like everything you do like vlogging about Korean culture and so on but your music video reviews are always critic! Yes, a review is supposed to be showing the positive and the negative sides but everyone sees for themselves what they like or not. Plus, in every single review there are complimentary 20 seconds and 4+ minutes filled with criticism and sarcasm only? And by posting all this online you DO realize that you influence the opinion of a lotta people out there … I really really love the work you do and I’m amazed by the time you spend on doing all this incredible stuff b/c you’re actually promoting Korea to the world, but I would prefer if you didn’t do music Mondays AT ALL if all you say is sarcasm and criticism…

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  50. is it possible for you guys to at the audio… version of the conversation with U-Kiss backstage??? @ukisskorea @ukissSH @u_kisseli @Kevinwoo91 @KiSSeop91 @thsgoku @Dongho94 @JSK91AJ

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    U-KISS FIGHTING!! (-^_^-)/

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    This day at Jeju’s must have been awesome !

    I hope you’ll be able to have meetings like this in the future, it’s quite interresting to see Kpop idols like that ! (speaking english this good !!)

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    “u guys made fun of me right? i’m the guy who wrote the pi thing! i’m the guy who wrote the r squared pi things!” -AJ *i thought he didnt know english until today lol….
    LOVE UKISS. fighting guys! u guys are all so nice!
    btw hbd martina!


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    Happy Birthday Martina!!
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  143. [email protected]

    Happy birthday Martina from Australia

    • Omg Simon and Martina remove my comment pls I accidentally put my email as my ID I was using my iPod and everything got zoomed in and I didn’t realize and I’m just freaking right now thanks Lots

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    I’m dying to know what you talked about after that. ;___;

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    You guys have been posting videos ever since you decided to take a job in a foreign city. It actually paid off for exciting experiences like this. I bet you guys have nights talking about how far you’ve made it and for famous singers to recognize you!!

    I’d want to say that you guys have taught me one thing: do what you love and what you know most about and learn hard things easily by teaching it to the rest.

    PS. Happy birthday for Martina!!

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  153. I don’t know much about Ukiss but they seem so nice!!! Specially Kevin and AJ :) I mean, even if they were bored, they could have been talking to any other famous artist around there, right? But they chose to talk to unknown Canadian people who made even a little fun of them on the internet (well, absolutely white jokes at that). How is that not awesome!!

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