Ok, now this is a bit of a long story. We’ll post a TL;DR at the bottom, if you’re impatient:

First off, big thanks go out to Todd Thacker and the Jeju Weekly. He contacted us a few weeks ago and flew us out to cover the Super Inkigayo concert that was being held in Jeju. It was going to be Simon’s first time in Jeju since Martina had already been to Jeju twice with her school. On Saturday we tried to absorb as much of Jeju as we could on a driving tour since Sunday was the big concert.

When we arrived at the concert the fans were lined up outside waiting to grab the best seats but the stadium was really tiny so everyone was amazingly close to the stage. Although we had tickets to the show we actually didn’t see anyone perform. Why? Because we spent all of our time backstage!

Backstage was really a parking lot filled with white tents. When we arrived, only the first few acts were there and all the remaning tents were empty. We thought we could easily get clear footage of everyone arriving, but within 20 minutes car loads and bus loads of kpop bands started pulling up out of nowhere! The entire lineup was absurdly large. There was Rania, 4Minute, U-Kiss, Infinite, Orange Caramel, Rainbow, CN Blue, SNSD, TVXQ, f(x), Big Bang, Wheesung, Tony Ahn, A Pink, ZE:A and I’m sure there are many more that we’ve forgotten. We couldn’t get a camera on everyone but we tried, oh we tried all right wildly swinging our camera with the squeal of the local fangirl alerting us. Martina’s Our goal, though, was clear from the start: we had to get some footage with Big Bang.

BUT OF COURSE, Big Bang was the very last band to arrive and because of that, things didn’t go as expected with Big Bang. We were lucky enough to pull GD aside for just a quick second to introduce himself but it was clear they were very busy signing shirts and preparing for stage. We couldn’t get a hold of TOP, who looked like a man on a mission at all times, but it was still super cool that I we got to be so close to the action.

U-Kiss, Kevin, AJ, and Hoon

Martina makes Kevin from U-Kiss laugh. Picture by Todd Thacker

What was completely and utterly unexpected is that not only did we know some of the kpop stars, but some of the kpop stars knew us. SERIOUSLY AMAZZZZING!!!!! We spoke with Amber from f(x) briefly, but she said that her management wouldn’t let her talk on camera. Bummer. But she said that she used our Washing Machine video when she first came to Korea. SHAZAM! Our most boring (but practical) video ever! Glad that’s what we’re known for: Eat Your Kimchi – training you how to not have stinky clothes. Lizzy from After School and currently Orange Caramel remembered us from Running Man a while ago. We got shoddy footage of her because she surprised us by approaching us and our lens couldn’t zoom out any further! Also Kevin, AJ, and the rest of U-Kiss were totally freaking nice. I mean, really really nice. They chatted with us for a long time and they are all really down to earth. AJ even laughed off our R Squared Pi joke and complimented Simon on his math poem. See, angry Kissme Fangirls? Kpop stars know how to take jokes, so don’t get all butthurt over our reviews! *Simon gets killed anyways* We’re posting the extended footage of our chat with them on our YouTube bonus channel, so check it out there :D

We gotta say, now that we had a chance to ask some questions to kpop some kpop bands, we feel a lot more respect for what kpop idols go through. We saw tons of exhausted looking kpop stars half asleep in their cars and being woken up to hop out, do interviews, smile for their fans, and perform with full energy. Wow. We asked some of them what they were doing after the show, if they were going to hang around Jeju for a bit. Nope. They gotta hop on a plane back immediately and go do other stuff. When do they have days off during the week? None. Month? Nada. The only real time they have off is during the major holidays, and that’s even debatable sometimes. Seriously! That’s crazy! Sure, being a celebrity has its perks, but at the cost of losing all your free time? Would you make that trade? Famous, but busy all the time (and we do mean ALL the time) or non-famous but able to relax? We’d choose relaxing, no matter how much money you paid us. So, yeah, even if you don’t like kpop music, you gotta respect those Kpop stars who never sleep but still give 110% on stage.

What most surprised us is how different people act backstage. A while ago, for our Heart to Heart interview, we angered some SNSD fans by saying that to those of use who are none-SNSD fans, the girls don’t seem to have much personality in their music videos. People argued that they’re loaded with personality in their interviews and TV shows, but we argued that it shouldn’t be necessary to do outside research in order to appreciate a music video. But, backstage at this super Inkigayo concert, we saw a fantastic side to them. Soooo much fun! They were outside, smiling and giggling, talking to other people, jumping and skipping, and just seemed so radiant with energy. Amber from f(x) was super fun and playful as well, and the girls from Orange Caramel were likewise very smiley and happy. It seemed that it was just the guys – with the exception of U-Kiss – that were very serious. CN Blue stayed in their tent most of the time but you could hear them practicing Bon Jovi’s Always. TVXQ looked super focused but they did go out and talk with some of the girl bands…all while looking super focused. Except for Taeyang, Big Bang spent most of their time in their cars.

So that’s it. We were super exhausted because it was really sunny and hot that day, but it was well worth it. Also, since we had such a great experience with U-Kiss, f(x), and Orange Caramel, we’re gonna tell you to support them and go buy their albums, because they were so nice and we like them a lot now :D



TL;DR – We managed to squeak in backstage somehow, talked to GD, Amber, U-Kiss, and Lizzy. Did not speak to TOP. Super mega stars were really busy and management didn’t let them speak on camera. Mordney was not present.

  1. If I was that close to Yunho and Changmin I would totally glomp them XD

  2. OMG! You guys were THAT close to Yunho and Changmin! WAH! You guys are SOOO lucky!

  3. thats all!? i mean, for g dragon!? so awkward….. gd just introduced himself and martina was like…. yeah bye thanks kasahamnida……

  4. You should have touched TOP…Maybe gotten a strand of his hair….Maybe declared your undying love(sorry Simon)

  5. am I the only one who would listen to the whole audio feed if they uploaded it??

  6. this is very late but…. is there video footage of SNSD being all happy and stuff? and did you guys shoot anything with ORange Caramel that you spoke so much about here (except lizzy’s hello)?

  7. oooh martina! standing so close to GD and TOP! the way i imagine it (if i were in that position) i think id be pretty calm like you! but only because it would not feel real haha like i would feel like im daydreaming (: but watch out when i come to grips with reality later in the day hahaha fangirl explosion! going to see them in concert this saturday!!!! WOO!

  8. woot F(x), Ukiss and orange Carmal i just don’t like F(x) design for there new cd thats all

  9. o my gosh xD this is sooo coool :D you met big bang :D and U kiss actually chatted with you as if you were making friends with them :D

  10. You know, I watched this last year and I was in awe of you being back stage and meeting/seeing people, but now that I’m way into KPop and Kdramas I squeed through the whole thing!

  11. you guys are SO lucky you got to meet Kevin Woo

  12. Kevin is so freaking cute >< such a fanboy hehe :3

  13. I am so jealous of you right now. I am honestly crying, your movie made me so sad. You met with KWON JI YONG! I have fan-girled GD for years. I love big bang and G-dragon. They are all so talented and amazing. I would trade everything I have and even give up my life to be able to see G-dragon up close. I would die of happiness if he even said something to me. Your video again made me realise that I will probably never ever see big bang or G-dragon, and will never see them perform. It makes my heart break. And here you are, SPEAKING TO MY IDOL. I like to fantasise that I’m different from all other fangirls. That I’m some how special and that if I met big bang we could possibly become friends. But I guess I’m not. I don’t even know how to send fan mail to big bang or GD. If someone knows please tell me!!!!!! I feel obliged to at least thank them for the wonderful music they make which I LOVE SO MUCH!!!
    The fact that G-Dragon came and said hello even though he was busy shows what a nice guy he is, that he bothered to send a message to his fans. I LOVE YOU GD! If I stood that close to GD, I would faint. I wouldn’t even be able to talk. The amount of times I fantasise about meeting G-Dragon, what I would say, if he would like me. He is so cute. It’s enough to make me cry. He doesn’t even know I exist. I’m just another one of his many fan-girls. I mean nothing to him. HELP ME SIMON AND MARTINA. I am in the heart of depression. How can I get to go back stage and see big bang? TELL ME!! You’re just so casual, as if meeting Ji Yong is just normal and you’re good friends. You are torturing me. JI YONG, YOU ARE MY HERO!!!

  14. OMG how did you guys keep your composure ?!?!?

  15. Lol, the way he said tweet was really cute. I think he felt really proud of himself OTL

  16. Dong Bang boys are very professional. :))

    Waaaahh.. Looks like you really had fun! :D Lucky! But you guys deserves it. You’re awesome! ^^

  17. wah! GDragon! Daesung! TOP!! Taeyong!! wah!! #BIGBANG fighting!

  18. perfecttttttttttttttttttttt

  19. (I am so late but wattevss)
    oh my god, i was silent screaming and hyperventilating when BIGBANG showed up *___* 
    Sooo lucky!! horseshit
    I saw a small clip with ma baby Daesuuunng<3 And so muchos TOPhotness and GD!

  20. Guys, I’m totally new here but i freakin love your videos! :D I accidentally clicked on one of your videos,yesterday, and after that it was like magic, yeah no kidding, like magic, you guys are so funny. I watch this when i get really bored and need a good laugh :) and U-Kiss was amazing! I didn’t know about them before, but after seeing them so down to earth, so nice with you guys i’m def. going to hear some of their songs! and Kevin, simply gorgeous and adorable! ^^”

  21. I don’t understand why SBS copyrighted this. Obviously, it’s your guys’ footage from your very own camera. I don’t understand. >_<

  22. Can you please try and fix the video?i really want to see it :)

  23. Do you know that this video is no longer available?Ah…and I really loved it! You rarely get to see such footage…

  24. i wanna see the video!!! aaaa  

  25. What happened to the video? ;(

  26. ok, i know this is really old, but OMG! you talked to GD!!! gosh, he is so fucking pretty….

    and it’s cool that a lot of people stopped and talked with you!

    i think the best part is definitely the two korean girls wanting to take your picture at the end.. haha… you’re famous!!

  27. Kevin’s really nice, eh ? :)

  28. I watch the chat vid with U-Kis and it was superbly awesome!!~~!I scream when you talk to them for a loooong time..envy2..but thanks,coz i can see that side of them..I rarely read or watch any of your video but I think I would stop by here everyday!

  29. Haha so awesome how the distance meter was on when Top was walking by.

    My mind would so do the same thing xD Martina I totally agree, Top is just Wauw xD

  30. Simon & Martina Im gonna hate you right Now haha ~ !

  31. that is so cool! Kevin from U-KISS is super duper awesome! Mayne, I like him much more now ;D 

  32. OMO @ your life.  Kevin wanted to find you guys in the nosebleed section! sooooo cooool!!!!. u got to U kiss with U-kiss! so jealous right now. srsly.

  33. i think Kevin knew everything about you guys before he even asked it :) Kevin is an eatyourkimchi fanboy -haha 

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