Whoa! I can’t believe I’ve been here for over 5 years and have just heard about this now! Seriously! You might think “what the hell, Simon? Bro do you even dentalcare?” to which I’d respond “Yes! I take great care of my teeth! I brush and floss twice a day! FLOSS! YES I FLOSS! People say that they floss when they want to lie to their dentist so they don’t get scolded when their gums are all bloody but I actually floss! I just always bought mint toothpaste. I didn’t even look at the other stuff. There was no point in looking at the other stuff.

It’s just like how I shop. When Martina and I go shopping I’ll walk in a store and in 30 seconds I can say “nothing here for me. Let’s GTFO,” and she’ll say “no look at this!” but I’ll already have scanned the store and processed all the incompatibilities. For toothpaste my brain is like “locked on target. All other peripheral data is irrelevant.”

So, you might say, “How, Simon, did you get this toothpaste, then?” and the reason is simply because we were in a bind for toothpaste, so we went to a convenience store, and that was their only option. That is when the mind-trip occurred. We knew we had to do a WTF on it.

I think my reaction to the toothpaste was a bit strong, though. It wasn’t really terrible. Not like Ginseng-Candy terrible (I WON’T apologize for not liking Ginseng Candy!). I think it was like when we first came to Korea, and we tried some stuff that we never tried before, and were grossed out, but then after a while grew to love, like cereal milk. This was the first time in my entire freaking life that I had non-minty toothpaste. You can see how my worldframe got shattered. Yes “worldframe” is a word!

I feel totally shocked about the similar tingly sensation I got from the bamboo toothpaste, though, because I only attributed that tingle to mint. Mint makes your mouth tingly and cool. Nothing else in the world ever can do that. But to think that bamboo salt does the same thing? INCONCEIVABLE! THE MINT IS A LIE! Mint doesn’t tingle. Chemicals in dental care tingle! The mint is just an extra flavour. I feel like I just woke up from the Matrix.

Side note: in case you didn’t see that old video in the corner, you can check it out here in its entirety:


Anyhow, sorry this video came a day late! We’ve got ten days to get ready for going back to Canada for Christmas, and we’re working on the EYKAs and putting up new stuff in our store, and yesterday we were on the set of a music video shooting! Woot! It’s top secret though and we’re not allowed to talk about it at all. BUT IT LOOKED GREAT! Oh man we’re such teases. You should subscribe, if you haven’t already, just in case we upload something pertaining to that video, which I doubt we’ll get permission to do but MAYBE JUST MAYBE…

  1. I bought this in New-Jersey at HMart :D but it was pine salt. It’s interesting hehe We need a HMart in Montreal!! D':

  2. I´m actually weirded out by the fact that LG produces that toothpaste. Didn´t know TVs and fridges were some of the ingredients used in toothpaste.Have koreans ever heard of Colgate?

  3. To me, American cinamon tasted toothpaste has being a CULTURE SHOCK to me even I live in the U.S for 6 yrs. It’s the grossest flavor that I’ve ever seen!!

  4. As a dental hygienist in New Jersey, I found this segment really interesting! I was wondering if the toothpastes are fluoridated in South Korea, or if fluoride is accepted as a valid means for cavity prevention. Here in NJ some of the schools provide the little kids with fluoride rinses, and pediatric doctors will prescribe multivitamins with fluoride for children who live in towns that don’t fluoridate their water.

    Lots of controversy around the fluoride topic here, too, especially for people who prefer natural or holistic medicines. It can do damage to your body in certain doses, but so can lots of things. In general I think it’s a great tool for cavity prevention; just wondering what the products are like in other countries.

  5. I actually have this at my home. Whenever we run out of regular mint tooothpaste, my mom manages to bring up a pack of like 10 of these. sigh.

  6. ….I have curative mud toothpaste, it’s biological and with special components and stuff. Might seem a bit weird at first because it isn’t all foamy and so, but it tastes good. I have tried pine extract toothpaste – that was really weird.


  8. but but… your not supposed to brush your teeth directly after eating, because the surface of your teeth is softer then and more easily damaged! Especially if you’ve eating something sour like kimchi. This is the “odontological truth” if Finland at least… The home of xylitol~ 휘바휘바! Hyvä hyvä! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHYaX9bsf6Q

  9. So if you get a meal with someone do you ditch your date afterward for a few minutes so you can go brush your teeth?

  10. bubblegum and black licorice are the only two flavors besides mint i’ve seen in the states. bubblegum is usually packaged with some cartoon character for kids and black licorice is usually organic. i like mint though. black licorice isn’t too bad if you like black licorice in the first place but i think its never sold with fluoride which i absolutely need in toothpaste~~

  11. Is it odd that I find it weirder that you put water over your toothpaste instead of water before toothpaste?

  12. I actually tried that toothpaste. I went to a convenience store, picked the first toothpaste I saw and went back to my dorm.
    It was totally surprising when I first tried, I mean, that thing is salty, for God’s sake! And yeah, even though I didn’t like it at first because it wasn’t what I expected at first, I kept using it (I wasn’t going to throw it away, it costed moeyz). After a while I get used to it and even started liking it, it’s pretty nice and still makes your mouth tingly… oh, good times :’)

  13. gah!really? REALLY?! you leave us hanging on “the set looked great!’???

  14. There’s an organic german brand of cosmetics (Weleda) that makes a sea salt toothpaste. I love it!

  15. “Bro do you even dentalcare?” I feel like this is going to become my new comeback

  16. Ummm this is gonna sound super weird and maybe slightly pervy >.> But seeing as this episode was bathroom themed, I was wondering if you guys could do a tl;dr on the bathrooms? I’ve heard that they have squat toilets and no toilet paper so I was just wondering how that works? And are the squat toilets everywhere or can you find “normal” ones too? >..< x x x

  17. haha that stuff is everywhere in china D:

  18. lol I want to see you guys try the pine needle kind

  19. US made toothpastes use a variety of abrasives such as calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, alumina, silicates, etc. in toothpaste formulations. But Koreans for thousands of years used salt powder as tooth cleaning abrasive. So using salt powder in toothpaste formulation is readily accepted. I don’t see why it is less acceptable than calcium carbonate, for example. Salt is edible, probably better for health if swallowed accidentally than abrasives used in US toothpaste.
    LG is a huge conglomerate now but it started as a toothpaste manufacturer during Korean war. LG popularized western style toothpaste in Korea. Before, toothpaste was rare and expensive, most Koreans used rubbing with salt as tooth cleaning method as I already mentioned.

  20. I used to use bubblegum flavored toothpaste when I was a kid and I loved it, but now I can’t stand the fruity bubblegum taste. Mint only works for me now lol.

  21. I used to use the bubble gum toothpaste but then I looked up the ingredients and cried

  22. I tried a salt toothpaste the other day (a European brand) and it was horrible! Wait, is Simon going to be in an MFBTY video? Omg, you are living my dream!!!

  23. Simon has the same shopping tactic as me! That’s why it’s always better if I go shopping alone because if I go with my friends I’m done after 1 quick wiz around the shop. I then proceed to follow my friends around and bug them til we leave :P (not on purpose, I just get bored).

  24. My brother tried cola toothpaste when we went to Hong Kong.

    There was a good reason we threw it out after a day’s use…

  25. Bamboo salt toothpaste? Ummm… thanks but no, thanks. I don’t mind bamboo, it’s the salt that makes me not ever want to try it. Mint ftw!

    Music video? Top secret? YAY! This reminds me that MFBTY said they would invite Simon to hipthrust in their MV. But would it be soooo secret if it was their video? I don’t know, either way it’s great that you guys were invited to visit a MV’s set again :D So awesome!

  26. lol I am the same most of the time –> ‘…I’ll walk in a
    store and in 30 seconds I can say “nothing here for me. Let’s GTFO,”…I’ll already have scanned the
    store and processed all the incompatibilities.’

    wow tooth care culture in Korea looks sooo good, I don’t know if I could do that. I grew up in a different environment, but habits can always be changed!

    ohh set of a music video…I was thinking MFBTY haha. I didn’t know about them before your interview actually, but I personally think their interview is the most hilarious interview by you guys to date =DD.

  27. I want to try bamboo salt toothpaste. You think I would be able to find in uk?

  28. I’m wondering when you guys go home for the holidays are you going to have any meet-ups?

  29. Let Soozee try mint toothpaste lol

  30. After reading about all these flavors in the comments…. I feel like my hometown is really lacking in variety. haha but it sounds like that might not be a bad thing?

  31. If the music video shoot was for MFBTY and Simon ACTUALLY got to be in it (aka hip thrust in it, lol), that would be the BEEEST!!!!

  32. i remember 3 years ago i happened to be in christie pitts park (i live in toronto) during the harvest festival that the korean community throws each year, and i was walking around and i decided to participate in one of those “spin the wheel, win a prize” type games, and i won one of those!! it was awful!!! it didn’t even feel like my teeth were clean and i used normal toothpaste afterwards…

  33. I’ve tried CILANDRO mint toothpaste once because I didn’t look carefully before buying it. It’s really really weird. I think I would prefer bamboo toothpaste over cilandro…

  34. I would try it. Oh god, would there ever be a toothpaste fight though. I am a mint paste person. My boyfriend’s mom is a cinnamon tooth paste person, and we do not agree. I think I would get stuck with the bamboo tooth paste. XD I wonder if it has any special benefits to use though?

  35. After reading all current comments, I am amazed that nobody has yet to mention Simon and Martina’s top secret project. I understand all the talk about toothpaste, but why is nobody else excited or freaking out about it? Only explanation I can think of is that it is only mentioned at the end of the post. *goes into corner and freaks out in anticipation by herself*
    Simon and Martina thank you for all your hard work (and the crew’s) and have a wonderful merry Christmas with you family.

  36. WHOA!!!!! i didn’t know Korea brushed so much!!
    and at school???
    it’s good though!!

    i’ve used some weird asian toothpaste before!! i hated it!! we all did except my dad!!
    can’t remember what flavour it was though!

  37. this seems like baking soda and salt toothpaste. My dad likes that. I hate it with the fire of a thousand Suns. It’s very salty.

  38. I hate HATE mint toothpaste! But I’m lucky; I can have alternative, cinnamon toothpaste! Soooo much better! I don’t know though if it sells everywhere in Canada or the US though or even Korea…? Anyways, it does have the tingly sensation like you described, Simon.
    Also, the faces you were doing guise, I don’t think I’ll try this particular one!

  39. I saw a variety of toothpaste in Japan. Flavors like cola, wasabi, orange, green tea and many more, about 36 of them. The cola one makes you want to brush your tooth again, to get rid of the colataste.

  40. My coteacher uses the pine needle one… haha. I can imagine how delicious it tastes. D:

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