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Battle of the Cookies!

September 4, 2017


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Hey everyone!

Bad news: remember that Battle of the Donuts video we did a while ago? Well, that chain has shut down all over Japan. SO NO DONUTS FOR YOU. We decided to do something similar, then, in case you’ve got a hankering for Western sweets in Japan. And so here’s a video about us having fun at Cookie Time!

It’s Simon here writing the blog post, and though I don’t know how their fresh cookies taste, because Martina and Dan got to eat them, I did have a lot of their takeout cookies. Take out cookies? Is that a word? Aren’t all cookies take out cookies? Packaged cookies! That’s it. They’ve got a really good salted caramel cookie, and also something called a Hokey Pokey, I believe. Both are really great cookies. I’m eating some veggies now as we’re packing for our flight to Australia in a few hours, and I’ve got a bunch of them in the cabinet saved for desperate times. I’d like some now. But we’re both trying to diet at the moment. Hell is there a time that we’re not dieting? For real now, though: we are dieting between shoots. And the point is, these freaking cookies are calling to me a lot more than they would in times of weaker self-control. Now, back to a mouthful of lotus root and broccoli and tofu…

In this video we announced that we’re having a meet up at Cookie Time as well. We’ve known about Cookie Time for a while now. A long time ago, I don’t remember when, they sent us a bunch of cookies for one of our package opening videos. We ate all those cookies and loved them. A few months later they contacted us about hosting an event at their location. And this was right when Camden’s Blue Donuts shut down in Japan, so this all seemed like perfect timing. Destiny almost. Since we really like their cookies, and we like the people working at Cookie Time as well (they’re really nice people), it seemed like having an event at their place makes perfect sense. Double score!

I know this might seem like a paid product placement to some of you but it’s not. Honestly. We like this place and think having an event here makes great sense. Because we’ve done many meetups in the past, we know that people waiting can get really bored. I think it’s great to have something fun while people are waiting, so having access to great cookies seems like a win-win to me.

Groovy! Now onto more info!

The event will be held Saturday, October 7th from 4-6PM. The address is 1 Chome-21-15 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001. It’s right across from Harajuku Station, by the Takeshita Road exit. Get out of the station, turn left, walk for a minute, and you’ll see it on your right. We’ll be there! If you’ve by accident gone out of the other exit, still take a left, and walk just a bit longer. You’ll still make it there. It’s on the Main Street where both exits are :D

For those of you who can’t come to the event, we still want you to be able to take part in this in some small way, so we’ve made some special edition Cookie Time cookie sets that we’d like to mail out to you. We’re sorry you can’t make it, but hopefully we can see you next time! Just let us know in the comment section if you could be a cookie, what kind of cookie would you be?. We’ll pick some fun answers and mail out some cookies to you. You’re often mailing us lovely stuff to play with, so we’d like to mail some out to you in return :D

Below is the video telling you about the location and contest, as well as some extra scenes, if you’re feeling playful :D



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Food Adventure


Battle of the Cookies!


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  1. I wanna be a sweet and salty cookie. Often after eating sweet food, I feel like craving salty food. So I would be a huge and thick cookie so soft and easy to split into pieces, it has a nice golden tan with a heavenly buttery smell. Inside it’s filled with huge chunks of extra dark chocolate that’s melting. The cookie is topped with flakes of Maldon salt, and it comes straight from the oven, still warm. I know I might burn my tongue by eating it but I can’t wait~ Now I wanna have a bite of it.

    2 weeks ago
  2. I’d be a miso caramel cookie. It’s a special flavor at shake shack sometimes, and it’s my absolute favorite. I bet it’d be delicious as a cookie!

    2 weeks ago
  3. I’d be a Sailor Senshi cookie of course :P (by that I mean a cookie with chocolate smarties in it you could either have multi coloured ones to be lazy or be a tiny bit less lazy and have individual colour ones for each senshi. I’d go for Blue only with maybe some edible blue glitter in it because its a magical girl cookie and I demand it sparkles lol :P.

    2 weeks ago
  4. Oh how I’d love to be a snickerdoodle!
    But why do you snicker at my love for the doodle?
    For in them, buttery cinnamon sugar is found in oodles
    “Kupo!” shout the Moogles at the sight of a snickerdoodle
    For no other cookie has the whole whole kit and caboodle
    Shall I eat you, or just canoodle?
    I love you, Snickerdoodle!

    (*P.S. I had oodles of Snickerdoodles at my wedding. No canoodling. Just consuming.)

    2 weeks ago
  5. If I were a cookie, I’d be called the Dragon’s Breathe Cookie: a warm gooey chocolatey and spiced cookie with a pinch of heat. Perfect with an ice cold glass of milk.

    2 weeks ago
  6. Hehe I’m devastatingly missing you guys by only three days, but I think that’s just universe’s way of telling me that it has something even more amazing in store for me in Tokyo. Or maybe I’m overthinking and the universe just doesn’t give a duck about me. I’ll find out :D

    I don’t usually even try giveaways because it breaks my heart everytime I don’t get anything, but this time those cookies got me salivating like old dog, so I’ll just give it a try.

    If I were a cookie, I would probably be this non-cookie made out of plastic, but I would still look hella good and leave you dreaming about me until the day you finally get to try to eat me and realize that the world is pile of donkey poopers with only sadness and ugliness left in your soul as you set me on fire and choke on the toxic fumes, because I was the sort of plastic you weren’t supposed to burn.

    The moral of the story is that divide your trash properly kids. And something about cookies.

    2 weeks ago
  7. Just saw this post while in Tokyo eating a cone of cremeia ice cream (thanks for the recommendation!). I’m so sad I won’t be here in October to meet up with you guys. I’ll just have to settle for saying here that this week especially I’ve really appreciated your videos. I’ve been to so many places in the city that I learned about from you both. So far the CoCo Curry has been my favorite <3 I'm trying to go different places each time I eat, but I really want to go again before I leave.

    2 weeks ago
  8. It’s hard to believe that after watching your channel for 5 years I have the opportunity to meet you both. I will be there! And it’s just in time too cause I recently finished your fanmail presents. Is it OK to bring them or would it be best to send them?? (weighing the idea of an in person reaction vs. a video reaction I can rewatch)….hmm…decisions…

    2 weeks ago
    • Ah! That’s a tough choice. Postage is always expensive, but I know that in person it will be difficult for us to open your gifts, because there might be other people there, and I don’t want them to wait, you know? Either way, we’re just happy that you’ll be there. That’s gift enough for us :D

      1 week ago
  9. Thank you for your video! Things have been crazy here in Texas after the hurricane. I was cracking up when Simon lost two in a row. I know y’all are busy so I love it when you can film a challenge video. Thanks for spreading a little laughter across the globe…and a need for a midnight cookie snack.

    2 weeks ago
  10. Ohh man, this video looked DELICIOUS! What an awesome treat before bed (haha, get it?). If I were a cookie, I would be a snickerdoodle, because I love to laugh, and I love to draw! And also snickerdoodles are delicious (just like me).

    2 weeks ago