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Bau House Dog Cafe

August 15, 2011


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Finally! Our epic journey to the dog cafe Bau House! We’ve wanted to go here for so long! In fact, if you remember our Giocat Cat Cafe video from a long time ago, then you might have wondered if there was an equivalent for dogs. This is it!

Now, we were worried about bringing Spudgy here, because Spudgy doesn’t really like other dogs. It’s not that he’s aggressive, but we think of him as a bit of a snob. He thinks he’s human and he’s ashamed of his dog-self a lot of the time. He’ll hang out with us and sit with us, but if another dog tries to play with him Spudgy will ignore that dog. “Hey Spudgy, can I smell your junk?” Nope, cause he will always walk away. If a dog insists on playing with him and (heaven forbid) tries to put a paw on Spudgy, Spudgy will just yell at the dog in a quick single bark or two (which we think is probably a doggy swear word) and then just go back to minding his own business while the other dog sulks away.

So, you can see that we were worried about bringing him to a dog cafe in which he’d have to interact with a bunch of other dogs, many of which who might not share a resentment for their dogginess, but – come on – we couldn’t go without the Spudgy!

When we first walked in, an army of dogs defending their fort greeted us. Spudgy went into immediate snob mode. We had to put our name on a waiting list (even though it was like, 3pm on a Friday) since there were no free tables. We got to wait inside the cafe though, just at a little middle island waiting area. Of course, the dogs flocked to Spudgy, violating him and smelling his bum from every possible angle (sorry little guy, there was nothing we could do to stop them) and then they just abandoned him. Spudgy grabbed a seat beside us on the safety of the plastic island couches and looked around in awe. Or shock. Or disgust. We can’t tell. All we know is he straight up refused the drinking bowl shared by all the dogs and would only drink from a fresh glass. Geez. We have created a monster.

After about 30 minutes, a table freed up. Bau House works the same as the Gio Cat Cafe, in which there is no entrance fee, but you must order a beverage. After we ordered, Spudgy was officially allowed to walk around on the floor and mingleā€¦or not. We gotta say, the staff is really dedicated to cleaning up after the dogs. They essentially walk around in plastic aprons armed with spray bottles, paper towels, and mops. As soon as a dog piddles, they run to clean it. They do a great job because you’d think a cafe filled with dogs would smell like, well, dog, but it mostly smells like antibacterial cleaner.

Simon didn’t see this, but I (Martina) think my highlight at the dog cafe was when a huge dog jumped up on the ledge by the window and curled out a huge stinky chocolate swirly ice cream poo right beside the table of a well-groomed Korean couple. Awesome. Dogs are so great. Don’t worry, it was cleaned up right away and we didn’t see anymore poo ice cream being served, but I loled prettttty hard at their disgust/shock/awkward faces.

The other surprise highlight of our trip to Bau House was when we reviewed our video footage. Spudgy innocently approached a couple at the cafe, they patted him on the head, and then he proceeded to do a drive-by-pee-attack on their plastic wrapped umbrellas which were on the floor under their bench. Oh Spudgy. I was wondering why all those dogs swarmed the area after you left.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in going and getting your umbrellas peed on, you can follow our map here and find it down a side street just off of Parking Lot Street in Hongdae. On the corner is “Whang’s Sandwich and Coffee” which was formally “Joe’s Sandwich and Coffee”, and the other side is CHIR CHIR Chicken. Bau house is on the third floor, right above SALLY’S GUITAR. If you’re interested in calling them for more info, you can reach them at 02) 334-5152, or you can check out their Korean site and get more (Korean only) info there.

Map to Bau House Dog Cafe in Seoul

Map to Bau House in Hongdae. Click for Full Size

You can also click on the map here for full directions, or you can check the video out here to get a sense of what the landmarks are like. We didn’t do a full video of us getting to the place, because we took a taxi there from Bucheon (couldn’t carry Spudgy and our camera gear and umbrellas on the Subway). If you’ve been there, let us know what you thought. Our experience there was pretty freaking awesome!



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Bau House Dog Cafe


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