Lately, we’ve had a few comments from our viewers commenting on how (my–>) Martina’s skin looks so smooth in our videos. The truth is, I can thank Korea’s infamous BB Cream for my seemingly perfect skin. I decided it was time to let the cat out of the bag, and tell everyone about this awesome product. My secret is out! NOOOOoOOOoOOOOooooOOO!!

BB Cream stands for Blemish Base or Blemish Balm and supposedly it was originally created by dermatologists for laser surgery patients, but since then has been reformulated by various makeup producers in Korea. BB Cream is like a foundation + concealer + sunblock + acne cream + scar cover-up + fountain of youth mashed into one awesome product that feels like a light lotion.

BB Cream Precious Mineral All Day Strong

Martina's Favorite BB Cream

To begin with, I should say that I was not a foundation or concealer wearer in Canada. I didn’t like how heavy it was, how fake it sometimes looked, or how easily it rubbed off. BB Cream is totally UNLIKE these products. I first tried BB cream as a free sample and I thought it was just sunblock. When I used it, I realized it was much thinner than sunblock and it made my skin look awesomely smooth.

After juicing that tiny BB Cream sample package to the last drop, I decided to bite the bullet and buy my own bottle. It was time to be overwhelmed. There are a million brands of BB Cream and I had no idea the difference between them. Just to name a few popular Korean skin care brands:

Aritaum // DR. Jart + // Etude House // Hanskin // Holika Holika // Innisfree // IPKN New York // Missha // Nature Republic // Skin Food // Skin79 // The Face Shop

My personal favourite has come to be Etude House “Precious Mineral: All Day Strong SPF 30/PA++ Sheer Glowing Skin” which matches my skin tone the best, and it’s also a lighter formula, which means it doesn’t act like a concealer as much as others, and it feels just like a really light face cream.

Now, there are tons and tons of different kinds of BB Cream, with loads of different offshoots and varieties, all made for different kinds of skin. Surely, with all the options out there, you can find one that will suit you best. And so, if you’re looking to buy BB Cream, I would suggest going over the following checklist to narrow down your search before you decide to buy one:

1. Do I want a matte or shiny (aka “glowy” or “dewy”) look?
2. Do I have normal, dry, oily, or combination skin?
3. What colour is my skin tone (very fair, fair, normal, dark)?
4. Do I want: light or heavy coverage? sunblock? oil control? moisture? brightening?

If you find the right BB Cream you will be blown away because it can actually help clear up acne prone skin, improve oily skin, and cover-up scarring. When I leave Korea I’ll be sure to fill my suitcase with my favourite BB Cream. In the words of Simon: SHAAAZZZAAAMMMMM! *^_^* Anyhow, if you’re looking to buy some online, and know what kind you’re looking for, you might be able to buy it here. They ship internationally :D

  1. Please check out my “review” about bb creams http://czechheartkorea.blogspot.cz/2013/04/miracle-in-2-letters-bb-cream.html Thanks. btw, Eatyourkimchi FITGHTING :))

  2. Are there BB Creams for men with no tint? i would like to take care of my skin but here in america i need like 14 products to do what one bottle of BB cream can do..

  3. You can also check out  http://www.momomango.com if you want to buy BBCREAM in canada or USA!

  4.  So I ordered the Etude House BB Cream in the Sheer Glowing skin. Figured I’d try it. As it turns out. I LOVE it. But now I’m back online today looking to order it again… and it can’t be found!! On Amazon the price has been jacked up to 70 dollars and another site I found says it’s now discontinued?? Is this just my inability to find things online? Or had Etude house really discontinued it and moved onto the Bright version where you have to pick a shade…..

    So what are you using NOW Martina??

  5. So i am about as white as you, what should i get, Fair or very fair? You know since most people in korea happen to have a more olive tone to their skin? Also do they have big sales on BB Cream at any given point in the year?

  6. is there ne bb creams in korea that are for dark complected people… just wondering grrr

  7. Hey  Martina, I was wondering what’s the darkest shade BB creams have. I’m naturally tanned, with a yellow undertone to my skin. Think Caramel. Anyhow, I want to invest in a good BB cream. I’m not a heavy makeup kind of girl, I don’t wear foundation. I just wear under eye concealer.. ( Bad, naughty , not well behaved black circles ><).. An online recommendation with international shipping, or US shipping would be awesome..

  8. Great video! My only question is about make-up or more specifically skincare products (anti-acne, wrinkle, blemish, etc) for darker (African/African-American) skin types and tones as well as dry skin, oily skin, ya know the works. ;P
    The SHINEY BB creme said “whiteing” does that mean it would make darker skin look whiter or does it mean that it would actually bleach dark skin. Because that’s a fear of mine: having my skin bleached by accident.
    Does Korea have products that would damage/bleach darker skin and should people with dark skin watch out for that?
    (I figure Korea doesn’t have much, if any make-up for African/African-American skin :P)

  9. :D Oh my. HOW COME I’VE NEVER SEEN THIS VIDEO lol. Anyway, I purchased like a mini-set that contains different kinds of BB cream their Skin79 branded. I was wondering if you could make a review on that brand? ^3^

  10. Seen some posts that guys use it.   Have Simon test it for us!

  11. HEY MARTINA !!! tis is Amrita ,I am 27 year old with a sensitive skin ,but have absolutely no skin problems. I have a combination skin like my T zone is little oily especially my nose and there is natural glossy effect on my skin. Since past 2 years my skin is getting duller and i have started getting very fine lines and crow feat around my eyes because of a lot of tensions( not any more). I want to get rid of this problem asap. I want a BB cream which gives a glossy effect and evenly smoothens my skin . Could you please suggest me a BB cream for my skin type. I guess as you said IPKN New York is good for me. Still have a doubt, what do you have to say on that. Eagerly waiting for your reply. :) 

  12. your funny and pretty ! but we both brought the same bb cream from etude house! :) 

  13. They’re finally bringing BB Cream to Canada, guise!! /watch?v=41QPiSy8CdY (just imagine it with a Canadian accent… it’s the same commercial)

    I like to think your videos had something to do with this product finally making the overseas transition :) 

  14. i am going to go get some bb cream now!

  15. I just got the BB Cream from MisshaUS and it is wonderful! I don’t use makeup at all, but this gives me a look of being finished without looking like I have makeup caked on my face.

  16. Awesome review!! We just linked to it on our facebook page. You can buy this etude house bbcream along with many others at http://www.momomango.com. We ship to Canada and USA!

  17. AAAAH Garnier made their BB Cream, it’s here in Serbia and me and my friend saw it and screamed JAEJOONG(aka Hero from JYJ) and then there was a moment of silence and then it was like-FORGET-THE-FOOD. HAVE-TO-HAVE-IT.NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I love this review. I’m also using sheer glowing skin. And it really works so good.

  19. I just bought my first BB Cream and some other goodies, from the Face Shop here in NY. I love it….I look like Im 16 again! I even got a few samples and the best part a free Xmas Muffler….wow I love them!!!!!

  20. I am highly impressed to know that there are so much qualities are existing in BB Cream. As the regarding contents shows that this cream can truly used as a foundation, concealer, sunblock, acne cream and scare cover up. This one is truly superb. I am highly impressed to know about the multi tasking qualities of that one. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I just bought some missha perfect cover bb cream n. 23 online! it was awesome!! Thank you Martina! I absolutely hate make up and have only worn concealers/foundations 2 times..ever! And I waned to try something to cover up my red cheeks. i suffer from hormonal imbalances and im always HOT!! and flushed looking. I have great skin other than that and needed something that wouldn’t break my skin out since I just want to cover redness of cheeks. Thanks to you I was able to find out about bb creams!! WHOOHOO!! THANKS SO MUCH!!

    • what type of bb cream do you use?
      cause im 3 shades darker than your picture and i cant really find any bb cream that looks good on my face  :/
      please help

      • missha is the brand. and perfect cover is the type of bb cream. the color I have is n.23 natural beige. Some of the missha bb creams come in darker shades, so you can check out the website at misshausa.com. I would find which color and type you want and then buy it on amazon, its cheaper on Amazon.

      • I’m Mexican and I use Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream in #27 shade. My skin tone has a yellow base but I’m basically tanned (that’s my natural skin color). Maybe that shade works for you. There is a LOT of difference between shade #23 and #27, so maybe it’s worth trying.

  22. Hi, i’m not sure if any guys use this but as a recent college graduate i will be starting a new career soon and thought it would be a good time to enhance my skin tone. I haven’t used anything on my face since my last episode of acne about 5 years ago. I have combination skin, oily t-zone dry cheeks and some light acne scars. What kind of BB cream would you recommend? Looking for something light and natural looking, not too matte not too shiny. 

  23. Love BB creams myself. Started using them when I first went to Korea last year. As Martina says, it’s important to find the one that suits you :) Happily Korean products have- so far- never given me breakouts but some work better on my skin than others :) Currently loving the Jadilla J Original BB and the Missha Perfect BB (everyone’s favourite it seems, sometimes)

  24. I buy my BB Cream off of eBay for super cheap!! haha mama aint got no money ;) Anyway I just bought two different brands, 1) M “Perfection BB Cream” from Missha. 2) (My favorite) Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream from Skin Food. Know I’m not a big fan of make-up (I usually rock a bare face) but both of these make my skin look way better. The only down fall is that I live in Hawaii, hence I sweat a shit load, and all my make-up is off by the end of the day. So as much as I like both of these BB creams, I’ll usually wear Airbrush Spray Makeup from Sally Hansen (or no make-up at all). It stays on my skin, even after sweating haha and I look pretty decent all day. So I wouldn’t recommend these two brands if you live in a hot area and sweat a lot :) By the way, I sweat a lot because I have to walk EVERYWHERE, in like 85+ degree weather lol :/

  25. instead of ordering form yesstyle you can get the same products for much less, in some cases half the price!, if you go to amazon

  26. Hi Martina, I was wondering if it would be possible  for you to do a review on The Saem’ s Gem Miracle Black Pearl 02 Bubble Mask. I saw Lee Seung Gi (one of my favorite actors/singers) promote it and I was wondering how good it is. If you could really do the review I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot in advance ^^.

  27. Martina, do you know anything about which brands are good for darker skin? 

  28. I’ve heard about BB Cream before  from korean reality tv but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. It sounds amazing! Thank you so much for this post and video. I completely agree about foundation and concealer feeling too heavy, I don’t usually wear it either. I can’t wait to go to korea and buy this!

  29. I live in France and my mom don’t want me tor order something from Asia (she think every Asian countries are like China and sell things that are bad even when I tell her it’s not). So, when I received a catalog from Agnes B. and saw bb cream (named Agnes B. B.cream), I made a command and I’m quite happy with it actually ! So, if you’re in the same situation than me or just don’t want to order something pricey, you can always order from Agnes B. (I had mine for 5€ with reductions for newcomers ^^ ) ! And, the quality is quite good !

  30. oh Wooow I LIKE your vlog, so funny! ahahah… and yay, BB cream helps me a lot covering unwanted marks-I got breakouts during PMS-eek… my favorite is Luview whitening capsule BB cream, and Innisfree eco Green bb cream. ^^

  31. Does it make your skin whiter? 

  32. This is most helpful, Martina! I’m going to Korea in a couple of weeks, and I’ve been looking forward to shopping, but makes me even more excited! This cream sounds like a miracle – too good to be true! But, I believe you :D By the way, you said, ‘When I leave Korea’ – I was under the impression that you and Simon would be staying in Korea indefinitely/forever! When are you guys thinking of leaving? Don’t leave! :’(

  33. I heard a lot about korean lip stains. They are quite hard to find in France, I’m really curious about that. =p

  34. Hi guys! So I just recently ordered some Skin 79 samples, which is Triple Function and VIP gold collection. I’m in between light and dark for Asians, like there’s definitely have been darker but I’m not the palest, if you know what I mean. I tried both of them, and I feel that Triple Function is best for the summer and VIP Gold collection is for the winter, since the latter is pretty light on me. Since I just started using it, I don’t know if it’ll work for my acne. I ordered from Amazon from the seller Seoul Glamour, which ships straight from Korea according to the custom sticker on my package. They also gave me two free samples with my forty others, which is really nice, and they also gave a little logo thingy that says about themselves and how if you’re not 100% satisfied, contact them so they can take care of it. I would reccomend them for any Amazon buyers!

  35. martina…have you try skin 79 or missha bb cream? or any other type of bb cream??can you please tell me the list of bb cream you have tried?

  36. you guys should have a video segment called’ skincare sunday’ or something like that where you guys review effective-but-affordable products for both guys and girls. It would be very fun and informative for us to watch :)

  37. I tried Maybelline’s since it’s the only product widely sold in my country. It makes my skin so smooth, I didn’t even believe it. But the thing is, there’s only one type and the tone is a bit lighter than my Southeast Asian skintone. Etude House’s is so flabbergastingly expensive in Indonesia. Well, I exaggerated, but I’m a university girl, so I need to limit my spending habits. My dad often goes to Japan so I might ask him to buy me one if he understands, but I don’t know how much does it costs. How much is it in Korea, since Japan’s price isn’t really as different as in Korea.

  38. I use Etude’s BB cream too! Your videos are awesome! :)

  39. im kinda new to this but i am light skin and idk which one should i buy
    i was reading thru other blogs that its for all type of skin can you please help me (:
    thank you!!

  40. Thank you so much for introducing me to BB Cream! :D I’m never going back to foundation again! My first impression of the stuff wasn’t good (I had a really bad break-out after using it for the first time), but I kept using it hoping that the problem was hormonal instead of the BB Cream. Now, I couldn’t be happier! Old acne scars are fading, my skin tone is even, my pores are shrinking, and I don’t have to deal with messy, gross-feeling foundation anymore! Thanks again xoxo ^_^

  41. HI! question: which store do you recommend for buying BB Creams? In Brunei, we have Etude House, The Face Shop and Skin Food. I have darker skin so i don’t know if BB Creams suit me or not but no harm in trying right? so which store should i go for? :)

  42. theres a lot of fake one out can u show me diffrent fake and real ones like i just bought this etude house bb cream magic and it looks fake

  43. Hi!!
    I loved your video! I was just wondering if the etude house bb cream has whitening in it because I know most bb creams do but some of the etude house’s don’t. I don’t really need or want to lighten my color though =/.  Just wondering =] Thanks!

  44. Do you know of a good one that doesn’t have whitening, I bought one from Etude house which the saleswoman promised had no whitening but it does…. any ideas? Thank you!! ^ ^

  45. hmm the stem cell one from skin food makes my face itch…but i just use the free samples i get now!

  46. thanks for making this video. :D

    i’m thinking of buying etude’s house bb cream. does come for
    different skin tones? i’m a bit darker than koreans. what would you
    recommend for combination skin? i’m not oily or dry. and did you
    breakout after a week? thanks againn~ <3


    • While I’m not the best person to answer this question (sorry! I’m kinda of light toned), my friend bought Missha No. 23 and she’s pretty dark. So while I would expect that bb cream to be like paint on her face, it actually blended pretty well. So I would think that most bb creams would blend into your face. However, based on the color, perhaps different bb creams would blend better. (Too bad I’m not an expert at this….>.<) Anyway, I have no idea about combo skin firsthand (though based on some reviews, some of Skin79 products MIGHT work) but if you learn about any, would you mind telling me? I have combo skin too. ^_^ 

  47. have you guys ever thinking helping people outside Korea to purchase BB cream? i mean we can find some on ebay, but to find a trustworthy source was impossible

  48. Martina, after using a bottle of the whitening BB cream, did you notice any change to your skin pigmentation?

  49. funny to say, I’m a guy and I use BB cream. When I’m in the Philippines, I never wear anything on my face not even a face powder but when I get in to Korea, I learn that even guys put make up thats why their face is glowing and smooth. I have tried to buy one bottle as I think its not bad to try. and just after few days of constantly using it all of my friends in Korea and even in the Philippines have noticed that my face looks smooth. Until now that I’m back here in Philippines, I’m still using BB Cream but only during night parties as it is not suitable for me to wear it during day time as weather in Korea and Philippines is different and it will just wear off due to heat and sweat. I’m a dark skinned guy and I used the Innisfree BB Cream as it looks more natural looking. Anyways, Marta and Simon you have nice blog and videos. Keep up the good work! :) 아자!

  50. hi simon and martina! could you possibly review hanskin bb cream? specifically hanskin acne control bb? (not saying you have acne, martina, i’m just wondering what it looks like and how it applies!) <3 you guys, you RULE!

  51. i found bb cream before and i have to order it off ebay but it is amazing

  52. Would they have BB creams for people with darker skin? I feel like I already know the answer to this but I wanted to ask anyway.

  53. I never wore make-up until I came across BB cream about.. almost 3 years ago? I have yet to find one that does not cause a break-out (well, it is not really a break-out, but I get small pimples if I wear it for a really long day), but I am going to give The Face Shop a try! I heard that The Face Shop is one of the better cosmetic/skincare lines in Korea, and I have been recommended to try it out by friends! If possible, try to get a sample, and a lot of places give away samples whether you are buying in stores or online! It is even better in stores because after you receive some samples, if you express that you are interested in other products, they will likely give you even more samples than customers normally get (: Just thought I will toss in my two cents ~

  54. Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of bb creams!! I had a bit of an amazon.com binge and got several different brands to try out. I've been using Skin79's pink for a few days and already noticed a difference in my skin quality! It blends really nicely and evens out my skin without really looking like I have makeup on. My skin tends to be cranky about new products, and I live somewhere that is very hot and humid, but so far no breakouts and no sweat streaks! Onward to Skin79's gold, Missha, and Etude House! Hooray BB Cream! I look forward to our future together!

  55. I was wondering what would be a good bb cream for me… I'm an NC30 and i have oily skin so i prefer having a matte finish. Also, something with medium coverage? I have acne scars that still haven't faded so i want that concealed without having to use a concealer. I live in canada though so I'm gonna have to order them online, which is fine. :D

  56. So lovely!!!!
    Korea BB cream is amazing.

  57. hi martina,i just want to ask what shade of bb cream did you use in this review???thanks a lot..I'm planning to buy one from etude …

  58. Martina, do you use the same BB cream all year or to you use a different one in the summer for tanned skin?

  59. Ok, so I bought the BB cream from Etude House ( I think I'd buy anything Martina endorses!haha!) and used it last night to test it out, and I put on a bit too much, and it looked really fake and white! So this morning I tried to use a teeny tiny amount and it was great! I really liked how my skin looked, but now it's 4 hours after I applied the cream and my face is already oily. Bummer.

  60. I got curious about BB Creams from this article and came across this girl's site… she and a friend with two different shades of skin (one is Korean-American with sometimes a light tan and the other is a girl like me with really pale skin). AWESOME reviews: http://www.frmheadtotoe.com/2010/12/huge-bb-cream

    There is also some reviews way back from 2008 from this girl (also great for light skin): http://lotuspalace.blogspot.com/search/label/BB%2

    I also tried out two kinds of BB Creams… and i'm loving the one the matched me better – Missha Signature Real Complete in shade 21… LOVE it. If you have really light skin and need a bit more coverage it's great… I am a dog groomer so I work with dirty dog water splashing on me… dogs licking my face… yesterday the salon was full of static so I had to constantly wipe dog hair off my face. This stuff lasted pretty well in all that crap, just a little missing around my nose… but the static was especially bad yesterday so I was constantly touching my face to get hair off. I did set it with the BB Boomer (it's like a primer), so i'm sure that helped too. But i've heard other good reviews of this kind too. Missha's Perfect Cover i've heard is a bit lighter and more sheer coverage too.

    I ordered Skin79's Hot Pink Super Plus Triple Functions BB Cream (have it heard it still works well with very light skin) and Lioele Triple Beyond the Solution BB Cream (which i've heard is lighter than the regular Beyond the Solution). So i'll let you know if I like those better (some like them a lot better). I would've tried Etude but I think sheer coverage would be too light for me since I have a lot of redness/old acne scars.

    I bought Missha on Amazon but i'm a little nervous about some of the sellers… supposedly some BB Creams have been sold overseas and they're fake :-/ I think if they're especially cheap, then they probably are fake?? I just ordered my last two BB Creams from prettyandcute.com and i've heard this ebay site is reliable also: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/RubyRubyshop/KOREA-Blemi

    Hope that helps girls trying to get BB Creams overseas!

  61. I just watched your video review today, and I'm convinced. I'm heading out to the mall today after work so I can get me some BB Cream! It's a good thing there's an Etude House and Face shop here ! I think this is the secret why Korean girls have such nice skin. bwahahaha! I've been dying to find the perfect cover up, and this cream sounds like it has everything!! Thanks Martina!

  62. I love my TFS BB cream in the winter, but in summer, I usually wear mineral make up.

  63. can you do a review on sheet masks?

  64. WOW!

    I just bought the Etude House BB cream yesterday and put it on this morning. I have just received a ton of complements (from students and teachers) and it's barely afternoon. I will be shipping bottles to some lucky ladies I know in Calgary.

    On the topic of beauty do you know of any good hair conditioners brands in Korea. I use Dove for day to day but I haven't found an equivalent hair serum (long and strong) or repairing conditioner (a French salon brand my aunt gets me) to replace the stuff I use at home. I have found Korean products to be hard on my hair.

  65. I'm totally ordering a BB cream and testing it! If it's not the right one, then I'll just go from there and try to pick a better one. ^^

  66. well we're lucky here in my country cause one of our celebrities produced BB creams for her line's products.
    it was actually fully researched and manufactured in korea. so eventho we can't find any korean BB cream, we can always buy our own BB cream products. >.<

  67. Could you do a review one the Clio Kill Black eyeliner that Hyori advertises?

  68. I found out that we can get BB Cream and other Korean, Taiwan, China, HK, etc type products through this website: http://www.yesstyle.com
    This makes me happy as they ship to Canada with a reasonable shipping charge :D $16.00US for any order less than $150.00US

  69. i have a little question
    why do they all call it BB cream??
    I did a some pics research,
    Innisfree, Etude House, and missha all have BB creams and they look diff from one another. I'm confused ??

    • They are called BB Cream for Belmish Balm… I think.
      And they all look different because they have different ingredients. Otherwise, they wouldn't have any reason to say "buy our product it's so much better than the other stores", no?

  70. imon and martina, thx for this video,, i really like korean cosmetics coz have many varians and i saw the artist's face are so smooth and shine… do u know wht the best selling bb cream there? or do u know what korean cozmtic and skincare best brand? i ever try iope bb cream, and i heard iope is a good one brand in korea^^..thx GBU

  71. This may sound like a strange question, but do you know what is in the BB cream? Do you know of any Korean brands that tend to be more natural (and safe) and might make a BB cream without parabens and things like that?

  72. I was looking for the Etude BB cream, but they don't sell em at the Korean markets nor do they sell em at the Korean cosmetic stores! I found this brand called O Hui at a small stand alone Korean cosmetic counter at a Chinese market. They have a special going for $47 which includes the BB cream, 2 face cleansers, and a packet of face towel cleansers. Seems like a good idea, but there are some BB creams that are like $20-25 so how do I know if it's a good deal? Also – I found the Etude on Amazon.com, but how do I know it's not fake and how much it should really cost me? gahhh, this would be sooo much easier if I was in Korea~ bummer!

  73. I heard about BB cream about a month ago and tried researching and googling to find one, but I heard that almost all of them skin whiten? Is this true? I am a different race/ethnicity, and the idea of my face being whiter than the rest of my body isn't too appealing. Great review by the way!

  74. *_____*
    sounds amazing, I’m wondering if I should buy some online. But it seems so expensive since it’s imported D:
    for how long does it last? For example, if you use it everyday, for how long lasts a 50 ml one?

  75. Sounds like amazing stuff, I bet they will be sold out in Etude house after this post!

  76. Oh I am totally gonna get some when I go to Seoul, thanks for the tip!!!!

  77. Aww!! It looks so good!! My face is really icky, when I put on concealer or any make up i get a rash!! :( Hopefully, if I ever can try this, it will work…I have never seen this in Australia before, so I was wondering if you could do a gieaway or something…


  78. awww I wish I knew someone from Korea. would love to try out this BB cream!! I think they have it in some stores in canada but they're mad expensive. I wish they had those cute stores in canada.. =(

  79. I've been wondering about BB cream. The first time I tried a sample I thought it was just moisturizer, but when I put it on, I was like "the f***?! It's tinted." Now that I've read about BB cream (sorry, but not just here) I know what it is. I've just been too scared to try it. However, after going to Juno hair per your recommendation and loving it, I think I might not be quite so scared to try BB cream. The problem is finding the right shade. Hopefully I can find the right shade at one of my fave stores: It's skin and Nature republic.

  80. kkk~ i'm so lucky there is Etude House here in the Philippines! ^^

  81. Actually on camera I prefer to see you with the shiny BB cream XD
    But you're beautiful anyway, always!

  82. Ah, thanks so much for the review guys~ I have a quick question though: Most o f the time when I hear about BB Cream, it's about its skin lightening aspect. So I was wondering if 1. does your BB Cream a skin lightener/have you seen a noticeable change in skin tone and 2. Do they sell a pretty good variety of colors for those on the darker side? Thanks so much ^_^

  83. Oh Martina, you’re so cute :)

    Good news for everyone: BB creams are arriving in good old Europe! Yep yep! Here in France, the shops Sephora are selling products from the Korean brands Erborian and 7 Herbs by Erborian and guess what? They have BB creams!

    Here are the products:
    Even though it’s not writen “BB cream” on the second one, it’s clearly one.

    Just like Martina, I’m not a foundation user, but I fell in love with these products. I’ve been using the 7 Herbs one (the other one is slightly more expensive…) for like 6 months now. It’s magic. And no need to buy from the internet, you can actually go in any Sephora shop and try it! Yay! :)

    Hope I was able to help some French people around here…

    Please, Martina, keep reviewing products, you’re great! <3 (and Simon is great too… I don't want him to be jealous of you^^)


  84. Would this cream work on someone with a darker skin tone?

  85. I had just finished crossing the intersection and when I looked up I saw Simon's red hair. Then you turned and walked into Hyundai. I actually live right there and was on my way to Ediya for some coffee.

  86. I Love BB Cream! I use Total Solution BB made by Mamonde.
    BTW, Were you at Hyundai or the U-Plex this Saturday? I think I saw you carrying a tripod into Hyundai around 1pm.

  87. love you video!
    i was wondering if you guys are going to give out something like this… =) ( just like WTF )?
    but i found out that someone already asked the same thing…
    God bless!

  88. Simon: Do you ever wear BB cream (like a man)?

  89. will you do bb cream giveaway? Just curious.

  90. Keep using the moisturizer – you can never go wrong with moisturizer.
    In the morning, wash your face normally, apply a little moisturizer, wait until is dries, and then apply the BB cream.
    In the evenings, the BB cream should be removed, since it does have some 'make-up' properties – its always best to sleep with a clean face anyways. Use a simple face cleanser that removes make-up prior to bed, apply a bit of moisturizer (since some face cleansers can dry out the skin) – and your good to go.

  91. Martina!! hehe I have a question!!
    Would you say that the Etude house blends into pink undertones?? I heard that it oxidizes after you wear it for around 20 minutes, but I'm not sure. Does it have good oil control?? I need the oil control the most because my highschool is EXTREMELY athletic. hehe oh!! And I'm Canadian too^^ hehe thanks for telling us about BB creams!! ^^

  92. Awesome! I just got the same stuff from Etude House on Sunday. I look fabulous. So much better than my L'oreal true match.

  93. I have been introduced to BB cream within the past year or so – and as Martina had mentioned – it really is an amazing product. I've tried concealers, foundations, powders, (and on and on..) – and none of them really helped with my breakout prone skin. Most other products seemed to just cover up the problems and even more frustrating, cause more breakouts – but BB cream really does seem to help clear up my skin and even out my skin tone.
    I actually first heard about BB creams from a 'We Got Married' episode I was watching late one night, whilst procrastinating on some college paper I was supposed to be doing ^_^ – and my general sense of curiosity lead from one thing to another, and I here I am today, a proud user of BB cream and absolutely loving it!
    BUT a SERIOUS warning for those you might consider buying BB cream online – I felt that I have to include this warning because I have experienced it already. Be VERY wary of secondhand sellers selling branded BB cream. Since it is so popular in Korean and Asia, there are a lot of fakes out there – BB creams in containers that look just like the top brands, however what some sellers do is they copy the packaging, fill it up with who knows what junk, and then sell it off as the real deal. It makes me cringe to think of what kind of junk can be found in some… :(
    My first experience with BB cream I suspect was just that – I had bought a small tube off of an online second hand seller – at that time I did not know any better and was just glad to find some BB cream that wasn't so expensive – and after two weeks of using it, my skin became so awful. It was so frustrating and upsetting – but after a little more research and saving, I resolved to buy the real deal, from an actual us version company website of a Korean cosmetic brand.
    Its been several months now – and I fully now understand how great BB creams are – the one I currently use is the real deal and I absolutely love it!
    So – thank you Martina for this video and for those who are looking to purchase BB creams online, be smart and make sure you do research! :)

    • im think korean almost all use bb cream haha.. btw wht episode of 'We Got Married' which talk abt bb cream? would u give me lin? or wht they said abt bb cream?

  94. I love this video! I was wondering when Martina will start doing beauty reviews because I was once a make-up hater but now I love it, just dont over do it! LOL

    Thanks for the review! I have been wondering if Etude's BBcream is effective and I might try it abd comapre it to Elianto (another Korean brand and my current BB cream)

    Do a review on blush ons please!!

  95. Haha, one of my (GUY!) friends brought me that JYJ one from Korea recently. x)
    Aww, and Martina, you are gorgeous~. ^o^ Totally good review!

  96. Ohhh it's interesting ^^

  97. I feel like you read my mind. :D First time I saw this blog was on Arirang in January. Two weeks ago I started watching your videos, which I found entertaining and interesting as well as informative about Korea and had a random thought if you would also do a video about the beauty care in Korea…. 1 week later I read an announcement you'll be doing a video. :D
    I got my first BB cream in January as well as other products online and I'm loving them so far. :D :D :D

  98. Can you do a review on My Beauty Diary Mask and maybe on cosmetic brands like vov.vov, clio, mac??? =)

  99. Does the BB cream come in a darker shade or does it blend in no matter what skin colour you are?

    • The darkest I've seen a bb cream come in is Missha's #31 ("golden beige") in the Perfect Cover line. Their website says it's geared for women with a skin tone closer to latinas and filipinas. I personally haven't seen anything darker, but hopefully Martina may have seen something ><

  100. @shawolmint

    How would I search to get any? I've known about it for months but never knew I could buy it online somewhere… I have a little bit of oily skin (but pretty normal), and am very fare, but I'd like to have it be shiny… And all I want it to do is make it look like I don't have pimples… What should I do from here? I kinda would like the one that SHINee did in a CF but that was so long ago, I doubt they have it anymore. Thank you so much for giving information on BB cream, Martina!!

    • A lot of people said they bought their BB Cream from ebay so that the prices weren't jacked up. Do you have a Koreatown in your neighbourhood? They would FOR SURE sell some BB Cream. Also, if you search google for BB Cream reviews, there are sites that review the cream based on your skin type. That way you can be sure you're buying the right one. Good luck!!!

  101. Love this! I never wear make-up either, but have always wanted to try a good BB cream. (I tried one from Japan once, but it was a cheap-o and didn't match my skin tone = fail). Can't wait until I'm in Korea in 2 months, I'll try Etude based on your recommendation! (In my mind it always seems like BB Cream = good for acne, but I'll trust you)

  102. Thank you so much for the review guys, a new addition on my shopping list for my april korea trip! etude house is a really cute brand and they have lots of interesting product. i've always been curious about their lash growth serum (or whatever it's called) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXGjOnEE9Dw this is the commercial for it, i'm really curious about this product! by the way is it me or do i keep seeing SHINee hrahhrah XDD

  103. aww, now i really want it.
    too bad i live in canada, it'd be impossible for me… *cries*

  104. so that is what bb cream is! i was wondering, i heard face masks are really cheap in korea, compared to what u find here in toronto. martina, is that true? and what would u suggest to be the best?

    • Face masks are incredibly cheap: from $0.60 – $2.00 depending on what's in them.
      Truthfully, I couldn't recommend a brand or type because it depends on what you want.
      I know a few that I tried:

      Egg: Tightening/peels off dry skin (but not for people with dry skin)
      Charcoal: for blackheads/big pores
      Clay: for oily skin
      Seaweed: extra vitamins/firming/moisture
      Avacado/Honey: for dry skin
      Strawberry: prevents/drys out acne

      Hope this helps!

  105. Weird..I just heard of BB cream yesterday & now you guys reviewed it. Cool!

    This wouldn't be exactly the same as reviewing a product, but Martina, I think you should get your nails done & show everyone the amazing and weird designs that are available out there. I got my nails done for the first time ever in Seoul yesterday & the whole experience was pretty cool…do it!!

  106. I have noticed that some idols refer to face masks or packs that they wear at night. I was wondering if you had tried one and if they worked or helped at all. What if you move around when you sleep, does it get on your pillow?

    • I've used a lot of face packs in Korea and they're awesome. I don't know how they wear it to sleep (my pillow would be disgusting) but I know a lot of Koreans sleep on their back and on really firm long rectangular tubey pillows (almost made of foam or grain). Maybe that's how they do it?

  107. I've always wanted to know is there BB cream for people of different ethnicities of people with darker skin tones?

  108. watching your vid really made me consider looking for a suitable BB cream for my sensitive skin, although I'm a guy… that's okay right?

  109. Martina, since you like this type of BB Cream so much, can you tell us your skin type too? Oily or dry? And is the finish of it matte? How's the oil control? Sorry for all the question! :D

  110. Aaaaaahhh (Korean sound :0) so that's how Korean women (and some men!) get that perfect skin!! I'm going to buy a gallon of this stuff right now!!

  111. Hi!!
    Do they have BB cream for caramel skin colour or darker?
    I'm really interested in trying it

    • If you have darker skin, you can always try Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream in shade 31. Just google it and you should find their website. If you can't find any BB creams that suit your skin tone, you can also buy a tinted moisturizer that's a little bit darker than your normal shade and mix it with the BB cream before applying.

  112. You know, I used to wear coverup last year because of my blemishes but I didn't really like wearing it because it felt so thick on my skin and it made my skin even worse. Now, I prefer wearing mineral makeup and I actually found one called Wet N Wild natural blend mineral foundation and it actually covers pretty well and stays on all day. I bought it for about 5$ in the U.S. Oh, I actually heard about BB cream a while ago and I searched and found this website that sells BB cream that's not that expensive. Here's the website.. .http://www.bestfromkorean.com/index.html I'm not sure what countries can order from this website but it's worth a try. One question that I have, though, is, "Does BB cream feel thick on your skin?" I hate when makeup feels like it's caked on.

    • NO! BB Cream is totally like a thin light lotion. Plus, it was designed for those with acne problems, so I think you would love BB Cream I really can't stand any foundation, because I know the caked on feeling you're talking about. If you buy any, make sure you choose one that would match your skin type (normal, dry, oily, combo) so that it doesn't create any acne problems. :D

  113. BB cream is awesome..
    I am living in the States.. but I always ask my mom to send me BB cream in mails.. :D

  114. i totally wish i knew about this when i was in korea last summer…. i would have brought a ton back… as is i was just happy to find a foundation/powder that actually matched my korean skin tone at face shop (and bought extra since i didn't know when i'd go back)… i'll keep this in mind for my next visit (or have my uncle mail me some :) thanks!!!

  115. I absolutely adore bb cream. I use Missha's Perfect Cover #13 and Isa Knox's bb cream too. Skin 79's pink label is really nice too! Dr Jart and Hanskin's BB creams are VERY grey and don't look good for us whities :|.

  116. I love BB Creams <3 and have never imagined I'd find a review of them at Eat Your Kimchi :D

    as to my experiences – I hate 'shiny' BB creams – the 'shiny' ones that make your face shine with tiny silver sparkles… like Missha Shiny ^^' my totally dead-pale skin with silver sparkles on —> bad idea ^^'

    • I know! I was disappointed with the other BB cream I bought because I looked like a Twilight vampire, but on the plus side, it is a little more moist so in the dry winter time it is better to use. But I do to use powder to tone down the reflective nature of it…tee hee. *high five for being pale*

  117. Now i wish i'd gotten a BB cream from Etude House instead of Skin food…

  118. Ooh…. I want it now. Thank God we have Etude and Face Shop at the mall here.

  119. i was about to ask what on earth BB cream was, then i scrolled further. hmmmm… this stuff looks promising. i wonder if they have anything that would match the skin tone "vampire" because i am freakishly fair skinned and most western concealers are too dark for my skin tone.

    • I know what you mean about concealers being too dark! I have light skin, but not 'freakishly fair skin' like you and all concealers are still dark on my skin tone.

    • i'm extremely pale and like you trying to find a foundation that comes in ghostwhite colours is difficult but i found that the brtc jasmine water bb cream spf 30 matched my skintone pretty well, i was shocked its the first ever that has.

  120. I am buying this stuff today!

  121. I was wondering what BB cream was! Too bad it's not available in the western world. I also never wear makeup cause my skin tends to be oily and will break out even more if I put makeup on. I really want some BB cream now! hehe.

    • BB Cream is available online, but it's hella expensive and supposedly not as good as what you can find in the shops here :(

    • I just saw some today!! I'm in California so we have our little K-towns and J-towns which you might not have wherever you are… but I was in San Gabriel and I saw an ad for BB cream in a shop window and was like WUT… coincidence?
      Obviously it's gonna be more expensive once imported but if you wanna test it on your face before buying it might be worth it to do some online research to see if you can find an Asian cosmetics store in your area! :]

  122. Martina, thank you for the advice!! Very helpful ^^ and your hair looks amazing! just thought you should know [:

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