Winter time is here! Anyone else start playing Christmas carols? CHRISTMAS TIIIIIIME IS HEEEEEERE! That’s our text-rendition of the Charlie Brown Christmas song, Martina’s favourite Christmas song ever. (I lied. She actually hates that song, and hates it more when I sing it. I wonder how she feels about me writing it. Update: I asked her. She hates that, too).

Anyways, it’s now perfect timing to do this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find on this bear hat with mittens. We were lucky enough to have this review sponsored by ToFebruary, who sells awesome cute Korean stuff (as well as stuff that you see in Korean dramas, like jewelry and clothing…Martina has the Boys Before Flowers necklace from this shop…yay!) And this product is so highly relevant, since, well, ’tis the season for winter hats. Might not be the season for polar bear hats that look like they’re eating your head, you might say, but you’re wrong! We’ve seen lots of these hats around in Korea, and it’s about time we talk about them!

Couple of things: 1) There are more than just bear hats with bear mittens in Korea. We’ve seen dragons, frogs, Pikachus, Mickeys, etc. Do adults wear them? Irrelevant. Martina does. And perhaps some quirky people. But it’s better to be quirky than it is to be boring. Pikachu hats FTW! 2) Can anyone else confirm the mitten-string theory we talked about in our video? We’ve seen soooooo many people in Korea wearing stringed mittens with the strings on the outside. Totally defeats the purpose of the string!

And on that note, it’s giveaway time! We haven’t done a giveaway in a realllllly long time. We were in Canada for a bit, and then last week we did our special Fan Mail Candy episode, and so now it’s finally time for us to give this stuff away! Just in time for Christmas as well since you can always give it to one of your Asiaphile friends :D “Merry Christmas! Here’s some Asian stuff courtesy of some nerdy YouTubers!” Well, don’t say it like that. Add more loooove.

To win the care package, tell us what else you would use the bear hat for besides just the obvious one, which is hugging it…I mean, wearing it. Yes, our questions are ridiculous, but that’s because we’re creative fartsy people. So there! And, yes, this question can be answered here as well. Just make sure you leave your YouTube username in your answer, because we – as always – only pick winners from our YouTube subscribers. Huzzah!

And on that note: our bloopers! We cut out some long rambles. Sorry if we were a bit off today. We stayed up till 3AM last night working on this video AND K Crunch, which we’ll upload tomorrow morning. And we woke up at 8AM to get back to work. Been one hell of a week, though! We’ve got a majorly cool announcement coming with K Crunch tomorrow, so make sure you don’t miss it!


  1. we have those in england,you can get duck ones and faux fur ones

  2. you get those in the uk!!!!!! they aren’t cute there more like adult one :(

  3. you know these were really popular last winter with my students (in the USA)…. I work in a middle school and hats like this were like everywhere! (I even saw one or two boys sporting them but I suspect they stole them from a girl)… any who cute on them… definately not on me

  4. I would put it on my headrest in my car, so I could put my phone and other things in the mitten paws so i can always find them when i get out, and other drivers will think “omg there’s a bear in her car!”

  5. ohh they have those in hot topic in toronto!

  6. you’v NEVER had a resee’s cup before

  7. I’m an elementary teacher in the States, and one of my students came to school this morning wearing this.  I did a double-take and thought of you guys. Actually, animal hats have been very popular in our school this year, especially among the fourth graders. I think one kid has about 10 different ones that he rotates.

  8. OH M GEE! Just realised you were wearing the ‘Boys Over Flowers’ necklace Martina! Its really pretty! -rushes over to tofebruary-

  9. This picture is accurate:

  10. oh your hair is so adorable here martina~~

  11. Since I am graduating, I would not use just an ordinary notebook to get my friends’ autograph or ‘good luck’ wishes. Instead I would use the bear hat! I know it would be hard to write on the furry outer covering do maybe my friends can just stick sticky notes on it on just tape on small note papers. I would not mind my friends decorating it with markers because the bear hat would in fact be the last thing my friends left for me. I will not mind walking around with the bear hat and look all tupid. People might think I’m really forgetful that I have sticky notes on the bear hat. But I don’t care what people think. Because the bear hat is one of a kind!!

  12. I would use it to high five people with super cuddly paws of steel!

  13. I would put it on my dogs head and use it around like a lease! it would be soooo cute!!!! cause it would be on my doggies head and i would look like im holding a bear paw!!! and it would totally keep my hands warm!!!

  14. hey guys love your videos, I WOULD USE the bear hat to go to the north pole and SPY ON SANTA, hehehe or i would use it to STUF FOOD IN THE MITTENS WHEN I GO TO THE MOVIES nums, that or i could  put it on a tell my cat,”i’m just like you.”OR a new cut lunchbox or BACKPACK.

  15. can we not just wear it for the sake of “at last i got this from korea n now i can wear it like im one of them and like my country is so damn cold that i need to wear them eventho i live in malaysia and its a tropical country and since im already wearing a hijab my head is not that cold but im gonna wear it anyways n i myself would think that i look cute in it and u out there had to be jealous or force to say im cute by me or ELSE” coz tht what i’ll do. oh n try reading all tht in one breath. but tht in a sense holding a head right, just that the head is still intact to the body? ok i just went all murdery there. I NEED THEM HAT since cant find one big enough for my head here. discrimination againts adults!!!! thank you simon for trying it on. i dunno, ur head may be smaller than mine. need hat along the cat and bunny ears i collected. plz .plz. plz

  16. Thursday I have my first exam so I will be in my room all the time and it is very cold there, so Iwould use it to keep myself warm and study looking like a bear. And when people see me trough my window they will look weard but I don’t care because a bearhat is awesome!

  17. I see the new generation of jump ropes, the cute edition…little girls will go crazy!


  18. Thanks Martina for wearing the bow ring I sent to you guys a couple of months ago… its looks awesome on you!

    Much Love,
    Viel (of `twentythree — http://shop.twentythreejewelry.com)

  19. i would tie the paws together and use the head to hold my canteen.

  20. Hi Simon and Martina !

    If I would have this cute bear hat, I would completely disguise myself in a bear like a mascott and walk down on the streets. Then, I would roar ”Free hugs for christmas !”. Because I think that for christmas, everybody should get closer.Thank you and I hope that my answer would be good enough to be your favorite. C:Kisses,JessicaPS : My facebook is Jessiie Stay Chic

  21. Since I’ll be going to Manitoba soon, I’ll use the hat as a disguise. When I go polar bear sightseeing, I’ll wear the hat to blend in with the polar bears so I can go live with them. 

    YouTube Username: MadeleinesInTea

     Anyways,I really appreciate how much work you guys put in your videos! You guys and your videos make my day! Keep up the good work!

  22. ummmmm….i’ve been seeing hat/scarf/mittens like that ALL OVER THE PLACE for weeks now.  In North Carolina.  so i have to say, this week’s WTF was a little disappointing to me.  I agree that they fit the category of a “WTF” but I don’t see them as very exclusively Korean/Asian…..Tho maybe it’s just that North America is becoming more Korean in its fashion? I’ve been seeing a lot of things that fit the Korean fashion sense in our regular department stores, even right on down to Kmart and Walmart…. o_O

  23. I would tie the paws together and use it as a carrying bag, which could hold adorable kittens.. or spudgy, since it’s really soft and comfortable looking. 

    Or maybe as a really desperate looking parachute if you were falling out of a plane? :S.
    ps. my username is ChocolateyFat. d:

  24. Er… well a use…
    You could put them on your head, spin around very fast and turn into an airplane!
    XD lols got that idea from Doraemon :D


  26. My youtube name is hitsumabashi

    Hello Simon and Martina

    My name is Stina and I am a big fan<3
    I come from the northern part of a ridiculously long country called Sweden and those from the south of Sweden have some sort of strange misconception that there are polar bears in the north of Sweden. There are none!
    Still, it is extremely amusing going to parties pretending that there are polar bears and penguins where I live^^ I would totally use that hat to lie. I want to go to parties, wearing it, and lie to stupid drunk southerners that I killed a polar bear on my lawn up north!

    Yay for geographical discrimination!
    (Give me the care packet and I will give it to my students to further the Korean wave^^)

  27. I would definitely use it in the winter when I’m driving and I’m too lazy to put on gloves but my steering wheel is LIKE AN ICE CUBE. >.<
    youtube name: uberlackeynum1

  28. i think the hat looks more like Spudgy than a bear… lol.

    are these a new thing in korea? cuz in Japan they came out last year and they were just EVERYWHERE! also i went to Tokyo Disney Land last weekend and they had some disney character themed ones… how’s  that for awesomeness?!

    they’re super cool/cute, methinks, but not really convenient…

  29. All I can think of is extra pockets. I would love my bear hat to carrying things for me. Plus who doesn’t need more pockets? It’s so practical! (*A*)/

  30. I’d use it as part of a puppet show!! Use socks for the people, and the bear can be the monster…or friend.  We’ll see how it goes… =D

  31. i’d tie the paws together and use it as a little pouch/purse, so that when i go to the korean market by my house to do some grocery shopping, the cashiers and employees will be able to think of their families and most especially the little ones they have back home!
    it’s a plus for me too, since i’ll be able to get some munchies like ramyun and ingredients for soondubu for myself!:3

  32. Use it as a puppy/kitty carrier!

  33. i probably put my cat inside and tie the paws together and played with the cat

  34. Since im from montreal and were big on ice fising i would use it to stay warm AND to catch fish with my thanks-to-the-awesome-hat  pollarbear fishing skills +-+

    P.S my youtube name is lililulukikikokodede

  35. I am torn. I have 2 possible uses for this hat.

    1.The Selfish Use: I would place this on a mound of snow in my back yard to scare the away the neighbour’s cat, as well as the skunk that keeps tearing UP MY GARBAGE EVERY G*#-*^%ED TIME I PUT IT OUT!!!!              (Sorry about that. I promised my husband I would limit my screaming rants to 2 a day. You caught me early today.)

    2. The Selfless Use: My parents raise Borzois. The male keeps doing bad-boy-puppy (wink-wink) things to their prize winning female. I would put this on her when they go out and, since the male is a chicken, I am positive he would leave her alone. This is funnier if you see what they look like. The female- http://www.wolfwoods.com/ch-taugos-ur-mystical-rhayne.html Rhaynie would be ADORABLE in this hat!

    PS What kind of dog is Spudgy? A mix, I’m guessing, but do you know what breeds? Thanks.

    youtube: Amaryce

  36. If you tie the paws together and hang it upside down, it would make a really cute melon carrier. :)

  37. Youtube: OMGILOVECL

    slingshot. it looks like it’s able to hurl things very far.

  38. Youtube: kimchich2sesmile
    To protect my modesty in case a caped crusader in a black mask barges
    into my room and shreds my top off with his sword…ie this:

    I posted this on youtube 3 times but I keep getting an error message 0_0 so I posted it here hope that’s ok XD

  39. I was given one of these last year for Christmas :D!! It’s a wolf one, but it has cute ears and a cute nose and paws too! No claws either though. And the length of the scarf part isn’t long enough for me to extend my arms fully, but I guess that’s because it’s child sized… because the Canadian retail market doesn’t think adults will wear these… Clearly they are wrong.

    Anyway, to answer, I once wore mine with a classy outfit to make it look like a fur stole. Yeah it was pretty funny, but I felt awesome :D and warm! So I would try using the polar bear one for that too, maybe wear it to a cocktail party to stay warm in my little black dress or something ;) oh yeah!!
    (Youtube: canadianmew4)

  40. I was so surprised!! Last night saw 2 kids with hats like this — here in Northern Indiana!! But their’s didn’t have the cute paw print on the mitten part :-)

  41. I would wear this while reading Where the Wild Things Are to someone :)
    Youtube: PinkMonocle

  42. Well I would either tie the mittens around my neck and use the hat as a bag and be like ‘let’s see what I got in my polar bear brain bag’. Or I would use the hat to play peek-a-boo (the version where you tand behind the person and cover THEIR eyes and you ask ‘guess who it is?’ and they’re like ‘dude, I totally recognize your voice’ and you’re like ‘damn!’ and. . . you get it) and scare the heck out of everyone because they would think a bear is about to eat them. :|
    Wow. . . I just realized, I really need a hat like that. xD My youtube name is FinalFantasyLover99. :)

  43. If I had the polar bear hat, I would 1. Go to Korea. 2. pretend that I am one of the 2en1 members who are advertising Baskin Robins. 3. Fool people and go meet the other 2EN1 Members and then tell them I am a new member of their group. 4. Go meet big bang. 5. Get Top’s autograph. 6. Meet shiNEE. 7. Kidnap Taemin. 8. Bring Taemin to New York and marry him. ouch if only I had that hat!!!

  44. i love your necklace martina :D i want onee! 

  45. OMG, this edition of the WTF Package Giveaway is probable the best everrrrrrrrr!!! So awesome items, I want to get them all… OK, let’s start with the brainstorming…

    I have two little kittens, so I could put them to the mittens and go for a walk with them. The problem will start when they grow up, but now they are still little and adorable ^^

    I can also wear the cap in the school (or uni) and put my pens and other items in the mittens. I would never lost any of my colourful, fragrant pens!

    I can put my iPod in the mitten, too, to have it at hand.

    I can put sandwiches in the mittens – no more looking for them in my bag when it’s lunch time! (When I was younger I used to lost my sandwiches in my bag and it took me ages to find them!).

    No more ideas in my head at the moment…

    Paulina (you tube username: ciasteczkowyPotwor87)

  46. Hey!! I think I’ll put my little cat in the hat and it could sleep in it ^^ And i’ll just take the mittens to walk around with it ^^ It would be so cute and fun =)
    ( a little bit crazy I know, but my cat won’t mind =P )
    Love you guys!! ♥
    Kisses from France!!

  47. because i really hate holding things especially like water when i go out without a backpack, I’ll put bottled drinks in the mittens :D it would be hung on the mittens while i stroll 8D that’s what i call being practical :D youtube acc: W17Chocolate ^^

  48. Hello Simonandmartina, I’ve invented a game as one of the many uses so
    this will be a fairly lengthy post. Oh and my sister used to have those
    gloves with strings and i thought the string was to put around the neck
    when she’s not wearing them so its not lost and safely hanging around
    the neck. Anyway, the game is called ‘FEED THE BEAR’ and here are the

    You need the bear hat/paw mittens, people, a piece of string, ribbon,
    etc, and lots of sweets. Divide the players into pairs. Player 1 will
    hold one paw and Player 2 holds the other paw. They’ll be facing each
    other and they have to stand on the ribbon thats been set horizontally
    on the floor (There will be 2 ribbons for each players) The bear hat
    will acts as a basket. An outsider will throw sweets and the players
    have to catch as many sweets as they can. There’s an advance level where
    there will an extra or two outsiders and they will all simultaneously
    throw different types or colours of sweets. The players will be given
    instrusctions eg only catch the galaxy chocolate or avoid the blue
    sweets, etc, etc. The rules:

    1) Each pair can catch as many sweets they can, in a given time.

    2) They can only move along the horizontal line so if one of them
    stepped out of the line it’ll be a foul or deduct their time or points

    The prizes are the sweets they win :D Yay! Easy? Why dont you try them cause i’ve only been playing the game in my mind..

    -Kacheru (YT Account)

  49. Put it on your pet and pretend it’s a polar bear! I’m sure Spudgy needs some warmth about now~~!
    Youtube name: michaelplease

  50. Can I just say I love the line: We’re children! We’re children! 
    D’aw Martina, you’re so cute~ XD

  51. I’d like to spread it out on the floor with the arms outstretched, like those huge bear rugs…only it would be much thinner…and in front of my bed so when I put my feet on the floor, his adorable bear arms would welcome me to the waking world.  

    And it would say                                                           _______ ㅇ  ㅇ________
    HERRO GUD MERNING I HOPE YOU HAS NICE DAY {:●______(・ω・)______●:}

  52. Molly Christine Gould

    USE IT AS AWESOMEPOLARDISGUISE~ it’s like the cloak of invisibility..except.. more visible.. and bear-like.. and cute.. BUT STILL. Your opponents won’t know what hit them when you sneak up on them in the cute little hand and SCARE THE RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS AND BUTTERFLIES OUT OF THEM RAAAR o 3 o

  53. I’d use the hat to blend in with polar bears and take their coca-cola, cuz you know they sponser coca-cola and stuff….

    (youtube: TheAandB)

  54. The hat could be a three-way slingshot for your winter snow battles, or you could use it as a bag to put your toiletries in and call it the ‘Bear Necessities Pack’…….yeah. I suck at coming up with ideas. :P   

  55. (youtube name: kasley94) I would give it as a gift to my boyfriend on Valentine’s day and tell him (wearing this and in a cute voice) instead of buying you a cute stuffed bear I’ll be your cute beary! xD

  56. Oopss (Youtube name B2stluver11) thank you peopleee ^_^

  57. YOU KNOW WHAT?!!! you could use it for shoess!!!! or when sot sneak out you can put a baloon in it and you know LEAVE!!! you could draw a face….. you could do other stull to make it look like you! it would be soo cool!

  58. In the town where i live there is a local store where they sell cute little hats just like that! They have bears, wolves, pandas, some others too. They also sell cute little Kawaii things <3

  59. I would buy a cute backpack to go along with it then I would sew it on the back in a way that I can take it off again of course. Then…I would put the gloves on and go to school like that! ^o^ The hat would be the hood and I would just take it off my backpack and put it on my head.

  60. i woulld put it on then like use the mittens and run around with my light saber fighting with my friend (she also has a light saber) ^^

  61. I’d hide behind a table so that only the head and paws would be visible. Then jump up and scare the crap out of people. Then maybe disgust them with overexaggerated aegyo (yuck).
    My YT username is TangyZong :)

  62. When will you choose the winner? and add the results in video or write it down in post on the site? I’m curious. ^^

  63. I would make a cosplay out of this. And maybe later with a lot of imagination i will look like that.

  64. How else would you use the bear hat? 

    Since it’s winter right now, I’ll obviously be wearing it.
    But during around summer, I’ll put the bear hat over the driver seat’s head rest and i’ll *somehow use the paws as part of the car seatbelt strap lol 
    And with the paws (where you fit your hand in) I’ll use it as like a cellphone holder or have it hold something o_o
    It’ll be cutee lol (i have a volkswagon beetle btw)

    - merunpop (youtube)

  65. Since my mini long hair dachshund LOVES to cuddle in soft fuzzie things (And I mean loves so much she scales couch and pillow mountains to get to soft fuzzies) I would flip the hat upside down and sit her in the inside of the hat. Then I would use the mittens to swing her to sleep. Like a fuzzie puppy swing!                                                                                                     Youtube user name – PaperPriestess

  66. I would personally put it on my dog so I get a little dog bear. especially coz my dog is white, so she would make the cutest little polar bear.

  67. I love the hat so much >.<o".
    thank you so much for everything you did, you doing, & you'll do ^^

    my You Tube usrename: norahhiroki   

  68. tofebuary.com  is awesome…i luv their jewelery :)
    I also seen those hats everywhere here in the U.S. i’ve seen lots of bear ones nd i’ve seen hello kitty ones in a store b4 they were very cute.
    For the contest i can only think of using the hat 2 hold small things in the mittens…like small snacks and candy…or maybe ur keys if u always seem 2 4get where u put them?…lol

  69. I always wanted a hat like that! Been seeing a commercial for these minus the rrawsome mittens.

  70. Username- 03yes
    I love watching your show and because of your show I started watching more kpop videos even my friends are watching them. This is my first time trying to win a giveaway.
    I have a lot of ideas but right now I can only think of 8:
    1. Do a prank. Put snow in the hat and put it on your friend’s head.
    2. Make my baby niece laugh by doing kpop dances with the hat.
    3. While your in class, you can hide you ipod in the mittens and the headphones under the sleeves.
    4. Use it at a football game when the mascot is a bear.
    5. You can hide a small camera in the head and see how people react to the hat.
    6.In case you lose a shoe, you can use the hat as a shoe and the mittens to hold it in place so it won’t come out.
    7. Hide your bad hair day and ugly pedicure.
    8. Put your money in the mittens in case you don’t have pockets.

  71. Username- 03yes
    I love watching your show and because of your show I started watching more kpop videos even my friends are watching them. This is my first time trying to win a giveaway.
    I have a lot of ideas but right now I can only think of 8:
    1. Do a prank. Put snow in the hat and put it on your friend’s head.
    2. Make my baby niece laugh by doing kpop dances with the hat.
    3. While your in class, you can hide you ipod in the mittens and the headphones under the sleeves.
    4. Use it at a football game when the mascot is a bear.
    5. You can hide a small camera in the head and see how people react to the hat.
    6.In case you lose a shoe, you can use the hat as a shoe and the mittens to hold it in place so it won’t come out.
    7. Hide your bad hair day and ugly pedicure.
    8. Put your money in the mittens in case you don’t have pockets.

  72. oh and my youtube is shushuhab

  73. I would put it on and transform into a pedobear then fly to south korea and seduce shinee’s barely legal maknae taemin into my love nest with my cute appearence =]

  74. OMG IT’S SOOOO CUTE OFJWOIEJFLKJ btw simon did you get your shirt from threadless.com? 
    hmm. you could tie the paws together and then use it as a semi-messenger bag like item, with the head part as the ‘bag’ :P or you could put the hat on top of your christmas tree and use it as a decoration instead of the typical star :D

  75. i would use it to lure nikkhun/ carry pets (puppy,HAMSTER, kitty, HAMSTER, HAMSTER UUUMMMM HAMSTER!!!) O-*  <–derp face 0__* <—double derp face :D

  76. Hmm lets see, what would I do with the bear hat and mittens. All I know is that I’m probably going to wear it everywhere I go, anywhere I go the hat follows =D. BUT, I could also use the hat as my fanny pack. Who said fanny packs were uncool. Well I don’t think so, not when their adorable as that. Not only is it cute, its usable because I can use the hat part to store anything I like and its easy too. All I would have to do is just tie the mitts around my waist and   there you have it my cute and usable fanny pack.

  77. I would use the epic bear hat for a carrier sling!!!! you tie the paws around your neck and have the head in the front and put thing in it!!! ie noms,drinks like a cupholder, and awesome things!!!!

  78. I would use the bear hat as my snow boarding hat…cuz when I go snowboarding everyone would be totally jealous (: yeah….

    look at the bear hat

    now look at me

    now look at the bear hat again

    you know you want it (:

  79. I would use the amazzzing bear hat as a swing for nuna friends baby once it’s born! It could be like one of those sling things people carry children with BUT CUTER!!! :D
    (I didnt realize but last time I put my wrong YT account name down :<)

  80. I’d wear it as a hat since it’s cold right now and since It would probably get cold trying to keep me warm I’d put my Brown Bear hat on it to keep it warm. But my Brown bear hat does not look  cute at all. In fact it looks angry, and I”m sure it will eat me one of these days! I’m pretty sure it’d try to eat both the cute polar bear and me, so I’d yell “WAIT! I can get you some food!” Then I would get on the super cool Cat Bus and fly or drive (i’m sure it  can do both) to my dorm and make super cute food with the “Food Stampers”. Then I’d fly back with the food and the awesome Love Messenger Robot to let it know that even though I have a cute Polar Bear, I still love my first bear hat as well. So Please Simon and Martina, don’t let my Brown Bear hat eat me! I need Food stampers, Robots, and a polar bear as its younger brother to make it happy.
    Love, Purplelover99

  81. OMG I had just put one pf these on my Christmas list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. ooh! i saw one of these at target.. but it was a cheetah. ^^

  83. I would use it to lure in pedobears then make it eat them :3 nomnomnom then it’ll become fat and more fluffy and squishy

  84. How else would you use the bear hat? (Youtube – merunpop) : Since it’s winter right now, I’ll obviously be wearing it :]but during around summer, I’ll put the bear hat over the driver seat’s head rest and i’ll *somehow use the paws as part of the car seatbelt strap lol And with the paws (where you fit your hand in) I’ll use it as like a cellphone holder or have it hold something o_oit’ll be cutee :DD (i have a volkswagon beetle btw kk)

  85. thats not true suju wore that hat toooo

  86. I would use the bear hat as a jump rope for little kids. They can pretend the bear will bite them if they mess up to use as a motivation for playing well ^^

    (youtube username: leiatea)

  87. In wintertime, before going to a cafe or a friend’s house,
    I would put emergency s’mores supplies into the paws. That way I would
    have marshmallows for hot cocoa, mittens to hold the hot cup, and a
    delicious treat :}
    Also, I would get earrings for the bear’s ears!Youtube: PinkMonocle

  88. Infiltrate the polar bears on the north pole (where santa lives), live with them till they trust me. Cuddle all the mini polar bears to death, before making a reality show of the bears getting drunk, have sex and kill each other. ‘Cause .. that’s how polar bears roll.

    utube username: soffesoffa

  89. Hmm.. I would probaly use the paws as pockets :I hehe
    Or I would sleep with the Bear Hat.. Then I would have a very good reason to sleep over: 
    “I’m a bear!! I need to hibernate!! Roaaarr~~” … How awesome is that?!! :3

  90. If it were me, I would use it as a bag. That is, tie the adorable paws together to make the strap. Like a purse, only with more polar bear. 8D

    YT: lolipuru

  91. I would definitely use this for a great Christmas Party somewhere outside with my friends: It is comfortable,warm to wear outside and also makes you a great POLAR BEAR at the time!      SHAZZAAAAAAM!  The best costume and feeling EVER ;]

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Kramtoshka ;]

  92. OOOOOOOOO!! you could put some elactic into the…arm…parts? and you could use it as a giant slingshot to launch snow balls at your enemies! then when they came up and were like WHO DID THAT?!?! Just put it on and be line “Idk whats you are talkings bout, I just here in hat. I KNOW NOTHIIIING!”   and you will be safe. aw yah

    Youtube name: EunFox

  93. I would use it as a “bum warmer” or a seat cover whenever I sit down in public places (i.e. on the bus, waiting rooms, etc.). xD It’s too cute to be sat on, though! ^^vYouTube user: tweewin

  94. Step one:  put on hat. Step two:  fly to Antarctica. Step three:  play with little polar bear cubs. Step four: get eaten by mama polar bear because a gust of wind knocks the hat off and she realizes I am not a polar bear. But, I got to play with cute little baby polar bears. ^_^

  95. it’s used for interracial bear mating. Brown Bears that have a Polar Bear fetish wear them to attract their future Polar Bear mate, it also gives the Brown Bear an advantage by making them look ultra cute ^^

  96. I would use it to I would tie it around my neck like a sling and then put my little kitties in it and have cute kitty fluffiness everywhere I go :D It’d be AWESOME!!!!

  97. YT account: tintan121

    This is the hardest one ever, but I have that cute bear hat I would use it to play with my niece who also loves bear. I could “AANG” with it to attract cute guys (hahaha). And the last one is to keep warm when I wear it and I’ll cute while doing so.

  98. You can put it in a box with my address, and send it to me:D Then I’ll be the coolest kid (not technically, but then I’ll be a child again:D No worries!) in the street, oh yeah!

  99. Love your Hello Kitty tshirt Martina!!!!

  100. Is she wearing a the necklace from Boys over Flowers???!!! 

  101. Lots and lots of coins. Why? Because they can weigh the hat down so it won’t blow away on a windy day.

    Also, just in case someone wants to steal the hat, you can spin like a tornado and have FISTS OF FURY (I know, bad pun!). Lots of coins = heavy damage.

    Also, convenience! If you ever had to pay for a toll, meter, ticket, or even those cute little toys in those dispensers but you never had change, the paws hold change for those important events. :)

  102. You could hang the hat and then put stuff in it making the cutest hanging basket EVER!

  103. Thanks for the great video guys, as usual :D

    YT IGN: renaxoxolessthan3
    In response to your epic skill testing question:
    My neighbours think it’s fun to have WWE style wrestling matches whenever they hit the alcohol a little too hard (which is every other weekend). I know for a fact they just ordered another WWE style belt off the internet for their next (drunken brawl) Professional Style Wrestling Contest, and since the packaging of their last belt (was thrown) accidentally blew onto my lawn, I’d like to put the bearhatwithbearpawmittens in the packaging, leave it on their veranda  and commit to memory their reaction when they come face to face with the epitome of all things manly, (the ultimate symbol of manliness: a dead animal’s carcass): the cutest (hat) pseudo WWE belt in the world.

    And then I’ll reclaim the hat. Never going to let them keep it. Ever.

  104. I would write a secret little note and give it to someone I lend it to someone I like and say there’s a surprise inside!!! I then would run away and hide (but somewhere close by so I can spy on them) and see if they find the note!! :)

    youtube acct: violetkiss

  105. Awww this is an awesome Wonderful Treasure Find indeed >ww< the adorable claws are my favorite part of the hat ♥

    and I also had no idea Super Junior wore these hats! (someone shared some pictures here) being an ELF, I was really happy to find that out, since I bought mine before I knew they wore them ^ ^

  106. WELL! ^^ hehehehhee i would put the bear hat on my dog! to turn him into a half polar bear, half black lab! then he’d be close to being a panda cause he’d be black and white and only eat and sleep! tehe ^^

    youtube name: hottyhot101

  107. I would totally stuff it with rocks and swing it at people.

    youtube subscriber: Miseriway

  108. I would use it as a disguise.
    1. Put said disguise on head
    2. Sneak into Big Bang secret lair
    3. Approach T.O.P.
    4. Charm him with my adorable polar bear paw dance.
    5. Invite him to meet my polar bear friends in my cave, a.k.a. BASEMENT
    6. Lock the door.
    7. Dramatically throw disguise aside
    8. Cackle maniacally and proclaim “you are now miiiiine!”

    Sorry Martina. You will never again gaze upon his face or hear his melodious voice.

  109. i have an angry birds version!!! :D

  110. Dear Simon and Martina, 

    I think the best part of having that bear hat is not just to keep my b-ears warm or my hands wrapped up in fake fur, but to know that it’ll be there with me through many momentous occasions in my life…

    … what better way to celebrate my bearthday by blowing out the candles on the cake using my bear paws?

    … when there is an embearrassing situation on hand, I will simply hide underneath the pretense of being a white polar bear. Although everyone might suddenly be terrified or ogle me with WTF eyes, just remember that they’re looking at a bear, and not me.

    … on my future wedding annibearsary, I’ll specifically set a honeymoon located in the wintry depths of Bearlin. This way, I can enjoy my vacation with the love of my life, a matching bear-hat/mitts, and perhaps see some JYJ in action.

    Alas, on the days I’m feeling down or been bearned, I know that I’ll have a fuzzy hat to wrap myself with which then I will proceed and attempt to fool my puppy into thinking I was a real goshdarn polar bear.


    kyuppiepie (YouTube)

  111. You could tie the paws into a knot for a bag or purse and you could wear it on either shoulder or fanny pak style xD Or during the times when your desk lamp is way too bright you can put the hat on the bell and tie it around the stand. Or you can use it as a sling for your cast when you break your arm, that’d be cute :D

  112. I would use it to play with my 4yr old nephew, he loves playing ‘monsters’ and getting the ‘bad guys’ so I would use it to play with him :)

  113. drape it over your shoulders with the hood hanging on your back. keep your hamster in the top and m&m’s in the hand pockets, for the hamster. i don’t like m&ms.

  114. Youtube name : yourstargazing

    I guess this still involves putting it on my head, but I could use it to dress up as a polar bear and shoot a movie about climate change with my friends who are in environmental studies! There is so much snow up here we could make it look like the ice caps. To show them melting, we could bring out hot water and dump it everywhere (on the grass of course because if it turns to ice on the sidewalks that would be totally uncool :/)

    Or better yet! I have a dog at home and my mum always wants to get her winter clothes because she’s so small and gets cold easily! So she could wear it. And the cats would chase her around the house to play with it~

  115. I just want to say – these are really easy to find in the U.S.  They have them in the mall by where I live and people (and by people – I mean I’ve only ever seen girls wearing them) wear them everywhere…

  116. martina’s expressions! =*)

  117. Hi Simon and Martina,
    I have a few of ways I would use the hat. 1. I would put it on the person that I like under a mistletoe, and use the paws to pull him and kiss him….^///^ 2. Keep food in the paws for during dance practice, since I get hungry and they don’t let you eat….good place to hide my food!!<3 3. Tie the paws together and use it as a bad~ 4. Use one paw as a hiding spot for using my cell phone during the times I'm not supposed to. 5. Tie the paws around you and another person and use it to keep each other warm ^////^
    Youtube subscriber: YoochunHankyung4Eva

  118. If I had this epic polar bear hat…..I would wear it as camoflauge so that I could sneak up to the north pole and visit Santa’s workshop, and no one would suspect all the elves will be like “Oh it’s just a local polar bear!” and then I would raid all the candies and cookies and toys and ipads…..and what not that elves make for Santa….

    youtube subscriber: gigiowls89

  119. I would tie the paws together and use the head to hold my canteen!

  120. I twold give it to the guy I like…. to confess my love. Youtube username is scabs444.

  121. thisisjustforfunval

    I would use the hat as a Christmas tree topper and place the hands strategically so it looks like a polar bear is climbing up the tree trying to eat the angle.

  122. First time doing this! I don’t know where to post what I’d do with that hat, so I posted it on youtube and now I’m posting it here. (I’m sorry! Just wanna be sure to do the righ thing! ^^”). Oh yeah! Also, don’t mind the mistakes please! My first language is french! :3
    I would use that awesome hat…1. To wash my sexy window2. To put my Wii joystick in the little pocket/mitten not to throw it at my TV (Looks so much better than the little rope you put around you wrist!)3. To clap hands as long as I want/need without feeling pain4. To show my natural skills to handle things without using my thumbs5. As Kitchen mittens (Awesome cooking look during christmas parties!)6. As a swing for Spudgy (or any animal small enough to get in it)7. To communicate my inner sensuality (Rawr!)

    My youtube username is: Botsukat

  123. I would use the paws to protect my hands while picking up something really hot! or tie the hat around my face to cover my nose whenever i smelt something bad!
    youtube name: mitchellbfriend4

  124. I’d remove the eyes, put some wire to stiffen it up and lastly, place a bulb under it. Tadaa! It’s a polar bear night lamp! :D Now at night, I’d have 2 glowing polar bear eyes accompanying me. 

    Youtube username: yijern

  125. i would put my cellphone in one part where your hands go, and in the other one i’d put some snacks. that way you’d always have them with you and you can stay warm lol. especially if you can put your hand in the mitten part and have your phone inside as well! and you can have a small bag of chips open that are just floating there inside the paw and you can just grab them easily!

  126. It looks like a lovely and fluffy Spudgy hammock to me.

  127. What would I use the hat for? Give it to my 2 year old and have him re-enact Ben Stillers character from Tropic Thunder using our housecats as the enemy army. Granted, it will just be him running around screaming “Yeah! Rargleblarglebabytalk I GET YOU KITTIES” with them staring but by god it will amuse me. :3

  128. Oh, I see some updates on the site already happening. Very nice!

  129. Personally I’d use the paw pockets for snacks while I was wearing the hat!

  130. ok this is my first time doing this so please don’t judge….all right this hat could be a perfect disguise. just sneak into Burger King and casually steal crowns/ it also is a great way to spy on your children(if you have them) you’ll look so cool and awesome their friends will just gossip infront of you(they don’t even know whats going to hit them) Mmhhhahahahahahahaha:D

  131. Hey guys! Love the video and can’t wait for tomorrow’s! 
    Just thinking that you could wear the bear hat to the movies and use the mittens to store treats. Money saved: infinite!! 
    - Bria John (YT name: TheRoharhe)
    PS I wonder why they changed it from the saturn necklace in Hana Yori Dango to the kissing star necklace in Boys Over Flowers? Either way SOO beautiful!

  132. You could use it to dress up a child for a global warming peaceful demonstration. Everyone loves children and baby animals. I can totally see it for a “Save the Baby Polar Bears” conference. Who know maybe the resulted would be super great and save some really cute (extremely vicious) little bears.

  133. jackie_scott02

    Hey Simon and Martina!
    For an alternate use of the polar bear hat I would use the bear paw mittens as a sort of ‘tea cozy’ to keep two mugs of hot chocolate warm and store mini marshmallows in the bear’s head. It would look like the bear was serving you the hot chocolate~ :)

    Youtube username: SaskatoonyJack

  134. hi! simon and martina , i love this vid  and  for martina I totally love your  necklace from Boys over flovers .
    The answer for you question : I will use the Bear Hat with Bear Paw Mittens as a costume for   halloween, because i don´t have a lot of money to spend in full  costumes , and this bear hat it is cute and easy to wear .

     In  the last hallowen I try  to dressed  like ” t-ara boop beep” with easy things;  like  a black t-shirt and black pants those i already have in my closet and cats ears that i bought in march in a convention of anime, the second use will be for a pillow; because  in the school when we go at excursion everybody sleeps in the shoulder of other,  but you usually  feel the discomfort from the bones ; with the bear hat i could share with my friend and sleep confortable.

    P.D: sorry for my bad english

    Youtube username: AnLuMeSi

  135.  If you have any plans on killing someone, this is an innocent way to do it… put it on the person you want to kill, say “here, you look cold!” And tie the paws really tight around their neck until they choke and die…
    I’m evil. o___o
    Youtube: bubbleburster7

  136. Martina, are your wearing the necklace Jun-Pyo gave Jan-Di, in Boys Over Flowers? Haha…I love it!!

  137. i would use the bag for halloween so it can be my costume and also my bag to put candy> I would put the candy in the paws and also in the place where u put ur head. or use it to strangle some teehee jk tho. i would also use it as a weapon in case someone was going to attack me, i could throw it at them or i could put heavy items in the paws and swing the paws at my attackers face lol im so innocent :)
    Youtube username: usagi192

  138. I would wrap it around my waist and use it as a fanny pack and stuff yummy treats inside.  That way, it’s really convenient when I’m hungry and it’s super cute because it looks like a fluffy polar bear stuffed food in its mouth ^^
    Youtube Username: mllekimchi

  139. Youtube username: collegekidcooking

    I would tie it around me and use it to carry a little kitten in! What’s cuter than a kitten poking out of a polar bear skull? Nothing.

  140. Because I am a SECRET NINJA, I would use the cuteness of the polar bear hat to distract my enemies and then judo chop them with my furry bear paws, that happen to be adorable. 


  141. Youtube: JCHROMATIC

    OMG :D I would totally use that AWESOME MOTHER BEEPIN WTF to befriend the Polar Bears up North and infiltrate their bear packs and USE THEM FOR IMPENDING DOOM WREAKING HAVOC BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA (<  or.. make them into cuddwy pets everyone can keep :3 BECAUSE THINK ABOUT IT. WHO WOULDN'T WANT A POLAR BEAR TO CUDDLE ! tehehehe :3

  142. username: aquamariine28

    Of course I wouldn’t use it to scare people! Why would anyone do that, it’s so mean. *le gasp of horror* I would use it to DISTRACT people, and while they’re aww-ing and gushing over it I would steal their foo- I mean, OH LOOK SIMON AND MARTINA, LOOK AT THIS WOVELY CUDDLY BEAR HAT, ISN’T IT CUTE *steals your Reese peanut butter cups as you both gaga over it* nomnomnom- I MEANH, YESH,  ITSH SHO SHUTE ISNT IT *mouth full* What, no, orf coursh I’m not shlealing your ffood! *grabs peanut butter cup bucket and my bear hat and runs*

  143. i would use this hat when i got to the movies *so i can sneak in free num nums!* and i would use them at school * to help me remember to bring in my lunch money and to be different in class! YES!* and now would be helpful cuz i got a ear infection so the hat covers my ear and the mittens helps me to not scratch…

    YouTube Username  -> pawkylover365

  144. We got hats like those in Canada! (At least, in Quebec…) 

  145. I have that hat! :)
    Also, Super Junior wore that hat before!

    In my opinion, Eunhyuk looks cute….but Leeteuk looks creepy. :D

  146. You can use the hat as a spudgy jacket by rapping the mittens around his adorable body as you said it is getting cold in Korea : )

  147. As a Canadian living in Northern BC, I would use the hat as camouflage so that I could blend in with all of the other polar bears roaming the roads. This would allow me to travel safely around town. True story. Youtube account tibara13

  148. My friend has a big fluffy white dog, and I would totally put this hat on him! He would transform from a cute, fluffy doggie into a cute, fluffy mini polar bear! I mean, how cute would your family christmas photo be with your kids hugging a cuddly (not deadly) polar bear? Ah, that would be so adorable! XD (sorry for spazzing, but he would look totally cute)

    Oh, and I think maybe instead of “sit” you were looking for “slit,” Martina? I dunno, cuz then it would still be “shrit” anywayz.

  149. I would first start small. I would gain people’s undying love and affection. I then would go on to greater things like maybe a parade in my name. BUT slowly, I would have TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION! I wouldn’t be a harsh dictator though. I promise. :)

  150. I would use the mitten part of the hat to store my num nums and snacks :)

  151. I’d totally use it to mingle among the polar bears in order to reveal
    their plans and save their unsuspecting victims! Like a cute…polar
    bear…hero…in disguise…Oo (or just to bask in their cuteness without being discovered and..eaten :) )

  152. OH, this would work great for concerts when you’re stuck beside that douche bag that keeps thrashing around to rob zombie and knocking into everyone around him. and everyone just wants to pile-drive the douche into the ground but can’t b/c rob zombie doesn’t like that kinda violence. but you could punch the douche with the brass knuckles you hid in the paws and knock him out and no one would know. except rob zombie b/c he’s on stage watching what’s going on….and where he’d normally kick you out for hitting someone, you could show him the cute paws and he’d go “aww, okay. you can stay!” and he’d make the douche bag leave. and then everyone would be happy b/c they could finish the concert in peace. awesome!!!


    (youtube name = tattiepoteet)

  153. I would wear it and communicate with other polar bears, making awesome new friends and build a polar bear army! Viva La Polar Bear!!

  154. What I would do with it (Youtube – merunpop) : 

    Since it’s winter right now, I’ll obviously be wearing it :]
    but during around summer, I’ll put the bear hat over the driver seat’s head rest and i’ll *somehow use the paws as part of the car seatbelt strap lol
    it’ll be cutee :DD (i have a volkswagon beetle btw kk)

  155. I would use this hat as a potential cosplay item :3 Like in the anime Un-Go theres a boy who wears a panda version of this polar bear hat. So cute ^.^
    But mainly I would use the paws to maybe carry things such as my phone or ipod.
    And as a last resort I would use it to entertain my baby sister ><

  156. I would put the hat on the stick as a warning to the other bears to strike fear into their hearts, and not mess with me.


  157. OMG!! i saw some at macy the other day!! but it was a tiger… OMG!!

  158. Hi guys!! So, I would give mr.Frofro and the cat pencil case to a child in need for christmas, the love robots to my grandparents which are very old and in need of much love and I would make sandwiches or sweets for my little cousins and sister! XD

  159. The hat should totally be use as like a hanger for your phone or your robot. Seriously i try to think of something that the hat can also be use for, but my mind is blank!!!!!! :( 
     I really LOVE Korea and you guys are the BEST !!!!!! <3 <3<3<3  :)
    YOUTUBE username : princess1027panda

  160. I would use the bag for many things:

    Make a purse to store my Christmas noms
    Cover for eyes when playing hide and seek
    Baby wrap- put a baby in it and then tie it around you
    Small animal hammock
    Egg parachute
    Distract a teacher with it on her desk in order to leave.
    Part of a potentially awesome Halloween costume. Super adorable polar bear like from the Coke commercials in the 80′s.
    Also when you feel like being cute: kidnap your friends and take them on like a fun adventure for like their birthday.

    And yay!! You guys are doing K Crunch again. I didn’t see one for October. Did you guys make one? But now its back so yay!!!

    YouTube: IloveMalfoyandCena

  161. Warning: poor grammar, please make it sounds coherent as you read :)

    im a kind-of lazy person, ‘kay kind-of doesnt exist, i am lazy so ill find any ways that minimise amount of energy used. I’ll use the hood to store foods eg crisps and sweets while watching tv or walking (after you tied the two ends together and hang it around your neck) So now i dont have to panic where to put the food whenever my phone rings or when both hands are required to hold things and just leave the food in the hood until my hands are free again.

    YOUTUBE: kacheru

  162. I’mma use it to convince Bilasa’s manager to let me in their Beautiful Target Remake MV (‘specially made for me xD) because clearly that is the best accessory to go with Gongchan’s Tigger jacket.

    YT Channel: Anyafish

    *Edit: LoL, I just finished the bloopers. Who would’ve thought they would reference Beautiful Target xD

  163. I’d put it on my mini-Christmas tree!

    Youtube: jenntiki

  164.  I would use this on the head rest of my car and then use the mittens while I’m driving. totally epicute car decoration too! and one for the passenger if they gets cold. awwww

  165. those hats are so cute and adorable

  166. AH! I would hang them up on the mantel and use the mittens as little mini Christmas stockings!! 

    Youtube: vannasosweet

  167. I couldn’t post it in a comment on youtube because there is not enough space for my imagination! Aggr. So I post my … stunning myself… idea here! ^^

    Youtube username – MzunguPL

    Hmm. First of all – I’ve tried my best *(with English and idea)! ^^ So…
    I think it’s possible to use it as a … fluffy-bearly-maybe-unsafe-but-funny
    swing! ^^ Yes. You know… If I have a baby or my friend has or I have a
    pet – it can be a SWING for little kid who have less than 1 year old or maybe can
    be older but kid has to be very lightweight … or for a little pet *(maybe like for Spudgy or for a kitten or for any little pet – but
    it have to be close to the ground – if he don’t want to swinging, he can use it
    as a hammock and wouldn’t hurt himself – 2 in 1). I would use a mitten as a swing chain and tie it around
    some stick or something like that at home to make it look like “real” swing
    chain and be safe. And the bear head would be very comfortable swing seat. My cute-lovely-little baby/sister/brother/nephew (or kitten/puppy/etc) who/which want to play with me would sit in it deeply because her/his tine bottom would fit in it. Of course! I have to supporting her/his back by my hand and slowly swinging… A baby can holding a fluffy chain and have fun!
    It can be ridiculous but it can work and be funny play for kid *(and for a photo)… “Aaa. Bear are biting my bottom” || “Bear ate my bottom”

    OK! So this is my idea.
    Good luck for everybody! ^^

  168. My grandpa has a tendency to slobber on my hair when he kisses me on top of the head, so I would use the hat as a slobber guard.

    Youtube username: kmsly1205

  169. I would hang this somewhere and put some tradicional rounded Lithuanian Christmas eve cookies (Its called “Kuchukai” – Kūčiukai) !

    So these cookies would be in a cute hat, not in a boring bowl OuO! 

  170. the mittens could be a cell phone holder. a lot of people have iphones with the huge cases that dont fit into pockets (talking about girls) and it seems big enough for one to fit in it

    youtube name is lyoncub3

  171. Contest entry: I would use this super awesome WTF to show off my cool new hat to my friendlys and interest them to bid on super lovely ,head eating, polar bear loving kid hat. THEY WOULD GO NUTS! Thanks Simon and Martina.
    Youtube user:993justinbieberlover

  172. omg u  have the neckes i would kill for one of those

  173. (youtube — mrtaraterrrific)

    don’t you think it might make a cute couple basket? (or basket in general i guess) but the girl holds one side and the boy holds the other. you could carry things like watermelons? maybe? it would at the very least look really cute…XD

  174. Contest entry: a few times I have showered only to realize after that I was out of clean towels. Or only had one left. So I would use the bear mitten thing a’s a backup hair turban by putting it
    On and wrapping the paw strap things around my head. Not very creative. But something I could definitely use it for!

  175. My sister has a penguin one :D

  176. Or you could totally use it as a cosplay item and be Inga from Un-go!  omg… just get a sharpie to make it a panda and SHAZAAAAAAAM!!!

    Youtube name: EunFox

  177. I would use it as part of some outrageous outfit in a kpop music video that i direct! Like…super junior m’s perfection and that random fur trapper hat O_o

    youtube username: xxxholicgurl124

  178. I would tie the ends together to make a bag then use it to hold snowballs! You wouldn’t be able to see the snow in the hat, as they’re both white, so it would be perfect for sneak attacks. No one would expect a thing. Mwahahahaha. Youtube Name: CaorachDhubh

  179. Also, if I ever went to the store and bout a melon (cause melon is totally dericious!) and the bag broke, well no problem! just take off the hat, stick the melon in the head part, and tie the paws together so you can have an over your shoulder bearssenger bag

    Youtube name:  EunFox

  180. If I had a Mr. Frofro hat, I would tie the two paws to a broom handle and hang the hat upside down to make a kind of basket, and turn it into a super cute swing for Kittens! Keep the Kittens all snuggly warm so that they can sleep in the winters.  B1A4 approves of my idea.

    Youtube Name: EunFox


    all i looked at was  Martina’s “Boys over Flowers” necklace :)

    i would use it and roll down my window sexily XD or be a pedo bear and prance around in a field of daisies XD

  182. [youtube: Ferastar]
    I would use the little mitten parts of the hat to store food for when im walking outside so if i get hungry, i can easily access my snacky foods ^^ hehe it’ll be my cupboard-on-the-go xD 

  183. A bowling ball shiner / melon carrier or, coupled with one of the previous, a sick-ass flail

  184. Bowling bowl shiner / melon carrier or, coupled with one of the previous, a sick-ass flail

  185. Hi guys! I used to have something like that. Its cream coloured bear tho :) It got stolen at school because its so friggin adorable. I got it from Pmall in Markham.  
    If I go somewhere ( eg. malls) and I don’t want to wear it inside b/c its warm, I tie the mittens together and make a small bag to put whtever in it ( I dont bring bags, everything I need is in my pockets). Like small things i bought that i dont want to hold until i go out.So yeaa, tieing the ends together to make a small bag is useful and cute:) That’s my answer.. My youtube channel is joannamariesmileFeel free to contact me anytime :)PS. Today, we got the FIRST SNOWFALL here in Toronto.

  186. (Youtube name: samyblue58)
    ♥♥♥ I would put it in a concert of BIG BANG, to conquer SeungRi’s heart,
    because he loves the bears, so, when I shout I LOVE YOU SEUNGRI, he is
    going to see me and say OMG that’s a bear hat, please marry me…and,
    thats what I would if I win that hat ^.^ ♥♥♥

  187. OMG my friend has the exact same hat!!! buts its a zebra… anyways I noticed Martina was wearing the Boys Before Flowers necklace! Boys Before Flowers FTW! <3

    love from Canada <3

  188. [youtube:lyra4561] 

    I would spin around really fast and make myself look like a helicopter. i would skip rope with it. OR i would clean the windows with it just like in the super junior ‘A-cha’ music video.oh and i would play tug of war with it if it wasn’t so cute!

  189. I would use it for Christmas to dress up as a doggie when my friends come over to bake c: or i would sleep in it xD 

  190. YTname: ljane76
    Oh! The bloopers gave me an idea.  You can use it for a cheesy pick up line on cold days.  For instance, if the object of your affection is standing to your right, you insert your right hand in the mitten, and say “do you know the distance from here to here (touch your left & right shoulder), is the same as here to here (touch his/her left & right shoulder)?” with the right side of the scarf and your right arm wrapped nicely around him/her and now you’re both bound and warm…  ahh it’s easier to show then write, lol.

  191. I would use the hat for Haloween. Trick Or Treatingg!! :)

  192. i would use it as a plant holder! to hold my flower! 

  193. [Youtube: birdbrain800]

    I have a penguin hat with much shorter tassels, and I use it to carry things like books when I don’t have enough room in my backpack at school. Especially in the case of the polar bear hat, which has really long arms, you can put things in it and tie it around your waist or your shoulder. You could put your ipod in it while you listen to music, or, in Simon’s case, you could put a bottle of ranch in it for those sudden cravings. It keeps everything safe, and also puts a use to your hat if you take it off when it gets too hot in a building.

  194. Derp moment =/ youtube name: SaccharinSweet123

  195. OMO THAT IS SO LAK;SDLKFJA;LKJ;AJSDLFKHAL CUUTE!! I would use the mittens to hold my AWESOME azn stationary; & show off to my korean friend ;D 

  196. I’d let my teacher try it out everytime I attend class… So she won’t hate me as much as she does >:) When I think about it, I would let everyone try it on.. then no one would hate meeeh >:)

  197. I think this would actually make a really cute accessory in my car. I have yet to find a convenient place to put my phone/gum/lip balms/etc, because stuff always falls where I can’t reach it easily or I have to distract myself from driving to dig for it. I would put the polar bear head on the head-rest of the driver seat and let the paws hang around me. Voila! Perfect place to stash my phone where its easily and safely within reach! =D

  198. I want your shirt!!! Where did you get it>>????

  199. Awwww that’s most adorable! I WANT THAT HAT, very much so! I would shrolly (slowly, get it?) wrap up my black & white pet bunny, named “Vuvu” in the hat, when I cuddle her and give her carrots at night. I’d make her a stronger bunny, you see, by letting her have her feast IN the MOUTH of a GIANT WHITE POLAR BEAR! cause “Winter is coming!” oh yes, she could go all Dothraki and speak Russian Bunny… and then when she’s done eating, I’d wear the hat, and the mittens to pet her a bit more, and well, she would think she’s not alone anymore, being a black and white fluffy adorable animal. 
    That’s it! :)

  200. When I studied in Japan, I bought a stuffed animal llama named Llama-kun!  He is the most adorable thing ever!  If I had one of those cute bear hats, I would put it on Llama-kun and give people cute overloads by putting him in the window as a Christmas decoration. <3

  201. um what could be cuter than the hat alone, the hat on an actual polar bear!!
    I would use the hat to put it on a polar bear and cover his scary long claws with the mitts, as to save myself from awful death by clawing. ;p
    *youtube: pec324399

  202. If I had one of these, I would use the mittens for secret stash-up, like, candies on cold winter nights, pepper spray for dangerous places, some make-up perhaps for a winter night out. Oh, and mp3 player would also fit nicely, so you can easily switch song while not bothering to take off mittens.
    I just like to make things that are not pockets – pockets. :D
    If I ended up having two of these, I’d put the other around a friend or boyfriend and make us put hands in each others mittens. Walking like that could be so tangly-hilarious. :D 

    Youtube nickname: bekijs

  203. wear it at home while i do housework,the paw side without the rubber things could be used for cleaning. OR! a very stupid idea would be to wear it in the shower, and use the no paw side as ‘scrubber’ to wash myself. i’d look very cute even in the shower, and it’d be an alternate use for it.
    ytube name: dbskjyjsnsd
    btw, i was your subscriber before… but I deleted my gmail account… and it deleted my youtube account too :( ya. just fyi. dbskjyjsnsd=changmindbsk

  204. aww i want your necklace 
    i love boys over flowers :3

  205. I would make the polar bear hat and mittens as part of a dress (across the shoulder) and wear it to a televised awards ceremony where millions upon millions of people would see my wonderful polar bear dress.  (Remember Bjork and the swan dress???)

  206. aw . . . wtf is wearing off of me. Most of the things that are presented as WTF are commonalities here at home since it is everything sold at downtown (its Koreans selling to Mexicans in America lol) =/ 
    I guess when I go live in Korea I won’t feel so homesick as it is very similar to Juarez/El Paso =)

    I just watch now for the crazy antics of Simon&Martina <3

  207. I would wear it as camoflauge to hang out with the polar bears. :D

    youtube: spreadmywings247

  208. These are popular in the U.S. right now.  I saw some in JCPenny that cost around $25!  That is a lot of money.

  209. OMG, I love you Martina!!!! Wish you would do a makeup tutorial for your eyeliner too, it looks adorable on you. :)

  210. i could put a can of beer in each paw. so when im snow boarding in the moutains i wont have to worry about dropping then MWAHAHAHAH. and it will be much lighter then a backpack too..

  211. I would make it into a couples hat-scarfy-thing and the guy could wear the hat (as it is super manly!) and the girl would stand could wear the gloves so for it to work, the guy would have to be really close or hugging the girl from behind, so not only are your hands are warm, pretty much the rest of your body is too. Yay for hugs! Also I would wear it in class and have a secret stash of candy in it so I have easy access to some ninja candy eating, because it would be soo less obvious than just eating sweets normally…. Super-ninja-candyeating-hugging couple-panda-paw-hat-scarft-thing! ^^          ;) 
    Youtube username : xoxTruefriendxox

  212. well first thing that popped into ma head about wearing that hat was ‘wow, it i’d be able to put ma cellphone into one of the paws, so i won’t have to look for it like crazy like i have to when it is in my bag…’ XD no more missing phone problems P:

    i’m stalkering ur yt chanel as VelMadzik >:D

  213. I have this odd inkling to wear it as a diaper and run around my neighborhood yelling and screaming…but I’m too old (21) for that and would need some alcohol before doing such :P

    I think the best idea would be to tie the mittens around my neck, place my young kitten in there, and leave it there all day. Its essentially instant cuteness gratification (from both the hat and of course the fuzzy kitteh). 

    youtube: cheekybodacious

  214. I would hang it from the ceiling and use it as a carrier for all of my candy. ;)

  215. I love to crochet so I would wear it as a hat but use the hand parts to hold my yarn and my tools that are always falling on the floor. That way I could walk around and still crochet at the same time! I would also crochet a cute red bow applique and attach it to the bear’s head like Hello Kitty~

    Youtube: starryerin

  216. I would so put that in my window so when people walk by my house they will notice I have a polar bear hanging by the window. ^-^

    Youtube: bluekrackmunky

  217. you could use it as a bag :D, just tie the paws together, and use it as a little bag :3

  218. you could use it as a bag :D, just tie the paws together, and use it as a little bag :3

  219. I thought of many diffrent reasons so I picked my favorite two they are…. I would dress in all white, put it on, and go out into the snow and 1 jump out at my little sister and her best friend ( the ones in the picture) and I would also use it that way to hide from my parents when they want me to clean. The other way is to put it on my little brother and make him beg you for it with his cuteness.

  220. I’d wear the bear hat, hide in a sea of stuffed animals, and then proceed to pop out screaming “boo” whenever someone passes by me.

    I should probably do this in a toy store and learn how to run fast to avoid being kicked out.

    YouTube: Melsusu

  221. I would take my favorite kpop idol and use the cute hat as a straightjacket to kidnap him, that’s not scaring right….? if you give them candy in advance ^^ 

  222. I would make Eunhyuk wear it when we get married. And every day. For the rest of our lives. XD
    See him rockin’ it back in ’07? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwYh4ONcmNg

  223. I would use it to catch Teamin like a cowboy.

  224. I would let gophers bite onto the paws then I would spin them around like nun chucks to defeat my assailants. 

  225. yt handle: cloiebuggeater
    So, growing up my brother had a favorite bear, that he loved so hard the middle wore thin. Papa Bear then had to always wear a shirt to protect his stuffing. The bear hat would be perfect for when the head on my fav stuffed animal wears out. I put the hat on the animal, and not only are the worn spots protected, its cuteness has been amped up. Now I can continue to love on my stuffed animal :)

  226. I would tie the ends together, flip it upside down, and use it as a purse 

  227. i would add a zipper to it and then tie up the paws so it can turn into a bag XD really small bag (maybe) but it will be awesome and super cute

  228. I would use it to remove the beehive in my backyard,

  229. you have a that baer hat a phone a and pers and even a bag what if some one still you stuff what can you doo you can the pit you can but a small pers and you pone soo it looks epic good looking and easy for every one put your stuff your hunger you gerg to eat some thing you some have eny thing you use the mits some small snakes inn it soo the mits can turn in too little older and you can turn in to a bag by puting them togather the pow and make the head as a bad holder and way la you got a bad soo it stalsh too and safe

  230. This bear hat with bear paws is a very useful item for my stuffed animals.  ^_^ I have 3 teddy bears and one duck.  Unfortunately the duck is excluded from all teddy bear activities.  It’s very sad.  :(  Teddy bears are such a discriminating race.  If I was able to acquire one of these bear hats, then ducky can wear it.  Not only will ducky have a bear face, but he will have something the teddy bears don’t have, awesome ferocious claw-less paws!!!!  Oh yeah, he would be the king of the teddy bears!

    On a side note, when I first saw the title I mistakenly read it as “Beer” hat with built in mittens.  Have you seen the hat’s with two beers/colas and straws attached to them.  Yup, the ones for tailgating!! That would have been awesome to see. ^_^

  231. I would TOTALLY use this when I was sleeping as a hair flattening + sun keeper outer device….not only would I look adorable with the hat on, but when it gets too bright, just wrap the arms around your head over your eyes and WABAM….cute paw eyes while you sleep.

  232. I have seen eunhyuk from suju wearing this hat and it is actually cute 

  233. I would use it as a walking billboard for EATYOURKIMCHI. Everyone would stop me and say, “Where did you get that super cute hat?” I would tell them that won it in a monthly contest from Simon & Martina’s brilliant, creative, & entertaining vlog, and I would encourage them to subscribe to EATYOURKIMCHI’s YouTube Channel, to “like” EATYOURKIMCHI on Facebook, and to follow EATYOURKIMCHI on Twitter!

  234. I would tie the two mitten ends together, hang it over my shoulder, and use it as a purse. The bear will be eating my pocketbook and my keys.

  235. I’d use the bear hat for my baby when he is sleeping or in his carseat…I’d use the paws as slippers to keep his little toes warm and then I wouldn’t have to worry about him losing his socks!  Plus, I always wanted a baby bear to snuggle! TOO CUTE! :)

  236. I would use the paw mittens to cook!! Cause they protect the hand from the heat of the food, and it would transform the act of cooking into an act of cuteness <3

    youtube username: wanjikuu

  237. I would use it this way: when I have already washed my hair and curled my hair using curlers, I would wear the hat on the top of the curlers, so my haircut wouldn’t become dishevelled when I sleep.

    Youtube name: haleenyan

  238. I would use the Fluffy Bear Hat With Built in Paws Mittens to Play with Spudgy. Like Roar at him to make him feel better. (:

  239. I would tie the mitten ends together, and I would put a baby polar bear in the hat part and use it is a baby polar bear swing!! get it? its a swing made out of a polar bear, for swinging baby polar bears!!!  Now THAT has got to be the cutest thing EVER in the whole world!!!! Martina must be going into cuteness overload again with that pic in her head.. TOO SWEET!!! luv u guise!

  240. :D I would use this hat for two purposes:

    1.) I could keep my chinchilla in one of the pockets. He misses me since I’m at college so what’s a better way to sneak him in my dorm than a bear hat mitten combo thing?! To distribute the weight I’d put lots of raisins in the other mitten thing, my chinchilla loves raisins(he lives for them)!!

    2.) Obviously the second use for this hat is to pick up boys. When I put the hat on boys will be like “is that a bear? what?” then they come closer and I’m like “RAWR I AM NOT A BEAR BUT A GIRL, NOW YOU SHALL DATE ME” and then they run away crying. Effective!

    youtube username: keybumie

  241. I would use it as a basket and I wou ld put stuff to eat in it. Like when I’m sitting in front of my computer and playing games,I don’t want to get up ,to get myself something to eat. So in there I would put all the stuff I like to eat :))

  242. i would go to the Zoo and talk with the Polar Bear and if they don’t have Polar Bear i would scare the penguins with this cute and fufly feet. :D

  243. i have two puppies :3 soooo i’d put it on and on each mitten i’d carry one puppy :D and take them everywhere! they’d love it ^

  244. I believe the bear hat could also be used as a purse! All you’d need to do is tie the paws together, and you’ve got a bag that you can put your stuff in. Or you could perhaps carry a book in it? If you tie the paws to the bottom of the hat, you might be able to use it as a backpack as well. You could also use it as a grocery bag, if you only needed a few things. It could be used as a uni-slipper, lol you could just stick it on your feet if you’re underneath of a blanket and your feet are freezing, like mine usually are. If you’re not using the paws as mittens, you could always throw your chapstick and cell phone in it. It looks like it might be deep enough for that. And of course, you can still use it as a hat, and do a photoshoot with it and pretend you’re a k-pop idol! xD  It could also be part of your super terrifyingly cute halloween costume! :D You could also put it on a Spudgy and watch him run around with it on! 

    Youtube ID: ystarburst

  245. omg this reminds me of Inga from UN-GO this newly released anime, I wish I could own this cutesome hat!

  246. I would use this hat as candy-saddlebags on my mom’s huge horse (seriously, he’s bigger than his mom horse!)! I would put it on the saddle in front of me so that the paws hung down to the side of him (okay, his name is Magic), and then whenever I wanted candy, I’d just pull the arm up. It would also work for anything else wrapped up in individual packages. Or maybe even clementines!


    Tired of waiting for those rock-hard avocados to ripen?
    I know I am!
    Don’t want to leave them at the mercy of fruit flies?
    WHO DOES!?
    Put them under the head part of this bear hat scarf while you ride your big big Magic pony, and they’ll be ripe in no time.

    fine print: avocados will not ripen much faster under this hat, but it will be fun to ride around with them on a horse. hat also works for warming canteloupe or bunches of grapes. beware of grape juice.

    P.S. My youtube name is vinny4969m! :)
    P.S. That is me and Magic down there. vvvvvvvvv

  247. I’ll tie the paws/mittens in a knot so I can make the hat as a cute shoulder or sling bag ^_^ Another thing that I can practically do is use the mittens as pockets while I am wearing the hat. 

  248. It’s a scoodie! 
    Anyway,I’d use it to scare dogs and small children around my town? 
    It also seems legit to fight off criminals with. WA-CHA! I’ll tuck some throwing stars into the mittens for backup.

    Also, Simon, it’s so weird to see you wearing that cutesy dino shirt. LOL

  249. You can hang it on your neck(you can tie the mittens around your neck) and use it as a basket for candies!! And then you can go around, eat candies and be cool!

    Haha I know it’s kinda lame xDD

  250. I will use the bear hat to act like a pokemon and play with my friends and go RAWR >:D

    even though im 14. LOL
    My youtube channel is :IDriku

  251. I think us eatyourkimichi fans killed the tofebruary.com site. I can’t access it, I keep getting error 404. Geez I hope we didn’t break it!

    Well I do roller derby so I would put the bear hat over my helmet and the paws over my hands and wrist guards and use the said bear hat as an excuse for some aggressive mauling—er, I mean, booty blocking! Hey um Martina, you know there is a roller derby league in Korea? Check them out at http://www.facebook.com/ROKD.Republic.Of.Korea.Derby , AND the first ever world roller derby cup is about to kick off in a few days in Toronto and Team Canada is looking very good, I’m barracking for them when they vs France on Friday! :D

  252. I would shoot a Music Video using the “hat” as a wickedly nasty
    hat/bikini (paws cover the bottom bits, “arms” cover the nips). Of
    course I would need to get Lady Gaga on board – no one else would were anything that crazy….and Martina would need to write an awesome fuzzy
    bikini song…

  253. I am a surgical instrumentator and it would be perfect when I’m in surgery, it would protect the hair from contaminating the surgical instruments and I could use the pow as a mask, and be super cute as well :)

  254. I love the Game of Thrones-references! First the dothraki warriors, now the Stark-motto. :D

  255. I would use this to…Dance to H.O.T’s Candy :) Love that song!!

  256.  Reminded me of this… http://oglaf.com/media/comic/northerner.jpg

  257. oh this, this reminds me of a thing that I saw once… let me finddddd….

  258. Cuteness overload indeed :)

  259. I would use that hat as my Christmas stockings!!!! The ways to personalize and be creative. Once finished, impromptu Holiday photo ops with family and friends. youtube: aznfn

  260. I would use it for…

    Since i’m a pretty big girl, im going to wear it (rap) the bear hat built in mittens around my head or parts of my body that i want to loose the weight from haha. Since the hat’s purpose is to make you warm; i would sit around or walk around with the hat rap on places that i want to loose the weight from. The hat will help me sweat and BOOM! There goes 60pounds!!! Loosing the pound already! hahaha *So what i’m saying is, that I would use the hat to shed some of these jigglyness of mine haha

    Youtube name: L9210L

  261. Use it as a Christmas tree topper. That way instead of a guardian angel or a guiding star, children can imagine a polar bear getting ready to pounce if they touch their presents.  

  262. You could use it as a really awesome, furry, cute purse/shoulder bag!!
    And pretend to have slain the polar bear, and that you wear it as a trophy, like King Leonidas in 300 with his wolf^^

    Youtube Username: Roselill

  263. punkyprincess92

    I WANT TO SEE SHINEE ADVERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh that hat is adorable~ looks so soft and fluffy!AND OH MY GOSH!!! right now (literally this second) my package for this adorable cardigan just came!! it has a cute bunny wearing glasses picture on it and it has a soft plushie inside!!!! Martina you would love it!

  264. I wish there’s 4 season in Singapore so i can wear stuffs like this during winter … ;A;

  265. YT name: TheSujuLoverAll15
    I just thought of another one XD I would put packs of gums candies in one side, and use the other as the trash for the wrappers and stuff. Then i can easily empty it :)

  266. For my wee Pomeranian puppy ^_^ to keep him warm in the winter bahaha. See my puppy wearing a giant bear hat that’s covering his whole head and his front paws in the mittens sliding all over the place! Haha! And probably rub it in my friend face xD she’s got like something like it but not as cute as the bear one ^_^

    YouTube name: itsmehamehxo ^_^

  267. omg that site is so not good for my wallet XD

  268. I’d use it to dress up my husky. Because goodness, wouldn’t that just be ADORABLE and all cold-weathery-animals-awesome~!

    youtube username: theallnaturalme

  269. OOO! OOO! Hamster Hammock! Imagine all the schleepy widdle hamtaros snuggled together :3

  270. A butt warmer . My youtube name is Adyra6561. teehee

  271. Kewl! i hav the exact same bear hat! ^-^

  272. Put it over the doorway to your mancave. Nothing says mancave like the carcass of a carnivorous animal.

  273. I’d use it to keep my dog warm. He got completely shaved for the ‘extremely hot summer’ we are supposed to have; but it’s turned horribly wet and cold. So it would be a replacement for his soft, floppy, fluffy, warm ears :)   Youtube: infinitetawney

  274. Use the paws as pockets to put things in. xx

  275. YT: TheSujuLoverAll15
    ACK. I WOULD PUT my heatpacks in both mittens so it’ll be extra warm :))) Or have put in some spare change/coins (it’ll be easy to get) in the mittens cuz i always can’t find any >.< 

  276. (YT: MissAlathea) I so want one, Christmas is coming and it’d make a perfect gift (university students in London are really poor). I went to one shop and saw a similar (but not as HALF as cute as the one in the vid *____*) and she got all sparkly-eyed so yes, I think I’d wrap it around her head so she can’t even see and then wish her Merry Christmas~ We’re not originally from England and it’s the first Christmas away from home so…at least she’d be a bit cheerier ^^

  277. One could use this lovely bear hat for a magnitude of different things. 

    1, bag, tie the paws together and have the hat upside down handing from the shoulders. 2. Ramen bole warmer! Put it over your (closed ofc) bole of ramen, and keep it warm while, i dont know, doing other stuff, before eating it.
    3. Put it over a stuffed animal, it would then be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or in this case, a (for example) bunny in bear clothing. 

  278. what else you would use the bear hat for????
    come to think of it… it doesn’t snow in a my tropical country.. although it’s a bit cold on December…
    what else would i use it for… i’ll use it when i go for night strolling in the park (my fave past time) or use it in my sleep (something soft and cuddly…= sweet dreams)
    and of course i would love to receive gift from you :) that’s be sweet and cool :)

    YT username : maeiVIP

  279. I could make my mom happy wearing this bear hat- finally I would be wearing a hat and I wouldn’t loose all mittens my grandmother is knitting for me^^
    Youtube name: Misrage

  280. I would use it as my tea cosy! And put it over my boyfriends head when i feel like punching him….so it restrains me XDD youtube username: AliciaDark  

  281. I’d travel to the arctic circle, use it to disguise myself and blend in with the polar bear community and communicate with the polar bears up there that their habitat is disappearing and that they should be careful and not attack any villages if they come across any…yeah…something like that.

    Youtube name: sorcy79au

  282. I’d play MacGyver and save the world from a towards the earth aiming comet by using the hat, some dust particles and a Spongebob DVD case to build a shield and protect the earth’s surface from the burning object. The paws will just make me look kawaii desu and kyeopta and all herioc and stuff. O/

    Youtube name: 60CC60

  283. I would use that epic-ly fluffy bear hat to dance to T-ARA’s Bo Peep Bo Peep x) I always look like a nutcase when I do the dance with my bare hands (people think I’m spazzing or something.) but with that bear hat + matching mittens, I would totally be able to do the dance :] 

    Also I’m gonna wear it to school and make my friends jelly – because bear hats with built in mittens are just cool like that ;) 

    YouTube Username: PearlRed1215 :]] 

  284. Tie the paws in a knot and use it upside down as a over the shoulder shopping bag.!!

  285. Well… I should use it to rub my whole body while i am sleeping(: Nice and furry feeling(:  Youtube name: jolenerockyou

  286. Martina, if you love those hats to much, there is a store in the mall by my house that has dozens of them! All kinds of animals! :D Y’all should come visit some time!

  287. I guess for me, I would use it as a costume to dance!haha Whenever I feel like dancing to any kpop songs…I would wear it. That would be cute! ha ha

    Youtube: puccaem

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