Winter time is here! Anyone else start playing Christmas carols? CHRISTMAS TIIIIIIME IS HEEEEEERE! That’s our text-rendition of the Charlie Brown Christmas song, Martina’s favourite Christmas song ever. (I lied. She actually hates that song, and hates it more when I sing it. I wonder how she feels about me writing it. Update: I asked her. She hates that, too).

Anyways, it’s now perfect timing to do this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find on this bear hat with mittens. We were lucky enough to have this review sponsored by ToFebruary, who sells awesome cute Korean stuff (as well as stuff that you see in Korean dramas, like jewelry and clothing…Martina has the Boys Before Flowers necklace from this shop…yay!) And this product is so highly relevant, since, well, ’tis the season for winter hats. Might not be the season for polar bear hats that look like they’re eating your head, you might say, but you’re wrong! We’ve seen lots of these hats around in Korea, and it’s about time we talk about them!

Couple of things: 1) There are more than just bear hats with bear mittens in Korea. We’ve seen dragons, frogs, Pikachus, Mickeys, etc. Do adults wear them? Irrelevant. Martina does. And perhaps some quirky people. But it’s better to be quirky than it is to be boring. Pikachu hats FTW! 2) Can anyone else confirm the mitten-string theory we talked about in our video? We’ve seen soooooo many people in Korea wearing stringed mittens with the strings on the outside. Totally defeats the purpose of the string!

And on that note, it’s giveaway time! We haven’t done a giveaway in a realllllly long time. We were in Canada for a bit, and then last week we did our special Fan Mail Candy episode, and so now it’s finally time for us to give this stuff away! Just in time for Christmas as well since you can always give it to one of your Asiaphile friends :D “Merry Christmas! Here’s some Asian stuff courtesy of some nerdy YouTubers!” Well, don’t say it like that. Add more loooove.

To win the care package, tell us what else you would use the bear hat for besides just the obvious one, which is hugging it…I mean, wearing it. Yes, our questions are ridiculous, but that’s because we’re creative fartsy people. So there! And, yes, this question can be answered here as well. Just make sure you leave your YouTube username in your answer, because we – as always – only pick winners from our YouTube subscribers. Huzzah!

And on that note: our bloopers! We cut out some long rambles. Sorry if we were a bit off today. We stayed up till 3AM last night working on this video AND K Crunch, which we’ll upload tomorrow morning. And we woke up at 8AM to get back to work. Been one hell of a week, though! We’ve got a majorly cool announcement coming with K Crunch tomorrow, so make sure you don’t miss it!


  1. Use it as a puppy/kitty carrier!

  2. it’s used for interracial bear mating. Brown Bears that have a Polar Bear fetish wear them to attract their future Polar Bear mate, it also gives the Brown Bear an advantage by making them look ultra cute ^^

  3. I would use it to I would tie it around my neck like a sling and then put my little kitties in it and have cute kitty fluffiness everywhere I go :D It’d be AWESOME!!!!

  4. You can put it in a box with my address, and send it to me:D Then I’ll be the coolest kid (not technically, but then I’ll be a child again:D No worries!) in the street, oh yeah!

  5. You could hang the hat and then put stuff in it making the cutest hanging basket EVER!

  6. Thanks for the great video guys, as usual :D

    YT IGN: renaxoxolessthan3
    In response to your epic skill testing question:
    My neighbours think it’s fun to have WWE style wrestling matches whenever they hit the alcohol a little too hard (which is every other weekend). I know for a fact they just ordered another WWE style belt off the internet for their next (drunken brawl) Professional Style Wrestling Contest, and since the packaging of their last belt (was thrown) accidentally blew onto my lawn, I’d like to put the bearhatwithbearpawmittens in the packaging, leave it on their veranda  and commit to memory their reaction when they come face to face with the epitome of all things manly, (the ultimate symbol of manliness: a dead animal’s carcass): the cutest (hat) pseudo WWE belt in the world.

    And then I’ll reclaim the hat. Never going to let them keep it. Ever.

  7. Awww this is an awesome Wonderful Treasure Find indeed >ww< the adorable claws are my favorite part of the hat ♥

    and I also had no idea Super Junior wore these hats! (someone shared some pictures here) being an ELF, I was really happy to find that out, since I bought mine before I knew they wore them ^ ^

  8. You could tie the paws into a knot for a bag or purse and you could wear it on either shoulder or fanny pak style xD Or during the times when your desk lamp is way too bright you can put the hat on the bell and tie it around the stand. Or you can use it as a sling for your cast when you break your arm, that’d be cute :D

  9. drape it over your shoulders with the hood hanging on your back. keep your hamster in the top and m&m’s in the hand pockets, for the hamster. i don’t like m&ms.

  10. Youtube name : yourstargazing

    I guess this still involves putting it on my head, but I could use it to dress up as a polar bear and shoot a movie about climate change with my friends who are in environmental studies! There is so much snow up here we could make it look like the ice caps. To show them melting, we could bring out hot water and dump it everywhere (on the grass of course because if it turns to ice on the sidewalks that would be totally uncool :/)

    Or better yet! I have a dog at home and my mum always wants to get her winter clothes because she’s so small and gets cold easily! So she could wear it. And the cats would chase her around the house to play with it~

  11. martina’s expressions! =*)

  12. If I had this epic polar bear hat…..I would wear it as camoflauge so that I could sneak up to the north pole and visit Santa’s workshop, and no one would suspect all the elves will be like “Oh it’s just a local polar bear!” and then I would raid all the candies and cookies and toys and ipads…..and what not that elves make for Santa….

    youtube subscriber: gigiowls89

  13. I twold give it to the guy I like…. to confess my love. Youtube username is scabs444.

  14. I would use the hat as a Christmas tree topper and place the hands strategically so it looks like a polar bear is climbing up the tree trying to eat the angle.

  15. First time doing this! I don’t know where to post what I’d do with that hat, so I posted it on youtube and now I’m posting it here. (I’m sorry! Just wanna be sure to do the righ thing! ^^”). Oh yeah! Also, don’t mind the mistakes please! My first language is french! :3
    I would use that awesome hat…1. To wash my sexy window2. To put my Wii joystick in the little pocket/mitten not to throw it at my TV (Looks so much better than the little rope you put around you wrist!)3. To clap hands as long as I want/need without feeling pain4. To show my natural skills to handle things without using my thumbs5. As Kitchen mittens (Awesome cooking look during christmas parties!)6. As a swing for Spudgy (or any animal small enough to get in it)7. To communicate my inner sensuality (Rawr!)

    My youtube username is: Botsukat

  16. I would use the paws to protect my hands while picking up something really hot! or tie the hat around my face to cover my nose whenever i smelt something bad!
    youtube name: mitchellbfriend4

  17. i would put my cellphone in one part where your hands go, and in the other one i’d put some snacks. that way you’d always have them with you and you can stay warm lol. especially if you can put your hand in the mitten part and have your phone inside as well! and you can have a small bag of chips open that are just floating there inside the paw and you can just grab them easily!

  18. What would I use the hat for? Give it to my 2 year old and have him re-enact Ben Stillers character from Tropic Thunder using our housecats as the enemy army. Granted, it will just be him running around screaming “Yeah! Rargleblarglebabytalk I GET YOU KITTIES” with them staring but by god it will amuse me. :3

  19. Oh, I see some updates on the site already happening. Very nice!

  20. Personally I’d use the paw pockets for snacks while I was wearing the hat!

  21. ok this is my first time doing this so please don’t judge….all right this hat could be a perfect disguise. just sneak into Burger King and casually steal crowns/ it also is a great way to spy on your children(if you have them) you’ll look so cool and awesome their friends will just gossip infront of you(they don’t even know whats going to hit them) Mmhhhahahahahahahaha:D

  22. Hey guys! Love the video and can’t wait for tomorrow’s! 
    Just thinking that you could wear the bear hat to the movies and use the mittens to store treats. Money saved: infinite!! 
    – Bria John (YT name: TheRoharhe)
    PS I wonder why they changed it from the saturn necklace in Hana Yori Dango to the kissing star necklace in Boys Over Flowers? Either way SOO beautiful!

  23. Hey Simon and Martina!
    For an alternate use of the polar bear hat I would use the bear paw mittens as a sort of ‘tea cozy’ to keep two mugs of hot chocolate warm and store mini marshmallows in the bear’s head. It would look like the bear was serving you the hot chocolate~ :)

    Youtube username: SaskatoonyJack

  24. hi! simon and martina , i love this vid  and  for martina I totally love your  necklace from Boys over flovers .
    The answer for you question : I will use the Bear Hat with Bear Paw Mittens as a costume for   halloween, because i don´t have a lot of money to spend in full  costumes , and this bear hat it is cute and easy to wear .

     In  the last hallowen I try  to dressed  like ” t-ara boop beep” with easy things;  like  a black t-shirt and black pants those i already have in my closet and cats ears that i bought in march in a convention of anime, the second use will be for a pillow; because  in the school when we go at excursion everybody sleeps in the shoulder of other,  but you usually  feel the discomfort from the bones ; with the bear hat i could share with my friend and sleep confortable.

    P.D: sorry for my bad english

    Youtube username: AnLuMeSi

  25. I would wrap it around my waist and use it as a fanny pack and stuff yummy treats inside.  That way, it’s really convenient when I’m hungry and it’s super cute because it looks like a fluffy polar bear stuffed food in its mouth ^^
    Youtube Username: mllekimchi

  26. Youtube username: collegekidcooking

    I would tie it around me and use it to carry a little kitten in! What’s cuter than a kitten poking out of a polar bear skull? Nothing.

  27. username: aquamariine28

    Of course I wouldn’t use it to scare people! Why would anyone do that, it’s so mean. *le gasp of horror* I would use it to DISTRACT people, and while they’re aww-ing and gushing over it I would steal their foo- I mean, OH LOOK SIMON AND MARTINA, LOOK AT THIS WOVELY CUDDLY BEAR HAT, ISN’T IT CUTE *steals your Reese peanut butter cups as you both gaga over it* nomnomnom- I MEANH, YESH,  ITSH SHO SHUTE ISNT IT *mouth full* What, no, orf coursh I’m not shlealing your ffood! *grabs peanut butter cup bucket and my bear hat and runs*

  28. i would use this hat when i got to the movies *so i can sneak in free num nums!* and i would use them at school * to help me remember to bring in my lunch money and to be different in class! YES!* and now would be helpful cuz i got a ear infection so the hat covers my ear and the mittens helps me to not scratch…

    YouTube Username  -> pawkylover365

  29. I have that hat! :)
    Also, Super Junior wore that hat before!

    In my opinion, Eunhyuk looks cute….but Leeteuk looks creepy. :D

  30. As a Canadian living in Northern BC, I would use the hat as camouflage so that I could blend in with all of the other polar bears roaming the roads. This would allow me to travel safely around town. True story. Youtube account tibara13

  31. My friend has a big fluffy white dog, and I would totally put this hat on him! He would transform from a cute, fluffy doggie into a cute, fluffy mini polar bear! I mean, how cute would your family christmas photo be with your kids hugging a cuddly (not deadly) polar bear? Ah, that would be so adorable! XD (sorry for spazzing, but he would look totally cute)

    Oh, and I think maybe instead of “sit” you were looking for “slit,” Martina? I dunno, cuz then it would still be “shrit” anywayz.

  32. I would first start small. I would gain people’s undying love and affection. I then would go on to greater things like maybe a parade in my name. BUT slowly, I would have TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION! I wouldn’t be a harsh dictator though. I promise. :)

  33. I would use the mitten part of the hat to store my num nums and snacks :)

  34. I would wear it and communicate with other polar bears, making awesome new friends and build a polar bear army! Viva La Polar Bear!!

  35. What I would do with it (Youtube – merunpop) : 

    Since it’s winter right now, I’ll obviously be wearing it :]
    but during around summer, I’ll put the bear hat over the driver seat’s head rest and i’ll *somehow use the paws as part of the car seatbelt strap lol
    it’ll be cutee :DD (i have a volkswagon beetle btw kk)

  36. I would use this hat as a potential cosplay item :3 Like in the anime Un-Go theres a boy who wears a panda version of this polar bear hat. So cute ^.^
    But mainly I would use the paws to maybe carry things such as my phone or ipod.
    And as a last resort I would use it to entertain my baby sister ><

  37. I would put the hat on the stick as a warning to the other bears to strike fear into their hearts, and not mess with me.


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