Winter time is here! Anyone else start playing Christmas carols? CHRISTMAS TIIIIIIME IS HEEEEEERE! That’s our text-rendition of the Charlie Brown Christmas song, Martina’s favourite Christmas song ever. (I lied. She actually hates that song, and hates it more when I sing it. I wonder how she feels about me writing it. Update: I asked her. She hates that, too).

Anyways, it’s now perfect timing to do this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find on this bear hat with mittens. We were lucky enough to have this review sponsored by ToFebruary, who sells awesome cute Korean stuff (as well as stuff that you see in Korean dramas, like jewelry and clothing…Martina has the Boys Before Flowers necklace from this shop…yay!) And this product is so highly relevant, since, well, ’tis the season for winter hats. Might not be the season for polar bear hats that look like they’re eating your head, you might say, but you’re wrong! We’ve seen lots of these hats around in Korea, and it’s about time we talk about them!

Couple of things: 1) There are more than just bear hats with bear mittens in Korea. We’ve seen dragons, frogs, Pikachus, Mickeys, etc. Do adults wear them? Irrelevant. Martina does. And perhaps some quirky people. But it’s better to be quirky than it is to be boring. Pikachu hats FTW! 2) Can anyone else confirm the mitten-string theory we talked about in our video? We’ve seen soooooo many people in Korea wearing stringed mittens with the strings on the outside. Totally defeats the purpose of the string!

And on that note, it’s giveaway time! We haven’t done a giveaway in a realllllly long time. We were in Canada for a bit, and then last week we did our special Fan Mail Candy episode, and so now it’s finally time for us to give this stuff away! Just in time for Christmas as well since you can always give it to one of your Asiaphile friends :D “Merry Christmas! Here’s some Asian stuff courtesy of some nerdy YouTubers!” Well, don’t say it like that. Add more loooove.

To win the care package, tell us what else you would use the bear hat for besides just the obvious one, which is hugging it…I mean, wearing it. Yes, our questions are ridiculous, but that’s because we’re creative fartsy people. So there! And, yes, this question can be answered here as well. Just make sure you leave your YouTube username in your answer, because we – as always – only pick winners from our YouTube subscribers. Huzzah!

And on that note: our bloopers! We cut out some long rambles. Sorry if we were a bit off today. We stayed up till 3AM last night working on this video AND K Crunch, which we’ll upload tomorrow morning. And we woke up at 8AM to get back to work. Been one hell of a week, though! We’ve got a majorly cool announcement coming with K Crunch tomorrow, so make sure you don’t miss it!


  1. we have those in england,you can get duck ones and faux fur ones

  2. you get those in the uk!!!!!! they aren’t cute there more like adult one :(

  3. you know these were really popular last winter with my students (in the USA)…. I work in a middle school and hats like this were like everywhere! (I even saw one or two boys sporting them but I suspect they stole them from a girl)… any who cute on them… definately not on me

  4. I would put it on my headrest in my car, so I could put my phone and other things in the mitten paws so i can always find them when i get out, and other drivers will think “omg there’s a bear in her car!”

  5. ohh they have those in hot topic in toronto!

  6. you’v NEVER had a resee’s cup before

  7. I’m an elementary teacher in the States, and one of my students came to school this morning wearing this.  I did a double-take and thought of you guys. Actually, animal hats have been very popular in our school this year, especially among the fourth graders. I think one kid has about 10 different ones that he rotates.

  8. OH M GEE! Just realised you were wearing the ‘Boys Over Flowers’ necklace Martina! Its really pretty! -rushes over to tofebruary-

  9. This picture is accurate:

  10. oh your hair is so adorable here martina~~

  11. Since I am graduating, I would not use just an ordinary notebook to get my friends’ autograph or ‘good luck’ wishes. Instead I would use the bear hat! I know it would be hard to write on the furry outer covering do maybe my friends can just stick sticky notes on it on just tape on small note papers. I would not mind my friends decorating it with markers because the bear hat would in fact be the last thing my friends left for me. I will not mind walking around with the bear hat and look all tupid. People might think I’m really forgetful that I have sticky notes on the bear hat. But I don’t care what people think. Because the bear hat is one of a kind!!

  12. I would use it to high five people with super cuddly paws of steel!

  13. I would put it on my dogs head and use it around like a lease! it would be soooo cute!!!! cause it would be on my doggies head and i would look like im holding a bear paw!!! and it would totally keep my hands warm!!!

  14. hey guys love your videos, I WOULD USE the bear hat to go to the north pole and SPY ON SANTA, hehehe or i would use it to STUF FOOD IN THE MITTENS WHEN I GO TO THE MOVIES nums, that or i could  put it on a tell my cat,”i’m just like you.”OR a new cut lunchbox or BACKPACK.

  15. can we not just wear it for the sake of “at last i got this from korea n now i can wear it like im one of them and like my country is so damn cold that i need to wear them eventho i live in malaysia and its a tropical country and since im already wearing a hijab my head is not that cold but im gonna wear it anyways n i myself would think that i look cute in it and u out there had to be jealous or force to say im cute by me or ELSE” coz tht what i’ll do. oh n try reading all tht in one breath. but tht in a sense holding a head right, just that the head is still intact to the body? ok i just went all murdery there. I NEED THEM HAT since cant find one big enough for my head here. discrimination againts adults!!!! thank you simon for trying it on. i dunno, ur head may be smaller than mine. need hat along the cat and bunny ears i collected. plz .plz. plz

  16. Thursday I have my first exam so I will be in my room all the time and it is very cold there, so Iwould use it to keep myself warm and study looking like a bear. And when people see me trough my window they will look weard but I don’t care because a bearhat is awesome!

  17. I see the new generation of jump ropes, the cute edition…little girls will go crazy!


  18. Thanks Martina for wearing the bow ring I sent to you guys a couple of months ago… its looks awesome on you!

    Much Love,
    Viel (of `twentythree — http://shop.twentythreejewelry.com)

  19. i would tie the paws together and use the head to hold my canteen.

  20. Hi Simon and Martina !

    If I would have this cute bear hat, I would completely disguise myself in a bear like a mascott and walk down on the streets. Then, I would roar ”Free hugs for christmas !”. Because I think that for christmas, everybody should get closer.Thank you and I hope that my answer would be good enough to be your favorite. C:Kisses,JessicaPS : My facebook is Jessiie Stay Chic

  21. Since I’ll be going to Manitoba soon, I’ll use the hat as a disguise. When I go polar bear sightseeing, I’ll wear the hat to blend in with the polar bears so I can go live with them. 

    YouTube Username: MadeleinesInTea

     Anyways,I really appreciate how much work you guys put in your videos! You guys and your videos make my day! Keep up the good work!

  22. ummmmm….i’ve been seeing hat/scarf/mittens like that ALL OVER THE PLACE for weeks now.  In North Carolina.  so i have to say, this week’s WTF was a little disappointing to me.  I agree that they fit the category of a “WTF” but I don’t see them as very exclusively Korean/Asian…..Tho maybe it’s just that North America is becoming more Korean in its fashion? I’ve been seeing a lot of things that fit the Korean fashion sense in our regular department stores, even right on down to Kmart and Walmart…. o_O

  23. I would tie the paws together and use it as a carrying bag, which could hold adorable kittens.. or spudgy, since it’s really soft and comfortable looking. 

    Or maybe as a really desperate looking parachute if you were falling out of a plane? :S.
    ps. my username is ChocolateyFat. d:

  24. Er… well a use…
    You could put them on your head, spin around very fast and turn into an airplane!
    XD lols got that idea from Doraemon :D


  26. My youtube name is hitsumabashi

    Hello Simon and Martina

    My name is Stina and I am a big fan<3
    I come from the northern part of a ridiculously long country called Sweden and those from the south of Sweden have some sort of strange misconception that there are polar bears in the north of Sweden. There are none!
    Still, it is extremely amusing going to parties pretending that there are polar bears and penguins where I live^^ I would totally use that hat to lie. I want to go to parties, wearing it, and lie to stupid drunk southerners that I killed a polar bear on my lawn up north!

    Yay for geographical discrimination!
    (Give me the care packet and I will give it to my students to further the Korean wave^^)

  27. I would definitely use it in the winter when I’m driving and I’m too lazy to put on gloves but my steering wheel is LIKE AN ICE CUBE. >.<
    youtube name: uberlackeynum1

  28. i think the hat looks more like Spudgy than a bear… lol.

    are these a new thing in korea? cuz in Japan they came out last year and they were just EVERYWHERE! also i went to Tokyo Disney Land last weekend and they had some disney character themed ones… how’s  that for awesomeness?!

    they’re super cool/cute, methinks, but not really convenient…

  29. All I can think of is extra pockets. I would love my bear hat to carrying things for me. Plus who doesn’t need more pockets? It’s so practical! (*A*)/

  30. I’d use it as part of a puppet show!! Use socks for the people, and the bear can be the monster…or friend.  We’ll see how it goes… =D

  31. i’d tie the paws together and use it as a little pouch/purse, so that when i go to the korean market by my house to do some grocery shopping, the cashiers and employees will be able to think of their families and most especially the little ones they have back home!
    it’s a plus for me too, since i’ll be able to get some munchies like ramyun and ingredients for soondubu for myself!:3

  32. Use it as a puppy/kitty carrier!

  33. i probably put my cat inside and tie the paws together and played with the cat

  34. Since im from montreal and were big on ice fising i would use it to stay warm AND to catch fish with my thanks-to-the-awesome-hat  pollarbear fishing skills +-+

    P.S my youtube name is lililulukikikokodede

  35. I am torn. I have 2 possible uses for this hat.

    1.The Selfish Use: I would place this on a mound of snow in my back yard to scare the away the neighbour’s cat, as well as the skunk that keeps tearing UP MY GARBAGE EVERY G*#-*^%ED TIME I PUT IT OUT!!!!              (Sorry about that. I promised my husband I would limit my screaming rants to 2 a day. You caught me early today.)

    2. The Selfless Use: My parents raise Borzois. The male keeps doing bad-boy-puppy (wink-wink) things to their prize winning female. I would put this on her when they go out and, since the male is a chicken, I am positive he would leave her alone. This is funnier if you see what they look like. The female- http://www.wolfwoods.com/ch-taugos-ur-mystical-rhayne.html Rhaynie would be ADORABLE in this hat!

    PS What kind of dog is Spudgy? A mix, I’m guessing, but do you know what breeds? Thanks.

    youtube: Amaryce

  36. If you tie the paws together and hang it upside down, it would make a really cute melon carrier. :)

  37. Youtube: OMGILOVECL

    slingshot. it looks like it’s able to hurl things very far.

  38. Youtube: kimchich2sesmile
    To protect my modesty in case a caped crusader in a black mask barges
    into my room and shreds my top off with his sword…ie this:

    I posted this on youtube 3 times but I keep getting an error message 0_0 so I posted it here hope that’s ok XD

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