Ok, we’re so freaking exhausted, but we got a lot of fun stuff done today. We hung out with Wonder Girls, Sistar, and MBLAQ. We got three CDs signed by MBLAQ and Sistar and one by Wonder Girls (sorry! They were sold out almost everywhere!). And we’re writing this video exceptionally jet lagged so all I want to write is barfffareefjfjdfnnnn. But I won’t write that. Instead, I’ll write that…


Huh?! What time is it? Damn! Fell asleep. Ok, we’re awake now, and the concert is a few hours away. We’re actually speaking at the VIP reception today and we’re hella nervous. AH! Ok, enough rambling. Here’s our video from our fun times yesterday! Coolest part of it all? MBLAQ and Sistar watch our videos. G.O was really, really nice after our interview with MBLAQ and, instead of running off, chatted with us and told us that he and many other watch our videos. HOW EFFED UP IS THAT?! We’re two dorks. MBLAQ is cool. MBLAQ should not be watching us dorks. That goes against the laws of nature. Anyhow! You’ll see it all in this video…which is taking forever to upload. Should be finished uploading after we come back from the Kpop Concert. Y U SO SLOW AMERICAN INTERNETS?!?!

The interview videos will be posted later on, after we go back to Canada on the 23rd and have time to get to editing them semi-decently. We’re going to be giving away these autographed CDs as well. What? You thought we’d keep them all for ourselves? No way. We like you guys, so we’ll give them to you :D Make sure you Subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook. We like you more than others and are more prone to giving you nice things!

Side note: one of the reasons why we couldn’t post a WANK before we left for California was because we were working on our presentation speech and video for the VIP ceremony. That’s right. VIP CEREMONY!. Not sure why they’d invite us VDPs (Very Dorky Peoples), but we were highly honored. Seriously: this is, like, the highest honor we’ve ever received in our blogging lives, and we’re really quite overwhelmed by it all. So, um. Yeah.

Google VIP Invite

Our name is not only on the list, but we're speakers here. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT??!?!

Oh, and we just came back from the concert. Totally awesome experience as well. We’ll talk more about it afterwards when we post another video. For now, let’s just say this: before Super Junior came on stage, LeeTeuk was on the side, right beside where we were sitting. He saw us, recognized us, ran up to us, said hi and shook our hands. Yeah. That just happened :D We’ll talk about it more later!

  1. You guys are so famous in a while all the K-Pop Idols will began to rate your video, Of course You two would get……….(ALONG PAUSE AND COMMERCIAL BREAK LATER) A 5-out of-5
    (In my ankerman voice! :) Good Luck and Fighting to you

  2. wow awesome, I’m happy for you guys~~ O yeah Super Junior Leeteuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. GAh i love you guys! haha you give hop for VDPs everywhere. (which, btw, i am now going to be saying all the time. mwaahah.) so um…when are the interviews going to be posted again? also im jealous. MBLAQ is my second favorite male KPOP band. can i ask you how Seungho is? like…is he nice? haha he’s meh favity fave…so i was just wondering. (If he’s a jerk…break it to me slowly.) But yeah congrats on being super famous now!

  4. omg you guys talked to MBLAQ sho lucky i want to too ='(

  5. LOL “why is MBLAQ watching our videos, we’re the ones watching their videos” xD I wonder if they saw the kcrunch one about Y 

  6. I have some questions for the Wonder Girls. :)

    I was wondering if they are planning to have a concert in Europe? (it would be amazing if they´re going to northern Europe because no kpop artist/group haven´t been here *sad face*… ) 

    The other question I have for Wonder Girls is when they first started to sing and when they searched into JYP. :) 
     SARANGHEOOO~~ Emelie from Sweden ^^  

  7. Since my introduction to k-pop you have been super essential to keeping my library up to date and jamming with the best tunes . . .I also use your website as a means to convert people to k-pop . . . . I really appreciate everything you do and you let me experience everything in korea and the k-pop world through you . .. thank you so much!

  8. ahah that’s make me proud to be Canadian! =D Ok I was proud before too but even more now! =D

    I freak when I met Junsu in Korea and got his autograph but I’m sad I miss you guys when I was in Seoul XD it’s worst that you did the video at the women university ( ok can’t remember the whole name lol but the subway gota exit right there lol ) the same day I was there too lol

  9. you guys are AWESOME! I envy you guys so much >__< get to meet all these awesome kpop groups! ps. I reckon G.O was feeling abit awkward when he was trying to tell Martina that he have watched "eat your kimchi" videos. but cute though <3 :D

  10. I’m so proud of you guys for coming this far! I’ll be forever your fan. You should get your own fanclub you know? LOL I LOVE YOU ♥

  11. OH MY GOD! MBLAQ >< I so badly wanna their CD T-T I hope I can win their CD…it's my birthday soon so it'll be the AWESOME present ^^
    so as I guess G.O is your fan? ^^ he looks at Martina with so wide opened eyes ^^ and Sistar as always so cute and funny!
    That is really amazing! Thank you guys! I feelling that I'm actually a part of your site and I feel like I were there too ^^
    THANK YOU! ♥♥♥♥♥

  12. Haha. When you guys get even more famous than you are, just remember the crazy fans back at HQ.
    And no fair! I wanna meet MBLAQ!!!!

  13. LOLLLLLL at JYP at the end..
    gosh martina n simon!!! did you just breath in n breath out all those funniness like, you know breathing??? how come all your jokes (smart jokes not lame jokes) came out so natural just like… you know breathing?? love you guys!!!

  14. so how exactly do i join the contest to win MBLAQ’s autographed CD?? because I REEEEAAAALLLLLLYYYYYYYY WANT THEM!!!! OMG!

  15. Did the contest go forth already? I want the mblaq cd! Im still so bummed about this google concert, soooo wanted to be there. Ive attended everyones in cali but this one. argh. Btw, ur hair is ubber cute Martina! ^_^

  16. just so you know, i thiiiiiink the reason there are so many “san”s is because many people from Mexico came to CA and named the cities after saints. and saint is san in spanish :)

  17. Its soooo cool that they watch your videos guys!! Looks like you had so much fun, can’t wait for more interviews. By the way do you feel under pressure to tone down the criticism and jokes in the reviews cause it looks like more and more of the idols watch your videos? (I am hoping not) :) Love you guys!
    P.S. Has Martina lost weight, you look somehow skinnier. Love your quirky dress sense.

  18. MBLAQ is totally right. I actually just started watching you guys so I could figure out what I needed to pack when I moved to Korea. I had never listened to kpop before and now I love it! Thanks for making your videos!!

  19. Hi Simon and Martina! I must have watched this video like 10 times (wut? only 10 times?!? pshhh).  And you guys are soo lucky that the Kpop groups watch your videos!  I’ve been a subscriber since your first “How to Dance KPOP Style” 200..8? The one with DBSK in it.. hahaa…  Anyhooo…. keep up with your videos, and hopefully you’ll do more fan meets in Korea!  I was fortunate to meet up with you guise last October in your favourite cafe (umm.. forgot the name!), and my friends and I were the ones who gave you guys the ketchup chips! I hope they were not too crushed when you guys opened them…. ><  K, I'll wait patiently for Music Mondays… hopefully Xia's song will be in it. ^^  

  20. Seems like Martina is suffering from a bit of flaccid jaw syndrome *cough cough*

  21. OH my gawd! xDD
    MBLAQ are watching your videos and Martina is waving her armpit-smell at Simon…
    Only you can pull it off! xDD
    But by the way: I asked you at Twitter already but you didn’t answered, unfortunately.
    Poor jet-lagged puppies.
    What do we have to do for the MBLAQ CDs?
    I am living in Germany and it’s quite difficult to get K-Pop CDs here.
    So maybe you can be my MBLAQ-CDs-to-Germany-Heroes… or so. xD
    I would be glad!
    Lookig forward to your answer. :)
    Wish you a nice time there~ :)

    Best regards from Germany~

  22. Why are their so many bad comments on the youtube page? All of those are really idiotic and uncalled for. Don’t read those…or listen to them. I’m not sure why that happened. :(
    edit: it’s probably because for some reason they are quite jealous. Crazy youtube fangirls. That’s what sucks about appealing to the fangirl audience, you get the rest of the fangirl package with it :/

  23. When will you guys make the video of experiencing things & we do that thing where we get it from you guys, but its new?

  24. i laughed so  hard when martina said JYP ! love your show! i always talk about it with my friends and for those who dont know it i make them know it ;) hahah

  25. Love you guys! You are amazing :) I always watch kpop music mondays. It is so COOL that some kpop idols actually watch it as well. 

    Love from Norway <3

  26. This is so VERY exciting. Cannot wait for you guys to post the interview videos, seriously. It’s amazing, even though you guys are all jet-laggified, you still post. DEDICATION! <3 

  27. I got my friend hooked on your videos and now she’s all into TOP and Korea. We are planning to go to kpop concert next time they have it in the States. SM or YG concerts or even kpop concert in Vegas sound great! I hope SM let their artists get interviewed by you guys as well, and invite you to their SMTown concert! SHINee T.T

  28. Martina, how tall are you?

  29. so i’m gonna sum up everyone’s thoughts right now, in this post:

    You. guys. are SOO. cOOOL! and. Awesome! and. Every single fantastical verb/adjective/whatever you can think of…

    :D :D :D 

    (btw, there’s nothing wrong with being a dork *grin*) 

  30. I think you two are now the famous, the best youtuber in Korea….Hurray!!! And thank you for showing the 3 groups!!!

    * Martina!! At the end of the video, you were marvelous!!

  31.  Can I still win a signed CD even though I don’t have a Facebook account??

  32. Totally unrelated, but I thought you guys might like this mashup kpop video. One of the best I’ve seen:


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