Ok, we’re so freaking exhausted, but we got a lot of fun stuff done today. We hung out with Wonder Girls, Sistar, and MBLAQ. We got three CDs signed by MBLAQ and Sistar and one by Wonder Girls (sorry! They were sold out almost everywhere!). And we’re writing this video exceptionally jet lagged so all I want to write is barfffareefjfjdfnnnn. But I won’t write that. Instead, I’ll write that…


Huh?! What time is it? Damn! Fell asleep. Ok, we’re awake now, and the concert is a few hours away. We’re actually speaking at the VIP reception today and we’re hella nervous. AH! Ok, enough rambling. Here’s our video from our fun times yesterday! Coolest part of it all? MBLAQ and Sistar watch our videos. G.O was really, really nice after our interview with MBLAQ and, instead of running off, chatted with us and told us that he and many other watch our videos. HOW EFFED UP IS THAT?! We’re two dorks. MBLAQ is cool. MBLAQ should not be watching us dorks. That goes against the laws of nature. Anyhow! You’ll see it all in this video…which is taking forever to upload. Should be finished uploading after we come back from the Kpop Concert. Y U SO SLOW AMERICAN INTERNETS?!?!

The interview videos will be posted later on, after we go back to Canada on the 23rd and have time to get to editing them semi-decently. We’re going to be giving away these autographed CDs as well. What? You thought we’d keep them all for ourselves? No way. We like you guys, so we’ll give them to you :D Make sure you Subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook. We like you more than others and are more prone to giving you nice things!

Side note: one of the reasons why we couldn’t post a WANK before we left for California was because we were working on our presentation speech and video for the VIP ceremony. That’s right. VIP CEREMONY!. Not sure why they’d invite us VDPs (Very Dorky Peoples), but we were highly honored. Seriously: this is, like, the highest honor we’ve ever received in our blogging lives, and we’re really quite overwhelmed by it all. So, um. Yeah.

Google VIP Invite

Our name is not only on the list, but we're speakers here. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT??!?!

Oh, and we just came back from the concert. Totally awesome experience as well. We’ll talk more about it afterwards when we post another video. For now, let’s just say this: before Super Junior came on stage, LeeTeuk was on the side, right beside where we were sitting. He saw us, recognized us, ran up to us, said hi and shook our hands. Yeah. That just happened :D We’ll talk about it more later!

  1. Before I finish watching this, I just have to say one thing. Martina, I adore your nails! :D

  2. This is amazing guys, I bet you never really thought (before you started Eat Your Kimchi) that you were ever going to hit it this big, doing blogging, something you guys love and it’s so breath-taking that it has become more than just a hobby but a job, something you guys take very seriously and something that’s so fun and out there. Just, Simon and Martina you rock! Go kick more ass out there ;)

  3.  haha that sounds so cute!!

  4. Hey guys! Movin up in the world eh? you deserve it! I have always watch ur videos as they are funny creative and very much up to date with the latest K-pop songs! *WHUT WOULD I DO WITHOUT U!*

    Hope this lil art makes ya smile!


    More power to u two lovebirds!

  5. This was so awesome – you guys are so lucky! I hope you had an awesome time :3

  6. can you please whisper JYP at the end of every video… hahahahaha.. or no… make it EYK

  7. OMG! That’s awesome…you guys really rocks!!!
    I freaked out when I saw SeungHo, even though he didnt appeared much, only on the side of the video.
    I really wanted to send you guys some gifts, but Korea its too far from Brazil and it will be soooo expensive to me. Sorry guys, I will save money!!!

  8. AWESOME! I’m glad that you got everything you deserve. I remember the early eatyourkimchi days. (Still watching it when I get a bit lonely) When I thought that *ahem* about Simon. May bad.

    I know you will get more than this because every vid you make is full of love for us viewers. One day every dream you have for this channel will come true and I’ll be part of those people who will witness it.


  9. gawjus martina is gawjus! ; v; <33
    thank you for the share btw! really interesting~

  10. OMGOMGOMG I WANTTTT THE CD SIGNED BY MBLAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. OMG O.O you guise are soooooooo lucky! You’ve worked for it XD I’d really like to meet you guys in person – both of you are so likeable BROHOHO ^.^  
    “Like, ohmygod, it’s Eatyourkimchi!” that’s what I usually say :D it’s part of my daily vocabulary LOLs. 
    I always re-watch your videos – you guys make Korea sound even more awesome than it is! I’d really love to meet you both one day. 
    Give my love to Spudgy boy~ <3 <3 <3 gotta love the doggie :D


  12. I”m so stressed over here!!! I have a major dilemma! I want to hate you guys because you get to meet all the kpop stars and are pretty awesome, but I cant do anything but love you guys and go crazily addicted to your videos. As in! I always check in to see if there is new news and get sad if there isn’t. *sobs in her corner* Why do you guys have to be so awesome?! Sigh… I’m such a green monster… Please stay awesome and keep on making kick-butt videos!!! I <3 you guys!!! Please don't break my heart!!!

  13. Please let me live with you Simon and Martina!!! New Zealand is so boring compared to Korea!!!

  14. OMG! after the concert, you guys split up because of all your fans. Simon was looking for Martina & yelled out, “Martina! where are you?!” i didn’t hear you & i yelled out, “Simon!!!” Simon looked at me & was like, “you aren’t my wife.” LOOL i started dying. & i loved how Simon yelled out, “TVXQ IS NAKED! OVER THERE!” hahah. love you guys. humongo fan<3

  15. haha! i’m super excited for you guys. You’ve come a long way. I’ve watched your videos for a while and so I’ve seen the evolution process. Congrats!


    That aside, glad to hear you had fun! I wish I could’ve attended the concert. Sadly, I was being dorky and studying for finals. T_T I mean really, I live in San Francisco, had friends who had extra tickets, and had a ride too. If only I weren’t so studious…

    Hehe, I can’t wait to see the interviews. I think it’s amazing that the group members recognized you! :D /imagines the interview to be like U-KISS all over again.

  17. Your dress is so awesome. I wish I had found something like that on my recent dress quest. So sad :(

  18. I’m so happy for you guys!! You two work really hard and totally deserved to meet all the people you did, and more!! Keep up the good work guys, I seriously love all your videos and reefer to you two at least like three times a day :)

  19. i’m really sore from the concert but it was worth it hehe

  20. I loved your videos even before you got this cool site and a new logo! OMG~ you are now famous that even KPOP idols get starstruck by you? LMAO. Plus, the VIP treatment of google. how cool is that!

  21. Hey Simon and Martina! I’ve been loving your videos for over a year now – not to mention you two as a couple has redefined what it means to be a couple (at least in my eyes): best friends! Anywho, I was on cnn.com and one of the headlined articles was about this Google/Youtube K-pop even in California:


    I was pretty shocked that Google was even doing such an event…K-pop is rarely heard of on this side of the world! I can’t wait to see all the videos…have fun!!!

  22. Ahhh I watched the concert on Youtube livestream and it was amazing!!!!!! Of course somehow I saw more of the fans than the performers (lame camera people) but oh well…lol Can’t wait for your “exclusive” videos!!! I love you both! <3

  23. Since you asked, I have your answer.

    All those cities in California have a San in the front, because San is short for Santo. Santo is spanish for saint. All those cities are named after catholic saints and their named after saints because the land was originally conquered by the spanish and was mexican territory before the states took it. So there’s you answer

  24. Waaait. Which mblaq member watches eyk? *_*

    • i think that will be G.O …i wonder what he thought of your review of this is war hahaha…. i thought the review was hilarious and did point out the vid’s illogicalness haha… i saw the mv after watching the review here and it cracked me up everytime i remember what was being said there hahahaha

  25. Hahahahahah that ending so hilariouss xD!

  26. Lool I totally saw the scooter accident happening xD  was like oh noo I hope simon doesnt get hurt with the scooter (I know how it feels LOL) then sad music starts playing D: Awwwks Simon :L plus you lucky duckies meeting MBLAQ, SISTAR and Wonder Girls all in one day : O So jelly but proud in how popular you guys have become :D <3 

  27. Did you get to talk engrish with Mir? WAFFUR!

  28. You two are freakin’ amazing!!!! 
    SO happy for you :) :)
    And of course for the Wonder Girls, SISTAR and MBLAQ :P

  29. omg i will passed away if i was so close of mblaq …martina you are so lucky ..i can wait to the other video ..im super exited for the giveaway…..(you meet my two favorite groups…i wish i was me  )

  30. xD I thought this was the interview, so I was like, why aren’t you guys asking questions? hehe~~ I can’t wait for the actual thing!

  31. I was so glad to see Martina wearing flats so we can see the true height comparison between her and the idols. Martina please wear flats every time you interview idols!

  32. SAAADFACE I didn’t get to go to the concert and see both the groups and you guys. :( Glad it was fun though. I STILL THINK YOU SHOULD HAVE A FAN MEET UP BEFORE YOU LEAVE CALIFORNIAAA

  33. ahaha! the number of kpop idols who watch your videos is growing 8D
    CONGRATS!!!! (^o^)/

  34. SMH. You’re so lucky. What am I going to with myself OTL 


  36. wow blow my mind that was soooooooooo cool

  37. You’re so lucky that you guys got to meet the amazing and wonderful k-pop artists! It must have been so much fun! Plus that slide looks really freaking cool n.n Cant wait to see the interviews ^.^ You guys are the best! Stay awesome!!!!

  38. I’m very happy for you S&M 8D This is so cool D: Sometimes I get myself thinking about what you’d plan for life like 10 years ago “oh and I wanna meet many kpop idols that are kids now *-*” hahaha You deserve it :D I hope I can get like 1% of the “luck” ( = lots of hard work) you guys have hahahaha

    Oh, and I see Pink Floyd :D

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