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Behind the Scenes with Wonder Girls, Sistar, and MBLAQ

May 22, 2012


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Ok, we’re so freaking exhausted, but we got a lot of fun stuff done today. We hung out with Wonder Girls, Sistar, and MBLAQ. We got three CDs signed by MBLAQ and Sistar and one by Wonder Girls (sorry! They were sold out almost everywhere!). And we’re writing this video exceptionally jet lagged so all I want to write is barfffareefjfjdfnnnn. But I won’t write that. Instead, I’ll write that…


Huh?! What time is it? Damn! Fell asleep. Ok, we’re awake now, and the concert is a few hours away. We’re actually speaking at the VIP reception today and we’re hella nervous. AH! Ok, enough rambling. Here’s our video from our fun times yesterday! Coolest part of it all? MBLAQ and Sistar watch our videos. G.O was really, really nice after our interview with MBLAQ and, instead of running off, chatted with us and told us that he and many other watch our videos. HOW EFFED UP IS THAT?! We’re two dorks. MBLAQ is cool. MBLAQ should not be watching us dorks. That goes against the laws of nature. Anyhow! You’ll see it all in this video…which is taking forever to upload. Should be finished uploading after we come back from the Kpop Concert. Y U SO SLOW AMERICAN INTERNETS?!?!

The interview videos will be posted later on, after we go back to Canada on the 23rd and have time to get to editing them semi-decently. We’re going to be giving away these autographed CDs as well. What? You thought we’d keep them all for ourselves? No way. We like you guys, so we’ll give them to you :D Make sure you Subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook. We like you more than others and are more prone to giving you nice things!

Side note: one of the reasons why we couldn’t post a WANK before we left for California was because we were working on our presentation speech and video for the VIP ceremony. That’s right. VIP CEREMONY!. Not sure why they’d invite us VDPs (Very Dorky Peoples), but we were highly honored. Seriously: this is, like, the highest honor we’ve ever received in our blogging lives, and we’re really quite overwhelmed by it all. So, um. Yeah.

Google VIP Invite

Our name is not only on the list, but we're speakers here. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT??!?!

Oh, and we just came back from the concert. Totally awesome experience as well. We’ll talk more about it afterwards when we post another video. For now, let’s just say this: before Super Junior came on stage, LeeTeuk was on the side, right beside where we were sitting. He saw us, recognized us, ran up to us, said hi and shook our hands. Yeah. That just happened :D We’ll talk about it more later!



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