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Food and Party Time in Beijing

June 7, 2014


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Oh gosh! I’m writing this blog post before I’m even done editing the video. There’s so much footage for us to edit and I’m not even sure what I’m going to include or not. I’m just really excited about what our trip was like and I want to talk about it.

Why We Were There

Why go to Beijing, you might ask. We were surprised when we were invited as well. YouTube is blocked in China, and so I wonder why would anyone want us there if they don’t know who we are? Here’s why: the event was actually organized by people in Germany, people responsible for the Frankfurt Book Fair. They were organizing StoryDrive Asia in China. The point of the conference was to talk about Transmedia and different ways of storytelling. We, then, were invited to talk about how we include you guise in our videos.

Basically, the idea behind it is that we’re not like Game of Thrones. You can’t call up the directors and say “hey! Joffrey’s an asshole! Kill him right away!” Old media is very much a one way street. For us and our videos, though, we try to be more of a two way street. We answer your questions in our TL;DRs, and we respond to your comments in the videos as well. We take your votes for Kpop Music Monday. We chat with you guise and open your packages during LiveChats. You guise aren’t our audience in a traditional sense. We treat you more like friends we’re having a conversation with. There you go. That’s the gist of our presentation. Of course, it had us being more active and moving around the stage and showing videos and stuff.

We were presenting right after a really famous lady talked for an hour about the importance of incorporating discussions of Chinese characters when you try to tell foreigners what China was like. She was very, very, very, very thorough. She’s a professor, so she gave a very formal lecture. Then us two dorks came up on stage and ho-hummed and jigged for a bit. Ta-da! We never claimed to be professional :D

But, really, we had a fantastic time there. The presentations we listened to were awesome. We made some really good friends there. I hope they’re reading this today. Syd, Colin, Triona, Gavin, Pete, Claudius: you guys were awesome! We’ll hopefully visit you when we go to Europe this year!

Ahem. So, outside of the presentation, we did other stuff

The Other Stuff We Did

WE ATE A LOT. Did you get that from the video? We ate lots of food. That’s really the most important thing for us whenever we travel to other countries. Tourist attractions are for tourists, not for locals. We don’t want to experience that. We want to do what local people do. So we eat everything we can find. We’re not afraid to get diarrhoeas as well. Give us the local experience! Fortunately, this trip didn’t result in any of that, so…great success! And also, too much information!

We went to a really cool bar that Robin emailed us about, Great Leap Brewing. Seriously the coolest bar we went to in Asia. Korea’s microbrewing scene is starting to grow, and we know a few places that make good beer, but this place had not only lots of great beer, but it also had a GIANT bar with a great vibe. Check it out if you’re in Beijing. I’m not sure how to describe how to get there. We just hopped in the Rickshaw and had our babysitters take us there. Yay!

We Break Weather Everywhere We Go

When we were in Canada we brought about -40 degree weather, which was a record, and we also brought an ice storm that broke Christmas. Then we went to Japan for a weekend and brought about a record breaking ice storm. Then, for our few days in Beijing, we brought about record breaking heat. Whyyyyyy???? LA, be prepared for the carnage coming your way. We realized that we have a special mutant power to ruin weather. Call us by our new mutant name: CALAMITY!

We Took Lots of Pictures

Also, we have so many pictures! Hopefully you like the pretty layout we just put in. Check it out!

We Have Bloopers

We had like two hours of footage but didn’t air all of it. Here’s some of the stuff that didn’t make the final cut.


Because it makes you a nicer person, click on this button below for more videos. Hopefully you have as much fun with our silly travel vids as we have in making them :D



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