Ok, so this is a fairly short and not all too in-depth TL;DR this week for a couple of reasons. 1) If you watched our Music Monday on B.A.P.’s “Power” you’d remember that Martina lost her voice. It’s still lost. Slowly coming back, but she sounds like a 439 year old witch whose lungs are made of dust. So, I had to do this TL;DR by myself. Also 2) I’m kinda sick. Not voice-losing sick, but coughing up randomly and uncontrollably. So, the less talking the better. Kinda can’t do that when your only job is to talk on camera! Ah! So, like the shorter and easier Music Monday, we’ve got a shorter and easier TL;DR.

But it’s good that I did this one on my own, because it’s a question that’s geared at me specifically, about being a tall guy in Korea, which Martina can’t really answer. Though she did remember a lot of the things that I don’t remember about being tall in Korea, like almost bumping my head on low-hanging signs. Some of these things you get so used to that you just don’t think of anymore!

I definitely can say that I feel like Korea is a smaller country than Canada. Geographically, obviously, since Canada’s the second biggest country in the world, but in terms of real estate and architecture: things in Korea are a lot more crammed, and so – being a big guy – I feel it a lot more than other people would, I think. Or maybe I don’t? Maybe short people feel cramped more than I do? Maybe all of the people ricocheting off my body affect you more than it does me? I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like flipping a car over to try to get some room.

Simon and Super Junior

Simon scares Super Junior

Also, just in case you forgot, this picture is and always will be relevant. Just in case you don’t know where this is from, it’s from long time ago when we did an episode of Star King with Super Junior. Super Junior, and everyone else for that matter, were quite short compared to us. People theorized that the picture was doctored, or that I’m 7 feet, 32 inches tall, or that the lens barrelled and warped people into being taller/smaller. Not the case. Totally undoctored. Just…an awesome picture. One of my favorites ever :D

  1. How tall are the members? Even Martina looks quite tall next to them and isn`t she just like 1,69 m tall? God i`d feel so bad next to my fav idols…I´m 1.77m and a girl TT_TT

  2. Hey Simon and Martina, I was wondering if you guys could make a video in korean hehe ~~ It would be quite interesting !

  3. That picture is still made of win in 2013

  4. so they wont judge u for being short? (curious…)

  5. According to the latest National Geographic, South Korea is now the number 1 country in the world for Plastic Surgery per Capita. What are your thoughts on PS and is it so predominant that you notice it walking down the streets and do you personally know people who have had it done?

  6. I just can’t get over as to how much Super Junior look like hobbits ^^*

  7. I love the “Simon scares Super Junior” picture. Eunhyuk actually looks terrified :P

  8. What about being a tall girl? I’m 178cm and I think I’d probably feel really councious lol

  9. the photo must be part optical illusion. i know they are short but this makes them look like munchkins! i saw some members with kwang soo lee from running man (he is 6’4″) and though they all looked very short there was not as much difference as this photo.

  10. I love the T-shirt Simon’s wearing, describing one unicorn scrubbing(?) the back of the other one…:) Actually, it’s a kinda..physical..exercise..:)  I don’t know why I’m getting embarrassed..

  11. Think I heard an Indian accent somewhere in this video…

  12. I think I heard Indian accent somewhere in this video.

  13. Because it’s summer and REALLY HOT. Guys around St. Louis, Missouri (where I’m from) walk around outside shirtless. They don’t do that in Korea do they? I remember you two talking about how exposing shoulders or your back was like… sexual or something so I was curious.

  14. TL;DR question. People who don’t have anything related to Asia or don’t have Asian features can work or audition for companies such as SM, JYP or YG???

  15. i live in Japan and i find that it’s really similar to korea in a lot of 
    ways (at least from what you guys have been showing me since i’ve never been there…) and i’ve noticed a lot more tall guys than there used to be… especially guys in their 20’s or younger. there is one kid in one of my high school classes who is 193cm and holy shit, he is tall. so i was wondering if you’d noticed the same thing in korea. I think that here it’s related to people’s eating habits and people drinking a lot more milk and eating more meat than they used to… thoughts?

    • It could also be because taller people are considered more attractive, which means taller people are more like to end up reproducing. *awk* :P

      • lol, that’s really funny :p although i suspect inaccurate… from conversations i’ve been having with people, height is really not a factor when looking for a mate in japan… i’ve been told by a couple people that the japanese prefer dating people of similar hight as them. i personally have a tall-boy fetish (mwahahaha) but i remember dating this guy who was really short (i’m really short myself, thankfully, so it doesn’t really matter) and getting into an argument with him about guys’ height. he got all in a huff when i said tall guys were hot and said that in Japan, it was considered better to be of similar height cuz you’d be at good level for kissing. lol. he did have a point with that, but it doesn’t really matter in my book, haha…

  16. this topic in itself  is so weird because not everybody in Canada is tall anyway, same as in other countries. so I do not think there will be significant different being in korea or in your own country( I meant the way you live because you are going to live the same way as anyone that have a higher height , i.e in japan, UK , US ) . 

  17. Wait, Simon, if you can’t find shoes or shirts your size, that means…where did you get your shirt from?!?!?!?! Are you a vampire? INCONCEIVABLE!

  18.  “Use me as a snow plow” Up definitely from Canada!

  19.  I don’t think you guys have talked about this subject yet. If you have,
    then…my bad. lol. Anyways, I have heard that Itaewon is not a safe
    place and that there are a lot of…”creepers” there ,for lack of a
    better word, that like to creep on foreign women and Korean
    women….pretty much all women. I was wondering what do you guys think
    of Itaewon? Have you heard any bad stories about Itaewon or had any bad
    experiences there? Or maybe I am wrong and this place isn’t that bad. :D

  20. I have a question for Martina: I remember you saying that bras should be packed if you are above the Korean standard size. Does that mean finding shirts and so on are also difficult? I was watching something and it was mentioned that an American small is equivalent to a Korean medium size shirt. Even here in America I have to shop a shirt size larger for because of my boobs. What is it like shopping for clothes in Korean stores?

  21. TL;DR questions: Would you ever teach us (your audience) Korean..? If so could you teach us the basics..? 

  22. TL:DR question:
    How are women perceived and treated in Korea? In Canada, women are pretty much as equal as men. I know Korea is a very patriarchal country (and I heard there is a lot of domestic violence too, is it true?), so are they treated as inferior to men? or are they treated similar as in North America?

  23. How is Korean humor different from Western humor?

  24. Sorry to continue the height conversation, but how tall is Martina? At first I thought she was about 5″4 or 5″5 but after hearing your height and how she reaches your shoulders in your videos it looks like she’s tall too. Basically, how tall is Martina

    •  I remember Martina saying she’s 5″7 or a 5″7.5? Somewhere around 5″7… She stands on a stool to film a lot of the videos.. You can see it in their bloopers :p So it makes her look taller (not to mention so she doesn’t look tiny beside Simon.. haha)

  25. Pffft! HAHAHAHAHAHA! You COULD actually put a member of Super Junior in your pocket!

    PS…they look like Hobbits! I love that picture!

  26. lol reminds me of Tall Justin in Cyanide and Happiness comic

  27. TL;DR question: Have you ever thought of adopting a Korean baby? 

  28. If you’re 195 cm, or 6’4, how tall is Martina? :O

  29. TL;DR question:  Is there an age difference between Korea and North America? I ask this because 2 years ago when Seohyun from SNSD was on We Got Married, she stated that she was 20, though her birthdate says that she’s 20 as of right now.

    • That’s not just Korea. In Asia in general, your age starts at 1 rather than 0. So your 1st birthday would be you 2nd in Asia. Also, they kinda round your age up again at the beginning of every year. So, I’m 14, but in Korea, I’d be 16 because my birthday is in August.

  30. TL;DR question: How are girls treated in Korea, especially in the work place? Do they have to work harder to be taken seriously, just because of their gender?

  31. Simon you should stand beside Changmin and Yunho or Kris…haha

  32. TL;DR question: Some groups such as U-kiss are really popular abroad but they have not won a significant award in Korea since they debuted.  Some people say the biggest boy group in Korea is actually like MBLAQ or B2ST not Super Junior. In your opinion, what are the most popular groups? Is it SNSD or is some group like Girl’s Day?

  33. oh n yeh, one of the comments mention about it. in shows they always open up secrets like how a certain artist watch ‘erotic movies’ especially bbong. even tho comedian *jaesuk especially since i never see jaesuk as sumone who have interest in watching erotic movies. so what do u have to say about tht?

  34. korean celebs are quite tall, but indeed simon is really tall. ngeh~ 

  35. I am sure you guys get this question a lot, but for a potential TL;DR question I’d like to ask what modern day Korea thinks of Japan? I know they have a lot of negative history with Japan trying to take it over on numerous occasions and many of the Korean (and Chinese actually) students here are very racist towards Japanese people. There’s even the controversy over trying to rename the Sea of Japan the East Sea (in relation to Korea) or at least have foreigners call it that instead when they’re in Korea. Also did you guys encounter any prejudice when you visited Japan because you were visiting from Korea? Thanks~ We all really appreciate your videos, you guys always do an awesome job. :)

  36. TL;DR question: I heard a lot of talks from my relative that Koreans rarely take a bath, is this even true? No offense.
    P.S question for Simon: Where do you get all your t-shirts? It’s all so daebak! 

  37. What’s Korea’s stance on plastic surgery? In your past videos, you pointed out that some surgeries seem very commonplace. Is that the case for most procedures, or only specific ones? Are Koreans more “accepting” of plastic surgery than North Americans? In America, having a boob job or a nose job seems to imply an unnatural beauty and can be frowned upon or seen as materialistic. Is that the case in Korea too?

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