Ok, so this is a fairly short and not all too in-depth TL;DR this week for a couple of reasons. 1) If you watched our Music Monday on B.A.P.’s “Power” you’d remember that Martina lost her voice. It’s still lost. Slowly coming back, but she sounds like a 439 year old witch whose lungs are made of dust. So, I had to do this TL;DR by myself. Also 2) I’m kinda sick. Not voice-losing sick, but coughing up randomly and uncontrollably. So, the less talking the better. Kinda can’t do that when your only job is to talk on camera! Ah! So, like the shorter and easier Music Monday, we’ve got a shorter and easier TL;DR.

But it’s good that I did this one on my own, because it’s a question that’s geared at me specifically, about being a tall guy in Korea, which Martina can’t really answer. Though she did remember a lot of the things that I don’t remember about being tall in Korea, like almost bumping my head on low-hanging signs. Some of these things you get so used to that you just don’t think of anymore!

I definitely can say that I feel like Korea is a smaller country than Canada. Geographically, obviously, since Canada’s the second biggest country in the world, but in terms of real estate and architecture: things in Korea are a lot more crammed, and so – being a big guy – I feel it a lot more than other people would, I think. Or maybe I don’t? Maybe short people feel cramped more than I do? Maybe all of the people ricocheting off my body affect you more than it does me? I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like flipping a car over to try to get some room.

Simon and Super Junior

Simon scares Super Junior

Also, just in case you forgot, this picture is and always will be relevant. Just in case you don’t know where this is from, it’s from long time ago when we did an episode of Star King with Super Junior. Super Junior, and everyone else for that matter, were quite short compared to us. People theorized that the picture was doctored, or that I’m 7 feet, 32 inches tall, or that the lens barrelled and warped people into being taller/smaller. Not the case. Totally undoctored. Just…an awesome picture. One of my favorites ever :D

  1. How tall are the members? Even Martina looks quite tall next to them and isn`t she just like 1,69 m tall? God i`d feel so bad next to my fav idols…I´m 1.77m and a girl TT_TT

  2. Hey Simon and Martina, I was wondering if you guys could make a video in korean hehe ~~ It would be quite interesting !

  3. That picture is still made of win in 2013

  4. so they wont judge u for being short? (curious…)

  5. According to the latest National Geographic, South Korea is now the number 1 country in the world for Plastic Surgery per Capita. What are your thoughts on PS and is it so predominant that you notice it walking down the streets and do you personally know people who have had it done?

  6. I just can’t get over as to how much Super Junior look like hobbits ^^*

  7. I love the “Simon scares Super Junior” picture. Eunhyuk actually looks terrified :P

  8. What about being a tall girl? I’m 178cm and I think I’d probably feel really councious lol

  9. the photo must be part optical illusion. i know they are short but this makes them look like munchkins! i saw some members with kwang soo lee from running man (he is 6’4″) and though they all looked very short there was not as much difference as this photo.

  10. I love the T-shirt Simon’s wearing, describing one unicorn scrubbing(?) the back of the other one…:) Actually, it’s a kinda..physical..exercise..:)  I don’t know why I’m getting embarrassed..

  11. Think I heard an Indian accent somewhere in this video…

  12. I think I heard Indian accent somewhere in this video.

  13. Because it’s summer and REALLY HOT. Guys around St. Louis, Missouri (where I’m from) walk around outside shirtless. They don’t do that in Korea do they? I remember you two talking about how exposing shoulders or your back was like… sexual or something so I was curious.

  14. TL;DR question. People who don’t have anything related to Asia or don’t have Asian features can work or audition for companies such as SM, JYP or YG???

  15. kawaii_candie

    i live in Japan and i find that it’s really similar to korea in a lot of 
    ways (at least from what you guys have been showing me since i’ve never been there…) and i’ve noticed a lot more tall guys than there used to be… especially guys in their 20′s or younger. there is one kid in one of my high school classes who is 193cm and holy shit, he is tall. so i was wondering if you’d noticed the same thing in korea. I think that here it’s related to people’s eating habits and people drinking a lot more milk and eating more meat than they used to… thoughts?

    • It could also be because taller people are considered more attractive, which means taller people are more like to end up reproducing. *awk* :P

      • kawaii_candie

        lol, that’s really funny :p although i suspect inaccurate… from conversations i’ve been having with people, height is really not a factor when looking for a mate in japan… i’ve been told by a couple people that the japanese prefer dating people of similar hight as them. i personally have a tall-boy fetish (mwahahaha) but i remember dating this guy who was really short (i’m really short myself, thankfully, so it doesn’t really matter) and getting into an argument with him about guys’ height. he got all in a huff when i said tall guys were hot and said that in Japan, it was considered better to be of similar height cuz you’d be at good level for kissing. lol. he did have a point with that, but it doesn’t really matter in my book, haha…

  16. this topic in itself  is so weird because not everybody in Canada is tall anyway, same as in other countries. so I do not think there will be significant different being in korea or in your own country( I meant the way you live because you are going to live the same way as anyone that have a higher height , i.e in japan, UK , US ) . 

  17. Wait, Simon, if you can’t find shoes or shirts your size, that means…where did you get your shirt from?!?!?!?! Are you a vampire? INCONCEIVABLE!

  18.  “Use me as a snow plow” Up definitely from Canada!

  19.  I don’t think you guys have talked about this subject yet. If you have,
    then…my bad. lol. Anyways, I have heard that Itaewon is not a safe
    place and that there are a lot of…”creepers” there ,for lack of a
    better word, that like to creep on foreign women and Korean
    women….pretty much all women. I was wondering what do you guys think
    of Itaewon? Have you heard any bad stories about Itaewon or had any bad
    experiences there? Or maybe I am wrong and this place isn’t that bad. :D

  20. SamSada

    I have a question for Martina: I remember you saying that bras should be packed if you are above the Korean standard size. Does that mean finding shirts and so on are also difficult? I was watching something and it was mentioned that an American small is equivalent to a Korean medium size shirt. Even here in America I have to shop a shirt size larger for because of my boobs. What is it like shopping for clothes in Korean stores?

  21. TL;DR questions: Would you ever teach us (your audience) Korean..? If so could you teach us the basics..? 

  22. TL:DR question:
    How are women perceived and treated in Korea? In Canada, women are pretty much as equal as men. I know Korea is a very patriarchal country (and I heard there is a lot of domestic violence too, is it true?), so are they treated as inferior to men? or are they treated similar as in North America?

  23. Amyaco

    How is Korean humor different from Western humor?

  24. Sorry to continue the height conversation, but how tall is Martina? At first I thought she was about 5″4 or 5″5 but after hearing your height and how she reaches your shoulders in your videos it looks like she’s tall too. Basically, how tall is Martina

    •  I remember Martina saying she’s 5″7 or a 5″7.5? Somewhere around 5″7… She stands on a stool to film a lot of the videos.. You can see it in their bloopers :p So it makes her look taller (not to mention so she doesn’t look tiny beside Simon.. haha)

  25. Pffft! HAHAHAHAHAHA! You COULD actually put a member of Super Junior in your pocket!

    PS…they look like Hobbits! I love that picture!

  26. lol reminds me of Tall Justin in Cyanide and Happiness comic

  27. TL;DR question: Have you ever thought of adopting a Korean baby? 

  28. If you’re 195 cm, or 6’4, how tall is Martina? :O

  29. TL;DR question:  Is there an age difference between Korea and North America? I ask this because 2 years ago when Seohyun from SNSD was on We Got Married, she stated that she was 20, though her birthdate says that she’s 20 as of right now.

    • That’s not just Korea. In Asia in general, your age starts at 1 rather than 0. So your 1st birthday would be you 2nd in Asia. Also, they kinda round your age up again at the beginning of every year. So, I’m 14, but in Korea, I’d be 16 because my birthday is in August.

  30. TL;DR question: How are girls treated in Korea, especially in the work place? Do they have to work harder to be taken seriously, just because of their gender?

  31. Simon you should stand beside Changmin and Yunho or Kris…haha

  32. TL;DR question: Some groups such as U-kiss are really popular abroad but they have not won a significant award in Korea since they debuted.  Some people say the biggest boy group in Korea is actually like MBLAQ or B2ST not Super Junior. In your opinion, what are the most popular groups? Is it SNSD or is some group like Girl’s Day?

  33. oh n yeh, one of the comments mention about it. in shows they always open up secrets like how a certain artist watch ‘erotic movies’ especially bbong. even tho comedian *jaesuk especially since i never see jaesuk as sumone who have interest in watching erotic movies. so what do u have to say about tht?

  34. korean celebs are quite tall, but indeed simon is really tall. ngeh~ 

  35. friendly giant O:<

  36. I am sure you guys get this question a lot, but for a potential TL;DR question I’d like to ask what modern day Korea thinks of Japan? I know they have a lot of negative history with Japan trying to take it over on numerous occasions and many of the Korean (and Chinese actually) students here are very racist towards Japanese people. There’s even the controversy over trying to rename the Sea of Japan the East Sea (in relation to Korea) or at least have foreigners call it that instead when they’re in Korea. Also did you guys encounter any prejudice when you visited Japan because you were visiting from Korea? Thanks~ We all really appreciate your videos, you guys always do an awesome job. :)

  37. TL;DR question: I heard a lot of talks from my relative that Koreans rarely take a bath, is this even true? No offense.
    P.S question for Simon: Where do you get all your t-shirts? It’s all so daebak! 

  38. What’s Korea’s stance on plastic surgery? In your past videos, you pointed out that some surgeries seem very commonplace. Is that the case for most procedures, or only specific ones? Are Koreans more “accepting” of plastic surgery than North Americans? In America, having a boob job or a nose job seems to imply an unnatural beauty and can be frowned upon or seen as materialistic. Is that the case in Korea too?

  39. Simon, since you were talking about size and clothing, why don’t Martina talk about getting clothes from there. If she don’t mind sharing her size and so on. =)

  40. is it just me, or did Simon get skinnier? Lookin’ good Simon~~ lookin good…

  41. Eunhyuks expression in that picture will always be EPIC! i love those boys and you two of course<3

  42. martina..hope your voice will be back next week… btw, you can try to drink tamarind jus…it help me before…^.^

  43. TLD’R question : Martina what animes do you watch . I would love to know . I know you really are into anime and manga  :)

  44. I’m 173cm and here, in Poland, I don’t consider myself as high person. I know some women who have about 180cm, so I guess it would be difficult to get used to korean standards. And on the streets I see a lot of men who have above 180cm…so yeah… Super Junior look like hobbits xD

  45. totally short lol….its AMAZING!! 

  46. TL;DR question; In korea where you have all the titles to refer to people and so forth because of their age. Are their a  lot of koreans that follow that sort of hierarchy and have you met any that just don’t care about the titles so much?

  47. I don’t know if this is an appropriate question but I was wondering do you guys still listen to stuff other than kpop? Like american music, or watch an american TV shows or other culture’s stuff? Sorry if it’s not related to korea..

  48. TL:DR question:

    What is the reaction most Koreans have to non-Caucasian foreigners? I’m specifically think of non-Korean Asians or adopted people, blacks, Hispanics?

    The reason why I’m curious is because there’s a lot of talk about stereotyping and how white people get better treatment, but I’ve no idea if it’s true… If you choose to answer this, can you address whether it make a difference if a foreigner comes from a wealthy Western country (ie, US, Canada, Australia) or other country? Do they think all Americans are white? Yeah, I’m basically… just curious, especially since there are LOTS of bloggers and kpop fans who criticize Korea/kpop for whitewashing foreigners, but as they’re mostly outsiders, I don’t feel like I can trust their opinion as much as I can trust yours,,,, Let me know your experiences!

  49. Dear Simon, Martina, and Spudgy,
        When you went to South Korea were there any foods you were scared to try or that you really wanted to try?

  50. My question is about the “Three Refusals” rule/custom thing. I read about it a lot but I still haven’t had a truly coherent answer as to what it is! Would love to hear an explanation from you guys. How prominent is it? How is it possible for that to not get awkward? And most of all- does it apply for dating? Do you have to refuse someone as many times as possible?

    Please advise!

  51. Time to do some major shopping when you guys are here in CA! :D

  52. TL;DR Question!!!

    Have you met any North Korean refugees in South Korea? Is North Korea, and specifically its refugees, a topic that is talked about a lot among the public and the students?

    Please watch this whole documentary! It really opens up your eyes!

  53. TL;DR question:

    How do you handle haters? Was there a time where you thought of just stopping making videos because of some people’s harsh comments?

  54. Let me show you guys something. I thought Simon and Martina would be really tall when I met them, but not so. Simon is bending down but he’s taller than me. I think suju is around my height, which is 5’3. I love this pic of u guys with suju, Eunhyuk’s face is priceless, lol. 

  55. a TLDR question related to the other questions/comments and personal experience in the far east- do Koreans, much like Chinese tend to try to take pictures of foreigners randomly ? It is the most disturbing experience i had in china – ppl pointing and staring everywhere, especially if you get to a place remote from a big city or the capital

  56. Is Martina wearing heels in that pic? or are my eyes just stuffed?

  57. i just want to know if you see celebrates walk around often, on the streets.. Its because i saw the photo of  Gain and Simon, so i kind of assume that a lot of idols just walk around without a disguise.i wonder if fan girls/boys chase after them?

  58. TL:DR Question: How it feels when you badly want to meet the idols but you dont have money to go to Korea and they dont go out of their dorm that much. HEHE IM WIERD RIGHT!

  59. Not a tldr question, but can you guys please add plus sizes for your shirts. I’m not feeling the love here T-T

  60. TL;DR question:
    What is the Korean family dynamic like compared to North America? Do you see a lot of families that are separated or divorced? Do children tend to rebel against their parents? How so?

    I’m curious because I used to work at a family resource center and a lot of the families that I worked with were single parents, low income families, and new immigrants so I witnessed a lot of differences in family dynamics.

  61. i’m 5’9″ and im considered tall as an asian and im taller than most of my classmates in the US… 

  62. Love u guise!!!!!!!

  63. TL;DR In Korea, what is considered normal for dress and what is considered easy/slutty? Do people ever comment on your clothes? Oh and I love you guise so much!!!

  64. jazminjhnsn

    lmbo “heating disorder”

  65.  I hated being tall when I was younger, mainly because I had “giraffe” legs (you know, like how unstable a baby giraffe is, I was always falling down ‘n stuff lol), but now I’m trying to be okay with it. I feel like I’ll end up like a female version of Kwangsoo when I get to SK though, all awkward. XD

  66. Mel Lou

    I have no question… but I just wanted to say, Martina, don’t worry! While it may be annoying, your voice will come back soon! I’ve had a lot of experience with this losing voice thing T^T

    Both of you, get well soon! 

  67. TL;DR question:

    I noticed on AllKpop that there was a story recently about the CEO of Open World Entertainment officially getting charged with Rape of his female trainees, as well as Go Young Wook of Roo’ra getting accused of sexually assaulting a minor. As fans of Kpop, what are your opinions on this whole issue? I, myself, have been slowly getting into Kpop within the last year, and noticed many things that seem to scream pedophilia to me, yet seems to be overlooked by the general fans. Can you comment on what you think of “Uncle Fans” who are smitten by IU, Suzy, and Jiyoung (before she turned 18)? Also, your opinions on celebrities and normal people choosing the “cutest”, and youngest children (in some instances, they are children) as their ideal?

  68. I loved these last two videos! but Martina, I miss your nice voice! Though it did make for hillarious dubing! Seriously, that was great!
    Keep up the good work. It must be very overwhelming all the work you do, but there are so many fans out there that appreciate what you do. Maybe in the future you can get some help making your videos. Hire some funny people to make some too.
    I love TL;DR! Keep it up!

  69. what is it like to visit a doctor in korea? as the both of you are sick/getting sick. I can tell you that I had some funny experences in china, getting xrays(while other people watched-one person took pictures.), needing a translator to see a doctor…

  70. awww poor Simon… can’t find clothes:( but I’ll tell some of my shorter friends to go to Korea and I’ll be the only one who understands…mwahaha -_^

  71. I suppose shoe size 300 refers to 30cm feet. My husband has the same size (sometimes 295 will fit), but we are sometimes lucky enough to find shoes, while 300 usually is the largest size. Maybe they have bigger feet in Japan than they have in Korea? No idea.

  72. How much awareness of animal rights is there in Korea? (For example: many countries have on the packaging of cosmetics a small drawing of a rabbit which means the company is not abusing animals. Is there anything similar on Koreans brands? How can I tell if the company is cruelty free?)

  73. Merey Robles de Medina

    TL;DR question:
    I noticed in some drama that i see characters of Japanese anime’s.
    Is anime as populair in Korea (do you see action figure’s or dvd’s in store?) as it is in Japan?
    And how do they think of stuff as cosplay and such? 

  74. TL;DR Q:
    Simon, where do you get your witty t-shirts from?
    Martina, I hope you get your voice back soon! How have you been communicating with others or has Simon done most of the work for you?

  75. I’m Canadian too, so for Korea compared to here: how difficult would it be for a 180 cm tall teenage girl?? Would you say that’s taller than the average height is for a Korean male, or about the same??

  76. I wanna know who are the nicest Kpop groups you have ever met? 

  77. Hehe, I’m 181cm and felt the same way in Korea. Except I’m half Korean so people stared at me like I was a giant octopus walking around or something. 

  78. I love this TL;DR *-* 

  79. LMFAO at the floor table rant and the Super Junior picture!  Simon, you look thinner than usual in this vid :]!  No salty food lately?

  80. Can you tell us the stories about your tattoos? How you decided which one, where and why?- Minoentje (Belgium)

  81. Have you got any dark skinned friends? Has there ever been an experience when you’ve seen or heard or even when you were teaching in Korea that one of your student were a bit darker and were made fun of? If you have how bad or good were the comments other light skinned Koreans made?

  82. Im the same height as you simon and I have had some issues with it even here in canada! for example, my basement only has a 6ft ceiling! Also when I was in cuba, the restaurant staff actually came and raised the dangling lights so I wouldnt keep hitting my head! 

  83. im only 15 and im already taller than most kpop stars -.- oh what an awkward life it must be but it would be hard to play hide an seek lol….

  84. I love TL;DR!!! It’s my favorite segment! So glad it’s a weekly thing now, yaaaaay~

  85. Everyone is talking about inches and stuff… I don’t get it xD
    (1.63m – shorty -.-’)

  86. What are your ultimate funniest moments in South Korea so far?

  87. Oh my Q. Is similar to ur I read/ heard( I don’t really remember ) that in Korea the legal age of consent is 13!! (14 or 15 in korean age) is that true b/c when I heard that initially, I was FLIPP’IN SH*T ~**tiss there goes my spactula**~ this made me remember da suicide of actresses Jang Ja-yeon in ’09 & how little is being done 2 imprison her rapist, if that happened in the US to a famous person they would b CRAZY comotion. so my Q is whats Korea/Korean’s views on sex,women,eqality of gendersand,and the competitiveness 2get ahead. b/c suicides&depression in considerablly high. and yes i know this can happen any where but 13 really that makes me scare as a 16yr old girl wanting to visti korea in the summer.

  88. Have you ever seen Muslims (like women wearing scarfs on their heads, mosques etc) in Korea? lol, i’m muslim so i was just wondering if i would ever meet anyone like me if I went there ^^* 

  89. Sweet Game of Thrones reference!

  90. I see someone is a huge Game of Thrones fan!!!!

  91. I wonder how Simon and Kwangsoo would look like standing next to each other!! :D Kwangsoo is forever bending/hunching over though…

  92. A guy of 6’4″is considered to be VERY TALL in Asians’ eyes. Sorry Simon. And, may I suggest u guys to make a video telling us how Koreans take on ppl having tattoos?  I saw quite a few of the Korean artists having tattoos and they don’t hide it. Since Lady Gaga concert is restricted to ppl under 18-yr-old. How about ppl having tattoos? Will they be considered as gansters?  ^^ Just sending you some suggestion for the next video. :P ( or, did you guys have already made one?)

  93. TL;DR question: What is your favorite Korean dramas, movies and such? There is just SOOO much out there so I was wondering if you had any recommendations…(did I spell that right?)

  94. That pic with SuJu made me laugh verily. Martina is what…5’7/ 5’8 if I’m guessing right? Even she towers over them. XD 

  95. 백 구십 오?!?! :O hahaha just kidding

    wow, wearing a 13 in the shoes is not that big… I mean, I know a guy that with 15 y.o. used to wear a, like, 14.5 hahaha (ok that his feet were HUGE, but 13 to me is not sooo unusual)
    I’m wondering if I could get any shoes there in SK… even if I’m only 1,60m tall, I wear 9 or 9.5 shoes. My father says my feet are motorboats :( hahahah
    So, Simon, men there are usually 1,75m tall?

  96. I always envy “you people” whenever I go to a concert!  That’s about the only time I wish I were taller.

  97. Around Christmas there are “presents” (wish they were real -.-) hanging of the ceiling in supermarkets….My father (192cm) is always bumping against them….. I (6ft / 182cm) only hit the special offer signs if I’m not careful..T.T.

  98. LOL I’m 5″4, which is considered pretty average in Canada for a nineteen year old girl.That height is actually pretty tall when compared to all of my Asian friends who live here; I’m like a full head taller than them and practically a giant. But compared to my non-East-Asian friends, they’re always looking down at me.

  99. That picture is so epic!

  100. Oh Simon,  I can feel your pain.  About 14 years ago I went to visit my husband who was stationed in SK for one year…alone, without me, for one year, snuggled up close and personal with the DMZ…sigh.  Any way…  somehow my luggage got lost so for nearly 3 weeks I had to make do with borrowing my husband’s clothes and what I could find around.  (The post was small and did not have a proper PX)  We ventured out and I went to a Clark’s store, figuring “hey!  I know this brand, surely they will have something in my size” ( I am 5’8″ with size 10/11 feet)  Nope.  I had to buy men’s sandals and the sales people were so apologetic they let me have a discount, all the while giggling a bit.  As for dresses, well… the longer “maternity” ones fit okay.  A little too roomy… yet better than my husband’s shorts and tees.  I sincerely hope things are better for Martina than they were for me, she looks tall too.  Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into your videos.  I enjoy then to the fullest and look forward to new ones.  Your fan in the US, K-pop ahjumma.  

  101. I can totally agree. I am fairly young and yet I am taller than nearly all my family. And Im around the same height as the SJ members. And I am a lot younger than them…

  102. I love the caption under superjunior. Even if i was Eunhyuk, i would be afraid! Q: Have you guys ever gotten into a public argument with a stranger in the streets? or witness one? they always showed it in tv dramas.

  103. After watching many variety shows and kdramas I’ve notice that Koreans really care about height… For example kpop idols often show off their height… so I can’t get why is so important for them being tall if a tall person has difficulties as the ones that Simon explained. 

  104. Ah the legendary Dothraki man warriors!
    Oh and that below 180cm = loser thing seems a bit strange doesnt that automatically put like over half of the male korean population into the loser category? lol

    • Well that was the reason for the TV scandal! Personally, I don’t really understand the whole height thing (this is Martina) because majority of Korean girls are short, thus, the guys are quite taller then them, but when the girls want to be taller, so they wear 3 inch + heels and become taller, and then they want taller guys. Who cares about height!? What is his personality like?

      Dating someone based on height just makes no sense to me.  One of my ex-boyfriends was really short, like 5’5, and he was an awesome guy, but my friends were like, “OMG he is so short, how can you date him” and I was like, “he’s as awesome boyfriend, way better then your tall scumbag cheating boyfriend…hahahahaa!” That shut them up really fast.

      Heart above height!

      •  This!

        My husband is 5’3″ (160cm) and I’m 5’8″ (172cm). We get weird comments all the time about it. I usually ‘prepare’ people for him now when I introduce him because people can be kind of weird about it if they aren’t used to the idea.

         I mostly dated girls before him, so it was normal to me to date people shorter than me (5’8″ is relatively tall for a girl) and it never really bothered me that he was.

        He’s a good man, plus I can totally hide snack stashes on top of the fridge where he can’t see them. Bwahaha.

  105. That SuJu hobbit picture is so golden xD Simon, you and Gwang Soo should meet and exchange woes.

  106. tldr question:  simon, where oh where do you get your awesome t-shirts???

  107. i love how the thumbnail is of suju looking WWaaaYYY up at simon!  

  108. I have a question for Martina, did you ever comments about your breast (sorry I don’t mean it to be rude), it’s just that I noticed in movie or dramas for koreans B cup is considered as big chested, which isn’t actually.
    So I wonder if you can find your size and if it’s ok to have cleavage there ^^
    I hope my question isn’t too weird, but I’m a girl so I won’t look like a pervers right ?

    • I would really like to know this as well. When I was in Japan, Japanese girls would just touch my boobs, apparently impressed with the size.  It was one of the things I didn’t care for while I was there, and I’m hoping that when I get to Korea, there isn’t a big deal about it.  

      • women in china asked if they could touch mine. they asked first, but it does weird you out

      •  And if they are drunk you randomly find your new friends (or strangers if they are really drunk) putting a hand to your chest and telling you how lucky you are…oh the joys of Japan…

      • Don’t worry, I got the same problem when I was in Japan, girls use to put their fingerin my cleavage in the club and guys was just staring at my boobs, mouth and eyes wide open XD but I didn’t had problem in Korea when I was there.^^ guys gonna look your cleavage but no finger in it  nothing.^^ but don’t look guys ( especially older guys ) directly in their eyes when you walk in the street or they might think you want them… XD

    • when I lived in china, I once went to the beach. bad idea to wear a bikini, first time in my life every man and woman on the beach was staring at my boobs. akward.

      •  what ?? of course they are going to look at you , because you are wearing bikini … …. same as in Spain , if a hot girl wearing bikini on the beach , people obvious going to look at her as well as in other country , also because of  that people in china or in Asia ( mainly talking about Chinese,Japanese and Korean )  are not as open as US or Weston people.  (not offensive)

    • Yea, I’m quite curious too. I know my friend went to Japan and said there D cup is a B cup in America. So I am curious what it is actually like to have bigger boobs in Korea. I know I have rather large boobs and am visiting Asia soon, so I am curious what to expect. 

  109. You always do reviews on kpop music videos, and you usually say the positive, and the negative things about the video, as well. My question is, have you encountered any fan, quite raging, or really raging fan who doesn’t take constructive criticisms, and takes your reviews really really seriously, like that fan wants to kill you for pointing out the bad things about that kpop video, or for saying that the English is zero out of five, or the weird costume his/her bias is wearing in the music video, and so on. 

  110. Question: Are cafes or restaurants that sells International Food hard to find in Korea? Is there any recommendations or favorite places that you would like share with us? =)

  111. Don’t complain about being tall cos you don’t know what it feels like to be at the other end… the short ones…?? And to Simon :D ,  being a shorty, I do feel that sometimes space seems more crammed than it actually is, especially in places with lots of people, cos you can’t see on top of their heads and everything seems squashed at times. 

    • Well, don’t complain about being tiny, for you don’t know what it’s like to be a giant. ^^
      None is to be longed for. But at least you get some funny stories to tell about your height !

  112. I didn’t think I could love you guys more than I already did, BUT OH MAN, LOOKS LIKE I DO! (love the hand puppet, Martina!! XD ) <3 You're about a foot and two inches taller than me, Simon, so I am going to be relatively uncool when I come to Korea with my friend who is 5'7. UGH. ::angrymidgetisangry:: I'm not a midget, I'm just short~ ::sobsob:: WOULD IT KILL THE UNIVERSE TO GIVE ME A FEW MORE INCHES?! NO. NO IT WOULDN'T. =_= (Okay, I'm getting an Ed Elric vibe from this whole short rant, so I'm going to stop that now.)  

  113. mwahahaha i know they’re faking their heights…if super junior looked that short then big bang should be much shorter..i guess…

  114. 191 cm here. Yes.. I can’t go to amusement parks… *sigh*

  115. i’d probably fit in fine, all 4ft and 11in of me!! wait…would i be too short??

  116. omg!!! so Martina is pretty tall too! right? im just 165 cm Y.Y  but in mexico im tall XD 

  117. I’m sixteen and like 5’7′ and I always feel uncomfortable about my height. // But there are much bigger girls than me here. ~ But it’s not too tall or unusual in Korea, is it? ^.^”

  118. Lucky me and my 160 cm :D

  119. Worrying a bit, cos I am intending to go to Seoul later in the year, but I get claustrophobic, is everything really cramped? Is this all restaurants and social places? Im not v tall, only about 5’6″ so Im guessing that Id be stood within the crowd height too??
    This pic still makes me laugh, cos I love the expressions on SJ faces…. “Be-Jaysus, hes tall!!” “Ha ha ha, Im standing behind him” “Im big n not intimidated by tall guys” (with hands on hips puffing out chest)  “I am… Im scared, let me hide behind you!!!”

  120. TL;DR question: how do you settle down when you first come to korea?

  121. I feel bad for laughing so much during the video at Simon’s misfortune. I just kept picturing him running into stuff le sigh

  122. I feel bad for laughing so much during the video at Simon’s misfortune. I just kept picturing him running into stuff le sigh

  123. Because you two are mostly alone, I always thought you guys are just normal. But after seeing that picture with suju, oh god! You guys are giants! Lol

  124. Because you two are mostly alone, I always thought you guys are just normal. But after seeing that picture with suju, oh god! You guys are giants! Lol

  125. So I’m a woman, and 180 cm tall(Yay, tall women, ur beautiful !). Luckily I’m from Norway, which is the second or third “tallest” country in the world, so I don’t feel so much out of place there, however I want to move to Korea. Does anyone know how it would be going to Korea as a tall woman ?

  126. So I’m a woman, and 180 cm tall(Yay, tall women, ur beautiful !). Luckily I’m from Norway, which is the second or third “tallest” country in the world, so I don’t feel so much out of place there, however I want to move to Korea. Does anyone know how it would be going to Korea as a tall woman ?

    • Y expiriens; not that big of a problem. I went there for holiday and bought lots of stuff. Only pants are little difficult if you have a big size (like europe side 39+). But yeah dongdeamun rocked for me

    • Hi Sophie! I’m 5’8 (cm?) and I lived in Korea for a few months last year. I plan on moving there permanently this fall. I’m not as tall as you, but I would say the hardest thing to get used to is feeling frumpy and unstylish for not wearing high heels. 

      You can wear high heels by all means if you like (I agree, tall is beautiful), but it can make things difficult if you like dating Korean boys. Now, to me, Korean boys are totally worth wearing flat shoes for the rest of my life. Some would even prefer you wear high heels and be taller than them so you can look chic, but it’s really up to your personal style. I like the aesthetics of high heels, but they’re just so damn uncomfortable! I’m happy to have an excuse not to wear them. That being said, it does make selecting shoes difficult when you’re going to more formal nightclubs, parties, weddings, etc. 

      I’ve found plenty of tall guys in Korea, but I am usually the tallest among my girlfriends. However, they do tend to wear high heels often. That evens things out a bit! I’d say you just have to learn to embrace your statuesque frame as something beautiful, even if it does make you stick out a bit. Be proud of it! :)

      • Thanks. I suppose 5’8 is 172-173 cm, so in feet and inches I’m 5’11. I don’t worry much about shoes, ’cause I can’t really wear high heels here either, besides I walk like a cow in them. I must admit I have kind of a thing for asian guys, so I was worried about finding a guy that was taller than me there. It’s not that I dislike shorter guys, it’s just that I long to feel feminine, and I just don’t if he’s shorter. I’ll look forward to moving there, thank you so much. :)

        • I’m with you on the Asian persuasion. ;)

        • Haha ! If you have any other tips, please do share ! I’m moving there for 1 year next summer, so any help on life there is appreciated. I could give you my e-mail, if necessary. ^^

    • I was in Korea a few months ago and I’m 178 cm ^^ I didn’t feel like a giant you will probably fit in well ^^ People went to me and asked me if I was a model ^^ And you are 2 cm taller than me so they will probably ask you all the time if you are a model ^^

  127. How tall is Martina?

  128. how tall is martina?  she looks taller than all of the super juniors…
    hope you get your voices back.  it sucks not being able to talk.  
    p.s. – i hope i bump into you guys when i visit this summer~  will be looking out for towering white guy and pink-haired white girl.  :D  

  129. Ha ha, I always love that picture of you guys with Super Junior… they look like Hobbits.  XD  But I totally understand.  I’m 5’8″ and living in S. Korea as well.  It’s nice being able to look intimidatingly tall if I ever feel like I’m in a pressure situation, but at the same time, I find that I tend to hunch my shoulders unconsciously to look shorter.  Doesn’t work.  I’m sure it just makes me look like a weird tall person.  (^_^)

  130. For next TL;DR Im graduating high school soon :)!!! What are graduations like in Korea!!? Either high school or university! :)

  131. ah, i’m 184 cm tall, going to korea this summer, guess i’ll hear that i’m tall a lot too. Which brings up another question, have you guys ever seen tall girls in korea, if so, do people like it, or think it’s strange?

  132. Oooh awesome TLDR, and that photo never fails to crack me up, i know suju are short but i swear at least kyuhyun should be 180… though i’ve begun to disbelieve idol profiles xD I should be around martinas height at 170 so i’m tall for er a 19year old asian girl? i think my height is good but i swear its just that everyone around is me is just really short lol (though i live in australia) – wait till i get to korea ey?

  133. punkyprincess92

    WHOA!!!!!! i’m like 5’1….and i’m 19!!

    hahahaha on the latest episode of Running Man Kwangsoo was too tall for the glass box which they had to vote in!!!!! i was laughing my head off at that!!!!!!and Simon…please….stop….with the toilet story…….

  134. I’m going to Korea in July, and I’m 194,5 cm tall. It will be an interesting experience! My traveling buddy, a female friend of mine is 181 cm tall. We are sometimes called “The Twin Towers”. x)

    • jazminjhnsn

      Lol when I read this my reaction *in ultra deep bass for a girl* DDAAANNNGG! then cackles imaging the ‘omg-its-a-gaint’ looks you will get there

  135. i’m 150 cm and i’m 59 kg…. simon, u are a giant!! hehe…

  136. So I have been wondering if you ever felt, that some customs, traditions, habits or things that are normal for korean people, should be introduced to other countries? Or shouldn’t necessarily exist in Korea? ( I know it depends on culture)
    as for me, I like it when people call someone older than them unni/noona or oppa/hyung  :) 
    (we have that in my culture too, so my little siblings call me “older sister”) this way you feel respected and the other party is polite to you :P
    What do you think aboout this? :)
    btw I love your shows!

  137. i’m a girl thats 187, and i even get coments that i’m realy tall. The guys don’t even like me anymore here. Wanna cry

  138. TL;DR question: Do you know why Koreans openly talk about porn in the media, while they
    barely talk about sex? And is there sex education at school to help the
    teens making the difference between porn and real life?

    • TL;DR question:
      I noticed on AllKpop that there was a story recently about the CEO of Open World Entertainment officially getting charged with Rape of his female trainees, as well as Go Young Wook of Roo’ra getting accused of sexually assaulting a minor (EDIT – He has just admitted to statutory rape). As fans of Kpop, what are your opinions on this whole issue? I, myself, have been slowly getting into Kpop within the last year, and noticed many things that seem to scream pedophilia to me, yet seems to be overlooked by the general fans. Can you comment on what you think of “Uncle Fans” who are smitten by IU, Suzy, and Jiyoung (before she turned 18)? Also, your opinions on celebrities and normal people choosing the “cutest”, and youngest children (in some instances, they are children) as their ideal?

  139. Okay…Simon…an ellipses has THREE dots not two!!!!!! Sigh…I thought you were an English major…wait you were a LIT major weren’t you? ;) Fix the picture!

  140. Hilarious! I miss Martina though (hand motions not withstanding). Sorry Simon, your sexy voice and bubble popping is only good for so long. jk! =P
    So my question is: Do people from North America (U.S./Canada) who are not White or Black confuse Korean people? Even though I am American, I am not what most of the world would consider American. Should I call myself a “Biguksaram” (sp?) in Korea?

  141. Oh my Simon! You’re making me really worried. You’re a guy with a tall height, and you are already experiencing so many disadvantages (is that what I should call it?)! Guess what? I’m a female and I’m 188cm…. I’m not white, I’m Asian, a very… exceptional Asian… I think I should go to one corner and cry… Now I got things to really be careful of for my trip to Korea end of this year… Will I be treated as a freak? =S

    • OMG! A female that understands me! I’m 14 yo and I have 181cm~ Well that’s too much for a girl in this age, I kinda have some complex with my height… I keep thinking if one day I go to Korea I will feel confortable there. I have a question to Simon: Do you know any way to feel more confortable and confident with this kind of height?

      •  I think the most important thing to remember when you’re tall is to make sure you stand up straight. There’s nothing that says “I am completely self-conscious about my height” like someone who slouches all the time. Don’t worry, you’re still young! Being tall is one of those things that sucks at first because you stick out so much, but as time goes by, you learn to accept it and even really love it. And to be honest, I don’t think 181 cm is that tall for a girl. :) So keep your chin up! (when you don’t have to look down at people lol) Oh, and this video is relevant and hilarious XD http://youtu.be/pNMllBdAppc

    •  I’m female and 188 cm too! I would love to go to an Asian country and tower over everyone. I think it’d be awesome! My sister is 181 cm and she’s going to Japan in a couple weeks, so I’m excited to see how that turns out haha

    • I envy you girls. You all get the fresh air! XD

  142. I like “Awkward Hand” I think it should become a permanent part of EYK. I especially liked the bow! Never fail that Martina wears a bow no matter what the body part! ;) 

  143. not only Simon, Martina too, it’s like…Super Junior are so short…and you are like giants,…god…now I’m afraid of being taller then my bias…what’s Martina height?

  144. Yo Simon, so you mentioned that you can’t find clothes, pants and shoes in Korea? Well, this is awkward.. but… how about underwears (boxers, briefs, etc)? Can you find them in Korea? lol

  145. kyuhyun 180cm is consider very tall in my country but simon is way taller. omo. lol

  146. wah ! white people are so tall ! lol jkjkjk >.<

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