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Being Tall in Korea

May 9, 2012


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Ok, so this is a fairly short and not all too in-depth TL;DR this week for a couple of reasons. 1) If you watched our Music Monday on B.A.P.’s “Power” you’d remember that Martina lost her voice. It’s still lost. Slowly coming back, but she sounds like a 439 year old witch whose lungs are made of dust. So, I had to do this TL;DR by myself. Also 2) I’m kinda sick. Not voice-losing sick, but coughing up randomly and uncontrollably. So, the less talking the better. Kinda can’t do that when your only job is to talk on camera! Ah! So, like the shorter and easier Music Monday, we’ve got a shorter and easier TL;DR.

But it’s good that I did this one on my own, because it’s a question that’s geared at me specifically, about being a tall guy in Korea, which Martina can’t really answer. Though she did remember a lot of the things that I don’t remember about being tall in Korea, like almost bumping my head on low-hanging signs. Some of these things you get so used to that you just don’t think of anymore!

I definitely can say that I feel like Korea is a smaller country than Canada. Geographically, obviously, since Canada’s the second biggest country in the world, but in terms of real estate and architecture: things in Korea are a lot more crammed, and so – being a big guy – I feel it a lot more than other people would, I think. Or maybe I don’t? Maybe short people feel cramped more than I do? Maybe all of the people ricocheting off my body affect you more than it does me? I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like flipping a car over to try to get some room.

Simon and Super Junior

Simon scares Super Junior

Also, just in case you forgot, this picture is and always will be relevant. Just in case you don’t know where this is from, it’s from long time ago when we did an episode of Star King with Super Junior. Super Junior, and everyone else for that matter, were quite short compared to us. People theorized that the picture was doctored, or that I’m 7 feet, 32 inches tall, or that the lens barrelled and warped people into being taller/smaller. Not the case. Totally undoctored. Just…an awesome picture. One of my favorites ever :D



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